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A Grindhouse Horror RPG

BY Devon Oratz


While fiscal realities would make it a lie to say that stories (one published) and a short film. Which is
Devon Oratz makes games “for a living”, he does at nowhere near a comprehensive list. Most if not all
least spend his life making games, working with of these works are less intentionally derivative than
a small group of sometime collaborators known Phantasm(2010).
collectively as End Transmission Games. In
addition to Phantasm(2010), he has made several He has also made bits and pieces of more than a
homebrew video games (Iron Gaia, Backstage, and dozen other tabletop roleplaying games (including
others), a modestly successful and long running Live an earlier version of this one) in the last fourteen
Action Roleplaying Game (Systems Malfunction), years. Phantasm(2010) is the first one that he has
a handful of novels (unpublished), several short ever actually finished.
Please Note :
This RPG has no absolutely no Phantasm(2010) was created
affiliation whatsoever with the and developed by Devon
fantasy RPG Phantasm, published Oratz.
by Wildhaven Creative.
As it is not based on original
This RPG was partially intellectual property, this
inspired by the 1980 horror game is freeware, more
movie Phantasm, written and accurately, postcardware or
directed by Don Coscarelli, beerware. I won’t turn down
and that film’s sequels. Other money, but it’s free to play.
movies are mentioned herein I’d really like it if you sent
to provide examples of the me some feedback, though.
game’s intended tone and
themes; no ownership or right It is NOT “open source”,
to this material is meant to be so please kindly do not
implied. The creator of this take apart, rewrite, alter,
game in no way takes credit or redistribute. Of course,
for any of the content in this considering that this is itself
game unique to or borrowed a derivative work, I recognize
from the Phantasm series or that I am restricted to asking
other classic horror movies. nicely.
He’s just a fan.
Contact us on the web at:
While we’re acknowledging EndTransmissionGames@
debts owed, I’d like to thank
Call of Duty developer
Treyarch, who, while not Illustration and layout by M. Barree
the first people to think of
Stock photos and textures by
combining Nazis and zombies, Fungopolly, YaensArt, cloaks,
created an iteration that was struckdumb, FantasyStock, night-
certainly memorable to me, fate-stock, andPariahRisingSTOCKS.
as you will see in the final
chapters of this rulebook.
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Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions
Phantasm(2010) is a roleplaying the demonic invasion, the vampire
game of in-your-face, blood-and- uprising—with only their wits…
guts, grindhouse cinematic horror. chainsaws, and shotguns. Always,
Players take on the roles of ordinary chainsaws and shotguns.
people who must survive horrifying
situations—the zombie apocalypse,

What Is A Roleplaying Game?

Did you ever play “cops pretending that you’re someone

and robbers” as a kid? Or else. Some people use roleplaying in
“Cowboys and Indians”? Well, order not only to better understand
Phantasm will provide you other people, but also to better
with rules and a referee so understand themselves. Others
you can play “beleaguered, use roleplaying because they
borderline sociopathic shotgun- want to blow things up and steal
toting survivors and slavering in a relatively consequence-free
zombie hordes”. Like almost all environment—a shared imaginary
roleplaying games, it’s “cops space. For most people, the fun
and robbers”, for grownups*. of roleplaying falls somewhere in
To play Phantasm, you’ll need between.
these rules, some six sided dice,
pencils, paper, and a handful That said, if this is the first time
of friends, one of which will you’ve heard of a roleplaying
take the role of the GM (game game, it might behoove you to
master), interpreting the rules set this book aside and Google a
and lovingly handcrafting the better definition.
nightmare the other players
must endure.

Roleplaying is all about storytelling, *More or less.

closer to an exercise in improvised
acting than a traditional, monopoly-
style board game. The story is
paramount; the mechanics are
secondary. It’s about immersing
yourself in your imagination and

Coming Attractions

What is Grindhouse Horror? (Or at

least what we mean when we say Grindhouse Horror. )

The rules and flavor of Phantasm scary and/or awesome, not so-
are designed to emulate classic bad-it’s-good funny.
b-grade horror films of the 70s,
80s, and 90s (and some more Phantasm isn’t Lovecraftian
recent films paying homage or psychological horror, not
to them) such as Phantasm, quite dark fantasy, slasher or
Hellraiser, Dawn of the Dead, splatterpunk, and it’s not Gothic
From Dusk Till Dawn, and (ghosts and castles) or a suspense
Planet Terror. While this section thriller (cops and killers)
will try, it really will, to explain either. As a genre, Grindhouse
the setting, tone, and tropes Horror (for our purposes) is
we’re going for here, watching characterized by gratuitous
even one of those movies, if you badassery, shlocky dialogue,
haven’t already, would really be busty heroines, square jawed
worth a hundred million words heroes, non-existent budgets,
towards understanding what dubiously low production value,
Phantasm is all about. Phantasm surprisingly high shock value,
is designed to pay homage to zombies, chainsaws, muscle
B movies, not Z movies; while cars, monsters, pickup trucks,
a little schlock and cheese are shotguns, and gallon and gallons
allowed and even encouraged, of blood.
Phantasm is still meant to be

Characteristics of Grindhouse
Horror (Our Definition)

Contrary to popular belief, we cop are fine, but no special ops

are actually still in Kansas. soldiers, wizards, or cyborg
killing machines.
Phantasm takes place in the
real world, or at least, a twisted The default setting of Phantasm
mirror image of it. Characters, is some time in the past
human characters anyway hundred years, somewhere in
(we’ll get to that) are “regular” the American southwest. The
people. Bikers, stickup men, isolation of small rural towns
fire fighters, and the occasional from one another and the world

Coming Attractions

at large is a perfect metaphor for (and secretly ghoul infested)

the isolation of human beings. ghost town very closely
Small town folk forced to drop resembling the town where you
the tools of their trades and take grew up should throw a shiver
up weapons to defend the people down your spine. Dead bodies in
they love, make extremely cafes and gas stations are more
likeable heroes. Occasionally, solid and more real to us than
we all have to make sacrifices those in space ships or gothic
to save those most dear to us. castles; chances are we’ve seen
This isn’t to say you can’t do death in such places in real
Phantasm in an urban setting, life. Then, there’s Romero’s
but it will be harder to sell the (brilliant) conceit; when you see
horror of wiping out a big city an army of zombies filing out
than a small town that could of a Starbuck’s, you wonder just
easily disappear. how analogous those walking
dead might be to the mindless,
For retro-flavor, you could also conformist consumerism that
set your campaign in the 80s, draws so many people into the
70s, 60s, 50s, or whatever Starbucks’ to begin with.)
suits your fancy. If you set it
earlier than that — say during A corollary to the above; to
WWII — we would strongly increase the sense of dread,
recommend a move to Europe there should be no cavalry to
and the combination of Nazis call in. Military authorities (and
and zombies, which go together to a lesser degree the police)
like milk and cookies. We don’t should be skeptical to the point
recommend setting Phantasm of blindness, nowhere to be
any time in the future, but if found, or already corrupted. It
you or your GM come up with a will be normal people that have
cool idea, run with it. to save the day. Or die trying.

Of course, you could also set it If Phantasm was a comic book,
in your very own neighborhood. it would be Preacher, not
(Something about an abandoned Sandman.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

This is not Lovecraftian horror, can possibly stand up to the

where no amount of human onslaught of horror. You stand a
ingenuity, technology, or bravery chance, albeit a very small one,

Coming Attractions

and any demon, no matter how If Phantasm was a videogame,

vague, abstract, or seemingly it would be Resident Evil, not
immortal, can be thwarted (at Silent Hill.
least temporarily) with a big
enough gun.

Moral Relativism

On the flipside of the coin, vampires, trying to control his beast or an

werewolves, necromancers, zombies ugly elf just trying to fit into
– these things are fucking monsters. the human world. Don’t hesitate
Any intellect or sentience they to rip out people’s organs and
possess is for pure, corrupted evil, if chomp on ‘em. They probably
they’re not utterly mindless, drooling, deserve it. But don’t concentrate
rabid beasts. Leave trying to make on your fellow players; it’s rude.
monstrous characters sympathetic You’ll need them, to keep the
to, you know, that other roleplaying bigger, nastier things out there
game. These fuckers are out to eat from eating you.
your soul. Shoot them before they get
close. Just pray you don’t miss. If Phantasm was a vampire
novel, it would be ‘Salem’s Lot,
Of course, if your GM is okay not Interview with a Vampire.
with you playing one of the
things, remember you’re not
some morally conflicted vampire

It’s Never Over

Relative to the other shit out innocent family trapped inside

there, once the shit hits the fan, a car surrounded by zombies
by default, fellow humans are than when Dudley Doright does
assumed to be the good guys. the same thing.
Basically. But no one is perfect.
Good characters have flaws; On one hand, the problem is
great characters are so flawed, largely self-contained to a small
they’re more like anti-heroes. town. And if you die saving the
It’s much more gratifying when world, no one will know about
a guy who’s spent his life as a it. If you fail and the bad-shit-o-
hardcore criminal does the right meter gets kicked up one notch
thing and goes back to help the toward zombocalypse, no one

Coming Attractions

will be warned. But still, the go for it. If, on the other hand,
nightmare will be more of a you want a genuinely horrific
personal apocalypse. motivation underlining some
great evil’s true plans for world
Sometimes, there are no happy domination, and a gruesome, epic
endings. struggle across the nightmare
landscape of small town U.S.A.
Even when the good guys think to stop it, then good for you.
they’ve saved the day, the big Stories can be finished in one
bad guy might come around to long game session like a feature
rip their heads off without so film, or continued indefinitely,
much as a chance to roll the dice. like a series, or divided into
The important thing is that they good, self contained chunks of
get the crap scared out of them. story, like a movie franchise.
Then again, if the characters Phantasm as a game system is
are likable enough, maybe they very malleable; it can be molded
will be allowed to to suit your needs.
least until the sequel.
Phantasm is an RPG, and it’s not
If zombies exploding cheesy, Vampire or Call of Cthulhu or
laughable b-movie dialogue that even All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
would sound good coming out of It’s Phantasm.
Bruce Campbell’s mouth is what
you’re looking for in Phantasm,

Have fun

The Establishing Shot

The Establishing Shot

This chapter will serve as a tests, and attacks (rolls made
brief basic introduction to some to see if a character succeeds at
of the gameplay mechanics used doing something) in Phantasm
in Phantasm(2010) to determine involve rolling 2d6. Whenever
what happens when a character you roll dice in Phantasm add
tries something tricky. This the results together. Sometimes
chapter is somewhat removed you will want the result to be
from the tone of the rest of this low, sometimes you will want
book, to ensure that the rules it to be high, depending on the
text can be quickly and easily kind of test you’re making. See
absorbed. below.

Dice Conventions Phantasm doesn’t use the same

massive quantities of d6 as
some other RPGs, but you will
In Phantasm, like in most still need to cannibalize more
tabletop RPGs, rolling dice than one Monopoly game to get
is never called for unless a a set. Each player (including the
character attempts an action GM) should have two six sided
that is reasonably difficult to dice available, and another pool
complete, and/or would have of at least five-to-ten six sided
negative consequences for dice should be available for use
failure. Driving your car to work as additional damage dice.
would never require a Drive test,
but running down zombies while
pulling a 180 to come to stop Checks, Tests,
with your door facing another and Attacks
character definitely would.
There are three types of
Phantasm uses only six sided primary die rolls in Phantasm
dice, because these are genuinely which determine if a character
the easiest to come by. As succeeds or fails at something.
shorthand, Phantasm uses the These rolls track a simple
standard code of (Integer)d(ice) Boolean variable; you either
(#ofsides). For instance, roll 1d6 succeed or fail, hit or miss.
means “Roll 1 six-sided die” and Degree doesn’t matter.
roll 4d6 means “Roll four six-
sided dice”. Almost all checks,

The Establishing Shot

Attribute Checks:

All characters have Attributes, When you roll an Attribute

scores or statistics that Check, you want to roll low. A
measure how weak or powerful GM should call for an attribute
that character is in various Check whenever a character’s
areas. Attributes are generally raw strength or endurance,
rated from 1 (pathetic) to 10 pure dexterity or foot speed,
(superhuman) with a 3 being intellect, perception, courage,
average for a human and a or willpower are being tested.
5 being very good. The four To make an Attribute Check,
attributes every human has are roll 2d6. If the result is equal
Strength, Speed, Wits, and Will. to or less than the Attribute
Attributes will be discussed in being tested, the character
more detail in Casting Call, the has succeeded. The higher an
character creation chapter. Attribute is, the easier it is to
succeed a Check of that attribute.

Examples :
µµ Chuck is trying to force µµ Larry is getting into his
open a door. The GM calls for a car. Does he notice the hideous
Strength Check. Chuck’s player zombie dwarf in the back seat?
rolls 2d6 and gets a four. Since The GM secret makes a Wits
Chuck has a Strength of 5, he Check, rolling 2d6 and getting a
succeeds, and the door is bashed 3, which is the same as Larry’s
open. wits. This time, Larry notices his
attacker in the rearview mirror
µµ Maria is trying to grab a key and is not caught unawares. He
that has been knocked loose and will still have to deal with the
is skittering and bouncing on creepy critter. If Wits Check had
the floor, before it falls through failed, Larry’s player wouldn’t
a grating. The GM calls for a have known what was about to
Speed Check. Maria has a Speed befall him until it was too late.
of 6, but rolls an 8 on 2d6. The
key falls through the grating, µµ Selena has every reason
and they’ll need to find another to believe that her family has
way through the door it went to. been butchered by vampires,
but wants to see if there are
any survivors. To see if she can

The Establishing Shot

defeat her fear, the GM has her should be determined based on

make a Will Check. Her Will is a the situation. Likewise the time
4; she rolls 2d6 and gets a 9. She an Attribute Check takes is up
just can’t face up to going inside, to the GM.
even knowing her little sister
might be hiding there, terrified, A natural 2 (snake eyes) on
drenched in her parents’ blood. an Attribute Check is always
a success. A natural 12 on an
In general, whether or not a attribute Check is always a
failed Attribute Check can be failure.
retried is up to the GM and
Skill Tests:

Skill Tests are like Attribute µµ If the character has the skill
Checks, with some important at the Expert Level, add +2 Skill
differences. When making a Bonus to the Attribute.
Skill Test, as with an Attribute
Check, a lower roll is always µµ If the character has the skill
better. A Skill Test is resolved at the Master Level, add +4
as a modified Check of the Skill Bonus to the Attribute.
skill’s Linked Attribute (see In general, whether or not a
Casting Call), which is adjusted failed Skill Test can be retried
as indicated below. is up to the GM and should
be determined based on the
µµ If the skill is UNTRAINED situation. Likewise, the time a
(i.e. the character does not have Skill Test takes is up to the GM.
the skill), use the Attribute -2.

µµ If the skill is TRAINED, use A natural 2 (snake eyes) on a

the unmodified attribute. Skill Test is always a success.
A natural 12 on an Skill Test is
µµ If the character has the skill always a failure.
at the Apprentice Level, add +1
Skill Bonus to the Attribute.

Examples :
µµ Selena is attempting to so she need only roll below her
quickly pick a lock. This is a Speed of 5 + 2 (7). She rolls a
Locksmith Skill Test. Selena is six, and succeeds in picking the
an Expert with her lockpicks, lock.

The Establishing Shot

µµ Larry is trying to provide — over the heads of a horde

first-aid to a wounded survivor. of zombies and into the hands
This is a First Aid Skill Test and of Maria. This is a Throwing
Larry is an Apprentice Medic. Weapons test — normally
To do more good than harm, he Throwing Weapons is a combat
needs to roll a 4 or under (his skill (see below) but it is the
Wits of 3 + 1). most appropriate skill for this
situation. Chuck is Trained at
µµ Chuck is trying to fling an throwing, but no better — this
important package — accurately is a straight Strength Check.

Difficulty Modifiers (DM)

Not all tasks are created equal Difficulty Difficulty
and that is where Difficulty Modifier
Modifiers come into play when
Very Easy +4
making Skill Tests and Attribute
Checks. A difficulty modifier Easy +2
(DM) is a +/- adjustment applied Average +0
to the Attribute being checked Hard -2 (Min. 2)
or the Linked Attribute of the
Crushingly Hard -4 (Min. 2)
skill being tested.

Examples :
µµ Chuck was hiding from a pack µµ Maria has found herself
of zombies in the dumpster, and in a twist on a recurring
has left his cell phone behind. nightmare. She’s in her high
The dumpster is filled with school, gymnasium, in her
reeking garbage and maggots underwear and has to climb the
but compared to the maggot rope. This time, though, it’s to
hotels represented by the living avoid getting devoured by the
dead, it’s really nothing. The ravenous dwarves below. Since
GM decides this is a Very Easy the rope is knotted and dry, the
(but not automatic) Will Check GM calls this an Easy Climbing
and treats Chuck’s Will as four Test. This balances out the -2
higher than it is for the purpose Penalty from the fact that Maria
of this Check. Chuck has a Will is an UNTRAINED Climber.
of 4, so he need only roll an 8 or This results in being a straight
under to succeed. Strength Check.

The Establishing Shot

µµ Selena is trying to remember wounded, with cultists hot on

where she has heard of the his tail. The GM decides that
“Arrowhead Project” before. As these circumstances make for a
this is obscure information that Crushingly Hard Electronics Test.
she came by a long time ago, the Larry is an Expert Electrician and
GM calls for a Hard Wits Check. has Speed 6, but still must roll a 4
or under to succeed.
µµ Larry is trying to hastily
hotwire a car in the rain, while
A character attacks when he baseball bat would use Clubs.
attempts to use a combat skill If you don’t have the relevant
to harm another character or skill, apply a -2 Penalty to the
a monster. Unlike skill tests result of the roll instead. If the
and attribute checks, players result is equal to or greater
making an Attack want to roll than the target’s Defense, the
high. A higher Attack roll is attack hits; roll damage. Other
better than a low one. To make bonuses or penalties may be
an attack, roll 2d6 and add the added to Attack Tests, based on
Skill Bonus from the relevant the Techniques used. (See The
Combat Skill to the result. Fight Scene for more details.)
Firing a handgun would use
Pistols, whereas swinging a

Defense Modifiers :
Like Difficulty Modifiers, aiming, visibility penalties, and
Defense Modifiers are applied to cover. For a complete list of
the target’s Defense when making Defense Modifiers, see The Fight
an attack test instead, and Scene.
are often situational. Common
Defense Modifiers include

Damage :
Damage is one of the only times up. That is how much Health the
in Phantasm that you roll dice target loses. For much more in-
without succeeding or failing. depth rules on damage, death,
To roll damage, roll the number and healing, see The Fight Scene.
of d6 indicated and add them

The Establishing Shot


When two characters are attribute to achieve opposite

directly opposing one another, ends. Skill contests can also
a Contest is called for. The occur—car chases are the most
most common are Attribute likely example.
Contests—situations where two
characters are using the same

Some Contest Examples :

µµ Forcing Open/Holding Shut a To resolve a contest, each
Door [Strength Contest] player (or one player and the
GM) should roll 1d6 and add
µµ Trying to lose/catch someone the relevant Attribute (plus
on foot [Speed Contest] the relevant Skill Bonus if
µµ Staring someone down [Will applicable). The character with
Contest] the higher Contest result wins
the Contest. In the event of a
µµ Trying to lose someone/ram tie, reroll.
someone in a car [Drive Contest]

µµ Debate [Rhetoric Contest]


Casting Call
“I have come here to chew bubblegum ‘homicidal country musician’
and kick ass. And I’m all out of or ‘militia leader and loving
bubblegum.” father’ or ‘pyromaniac college
-George Nada (Roddy Piper) in professor’. Note that stereotypes
John Carpenter’s “They Live” do not generally make very
interesting characters but are
This chapter outlines rules almost always useful jumping-
for character creation. These off-points.
rules only cover the creation of
baseline human anti-heroes and Once you have a basic concept,
heroic sociopaths. The rules for spend a little time fleshing it
using non-humans as playable out by creating the details of
characters appear in The Tag your character’s personality,
along with other additional appearance, relationships and
and optional rules. We do not personal history. You can decide
recommend having more than where he’s from, but the GM will
one non-human character in a decide where he is at present to
typical Phantasm posse, unless fit his story.
the GM and the players really
want to. Once your character is a
complete person, assign him a
Since Phantasm is an actual name, and any other relevant
roleplaying game, and not a details. Then, we can decide his
video game, who your character stats. Alternatively, you’re free
is is more important than what to create a character’s stats
your character can do. You will first and then build a person
have plenty of time to blow things around the numbers, but this
(and people) up later on, so take can tend to result in somewhat
a moment or so to come up with a wooden characters.
concept for your character to go
along with his stats. Complexity
and nuance are great, and so
is back story, but ultimately
you should be able to sum up
your character in a snappy one
liner, like ‘paranoid librarian’
or ‘brave ice cream man’ or

A Many-Splendored Badass

Phantasm characters are divided should be at the SAME level of

into three tiers which are badass.
differentiated based on the exact
scope and genre of campaign
that the GM runs. Every tier
Badass Normal :
is acceptable for play in a
Phantasm game, but the higher Characters are basically normal
tier a character is, the more the human beings (or at least the
campaign tends toward action Hollywood approximation of
over horror, and the less likely such) and while capable of the
a possibility gruesome and/or occasional feat of stupendous
squishy character death becomes. awesomeness, they are fragile,
For that reason, as a hard-and- fragile creatures and their days
fast rule, all player characters are numbered. Perfect for a
True Horror campaign.

Example Badass Normals: What An Uber Badass Could Do:

Roger from Dawn of the Dead. Kill 25 zombies with just his
Richie Gecko and Jacob from trusty handgun.
From Dusk Till Dawn. Kirsty
from Hellraiser. Mike from Superhuman
Phantasm. Earl McGraw and
Dakota Block from Planet
Badass :
Terror. Ash ( Evil Dead).
For most people, the appearance
What A Badass Normal Could of evil supernatural forces bent on
Do: Escape alive from a room destruction and mayhem is pretty
with ten zombies in it, by much guaranteed to ruin your day.
running, hiding, fighting, or For the superhuman badass, it is
trickery. their time to shine. For whatever
reason—faith in God, genetic
Uber Badass : engineering, or because they’re
just that damn tough—some
badasses are more than human.
The uber-badass is that stuff action At this point, the genre becomes
movies are made of. If zombies had more action than horror, as the
brains, they would be terrified of possibility of the hero’s untimely
these guys. On a good day, an uber- death becomes more and more
badass can kill his way from point unlikely. Superhuman Badasses
a to point b, stopping only to crack still have weaknesses and flaws, but
wise and reload. Of course, at this they are usually of the character
level, Uber Badasses still feel fear, and personality type; unlikely to
and are certainly not invulnerable. prove fatal except under the most
The uber-badass is the default level extreme circumstances.
for a starting Phantasm character.
Example Uber-Badasses: Jesse
Example Uber-Badasses: Peter Custer and Cassidy from Preacher.
from Dawn of the Dead. Seth El Wray and Cherry Darling from
Gecko, Sex Machine and Frost Planet Terror. Chris Redfield
from From Dusk Till Dawn. (Resident Evil 5). Ash (Army of
Jody from Phantasm; Mike and Darkness).
Reggie in Phantasm II: Tulip
O’Hare from Preacher. Abby, JT What A Superhuman Badass Could
Hague, and Sheriff Hague from Do: Kill 100 Zombies with your bare
Planet Terror. Chris Redfield hands (or just your chainsaw-arm)
( Resident Evil). Ash ( Evil Dead without breaking a sweat.



Not all people are created equal. Will: Your character’s courage
Some people are just more and willpower.
physically fit or mentally agile
than others. You could roll dice to Phantasm notably doesn’t track
determine the genetic makeup of the following characteristics:
characters and in fact it might be
more accurate to do so. But it’s no Charisma/Attractiveness:
fun for anyone when the player At least in Phantasm, your
characters in a roleplaying game charisma and persuasiveness
aren’t created equal. For this will be based primarily on how
reason, Phantasm(2010) gives you you roleplay your character
a pool of points with which to buy and the situation at hand. If
your attributes. However, players you want to play an ultra-suave
are free to spend this pool of points character, be suave. Likewise,
however they please, resulting in how hot or gross your character
diverse characters that are equal, is will rarely make a difference
but different. in Phantasm. The zombies simply
won’t care. Your character can
Other roleplaying games have be as attractive or unattractive
LOTS of statistics to keep track of, as you want, or you can simply
usually between six and twelve. roll 1d6 let the result determine
Phantasm has only FOUR main your attractiveness, with 6
attributes (although there are some being a supermodel and 1 being
optional and derived statistics to some kind of hideous deformed
track) and those are the following: freak. Ask which your GM would
Main Attributes
Wisdom: As far as Phantasm is
concerned, “wisdom” is really
Strength: Your character’s physical common sense. And since no
strength and toughness. statistic on the character sheet
is going to stop your character
Speed: Your character’s raw from doing dumb things, this one
physical speed and agility/dexterity. is really up to you. If you want to
roleplay a wise character, make
Wits: Measures intelligence, mental wise decisions. If you wind up
speed, memory, and the acuity of making stupid decisions, your
sensory perceptions. character isn’t all that wise.
Which isn’t necessarily a bad


thing (if you can get out alive) All Phantasm characters have a
and almost always makes for pool of points to spend on their
good drama and storytelling. attributes during character
creation. This number of points
All of your main attributes are is called your Badass Index
rated from one to ten (although (BI) and is determined by your
non-human characters and character Tier.
monsters may rarely have
attributes of above ten). Ratings
from one to six are within
realistic human norms whereas
ratings above six would be
considered superhuman in the
real world but are possible for
Hollywood humans.

