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04 JUL 2017 Visit Note


AUTO Target Price: Rs 525

Homegrown multinational
CMP : Rs 471
We hosted Mr. Vivek Chaand Sehgal, Chairman of MothersonSumi
Potential Upside : 11%
(MSS),for investor meetings in the U.S. Hehighlighted MSS’ strategy for
turnaround of acquisitions, trend of rising content per vehicle, and
confidence of meeting its aggressive 2020 target – consol turnover of MARKET DATA
USD 18 bn (<USD 8bn currently) and consol RoCE of 40% (28% No. of Shares : 1,403mn
currently); in fact, it is likely the 2020 target could be met a year earlier. Free Float : 37%
Market Cap : Rs662bn
MSS remains one of our preferred picks in Auto ancs. The India 52-week High / Low : Rs493 / Rs265
business is a good way to play India PVswith rising premiumization and Avg. Daily vol. (6mth) : 2.2 mn shares
Bloomberg Code : MSS IB Equity
electronics – more so going into BS-6 emission norms. Its overseas
Promoters Holding : 63%
subsidiaries have strong growth avenues with new technologies and
FII / DII : 20% / 7%
product/customer synergies from acquisitions. Reiterate BUY with a TP
of Rs525 (25x FY19E P/E).

Meeting highlights
Plugging geographical gaps

♦ MSS has relatively lower exposure to the US markets. Its 2020 plan focuses more on plugging this gap.
SMRPBV^ investments in new US plants, acquisition of PKC (leading wiring harness supplier for US CVs) and
Stoneridge’s wiring harness business in the US are steps in this direction

♦ Upcoming plant (82 acres) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is the company’s largest plant in the world.
This plant is near Daimler’s plant (proximity helps from a paint-shop point of view) where it will be the single source
supplier to Daimler for interior and exterior parts

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Financial summary (Consolidated) Key drivers

Y/E March FY16 FY17 FY18E FY19E (%) FY17 FY18E FY19E
Sales (Rs mn) 372,163 424,752 551,237 647,930 Standalone EBITDA margin 19.7 20.3 20.0
Adj PAT (Rs mn) 13,228 16,335 23,748 29,435 SMR EBITDA margin 10.9 11.5 11.8
Con. EPS* (Rs) - - 15.9 20.0 SMP EBITDA margin 6.4 7.3 8.0
EPS (Rs) 10.0 11.6 16.9 21.0
Change YOY (%) 59.6 16.4 45.4 23.9
Price performance
P/E (x) 47.1 40.5 27.9 22.5
RoE (%) 34.3 25.8 25.8 25.9 Sensex Motherson Sumi Systems
RoCE (%) 24.4 20.9 22.4 25.4
EV/E (x) 18.5 16.7 11.5 9.2
DPS (Rs) 2.5 2.0 3.0 3.0
Source: *Consensus broker estimates, Company, Axis Capital Apr-16 Jul-16 Oct-16 Jan-17 Apr-17
^ SMRP BV –SamvardhanaMotherson Automotive Systems Group BV

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note

PKC acquisition
♦ Finland-based PKC Group (supplier of wiring harness and electronics to CVs
and locomotive) was acquired in January 2017 (consolidation from Q1FY18).
MSS was approached by 2 OEMs for the acquisition. PKC was owned by
private equity earlier and CV OEMs were worried about its future
♦ MSS acquired PKC for EUR 571mn. Its CY16 revenue was at EUR 850mn and
EBITDA was at EUR 64 mn (7.5% margin). While this is typically more than
what MSS has paid for its previous acquisitions, PKC is a listed and profitable

Scope for PKC turnaround

♦ For PKC, RoCE is currently 7% vs. MSS’ standalone RoCE of ~50%.
After visiting its plants, there seem to be low hanging fruits for RoCE to improve
to >20% just by implementing some of the best practices being followed in MSS
and from its experience with its Japanese, Korean and German JVs. Same was
the case with Stoneridge. With synergies in part sourcing and filling customer
gaps, PKC’s RoCE can improve to ~40% over 3 years

Exhibit 1: Consolidated OEM-wise revenue break-up

30 MSS has won new order with FY16 FY17
Daimler which shall diversify 24 24
20 revenues from VW group
10 7
8 7 7 7
6 6 5 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4







