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School: MATHO ISS Grade Level: 10


Time Allotment: Quarter: 3rd

I. OBJECTIVES Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

A. Content Standards The learner demonstrates awareness of global health initiatives
B. Performance The learner demonstrates competence in applying knowledge of global health to local or national context
C. Learning 1. Discuss the significance of global health 1. Analyzes issues in the implementation of global
Competencies/Obje initiatives health initiatives; and
ctives 2. Describe how global health initiatives positively 2. Recommends ways of adopting global health
impact people's health in various countries initiatives to local or national context
I. CONTENT Health Trends, Issues and Concerns ( GLOBAL LEVEL)
II. LEARNING Health Learner’s Guide
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide
2. Learner’s
Materials pages
3. Textbook pages Learners Material pp 257-281
4. Additional
Materials from
Resources Portal
B. Other Learning
A. Reviewing previous Pre-test WORK HUNT Conduct individual research Ask students to form 4-5 Ask students to form 3-4
lesson or presenting LM pp 259 on the positive impact of groups for Interpretative groups and make a HEALTH
the new lesson. health initiatives to different dance INFOMERCIAL
regions around the world
B. Purpose of the Lesson To know the significance of To describe global health To plan an interpretative To make an infomercial that is
global health initiatives initiatives positively impact dance of a a specific health creative and informative
people's health in various issue, concern or trend
C. Presenting Discuss the global health and Mention 3-5 countries in the Perform interpretative dance Refer to short documents
examples/instances the millennium development region and some of their produced by television
of the new lesson. goals national health initiatives

D. Discussing new Answer Activity 2 WHAT IF Describe the trend of global Use relevant music ( canned Let the students plan a photo
concepts and LM pp 265 infection and deaths due to or live) for the dance exhibit of the different health
practicing new skills HIV/AIDS from 2001-2012 interpretation issues, concerns and trends
E. Discussing new
concepts and
practicing new skills
F. Developing mastery Ask the students to write the Let the students compare the Use the rubric for the Use the rubric in the
different health issues, global estimates of HIV/AIDS interpretative dance in the appendices as your guide
concerns and trends infection and death to the appendices as your guide
encountered around the Philippine National AIDS
world. Council's data
G. Finding practical
applications of
concepts and skills in
daily living.
H. Making Re-discuss the pre-test which Answer Processing Question Answer Activity 15 Ask students to generalize
generalizations and was given at the beginning of LM pp 275 DEAR MR. PRESIDENT Global health Initiatives
abstractions about the class LM pp 279
the lesson. 5 mins
I. Evaluate learning Give a short situational Give a reflection on health, Answer Activity 16 Make a summative test
multiple choice test trends, issues and concerns WHO CONVENTION
LM 279
J. Additional activities
for application or