Attribute Description

1 Handicapped
or disabled in
some way.
2 Below average.
3 Average for a
normal human.
4 Above average.
Decently developed.
5 Good or very good
for a normal human.
6 Peak of ‘real’ human
7 Heroic
8 Legendary.
9 Super-Heroic
10 Undeniably


Badass Index by Tier

Tier Badass Attribute Point Cost

Index Rating to Purchase
(Points to spend
on starting 1 1 (Mandatory)
2 2 (Strongly
Badass Normal 20 (Cannot take recommended.)
attributes over 3 3
7.) 4 4
Uber Badass 30 5 5
Superhuman 40 6 6
7 8
All Main Attributes begin at 0,
8 10
but all players must purchase
all four attributes at least at 9 12
Rating 1.The cost to purchase 10 15
an attribute varies by the rating
(as shown on the following table)
but is the same for all four of
the main attributes.


We’re going to build Reggie Strength: 8 [10 Points]

Bannister from Phantasm II
as an Uber Badass using 30 Speed: 5 [5 Points]
points. Reggie, while not the
sharpest knife in the drawer, or Wits: 5 [5 Points]
particularly fast, is a fairly strong
guy (carrying big cardboard Will: 8 [10 Points]
boxes of Freez-E pops tends to
build muscles) and extremely
brave, sometimes even when
he shouldn’t be. Assuming that
Reggie was an Uber Badass, we
would assign his stats like this.


Special (Derived) Attributes:

Besides the main attributes, {Death Threshold}:

there are several more Special The final word on what is or isn’t
Attributes that are derived from survivable for the character.
Defense: Measures how hard the
Health: Measures how much character is to hit in combat.
punishment a character can Initiative: Determines in what
take before they’re down for the order characters act in combat.
count. (See The Fight Scene.)

{Knockout Threshold}: Faith: A measure of “spiritual

Determines when a character firepower”, not all characters
will lose consciousness from have Faith.

Determining Special Attributes

Special Attribute Formula To Determine

Health Badass Normal: Equal to Strength x 6.

Uber Badass: Equal to Strength x 10.
Supernatural Badass: Equal to Strength
x 15.
Knockout Threshold Badass Normal: Equal to 15 - Will
Uber Badass: Equal to 10 – Will.
Supernatural Badass: Equal to 5-Will.
Death Threshold Badass Normal: 0
Uber Badass: 0 – Strength
Supernatural Badass: 0 – Strength –
Defense: Badass Normal: 1 + Wits
Uber Badass: 3 + Wits
Supernatural Badass: 5 + Wits
Initiative Badass Normal: 1d6 + Speed
Uber Badass: 2d6 + Speed
Supernatural Badass: 3d6 + Speed
Faith Badass Normal: NA (0)
Uber Badass: Equal to Will x 5.
Supernatural Badass: Equal to Will x 10.


Example :
Our Reggie, for instance, has a is 2d6 + 5, meaning that he can
very respectable Health of 80. He beat most zombies on the draw but
doesn’t lose consciousness until he isn’t exactly The Flash. Finally, he
hits 2 Health {Knockout Threshold has a whopping 40 Faith.
of 2} but by that point he will almost
be dead {Death Threshold of -8}. He With that, Reggie’s basic makeup,
will need all of that health, because his Main and Special Attributes,
he is not especially difficult to hit: are complete.
an 8 or better on 2d6 hits him,
with his Defense of 8. His initiative
Skills represent learned abilities Skill # of Benefits
and trained talents that characters Level Picks
were not born with, but acquired To
over the course of their lives.
Skills are bought with Skill Picks; Apprentice 1 When using
the number of Skill Picks that the skill, you
characters have to spend are need only
roll under
determined by their Tier and Wits
the Linked
attribute, as explained on the Attribute + 1.
following table.
Expert 3 When using
Tier Number of the skill, you
Skill Picks need only
Badass Normal Wits roll under
the Linked
Uber Badass Wits x 2 Attribute + 2.
Superhuman Wits x 3 Master 5 When using
Badass the skill, you
need only
Skills that have been learned roll under
and developed have three levels: the Linked
Apprentice, Expert, and Master. Attribute + 4.
Skills that characters do not have
AT ALL are considered Untrained.
Skills that characters have
TRAINED in but not advanced at all
will be covered later in this section.


Phantasm neither has an roleplaying game, it will be

exhaustive, detailed list of in- ultimately up to the referee to
game skills to choose from NOR determine what skills can and
includes in-depth descriptions of cannot do in any given situation;
what each skill can and cannot Phantasm recognizes this, and
do. leaves that call to the GM from
the start.
Phantasm abstains from the
former (exhaustive skill lists) in The following list gives several
the name of creative expression; usable sample skills—you can
if our list does not contain a pick from these skills or use
skill you want, you can freely these as guidelines to create
create any skills you think your own. Remember that most
your character would have, skills in Phantasm are active.
from Guitar to Demolitions. Just Passive, knowledge based skills
make sure you, your GM, and are for other games. Again,
all the other players agree that combat skills should stay as is;
the new skill is fair. We have there is no reason to create your
provided many example skills own Combat Skills. This list can
provided to give you an idea of help you decide which Attributes
how specific skills should be. skills you create will be linked
A notable exception is combat to; every skill must have a linked
skills, which we have specifically attribute. It is important to note
mapped out and balanced. that linked attributes are much
less important for combat skills
We have abstained from the than for non-combat skills.
latter (detailed skill descriptions)
in the name of GM fiat. In any

Sample Skill List

Skill Linked Sample Task Combat
Name Attribute Skill?
Blades Speed Decapitate a zombie Yes.
with a katana.
Clubs Strength Send a midget-ghoul flying Yes.
with a baseball bat.
Brawling Strength Throw a killer uppercut; Dispatch Yes.
an opponent with a broken
bottle or a steel folding chair.


Skill Linked Sample Task Combat

Name Attribute Skill?
Pistols Speed Fire a 9mm Handgun. Yes.
Automatics Strength Fire an Uzi; Fire an AK-47. Yes.
Rifles Wits Fire a shotgun; Fire a sniper Yes.
Throwing Strength Throw a shuriken; Throw a Yes.
Weapons grenade.
Heavy Strength Fire an M-60; Fire a rocket Yes.
Weapons launcher.
Chainsaw Strength Cut someone in half. ALWAYS
Drive Wits Run down a gaggle of ghouls. Sometimes.
Bike Speed Navigate around a crashed Sometimes.
Automotive Wits Fix a blown tire on your Hemi- No.
Repair Cuda.
Locksmith Speed Pick a padlock. No.
Electronics Wits Fix a broken generator; No.
hotwire a car.
Stealth Speed Hide from the Tall Man. No.
Swimming Strength Avoid drowning. No.
Climbing Strength Scale a building. No.
Guitar Speed “Stairway to Heaven” No.
Demolitions Wits Create a pipe bomb. No.
Chemistry Wits Make acid from household No.
Calculus Wits Find the total flux of an No.
electromagnetic field.
First Aid Wits Disinfect a gunshot; Sew an No.
open wound shut.
Cooking Wits Prepare a delicious breakfast. No.
Intimidation Will Force a human opponent to No.
back down without firing a
German Wits Speak and understand German. No.
Latin Wits Read and write Latin. No.


Skill Linked Sample Task Combat

Name Attribute Skill?
Stand Up Wits Make someone laugh in an No.
Comedy inappropriate situation.
Drawing Speed Accurately sketch an arcane No.
sigil for later reproduction.
Pilot Wits Land a prop plane; No.
Control a helicopter.
Security Wits Bypass an alarm No.
system; Set a trap.
Negotiation Wits Complete a drug deal. No.
Subterfuge Wits Fast-talk your way No.
past a security guard;
Win a court case.
Leadership Will Convince the cowardly No.
townspeople to fight
by your side.
Awareness Wits Find a hidden passageway; No.
Avoid an ambush.

Basic Training:

In addition to Developed skills, all Trained is not quite as good as

Phantasm characters are Trained being an Apprentice, it is much
in a number of additional skills better than being Untrained.
equal to their Wits. While being

Skill Level Benefits

Untrained NONE. When attempting to use the skill you must

roll under the linked attribute – 2. If the skill
is a combat skill, you suffer -4 to your roll.

Trained When using this skill, treat it as a standard Attribute

Check of the linked attribute. If the skill is a combat
skill, just roll 2d6, and do not add or subtract anything.


Example :
Reggie is only really good at Preparation (Ice Cream). Not
two things; playing guitar likely to be useful, but then
and kicking ass. With ten skill again, who knows…?
picks, we’ll make him an Expert
guitarist and an Expert with Reggie Bannister
rifles; the better to use his
custom four-barreled shotgun.
Remembering the legendary Human Uber Badass (BI: 30)
Hemi-Cuda, we make him an
expert driver and give him Main Attributes:
Apprentice level in Automotive Strength: 8
Repair. Speed: 5
Wits: 5
Of course, that doesn’t make for Will: 8
a very well rounded character.
Fortunately, we also get four Special Attributes:
more skills at Trained from Health: 80
Basic Training. We decide that Knockout Threshold: 2
Reggie can also handle himself Death Threshold: -8
in a fight, can be kind of quiet, Defense: 8
and probably knows how to Initiative: 2d6 + 5
shoot a handgun; we make him Faith: 40
a Trained Brawler and increase
his Pistols skill to Trained. He Skills:
might get his hands on that Expert (+2) Guitarist,
flamethrower he’s been eyeing, Expert (+2) Rifleman,
so we give him Trained in heavy Expert (+2) Driver,
weapons, just in case. With one Apprentice (+1) Auto-Mechanic.
pick left, we decide to invent a Trained (+0): Pistols,
new skill with it. Reggie was Heavy Weapons, Brawling,
an ice cream man, after all, so Food Preparation (Ice
we round out the character by Cream), Stealth.
making him Trained in Food



Call them feats, talents, moves, and Will score. The Techniques
maneuvers, or whatever you themselves are listed in Special
like — just don’t call them Skills Effects.
or Attributes, to avoid confusion
— Techniques are how your Tier Number of
character kicks ass. Techniques Technique
make combat exciting, varied, Picks
and dynamic rather than a Badass Normal Will/2 (Round Up)
boring attack-fest. The number Uber Badass Will
of Techniques that characters
Superhuman Will x 2
begin with depend on their Tier Badass


There are games where every food, clothing, a cell phone).

piece of gear is kept track of in The GM should not obsess over
fastidious and exacting detail. nonessential gear; players, in
Phantasm is no such game; turn, shouldn’t abuse it.
guns, melee weapons, armor,
and vehicles are important, Players receive starting
along with the gasoline and Weapons and Vehicles based on
ammo you’ll need to keep them their level of training in the
running, and maybe the medical respective skills. Some high-
supplies you’ll need to keep you quality Weapons and Vehicles
on your feet. Everything else take more than one pick. For a
can be handily abstracted by BIG list of individual weapons
the GM. Starting characters and other gear, see The Prop
begin with any miscellaneous Department.
junk they need (accommodation,


Starting Weapon Picks

/ Example

Trained Nothing NA
or less.
Apprentice 1 An Apprentice of Blades could start with
a switchblade. An Apprentice of Drive
could start with a Honda Civic.
Expert 2 An Expert of Pistols could start with two Glocks,
or one Desert Eagle. An Expert of Bike could start
with a badass Harley or with two wimpy Vespas.
Master 4 A Master of Automatics could start with a
Tec-9, a Mac-11, and two Micro-Uzis, or with
two AK-47 assault rifles, or one Steyr-Aug
assault rifle and one Micro-Uzi. A Master of
Pilot could start with an attack helicopter.
A Master of Blades could start with four
switchblades, two rapiers, or a katana.

Starting Cash

All characters start with at the end of character creation

(Wits)d6 x $100 in starting comes into game as cash-in-
cash that can be used to hand. Additional weapons and
purchase additional weapons, gear can be found over the
ammunition, and incidental course of the game.
gear. Starting cash left unspent

Character Advancement

See page 137 (in Behind The

Scenes) for details on how
Phantasm characters level up.


Special Effects
“I never killed nobody, I promise you’re are special rules for covering
my first. different circumstances that
They say you always remember your might occur over the course
first.” of the game. It might behoove
-Say Anything, “An you to read The Fight Scene
Orgy of Critics” first to understand the basic
combat rules; Techniques work
This chapter includes rules for by “Breaking” these rules in
special abilities used by human small but significant ways.
badasses (Techniques). The Each technique can only be
special abilities of monstrous picked once unless it specifies
PCs (Powers) are covered in otherwise.
The Tag. Also in this section

Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Batter Up 1 Strength 5+ -- When armed with a

two-handed weapon,
you can spend a Full
Turn action to make
a melee attack at -2
to hit. Treat your
strength as twice
what it actually
is to determine
the damage of
this attack.
Blitzkrieg 1 Speed 5+ -- You can attack and
move, or give up
your attack action
to move twice in
a turn. (Normally,
characters can
only move and then
attack, not the other
way around.)


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Frenzy 2 Blitzkrieg -- You can give up

your move action
to attack twice in a
turn. Each attack is
made at a -2 penalty.
Boom!Headshot 1 -- -- When using any
pistol, rifle, or
shotgun, you can
declare you are
aiming for the head.
Aiming for a specific
target is a move
action, which must be
followed by an attack
action to fire, hence
using Boom!Headshot
is a Full Turn action.
Your attack roll is at
a -2 penalty, but you
deal double damage
if you hit. Good for
dealing with zombies.
Kneecapper 1 -- -- When using any
pistol, rifle, or
shotgun you can
use a move action to
aim for the target’s
kneecap (if the target
HAS kneecaps),
immediately followed
by an attack action
to take the shot. The
attack roll is made
at a -2 penalty, but
if you hit, the target
can only move one
yard per turn until
healed; the attack
does normal damage.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Trick Shot 1 Speed 5+ -- You can spend a move

action to Take Aim,
and take a -2 penalty
on a subsequent
attack roll to hit a
very small, specific
target. Traditionally,
this can be used
to knock a weapon
out of a humanoid
enemy’s hands but it
could also be used to
hit difficult targets,
like the tires of a
car or a Screamer’s
eyes. If this attack
hits a weapon, the
weapon is destroyed
or knocked 2d6
yards away, at the
GM’s discretion.
In The Face! 1 -- -- As Boom!Headshot
but for use with non-
explosive throwing
weapons, such as
throwing knives
and shuriken.
Bull’s Eye 1 Wits 5+ -- As Trick Shot, but
for use with non-
explosive throwing
weapons, such as
throwing knives
and shuriken.
Counter Attack 3 Expert in -- Whenever you’re hit
Blades, with a melee attack,
Clubs, or you get a free melee
Brawling. attack on them, at
a -1 penalty, at the
end of the turn in
which they hit you.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Critical Attack 1 -- -- When you roll a

natural 12 on an
attack roll, you
automatically hit,
and make a separate
attack roll. If that
attack roll would
hit, your attack does
double damage.
Improved 2 Critical -- Whenever you roll
Critical Attack Attack a natural 12 on
an attack roll, you
automatically deal
double damage.
Longshot 1 Wits 6+ -- Double the range
increments of all
firearms you use.
Sniper 3 Longshot and -- When using a scoped
either Boom! weapon (such as
Headshot, a sniper rifle)
Kneecapper, ignore the to-hit
or Trick Shot penalties for making
Kneecapper, and
Trick Shot attacks.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Dodge 2 Speed 5+ -- You can give up

a combat turn to
take evasive action;
make a Speed Check.
If you succeed, add
a Defense Modifier
equal to ½ your
Speed (round up) to
your defense for the
rest of the round.
If you are attacked
before your turn
in a given combat
round, you can
give up your next
action to reflexively
dodge (you must
declare this before
the attack roll
against you is
made) but if you
have already acted
in a combat turn,
you cannot dodge.
Bullet Time 1 Dodge; Uber 2 Faith By spending 2
Badass and Faith, you can add
higher only. +4 to your Speed
for the purpose
of any Dodge test
you make versus
a ranged attack.
Matrix 1 Dodge; Uber 2 Faith By spending 2
Badass and Faith, you can add
higher only. +4 to your Speed
for the purpose
of any Dodge test
you make versus
a melee attack.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Ambidexterity 2 Expert or -- You can wield two

higher in (reasonably small)
Blades or melee weapons in
Clubs. combat, allowing
you to make one
additional melee
attack per attack
action. Both melee
attacks must be on
the same target.
If you choose to
attack twice, each
attack is at a -1
Penalty. If you also
have Frenzy, you
can make FOUR
attacks, but since
the penalties are
cumulative, each
will be made at
a -3 Penalty.
Dual Wield 1 Ambidexterity Daily Once per day, if you
are equipped with
two melee weapons,
you can attack with
both weapons at a
+4 Bonus instead of
the usual -1 Penalty.
Both attacks must
be made against the
same target. If you
are using Frenzy,
instead you make
FOUR melee attacks
at a +2 Bonus.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

John Wu 2 Speed 6+; -- You can wield two

Special Uber Badass pistols at once in
and higher combat. You can
only. choose to fire
both pistols with
one attack action;
each attack is at a
-2 Penalty. If you
are using Frenzy,
you can instead
fire each pistol
TWICE but each
attack will be at a
-4 Penalty. You can
split the attacks
up however you
choose between the
available targets.
Equilibrium 1 John Wu Daily Once per day you
Special can fire two pistols
at once and receive
a +4 bonus to each
attack. You can
split these attacks
up however you see
fit among available
targets. If you are
using Frenzy, you
can make FOUR
pistol attacks, each
at a +2 Bonus.
Killing Hands 1 Expert -- Your unarmed
Brawler; attacks can inflict
Strength 7+ non-subdual
damage. (Normally
unarmed attacks
can only inflict
subdual damage,
which can only
knock out, not kill.)


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Lethal Strikes 1 Killing -- Your unarmed

Hands; attacks deal +1d6
Superhuman damage. You may
Badass. pick Lethal Strikes
up to three times,
gaining this
benefit each time.
Point Blank 1 -- -- Attacks made
with firearms
against targets
one yard away or
closer receive a
+1 bonus and deal
+1d6 damage.
Reposition 2 Speed 6+ -- You may choose to
reroll your initiative
between combat
rounds. (Normally
you are stuck with
the initiative you
initially roll.)
Too Damn Fast 1 Reposition; -- Add 1d6 to your
Speed 7+ initiative roll. You
may pick Too Damn
Fast up to three
times, gaining this
benefit each time.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Blade Dance 3 Blades 5 Faith You can divide

Expert; the damage from
Uber Badass a normal Blades
and higher attack however you
only. choose between the
primary target and
any number of other
targets that are
within Speed yards.
Blade Dance can’t
be combined with
other techniques;
you must declare
that you are
using Blade Dance
before making
the attack roll.
Desperation 2 Will 5+; Costs When you make a
Strike Uber Badass Health (See melee attack (using
and higher description.) blades, clubs, or
only. brawling) before
making the attack
roll, you may spend
as many points of
Health as you want,
up to a maximum of
Will. If the attack
hits, it deals extra
damage equal to
the Health spent.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Impaler 2 Strength 5 Faith When armed

7+; Batter with any melee
Up; Uber weapon capable
Badass and of penetrating an
higher only. opponent’s body
(such as a broken
pool cue or a sword)
you can spend 5
Faith and a Full
Turn action to make
a melee attack at -2
to hit. This attack
does triple damage
if it hits, and the
target may not
counter attack.
Stealth Kill 2 Master of 10 Faith If you are
Stealth; Uber undetected (i.e. if
Badass and you win a contest
higher only. where you roll 1d6
+ Speed + Stealth
versus an enemy’s
1d6 + Wits +
Awareness) at the
start of a combat,
and armed with a
one handed melee
weapon (such as
a combat knife
or blackjack) you
spend 10 Faith
to attempt to
immediately coup
an unsuspecting
enemy. This attack
hits automatically
for double damage.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Faith Shot 1 Uber Badass 1 Faith Spend 1 Faith

and higher to add +1 to an
only. attack roll with any
firearm. You can
only spend 1 Faith
this way each turn.
Burning Faith 3 Faith Shot; X Faith When making a
Superhuman Faith Shot, you may
Badass only. spend any number
of Faith points
before making
the attack roll, up
to a maximum of
Will. If the attack
hits, it does +1d6
damage for each
point of Faith spent
beyond the first.
Shotgun 3 Uber Badass 5 Faith When armed with
Fireworks and higher a shotgun or a
only. Expert weapon capable
in Rifles or of fully automatic
Automatics. fire, you can spend
5 Faith to divide
the damage from
a normal ranged
attack however you
want between the
initial target and
any number of other
targets that are
within Wits yards
of the initial target.
You must declare
that you are using
shotgun fireworks
before making
the attack roll.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Magnum Force 2 Uber Badass 5 Faith If you are armed

and higher with a Single Fire
only. Expert weapon that has
in Pistols a base damage
or Rifles. of 5d6 or higher,
you can spend 5
Faith to make an
attack that will
deal double damage
and penetrate
straight through
the target, dealing
normal damage to
any targets directly
behind the first.
One-Punch 2 Expert -- If you roll a
Knockout Brawler; natural twelve
Critical on an unarmed
Attack attack roll, your
target’s Health
is immediately
lowered to its
K.O. threshold,
if it has one.
Neck Snapper 3 Killing 10 Faith If roll a natural
Hands; twelve on an
Lethal unarmed attack
Strikes; roll, your
Critical target’s Health
Attack; is immediately
Superhuman lowered to its
Badass death threshold.
Some powerful
enemies may be
immune to this
instant-kill ability.


Technique # of Pre- Use Benefits

Name Picks requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Faith Cost )

Chainsaw 3 Expert in 5 Faith You can spend 5

Gouge Chainsaw; Faith to make a
Uber Badass chainsaw attack at
and higher a -2 penalty to hit.
only. If this attack hits, it
does triple damage
as you thrust into
and then cut up and
out of the target.
Inferno 2 Expert 5 Faith and Pour on the flames!
in Heavy 5 Health When using any fire
Weapons or based weapon, you
Throwing can spend 5 Faith
Weapons; and 5 Health before
Uber Badass making the attack
and higher to add +1d6(d6) (i.e.
only 1-36) damage to the
attack if it hits.
True Faith 1 Uber Badass Daily; 10 Faith Once per day,
and higher you can spend
only. 10 Faith to reroll
any one die roll.
Faith Healing 3 Superhuman 5 Faith You can take a
Badass; full turn action,
True Faith. spend 5 Faith
and lay-on-hands
to heal yourself
or an ally for a
number of points
of Health equal to
your Will + 1d6.
Desperate 1 Superhuman 5 Faith You can spend
Rally Badass; Faith 1d6 Health and a
Healing. full turn action
to restore 2d6
Health to all allies
(not you) within
Will yards.


