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Crazy Monkey Defense, Martial Arts-Life, Embodied-Warrior are registered trademarks of Rodney King
Welcome To The Crazy Monkey Trainers

Donʼt be!

This e-book will help you understand the fundamental building blocks of the Crazy
Monkey Defense Online Trainers Program, the worlds first Martial Art-Life™
Performance Coaching System.

Crazy Monkey is a powerful martial art experience, transcending the ʻfightʼ,

coaching itʼs Trainers in a holistic, positive, life inspiring martial art process.
Trainers are taught ʻhow to coachʼ their clients to experience martial arts as more
than just learning how to fight. Crazy Monkey sees the mat as a place to inspire
skills that will enable its clients to perform at their best in life!

While we coach our clients in functional, real self-defense skills, and while some of
our clients may compete, this is not what we are about.

Crazy Monkey is about using modern martial arts as a vehicle to inspire itʼs clients
to become the best they can, not only on the mat, but most importantly in life!

Rodney King
CMDʼs Creative Monkey

“When we say we are changing

the way modern martial arts is
coached, viewed and experienced,
we mean it AND we are doing it!”
- Rodney King
Understanding How The Crazy Monkey
Defense Program Is Constructed!
By Rodney King

Crazy Monkey

Martial Art
Life Approach

★Wisdom Environment
★Conscious Business
★Social Consciousness

Birds-Eye View Of CMD

Imagine for a moment that you are looking down at CMD and by zooming out
you can see the entire CMD program. What would it look like? The image
above represents this view.
What Ultimately Leads To The Crazy
Monkey Defense Experience?
Lets get back to the diagram you just viewed. Moving from the centre out, lets begin
by defining Crazy Monkey Defenseʼs G.A.M.E approach to experiencing martial


The G.A.M.E approach informs the attitude CMD Trainers have within the CMD

The G.A.M.E approach integrates and applies all the core elements of CMD into the
martial art experience we offer our clients. The core elements of CMD are the 5-
Dimensional approach of teaching, coaching, creating a wisdom environment,
applying conscious business strategies, being socially conscious and ultimately
leading to a Martial Art-Life experience.
Conceptually the G.A.M.E® approach
“I have had the opportunity to
GROUNDING our clients in their strengths. see and use what is considered by
CMD teaches and coaches from building upon a the corporate community to be
clients existing strengths instead of focusing on their world class online training. In my
weaknesses. opinion the training resources
available through the CMD online
trainer's program are of
ATTITUDES that encourage success. comparable quality. The videos,
Coaching in CMD aims to create powerful, solution marketing, business, and coaching
focused, mental game attitudeS that build resilience materials provide all the
and facilitate peak performance in martial arts, life information one might need to
successfully coach the CMD
and career.
program. In addition the message
board provides access to the
MOTIVATION that energizes optimal ideas, opinions, and support of the
performance. Through personalized coaching in an whole CMD Trainer community.
The value far exceeds the price of
ego-free, non hyper-competitive training space. The
core G.A.M.E elements promote our clients capacity Jon Moore, JD, M.S. (USA)
for sustained, goal-directed motivation.

EXECUTING a plan for success. CMD Trainers and their clients jointly focus
on executing a personal action oriented G.A.M.E plan to achieve the clients goals
and peak performance in all areas of their life!

Simply the G.A.M.E represents a CMD Trainers attitude towards their clients when
coaching them in CMD.

To summarize the main drive of these coaching attitudes are:

1. A focus on a clients strengths instead of their weaknesses,

2. Fostering attitudes within clients that lead them to create successful martial art
3. Motivation that energizes clients to perform at their best,
4. And finally executing a consistent plan of action that continuous a clients success
within CMD.

These 4 main coaching attitudes is what makes the CMD program stand out
amongst other modern martial art programs available today.

The obvious question arises then how would a CMD Trainer ensure that the
G.A.M.E occurs in the clients experience of CMD?
The first step is to ensure that ALL CMD Trainers implement CMDʼs 5-Dimensional
(5-D) approach to running a successful CMD studio. This is achieved through our
Online Trainers Program as well as at our Yearly Trainers Clinics.

CMDʼs 5-D Approach Drives The G.A.M.E

If the G.A.M.E approach is the attitude that a CMD Trainer brings to every session
they have with a client, then the 5-D approach of CMD is the ʻaction stepsʼ that
allows a client to experience the fullness of Crazy Monkey Defense. Without the
5-D GAME there is no Crazy Monkey Defense.


★Wisdom Environment
★Conscious Business
★Social Consciousness

(D-1) CMDʼs Teaching GAME:

CMDʼs Teaching GAME is all about ways to teach the physical skill sets of the
CMD. The Teaching GAME also covers all the physical techniques, from the CM
hand defense, to an elbow strike. Sparring strategy is also included in this game.
So simply put, if you are talking about teaching the physical skill sets or techniques
of the CMD, it is all contained within the Teaching GAME. As a side note, this is
what most martial arts programs are comprised of. Very little consideration is ever
given to the other 4 GAMES we will discuss in the following pages.