Source: Company, Axis Capital

RoCE expansion strategy

♦ The company focuses more on RoCE since it covers all aspects – margin, fixed
asset turns, working capital efficiency, etc. In all its 19 acquisitions, MSS has
been able to turn around companies and improve RoCE. This stems from
customer support (all acquisitions at the behest of customers), fixing
inefficiencies it sees in current operations, joint input sourcing and filling
product/customer gaps
♦ Example of product/customer synergies – with SMR (mirror company), there
were product synergies given that 18% of mirror cost is wire (supplied by MSS).
With PKC, given the strong CV clientele, there is now scope for in-roads in CV
mirrors as well (relatively untapped)

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note

Meeting its aggressive 2020 target

♦ MSS has an aggressive 2020 plan with consolidated revenue target of
USD 18 bn (currently ~USD 8 bn, post the PKC acquisition) and consolidated
RoCE target of 40% (currently 28%). Also no customer/ component/ country
should account for more than 15% of the consolidated revenue
♦ The chairman sees several acquisition opportunities and hence is confident of
meeting this target; in fact, it is likely that it could be met by 2019 itself. Prior to
PKC’s acquisition, MSS was the 31st largest auto component maker globally; it
is probably 28-29th now

Exhibit 2: MSS five year targets

Year FY05 (Rsmn) FY10 (Rsbn) FY15 (Rsbn) FY20 (Rsbn)
Target Actual Target Actual Target Actual Target
Revenue 10.0 10.3 1.0 1.5 5.0 5.9 18.0
RoCE 40% 39% 40% 16%/31%* 40% 26%/41%* 40%
Export sales 30% 29% 60% 70% 70% 80% 80%
Div. payout 40% 43% 40% 32% 40% 34% 40%
Source: Company, Axis Capital *Standalone business

New automotive trends

♦ To meet emission and fuel efficiency norms globally, there is a trend of
light-weighting of components. For example, the door panel of the new
Mercedes E-Class is 22% lighter than the previous model
♦ The role of the supply chain has increased. Presently, only 20% of a vehicle is
produced by the OEM while the majority is made by the component makers.
This coupled with rising premiumization and electronics has increased MSS’
content/vehicle substantially over the years

The buzzwords – EVs and autonomous cars

♦ OEMs have plans to launch Electric Vehicles (EVs), but it is likely to remain a
very low share of global production for the next 5-7 years. MSS components
(mirrors, interior/exterior components) are indifferent to this trend
♦ The wiring harness content can increase substantially in EVs as compared to
that in ICEs (Internal Combustion Engine), as the wire would be of aluminum,
and not copper (as currently used). These aluminum cables use a special alloy
which is patented by Sumitomo (MSS’ JV partner). It is a stronger cable, but
almost 1/3rd the weight
♦ For autonomous cars, depending on when the trend catches up, there would be
a sharp improvement in the interior infotainment of a vehicle. MSS (through its
subsidiary Motherson Innovations) is working on new products for this

India wiring harness – strong growth outlook

♦ The India business has been witnessing a sharp increase in wiring harness
content given the trend of premiumization in cars. Going into BS-6 emission
norms, the electronic content in a vehicle increases sharply which further
increases the wiring harness content
♦ Wiring harness content in Indian 2Ws is very low at the moment, which is why
MSS does not cater to that segment. However, going into BS-6, there is a sharp

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note

increase in electronic content in a 2W, which is when MSS might look at that
segment. MSS has wiring harness exposure with global 2W OEMs (supplies
70% of Harley Davidson wiring harness from PKC)

Exhibit 3: Rising use of electrical parts in domestic car Exhibit 4: … driving higher content per vehicle for
market… standalone business
Keyless entry Central locking
Power windows Power steering
100 2.5%
20 0.0%











2009 2014

Source: Industry, Axis Capital Source: Capitaline, Company, Axis Capital

Management bandwidth
♦ MSS has 230 plants across 33 countries. All of its 110k employees have direct
access to the chairman. MSS has a strong team of professionals running the
business and also a regional chairman’s office. Hence less than 10% of
chairman’s time goes in running the company. However, there is an IT system in
place where any capex or investment over USD 400 comes to the chairman’s
office for quick approval; this minimizes unnecessary expenditure

