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Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification

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Regulating upper stack?

silver polishing

Getting Started

buzzing/hissing on low C#

"Shrunken" rod.
"Soaked Pad" Phenomenon
[b]Leaky Pad Symptoms[/b]
1920 Buescher alto won't play below E1
2 screws
3M Gummy Glue Sticks
A little clarinet maintenance query
A rank beginners tale
Acid Bleed
Add a Pearl on the G# & Eb.
Adjust Keilwerth Tenor
Adjusting a Stuffy Tenor Sax
adjustment of octave pip
advice on sax maintenance
aftermarket front F key
Airy G#
alcohol lamp
all you do-it-yourselfers out there
Alto Bundy II Pad Sizes
Alto changes octave without use of octave key. Why?
Alto sax reconditioning
Amati tenor sax issues
An interesting replacement job
annoying low c to d
any good repair books out there?
Any tips on Soldering?
Applying baby powder on pads?
Aust : recommended repairer?
baking soda silver dip method
Bare brass is it at risk ?
Bari sax neck from alto
Bari sax neck from tenor
Baritone key heights
baritone maintenance/cleaning
Bass Clarinet Help
Beginning Repairs
Behind-the-back E/F# key on Buescher TT and Martin sopranos
Bell Saver
Bent (pulled down) tenor neck
Bent rods
Bent Saxophone???
bent soprano sax
Best Body/Bow Seal Material?
Best cork for sax neck
Best Needle springs for Conn saxophones?
Best Pads for a Martin Magna Alto?
Best way to break in a new horn?
Best way to clean a bari
Best way to deal with sticky pads?
BIG problem, VERY I alone?
Bit of a quandry here...
Bootman, talk to us about restoring a bari sax!
Bought a tenor, needs an overhaul. Any suggestions?
Brass Rot (Red Rot) Removal, Surface Treatment & Prevent
Broken Palm Key -- Help
Buescher flat palm notes
Buescher snaps
Buffet SDA Tenor Repair (Seeking advice)
Burnishing out a dent
buzz/vibration in horn
Can a leak fix significantly brighten a horn??
Can u fix Waterlogged keys?
Can you damage a saxophone...
Can you damage your sax .......
Careful when you use sax swab
Case Refurbishment
Charlie A's Stop Stick & Powder Paper
clarinet cracks
Clarinet pad question
clarinet pads question
Clarinet Repad
Clarinet: what is the solution?
Cleaning A Bari
cleaning a bari after playing
cleaning bell of sax
cleaning sax body
Cleaning the hardened sediment inside the neck?
Cleaning the inside of the horn
cleaning up a sloppy solder repair
Closet 10M plays way sharp all the way down to Bb
Codera Resoblade Gaskets
compressing cork on my tenor neck
Conn Micro Tuner Neck Problem
cork cement is getting like Jelly
Cork Crescents in tone
cork pads
Cork problem
Cork risers
Cork substitutes
cracked cork or leak
cracking G and G#
Cracking low notes...
Custom Saxs for Missing fingers
Custom work on a Conn 6M? Could Steve Goodson do it?
Cyanide ?!!?
D in Staff Problem
D2 jumping down the octave
D2 on bari
Dealing With Frustrating Leaks
Define PC Work
dent affecting response of the horn?
Dent repair tutorial needed
Determining pad/Key height
Distorted High C
do it yourselfers? what gear have you created for yourself?
'Do Not Repair' lists....
Do you wet sax pads before clamping them?
Doing your own repairs......the other side.
Eb key corked/plugged
Eb1/E1 warbling...
Effects of Humidity? mold and mildew
End all, be all repair tech?
Engraving a saxophone
Extra Tone Hole & Mechanism.
felt adhesive ???
felt on rear side key
Finding a leak
Finding tonehole leaks
fixing leaking pads
Fixing Resoblade leaks on a Codera
Fixing tuning of D2-G2