The Teaching GAME in CMD has 2 main components:

Physical Skills How To Teach The

Teaching the physical aspects of Physical Skills
CMD. How to teach the physical aspects of
the CMD. To this end we have 3
These are the techniques, drills, Teaching Models to accomplish this.
strategies and tactics of the CMD. Namely the Newtonian, Pavlovian &
CHAOS Teaching Models.

(D-2) Coaching GAME:

Unlike the teaching GAME that deals with delivering the physical skill sets of CMD-
or what most people immediately notice about martial arts which is the martial
technique- the Coaching GAME is about developing the interpersonal relationship
between client and Trainer.

No matter how good you become at teaching the physical skill sets of CMD, clients
will naturally become frustrated when they feel they are not learning fast enough.
Some clients will hold unrealistic expectations of themselves. All clients will bring a
life time of past experiences to the mat.

Whichever one a CMD Trainer has to deal with, teaching one more technique or
one more advanced strategy a client can use to win, will not help. It is at this point
that a CMD Trainer requires the ability to ʻcoachʼ. The coaching approach needs a
way to communicate with clients thatʼs both productive and positively reinforcing. It
also needs to be a method that understands a clientʼs psychological and emotional
needs. We call this the Coaching GAME in CMD.

The CMDʼs Coaching GAME consists of two main components that enables our
Trainers to deliver what has been defined above:

POWER Communication Strength-Based Coaching

How you talk to and listen to your client Coaching from your clients strengths is
is often far more important than what far more rewarding than constantly
you teach them. Communication is a working from their weaknesses. In the
skill that can be learnt. In the Trainers Trainers program we teach you how to
program we teach you how to accomplish this.
accomplish this.
(D-3) Wisdom Environment GAME:

“The environment informs behavior” Rodney King

The environment informs behavior. The Wisdom Environment GAME is then a way
to elicit the right behavior from our clients in the training environment. It is about
creating an environment that is healthy, embraces creativity and freedom to make
mistakes- while avoiding the pitfalls of hyper-competitiveness, ego and unhealthy

I always loved Rigan Machado's sign on his gym door that stated,

“Leave Your Ego At The Door”.

Just saying that though means nothing. Ironically

many schools that say they have no ego, often have “I have found the trainers
program to be the most
the most.
comprehensive self explanatory
program I have ever come across
A zero ego policy is nothing without it being in all my training. I have found that
reinforced. it has helped me to build
confidence & re-assurance both as
This begins from a top down approach. Our Trainers a coach & within my own training.
have to exemplify the behaviors that they are asking Never before have I experienced
such a transparent system that
their clients to observe.
allows you to challenge it & get
answers timelessly from more than
The creation of a Wisdom Environment in CMD is one source ( worldwide connection
mainly informed by what I have termed the Warriors- of professionals). From a business
Journey. I have drawn much of my inspiration for point of view, the network &
this from Joseph Campbell, who was a comparative material available to our clients is
mythologist. priceless & exposing new clients
to it makes our job of giving them
a new MA experience so much
All clients will go through the Warriors-Journey or easier.”
what Campbell called the mono-myth. It represents  
the psychological stages of psychic crossing that is Renaldo Pio (South Africa)
required by each client to move to the next stage of
learning and discovery. Without it positive growth in
a clients martial art game is impossible.

We coach all our Trainers in the CMD Trainers Program how to implement the
Warriors-Journey and there by creating an amazing training space, built on fun and
play- while been divorced of unhealthy ego and hyper-competitiveness so prevalent
in most modern martial art schools today.
(D-4) Social Consciousness GAME:
The Social Consciousness GAME is both an attitude and a philosophy of how we
want the martial arts to impact the lives of our clients, the community and our planet
in a positive way. Social Consciousness in martial arts simply means that you care
how what you teach, both affects a client
personally but also that clientʼs relationship
“The layout of the pro site makes it an
with the world. If you are teaching violent absolute pleasure to go online and work on
action, but care little how that action is used my CMD game! Rodney and his crew have
by your clients on the street or how it laid out everything in a way that allows you
impacts them psychologically, then you are to look at the program as a whole, while still
not being socially conscious. being able to narrow your focus and working
on specific aspects of your game. I love this
approach, because it allows you to see how
I really believe this part of martial arts is
everything connects to everything else in the
largely overlooked and there tends to be a system. This is a valuable lesson for life as
sense of taking money from a client, then well, and what I love most about the CMD
teaching martial art skills to them and thatʼs Trainers Program is that there is such an
where it ends. Just letting someone out on emphasis put on using these techniques as
the street with what you taught them, a means to improve one's entire life - not
without caring how it will be used, I believe just their CMD or MMA game.”
-Jon Kellet (Canada)
is wholly irresponsible.