Key to successful turnaround of acquisitions

♦ MSS positions itself as a complete solutions provider to its customers.
For a distressed company, it can come in instead of private equity, but the
difference is that private equity is looking to flip its investment at some point,
whereas MSS looks to build it into a strong company with the financial and
non-financial support it needs
♦ MSS does not believe in labor arbitrage. This has empowered employees with
every new acquisition as they believes they have got a second chance

Financial headroom to grow

♦ As on FY17, MSS’ net debt was at ~USD 850 mn, implying a consolidated
net debt to EBITDA of 1.16x (net D:E of 0.7x). This provides financial
headroom for any acquisition that might come up
♦ SMRP BV current order backlog stands at EUR 13 bn. MSS’capex would be
~EUR 270mn (~INR 18-20 bn) in FY18 to meet these orders.
Post that, the current order book would not require significant incremental

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note

Exhibit 5: SMRP BV order book strong at Euro 13 bn Exhibit 6: Leverage is down despite acquisitions &capex
13.5 12.9 Net Debt/ Equity Net Debt/ EBITDA
(Euro bn)
10.8 5
12 (x)
7.7 4
4 3

0 2

(4) 1
(8) 0







FY14 FY15 FY16 SOP New FY17
Source: Company, Axis Capital Source:Company, Axis Capital

Our view
India business a good way to play domestic 4Ws
♦ MSS’ India business might be 14-15% of FY17 consolidated turnover, but it is
50% of consolidated profits (and presumably a higher share of market cap)
♦ Historically, standalone revenue growth has outpaced underlying car industry
growth driven by rising electronic content per vehicle and premiumization.
Hence it is a good way to play the growth in domestic PVs
♦ With BS-6, there is a significant rise in electronic content across segments,
which will also increase wiring harness content

Strengthening global wiring harness business

Going into BS-6, an advantage for MSS is that it already has Euro-6 expertise due
to its exposure to OEMs in EU/UK/US. MSS’ recent acquisitions have strengthened
its position in global wiring harness (14% of consolidated revenue currently, but on
course to increase):
♦ In May 2014, it acquired the wiring harness business of StoneridgeInc (supplies
in North America) at transaction value of USD 65.7 mn.
The wiring harness division had sales of US$ 300 mn at the time and was
EBITDA break-even (mid-single digit margin now)
♦ In January 2017, Motherson announced acquisition of Finland based PKC
Group, supplier of wiring harness and electronics to CVs and locomotive for
Eur 571 mn. CY16 financial details – Revenue Euro 850 mn (66% N America,
28% Europe, 5% S America), EBITDA Euro 64 mn (7.5% margin) and RoCE of

These acquisitions will help MSS consolidate its global share in wiring harness
segment as it supplies to complicated Euro 6 vehicles in these regions.

Global businesses on strong footing

♦ MSS globally has geographical gaps given its high exposure in Europe and
India. It is now increasing presence in the relatively untapped North America
and China markets (cumulatively >50% of global car volumes).
New investments in Mexico/China for SMR^/SMP* and recent acquisition of

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note

Stoneridge's wiring harness business in US, and the PKC acquisition are steps
in these directions
♦ With acquisitions on behest of customers, MSS is able to command better
operational terms – generally it gets 2-year working capital support, payment in
advance, right to first refusal on orders, etc. This helps it understand the
business even though it’s a new product

Focus on new technologies bodes well for pricing power:

♦ Use of advanced electronics to make cars safer is the future, and MSS hopes to
play a big role in the same. With the sharp decline in camera prices, radars
are being replaced by cameras, which help detect crashes faster and deploy
airbags when crash looks imminent
♦ Some of the new technologies the company is working on are:
(1) Cameras replacing mirrors; (2) Intelligent surround view (fish-eye cameras);
(3) Driver assists. MSS is best placed to be a complete solution provider (vs. a
component supplier) for many of these features given its dominance in bumpers
and mirrors (both of which provide a 360 degree view of the car) and
dashboards (which would display the images)

