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UNT Lesson Plan

Pre-service Teacher: Grade(s): School/Mentor Teacher (if applicable):

Katrina Garcia Kindergarten Oak Point Elementary/Lauren Miller

Subject area(s): Unit Topic/Theme: Lesson Title:

Reading/ ELAR Main Idea Monday Main Idea Special
Relevant TEKS: Relevant ELPS: Relevant TX CCRS:
§110.11. English Language Arts and ESLPS.c.1A: use prior E/LAS.IIA.9: Identify and analyze the audience,
Reading, Kindergarten (b)
knowledge and purpose, and message of an informational or
experiences to persuasive text.
Knowledge and skills.
understand meanings in
(6) Reading/Comprehension of English E/LAS.II.B.3: Use reference guides to confirm the
Literary Text/Theme and Genre. meanings of new words or concepts.
Students analyze, make inferences ELPS.c.3E: share
and draw conclusions about theme information in E/LAS.II.D.1: Describe insights gained about
and genre in different cultural,
cooperative learning oneself, others, or the world from reading specific
interactions texts
historical, and contemporary
contexts and provide evidence from ELPS.c.1C: use strategic
the text to support their learning techniques such
understanding. Students are as concept mapping,
expected to: (B) discuss the big drawing, comparing,
idea (theme) of a well-known
contrasting, and
reviewing to acquire
folktale or fable and connect it to
basic and grade level
personal experience 

Lesson Objective(s)/Performance Outcomes

1. Student will be able to discuss and identify main idea of the story One by Kathryn Otashi in one
complete sentence with 80% accuracy
2. Student will be able to list three details that support the main idea with 85% accuracy
3. Student will be able to predict what happens next in the story by analyzing character traits and
4. Student will be able to connect events from the story to personal events or emotions

Assessment (Description/Criteria)
Students will fill out a graphic organizer displayed on the white board during a class discussion. Listing the
main idea and three details from the story.
Materials and Resources
 One By Kathryn Otashi
 Whiteboard
 Expo Marker
Management of the Instructional Environment
Whole Group: Students will gather to the carpet or an interactive read-aloud. Students will be encouraged to
display good behavior by using classroom dojo and receiving or losing points biased on behavior during
reading time. After read-aloud students will complete a graphic organizer as a class.

Technology Integration
Brainpop jr. Video on Main Idea with Annie and Moby

Diversity and Equity (Accommodations, Modifications, Adaptations)

Accommodations: Students will be given a handout of the book, where they can highlight important clues.
Students will be given the story in Spanish (for ELL students).
Modifications: Students will be asked to identify the plot rather than the main idea. They will be given a series
of choices to choose from.
1. Introduction (Approx. 5-8 minutes)
a. Call students by table to find a spot on the carpet
b. Begin to make imaginary “pizza dough”
i. Have children get out their imaginary bowl
ii. Add eggs, flour, sugar, etc.
iii. Place “dough” in the “oven” and tell students it should be ready by the time the book is
c. Once attention is on the teacher have students study the cover of One by Kathryn Otashi and
guess what the story could be about. Conduct informal assessments, through questioning, to
test student prior knowledge
2. Read Aloud (Approx. 10-15 minutes)
a. Begin to read the story and ask the following questions throughout the story:
i. Based on the front cover, what could One be about?
ii. Who is the story about?
iii. Why won’t the other colors stand up to Red?
iv. What is a hot head? Why is Red acting this way?
v. What made Blue finally stand up to Red?
vi. How was the problem finally resolved?
b. End the story with making personal connections. Ask the following questions
i. Have you ever felt, a little blue? What made you feel that way?
ii. What does it mean to stand up to someone? Have you ever done that?
3. “Main Idea Pizzeria” (Approx. 8-10 minutes)
a. Announce that the crust is ready to make the Monday Special! Main Idea Pizza
b. Draw attention to the white board and welcome the class to the “Main Idea Pizzeria”! Today
the Monday special is garlic Main Idea pizza with three “topping” details. Begin to explain what
the main idea is; what the story is mostly about. Draw a circle and compare the main idea of
the story is like the bottom of a pizza, you can’t have a pizza without the crust (like a story
cannot have a main idea). Begin to ask the following questions to get students to help find the
main idea of One.
i. Ask yourself, what did I just read about?
ii. Look at the title and pictures for clues
iii. Reread first or last sentence in the book
c. Once the main idea is confirmed by the class, begin to describe the toppings. Ask students what
they like to eat on their pizza (pepperoni, sausage, peppers, mushrooms, etc.) and add their
responses to the pizza. What happened in the story that supports our main idea? (Makes it
tastier). Have students come up with at least three details to put on the pizza.
4. Conclusion/Wrap Up ( Approx. 3-5 Minutes)
a. After creating the Main Idea Monday special, Ask students to summarize the main idea of the
story once more. Once the discussion is over, have students return to their seats and begin
5. Stations/Guided Reading (Approx. 20-30 minutes)
a. While students are at stations, begin to pull students for small group instruction to cover
subjects they need improvement on
b. Once it is time for recess, have students clean their stations and line up at the door for the next
Reflections and Documentation/Evidence of Lesson Effectiveness