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Second Prof. 1st A / 2016 Roll No. …………

Examination:- B.S. Applied Geology

Subject: Survey and Mapping Techniques Time Allowed: 2:30 Hours

PAPER: VII Max. Marks: 50

Attempt any THREE Questions

Q. 1. (5, 5, 7)

a) Explain the following with the help of the contour.

I. Knoll
II. Cirque
III. Gorge
IV. Re-entrant
V. Overhanging cliff
b) Briefly explain lithological log of the rock.
c) What are the latitude and longitude?

Q. 2. (7, 5, 5)

a) What are the methods of expressing the scale?

b) Describe the limitation of Handauger method.
c) Write a short note on intersection method of plane table survey.

Q. 3. (7, 5, 5)

a) Write a short note on heavy minerals suit.

b) Briefly explain lithological log of the soil.
c) What are the advantages of plane table survey?

Q. 4. (5, 6, 6)

a) Describe the drawbacks of the globe in detail.

b) Write note on Brunton with emphasize on its application.
c) Describe the resistive log and its application.

Q. 5. (6, 5, 6)

a) Short note on Gamma Ray Log and its application.

b) Explain the construction of Globe.
c) What is GPS and explain it along with component.

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