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ASD-W Educational Service Team Meeting

Date: October 14, 2016

Attendees: (Guidance), (EST-R), (VP), (EST-R), (P), Elise Deering (EST-R)

Agenda Items

Part I: Big Picture Items

 Safe schools week, citizen week – school was overwhelmed, but we fit it all
in. Hard to serve kids did really well.
 Mr. P is going to do medical alerts photo array with pertaint information for all
staff and should be placed in their supply teacher folders. Detailed 704 in
cum files.
 Epipens: how many student have epipens? We have 10 kids with epipens as
of right now, all food related except one is extreme cold. They should be
carried on the students around the school. If parents do not provide fanny
packs for epipens than the school will purchase some. Possible we keep the
epipens at school and they wear them only here. But that means they go on
the bus without their epipens. Our recommendation to parents is that
students who have epipens carry them on themselves while at school, is
there some way we can assist with that? That will come from Mrs. Hallett.
 L and D are concerned with the number of students whose parents say “their
child isn’t up to participating in phys. Ed. today”.Mrs. H will send home an
email to parents outlining the expectations for students to participate in
Physical education. If they choose not to allow their child to participate it is
the parent’s responsibility to contact the Phys. Ed. teachers and discuss an
alternate plan.
 Files on the portal must be saved as year, month, day. Example: (2016-10-
14) ETG-Observation
 Grade ones flexibility grouping 3 times per week
 Grade twos flexibility grouping 2 times per week
 Key skills look good (what we have). Number and operations needs to be
taught all year long. Gr. 1’s have a some low scores, but are receiving
support from Mrs. H

Inclusive Practices—Social and Learning/Positive Learning Environment

Data Review and Analysis

Member Reports:

 Elf volunteers are ready to start; however, there are only three. Going to
start next week with M. B, K. D and A. P.
 Math afterschool enrichment started last night and she has 20 students.
 Mrs. H shared ASD-W administration newsletter
 Mme. B – end of gr 1 expectation is I * is at H, * and * are at C, * is at D.
 Mrs. D – *, *, *, * and * are at level A

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ASD-W Educational Service Team Meeting

 Mr. D – * is at an A, * is an I
 Mr. G - *, *, *, * (pre-A)
 Mrs. H - * reading at level D – * is at a F
 Mrs. M / Mrs. P * – barley at an A. * is at D
 We are considering doing the key skills for 3-5.
 Career week is the Oct. 31 – Nov 4th. Will put lesson plans available to
teachers and website will be sent out to staff once it becomes available.
 Career day?
 Ring a bell- kids mental health Nov 28 – Dec 2.
 Roots of Empathy will start next week with Mr. M and Mrs. G.
 Peace keepers will start in the next couple of weeks (20 students)
 Split peas will likely start next week. (13 students so far)
 Mr. G would like a revisit for zones of regulation
 Mrs. V & Mme. G need zones
 S. C donated a lot of lego to bob cat den
 We will move forward with implementation of WITZ.
 IBSP’s are getting reviewed. * is BSAP managed. * has been signed is
returned to the school.
 Meeting with Mrs. D today after school to discuss IBSP for *
 *, *, *, *, *, * and *– they are on the list for problem solving meetings and
going through the motions for potential IBSPs.
 Groups are going to begin Monday
 Purchase a copy of hand writing without tears- purchased
 S. O accepted a position and Gibson- Niel. S. W will be covering until the
position is filled.
 PLP’s are underway
 Click and kids subscription – Mrs. H is going to look into it.
 Elise went to non-violent crisis intervention for PL last week
 T. H went to the PL for new resource teachers last week
 EA’s had a PL on SLP apps and worked on their modules. Most are on
module 3.
 The next PL for EA’s will be about the school improvement place and
school review indicators.
 Zones for Mme. G
 Resource and Guidance will go through cum files next Friday and create
a data base for medical alerts and 704.
 Policy 704 sheets will be in a binder and
 Share reset spaces with EA at meeting.
 Mrs. P did presentation reset space during PL

Part II: Updates on Individual Students:

 Mrs. B had a problem solving meeting about * and is transitioning her in the
morning, and will be joining social detective groups. She is no allow to participate
in open playground.
 Elise is transitioning * into school in the morning.

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ASD-W Educational Service Team Meeting

 Mrs. B had a problem solving meeting with Mrs. L and SLP. She needs an SLP
consult and referral for *.
 *’s Psych. Ed. results meeting is this afternoon. Language acquisition support
 Mrs. B and Elise met with *’s mom. She expressed concerns about *’s emotional
well-being. He will be participating in Social Cognition group with Mrs. G
 Meeting with *’s Mother next week
 Booked * at snoezelen room – Canadian national institute for the blind
 * has a hearing assessment next week. He is currently off the playground. He
has been inappropriate with *.
 * – a lot of foolish behavior and data needs to be taken.
 *- Mrs. H is asking for seat belt for the bus
 * – very emotional

Next Meeting and Tentative Agenda Items.

 Part III: Wrap-Up and Review of Actions/Persons Responsible

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