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C. Responding
Final Examination in Educ 11 D. Organization
7. During the distribution of the report card, which
of the following must be the foremost of a
Name: _________________________________ teacher?
A. Discuss the projects of the school
Score: ___________ B. Discuss the progress as well as the
deficiencies of the student
Multiple Choice: Read each item carefully and circle the
C. Discuss the unsettled bill of the students
letter of the best answer.
D. Discuss the complaints of other teachers and
classmates of the students
1. When asked, students of Teacher Roel described
8. Teacher Ryan conducted a short quiz after
him as someone who knows what he is talking
discussing the topic “Item Analysis”, to get
about. Teacher Roel therefore exhibits a power
feedback on how much the students learned
known as _____.
which may not be used for grading purposes is
A. Legitimate Power
classified as a _____.
B. Expert Power
A. Placement Assessment
C. Referent Power
B. Summative Assessment
D. Reward Power
C. Formative Assessment
2. Teacher Emmanuel requires his students to
D. Diagnostic Assessment
memorize the poem “Mi Ultimo Adios” but they
9. To increase the difficulty of multiple-choice test
do not actually know the meaning of the poem.
item, which of the following should be done?
This traditional technique which turns the
A. Make the options homogeneous
students into “tiny parrots” is exhibited when
B. Make the stem short and clear
teachers use _____.
C. Make it grammatically correct
A. 2x4x8 Concept Teaching
D. Make the options equal in length
B. Textbook Technique
10. This level of affective domain shows of being
C. Direct Instruction Technique
aware of or attending to something in the
D. Rote Learning Technique
3. Students were required to stay and live with a
A. Responding
family of aetas in Zambales for week. They will
B. Valuing
do this to study the lifestyle of the ethnic group
C. Receiving
and come up with a report about the particular
D. Characterization
group. The teacher will most probably rely on
11. This portfolio is useful in documenting students’
what technique?
overall learning process.
A. Laboratory Technique
A. Documentation Portfolio
B. Practicum Technique
B. Showcase Portfolio
C. Field Study Technique
C. Process Portfolio
D. Apprenticeship Technique
D. Display Portfolio
4. Teacher Gary religiously records the attendance
12. Which of the following considerations is/are
of his students every day. He marks those who
important in developing a scoring rubric?
are tardy and absent in this particular recording
A. Description of each criterion to serve as
document known as _____.
A. Form 1
B. Mastery level of achievement
B. Form 138
C. Very clear descriptions of performance in
C. Form 137
each level
D. Class Record
D. All of the above
5. Krathwohl is famous for his Taxonomy of
13. Which is the most reliable tool for seeing the
Affective Domain, while Harrow is known for
development in your pupils’ ability to write?
his _____ domain.
A. Interview of pupils
A. Affective
B. Scoring Rubric
B. Psychomotor
C. Self-assessment
C. Cognitive
D. Portfolio Assessment
D. Metacognition
14. “Activity should be interesting enough so that
6. According to Krathwohl affective domain of
students are encouraged to pursue the task to
objectives, _____ is the lowest level of affective
completion.” This statement best described by
what concept of task designing?
A. Valuing
A. Complexity
B. Creativity 21. This portfolio is meaningful when specific items
C. Appeal are selected out to focus on particular
D. Goal-Based educational experiences or goals.
15. Which of the following statement is not true A. Process Portfolio
about portfolio assessment? B. Documentation Portfolio
A. Portfolio assessment develops awareness of C. Showcase Portfolio
own learning by the students. D. Display Portfolio
B. Portfolio assessment matches assessment to 22. This level of affective domain shows some new
teaching. behaviors as a result of experience.
C. Portfolio assessment develops an attitude to A. Receiving
determine the position of favorability of the B. Valuing
issue. C. Responding
D. Portfolio assessment gives a profile of D. Organization
learner abilities in terms of depth, breadth 23. A reason or set of reasons for engaging in a
and growth. particular behavior, especially human behavior.