Film Breaks

The heroes are surrounded. action would stop—as though

Slavering, growling horrors close the film on an old projector had
in on all sides. The good guys melted or snapped, hence the
are wounded, outnumbered, name—just long enough for a
and outgunned. They’re down brief break. Maybe long enough
to their last two shells. What to grab some pizza or just long
happens? enough for someone to use the
bathroom. After that? The
In a movie? Some kind of deus action would resume in the next
ex machina will most likely reel. The heroes would be out
provide a way for at least most of immediate danger, but they
of the good guys to escape, with could very well have arrived in
minimal casualties, unless it’s another “interesting” situation,
the end of the movie and the possibly even “out of the frying
movie has a downer ending, that pan but into the fire”.
is. But in the first act? Survival
is all but guaranteed. That is how Film Breaks in
Phantasm(2010) work.
In a typical roleplaying game?
They may well die. Even if it is Character # of Film
the first act. Tier Breaks
Film Breaks are how Phantasm Per Game
strikes a balance between Session
guaranteed survival (boring) and Badass Normal 0
the possibility of anti-climactic,
Uber Badass 1
dramatically inappropriate
character death (frustrating). Superhuman 2
In the above scene, if one of the badass
players used a Film Break, the

Film Break Rules

µµ Film Breaks must be called already happened. They only allow

BEFORE character death/total players to get out of bad situations.
party wipeout occurs. Film Breaks After a film break, players are just
do not allow players to reroll any as wounded and/or dead as they
dice or reset anything that has were before the film break. The

GM decides where players wind up µµ Using a Film Break costs 25
after a film break, and if necessary, XP (see Behind the Scenes for more
what happened (see below). details). If a character doesn’t have
*Characters know what happened 25 XP, the GM may either rule that
during a film break, even if he cannot call a Film Break or that
players don’t. Since they all know, he goes into negative XP that must
why do they need to discuss it? be “worked off” with the next XP he
Experienced players can have their earns, depending on the situation.
characters make oblique references
to the whacky circumstances that µµ Finally, the players collectively
got them out of the jam, as a source can veto any player’s use of a film
of comic relief. Unless, of course, break with a majority vote, and the
the game session has already had GM can of course veto any use of
far too much comic relief. a film break at any time for any

Faith Based

For Uber Badasses, Faith

is simply the MacGuffin
or applied phlebotinum
that defines the things the
character can do that humans
can do “in the movies” but
not in real life. An abstract
characteristic that characters
are not innately aware of, you
can call it the human spirit
or the drive to survive. For
Superhuman Badasses, faith
is a reserve of spiritual power
that makes the character
more powerful than even a
“Hollywood human”. That is
why Superhuman Badasses
can use Faith almost like
magic, with lots of pyrotechnic
effects, to heal wounded team
mates and fire glowing bullets.

In either case, certain special µµ *Some monsters and enemies

rules apply: have attacks that reduce Faith
directly, instead of Health. If a
µµ A character who has spent all character’s Faith is reduced to 0 in
of his Faith points and is at 0 Faith this way, he becomes catatonic, and
is Drained, and receives -2 to Will is Dying (see The Fight Scene) until
until some Faith is restored (see he reaches his Death Threshold, or
The Fight Scene for rules on how his Faith is somehow restored. In
Faith is restored over time and by this way, attacks that target Faith
other conditions). If this reduces the are even more deadly than physical
character’s Will to 0, the character attacks.
falls Unconscious until some Faith
has been restored.
Taking A Mulligan

A more player-centric approach To prevent characters with

to the same concept as a Film high XP from abusing this
Break, Taking a Mulligan is an rule to avoid ever failing (thus
option that Phantasm gives to garnering more XP), and since
players whose characters have failure is part of the game, the
the correct skills to succeed a following rules limit the number
crucial action, but fail due to poor of Mulligans that can be taken
dice luck. A player who wishes by character tier.
to Take a Mulligan can spend
25 XP (only if he has that much Character Rerolls
unspent XP) to reroll a failed Tier Allowed
Attack Roll, Attribute Check, Per Player
Per Game
or Skill Test. Unlike the Film Session
Break, this is not restricted to
Badass Normal 3
life-or-death situations. A given
roll can only ever be rerolled Uber Badass 5
once with this rule. Superhuman 7

tHE fight Scene

The Fight Scene

“JODY: the shit hits the fan, however,
Now, remember: you don’t aim a gun at even as the action in the game
a man unless you intend to shoot him. world gets more frantic and
And, you don’t shoot a man unless you fast-paced, the pace of the game
intend to kill him. No warning shots. itself slows down, becoming
Hey, you listening to me? No warning more methodical and precise
shots. Warning shots are bullshit. You as the game enters a turn
shoot to kill, or you don’t shoot at all.” order. Combat in Phantasm is
-Phantasm (1979) designed to be fun, fast paced,
and incredibly bloody. A typical
Outside of combat, Phantasm(2010), combat in Phantasm should take
like all roleplaying games, is fairly between twenty minutes and an
abstract. Players describe what hour of real time to resolve, but
actions their characters take, takes place in a much shorter
and speak as their characters, time within the game, all of the
interacting with each other, the shit going down in a matter of
environment, and non-player seconds.
characters controlled by the GM
to advance the story. When

The Combat Round

The combat round in Phantasm follows a specific operating order

lasts 10 Seconds. Combats can (which will be outlined here) as
be as short as one round, and players take turns describing
although there is no upper limit, what their characters do. Of
they rarely last more than ten course, the monsters get their
rounds. The combat round is turn to act too.
divided into one turn for each
combatant. The combat round


When combat starts, each character of similar enemies or monsters —

in the combat should roll Initiative. such as zombies — should all act
All PCs and named NPCs have on the same initiative, to simplify
their own initiatives, but groups bookkeeping.

tHE fight Scene

Character Initiative Characters act (take their

Type Roll turns) in Initiative Order, from
Badass Normal 1d6 + Speed the highest result to the lowest.
Characters with the same
Uber Badass 2d6 + Speed
initiative act simultaneously.
Supernatural 3d6 + Speed
Badass Note: Characters with the Reposition
Human NPC 1d6 + Speed Technique have the option of
Monster Varies. (See rerolling their initiative between
Extras.) combat rounds. Characters without
Reposition are stuck with their
initiative result for the duration of
the encounter.


If one or more combatants or group of characters gets

has the drop on the opposition an entire free round worth of
— by using Stealth to strike actions (one turn per character
from concealment or set up an with the element of surprise)
ambush, or if combat began before initiative is rolled.
with one side holding the other
at gunpoint — that character

The Combat Turn

Within each Combat Round, each ten seconds worth of in-character

combatant has one Combat Turn, dialogue, or making hand gestures
which happen in descending order (of either the tactical or incredibly
of Initiative as described above. rude variety). Anything else is
Each Combat Turn, by default, most likely significant enough to
allows the acting character one be a Move or Attack action, but
Move Action and one Attack Action if you think something might be
(in that order), and any number of insignificant enough to be a free
Free Actions. action, ask your GM.

Free Actions are minor actions Note1: Characters with the Blitzkrieg
that have little or no effect on Technique may choose to take two
the tactical situation. Typical free Move Actions instead of one Move
actions include speaking up to Action and one Attack Action. They

tHE fight Scene

may also choose to Attack (make Note2: Characters with the Frenzy
an Attack Action), and then Move Technique may choose to attack
(make a Move Action); by default, twice (take two Attack Actions)
characters may only Move and instead of taking a Move Action
then Attack. Any character may and an Attack Action, as normal.
choose not to move or not to attack
within a given turn.

Combat Movement

Unsurprisingly, the standard in yards). Characters with the

Move Action is to move your Blitzkrieg technique can use a
Speed in yards. You could use Full Turn action to move twice
miniatures and graph paper or their Speed in yards, useful for
hex grids (with a scale of one making a quick getaway.
yard per hex/square) to keep
track of character movement and Besides moving, several other
position, but this is not strictly minor but not inconsequential
necessary. One important aspect actions count as Move Actions
of combat movement is that as shown on the following
characters must be adjacent table. This is not meant to be
(within three feet) to engage in an exhaustive list but covers
melee combat. Another is that the most common, tactically
different ranged weapons have relevant options.
different ranges (also measured

Attack Actions

Move Actions Test Notes


Move (Speed) yards. None. --

Open or close a door. None. --
Drop prone or stand up. None. --
Put away a weapon or None. --
draw/ready a weapon.
(Not both.)
Reload firearm. None. --
(Change clips.)
Take cover. None. --
Control a motorcycle. Bike (Variable Difficulty)

tHE fight Scene

Move Actions Test Notes


Pick up/drop item None. --

(not both).
Aim. None. Each action spent aiming a ranged
weapon at a given target provides a
-1 Defense Modifier to that character
for your next attack on the target,
to a maximum –DM of your Wits.
If you spend any actions doing
anything but aiming before making
the attack, the aiming bonus is lost.
Use Technique Variable Techniques that can be used
as Move Actions, only.
The default attack action is, and attack actions can be used
unsurprisingly, to attack (with for other tactically significant
your bare hands, a melee purposes. The following table
weapon, a gun, or a thrown covers some of the common
weapon) by making an attack possibilities for attack actions.
test. To reiterate: you make an Note: Characters with the Frenzy
attack test by rolling 2d6 and Technique can make two attacks
adding the appropriate skill (or take two attack actions) per
bonus; if your result is equal turn. If even one of the two actions
to or higher than the target’s requires a Test, Check, or Attack
defense, your attack hits and roll, each action is made at a -2
deals damage. Characters are Penalty. Also note that characters
not restricted to only attacking, that attack twice or otherwise take
Attack Actions Test Required? Notes
Fire a gun. Pistols, Rifles, Automatics --
or Heavy Weapons
Attack in melee. Blades, Clubs, or Brawling. --
Throw weapon. Throwing Weapons. --
Smash window/ Strength Check --
kick in door.
Reload Firearm. None. --
(Revolver or internal
Use machine/ Maybe --

tHE fight Scene

Attack Actions Test Required? Notes

Use Technique. Variable. Techniques that can
be used as Attack
Actions, only.
Control car. Drive. (Variable Difficulty)
Control aircraft Variable (Variable Difficulty)
or watercraft.

two attack actions spend their a chance to move.

entire turn attacking and don’t get


Reactions do not count as Attack normal flow of initiative. Reactions

Actions, Move Actions, or even Free are granted only by Techniques
Actions. They happen outside the and other special conditions.

Reaction Technique Test Notes

Needed Required?

Counter Counter Melee Attack Whenever you are hit in melee

Attack Test. combat, you may make a free,
immediate melee attack test
(in the same combat turn)
at a -1 penalty against the
character who just hit you.
Reflexive Dodge Speed Check. If you have not acted yet in a
Dodge combat round, you may give
up your upcoming turn to
reflexively dodge an attack
roll being made against you.
(You must declare that you are
dodging before the attack roll is
made.) If you succeed a Speed
Check, add ½ your Speed (round
up) to your Defense for the
duration of the Combat Round.

Melee Combat

To attack a character in melee,

you must close to within one
yard and make an Attack Test,
rolling 2d6 and adding your
skill bonus from Blades (if
armed with an edged weapon),
Clubs (if using a blunt weapon)
or Brawling (if unarmed, or
using an improvised weapon).
If your result is equal to or
greater than the target’s
Defense, you hit although
the target may still have the
option to Counter Attack or
reflexively Dodge depending
on what Techniques the target

Melee Damage

The damage dealt by basic

unarmed attacks (the fists and All unarmed damage is Subdual
feet of humans) is covered by damage (see Damage, Death, and
the following table. Healing for details).

Unarmed Damage Attacks with melee weapons

also benefit from Strength. Add
By Character Tier ½ your Strength (round up) to
the damage of one-handed melee
Character Base
Tier Unarmed weapons (like kitchen knives,
Damage claw hammers, and rapiers).
Badass Normal Strength Add your full Strength to the
(Subdual) damage of two-handed melee
Uber Badass 1d6 + Strength weapons (like baseball bats,
(Subdual) pick-axes, and claymores).

Superhuman 2d6 + Strength

Badass (Subdual)
tHE fight Scene


A character who makes a successful turning the tables. The character

Melee Attack may choose to grapple maintaining the grapple may deal
instead. The two characters have a Unarmed Damage to the grappled
Strength Contest. If the attacker character by winning a Strength
wins, the defending character is Contest. Simply maintaining the
successfully grappled. Grappled Grapple is a full turn action with
characters may not take any no test.
actions but attempting a Strength
Contest to break free although if Making a Strength Contest to
a grappled character successfully grapple—whether trying to deal
breaks free, he may then grapple Unarmed Damage or to escape from
the other character, thereby a grapple—is a full turn action.

Melee Defense Modifiers

Situation Defense Modifier

Attackers outnumber -1 for each net friend in the melee to
defenders in melee. a maximum of -4. [If four dwarves
are attacking Reggie, Reggie receives
a net Defense penalty of -3.]
Defenders outnumber +1 for each net friend in the melee
attackers in melee to a maximum of +4. [If Reggie is
trying to punch out one of the four
dwarves, the dwarf receives a Defense
bonus of +3.] Defenders must be
intelligent enough to take advantage
of their numbers to receive this
bonus; i.e. standard zombies do not
benefit from this Defense bonus.
Defender successfully grappled -Strength of the grappling character,
by another combatant. but if the attack misses, it hits the
grappling character instead.
Defender Prone. -2
Attacker Charging -2 to both the Defender for this one
attack and the Attacker for the
duration of the Combat Round.
Attacker has longer weapon reach. -2
Defender has longer weapon reach. +2

tHE fight Scene

Ranged Combat

Characters attack in ranged damage is determined entirely

combat by making an attack test by the weapon used, except non-
using the appropriate combat explosive throwing weapons
skill (Pistols, Automatics, Rifles, which add Strength-based bonus
Throwing Weapons, or Heavy damage in the same way as one
Weapons). Roll 2d6 and add the handed melee weapons. There
appropriate skill bonus; if the are, however, several factors
result is greater than or equal that affect ranged combat and
to the target’s modified Defense, make it more complicated.
your attack hits and deals
damage. Base ranged combat

Burst Fire

Automatics and other weapons spray before making the attack

capable of Burst Fire can fire roll.
three round bursts. Three
round bursts use up three shots Hose: Attack deals +1d6 damage.
of ammunition and are made at
a -1 Recoil penalty to the attack. Spray: Defender receives a -2
The character firing the burst DM for this attack.
must choose whether to hose or


Shotguns in Phantasm are µµ Shotguns that are fired

assumed to be firing 00 Buckshot. from more than 5 Yards away
(Birdshot would deal significantly inflict a -2 DM on the defender
less damage whereas slugs would but receive a -1 penalty to the
make shotguns more like rifles.) attack (like an automatic firing
Therefore: a Burst Fire spray).

µµ Shotguns that are fired from

within 5 Yards deal +1d6 Damage.

tHE fight Scene

Full Auto

Automatics and other weapons Hose: The attack deals +1d6

capable of autofire can blaze away on damage for every five rounds
FA. This burst fires between five and fired.
thirty bullets (must be a multiple of
5), limited by the amount of ammo Spray: The defender receives a
left in the clip. The attack receives -2 DM for this attack for every
a -1 Recoil penalty for every five five rounds fired.
rounds fired. The attacker must
choose whether to hose or spray
before making the attack roll.

Covering Fire

Automatics and other weapons from the moment he begins

capable of autofire can be used firing until his next combat
to cover an area, discouraging turn. Anyone moving through
enemies from moving through this area without taking cover
it. If the attacker has at least — or popping up from cover to
thirty rounds in the clip, he can attack within this area — must
empty the entire clip to “cover” succeed a Speed Check or suffer
an area of (Wits) square yards the weapon’s base damage.


On a successful throw, grenades particularly brave character

land at the feet of the target near the grenade can use a move
they were thrown at. On an action to make a successful
unsuccessful throw, grenades Hard Speed Check to pick up
can land anywhere, at the GM’s the grenade. If the character
discretion, but are unlikely to succeeds, he can make a
be close enough to damage the Throwing Weapons test to throw
intended enemy. Either way, the grenade elsewhere. If the
grenades “go off” and deal character fails at picking up the
damage to everything within grenade, he is right at ground
their blast radius (see Props) zero when the grenade goes off.
on the next combat turn of the
character who threw them.
In the intervening turns, a

tHE fight Scene

Ranged Defense Modifiers

Situation Defense Modifier
Defender has soft cover +1
(bushes, glass door)
Defender has partial cover +2
(crate, car door)
Defender has full cover (pillbox, trench) +4
Attacker aiming. -1 for each action the attacker
has spent aiming.
Defender running +2
(moving 2xSpeed yards in one turn)
Defender Prone +2
Attacker using burst fire spray or -2
shotgun at more than 5 yards.
Attacker using autofire spray -2 to -12 DM
Poor visibility (partial light, +2
light glare, smoke or fog)
Terrible visibility (pitch darkness, +4
blinding glare, heavy smoke or fog)
Attacker moving (attacker has moved +1
at least Speed yards before attacking)
Defender unaware of attacker’s position -6

States of Being

Fresh characters are perfectly they may only take one move
healthy to lightly wounded, and action or one attack action each
have no significant penalties. combat turn. More importantly,
they lose 1 Health each combat
Wounded characters are at or below turn until they die or are stabilized
one half their Health (rounded up). by a standard First Aid test.
They receive -2 to Strength and Characters whose Faith is reduced
Speed (Min. 1). to 0 or below by enemy attacks are
immediately Dying, even if their
Dying characters are those at or Health is well above 0. No amount
below 0 Health. While they can still of Subdual damage can ever reduce
move and act as long as they are a character past 0 Health.
not also Unconscious (see below)

tHE fight Scene

Unconscious characters are Dead characters are those

those whose Health is at or below whose Health is at or below their
their Knockout Threshold. They Death Threshold. It is possible
are almost certainly Wounded, for a character to die without
and may also be Dying. ever being knocked unconscious
Unconscious characters regain but not without being first
1d6 Health in 10 – Strength Wounded, and then Dying. If
hours, and regain consciousness your character is dead, make a
if that brings them above their new one.
Knockout Threshold and they
are not Dying. Unconscious
characters can’t do anything.

Damage, Death, and Healing

Badass Normal characters can wounded character. First Aid

only naturally regain Health on can only be used this way once
days where they do nothing but per day, and only once per set
rest. Characters at higher tiers of wounds. First Aid must be
regain Health and Faith as long used within one hour of the
as they get at least 8 Hours of initial damage being taken.)
Rest. Non-human players regain
health through other means, as
Character Regained described in the Special Effects
Tier Per Day chapter.
or 8 Hours
of Rest:
If something gruesome happens
Badass Normal 1d6 + Strength to a human player (as a result
Health of double or triple damage
Uber Badass 2d6 + Strength from a critical attack of some
Health ; 1d6 kind), like losing an eye or a
Faith limb, this- and any incurred
Superhuman 3d6 + Strength penalties- cannot be healed
Badass Health ; 2d6 by just resting, and requires
Faith professional medical attention
to save the body part. However,
Players can also regain Health the Faith healing technique
via Faith Healing or the use of can fix such disfiguring and
the First Aid skill. (A successful crippling wounds.
First Aid Test can restore (First
Aid Skill Bonus)d6 Health to a

tHE fight Scene

Keeping The Faith

In addition to resting, each going to confession, or practicing

player should choose one trigger yoga. You should work with your
condition for their character GM to accomplish something
that will restore Faith. This unique. Depending on how
should be something appropriate difficult your trigger condition
to the character, something that is to accomplish, you should
is neither easy nor impossible to be able to restore between 1d6
accomplish. Possible examples Faith and all of your Faith this
include starting a bar brawl, way, at the GM’s discretion. In
getting laid, cracking the entire any case, you should only be
group up by acting in-character, able to trigger Faith restoration
hard drinking (it’s not called once per day.
liquid courage for nothing),


“And he stopped off in Tushka at that case of older weapons, the prices
“Pop’s Knife and Gun” place given are for replicas or “fixer-
Bought a SKS rifle and a couple of full upper” models refurbished by the
cases of that steel core ammo character. Campaigns set in the past
With the Berdan primers from some might need to adjust these prices
East bloc nation that no longer needs ‘em creatively, at the GM’s discretion.
And a Desert Eagle that’s one great big Seeing as you’re provided with free
ol’ pistol living accommodations, food, and
I mean .50 caliber made by badass clothing, your starting cash should
Hebrews be spent primarily on weapons and
And some surplus tracers for that old ammunition. Remember that you
BAR of Slayton’s get 1 Free Weapon Pick for any
Soon as it gets dark we’re Combat Skill you’re an Apprentice
gonna have us a time.” in, 2 Free Weapon Picks for any
-James McMurty, “Choctaw Bingo” Combat Skill you’re Expert in,
and 4 Free Weapon Picks for any
This chapter has all the shotguns, Combat Skill you’ve mastered.
chainsaws, muscle cars, and Better and harder to find weapons
gasoline your Phantasm characters cost more than one pick, and the
will need to combat the forces of number of picks a weapon costs
darkness. Cash prices are loosely will be indicated next to its price.
based on rough approximations of
“Real World” prices in 2009; in the
Weapon Range
Increments In Yards
Weapon Type Short Medium Long
Range Range Range
(No Attack (-1 Attack (-4 Attack
Penalty) Penalty) Penalty)

Any Melee/Unarmed <1 Yard NA NA

Muscle-Powered Weapon (Bow, Strength x 2 Yards Strength x Strength x
Grenade, or Throwing Knife) 4 Yards 8 Yards
Pistol 5 Yards 30 Yards 90 Yards
Shotgun 5 Yards 40 Yards (-2 DM to 80 Yards
(+1d6 Damage Defender within
within this range.) this range.)


Weapon Type Short Medium Long

Range Range Range
(No Attack (-1 Attack (-4 Attack
Penalty) Penalty) Penalty)

SMG 15 Yards 50 Yards 120 Yards

Rifle (Sniper or Hunting) 50 Yards 100 Yards 250 Yards
Rifle (Assault) 25 Yards 75 Yards 150 Yards
Machine Gun 40 Yards 90 Yards 150 Yards
Flamethrower 5 Yards 10 Yards NA
Heavy Weapon (Rocket 50 Yards 100 Yards 150 Yards
Launcher; Grenade Launcher)

Note1: Weapons effectively cannot be used within 60 Yards as within medium range,
on targets farther away than “Long Range”. and could hit targets within 180 Yards!

Note2: Characters with the Longshot Note3: The maximum ranges listed here are
Technique double the range restrictions for the ranges at which Phantasm characters
each range category when using firearms. might realistically have a chance of hitting
For instance, a character with Longshot a target; they are not meant to reflect how
using a pistol would treat targets within 10 far a weapon can throw a projectile.
Yards as at short range, would treat targets

Melee Weapons

All one-handed melee weapons weapons add Strength to the

add ½ Strength (round up) to the listed damage unless otherwise
listed damage unless otherwise noted.
noted. All two handed melee

Weapon Hands Skill Damage Notes Picks

Needed Used (Price)
Kitchen One Blades (Strength) Do not 1 ($20)
Knife/ add bonus
Switchblade damage
Straight One Blades 10 -- 2 ($65)
Claw Hammer/ One Clubs 2d6 -- 1 ($20)
Night Stick


Weapon Hands Skill Damage Notes Picks

Needed Used (Price)
Glass Bottle One Brawling 1d6 On each NA
roll 1d6.
On a 1-3,
the bottle
breaks and
a broken
Broken Bottle One Brawling 1d6 + 2 On each NA
roll 1d6.
On a 1-2,
the broken
breaks and
Bar Stool/ Two Brawling 2d6 If not metal, NA
Steel Chair roll 1d6 on
each attack
breaks on
a roll of 1-3,
a broken
chair leg.
Pistol Whip/ One/Two Brawling 1d6/2d6 -- As
Rifle Butt firearm.
Broken One Brawling 1d6 + 3 Paralyzes a NA
Pool Cue/ vampire on
Chair Leg a successful
Baseball Bat/ Two Clubs 2d6 -- 1 ($10-
Axe Handle/ $100)
Waking Stick/
Golf Club


Weapon Hands Skill Damage Notes Picks

Needed Used (Price)
Machete/ One Blades 1d6 + 4 -- 2 ($40)
Combat Knife/
Shortsword/ One Blades 1d6 + Speed -- 2
Wakizashi/ ($1,000)
Hand One/Two Chainsaw (Strength/2) Round up; 2 ($500)
Chainsaw d6 if not used
two handed,
apply a
-1 Attack
Crowbar Two Clubs 1d6 + Add bonus 2 ($75)
Strength damage
on top of
the listed
Axe/Pickaxe Two Blades 3d6 -- 2 ($100)
or Clubs
Sledgehammer Two Clubs 3d6 + Strength 3 ($300)
Strength 6+ to use.
Add bonus
on top of
the listed
Scythe Two Blades 4d6 Strength 3 ($500)
6+ to use.
Katana Two Blades 3d6 + Speed +1 to 4
attack rolls ($5,000)
with this


Weapon Hands Skill Damage Notes Picks

Needed Used (Price)
Chainsaw Two Chainsaw (Strength)d6 Strength 3
4+ to use. ($1,000)
Do not
add bonus
+1 Defense
Industrial Two Chainsaw (Strength)d6 Strength 4
Chainsaw + (Strength 8+ to use. ($3,000)
x 2) Do not
add bonus
+1 Defense

A note on chainsaws :
Chainsaws can be gassed up In real life, chainsaws “are
with gasoline for 2d6 + 10 turns heavy and hard to swing with
of use, and require a Move any degree of finesse, have
Action to rev up or switch off. A poor reach compared to their
turn of use is expended whether weight, require fuel or an
or not a chainsaw is used to external power source, make
attack. $10 buys enough gas a lot of noise, and will tear
to fill a hand chainsaw; double through the person wielding
this for a regular chainsaw, and them just as cheerfully as the
quintuple it for an industrial intended victim. Chainsaws are
chainsaw. also prone to a phenomenon
called “kickback” where one


tooth of the blade contacts helpful. If a character rolls a

something without cutting it natural two (snake eyes) on an
and the resulting shock throws attack with a chainsaw, roll 1d6.
the blade backwards violently,
often right at the unfortunate Result Chainsaw
operator’s head; obviously, this Related
is all the more likely to happen Mishap
when they’re being used as a 1 The chainsaw kicks
weapon. Finally, running out of back and the user
fuel or suffering a broken chain automatically takes
or clutch will leave the erstwhile its damage.
chainsaw maniac holding a big, 2 The chainsaw kicks
unwieldy and rather useless back. The user must
club.” (Thanks, TV Tropes succeed a Hard
for succinctly summarizing Strength Check or
all of those points.) Whether
take its damage.
Phantasm(2010) acknowledges 3 The chainsaw breaks
this or not is up to the GM. At and must be repaired
the Badass Normal character with an appropriate
skill check, taking
tier, we recommend that the
at least an hour as
impracticality of chainsaws well as appropriate
be factored in (note that this tools and parts.
will weaken the Chainsaw skill
4 The chainsaw swing
somewhat). At the Superhuman
misses wildly; roll a
Badass level, we recommend separate attack against
that the “Chainsaw Good” an adjacent ally.
trope be in full effect, and
5 The chainsaw
these drawbacks be ignored.
abruptly runs out
At the Uber Badass tier, the of gas or stalls. It
GM will have to make a call. must be refueled.
6 The chainsaw is
If the GM decides to acknowledge dropped, and shuts
the problems with chainsaws, off. It lands 1d6
the following table should be yards away.