Reiterate BUY!
♦ The company has over last few years transformed from a domestic player to a
global ancillary player of scale. While India business will benefit from BS-6 and
premiumization, its overseas subsidiaries are directionally focusing more on
new technologies and providing complete solutions; this bodes well for pricing
power and is also a catalyst for growth. Reiterate BUY with a TP of Rs 525 (25x
FY19E P/E; slight premium to 5-year average)

Exhibit 7: Standalone financial assumptions

Rsmn) FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17E FY18E FY19E
Revenues 45,245 49,850 52,829 63,129 76,520 93,973
EBITDA 9,096 9,170 10,206 12,411 15,555 18,801
EBITDA margin % 20.1 18.4 19.3 19.7 20.3 20.0
Adjusted PAT 5,738 5,194 7,085 7,925 10,509 12,834
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 4.3 3.7 5.4 5.7 7.5 9.2
RoE (%) 30.1 24.7 28.9 13.7 16.5 17.9
RoCE (%) 40.0 40.7 41.9 44.4 54.1 60.6
Fixed asset turns (x) 1.9 1.9 1.9 2.2 2.5 2.8
Source: Company, Axis Capital

Exhibit 8: SMR financial assumptions

Rsmn) FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17E FY18E FY19E
Revenues 90,690 98,890 100,786 115,920 130,410 147,363
EBITDA 8,673 9,686 10,556 12,586 14,997 17,389
EBITDA margin % 9.6 9.8 10.5 10.9 11.5 11.8
Adjusted PAT (post minority) 2,017 2,405 2,696 3,252 3,977 4,686
Source: Company, Axis Capital

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note

Exhibit 9: SMP financial assumptions

Rsmn) FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17E FY18E FY19E
Revenues 155,412 172,200 189,281 219,770 253,691 294,281
EBITDA 8,429 10,640 10,845 14,058 18,519 23,542
EBITDA margin % 5.4 6.2 5.7 6.4 7.3 8.0
Adjusted PAT (post minority) -602 1,614 1,624 2,415 3,731 5,238
Source: Company, Axis Capital

Exhibit 10: Consolidated financial assumptions

Rsmn) FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17E FY18E FY19E
Revenues 306,363 347,301 372,163 424,752 551,237 647,930
EBITDA 27,936 29,123 35,788 42,665 60,090 72,607
EBITDA margin % 9.1 8.4 9.6 10.0 10.9 11.2
Adjusted PAT 9,530 8,794 13,228 16,335 23,748 29,435
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 7.2 6.3 10.0 11.6 16.9 21.0
P/E 59.4 68.3 42.8 36.7 25.3 20.4
EV/EBITDA 21.4 21.6 16.8 15.2 10.3 8.1
RoE (%) 29.7 25.2 28.1 18.6 27.4 31.2
RoCE (%) 5.2 5.7 5.2 3.5 4.3 5.0
Fixed asset turns (x) 306,363 347,301 372,163 424,752 551,237 647,930
Source: Company, Axis Capital