16. This level of affective domain shows some A. Motivation
definite involvement or commitment. B. Attitudes
A. Organization C. Behavioral Intentions
B. Valuing D. Affect
C. Responding 24. It is a set of categories designed to elicit
D. Receiving information about a quantitative attribute in
17. “The teacher requires the students to write social science.
his/her thoughts on a subject matter.” This A. Self- Report
statement is best example of what assessment B. Checklists
tool in the affective domain? C. Rating Scale
A. Self-report D. Likert Scale
B. Rating Scale 25. This component of attitude is not the same as
C. Likert Scale “feelings” but just a statement of beliefs and
D. Checklists expectations which vary from individual to the
18. The following are the statements which answer next.
to the question “When to use process?” A. Affect
EXCEPT: B. Cognition
A. Orderly and directly observable. C. Evaluation
B. Correct procedures/steps are crucial to later D. Behavioral Intentions
success. 26. This level of affective domain integrates a new
C. Learning is at the early stage. value into one’s general set of values, giving it
D. Have been mastered already. some ranking among one’s general priorities.
19. Which of the following statement does not A. Responding
belong to the principles of portfolio assessment? B. Receiving
A. Portfolio provides samples of student’s work C. Characterization
which show growth over time. D. Organization
B. Portfolio caters to individuals in a 27. The following statements are purposes of
heterogeneous class. portfolio assessment EXCEPT.
C. Portfolio is a form of assessment that A. Portfolio assessment exhibits the students’
students do together with their teachers. effort, progress and achievements in one or
D. Portfolio represents a selection of what the more areas.
students believe are best include from B. Portfolio assessment is a tool for assessing a
among the possible collection of things variety of skills not normally testable in a
related to the concept being studied. single setting for traditional testing.
20. “Projects are assigned to students not just for the C. Portfolio assessment can improve
sake of producing something but for the purpose motivation for learning and thus
of reinforcing learning.” This is best explained achievement.
by what concept of task designing? D. Portfolio assessment provides opportunity
A. Creativity for student-teacher dialogue.
B. Appeal 28. It is an affective component refers to our feeling
C. Goal-Based with respect to the focal object such as fear,
D. Complexity liking or anger.
A. Cognition
B. Evaluation
C. Affect 36. The following statements are best described by
D. Behavioral Intentions the process-oriented performance-based
29. This measurement tool requires an individual to assessment EXCEPT.
provide an account of his attitude or feelings A. It involves knowledge, abilities, values,
toward a concept or idea or people. attitudes and habits of mind that affect
A. Rating Scale academic success and performance beyond
B. Self-report the classroom.
C. Checklist B. Learning entails not only what students
D. Portfolio know but what they can do with what they
30. It is defined as mental predisposition to act that know.
is expressed by evaluating a particular entity C. It refers to something produced by students
with some degree of favor or disfavor. providing concrete examples of the
A. Motivation application of knowledge.
B. Attitudes D. Assessment is not an end in itself but a
C. Affect vehicle for educational improvement.
D. Cognition 37. It is a scoring scale used to assess student’s
31. Which of the given statement is true about performance along a task-specific set of criteria.
rubrics? A. Rating Scale
A. It is developmental. B. Scoring Rubric
B. It is analytical. C. Checklist
C. It is holistic. D. Portfolio
D. It is both analytical and holistic. 38. Which of the following does not belong to the
32. Assessment is said to be authentic when the characteristic of Performance Assessment?
teacher __________ A. Students perform, create, construct, produce,
A. Considers students’ suggestions in testing or do something.
B. Gives valid and reliable paper-and-pencil B. Specific behaviors or outcomes of behaviors
test are sometimes observed.
C. Includes parents in the determination of C. Deep understanding and/or reasoning skills
assessment procedures are needed and assessed.