Ranged Weapons
Rate of Fire
Rate of Description
Single Shot (S) The weapon can fire only one shot per combat turn,
even if the character can make more than one attack,
such as by using the Frenzy technique.
Semi- The weapon can fire two shots per combat turn, but
Automatic (SA) only if the character firing it has more than one
attack, such as by using the Frenzy technique.
Burst Fire (B) The weapon can use one attack to fire a three-round burst. See p. 34.
Fully The weapon can either fire a full burst or provide
Automatic (FA) covering fire. See p. 34. In either case, the weapon can
make only one attack in a turn if used on full auto.
Select Fire The weapon’s wielder can switch between two to three of the following
modes by using a Free Action: SA, B, and/or FA. True select fire
weapons will be designated with a slash between firing rings, whereas
weapons with two ‘effective’ ROF can simply fire a few rounds with a
quick press of the trigger will use the word ‘or’ to divide firing rates.

Reload Time by Capacity Type

Capacity Reload Time
Clip [C] One move action to change clips. Loading rounds into an empty clip,
however, is a full turn action to load Speed rounds into the clip.
Cylinder [Cy] If using a Speedloader, an attack action allows you to
fully reload a cylinder. Otherwise, you may only load
½ Speed (round up) rounds with an attack action.
Internal Three Options:
Magazine [M] #1: Use an attack action to reload ½ Speed (round up) rounds.
#2: Use a full-turn action to fully reload the magazine.
#3: Make a successful Speed Check to load ½ Speed (round up)
rounds as a move action. Failure indicates no rounds loaded.
Belt [Blt] 10 – Speed (minimum 1) Full Turn Actions. If a
character assists you with changing belts, this can
be done in one Full Turn Action from each of you.
Break [Br] One attack action.
Drum [D] One move action to remove the previous drum and
one attack action to attach a fresh drum.



All of these weapons are used with one hand, unless otherwise
with the Pistols combat skill. All indicated.
of these weapons can be used

Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Ruger Mk. 1d6 + 2 SA 9 [C] +1 To 1 ~$300.00
II (.22) Attack
With This
Colt 1d6 + 4 S 6 [Cy] +2 DM to 1 ~$429.00
Detective Stealth or
Special (.38 Sleight of
Special) Hand rolls
to Conceal
Luger P08 2d6 + 1 SA 8 [C] -- 1 ~$500.00
Walther PPK 1d6 + 3 SA 8 [C] +2 DM to 1 ~450.00
(.32 ACP) Stealth or
Sleight of
Hand rolls
to conceal
Glock 17 2d6 SA 17 [C] -- 1 ~500.00
M9 (Beretta 2d6 SA 15 [C] +1 To 1 ~550.00
92F) Attack
(9mm Rolls
Parabellum) With This


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
S&W Model 1d6 + 4 S 6 [CY] -- 1 ~$250.00
(.38 Special)
Colt 2d6 + 3 SA 7 [C] +1 to 2 ~$800.00
M1911a1 Attack
(.45 ACP) Rolls
With This
Colt Python 5d6 S 6 [CY] -- 2 ~$1,000
Desert Eagle 5d6 SA 7 [C] Additional 2 ~$1,500
Mark XIX -1 Penalty
(.50 AE) to second
attack in
the round
attacks in
a round
with this
two hands
to use.
S&W 5d6 + 3 S 6 [CY] Requires 2 ~$1,240
Model 29 two hands
(.44 to use.
H&K Mk. 2d6 + 3 SA 12 [C] +1 to 3 $1,995.00
23 Mod 0 Attack
(.45 ACP) Rolls
With This
With a
Sight and



Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
S&W Model 5d6 + 5 S 5 [CY] Requires 3 ~$1,500
500 two hands
(.500 S&W and
Magnum) Strength
6+ to use.
Colt Single 6d6 S 6 [CY] +1 to 3 ~$2,000
Action Attack
Army (.45 Rolls
Long Colt) With This

Ruger Mk. II: The Ruger Mk. II Colt Detective Special: First
is a rimfire semi-automatic pistol appearing in 1927, the Colt
chambered in .22 Long Rifle and Detective Special is a carbon
manufactured Sturm, Ruger & steel framed double-action
Company. Ruger rimfire pistols short-barreled revolver, a class
are some of the most popular of firearms known to gun
handguns made, with over three enthusiasts as “snubnosed”,
million sold. The middle in a “snubbies”, or “belly guns”. As
line of weapons starting with the name “Detective Special”
the Ruger Standard in 1949, suggests, this class of gun was
marketed as an inexpensive used as a concealed weapon by
.22 caliber rimfire intended for plainclothes police detectives.
casual sport and target shooting, The Detective Special was the
and plinking. It is also frequently first premium grade swing-
used as a short-range varmint out revolver designed from the
gun for pest control, and in outset to be carried concealed
spite of its low stopping power, a and capable of chambering the
suppressed version is used by the .38 Special, a high powered
Navy Seals for stealth operations. cartridge in the 1920s. This
Created by firearms expert and weapon was produced through
Renaissance man William B. 1995, and the stats are
Ruger, the Standard model and representative of other small,
its offspring went on to become concealed-carry revolvers. This
the most accepted and successful weapon or something like it is
.22 semi-automatic pistol ever very likely to be the sidearm of
produced. This gun has been police and private detectives.
available, in one form or another,
since 1949.

Luger P08: The basis for the the Walther P38 midway through
later Ruger Standard, Pistole WWII—statistically, the Walther
Parabellum1908, popularly known P38 is the exact same gun. This
as the Luger, is an iconic, toggle weapon has been available in some
locked, recoil operated, semi- form or another since 1908.
automatic pistol. The design was
patented by Georg J. Luger in 1898 Walther PPK: Available in one
and produced by German arms form or another since 1929,
manufacturer Deutsche Waffen- this is a blowback operated,
und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) semi-automatic pocket pistol
starting in 1900. The Luger was well suited for concealed carry.
made popular by its use by Germany Functionally identical to any
during World War I and World War number of other holdout pistols,
II and taken home as a souvenir by the Walther PPK has the unique
many American GIs after the war. distinction of being James
For cost reasons, it was replaced by Bond’s gun.

Glock 17: Just one in a long series of date. It has been described as
semi-automatic pistols designed and the most successful handgun of
produced by Glock GmbH, located all time, and the most popular
in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. Glock centerfire revolver of the
controls the majority of the law 20th Century. Although over a
enforcement market share in the hundred years old, variants of
United States. This is the weapon it are still widely in use.
most police officers will be using,
especially state troopers and local Colt M1911a1: The most iconic
cops in urban and rural areas. handgun ever made, used by
Detectives may still be using the everyone from Humphrey Bogart
Detective Special above, whereas to the American GI, the Colt .45
Rural Sheriffs may still be using automatic pistol was developed
the S&W Model 10. in 1911 by John Browning and
remained the primary sidearm
M9 (Beretta M92F): The M9 of U.S. armed forces until its
pistol is a 9x19mm Parabellum replacement in 1985 by the M9.
pistol of the United States The M1911 is a single-action, semi-
military adopted in the 1980s. automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-
It is basically a military operated handgun chambered
specification Beretta 92F. In for the .45 ACP cartridge. It was
the 1980s, this weapon replaced widely used in World War I, World
the venerable M1911A1 as the War II, the Korean War, and the
primary handgun of the U.S. Vietnam War. In total, the United
military, beating out many other States procured around 2.7 million
contenders. It officially entered M1911 and M1911A1 pistols during
service in 1990. These stats or its service life. Incredibly, the
those of the Glock are fairly practically antediluvian M1911a1 is
representative of most modern, still preferred and used by Special
high-capacity 9mm pistols. Forces units, for its reliability
and incredible stopping power. If
S&W Model 10: Previously you’ve seen a handgun in a movie,
known as the Smith & Wesson there’s a 50% chance that it was
Military & Police, this is a a Colt M1911a1 or a clone thereof.
.38-caliber, six-shot handgun Statistically, M1911 clones, like
initially developed in 1899. The Springfield Armory replicas and
.38 Military and Police Model the AMT Hardballer, are identical
10 has historically been the to the original weapon.
mainstay of the Smith & Wesson
Company, with some 6,000,000 Colt Python: Developed in 1955, Colt
of this general type produced to Python is a double action revolver


chambered for the powerful .357 10”

⅝ barrel lengths as standard
Magnum cartridge built on Colt’s models. Finish options available
large I-frame. Pythons have a included a highly polished blued
reputation for accuracy, smooth or nickel-plated surface. The Model
trigger pull and a tight cylinder 27 is essentially the same gun,
lock-up. Some consider them to be available earlier in 1935, allowing
among the finest revolvers ever this weapon to be used in games set
made. This intimidating weapon is before 1955.
still used by some badass highway
patrols throughout the country. H&K Mk. 23 Mod 0: The Heckler
& Koch MK23 Mod 0 is a
Desert Eagle: If you saw a handgun handgun consisting of a match
in a movie, and it wasn’t an M1911 grade semi-automatic pistol, a
or M1911 clone, it was probably a laser aiming module (LAM), and
Desert Eagle, most likely outfitted suppressor. It was adopted by the
with a tacky chrome finish and United States Special Operations
gigantic laser aiming module. Far Command (USSOCOM) for special
less common in real life than in the operations units in the 1990s.
movies, the inimitable Desert Eagle is While the designation applies
almost certainly too much firepower to the complete system, it’s also
for any given situation. The Desert commonly used in reference to
Eagle is a large-bore gas-operated the pistol component itself. A
semi-automatic pistol designed by deadly and effective weapon,
Magnum Research in the U.S., and designed in 1991.
manufactured primarily in Israel by
IMI. The Desert Eagle is frequently S&W Model 500: .44 Magnum
chambered in .357 Magnum or .44 just not big enough for you? You
Magnum but these stats reflect the could try this absurd novelty
slightly larger .50 AE for maximum gun again. The most powerful
ridiculousness. This monster has production revolver ever
been available since 1985. manufactured, this is a five-shot,
double-action revolver produced
Smith & Wesson Model 29: Make by Smith & Wesson, firing the
my day, punk! Released in 1955, .500 S&W Magnum cartridge. It
the Smith & Wesson Model 29 is is built on S&W’s largest frame,
a powerful, six-shot, double-action the X-Frame. The Model 500 can
revolver chambered for the .44 fire a bullet weighing 350 gr at
Magnum cartridge, manufactured 1975 feet per second generating
by the U.S. company Smith & a muzzle energy of over 3,030
Wesson. The Model 29 was offered foot-pounds force. Developed in
with 4”, 5”, 6½”, 8⅜”. and, later, 2003.


Colt Single Action Army: The revolver trials of 1873 by Colt’s

quintessential cowboy revolver, Manufacturing Company and
this weapon (also known as the adopted as the standard military
Peacemaker) is a single action service revolver until 1892.
revolver with a revolving cylinder Replicas are still produced today
holding six rounds. It was designed for cowboy action shooting.
for the US government service


These weapons are used with the weapons cannot be used one handed
Automatics combat skill. These unless otherwise indicated.

Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Tec-9 (9mm 2d6 – 1 SA 20 [C] This weapon 1 $300
Parabellum) [FA] can be used [$500]
in one hand.
Attacks with
this weapon
receive a -1
Micro-Uzi 2d6 FA 20 [C] This weapon 1 $3,000
(9mm can be used in
Parabellum) one hand.
Mac-10 2d6 FA 32 [C] This weapon 1 $3,600
(9mm can be used in
Parabellum) one hand.
MP-40 (9mm 2d6 + 2 B or FA 32 [C] This weapon 1 $3,000
Parabellum) features a
folding stock
which, when
reduces recoil
penalties by 1.
Uzi (9mm 2d6 + 2 SA/B/ 50 [C] This weapon 2 $4,000
Parabellum) FA features a
folding stock
which, when
reduces recoil
penalties by 1.


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Beretta 2d6 B 20 [C] This weapon 2 $2,400
93R (9mm features a
Parabellum) folding stock
which, when
reduces recoil
penalties by 1.
This weapon
can be used
in one hand
when the
stock is
folded and not
Browning 4d6 SA/B/ 20 [C] This weapon 2 $4,000
Automatic FA features
Rifle (.30-06) a bipod
which, when
reduces recoil
by 2.
AK-47 3d6 + 3 SA/FA 30 [C] -- 2 $600
M4/M16 3d6 SA/B/ 30 [C] Attacks made 2 $3,000
(5.56 mm) FA with this
weapon are at
a +1 Bonus.
Thompson 3d6 SA/FA 20 [C] -- 2 $1,500
M1928A1 [50 [D] ] [$6,000]
(.45 ACP)
M14 (.308) 3d6 + 3 SA/B/ 20 [C] Attacks made 2 $5,000
FA with this
weapon are at
a +1 Bonus.


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
MP5 (9mm 2d6 SA/B/ 30 [C] Attacks made 3 $5,000
Parabellum) FA with this
weapon are at
a +1 Bonus.
This weapon
features a
folding stock
which, when
reduces recoil
by 1.
PPsh-41 3d6 + 2 FA 35 [C] -- 3 $10,000
(7.62x25mm) [71 [D] ] [$18,000]
Steyr Aug 3d6 SA/B/ 42 [C] This weapon 3 $5,000
(5.56 mm) FA comes with
a Military
Tec-9: Produced between 1985 and Ban. Their small size made them
1994, the Intratec TEC-DC9 (also difficult to fire accurately in full
known simply as the TEC-9) is a auto, and this, when combined with
blowback-operated, semi-automatic their high rate of fire, made control
firearm, chambered in 9x19mm challenging; this was a key factor
Parabellum, and classified by the in their never finding much success
U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, with the military.
and Firearms as a handgun. It
is made of inexpensive molded Micro-Uzi: An even further
polymers and stamped steel parts. scaled down version of the Uzi,
The TEC-9 was not accepted by any introduced in 1982. The Micro
armed forces leading to its use as a Uzi is 436mm (19.13 inches)
civilian gun and eventually a crime long, reduced to 240mm with
gun, infamously associated with the stock folded.
gang violence in south-central Los
Angeles, since it can be easily and Mac-10: Another gun inextricably
illegally converted to an automatic associated with LA street crime
weapon. The TEC-9 was listed and gang violence, the MAC-10
by name among the 19 firearms (Military Armament Corporation
banned by name in the USA by Model 10, officially the M10) is a
the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons highly compact, blowback operated


machine pistol developed by Gordon Beretta 93R: Designed in 1970

B. Ingram in 1964. It is a simple, low- and produced only until 1990, the
cost design with few moving parts, Beretta Model 93R is a selective-fire
making it easy to manufacture machine pistol made by the Italian
and maintain. Produced from 1970 Beretta company and derived from
until the present. their semi-automatic Model 92. The
“R” stands for Raffica which means
MP-40: The MP 38 and MP 40 “burst” in Italian. The pistol was
(MP designates Maschinenpistole, designed in the 1970s and meant
literally “Machine Pistol”) is a for police and military use, offering
submachine gun developed in Nazi extra firepower in a small package
Germany and used extensively by and is suited for concealed carry
paratroopers, platoon and squad purposes such as VIP protection, or
leaders, and other troops during for close quarters fighting such as
World War II. The MP 40 was room-to-room searches. A selector
characterized by its low rate of fire switch and the foldable foregrip
and low recoil. Designed in 1939 allows the pistol to fire three round
and produced from 1940-1945; like bursts with each pull of the trigger
all WWII-era weapons listed here, for a cyclic rate of 1100 rounds per
its cash price partially reflects its minute. The designers limited it to
status as a collector’s item. fixed three-round bursts to allow
it to be more easily controlled. The
Uzi: The Uzi is a related family 93R is basically a Beretta 92 series
of open bolt, blowback-operated pistol but the 93R is single action
submachine guns; these stats and outfitted with a muzzle brake,
represent a full-sized SMG. The an optional detachable shoulder
Uzi was one of the first weapons stock and a 20-round magazine
to use a telescoping bolt design that also allowed for a firmer grip.
which allows for the magazine to
be housed in the pistol grip for Browning Automatic Rifle:
a shorter weapon. The Uzi has Designed in 1917 and produced until
found use as a personal defense the 1960s, the Browning Automatic
weapon by rear-echelon troops, Rifle (BAR) was used by the
officers, artillery troops and United States and numerous other
tankers, as well as a frontline countries during the 20th century.
weapon by elite light infantry The BAR was designed to be carried
assault forces. The first Uzi by advancing infantrymen, slung
submachine gun was designed over the shoulder and fired from
by Major Uziel Gal in the late the hip, a concept called “walking
1940s. fire”—thought to be necessary for
the individual soldier during trench


warfare. However in practice, it was in that role. Since the Vietnam

most often used as a light machine War, the M16 rifle family has
gun and fired from a bipod. been the primary infantry rifle
of the U.S. military. With its
AK-47: The AK-47 (or Avtomat variants, it has been in use by
Kalashnikova) is a selective fire, 15 NATO countries, and is the
gas operated 7.62mm assault most produced firearm in its
rifle developed in the Soviet caliber The M4 is a shorter,
Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov lightweight carbine version of
in the 1940s. Six decades later, the M16 which in terms of its
the AK-47 and its variants and Phantasm stats, is functionally
derivatives remain in service identical.
throughout the world. It has
been manufactured in many Thompson M1928A1: An American
countries and has seen service submachine gun, invented by John
with regular armed forces as T. Thompson in 1919 that became
well as irregular, revolutionary infamous during the Prohibition
and terrorist organizations era. It was a common sight of
worldwide. In some third world the time, being used by both law
countries, an AK is available on enforcement officers and criminal
the black market for less than and went on to see heavy use
fifty dollars. Designed in 1946 in World War II. The Thompson
and still being produced. was also known informally as:
the “Tommy Gun,” the “Trench
M4/M16: Designed in 1957 and Broom,” the “Trench Sweeper,”
in service from 1964 to the the “Chicago Piano,” the “Chicago
present, the M16 (more formally Typewriter,” and the “Chopper.”
Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16) is The Thompson was favored by
the U.S. military designation soldiers, criminals and police alike
for the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle. for its ergonomics, compactness,
Colt purchased the rights to large .45 ACP cartridge, and high
the AR-15 and currently uses volume of automatic fire and among
that designation only for semi- civilian collectors for its historical
automatic versions of the rifle. significance. The statistics and
The M16 entered United States price in brackets represent a
Army service as the M16A1 and version that comes with, and is
was deployed for jungle warfare prepared to load, a fifty-shot high
in the Republic of South Vietnam capacity drum instead of a twenty
in 1963, becoming the standard round stick magazine.
US Rifle of the Vietnam War by
1969; replacing the M14 rifle


M14: The M14 rifle, formally the the most widely deployed of all
United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm, current submachine guns and has
M14, is an American selective fire been developed into a family with
automatic rifle firing 7.62x51mm numerous variants.
NATO ammunition. It was the
standard issue US rifle from 1957 PPsh-41: A Russian submachine-
until 1970. The M14 was used for gun, developed by the Soviet Union
US Army and Marine Corps basic to fill the same role as Germany’s
and advanced individual training, MP-40 and the American Thompson
and was the standard issue sub-machinegun, the Pistolet-
infantry rifle in CONUS, Europe, Pulemyot Shpagina submachine
and South Korea, until replaced by gun was one of the most mass
the M16 rifle in 1970. It remains produced weapons of its type of
in limited front line service with World War II. It was made with
the United States Army, Marine metal stampings to ease production
Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast (retaining a wooden stock), and
Guard, and remains in use as a its chrome-lined chamber and
ceremonial weapon. The M14 also bore helped to make the gun
provides the basis for the M21 and very low-maintenance in combat
M25 sniper rifles. It was the last so- environments. The statistics
called “battle rifle” (a term applied and price in brackets represent
to weapons firing full-power rifle a variant that comes with and is
ammunition) issued in quantity to prepared to load a seventy-one
U.S. troops. shot, high capacity drum instead
of a 35-round box magazine.
H&K MP5: Developed in 1964
and still manufactured today, Steyr-Aug: First available in 1977,
the Heckler & Koch MP5 (From the AUG is an Austrian bullpup
Maschinenpistole 5 - German: 5.56mm assault rifle, designed in
“machine pistol model 5”) is a the early 1970s by Steyr Mannlicher
9mm submachine gun of German GmbH & Co KG, In production since
design, developed in the 1960s 1978, it is the standard small
by a team of engineers from the arm of the Austrian Bundesheer
German small arms manufacturer and various national police units.
Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) The rifle has also been adopted
of Oberndorf am Neckar. It is by the armed forces of Argentina,
currently used by the armed forces Australia, Bolivia, Ireland, Saudi
and law enforcement units of over Arabia, Tunisia (introduced in
40 countries and is a mainstay 1978), Pakistan and since 1988—
of SWAT teams and special forces U.S. Customs.
units. The MP5 remains one of


Rifles and Shotguns

These weapons are used with cannot be used one-handed

the Rifles skill. These weapons unless otherwise indicated.

Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Winchester 1d6 + 3 S 5 [M] This weapon 1 $200
Model 70 features
(.22) a scope.
Remington 3d6 S 1 [Br] -- 1 $419.00
Spartan 100
(20 Gauge)
Remington 3d6 + 1 S 4 [M] This weapon 1 $500
Model 700 features
(.223) a scope.
Ruger Gold 4d6 S 2 [Br] This weapon 1 $1,500
Label receives a
(12 Gauge) +1 bonus
to attack.
Ithaca 37 4d6 S 4 [M] -- 1 $300
(12 Gauge)
Winchester 3d6 + 2 S 6 [M] -- 2 $435
Model 1894
Armalite 3d6 SA 20 [C] This weapon 2 $1,000
AR-15 receives a
(5.56 mm) +1 bonus
to attack.
Lupara (12 4d6 S 1 [Br] This weapon 2 $750
Gauge) receives a
+1 bonus to
attack or
can be used
but not both
at the same
time. +1 DM
to rolls to
conceal this


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Remington 5d6 S 5 [M] This weapon 2 $750
Model 30 features
(.30-06) a scope.
Remington 4d6 SA 5 [M] -- 2 $500
(12 Gauge)
Springfield 5d6 S 5 [M] This weapon 2 $900
M1903 receives a
(.30-06) +1 bonus
to attack.
SKS Rifle 3d6 + 3 SA 10 [M] -- 2 $550
M1 Garand 5d6 SA 8 [C] -- 2 $2,000
.70 Cal 7d6 S 1 [Br] Loading 2 $900
Musket (.70 this weapon
Cal Ball) takes 12
– Speed
full turn
M1897 4d6 + 3 S 6 [M] -- 3 $3,000
Trench Gun
(12 Gauge)
Mosin 5d6 + 2 S 5 [M] This weapon 3 $1,000
Nagant Model features a
1891/30 scope and
(7.62x54mm) receives a
+1 bonus
to attack.
Sawn-Off 4d6 S or B 2 [Br] This weapon 3 $1,750
Double- can fire
Barreled both barrels
(12 Gauge) at once for
a ‘Burst’
Marlin 5d6 S 9 [M] -- 3 $700
Model 1894C
Carbine (.357


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Mossberg 590 4d6 S 8 [M] -- 3 $600
(12 Gauge)
M1A1 Carbine 3d6 + 2 SA 15 [C] This weapon 4 $10,000
(.30 Carbine) receives a
+1 bonus
to attack.
Franchi SPAS- 4d6 SA 9 [M] -- 4 $2,000
12 (12 Gauge)
H&K PSG- 5d6 SA 5 [C] This weapon 4 $10,800
1 (.308) receives a
+1 bonus to
attack and
a military
Dragunov 5d6 SA 10 [C] This weapon 4 $10,000
(7.62x54mm) features
a military

Winchester Model 70: First Remington Spartan 100: The

available in 1936, the Winchester Remington Spartan 100 is a
Model 70 is a bolt action sporting single-shot, break-action shotgun.
rifle. It has an iconic place in It is made in Russia by the Baikal
American sporting culture and firearms company. It is marketed
has been held in high regard by and distributed by Remington. This
shooters since it was introduced variant is a 20 gauge, for hunting
in 1936, earning the epithet “The small game such as waterfowl,
Rifleman’s Rifle”. The action has or skeet shooting. This particular
some design similarities to Mauser variant began production in 2005
designs and it is a development but these stats are fine for similar
of the earlier Winchester Model single-shot, break action 20 gauge
54. This particular variant is shotguns.
chambered for the low-power, low-
recoil .22 round, for hunting small Remington 700: First manufactured
game. in 1962, the model 700 series of
firearms are bolt-action hunting
rifles. All are based on the same


centerfire bolt action. The Model the gun popular with left-handed
700 is available in a great number and right-handed shooters alike.
of different stock, barrel and calibre
configurations. It is a development of Winchester Model 1894:
the Remington 721 and 722 series of Designed in 1894 by John Moses
rifles, which had been introduced in Browning and manufactured by
1948. This particular specimen has the Winchester Repeating Arms
a wooden stock and is chambered for Company until they ceased making
the middle-of-the-road .223 round. rifles in 2006, the Winchester
Model 1894 is the classic lever-
Ruger Gold Label: The Ruger Gold action cowboy rifle. Chambered for
Label is a double-barreled shotgun. .30-.30, the Winchester rifle it is as
The Ruger Gold Label is a side-by- much of an old west icon as the Colt
side shotgun, designed to be similar Peacemaker.
to traditional English shotguns
used for upland bird hunting and Armalite AR-15: A favorite of
for clay target games such as trap, survivalists and gun-fanatics, the
skeet, and sporting clays. This is a AR-15 is a demilitarized, civilian
new shotgun that began production version of the M-16 assault rifle.
in 2002, but effectively identical Standard AR-15 rifles accept
guns (traditional English side-by- detachable magazines of widely
side double-barreled shotguns) varying capacities, and have a
have been made since about 1802. pistol grip that protrudes beneath
the stock. AR-15 rifles are highly
Ithaca 37: First produced in 1937, configurable and customizable.
the Ithaca 37 is a classic 12 They are commonly fitted with
gauge pump action shotgun used several accessories such as bipods,
by hunters and law enforcement folding or collapsing stocks,
professional for decades. A pump- threaded barrels for the attachment
action shotgun made in large of a flash suppressor, and a rail
numbers for the civilian, military, system for the attachment of
and police markets. Also known as vertical grips, flashlights, laser
the Featherlight, it utilizes a novel sights, telescopic sights, etc. The
combination ejection/loading port on AR-15 rifle is available from 1958
the bottom of the gun which leaves to the present.
the sides closed to the elements. In
addition, the outline of the gun is Lupara: An Italian word used to
clean. Finally, since shells load and refer to a sawn-off shotgun of the
eject from the bottom, operation of break-open type. It is traditionally
the gun is equally convenient from associated with Cosa Nostra, the
either side of the gun. This makes Italian organized crime group


dominant in Sicily for their use of it Springfield M1903: Designed in the

in vendettas, defense — such as its year 1900, the M1903 Springfield,
use against Mussolini’s army when formally the United States Rifle,
he decided to break up the Sicilian Caliber .30, Model 1903, is an
mafioso network — and hunting. American magazine-fed, bolt-action
The shortened barrel of a lupara rifle used primarily during the first
lends it to easier handling in wooded half of the 20th century. It was
areas, or to easier concealment and officially adopted as a United States
indoor employment in urban areas. military service rifle on June 19
The lack of choke contributes to 1903, and saw service in World
a wider spread of shot when the War I. It was officially replaced as
weapon is fired. This weapon or the standard infantry rifle by the
something like it is available in faster-firing, semi-automatic M1
every modern era. Garand, starting in 1936. However,
the M1903 Springfield remained in
Remington Model 30: Produced service as a sniper rifle and as a
from 1921 to 1941, the emington standard issue infantry rifle during
Model 30 is a US sporting rifle of World War II, solely as sniper rifle
the inter-war period based on the during the Korean War, and the
military P14/M1917 Enfield rifle early stages of the Vietnam War. It
action, which was manufactured remains in use as a civilian firearm
for the British and US governments and as a military drill rifle.
during World War I. Most early
rifles were in the military .30-06 SKS Rifle: The SKS is a Soviet
calibre used in the M1917 but it 7.62x39mm caliber semi-automatic
became available in a variety of carbine, designed in 1945 by
chamberings. It was the first high- Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. SKS
powered bolt-action sporting rifle is an acronym for Samozaryadniy
produced by Remington. These Karabin sistemi Simonova, 1945
statistics are representative of (Self-loading Carbine, Simonov›s
other powerful .30-.06 hunting system, 1945), or SKS 45. The
rifles, including the Model 70 Soviets rather quickly phased the
chambered for .30-06. SKS carbine out of first-line service,
replacing it with the AK-47, but it
Remington 1100: The Remington remained in second-line service for
1100 is a gas-operated semi- decades afterwards. It remains a
automatic shotgun, popular among ceremonial arm today. It was widely
waterfowlers and clay target exported and produced by the
shooters. Available from 1963 to former Eastern Bloc nations, as well
the present. as China, where it was designated
the «Type 56», East Germany as the


«Karabiner S» and in North Korea Garand, the weapon›s designer, the

as the «Type 63». It is today popular latter version is preferred. It is now
on the civilian surplus market in available to civilians in the original
many countries. The SKS was one .30-06 chambering, as well as in
of the first weapons chambered for .308 Winchester.
the 7.62x39mm M43 round later
used in the AK-47 and RPK. .70 Caliber Musket: A novelty item,
popular with some hunting and re-
M1 Garand Rifle: Designed in enactment enthusiasts. While not
1932, The M1 Garand (officially the a practical combat weapon, if you
United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1) shot something with the one shot
was the first semi-automatic rifle to you’ll have time to fire, man oh
be generally issued to the infantry man is it going to feel it. Availability
of any nation. Called “The Greatest subject to GM discretion.
Battle Implement Ever Devised”
by General George S. Patton, the M1897 Trench Gun: The Winchester
Garand officially replaced the bolt- Model 1897 is a pump-action shotgun
action M1903 Springfield as the with an external hammer and tube
standard service rifle of the United magazine. It was offered in 12 and
States Armed Forces in 1936 and 16 gauge, solid frame or takedown.
was subsequently replaced by the Numerous barrel lengths were
selective-fire M14 in 1957. However, offered. The Model 1897 was an
the M1 continued to be used in evolution of the Winchester Model
large numbers until 1963 and to a 1893 designed by John Browning. It
lesser degree until 1966. The M1 was the first truly successful pump-
was used heavily by U.S. forces in action shotgun produced. From
World War II, the Korean War, and, 1897 until it was discontinued by
to a limited extent, the Vietnam Winchester in 1957, over a million
War. Most M1 rifles were issued to of the type were produced in various
American Army and Marine troops, grades and barrel lengths. The
though many thousands were also United States military used a short-
lent or provided as foreign aid to barreled version known variously as
America’s allies. The Garand is still the “trench” or “riot” shotgun. It was
used by drill teams and military developed into a version issued to
honor guards. It is also widely U.S. troops during World War I, which
sought by the civilian population was modified by adding a perforated
as a hunting rifle, target rifle, steel heat shield over the barrel,
and military collectible. The name and an adapter with bayonet lug for
“Garand” is pronounced variously affixing a M1917 bayonet. Unlike
as /ɡəˈrænd/ or /æ
ˈɡ rn
ə d/. According to most modern pump-action shotguns,
experts and people who knew John the Winchester Model 1897 (versions


of which were type classified as the rig up one with four side-by-side
Model 97 or M97 for short) fired barrels. This is essentially a Ruger
each time the action closed with the Gold Label (or any number of
trigger depressed (that is, it lacks a identical side-by-side break action
trigger disconnector and is capable hunting shotguns) with a sawn-
of slamfire). That and its six-shot off stock for a pistol grip, and a
capacity made it extremely effective sawn-off barrel for improved close-
for close combat, such that troops quarters handling, concealability,
referred to it as a “trench sweeper”. It and close-range spread.
was so devastating, and feared, that
the German government protested Marlin Model 1894C: This carbine
(in vain) to have it outlawed in version of the Winchester 1894
combat. lever-action rifle is chambered for
the powerful .357 Magnum round,
Mosin Nagant 1891/30: In service making it an excellent companion
since 1891, The Mosin–Nagant is a to any .357 Magnum revolver.
bolt-action, internal magazine fed, Available from 1969 until the
military rifle that was used by present.
the armed forces of the Russian
Empire, the Soviet Union and Mossberg 590: Produced from 1961
various other nations, most of to the present, the Mossberg 500
them from Eastern bloc. It gets its is a shotgun manufactured by O.F.
name from the Russian Artillery Mossberg & Sons. Rather than a
Colonel Sergei Ivanovich Mosin who single model, the 500 is really a series
designed the bolt and receiver, and of widely varying hammerless, pump
the Belgian Emile Nagant, who action repeaters, all of which share
designed the magazine system. His the same basic receiver and action,
brother, Leon Nagant, was a rifle but differ in bore size, barrel length,
designer. Also known as the Three- choke options, magazine capacity,
Line Rifle, it was the first to use and “furniture” (stock and forearm)
the 7.62x54mmR cartridge. As a materials. The Model 590A1 is
front-line rifle, the Mosin–Nagant a Model 590 with an aluminium
served in various forms from 1891 trigger guard and safety, and a
until the 1960s in many Eastern heavier barrel, intended for military
European nations, when the sniper use under extreme conditions and
rifle variant was replaced by the rough handling; the metal trigger
Dragunov. guard was added in response to the
3443G materials requirements, and
Sawn - Off Double - Barreled the heavy barrel was added at the
Shotgun: The #1 choice for zombie request of the Navy. The 590A1 is
killin’, unless of course you can generally sold through military and


law enforcement channels, though Heckler & Koch PSG-1: First

in most jurisdictions the 18.5-inch produced in 1972, The PSG1 (German
(47 cm) and 20-inch (51 cm) models for “precision sharpshooter rifle”)
may be legally purchased by private is a semi-automatic rifle designed
persons. by the German company Heckler &
Koch of Oberndorf am Neckar. This
M1 Carbine: The M1 carbine rifle is said to have been developed
(formally the United States in response to the Munich massacre
Carbine, Caliber .30, M1) is a at the 1972 Summer Olympics.
lightweight semi-automatic carbine The West German police units
that became a standard firearm could not engage the terrorists
in the U.S. military during World fast enough to prevent them from
War II and the Korean War, and killing the hostages. H&K was
was produced in several variants. then commissioned to create a high
It was widely used by U.S. and accuracy, large magazine capacity,
foreign military and paramilitary semi-automatic rifle for police
forces, and has also been a popular and military use. The PSG1 is
civilian firearm. Available since mechanically based on the G3 rifle
1941. and features a low-noise bolt closing
device. Its expected accuracy is
Franchi SPAS-12: The SPAS-12 below 1 minute of arc (MOA) and it
is a combat shotgun that was is considered to be one of the most
manufactured by the Italian accurate semi-automatic sniper
firearms company Franchi from rifles in the world. In the hands
1979 to 2000. The Franchi SPAS-12 of a professional shooter, the PSG-
is a dual-mode shotgun, meaning it 1 is capable of putting 50 rounds
can be used as a semi-automatic of match ammunition inside an 80
or pump-action firearm. The gun mm circle at 300 meters.
was designed to function primarily
in semi-automatic, with the pump- Dragunov: The Dragunov sniper
action mode used to reliably fire low- rifle (formally the Snayperskaya
pressure ammunition such as tear Vintovka Dragunova [SVD], literally
gas rounds or less-lethal bean bags. “Dragunov sniper rifle”) is a semi-
Switching between firing modes is automatic sniper rifle chambered
done by pressing a button under the in 7.62x54mmR and developed in
foregrip, and sliding the foregrip the Soviet Union. Since then, the
slightly forwards or backwards Dragunov has become the standard
until it clicks into position. squad support weapon of several
countries, including those of the
former Warsaw Pact.


Heavy Weapons

These weapons are all used skill. None of them can ever be
with the Heavy Weapons combat used one-handed.

Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
M79 Grenade 8d6 S 1 [Br] Damage 2 <Pick
Launcher varies with Only>
(40mm the ammo
Grenades) loaded;
rounds follow
usual rules
for grenade
Browning 5d6 FA 250 [Blt] Features a 2 $4,000
M1919 tripod (which
(.30-06) takes a
full turn to
deploy or un-
deploy) that
negates up to
three points
of recoil
penalty when
When the
tripod is not
this weapon
receives a -4
to attacks
unless being
used by a
with Strength
8 or greater.


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
M203 8d6 S 1 [M] Damage 3 <Pick
Grenade varies with Only>
Launcher the ammo
(40mm loaded;
Grenades) standard
rounds follow
usual rules
for grenade
blast. This
weapon can
be affixed to
the AK-47, 4,
M16, or Steyr-
Aug assault
rifles with
a successful
M60E3 4d6 FA 250 [Blt] This weapon 3 $8,000
(.308) features
a bipod
which, when
reduces recoil
by 2. This
weapon can
only be used
by characters
with Strength
5 or higher.
RPG-7 10d6 S 1 [Br] This weapon’s 3 $3,000
(85mm damage
Rocket) follows the
normal rules
for grenade
blast radius.
Barret M82 9d6 SA 10 [C] This weapon 4 $18,000
(.50 BMG) features
a military


Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Picks Price

of (Type)
Military (d6)d6 S 7 (Cannot This wielder’s 4 <Pick
Flamethrower be combat Only>
reloaded.) movement is
reduced by
yards, to a
of one yard.
This weapon
hits all
targets in
a ten-yard
straight line
from the
barrel and
sets them all
on fire (1d6
turn until
GE Minigun 3d6 FA 250 [BLT] Strength 8 4 <Pick
(.308) or higher Only>
needed to use.
Only apply -1
recoil penalty
for every 15
rounds fired;
apply all
usual autofire
Cannot fire
less than
60 rounds
per attack.

M79 Grenade Launcher: First the Vietnam War. Because of its

available in 1960, The M79 grenade distinctive report, it earned the
launcher is a single-shot, shoulder- nicknames of “Thumper”, “Thump-
fired, Break-action grenade Gun”, “Bloop Tube” and “Blooper”
launcher which fires a 40x46mm among American soldiers. The
grenade and first appeared during M79 can fire a wide variety of 40


mm rounds, including explosive, being used on many other rifles.

anti-personnel, smoke, buckshot, M60E3: The M60 (formally the
flechette, and illumination. While United States Machine Gun, Caliber
largely replaced by the M203, the 7.62 mm, M60) is a family of
M79 has remained in service in American general purpose machine
many units worldwide in niche guns firing 7.62x51mm NATO
roles. cartridges from a disintegrating
belt of M13 links. There are several
Browning M1919: The M1919 types of live ammunition approved
Browning is a .30 caliber medium for use in the M60, including ball,
machine gun that was widely used tracer, and armor-piercing rounds.
during the 20th century. It was Introduced in 1957, it has served
used as a light infantry, coaxial, with every branch of the U.S
mounted, aircraft, and anti-aircraft military and still serves with other
machine gun by the U.S. and many armed forces. Its manufacture and
other countries, especially during continued upgrade for military and
World War II, the Korean War, and commercial purchase continues
the Vietnam War. Although it began into the 21st century though it has
to be superseded by newer designs been replaced or supplemented in
in the later half of the century most roles by other designs, notably
(such as by the M60 machine the M240 in U.S service.
gun), it remained in use in many
North Atlantic Treaty Organization RPG-7: The RPG-7 is a widely-
(NATO) countries and elsewhere produced, portable, shoulder-
for much longer. It is very similar launched, anti-tank rocket
in design to the larger .50 in (12.7 propelled grenade weapon.
mm) M2 Machine Gun, which is Originally the RPG-7 (Ruchnoy
also a Browning-designed weapon [Hand-held] Protivotankovyy [Anti-
and is still in NATO service. Tank] Granatomyot [Grenade
Launcher]) and its predecessor, the
M203: Designed in 1968, The RPG-2, were designed by the Soviet
M203 is a single shot 40 mm Union, and now manufactured
grenade launcher that attaches by the Bazalt company. The
to many rifles, but was originally ruggedness, simplicity, low cost,
designed for the U.S. M16 and its and effectiveness of the RPG-7
variant, the M4 Carbine. In the U.S. have made it the most widely used
military, when a rifle or carbine is anti-tank weapon in the world.
equipped with the launcher, both Currently around 40 countries use
weapons are collectively referred to the weapon, and it is manufactured
as an M203. Stand-alone variants in a number of variants by nine
exist as do versions capable of countries. It is also popular with


irregular and guerrilla forces. The GE Minigun: Developed in 1963,

RPG has been used in almost all the Minigun is a 7.62 mm,
conflicts across all continents since multi-barrel machine gun with
the mid-1960s from the Vietnam a high rate of fire (over 3,000
War to the present day War in rounds per minute), employing
Afghanistan and Iraq War. Gatling-style rotating barrels
with an external power source.
Barret M82: Designed in 1980, the Specifically, minigun refers
M82 (also more recently known to a single weapon, originally
as the M107) is a recoil-operated, produced by General Electric.
semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle The “mini” of the name is in
developed by the American Barrett comparison to designs that use
Firearms Manufacturing. A heavy a similar firing mechanism but
SASR (Special Application Scoped larger shells, such as General
Rifle), it is used by many units Electric’s earlier 20 mm M61
and armies around the world. It Vulcan.
is also called the “Light Fifty” for
its .50 caliber BMG (12.7 mm)
chambering. A gigantic anti-tank
sniper rifle. I wouldn’t want to take
on the Tall Man at all, but if I had
to, I’d want to be using this exact

Military Flamethrower: A man-

portable backpack flamethrower
that was used in World War II.
Although its actual “burn time”
was around 7 seconds and the
flame was only effective out to
around 33 meters, it was still a
functional weapon that had many
uses in the war. As some were sold
off, the majority of them were also
scrapped when they were declared
“obsolete.” Each time the bearer
is hit with small (or not so small)
arms fire, roll 2d6. On a result of
snake-eyes, the tank combusts,
dealing 12d6 damage to the wearer,
who is set on fire.


Throwing Weapons

These weapons are all used with the more-or-less free. If you purchase
Throwing Weapons combat skill. a throwing weapon with a pick
Throwing weapons can be thrown or picks, you receive 2d6 of that
with one hand, but readying a weapon—otherwise the prices
throwing weapon is a move action listed are for individual throwing
that requires both hands to be weapons.

Weapon Damage Notes Picks

Throwing Knife 1d6 + -- 1 ($10)
Shuriken 1d6 + Speed +1 to attack rolls with 2 ($25)
this weapon.
Molotov 4d6 Targets within one yard of 2 ($60)
Cocktail ground zero take full damage;
targets two yards away take
only 2d6, and targets three
yards away take only 1d6
damage. Targets further
than three yards away
are unaffected. All targets
damaged this way are on fire
and take 1d6 fire damage
per turn unless extinguished
with a successful Speed
Check and full-turn action.
Fragmentation 8d6 Only the targets within a yard 3 ($350)
Grenade of ground zero take the full
damage. For every yard away
a target is, they take 2d6
less damage. For instance, a
target two yards away would
take only 4d6 damage.


Normal Ammunition

Weapons “purchased” with additional empty spare mags

weapon picks come fully loaded, must be purchased in order
whereas weapons purchased to reload the weapon quickly.
with cash come empty. In either Weapons load only the type of
case, for weapons that use clips, ammo listed in parenthesis next
one magazine is included, but to their names.

Caliber Count Notes Price

Per Box Per Box
.22 50 -- $6.00
.38 Special FMJ 50 -- $15.00
.38 Special 20 +1d6 Damage but double $21.00
Hollow Points target’s Armor (if any).
9x19mm 50 -- $13.00
Parabellum FMJ
9x19mm Hollow 20 +1d6 Damage but double $20.00
Points target’s Armor (if any).
.32 ACP 50 -- $21.00
.45 ACP FMJ 50 -- $23.00
.45 ACP Hollow Points 20 +1d6 Damage but double $24.00
target’s Armor (if any).
.357 Magnum 50 -- $20.00
.50AE 20 -- $38.00
.44 Magnum 50 -- $31.00
.500 S&W Magnum 20 -- $41.00
.45 Long Colt 20 -- $37.00
.30-06 20 [Case of 50 Boxes] $26.00
[1000] [$1100]
7.62x25mm 50 -- $18.00
7.62x39mm 20 -- $14.00
7.62x54mm 20 $21.00
.308 (Identical to 20 [Case of 50 Boxes] $16.00
7.62x51mm NATO) [1000] [$600.00]
5.56mm 20 [Case of 50 Boxes] $10.00
[1000] [$424.00]


Caliber Count Notes Price

Per Box Per Box
20 Gauge Birdshot 25 Reduce all d6 rolled for $10.00
damage to d3 instead.
20 Gauge Buckshot 25 -- $16.00
.223 20 -- $17.00
12 Gauge Birdshot 25 Reduce all d6 rolled for $11.00
damage to d3 instead.
12 Gauge 5 [Case of 50 Boxes] $5.00
Buckshot (00) [250] [$204.00]
12 Gauge Slug 5 Change damage to 1d6 + $11.00
Ignore special rules
for shotguns.
.30-.30 20 -- $20.00
.70 Ball 5 Also requires black $9.00
powder (loose or pellets)
to shoot, sold separately.
.30 Carbine 50 -- $22.00
.50 BMG 10 $55.00
Spare Clip (Empty) NA Required for loading $25.00 per spare
weapons that use clips. magazine.
Speedloader NA Allows for faster $10.00 per
reloading of a Cylinder speedloader.
loaded weapon.
Machine Gun Box/Belt NA Required in addition to $100.00 per
ammo in order to use box/belt.
full-sized machine guns.


Special Ammunition

Caliber Count Notes Price

Per Per Box
M406 1 8d6 Damage (-2d6 $60
40x46mm HE Grenade for every yard from
ground zero.)
M576 1 Essentially a giant $80
40x46mm Buckshot shotgun shell. 11d6
Damage versus
unarmored targets,
5d6 damage versus
targets with even
one point of armor.
No blast radius,
but use shotgun
rules for attack.
M583 1 Flare grenade with $78
40x46mm White Star 90,000 candle power.
Also available in
green and red. Deals
12d6 damage to
vampires; uses normal
blast radius rules
versus vampires.
M1006 1 8d6 Subdual damage to $22
40x46mm Non-Lethal a single target.
“Sponge Grenade” No blast.
85mm HE Rocket 1 -- $500
Propelled Grenade
Silver Bullets As ammo Deals double damage Box Cost x 100
box count. versus Shifters
and at the GM’s
discretion, bypasses
the Immunity
(Normal Weapons)
of some other
monsters. Pistols,
rifles, shotguns, and
automatics only (no
heavy weapons).


Weapon Accessories

Weapon accessories can be GM’s discretion. Accessories

installed on weapons by making cannot be installed on weapons
a Gunsmith Skill Test—the that already come with the
difficulty can vary from Very same accessory “built in” or on
Easy (+4) to Hard (-2) at the heavy weapons.

Accessory Effects Compatibility Price

Foregrip/ Reduce recoil penalties by 1. Pistols and machine $150
Folding Stock pistols tend to have folding
stocks whereas SMGs and
shotguns tend to have
foregrips. GM’s discretion.
Silencer/ A normal gunshot can be Pistols and rifles have $200
Suppressor heard anywhere within silencers—automatic
100 yards with a Very weapons have suppressors.
Easy Wits Check. Hearing a Shotguns and revolvers
silenced gunshot from the can’t be silenced or
same range is a Hard Wits suppressed. Incompatible
Check. The same applies with Bayonet.
to pinpointing the location
of a concealed attacker.
Laser Aiming Provides a +2 Bonus Incompatible with all $500
Module to attack tests but also Scopes. GM’s discretion
provides a +2 Bonus for which weapons can
to Dodge the attack. have laser sights.
Scope Reduce range penalties Incompatible with L.A.M. or $500
by 1. Enables use of Military Scope. Usually only
“Sniper” Technique. for revolvers and magnums.
Military Scope Reduce range penalties Assault rifles and sniper $2,500
by 1. Enables use of rifles only. Incompatible
“Sniper” Technique. +2 with LAM and Scope.
Bonus to attack tests.
Bayonet Can be used as Bayonet Incompatible with Silencer. $100
(melee weapon). Rifles/shotguns only.