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note
Financial summary (Consolidated)
Profit &loss (Rsmn) Cash flow (Rsmn)
Y/E March FY16 FY17 FY18E FY19E Y/E March FY16 FY17 FY18E FY19E
Net sales 372,163 424,752 551,237 647,930 Profit before tax 21,858 29,789 45,190 56,360
Other operating income - - - - Depreciation & Amortisation 10,872 10,590 12,848 14,489
Total operating income 372,163 424,752 551,237 647,930 Chg in working capital (4,629) (4,580) 6,234 332
Cost of goods sold (224,093) (257,507) (347,279) (408,196) Cash flow from operations 27,685 57,902 52,414 55,695
Gross profit 148,070 167,246 203,958 239,734 Capital expenditure (25,464) (65,529) (19,340) (17,680)
Gross margin (%) 39.8 39.4 37.0 37.0 Cash flow from investing (30,320) (63,802) (23,734) (23,973)
Total operating expenses (112,282) (124,581) (143,867) (167,127) Equity raised/ (repaid) 441 81 - -
EBITDA 35,788 42,665 60,090 72,607 Debt raised/ (repaid) 8,311 44,002 (12,757) (10,853)
EBITDA margin (%) 9.6 10.0 10.9 11.2 Dividend paid - - - -
Depreciation (10,872) (10,590) (12,848) (14,489) Cash flow from financing 1,432 37,049 (20,154) (18,169)
EBIT 24,916 32,075 47,242 58,118 Net chg in cash (1,202) 31,149 8,525 13,553
Net interest (3,450) (3,749) (2,471) (2,389)
Other income 392 1,463 419 632 Key ratios
Profit before tax 21,858 29,789 45,190 56,360 Y/E March FY16 FY17 FY18E FY19E
Total taxation (5,193) (9,103) (13,911) (17,244) OPERATIONAL
Tax rate (%) 23.8 30.6 30.8 30.6 FDEPS (Rs) 10.0 11.6 16.9 21.0
Profit after tax 16,665 20,685 31,279 39,116 CEPS (Rs) 18.0 18.6 26.1 31.3
Minorities (4,814) (6,181) (7,529) (9,679) DPS (Rs) 2.5 2.0 3.0 3.0
Profit/ Loss associate co(s) 1,377 1,831 (2) (2) Dividend payout ratio (%) 25.6 18.1 17.7 14.3
Adjusted net profit 13,228 16,335 23,748 29,435 GROWTH
Adj. PAT margin (%) 3.6 3.8 4.3 4.5 Net sales (%) 7.2 14.1 29.8 17.5
Net non-recurring items (306) (793) - - EBITDA (%) 22.9 19.2 40.8 20.8
Reported net profit 12,922 15,543 23,748 29,435 Adj net profit (%) 50.4 23.5 45.4 23.9
FDEPS (%) 59.6 16.4 45.4 23.9
Balance sheet (Rsmn) PERFORMANCE
Y/E March FY16 FY17 FY18E FY19E RoE (%) 34.3 25.8 25.8 25.9
Paid-up capital 1,323 1,404 1,404 1,404 RoCE (%) 24.4 20.9 22.4 25.4
Reserves & surplus 42,648 81,323 100,145 124,654 EFFICIENCY
Net worth 43,971 82,727 101,549 126,057 Asset turnover (x) 4.3 3.3 3.4 3.9
Borrowing 57,416 101,418 88,661 77,807 Sales/ total assets (x) 2.0 1.7 1.7 1.8
Other non-current liabilities (1,210) (763) (763) (763) Working capital/ sales (x) - - - -
Total liabilities 115,300 205,703 219,299 242,635 Receivable days 45.6 56.8 43.3 44.0
Gross fixed assets 147,492 207,643 226,983 244,663 Inventory days 24.8 29.3 25.9 26.2
Less: Depreciation (76,023) (86,614) (99,461) (113,950) Payable days 56.0 69.9 60.5 60.0
Net fixed assets 71,469 121,030 127,522 130,713 FINANCIAL STABILITY
Add: Capital WIP 13,970 19,349 19,349 19,349 Total debt/ equity (x) 1.1 1.2 0.7 0.5
Total fixed assets 85,439 140,378 146,870 150,061 Net debt/ equity (x) 0.8 0.6 0.3 -
Total Investment 5,897 5,632 10,445 17,370 Current ratio (x) 1.3 1.5 1.5 1.5
Inventory 22,850 30,716 34,817 41,220 Interest cover (x) 7.2 8.6 19.1 24.3
Debtors 46,537 66,065 65,402 78,046 VALUATION
Cash & bank 17,717 48,866 57,391 70,944 PE (x) 47.1 40.5 27.9 22.5
Loans & advances 384 710 739 776 EV/ EBITDA (x) 18.5 16.7 11.5 9.2
Current liabilities 80,137 112,970 123,197 143,193 EV/ Net sales (x) 1.8 1.7 1.3 1.0
Net current assets 23,964 59,692 61,983 75,204 PB (x) 14.2 8.0 6.5 5.2
Other non-current assets - - - - Dividend yield (%) 0.5 0.4 0.6 0.6
Total assets 115,300 205,703 219,299 242,635 Free cash flow yield (%) 0.4 (1.2) 5.0 5.7
Source: Company, Axis Capital Source: Company, Axis Capital

04 JUL 2017 Visit Note


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Officer: AnandShaha, Email:, Tel No: 022-42671582.