D. Gives students real-life tasks to accomplish D. Calls on students to explain, justify and
33. This portfolio shows the best of the students’ defend.
outputs and products. 39. With grading practice in mind, what is meant by
A. Process Portfolio teacher’s severity error?
B. Documentation Portfolio A. He tends to give lower grade than what is
C. Showcase Portfolio supposed to be.
D. Display Portfolio B. He uses tests and quizzes for punishment.
34. This measurement tool consists of simple items C. He tends to favor high-performing students.
that the student or teacher marks as “absent” or D. He gives way to students’ who work for
“present”. reschedule of the test.
A. Rating Scale 40. When a quick or gross judgment needs to be
B. Likert Scale made the teacher must used
C. Self-report A. Analytic Rubric
D. Checklists B. Holistic Rubric
35. Which of the following is not TRUE about C. Scoring Rubric
rating scale? D. Portfolio
A. It is called summated scales, because the 41. Mr. Chan conducted a test after discussing a
scores on the individual items are summed lesson to check whether the students learned
up to produce a total score for the student. something about the lesson. The result is not part
B. It is set of categories design to elicit of the computation of grade but to get feedback
information about a quantitative attribute in only. Which type of assessment did Mr. Chan
social science. administer?
C. Focuses on the behavior to be observed and A. Placement Assessment
“provides a convenient form on which to B. Diagnostic Assessment
record the judgments. C. Formative Assessment
D. It is typically used for those aspects of a D. Summative Assessment
complex performance that do not lend 42. The district supervisor is talking about “grading
themselves to yes/no type judgments. on the curve” in a district meeting. What does
this expression mean?
A. A student grade compares to his potentials.
B. A student grade determines whether or not B. Term of Specifications
attains a defined standard. C. Table of Specific Item Test
C. A student grade compares to his D. Table of Specifications
achievement. 52. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE
D. A student grade compares to the about clarity of learning target?
achievement of the other students in the A. Measurable and doable in nature
class. B. Observe through the behavior of the learners
43. A type of learning that focuses on the C. Practice personal biases when evaluating
assimilation of attitudes, values and emotional student’s performance
reaction is called D. Matches with the learning outcomes
A. Cognitive 53. Adrian obtained a score of 95 in Chemistry
B. Affective multiple-choice tests. What does this imply?
C. Psychomotor A. He answered 95 items in test correctly.
D. Holistic B. He has a rating of 95.
44. To maintain orderly transition between C. He answered 95% of the test item correctly.
activities, teacher should D. His performance is 5% better than the group.
A. Make the materials readily available 54. In his second item analysis, teacher Luis found
B. Make students socialize between activities out that more from the lower group got the test
C. Assign fewer time per activity item #10 correctly. This means that the test item
D. Wait for those who are slow _____.
45. Which is not true about recitation? A. Has a negative discriminating power
A. It is announced B. Has a lower validity
B. Call a student before giving questions C. Has a positive discriminating power
C. Possible questions are given D. Has a high reliability
D. It is a form of discussion 55. This is the very first step in planning
46. Which is FALSE about scoring rubrics? achievement test.
A. It has a criteria of level of achievement A. Select the type of test items to use.
B. It has a clear descriptions of performance B. Decide on the length of the test.
C. It limits to 4 levels of achievement C. Build the table of specification.
D. It has a rating scheme D. Define the instructional objective.
47. Which is indispensable with the current 56. The distribution of class with academically poor
emphasis on performance-based assessment and students is most likely _____.
portfolio assessment? A. Normally distributed
A. Letter Grading B. Skewed to the left
B. Authentic assessment C. Skewed to the right
C. Numerical Grading D. Leptokurtic
D. Scoring Rubric 57. In her conduct of item analysis, teacher Cristy
48. After teaching lessons, Ms. Cho gave a quiz to found out that a significantly greater number
her class. Which does she give? from the upper group of the class got test item
A. Diagnostic test #5 correctly. This means that the test item
B. Summative test _____.
C. Performance test A. Has a negative discriminating power
D. Formative assessment B. Has a positive discriminating power
49. These are typically used for those aspects of a C. Is valid
complex performance that do not lend D. Is easy
themselves to yes/no type judgments. 58. Which objective below in the highest level in