Body armor reduces damage damage (like from bullets and

from successful attacks by a grenades) differently. Body
flat amount. However, EVERY armor does not protect against
successful attack does at least attacks that target the head
1 point of damage so damage unless otherwise noted.
cannot be reduced below 1.
Body armor reduces melee The GM is free to disallow
damage (like from clawing, body armor for characters that
biting, stabbing, slashing, and wouldn’t realistically have any.
bludgeoning attacks) and ranged

Armor Benefit Notes Price

Sports Pads/ Melee Damage Cut: 4 -1 to Speed when worn. $200
Heavy Leather Ranged Damage (Minimum Speed of 1.)
Jacket Cut: 1 Protects torso,
arms, and legs.
Flak Jacket Melee Damage Cut: 1 Protects torso only. $350
Ranged Damage
Cut: 4
Type I Body Melee Damage Cut: 2 Protects torso only. $1,000
Armor Ranged Damage
(Ballistic Vest) Cut: 6
Type II Body Melee Damage Cut: 4 Protects torso only. $2,000
Armor Ranged Damage
(Ballistic Vest) Cut: 12
Type III Body Melee Damage Cut: 7 Protects torso only. $3,000
Armor Ranged Damage -2 to Speed when worn.
(Ballistic Vest) Cut: 18 (Minimum Speed of 1.)
Type IV Body Melee Damage Cut: 9 Protects torso only. $5,000
Armor Ranged Damage -3 to Speed when worn.
(Ballistic Vest) Cut: 24 (Minimum Speed of 1.)
Riot Armor Melee Damage Cut: 10 Protects entire body, $10,000
Ranged Damage including head.
Cut: 10 -4 to Speed when worn.
(Minimum Speed of 1.)


Other Gear

Night Vision Goggles ($700): Booze ($20):

Negates all visibility Defense When you drink alcohol, make
Modifiers from darkness when a normal Will Check. If you
worn. Targets you attack in succeed, you regain 1d6 Faith
a dark room do not receive a and may regain additional Faith
positive Defense Modifier for based on your Faith trigger
visibility if you are wearing condition. Whether or not you
Night Vision Goggles. Also succeed, you become Drunk (
eliminates other negative -1 Difficulty Modifier to all
Difficulty Modifiers that might Checks and Tests, -1 Penalty to
occur as a result of darkness. all attacks) for (10 – Strength)
hours, minimum of 1 hour.
First Aid Kit ($50):
Allows you to make an Average Flashlight ($15):
First Aid Skill Check to restore Reduces visibility Difficulty
a number of d6 of Health to Modifiers from darkness by two
a wounded character equal when illuminated. Characters
to your First Aid skill bonus. holding lit flashlights in a dark
Without a first aid kit, this test room receive a Defense Modifier
may be Hard or Very Hard or of -2, however.
outright impossible at the GM’s


“He who fights with monsters might
take care
lest he thereby become a monster.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche


This section contains statistics

and descriptions for the terrifying
monsters that Phantasm Phantasm (1979)
(2010) player characters must
Written and Directed
fight to survive, as well as by Don Coscarelli
statistics for some typical non-
player characters (NPCs) that
the PCs might interact with as After the death of their parents, 24 year
hostile adversaries, innocent old musician Jody Pearson is raising his
13 year old brother Mike in a small town
bystanders, or helpful allies.
disturbed by the mysterious deaths of
Many of the creatures in this
its citizens. Reggie, an ice cream vendor,
section are inspired by movies, joins the brothers in their suspicions
books, and video games—almost that the local mortician, dubbed “The
all of the creatures in this Tall Man”, is responsible for the deaths.
section are informed by folklore
and mythology to some degree. Mike relays his fears to a fortune
teller and her granddaughter about the
The possibility of Jody leaving town, and
Mike in the care of his aunt along with
Phantasmagoria the suspicions of The Tall Man. Mike is
shown a small black box and told to put
his hand into it. After the box grips his
The default threat/antagonist of hand, Mike is told not to be afraid and as
the Phantasm roleplaying game, the panic subsides, the box relaxes its
these monsters are directly grip. The notion of fear itself as the killer
based on or inspired by the is established and is what propels Mike
menacing creatures created by towards his final confrontation in the
horror visionary Don Coscarelli film with The Tall Man.
for his 1979 dark phantasy
(tee hee) action adventure, Mike is pursued by minions of the Tall
Phantasm. It was stated in the Man, zombie dwarfs made from the
disclaimer at the beginning,


but is worth repeating, that the bodies of the recently deceased, and
author of Phantasm (2010) in no tries to convince his brother of what is
way takes credit for any of the happening. After convincing his brother
content in this game unique to and Reggie, they find a strange white
or borrowed from the Phantasm room with containers in the mausoleum.
series or other classic horror There is also a gateway to another
dimension or planet that Mike enters
movies. He’s just a fan. If you
briefly where he sees the dwarfs that
have seen Phantasm, be warned. have hunted him through the movie
The following section contains a being used as slaves.
slavishly obsessive (and highly
subjective and arguable) over- While trying to escape the Tall Man,
analysis of it. The sidebars in Reggie is killed. Mike and Jody barely
this section summarize the escape. They devise a plan to lure the
first two movies, but you should Tall Man into a local deserted mine
really watch them instead. shaft and trap him inside. After doing
so successfully, Mike wakes with a start
in his house, laying by the fireplace
“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
with Reggie sitting next to him. Reggie
on Earth as it is in Hell.” explains that Mike was simply having a
bad dream, something that was common
The Phantasmagoria is the since Jody died in a car crash. This
collective name that we have implies that the entire movie has been
made up for the forces of the a dream wherein Mike was trying to
Tall Man. The Tall Man, once prevent Jody from leaving. We then see
human, but now much less Mike go into his room where the Tall
and much more, is a modern Man is waiting and pulls Mike through
necromancer (a master of death his bedroom mirror.
and undeath magic) or lich
(undead magician) or both. He is
leading an invading army of the
undead to take over the earth
(starting with the west coast
and the mid west). His goal is
simple; steal the dead and turn
them into his slaves. On his
side, he has an army of undead
dwarves and flying silver orbs agent, working on behalf of
that can puree a human brain another dimension called the
in seconds. Netherworlds, a place where
Necromancy is a popular trade
While incredibly formidable, and fresh corpses are a big
the Tall Man is essentially an import and export business. The


force that is ultimately behind this roleplaying game. Perhaps

the Tall Man’s campaign of the ultimate “employers” of
depopulation and necromantic the Tall Man are the Cenobites
enslavement is up to the GM and (see below); it is up to the GM’s
probably beyond the scope of discretion.


Phantasm II (1988) “The

Written and Directed great big bastard
by Don Coscarelli rolls into town after
the old mortician
has an unfortunate
Nine years after the original
accident. Usually, a
Phantasm, the film introduces Liz
Reynolds a young woman with a town small enough
psychic bond to Mike Pearson and to have a number of
the Tall Man that manifests in the Sheriff’s department
form of prophetic nightmares. officers you can count
on one hand, but large
She recalls a vision that picks enough to have a good
up immediately where the first sized mausoleum. He
film ended: after the Tall Man’s always arrives right
minions attacked Mike through on time to take up the
the mirror, Reggie heard the
old mortician’s duties.
commotion and ran upstairs to
his aid, where he found the Tall And then he begins
Man and a dwarf Lurker dragging work.
him out. He attempted to procure
a shotgun, but while searching “First, he starts with
for ammunition, he was attacked the corpses already in
by Lurkers and was forced to flee the Mausoleum. Just to
through a laundry chute, although perfect his shrinking
he managed to surreptitiously technique. But these
snuff the pilot lights on the stove to are just corpses. It is
feed gas into the house beforehand.
difficult to animate
Once upstairs, he dodged the Tall
Man and rescued Mike, but a team them. They are
of Lurkers ascended upstairs and missing something.
the two dove out the bedroom
window to escape as the gas fumes “That fresh spark of
reached the living room fireplace life. So soon, he puts
and destroyed the house. these little freeze


Having been institutionalized as dried undead turds to

delusional since the first film,
work harvesting more
Mike , now 19 years old, feels he
corpses; not from
can no longer ignore Liz’s dream
pleas, and fakes his recovery the cemetery or the
to obtain a doctor’s release. At mausoleum, but from
night, he returns to Morningside the town itself.
cemetery to exhume bodies and is
interrupted by Reggie, who tells “He takes them one by
him that the attack by “midgets” one, starting with the
and the subsequent explosion from people he knows won’t
the flashback never occurred. be missed, and the
freshly and naturally
En route to Reggie’s house, Mike
dead. He pumps them
receives a vision--likely from the
Tall Man directly--of an impending full of his special
gas explosion, and frantically tries embalming fluid.
to warn Reggie seconds before The perfect soldiers;
his house is consumed in an no feelings, just
explosion, killing his wife Celeste unthinking hatred.
and daughter Bonnie. Mike’s futile The brain (and the soul
warning convinces Reggie that with it) is removed.
he is telling the truth and, at the The minds make
funeral, he agrees to accompany
weapons separate
Mike on his quest.
from the bodies.
They break into a hardware store at
night and stock up on an abundance “See, through the
of supplies and tools; they also torturous death of
build a series of weapons: a portable these poor individuals,
flamethrower for Mike, and a four- their minds are
barreled shotgun for Reggie. They twisted, warped and
then travel the country roads, shattered, scourged of
encountering abandoned towns all love, tenderness,
and pillaged graveyards, as well
and remorse. These
as a few traps and apparitions the
insane minds power
Tall Man has left in his wake. They
follow clues that lead them to the a weapon even more
final town along the state border: powerful than his
Perigord, Oregon where they zombie dwarfs. The
become embroiled in a climactic orbs.
showdown to save the town’s few
remaining residences from the Tall “You know what? I
Man and his forces. don’t even want to
talk about the orbs.


“His aim? It’s hard for me to “In the small towns he’s been
guess at that. He just rolls from through, you can smell the
town to town, taking people, carnage. And you can hear
killing ‘em, bringin’ ‘em back, the dead moaning from the
shrinkin’ ‘em, and stuffin’ ‘em cemetery, where their eternal
through this gateway God rest has been interrupted. Sure,
knows where. He’s stocking his maybe now you think I’m just
larders, and raising an undead some crazy old fool. But wait
army. But what war is he till it’s your town where he
fighting? And who’s his enemy? comes a’calling.”
Sometimes, I worry that it’s us.
California’s not the same now.
B a d ass le to
est ed
t he wea k be ex pect asis.
te s ld b
ve l i ndica that cou a reg u lar even a
Le ter on n;
e D e at h o f c harac monster roximatio a Graver
hav y t th e ap p ow n an
t e r s don’t holds. The r defea s a rough an ta ke d Superhumout
s i i c
Cs, M nockout t ht when ated
h re the This s Norma l nd even a ua l ly run nd
a a
Un l i ke
ld s or K o u tr i g
a r e tr e
e Badas ood day, ou ld event . Hea lth for
o d y v g s
h e
thres lways kil l til then th onsters h ow
e a on a s’s luck w ed Lurker ifferently ess
a re a
it s 0; u n
S om e M
u n t y i s h
g Badas s a hundr ermined d NPCs. Un l re
h o n t a
h .
Hea lt ing fresh don’t. X P for defeat the
B i versu se are de r PCs and onsters er
as be and other acter gets is goes to ow
Defe ers than tioned, f o m
r, a ndoh d
t a de
, r
Faith X P a cha defau lt th kil ling b ger
l mons ise men idation, fe be persua
r w i m ot
much onster; by dea lt the es w ith lar u ld othe ne to int ey cann
th i s m
h o
r w ugher en e m i
yers c o
g immu l effects; t .
a c t p l a t i n n t a it h
char gh for to M and plit me ed w
t h o u e G em , like s iv iding o r r eason
a l t h s t d
ies, er sy s or ger
bount on anoth een player ea lt. Dan
decide en ly betw damage
e v o n
XP based
it up -Testimony of
Sheriff Carl Blaylock,
last survivor of Thorn Valley


Lurkers target that it is grappling is an

attack that must be made at a
-2 Penalty or you may choose to
“Jody: What’s out there?
risk hitting the lurker’s victim
Mike: I don’t know. It was little,
(forgo the penalty, and a miss
brown and low to the ground.” -
automatically hits the victim).
You may shoot a Lurker off of
yourself with a pistol but you
must succeed a Strength Contest
Strength: 4
first on your turn.
Speed: 4
Wits: 2 µµ Claw at +1 for 1d6 .
Will: 1
µµ Bite to automatically deal 2d6
Health: 24 + 4 to a Grappled character with
Initiative: 1d6 + 4 a successful Strength Contest
Defense: 4
µµ Cannot bite non-grappled
Stealth: Expert (+2) Techniques:
Climbing: Apprentice (+1) Blitzkrieg, Frenzy.
Awareness: Apprentice (+1).
Attacks: Jawas from hell. Three to four
µµ Grapple at +2. If successful, feet tall and clad in brown,
the Lurker has a Strength thick tattered sackcloth monks’
Contest with the target. If the robes hiding their hideous faces
Lurker wins, the Target is in shadow, revealing only their
grappled. While one or more glowing red eyes. In reality,
Lurkers are clinging to a target, they’re hideously shrunken
reduce the target’s Speed by 2 corpses with leathery skin and
for each Lurker that is grappling fetal features. The most likely
the target. Lurkers receive a +2 of the forces of Phantasmagoria
to the Melee Attack to establish a to be seen outside of the
grapple for each Lurker already Mausoleum, out scouting for
grappling that target, and a +2 “fresh” corpses or aiding the
Bonus to all Strength Contests Tall Man and his necromancers
versus a target for each Lurker in the field.
already grappling that target.
This allows teams of Lurkers to XP Bounty: 5 XP
bring down much larger targets. Danger Level: Badass Normal
Shooting a Lurker off of a


Hunter Killer off of the target. Shooting a

Sphere (Also Sentinel Hunter Killer off of a victim that
it is imbedded in is an attack that
Sphere, Orb, Ball )
must be made at a -4 Penalty or
you may choose to risk hitting the
“This ball wants to play with you—for victim (forgo the penalty, and you
keeps!” hit the victim automatically if you
–Phantasm tagline. miss and the attack deals double
damage due to the proximity to the
Attributes: target’s head). A target having an
Strength: 6 orb shot off of his head takes the
Speed: 8 same damage having an orb ripped
Wits: 6 off of his head would take.
Will: 1 You may not attempt to shoot
an Orb off of yourself or in fact take
Health: 6 any actions (besides the Crushingly
Initiative: 2d6 + 8 Hard Strength Check to remove the
Defense: 10 Orb) while a Sphere is imbedded in
your skull. An orb requires three
Skills: full turns to work its way out of the
Awareness: Expert (+2). skull of a target it has successfully
and fatally lobotomized—during
Attacks: this time it receives a -5 Defense
µµ Lobotomize at +4. If the attack Modifier.
hits, the target must succeed a Hard
(-2) Speed Check to take only 1d6 Techniques:
damage from a grazing blow. If the Blitzkrieg.
target fails, the Sphere imbeds itself
in the target’s forehead, dealing Special Abilities:
an initial damage of 2d6. On the The Hunter Killer Sphere receives
Sphere’s next turn (and each of its a +4 Bonus to Strength Contests
subsequent turns until the target is to resist being grappled or to
dead), it automatically deals 10d6 escape from a grapple, although
damage to the target unless the it never grapples itself.
sphere has been pulled off with a
Strength Check (Crushingly Hard Special Weaknesses:
for the character it is imbedded A Hunter Killer Sphere automatically
in; Hard for any other character) takes 1d6 Damage per combat round
which deals 1d6 damage to the if a tuning fork sounds the note of E
imbedded character instead. within ten yards of it. This is FAR
The sphere can also be shot from common knowledge and how (or


even if) player characters can learn autonomous weapon to its victim’s
this is up to the GM’s discretion. head as a drill bores through the
front of the skull and a suction
Description: pump slurps out the contents of the
A shiny silver orb of glistening victim’s skull. Blood, brain matter,
chrome, perfectly round and and viscera is ejected from a hole in
immaculately clean, about the the rear of the orb, completing the
size of a softball. It is capable of gruesome death.
independently hovering and flying
at great speeds. The seamless front XP Bounty: 25
of the orb carries concealed slots Danger Level: Uber Badass
for two razor sharp retractable
barbs, which are used to anchor the


“Mike: You gotta be shittin’ me, man! Techniques:

That mother’s STRONG!” Counterattack.
Special Abilities:
Attributes: Natural Armor 5 (Reduce all
Strength: 7 damage taken by 5 to a minimum
Speed: 3 of 1.)
Wits: 3
Will: 3 Description:
These huge hulking ghouls wear
Health: 70 gasmasks and coveralls splattered
Initiative: 2d6 + 3 with the dirt of the grave. Perhaps
Defense: 4 they are full-sized versions of lurkers
made from only the strongest and
Skills: toughest corpses that the Tall Man
Lifting: Expert (+2) and his Necromancers can find.
Intimidate: Expert (+2) Perhaps they are simply bigger,
Awareness: Trained (+0) stronger Mortician’s Assistants (see
below). Either way, they’re big mean
Attacks: bastards. They’re primarily used
µµ Chainsaw at +1 for 7d6 for exhuming bodies and lugging
coffins, but they can also arm
µµ Sledgehammer at +1 for 3d6 themselves with either a Chainsaw
+ 14. or a Sledgehammer (not both) to


defend the Mortuary. They are very XP Bounty: 40

hard to beat in a fight but relatively Danger Level: Uber Badass
easy to sneak by.

Mortician s Assistant

“The Tall Man: You think that when Techniques:

you die you go to Heaven. You come to Blitzkrieg, Dodge.
–Phantasm II Special Weaknesses:
Not really that special, but unlike other
Attributes: monsters, Mortician’s Assistants are
Strength: 5 susceptible to things other monsters
Speed: 5 aren’t (like fear, poisons, etc.).
Wits: 7
Will: 3 Descriptions:
These creepy, simpering lackeys
Health: 36 are technically human, but they
Initiative: 1d6 + 5 belong here more than with the
Defense: 8 other human Extras because
they’re barely human. They serve
Skills: the Tall Man and his necromancers
Blades: Expert (+2) willingly, for their own inscrutable
Stealth: Apprentice (+1) reasons—perhaps some leverage
Intimidate: Expert (+2) the Phantasmagoria has over
Drive: Apprentice (+1) them, perhaps a desire to taste
Chemistry: Expert (+2) the forbidden power of death.
Subterfuge: Apprentice (+1) Often pallid and either corpulent
Brawling: Apprentice (+1) or emaciated, these necromancers-
Awareness: Trained (+0). in-training wear cheap black
suits, aid in the “embalming”, and
Attacks: guard the mortuary although they
µµ Straight Razor at +2 for 10. are occasionally sent out on field
missions. They have a bad habit
µµ Hatchet at +2 for 1d6 + 7. of getting “accidentally” hit by
µµ Grapple at +1. (Against smaller/ Sentinel Spheres, especially after
weaker targets only. Uses normal screwing up.
rules for grappling.)
XP Bounty: 15
Danger Level: Badass Normal


Ghoul Equipment:
Heavy Leather Jacket (Melee
Damage Cut: 4; Ranged Damage
“The Tall Man: Death is no escape from
Cut: 1), Vehicle.
–Phantasm: OblIVion
Not technically human (their
lank, lifeless hair, rash ridden
Strength: 6
scalps, and pale, waxy skin can
Speed: 6
give them away) Ghouls are
Wits: 5
nonetheless masters at passing
Will: 2
for them. The Tall Man and his
necromancers use Ghouls as spies
Health: 60
and scouts. A favorite tactic is
Initiative: 2d6 + 4
reanimating the friends, family,
Defense: 8
and allies of those survivors
who resist as ghouls, and
sending them back to ‘harvest’
Drive: Expert (+2)
their unsuspecting buddies.
Stealth: Apprentice (+1)
When killed or incapacitated,
Clubs: Expert (+2)
at the GM’s discretion, Ghouls
Pistols: Expert (+2)
sometimes unleash a Hunter
Subterfuge: Master (+4)
Killer Sphere from inside their
Locksmith: Trained (+0)
skull (or some other cavity) in
Awareness: Trained (+0).
a shower of gore and viscera.
These variants are referred to
as Ballheads. Detecting a ghoul
Tire Iron at +2 for 2d6 + 6.
requires a successful Awareness
(Or any other club-type melee
Test or Wits Check, unless the
ghoul is using Subterfuge to fool
Colt Python at +2 for 5d6. (Or
you. Then it becomes a contest
any other pistol.)
between your Awareness and
the ghoul’s Subterfuge.
Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Batter Up,
XP Bounty: 25
Dodge, Point Blank.
Danger Level: Uber Badass


Ghoul, Template Attribute Changes:

Strength: +2
Speed: +1
This template can be applied to
Wits: -1
any existing human NPC or PC
Will: -2
to transform them into a ghoul.
Ghouls are not susceptible to
Health: Increase to Strength x
fear, cannot be persuaded or
10 if lower than that.
reasoned with (but can still be
Initiative: Increase to 2d6 +
tricked), and are immune to
Speed if lower than that.
poisons and drugs. They have
Defense: Increase to 3 + Wits if
no free will and serve the Tall
lower than that.
Faith: Reduced to 0.


“Reggie: Come on, you mutha!” µµ Unarmed slam at +2 for 2d6

–Phantasm II + 10.

Attributes: µµ Grapple at +4.

Strength: 10
Speed: 3 Techniques:
Wits: 2 Critical Attack, Improved Critical
Will: 2 Attack, Ambidexterity, plus Impaler
or Chainsaw Gouge (either costs
Health: 100 Health instead of Faith).
Initiative: 1d6 + 3
Defense: 5 Special Abilities:
Natural Armor 10 (Reduce all
Skills: damage taken by 10 to a minimum
Awareness: Trained (+0) of 1).
Intimidate: Expert (+2) Ballhead (Launches a Hunter Killer
Lifting: Master (+4). Sphere one turn after being killed/
µµ Two blades at +1 for 1d6 + 9 Description:
or Four Blades at -1 for 1d6 + 9. Huge misshapen lumps of meat
µµ Chainsaw at +2 for 10d6 or and muscle with four arms sutured
two chainsaws at +1 for 10d6. on to their rotting bodies and
(Replaces #1.) their eyes sewed shut. They tend


to carry rusted machetes, meat Mausoleum. Other good news is

cleavers or hatchets strapped to that they’re fairly easy to outrun,
teach of their four rotting, bulging just hope you don’t have to fight
arms but sometimes carry two your way past one. In terms of
small chainsaws instead. Retained appearance, their vast, rotting
by the Tall Man in very large bulk is barely contained by blood
mausoleums and used to move the spattered black leather butchers’
heaviest caskets and barrels in aprons and S&M gimp masks.
bulk. They are also very deadly
in a fight, and require concerted XP Bounty: 80
effort and/or serious firepower to Danger Level: Superhuman Badass
take down; fortunately they are
rarely encountered outside of the

Archiver Wurm

“I felt the hand of God and that’s the but can “borrow” the core’s. The core
last thing that I felt.” technically has no attacks but can
–The Faint, “Ballad of a Paralyzed call the tentacles to defend itself.)
Attributes: Security: Master (+4)
Strength: 4 (7) Chemistry: Master (+4)
Speed: 4 (6) Electronics: Master (+4)
Wits: 8 (1) Awareness: Master (+4).
Will: 6 (1)
Health: 60 (35) µµ Slash at +2 for 1d6 + 7.
Initiative: 3d6 + 4 (1d6 + 6)
Defense: 8 (6) µµ Grapple at +4. If successful,
can “Bite” grappled target for
(The Wurm is a distributed 2d6 + 11.
organism, with a non-mobile core Techniques:
and 6d6 highly mobile individual Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Reposition,
tentacles. If the core is destroyed, all Counterattack.
of the tentacles die as well. The offset
statistics in parentheses represent Description:
the individual tentacles; the main An original creation for
statistics represent the core. The Phantasm(2010) not seen
tentacles technically have no skills before outside of this RPG,


the Wurm is a huge and very claws; each claw contains needle
unusual biomechanical creature sharp grasping blades at the tip,
imported from the Netherworlds and a tiny ‘animal brain’ which
(aka Phantasm) to help the is the nerve center of that
Phantasmagoria with the tentacle. The core represents a
sorting of subjects. They help naked, undead humanoid with
administrate the depopulation a bundle of thin, ropy black
of small-town America and tentacles protruding from the
the enslavement of our dead. junctions of his shattered bones,
Wurms are composed of dozens and a metal plaque with an
of claw-tipped tentacles that pull etched serial number grafted on
the caskets through the backs where his eyes should be.
of the different slabs and sort
them around the Mausoleum, XP Bounty: 100 for the Core;
and a vaguely humanoid body/ 10 for each tentacle killed
trunk, which controls the individually.
claws. The tentacles are each Danger Level: Uber Badass
about thirty feet long, one foot
in circumference, tipped with

Golden Sphere (Also: Master Orb )

“The ball is back!” Attacks:

–Phantasm II Tagline µµ Lobotomize at +4. As Hunter
Killer Sphere’s only attack,
Attributes: except that the Golden Sphere
Strength: 8 needs only one turn to work its
Speed: 8 way out of a freshly killed victim
Wits: 8 after successfully hitting.
Will: 8
µµ Pinwheel Blade at +4 for 4d6
Health: 48 + 8.
Initiative: 2d6 + 8 µµ Up to two missiles at +2 for
Defense: 12 2d6 + 8. A golden orb can launch
a total of six missiles.
Awareness: Master (+4) µµ Laser at + 4 for 3d6. Bypasses
Electronics: Master (+4) damage resistance. Very effective
Security: Master (+4). at blasting through doors.