It is easy to understand then why we have

drawn from Positive Psychology for this aspect of CMD. Positive Psychology is a
recent branch of psychology that "studies the strengths and virtues that enable
individuals and communities to thrive". Teaching people to be more aggressive,
paranoid or afraid is not positive and will have a direct impact not only on that
clientʼs life, but the lives of his or her family, friends and society.

“As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney

Kingʼs intuitive grasp of peopleʼs strengths and hopes. Rather than
building a martial art around fear of attack, testosterone-based
competition, or external rewards King introduces the best aspects of
performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals.

In a field steeped in tradition, King artfully reimagines both the dojo

and the martial arts business mentality. At long last, we have a
perfect union of proven martial arts techniques with cutting edge
approaches to teaching and personal development. As a martial
artist myself, Kingʼs methods are a breath of fresh air.”

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, Dr. Philos., CMC, Author of Positive Psychology Coaching
(D-5) Conscious Business GAME:
Conscious Business is a term used to describe CMD as a business that seeks to be
aware of the effects of its actions, and to consciously affect its clients and the
environment in a beneficial way. Conscious business is closely tied to the Social
Consciousness GAME. We are not out to take people for a ride or to do anything
we want to make a fast buck. We care about how our business is perceived and we
want it to be first and foremost focused on our clientʼs welfare and the world we
operate in.

Martial Arts-Life Approach

Martial Art
Life Approach

The G.A.M.E attitudes and the 5-D approach all lead to what I have affectionally
called a Martial Art-Life™ philosophy.

When you bring the components of the G.A.M.E attitudes and the 5-D approach
together, you create a very unique martial art experience. This experience can only
be a positive one. The experience a client gains from this approach will inherently
teach him or her how to connect what is delivered on the mat to their life and
The MA-Life approach is therefore not about preaching to our clients on how they
should live their lives (A big mistake martial art instructors make) or about directly
correlating all the lessons from the mat to their life- but rather is an experience that
grows organically simply out of the CMDʼs unique approach to teaching, coaching
and the martial art experience offered. This is why we refer to CMD as,

Changing The Way Modern Martial Arts Is Viewed, Coached & Experienced!

Finally We Reach The Crazy

Monkey Defense Program

Crazy Monkey

The Crazy Monkey Defense as a program, is therefore a seamless combination of

the G.A.M.E attitudes, the 5-D approach and an MA-Life philosophy. All these
aspects create what I have defined as an irreducible complex system.

In other words, CMD is a single system of modern martial arts which is composed
of several interacting parts (G.A.M.E, 5-D approach, MA-Life) that contribute to the
basic functionality of CMD, and where the removal of any one of these parts will
cause the system of CMD to effectively cease to function.

You therefor cannot have CMD without all the components outlined earlier.

“I've  been  with  the  Trainers  Program   since  2006,  and  it  come   along   in  leaps  and  bounds  since  it's  
incep>on.     The   program   is   now   organized  in   such   as   way   that   people   are   able   to  work  though  
things  in  a  sequen>al  order  which  helps  to  not  only   develop   the  coaches  understanding   of  CMD,  
but   also   helps   the   coach   to   teach   their   clients.     The   Trainers   Program     is  not   just   a   bunch   of  
techniques,  cool  moves  or  seminar  footage  online.    It  is  designed  to  aid  you  in  becoming  a  world  
class  coach   though   not   only   learning   the   physical  aspect   of   CM,   but   also   how   to  communicate  
effec>vely,   build   a  healthy   training  environment  in  which  new   clients  feel   supported  rather  than  
anxious,   and   how   to   run   a   business.   It   has  really   become   easier  for  new   coaches  to   digest   the  
informa>on  and  see  how  all  the  parts  and  processes  fit  together  to  create  the  CMD  Program.

The  online  resources  and  trainers  forum  is  coupled  with   an  annual  Trainers  Clinic.     Again,   the  clinic  
reflects   the   online   material   with   sessions   and   trouble   shoo>ng   on   the   physical,   mental,   and  
business  aspect  of  being  a  CMD  Trainer.    The   camaraderie  experienced  within  the  tribe  will  oNen  
see   coaches   traveling   to   different   regional   Coaches   Clinics   as   well   as   regular   get   togethers  
throughout  the  year  to  spit  ball  ideas,  coach  one  another  and  generally  monkey  around.

Joining  the   CMD  Coaches  Program   is  more  than  just  learning  CM   and  being  a  bePer  coach,   you  are  
joining  a  family.    Welcome  to  the  tribe.”

Chris  Bishop    (Isle  of  Man)