Flat C# on Chu alto
Flat D1 C1
Flat Octave A
Floating in Pads and HEAT!!
freeing stuck/slow rollers
Full repad - step by step.
G plays sharp on Bundy/Buescher Baritone
G# Key Leak!! Help or advice wanted!
G# Key Leak!! Help or advice wanted!
G# mechanism on late model Keilwerths
G# Out of tune
G1 wants to play G2
G2 to G1?
Gap between key and posts
Glue and Sticking Cork back on...
Gluing case fabric
Gold-plating neck....
gold-plating resonators (and ligature...)
Good "do it yourself" sax repair book
good repair tech - Baltimore/Washington area
Goodson video sax repair aparatus
Has this Rolled Tonehole been Filed?
Have you heard of Ultrasonic Cleaning?
Head to Produce Tennis Rackets out of Liquid Metal
Help - Crazy key that does nothing
Help needed with cork
Help with sharp D2
Help! Broken Resonator...
HELP! Yamaha 61 Bari octave key cork
High F Palm Key
High G and A Flat sqeaking
High G warbles: indicate a leak?
High G/G# Problems
Hint: Cheap Pad-Cleaning Paper
Honking/Buzzing D and D# Keys
horn bumps, small spills, or drops....
How do I fix a flat C#
HOW do i replace MY pad?
How do i tell if a pad is bad?
how much to overhaul a Kohlert tenor
How much to repair knocked soprano?
how much to silver plate a neck??
how much will an overhaul affect tone, etc....
How to clean a Black Nickel Plated horn ?
How to clean old silver-plated sax? (Basement smell, mildew)
How to fix a rusted key??
How to make custom leak light??
How to stabilize deteriorating lacquer?
I wanna be a sax repairman when I grow up!
In-and-Out of Tune Sax
Installation of Conn Res-o-Pads
Installing pad resonators
Interesting Experience
Is TechCork OK for use as neck cork?
Is YAS-23 Bow Glued or Soldered or Both???
Job Available: Sax Repair Tech for Las Vegas...
Keeping a Sax Dry
Key Clamps
key guard post
key heights for Buescher 355xxx bari?
Key oil
kohlert saxophone
Lateral play due to worn key barrels
Leaky pads?
Leave body swab in horn or no?
Leblanc system alignment.
Left pinky cluster problem
lern to put a saxophone together but how??
Lighter action on Series III tenor?
liquid shellac
Loose neck on Sop
loose necks
Low A extention: How to?
Low A mechanism on Mark VI
Low A stuttering
low Bb
Low C problem
Low C# is flat
Low D wobbles!
low G wants to go high
Low notes aren't playing on my alto sax
Low Register "Gurgle" on Selmer Mark VII Alto
magnetic dent balls
middle D and Eb stuffy
Middle D is VERY sharp
Middle D on Bari Refuses to respond
Middle register E and F problems
MKVI Tenor G2-A2 misbehaving
mouthpiece tip refacing
music medic repair kit
musicmedic repair kit-rip off or good value?
MY beuscher repair project
My F5 key has a very strange sound
My horn just got dropped. ...Oh God, now what?
My new alto won't play G'
my sax won't stop gurgling...HELP PLEASE!
NAPBIRT - and how to get on the inside...
Neck change
Neck cork loosening at the end
neck does not fit
Neck too tight? What to do?
Need advice - overhaul or buy
Needle spring
Nickle-silver plated Brass Keys. Confused!
Noise, noise, noise!
Not sure what to do with this tenor
Octave Key Adjustment
Octave Key Messed Up
Octave key not open enough, A2 stuffy
octave lever problems : advice appreciated
Octave Problems on Right Hand Keys
Old pads
Old Sax
open key heights
optimum key height on MKVI tenor
original tenor w/selmer neck?
overhaul -- help!!
Pad Adhesive
Pad assortments? Why?
Pad Choice for New Wonder alto?
Pad height in cup ...
pad job price
pad sizes
Pad Slicks...essential?
PADS - Selmer SA80 Series I Tenor