Techniques: player characters can learn this

Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Dodge, Reposition, is up to the GM’s discretion.
Critical Attack, Improved Critical
Attack. Description:
A larger version of the Sentinel
Special Abilities: Sphere, gold instead of silver. The
The Golden Sphere can make Tall Man is known to personally
free Pinwheel Blade attacks employ these as a final line of
against characters attempting defense, and one has emerged
to Grapple it or pull it off of a from within his own skull on
character it is imbedded in. more than one occasion. These
often lurk inside the heads of
Special Weaknesses: necromancers. These orbs are
The Golden Sphere automatically known to have the power to
takes 1d6 Damage per combat command the silver spheres.
round if a tuning fork sounds
the note of E within ten yards XP Bounty: 100
of it. This is FAR from common Danger Level: Superhuman Badass
knowledge and how (or even if)


“The Tall Man: Booyyy!!!” Skills:

--Phantasm Awareness: Expert (+2)
Intimidation: Master (+4)
Attributes: Leadership: Expert (+2);
Strength: 10 Subterfuge: Expert (+2)
Speed: 5 Chemistry: Master (+4)
Wits: 9 First Aid: Expert (+2)
Will: 9 Stealth: Apprentice (+1)
Locksmith: Apprentice (+1)
Health: 150 Security: Apprentice (+1)
Initiative: 3d6 + 5 Blades: Master (+4)
Defense: 14 Clubs Master (+4)
Dark Faith: 90 (Like Faith, only Brawling: Master (+4)
evil. No consequences for Dark Pistols: Trained (+0)
Faith 0) Automatics: Trained (+0)
Rifles: Trained (+0)
Throwing Weapons: Trained (+0).


Attacks: attacks are supernaturally

µµ Grapple at +6. ineffective against this monster.)
Immune to all instant kill
µµ Backhand at +4 for 3d6 + 10 effects.
(Subdual or not). Shadowstep (May automatically
µµ Cane at +4 for 2d6 + 5. catch up to anyone he is
pursuing, GM’s discretion.)
µµ Telekinesis at +4 for 2d6 + 9 Ballhead (At the GM’s discretion,
Subdual; can knock target back a Golden Sphere erupts from
up to 9 yards. Can also be used this enemy’s head when killed.)
to Grapple (use Will instead
of Strength for the Strength Special Weaknesses:
Contest) and to pick up objects Severely damaged by extreme
and open/close doors. Costs 5 cold, GM’s discretion. For
Faith per use. instance, a fire extinguisher
might be treated as a flame
µµ Terrify. Choose 1d6 targets thrower, and might furthermore
and roll 1d6 + 13; the targets impose a negative Defense
roll 1d6 + Will. Each target you Modifier. Everything from liquid
beat in this contest loses 3d6 nitrogen baths to flung icicles
Faith and becomes Shaken (-2 might have some effectiveness
Penalty to all Skill Tests and as a weapon.
Attacks) for the duration of the
encounter. Can only be used Description:
once per encounter. The black-suited, pale-skinned
captains and lieutenants of
µµ Via tools and servants (i.e.
the Phantasmagoria’s undead
Sentinel Spheres, Lurkers,
arming. Human in appearance,
but with superhuman strength
Techniques: and other powers. Like
Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Counterattack, the Tall Man himself, these
Critical Attack, Improved Critical necromancers are responsible
Attack, Dodge, Bullet Time, Matrix, for running “Mausoleums” that
Killing Hands, Lethal Strikes, depopulate, enslave, and ship
Reposition, Impaler, True Faith, out entire towns and counties.
Faith Heal. While these stats are probably
powerful enough to use for
Special Abilities: the Tall Man himself, you are
Supernatural Defense (Provides encouraged to create your
no additional benefit, but high own characters. If the Tall
Defense indicates most normal Man himself does appear in


this game, amend these stats movies) or driven off. Even that
however you need—the Tall Man should take quite some doing.
can do whatever he wants, and
his true, final defeat is outside XP Bounty: 500 for Defeating; 100-
the scope of this game, although 250 for Escaping/Driving Off.
he can be falsely killed (as he DangerLevel:Superhuman Badass++
is several times throughout the

Night Terrors

“They’re in those houses. Right now, in vampires like the ones from
all those houses. Behind the shades. In Salem’s Lot whereas Lamia are
beds and closets and cellars. Under the vampires of the sort seen in
floors. Hiding.” From Dusk Til Dawn; neither
–Stephen King, Salem’s Lot resemble the vampires of Anne
Rice. In Phantasm(2010), there
“Seth: I know what’s going on. We got a are also just plain vampires
bunch of fucking vampires out there, (the playable kind, see The Tag)
trying to get in here and suck our which are a third breed entirely
fucking blood. And that’s it. Plain and apart. Some of the creatures
simple. I don’t want to hear anything listed here may be more
about “I don’t believe in vampires,” obscure (or cribbed from more
because I don’t fucking believe in specific movies) than zombies,
vampires, but I believe in my own vampires, and werewolves. All
two eyes, and what I saw, is fucking of their place in the Phantasm
vampires. Now, do we all agree that (2010) universe.
what we are dealing with is vampires?”
–From Dusk Till Dawn Once again, the author of this
game takes no credit for any of
These creatures of the night the intellectual property he is
represent generic, lurking, drawing inspiration from.
creeping threats that make up
the bread-and-butter of dozens
if not hundreds of classic horror
films. Since not all vampires
or zombies are created equal,
when a range of choices is not
presented (like with zombies)
then specific “classes” of
monsters are. Nosferatu are



“When there’s no more room in hell, check (whichever is highest). If the

the dead will walk the earth.” check is failed, the character rises
–Dawn of the Dead (1978) Tagline as a Type II zombie when they die.

Type 1 Zombie Description:

The walking dead; corpses, in all
shapes and sizes, animated to seek
Attributes: human flesh mindlessly, especially
Strength: 5 juicy organs and tender brains . No
Speed: 2 one knows why they come back, but
Wits: 1 they’ve been doing it more and more
Will: 2 often lately. Usually, thankfully,
it’s just a local phenomenon,
Health: 30 rather than worldwide. Possible
Initiative: 1d6 + 2 explanations offered range from
Defense: 2 the zombies being the result of
an outbreak of some biological
Skills: weapon, a genetically engineered
Awareness: Trained (+0). virus that turns people into rabid
killing machines, to the dead rising
Attacks: around the world because of the
µµ Grapple at +1. Use normal grappling influence of a passing comment, to
rules (reference supplementary rules all of the zombies being resurrected
from the Lurker, above, if necessary.) easily by individual necromancers.
These slowly shambling, rotting
µµ Bite at +1 for 1d6 + 6 . corpses reek horribly, but their
stench is far worse than their bite.
µµ Bite to automatically deal 2d6 These zombies aren’t much of a
+ 6 to a Grappled character with threat to Badass Normals unless
a successful Strength Contest. attacking in larger numbers. To
more powerful characters, they
are little more than clay pidgeons.

Special Abilities: XP Bounty: 5 XP (+25 XP in a row

for killing five in a row over five
The People It Kills Get Up And Kill I:
consecutive turns; +100 XP for killing
At the GM’s discretion, characters
ten in a row over ten consecutive
damaged directly by a Zombie must
make an Easy Will or Strength
Danger Level: Badass Normal


Type II Zombie check is failed, the character rises

as a Type II zombie when they die
and take 1d6 unavoidable damage
every hour until they die from a
Strength: 6
gradually spreading and incurable
Speed: 3
Wits: 3
Will: 4
Although not fast zombies by any
Health: 60
means (we here at Phantasm 2010
Initiative: 2d6 + 3
don’t believe in fast zombies) these
Defense: 4
zombies are a little faster, a little
tougher, and almost supernaturally
strong. A badass normal would
Stealth: Apprentice (+1)
have a fight on their hands taking
Awareness: Trained (+0)
one of these on one-on-one. Uber
badasses need only be concerned
with crowds of them.
µµ Grapple at +2. Use normal
grappling rules (reference
XP Bounty: 10 XP (+50 XP in
supplementary rules from the
a row for killing five in a row
Lurker, above, if necessary.)
over five consecutive turns)
µµ Bite at +2 for 2d6 + 7. Danger Level: Uber Badass

µµ Bite to automatically deal 3d6 Type III Zombie

+ 7 to a Grappled character with
a successful Strength Contest.
Techniques: Strength: 7
None. Speed: 4
Wits: 4
Special Abilities: Will: 6
Hard To Kill: All d6 rolled to damage
zombies with firearms are treated Health: 105
as turning up 1s. Headshots, bladed Initiative: 2d6 + 4
weapons, and fire all bypass this Defense: 5
damage reduction.
The People It Kills Get Up And Kill II: Skills:
At the GM’s discretion, characters Stealth: Expert (+2)
damaged directly by a Zombie must Awareness: Apprentice (+1)
make a normal Will or Strength
check (whichever is highest). If the


Attacks: a Zombie must make a hard Will

µµ Grappleat+4.Usenormalgrappling or Strength check (whichever is
rules (reference supplementary rules highest). If the check is failed,
from the Lurker, above, if necessary.) the character rises as a Type III
zombie when they die and take 2d6
µµ Bite at +4 for 3d6 + 7. unavoidable damage every hour
µµ Bite to automatically deal 4d6 until they die from a gradually
+ 7 to a Grappled character with spreading and incurable infection.
a successful Strength Contest.
Techniques: These zombies are terrifying.
Blitzkrieg, Frenzy. Take your biggest gun, aim for
the head, and pray you don’t
Special Abilities: miss. While still not fast zombies
Hard To Kill: All d6 rolled to damage (no sprinting for these guys)
zombies with firearms are treated they aren’t easy to run circles
as turning up 1s. Headshots, bladed around either.
weapons, and fire all bypass this
damage reduction. XP Bounty: 15 XP (+100 XP in
The People It Kills Get Up And a row for killing five in a row
Kill III: At the GM’s discretion, five consecutive turns)
characters damaged directly by Danger Level: Superhuman Badass


“Lead Cenobite: No tears, please. It’s a Skills:

waste of good suffering.” Intimidation: Master (+4)
–Hellraiser Torture: Master (+4)
Stealth: Expert (+2)
Attributes: Awareness: Expert (+2)
Strength: 7
Speed: 7 Attacks:
Wits: 7 µµ Hellish Implement at +4 for 3d6 +
Will: 7 7. These hooked chains fly out of the
blackness, tearing into the flesh of
Health: 70 the Cenobite’s victims. A chain attack
Initiative: 2d6 + 7 that successfully hits automatically
Defense: 10 starts a grapple; with a successful
Dark Faith: 70 grapple contest, a Cenobite can do
3d6 for each hellish implement stuck
in the victim’s flesh.


µµ Blade at +4 for 2d6 + 4. for an experience outside of the

mundane confines of the flesh
µµ Deicide: Enter a Will contest with and are called by solving a special
any character within line of sight; puzzle box called the Lemarchand
if the Cenobite wins, the victim Configuration, although other
loses 3d6 Faith. key artifacts may exist. Often
Techniques: adventurers in the farther reaches
Improved Critical Attack, of human experience find that the
Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Reposition, appearance of the Cenobites is not
Impaler, Ambidexterity, Dual quite what they bargained for. They
Wield, In The Face, Bullseye, appear to drag their summoner off
True Faith to hell; summoners able to escape
this fate may eventually become
Special Abilities: Fugitive Revenants (see below).
Otherworldly: Cenobites ignore Cenobites are unlikely to attack
damage from attacks not fueled random “innocents” unless they
by Faith. are caught in the wrong place
(anywhere the Cenobites have been
Description: summoned) at the wrong time
Cenobites are denizens of another (when the Cenobites come through).
dimension—perhaps they are from Even then, Cenobites can usually be
hell, perhaps they are the true bargained with, at least temporarily,
denizens of the Netherworld that although their thirst to rend
spawned the Tall Man and the unspoilt flesh is powerful, they are
Screamers. Regardless, their home duty bound to ensure that no one
dimension is a place of terrifying, who has willingly summoned them
sadistic extremes, where the outer escapes, making them the “natural
reaches of pleasure meet the enemies” of fugitive revenants.
furthest extremities of pain and Walking corpses dressed in black
become indistinguishable .They leather bondage gear, the Cenobites
are also called The Surgeons from all have horrific mutilations or
Beyond, Hierophants, and the body piercings.
Theologians of the Gash. Arguably
“neutral” creatures, neither good XP Bounty: 150 XP (To drive back
nor evil, Cenobites are terrifying to hell; cannot really be killed.)
for their desire and ability to Danger Level: Superhuman Badass
warp and torture human flesh
into new, hideous configurations,
disfiguring the mind and the soul
in the process. Cenobites can be
summoned by anyone looking


Typical Nosferatu

“Marlow: When man meets a force he Special Abilities:

can’t destroy, he destroys himself. Claws: All Nosferatu have claws
What a plague you are.” which are treated as having the
--30 Days of Night Killing Hands Technique and
one level of the Lethal Strikes
Attributes: technique for free.
Strength: 7 Hard To Kill: Firearm attacks
Speed: 6 always do minimum damage
Wits: 5 versus Nosferatu; treat each
Will: 4 d6 of damage as having rolled
a 1. Fire, blades, and wooden
Health: 70 stabbing weapons bypass this.
Initiative: 2d6 + 6 Fast Healing 1: Nosferatu regain
Defense: 8 1d6 Health each combat turn.

Skills: Special Weaknesses:

Pistols: Expert (+2) Double damage from fire-based
Bike: Expert (+2) weapons and attacks.
Stealth: Expert (+2) 10 Damage per turn when in
Subterfuge: Expert (+2) direct sunlight; Fast Healing is
Climbing: Expert (+2) deactivated in direct sunlight.
Brawling: Expert (+2) Impaled and paralyzed if hit for
Rifles: Trained (+0) more than 12 damage in one hit
with a wooden stabbing weapon.
Attacks: Nosferatu aren’t driven back by
µµ Two M9s at +1 Each for 2d6. crosses, but by the Faith of humans
in religious symbols. A Nosferatu
µµ Claw at +2 for 2d6 + 7 will retreat from a cross, star of
µµ Grapple at +2. Follows normal David, or Tao symbol equally, as
grapple rules. long as the human holding it has
the True Faith technique and a
µµ Bite for 4d6 + 7. Grapple Will greater than or equal to the
opponents only. Nosferatu’s.
Nosferatu can’t enter a private
Techniques: home unless invited in, by tradition.
Blitzkrieg, Kneecapper, Dodge, A formidable Will Check is required
John Wu Special, Equilibrium, for a Nosferatu to enter any home
Reposition, Point Blank. uninvited.


Equipment: shape shift, and instead hunt and

Two M9 Pistols, 6 Clips Ammunition, fight in human form, using human
Fast Bike, Cash and Fake IDs. intelligence. They have a complex,
ancient, intricate society, divided
Description: into factions, houses and clans, and
Nosferatu are cultured and a firmly placed caste system. Unlike
sophisticated but complete monsters the careless Lamia, they largely
with no regard for human life, not conceal themselves from humanity,
sensitive sparkly Eurotrash. Unlike feeding in secret. Nosferatu look
the Lamia, the Nosferatu’s origins just like humans, only more pale,
are a mystery, even to them, although they tend to be bald, with
although some speculate they are long nails and canines.
the line descended from the biblical
Cain, and others that they are the XP Bounty: 40 XP
children of the cursed suicide Judas Danger Level: Uber Badass
Iscariot. The Nosferatu do not much
resemble the Lamia. They do not

Nosferatu Elder

“Fighting him is like fighting the Skills:

wind. We must seem like little bugs to Blades: Master (+4)
him. Little bugs scurrying around for Brawling: Master (+4)
his amusement.” Stealth: Master (+4)
–Stephen King, Salem’s Lot Climbing: Master (+4)
Subterfuge: Master (+4)
Attributes: Leadership: Expert (+2)
Strength: 9 Latin: Expert (+2)
Speed: 8 German: Expert (+2)
Wits: 8
Will: 9 Attacks:
µµ Bastard Sword at +4 for 3d6 +
Health: 135 17.
Defense: 13
Initiative: 4d6 + 8 µµ Claw at +4 for 3d6 + 5.
Dark Faith: 90 µµ Grapple at +4. Normal grappled

µµ Bite Grappled Opponent for 5d6

+ 9.


Techniques: deactivated in direct sunlight.

Batter Up, Blitzkrieg, Counter Impaled and paralyzed if hit for
Attack, Dodge, Bullet Time, Matrix, more than 18 damage in one hit
Reposition, Too Damn Fast x 1, Blade with a wooden stabbing weapon.
Dance. Nosferatu aren’t driven back
by crosses, but by the Faith of
Special Abilities: humans in religious symbols.
Improved Claws: All Nosferatu A Nosferatu will retreat from
Elders have claws which are a cross, star of David, or Tao
treated as having the Killing symbol equally, as long as the
Hands Technique and two levels human holding it has the True
of the Lethal Strikes technique Faith technique and a Will
for free. greater than or equal to the
Hard To Kill: Firearm attacks Nosferatu’s.
always do minimum damage Nosferatu can’t enter a private
versus Nosferatu; treat each home unless invited in, by
d6 of damage as having rolled tradition. A formidable Will
a 1. Fire, blades, and wooden Check is required for a Nosferatu
stabbing weapons bypass this. to enter any home uninvited.
Fast Healing 3: Nosferatu Elders
regain 3d6 Health each combat Equipment:
turn. Bastard Sword, Expensive Greatcoat,
Sire Progeny: Any character Armored Limousine and Armed
killed by a Nosferatu’s bite attack Nosferatu Chauffeur, Castle Lair,
can rise as Nosferatu (use the Collection of Medieval Weapons,
Vampire racial modifications Occult Library, Private Jet.
found in The Tag) under the
Nosferatu Elder’s control if Description:
desired, Often hundreds of years old,
Flight: Nosferatu elders can fly Nosferatu elders are the leaders
at their move speed. of entire vampire clans and are
a terrifying force to be reckoned
Special Weaknesses: with.
Double damage from fire-based
weapons and attacks. XP Bounty: 175 XP
10 Damage per turn when in Danger Level: Superhuman Badass
direct sunlight; Fast Healing is



“Seth: They were vampires. Psychos do Fast Healing 2: Lamia regain

not explode when sunlight hits them, I 2d6 Health per combat turn.
don’t give a fuck how crazy they are!” Wings: Lamia can use a full-
–From Dusk Till Dawn turn action to “fly” their normal
movement speed on their stubby
Attributes: wings. Lamia have wings only
Strength: 5 at the GM’s discretion.
Speed: 6 Claw Frenzy: Lamia get a free
Wits: 4 bite attack at +0 when using
Will: 3 Frenzy.
Human Form: Lamia can change
Health: 50 to a human form (treat as any
Initiative: 2d6 + 6 Badass Normal archetype, see
Defense: 7 below) and/or revert to their
true form by spending a full
Skills: turn action. Lamia in human
Climbing: Apprentice (+1) form do not benefit from their
Stealth: Apprentice (+1) special abilities but still suffer
Brawling: Master (+4) from their special weaknesses.

Attacks: Special Weaknesses:

µµ Two Claws at +2 for 1d6 + 6 Double damage from fire-based
and Bite at +0 for 2d6 + 5. weapons and attacks.
10d6 Damage per turn when in
Techniques: direct sunlight; Takes Double
Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Critical Damage from all attacks in
Attack, Dodge, Reposition. direct sunlight. Lamia killed
in direct sunlight explode,
Special Abilities: dealing (Strength)d6 damage to
Natural Weapons: Lamia claws everyone within one yard.
are treated as a one-handed Takes triple damage from
natural weapons with a base wooden stabbing weapons.
damage of 1d6 + 3. A Lamia’s A Lamia will retreat from
bite is treated as a no-handed anything shaped like a cross,
natural weapon with a base remaining at least five yards
damage of 2d6. from the bearer of the symbol
Natural Armor 10: Reduce at all times.
all damage taken by 10, to a When exposed to garlic or holy
minimum of 1. water, Lamia take damage based


on the level of exposure at the focused on ritual sacrifice -

GM’s discretion. For instance, alive eternally to take their
having a clove of garlic thrown revenge, as long as they fed off
at it might deal 2d6 damage to of blood. Because of what the
a Lamia, being doused in holy Christian ‘missionaries’ did to
water from a water balloon or them, most Lamia fear and hate
super soaker might deal 5d6 the symbol of the Cross. The
damage, and being submerged Lamia may take human form to
completely in a tank full of stalk out hunting grounds, but
garlic laden holy water would do at night turn into monstrous,
20d6 damage per turn. Lamia leathery bat-like things with
cannot heal damage from garlic huge distended fangs, grotesque
or holy water with Fast Healing. subhuman features, and mottled
yellow skin.
An ancient curse kept the XP Bounty: 35 XP
Lamia - an Aztec society very Danger Level: Uber Badass

Lamia Queen

“Santanico Pandemonium: I’m not Health: 100

gonna drain you completely. You’re Initiative: 4d6 + 9
gonna turn for me. You’ll be my slave. Defense: 11
You’ll live for me. You’ll eat bugs Dark Faith: 80
because I order it. Why? Because I
don’t think you’re worthy of human Skills:
blood. You’ll feed on the blood of stray Intimidation: Expert (+2)
dogs. You’ll be my foot stool. And at my Leadership: Expert (+2)
command, you’ll lick the dog shit from Stealth: Master (+4)
my boot heel. Since you’ll be my dog, Seduction: Master (+4)
your new name will be “Spot”. Welcome Brawling: Master (+4)
to slavery.” Climbing: Expert (+2)
–From Dusk Till Dawn
Attributes: µµ Two Claws at +3 for 1d6 + 7;
Strength: 8 Bite at +1 for 2d6 + 8.
Speed: 9
Wits: 6 µµ Cobra’s Gaze: Spend 10 Dark
Will: 8 Faith and a full turn action to
enter a Will contest with any
character you can make eye


contact with. If you win, that damage. A character with their

character is paralyzed with fear Faith reduced to 0 in this way rises
and may not act for 1d6 turns or immediately as a Lamia—their
as long as you maintain the eye human form remains their normal
contact (taking no other actions, stats, but they transform into
but costing no additional faith), Lamia form at night and must feed
whichever is more. at night and obey the commands of
all Lamia Queens.
Reposition, Dodge, Too Damn Fast, Special Weaknesses:
Bullet Time, Matrix, Blitzkrieg, As Lamia.
Frenzy, Counter Attack, Critical
Attack, Improved Critical Attack. Description:
To any degree that such utterly
Special Abilities: bloodthirsty monsters can be
As Lamia, plus: said to have a society, Lamia
All Lamia Queens have generally society is matriarchal, and
very attractive human forms. Lamia clans are generally
Improved Claw Frenzy: As Claw lead by such Queens or Brujas.
Frenzy, +1 to all attacks made with Although they prefer to feed by
claw frenzy. seduction, Lamia queens have
Improved Natural Weapons: +1d6 to all of the power of normal Lamia
all natural weapons damage. at their disposal, and more.
Fast Healing 4: Regain 4d6 Health
at the end of each turn. XP Bounty: 150XP
Verminous Bite: The Lamia Queen’s Danger Level: Superhuman Badass
bite attack also inflicts Faith


“Eddie Holt: For 20,000 years Wilson Wolf-Shifter,

- ten times your fucking Christian
era - the ‘skins and wolves, the great
Wolf Form
hunting nations, lived together, nature
in balance. Then the slaughter came.” Attributes:
–Wolfen Strength: 5
Speed: 8
Wits: 4 (Double Wits for Awareness
Will: 5


Health: 50 Description:
Initiative: 2d6 + 8 A normal timberwolf, albeit an
Defense: 7 excellent specimen. These stats
could also be used for regular
Skills: wolves or attack dogs (zombie or
Stealth: Expert (+2) otherwise).
Tracking: Master (+4)
Awareness: Master (+4) XP Bounty: As Werewolf form.
Danger Level: Badass Normal
µµ Bite at +2 for 2d6 + 5. Wolf-Shifter,
µµ Trip at +1 for 2d6 + 5. Werewolf Form
Characters successfully hit
must roll 1d6 + Speed versus Attributes:
the wolf’s 1d6 + Strength. If the Strength: 10
character does not roll higher Speed: 5
than the Wolf, they are tripped, Wits: 4 (Double Wits for Awareness
and begin the next turn prone Tests)
(Full Turn Action to stand up; Will: 4
defense versus Melee is halved).
Health: 150
Initiative: 2d6 + 5
Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Critical
Defense: 9

Special Abilities:
Stealth: Expert (+2)
Fast Mover: Double the wolf
Tracking: Master (+4)
form’s Speed for the purposes
Awareness: Master (+4)
of full turn move actions with
Savage: Improved Critical Attack
µµ Claw at + 4 for 4d6 + 5.
Versus Prone Enemies Only.
Alternate Form: Werewolf. µµ Two Claws at +2 for 4d6 + 5.
2d6 Full Turn Actions needed
to transform; helpless while µµ Bite at +2 for 6d6 + 10.
transforming, costs 3d6 Health,
µµ Grapple at +4. Follows normal
transformation can’t be aborted
Grapple rules.
once begun.
µµ Bite Grappled Opponent for
Special Weaknesses: 6d6 + 10.
As Werewolf form. See below.