A. Checklist Bloom’s taxonomy?
B. Rating Scale A. Rate three different methods of controlling
C. Portfolio tree growth
D. Likert Scale B. Explain how trees receive nutrients
50. What kind of test must a teacher use if she wants C. Explain how a tree functions in relation to
to test student’s deep skills? the ecosystem
A. Multiple-choice type D. List the parts of a tree
B. Performance test 59. Which error do teachers commit when they tend
C. Essay to overrate the achievement of students
D. Technical-problem type identified by aptitude tests as gifted because they
51. In the parlance of test construction, what does expect achievement and giftedness to go
TOS mean? together?
A. Test of Specifics A. Central tendency error
B. Severity error 68. If teacher gets the difference between the highest
C. Logical error and the lowest score, he obtains the _____.
D. Generosity error A. range
60. When a significantly greater number from the B. standard deviation
lower group gets a test item correctly, this C. mean
implies that the test item _____. D. index of difficulty
A. is very valid 69. the score distribution is 50, 49,49,49,
B. is not valid 48,40,39,39,39,35,30,30,30,26,26,25,24,24,20,2
C. is not reliable 0,20,19,15,14,13,10,10. Which is the best way to
D. is highly reliable describe the given score distribution?
61. On which assumption is portfolio assessment A. Unimodal
based? B. Bimodal
A. Assessment should stress the reproduction C. Positively skewed
of knowledge. D. Multimodal
B. Portfolio assessment is dynamic assessment. 70. What does positively skewed distribution mean?
C. An individual learner is inadequately A. The mean is less than the median.
characterized by a test score. B. The mean is greater than the median.
D. An individual learner is adequately C. The mean is equal to the median.
characterized by a test score. D. The scores are normally distributed.
62. Which is a characteristic of an imperfect type of 71. Which statement about performance-based
matching test? assessment is FALSE?
A. An item may have no answer at all A. They also stress on doing, not only knowing.
B. The item in the right and the left columns B. Essay tests are example of performance-
are equal in number. based assessments.
C. An answer may be repeated C. They merely emphasize process.
D. There are two or more distracters. D. They accentuate on process as well as
63. Which is included in item analysis? product.
A. Determining the percentage equivalent of 72. Which of the following can measure awareness
the cut-off score of values?
B. Identifying the highest score A. Rating Scales
C. Determining the cut-off score B. Projective technique
D. Determining the effectiveness of distracters C. Role playing
64. Which is/are a norm-referenced statement/s? D. Moral dilemma
A. Danny performed better in spelling than 73. Which of the following does NOT belong to the
60% of his classmates. group when we are talking about projective
B. Danny was able to spell 90% of the words personality test?
correctly. A. Sentence completion test
C. Danny was able to spell 90% of the words B. Word association test
correctly and spelled 35 words out of 50. C. Interview
D. Danny spelled 35 words out of 50 correctly. D. Thematic apperception test
65. What type of validity is needed for a test on 74. Teacher Jessica gave a pretest and most of her
course objectives and scopes? students passed the pretest. What should teacher
A. Content Jessica do?
B. Concurrent A. Go on the next unit.
C. Criterion B. Go through the lesson quickly in order to
D. Construct skip any
66. The scores of the students in a tutorial class are C. Go through the unit as usual because it is
as follows: 82, 82, 85, 86, 87, 94, and 98. The part of the syllabus.
score 86 is the _____. D. Administer the post test.
A. Mean 75. Which goes with the spirit of “assessment of
B. Mode learning”?
C. Median A. Emphasis on grades and honor
D. Mean and Median B. Emphasis on self-assessment
67. The index of difficulty of a particular test item is C. Absence of formative tests
.10. What does this mean? My students _____. D. Stress on summative tests
A. gained mastery over than item
B. were hard up in that item
C. performed very well against expectation
D. found the item was either easy nor difficult