Pads for rolled tone holes
Pads on soprano register keys
Palm key risers
Palm keys flat
Perfect pad seals
Personal Experiences With Maintaining My Axe
Point screws for 1927 Martins
possibly pad change for my sax?
Preserving a lacquer finish
Problem with G# key
Problems with octave key
Professional Sax Cleaning
Project Buescher
Question on repaired tenor neck..
Questions about overhauling a vintage alto clarinet
Radio Improved horns
Really really sticky pads.
Reattaching posts
Reducing turbulence
Refinishing: the scratch & dent issue
Refloating a pad without specialist tools?
Removing/preventing lumps during dent work
Repad prices
Repadding - Is Hot Glue or Shellac the better choice
Repadding wich glue/shellak?
repair guide
Repair in Dallas/Ft. Worth
Repair Light
Repair Manual
repair on Conn Tenor
Repair tech sources in Hawaii
Repair techs in HK or LA
Repair Videos
Repaired neck??
Repairing crease/dent in bodytube
Repairs to a Yamaha
replacement parts for a sax...
replacing Pearls
Replacing resin bite plate with a rubber one.
Resoldering toneholes
Resonators on Dolnet?
retouching up a bent area?
Right thumb rest too loose
Rollers buzzing
Runyon Pad Dope
Safe to use canned air?
Sax on the Airplane
sax on the wall of a bar
Sax Parts Fabrication - Any Handyman around?
Sax posts
Sax repairs in the UK
Sax setup
Saxophone necks
Saxophone Repair Videos
SBA thumb hook
SDA tenor replacement neck?
Seeking Chicago Area Sax Tech Apprenticeship
Selling horn thru a tech
Selmer Cigar Cutter Overhaul
Selmer III repair
Serious Intonation Help Please
Serious Problem
Serious Sax Repair Books
Setting repair work prices
setting spring tension
Should I oil the keys?
Show my Dolnet some TLC ...UK
Side Bb is flat
Smelly Sax... Smeeelly Sax..
SML Tenor back from Andersons
Softening old pads?
Solder Check
soldering a Buescher nub
soldering a post
Soldering a silver plated palm key
soldering a strap ring
Soprano sax thumb/neck hook
Spliiting High E to High A
spot lacquering ...
Stand or case?
Sticky pads and ligter fluid?
Strange modification
stuck micro tuner
stuffy high notes
Stuffy Low Bb on Couf Low A Bari
Stuffy Middle D
Stuffy, dead sounding D2 on my new Keilworth tenor.
Suggestions for Rube Goldberg "low A" soprano?
Swabbing the neck
Tech in NH
Techniques with Ferrees E42 pad slicks
Techsmith Newsletter
Temporarily sealing leaks
Tenor intonation and key heights
Tenor leaking ...
The Absolute Best on Overhauling Vintage Saxophones
The effect of rubber on bare brass and silver plating
The inside of the neck
The Martin Tenor Tonehole irregularities
Thoughts on key swedging...
Thumbrest for vintatge soprano
Tight Neck
tone hole anxiety
tone hole repairs
Tone holes
Took Alto apart for cleaning...WHAT IS THAT?
Tour repair kit suggestions...
Trying to fine tune a Conn 6M.
trying to fix a bad intonation problem
Upper octave hole
Using Runyon pad dope
Very bad leak problem, need help fast!
Vintage Conn Saxophone Screws
Votaw's site is up
Warbling above-the-staff G
Water escaping from my saxophone
What a Busy Place!
What exactly is a leak and how do you solve it?
What to expect for $75?
What's causing the gurgling?
whats wrong with my horn?
When is swedging not enough?
When to get an overhaul, and a good price...
when to repad
When to replace springs ...
Which part of sax need monthly oil?
Which Tech?
Which to adjust bumpers
Why do saxes go out of adjustment?
Why you can't find a good repair tech.
Woodwind repair Manual
Yani Key-super 20 sax
YAS-23 maintenance
Yoz!!! Another Sopy problem