Techniques: Typical Aranaea

Counter Attack, Critical Attack, (Were-Spider Form)
Improved Critical Attack, Blitzkrieg,
Special Abilities: Strength: 8
Fast Healing 3: Regain 3d6 Damage Speed: 8
at the end of each turn. Wits: 4
Alternate Form: Human form; Will: 4
created as a separate Uber Badass
level NPC, and Wolf form, see Health: 120
above. Both forms suffer all the Initiative: 2d6 + 8
weaknesses of Werewolf Form Defense: 9
and gain none of the benefits of Faith: 20
Werewolf Form.
Special Weaknesses: Stealth: Expert (+2)
Quadruple damage from Silver Tracking: Master (+4)
blades, bullets, and other weapons. Awareness: Master (+4)
Double damage from Fire. Climbing: Master (+4)
1-6d6 damage per turn from
contact with Silver, based on size of Attacks:
silver object. GM’s discretion. µµ Four Claws at +0 for 2d6 + 4.
Cannot heal damage from Silver
µµ Two Claws at +2 for 2d6 + 4.
with Fast Healing.
For additional rules regarding µµ Two Claws at +1 for 2d6 + 4
dietary requirements and plus a Bite at +1 for 4d6 + 8.
involuntary changing, see The Tag.
µµ Bite at +4 for 4d6 + 8.
µµ Grapple at +4. (Use normal
An enormous, hulking man-wolf,
grapple rules.)
with huge claws and teeth. Nine
feet tall and weighing nearly Techniques:
seven hundred pounds. Capable of Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Critical Attack,
walking just as easily on four legs Counterattack, Stealth Kill.
or two.
Special Abilities:
XP Bounty: 150 (-75 if in Wolf or Fast Healing 3: Regain 3d6 Damage
Human forms.) For more details on at the end of each turn.
Shifters in general, see The Tag. Natural Armor 10: Reduce all
Danger Level: Superhuman Badass normal physical damage taken by


10, to a minimum of 1. Description:

Alternate Form: Human form; Aranaea are were-spiders, capable
created as a separate Uber Badass of turning into monstrous,
level NPC. The human form giant spider creatures. The
suffers all the weaknesses of Were transformation is terribly painful,
Spider Form and gain none of its dealing a great deal of damage to
benefits. 2d6 Full Turn Actions the creature’s human form as it
needed to transform; helpless while changes, and when it changes back.
transforming, costs 3d6 Health, However, the act of transforming
transformation can’t be aborted feels good- becoming a full-on
once begun. monster can be quite liberating.
Venom 2: If you spend 10 Health In their human forms, and their
when making a Bite Attack, if the human lives, Aranea can be
attack does damage, the victim perfectly normal, healthy people,
takes 2d6 damage per turn for the valuable contributing members of
next 2d6 turns. society (or degenerate scumbags
like so many humans are, to be
Special Weaknesses: fair.). However, in their giant spider
Quadruple damage from Silver forms, they are pure id- all they
blades, bullets, and other weapons. want to do is kill, eat, and rape.
Double damage from Fire. As for eating, human flesh is their
1-6d6 damage per turn from favorite delicacy, but anything with
contact with Silver, based on size of warm blood pumping through it
silver object. GM’s discretion. will sate them.
Cannot heal damage from Silver
with Fast Healing. XP Bounty: 180
For additional rules regarding Danger Level: Superhuman Badass
dietary requirements and
involuntary changing, see The Tag.

Vengeful Revenant

“T-Bird: I knew I knew you, I knew I Attributes:

knew you. But you ain’t you. You can’t Strength: 9
be you. We put you through the window. Speed: 9
There ain’t no coming back. This is the Wits: 4
really real world, there ain’t no coming Will: 7
back. We killed you dead, there ain’t no
coming back!” Health: 90
–The Crow Initiative: 2d6 + 9


Defense: 9 I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead: When

Faith: 35 a vengeful revenant’s Health is
reduced to 0 or less, they are not
Skills: killed, and instead only fall into
Pistols: Master (+4) a state of deep unconsciousness
Guitar: Master (+4) for 2d6 hours, after which
Brawling: Expert (+2) they awaken at full Health.
Automatics: Expert (+2) It is up to the GM’s discretion
Stealth: Expert (+2)
whether bodily dismemberment,
Throwing Weapons: Expert (+2)
explosions, or incineration bypass
Bike: Apprentice (+1)
this advantage; by default they do
Lockpick: Trained (+0)
Electronics: Trained (+0)
Car: Trained (+0)
Subterfuge: Trained (+0)
Special Weaknesses:
I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead:
Attacks: Every Vengeful Revenant begins
µµ Two Colt Pythons at +2 Each its un-life with a list of targets; up
for 5d6 to Will people that it must kill. It
can kill as many people not on the
µµ Two Beretta M93Rs at +1 list as it wishes, especially if they
Each (First Hoses for 3d6; are in its way. However once all
Second Sprays for 2d6 (-2 of a Vengeful Revenant’s targets
Defense Modifier). are dead, it can only remain in
µµ Unarmed Attack at +2 for the world for (Will) hours before
3d6 + 9. it must move on.
Psychopomp: A Vengeful
Techniques: Revenant’s life force is tied to
Blitzkrieg, Boom!Headshot, a spirit guide animal; usually
Kneecapper, Counter Attack, a crow, raven, or black cat but
Dodge, Bullet Time, Matrix, sometimes other psychopomps. If
John Wu Special, Killing Hands, the spirit animal is killed (or at
Lethal Strikes.
the GM’s discretion, captured),
the revenant immediately loses
Special Abilities:
all Special Abilities. Additionally, a
Hard To Kill: All physical attacks
Vengeful Revenant takes, doubled,
always do minimum damage
all damage dealt to its spirit
versus Revenants; treat each d6
animal. Its Spirit Animal must
of damage as having rolled a 1.
remain within (Will) x 100 Yards
Fire bypasses this at the GM’s
of the Revenant at all times but
usually likes to come closer. Spirit


animals have Strength 2, Speed Description:

7, Wits 5, and Will 7, 12 Health, Vengeful revenants are playable
Defense 10, and no attacks. using different rules. See The Tag
for details.
Above Weapons, 4 Full Speedloaders, XP Bounty: 100 XP
4 Spare Clips 9MM Ammo, Fast Danger Level: Superhuman Badass

Fugitive Revenant

“Frank Cotton: Come to daddy.” Attacks:

–Hellraiser µµ Pearl Handled Straight Razor
for 10 + ½ Strength.
µµ Grapple (Use Normal Rules).
Strength: (Special)
Speed: 5 Techniques:
Wits: 6 Blizkrieg, Frenzy, Reposition,
Will: 6 Stealth Kill.

Health: (Special) Special Abilities:

Initiative: 2d6 + 5 Drain Dry: When they initially
Defense: 9 come back from the dead—an
Dark Faith: 30 event triggered by the dripping of
bodily fluid such as blood or semen
Skills: on the spot where they died—
Stealth: Master (+4) Fugitive Revenants have only
Blades: Expert (+2) Strength 1 and 15 Health. They
Brawling: Expert (+2) are little more than a skeleton, held
Subterfuge: Expert (+2) together by some rotting tendons
and half-formed organs, a hideous
Intimidation: Expert (+2)
and pathetic monster. Each time a
Seduction: Expert (+2)
Fugitive Revenant drains the bodily
fluids from a living or very recently
Trained (+0):
dead corpse—an action which
Drive, Locksmith, Rifles, Running,
takes ten minutes and involves
Riddles, Occult. the Fugitive Revenant pressing
their mouth to the victim’s mouth
and their fingers into the victim’s
medulla oblongata—they gain 1


Strength and 15 Maximum Health. Configuration (automatic for them).

They can only suck one corpse dry For this reason, often Fugitive
in this way per day. The maximum Revenants are promised by people
Strength a Fugitive Revenant can who have foolishly summoned
have is 10; the maximum Health Cenobites, in exchange for the
they can have is 150. The older and summoner’s life. Worse, Cenobites
more successful an NPC Fugitive receive a +3 bonus to all tests made
Revenant is, the higher its Strength to detect fugitive revenants.
and Health should be.
Special Weaknesses: Straight Razor, Tattered Clothing,
Horrible Thirst: If a Fugitive Accomplice(s) (use Apprentice
Revenant goes Will/2 (round Necromancer or create your own).
down) days without draining the Firearms, armors, and vehicle at
fluids from a corpse, they lose 1 the GM’s discretion, based on age.
Strength and 15 Maximum Health.
If a Fugitive Revenant’s Strength is Description:
reduced to 0 in this way, they are Fugitive revenants are playable
permanently killed or returned to using different rules. See The
hell. Tag for details.
Hellbound: Fugitive revenants are
perpetually hunted by Cenobites, XP Bounty: ½ Maximum Health
who can only enter the world at the at the time of death.
spot where the fugitive revenant Danger Level: Uber Badass
died (difficult for them) or where
anyone solves a Lemarchand

Reaper Revenant

“Undead Thug: You’ll need an army to Health: 150

kill me. I’ll give you untold power... in Initiative: 4d6 + 10
death!” Defense: 11
–Versus Dark Faith: 100

Attributes: Skills:
Strength: 10 All Combat Skills: Master (+4)
Speed: 10 Awareness: Master (+4)
Wits: 6 Riding (Horseback): Master (+4)
Will: 10 Intimidation: Legendary (+6)
Rope Tricks: Master (+4)


Attacks: Infinite Ammo: A reaper revenant

µµ Two Colt Peacemakers at +3 must still reload his weapons, but
Each for 6d6. has an infinite cache of ammo
from which to do so.
µµ Winchester Model 1894
Carbine at +4 for 3d6 + 2. Equipment:
µµ Grapple at +4. Weapons, Conveyance (in this case,
a Horse), Long Coat, Cowboy Hat.
µµ Choke grappled character for
20 Damage (Requires no test.) Description:
Some say the Angel of Death
µµ Lasso at +4 for Knockdown and melted down his sword to forge
Entanglement. Entangled character these sixguns, and gave his mantle
must spend 10 – (Strength or to a hell-bent cold hearted cowboy
Speed, whichever is higher) turns killer out for revenge. Others say
to escape, has half Defense, and that there are 666 hidden portals
can only take one action (move or that connect this world to the other
attack) per turn while entangled. side. These portals imbue the souls
of legendary killers with the power
to raise undead armies from their
Blitzkrieg, Reposition, Too Damn
victims, and that these demigods of
Fast, John Wu Special, Equilibrium,
death battle each other endlessly
Magnum Force.
in mated pairs. Regardless of their
origins, Reaper Revenants are
Special Abilities:
immortal, unstoppable forces of
Unkillable: Treat every d6 of
destruction, killing everything in
damage taken by a Reaper
their paths instinctively. Player
Revenant as having rolled a 1.
characters are not expected to
The Saint of Killers: Attacks by
defeat a Reaper Revenant. They
a Reaper Revenant’s primary
may, however, become caught up
weapons (in this case, firearms)
in a struggle between two Reaper
bypass all forms of damage
Revenants. To create your own
reduction, including Hard to Kill
Reaper Revenants, simply switch
and (Natural) Armor. A Reaper
the weapons and techniques this
Revenant’s attacks are automatic
stat block uses.
critical hits (dealing double damage)
when they hit living targets.
Natural Armor: Reduce all damage
XP Bounty: LOL. Maybe like 500?
taken by a Reaper Revenant by 20
(to a minimum of 1) after applying
Danger Level: Superhuman
the damage reduction from Hard to


Badass Normals

These following templates of who and what your character

small-town citizens well-armed is. Unlike the monsters above,
and bad tempered enough to each of these characters is a
make the supernatural horrors Badass Normal created using
of Phantasm (2010) fight for the Phantasm rules except
their meal wind up as your for their equipment, which is
adversaries, your allies, or approximated.
your victims, depending on

Small Town Deputy (City

Beat Cop, or Highway Patrolman )

“License and registration, please.” Attacks:

µµ S&W Model 10 at +1 for 1d6
Attributes: + 4. (Small Town Deputy Only)
Strength: 5
Speed: 6 µµ Glock 17 at +1 for 2d6. (City
Wits: 4 Beat Cop or Highway Patrolman)
Will: 5 µµ Nightstick at +0 for 2d6 + 3.
Health: 30
Initiative: 1d6 + 6 Techniques:
Defense: 5 Blitzkrieg, Dodge.

Skills: Equipment:
Drive: Apprentice (+1) Sidearm (See Above), Two Full Speed
Investigation: Apprentice (+1) loaders or Spare Clips for Sidearm,
Pistols: Apprentice (+1) Uniform, Badge, Handcuffs, Police
Rifles: Apprentice (+1) Cruiser, Shotgun (Usually Ithaca
37) In The Cruiser, $100 in cash.
Trained (+0):
Riding (Horseback), Awareness, XP Bounty: 20
Clubs, Brawling


Small Town Sheriff (Police

Detective, or Highway Patrol Sergeant )
“Do you feel lucky, punk? Well do µµ Colt Detective Special at +1 for
ya? Heh, I always wanted to say that. 1d6 + 4 (Detective).
µµ Colt Python at +1 for 5d6. (Highway
Attributes: Patrol Sergeant).
Strength: 6 µµ Nightstick at +0 for 2d6 + 3. (All
Speed: 3 but Detective.)
Wits: 6
Will: 5 Techniques:
Point Blank, Critical Attack,
Health: 36 Kneecapper.
Initiative: 1d6 + 3
Defense: 7 Equipment:
Sidearm (Colt M1911a1 for Small
Skills: Town Sheriff, others listed),
Expert (+2): Rifles (for Sheriff), Two Full Speed loaders or Spare
Investigation (for Detective), or clips for sidearm, Box of 20 .00
Drive (Highway Patrol Sergeant) Buckshot 12 Gauge Shells (Sheriff
Pistols: Apprentice (+1) Only), Police Cruiser or Battered
Drive: Apprentice (+1) Sedan, Uniform or Trench Coat and
Awareness: Apprentice (+1) Street Clothes, Badge, Handcuffs,
Evidence Handling Kit, Sunglasses,
Trained (+0): $250 in cash.
Diplomacy, Intimidation, Clubs, Armor: Ballistic Vest (Melee
Brawling, Investigation, Rifles Damage Cut: 2; Ranged Damage
Cut: 6).
µµ Ithaca Model 37 at +2 for 4d6. XP Bounty: 20
(Sheriff; See special rules for shotguns.)

Thug Enforcer
“I break you.” Health: 42
Initiative: 1d6 + 5
Attributes: Defense: 3
Strength: 7
Speed: 5 Skills:
Wits: 2 Clubs: Apprentice (+1)
Will: 5 Brawling: Apprentice (+1)


Trained (+0): Equipment:

Intimidation, Automatics One full Spare Clip for MAC-10,
Street Clothes, Booze and Cigs,
Attacks: $300 in Cash,
µµ Baseball Bat at +1 for 2d6 + 7. Armor: Heavy Leather Jacket
(Melee Damage Cut: 4, Ranged
µµ MAC-10 SMG (3-Round Burst, Damage Cut: 1).
Hose) at +0 for 3d6 + 2.

µµ Punch at +1 for 7 Subdual. XP Bounty: 20

Batter Up, Blitzkrieg, Point

Professional Thief

“In-and-out, slam, bam, thank Brawling, Automatics

you ma’am. None of that cowboy Attacks:
bullshit, nobody gets killed. µµ Silenced Beretta M92F at +2 for
At least, that’s the plan anyway.” 3d6. (Double target’s armor.)

Attributes: µµ Wicked Switchblade at +1 for

Strength: 4 1d6 + 6.
Speed: 5 µµ Throwing Knife at +0 for 1d6 +
Wits: 7 4.
Will: 3
Health: 24 Blitzkrieg, Boom!Headshot.
Initiative: 1d6 + 5
Defense: 8 Equipment:
M9 With Silencer Loaded with
Skills: Hollow Points, Two Spare Clips
Stealth: Expert (+2) 9MM Hollow Points, Leather
Locksmith: Apprentice (+1) Longcoat, Black Gloves, Glass
Blades: Apprentice (+1) Cutters, Bolt Cutters, Lockpick
Pistols: Apprentice (+1) Set, Booze, Cigs, Uppers, Fast
Subterfuge: Apprentice (+1) Bike, Fake IDs, $1,000 in cash.

Trained (+0): XP Bounty: 20

Bike, Negotiations, Climbing,
Throwing Weapons, Electronics,


Hit Man
“The base fee is $10,000 and I assure you for Attacks:
that money you get the best. If you’re feeling µµ H&K. Mk. 23 Mod 0 at +5 for
cheap, you can always move onto the next 2d6 + 3.
guy, but I guarantee you he’s gonna be a
cop, an informer, or worse, an amateur. I’m µµ Lupara at +2 for 4d6.
a fucking professional, on the otherhand. µµ Remington Model 30 at +1 for
Now, you want it to look like an accident, 5d6.
that’s gonna be extra. You wanna send
a message? Well I can do that. But that’s µµ Combat Knife at +1 for 1d6 + 6.
gonna be extra too.”
Attributes: Boom!Headshot, Longshot, Critical
Strength: 4 Attack.
Speed: 5
Wits: 6 Equipment:
Will: 5 All the above weapons, plus a Ruger
Mk. II, silenced. Two full Spare
Health: 24 Clips for the Mk. 23, Box of Twenty
Initiative: 1d6 + 6 12 Gauge .00 Buckshot Shells, Box
Defense: 7 of Twenty .30-06 Rounds, Fake
IDs, Diazepam, Black Sedan, Street
Skills: Clothes, Night Vision Goggles,
Pistols: Expert (+2) $3,000 in Cash.
Rifles: Apprentice (+1) Armor: Improved Ballistic Vest
Stealth: Apprentice (+1) (Melee Damage Cut: 4, Ranged
Blades: Apprentice (+1) Damage Cut: 12)

Trained (+0): XP Bounty: 25

Brawling, Electronics, Locksmith,
Subterfuge, Climbing, Drive.

Bartender (Liquor Store Owner, Gas Station

Manager, or other hard-ass civilian. )

“Boy, you sure picked the wrong Wits: 4
fucking store.” Will: 6

Attributes: Health: 36
Strength: 6 Initiative: 1d6 + 4
Speed: 4 Defense: 5

Skills: Trained (+0):
Awareness: Apprentice (+1) Haggle, Carouse, Intimidate, Drive.
Pistols: Apprentice (+1)
Rifles: Apprentice (+1) Attacks:
Clubs: Apprentice (+1) µµ S&W Model 29 at +1 for 5d6 + 3.

µµ Sawn-Off Double
Barreled Shotgun
at +1 for 4d6. (Use
normal shotgun

µµ Sawn-Off Baseball
Bat at +1 for 2d6 + 6.

Blitzkrieg, Batter Up,
Point Blank.

Beat-up Pickup
Truck, Street Clothes,
Tools, Collection
of Porno Mags (In
Bathroom), Box of
Twenty 12 Gauge
.00 Buckshot Shells
(Under Counter/
Behind Bar, where
the shotgun and
bat are taped), Box
of Eighteen .44
Magnum Rounds
(With the other
goodies). $100 Cash
On-Hand, 5d6 * $100
in the register/locked
in the back room

XP Bounty: 20

Biker Gang Member

“When we do right, nobody remembers. 1d6 + 12.

When we do wrong, nobody forgets.”
µµ Brawling at +2 for 6 Subdual
Attributes: or by improvised weapons.
Strength: 6 µµ Tec-9 at -2 for 3d6 -1 (Hose)
Speed: 5 OR Marlin Model 1894C Carbine
Wits: 4 at +0 for 5d6.
Will: 5
µµ Molotov Cocktail at +0 for
Health: 36 4d6 + Splash.
Initiative: 1d6 + 5
Defense: 5 Techniques:
Brawling: Expert (+2) Equipment:
Bike: Apprentice (+1) Badass Harley Chopper, Heavy Leather
Jacket (Melee Damage Cut: 4, Ranged
Trained (+0): Damage Cut: 1), serious recreational
Automatics, Rifles, Intimidate, drugs and paraphernalia, various
Throwing Weapons. small additional blades and clubs, street
leathers, one Molotov cocktail, 3d6 *
Attacks: $50 in cash.
µµ Motorcycle Chain at +2 for XP Bounty: 20

Survivalist, Militiaman, or other

heavily armed back-woods psychopath.

“You’re in my world now, sunshine. Health: 30

Yeeehaw!” Initiative: 1d6 + 3
Defense: 8
Strength: 5 Skills:
Speed: 2 Automatics: Expert (+2)
Wits: 7 Pistols: Apprentice (+1)
Will: 5 Rifles: Apprentice (+1)
Heavy Weapons: Apprentice (+1)
Tracking: Apprentice (+1)

Behind the Scenes

Trained (+0): Techniques:

Drive, Stealth, Intimidation, Leadership, Boom!Headshot, Critical Attack,
Awareness, Demolitions, Pilot. Longshot.

Attacks: Equipment:
µµ Desert Eagle Mark XIX at +1 for Mud splattered overalls, old tow
5d6. truck or pickup truck, two full
Spare Clips for the Mark XIX,
µµ SKS Rifle at +1 for 3d6 + 3. thirty rounds spare ammo for the
µµ M16 at +2 for 4d6 (Hose) or for SKS Rifle, two full Spare Clips for
3d6 with -2 DM (Spray). the M16, two functional surplus
WWII grenades, olive drab and
µµ Browning M1919 at -3/+1 for forest camo fatigues and cap, heavy
5d6/8d6 [15 Rnd. Hose] or 5d6 (-6 hiking boots, surplus claymores and
DM) [15 Rnd. Spray]. (The number satchel charges, home-made booby
before the slash is for firing one traps, armor-plated trailer, MRE
shot without a deployed tripod. and C-Rations, geological survey
The numbers after the slash is for maps of the tri-state area, plastic
firing fifteen shots with a deployed tarps and sheeting, other paranoid
tripod.) survivalist paraphernalia, $20 in
cash carried, 10d6 * $100 in cash
µµ Grenade at +1 for 8d6. (Use at the compound/trailer safe.
normal grenade rules.)
XP Bounty: 30

Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes



If you are not 100% sure that you will be

your group’s GM, stop reading now.

We just wanted to make sure section will be, relatively, chock-

we were being clear. If you’re full of spoilers, even more than
still here, we’re going to go the last section.
ahead and assume that means
you want to GM Phantasm. This

Sequelization: Character
Advancement In Phantasm

Phantasm characters of any tier of a game session, or during the

— badass normal, uber badass, beginning of the following session
or superhuman badass — who — to increase character power.
survive longer than a game XP need not be spent immediately,
session (4-6 hours, or until a good and can be saved up but does not
story cliffhanger, or until people transfer between characters.
start to get bored or restless) Spending XP can mean improving
or two are bound to increase attributes, improving existing
in power as they accumulate skills (or learning new ones),
Experience Points. Experience or learning new techniques.
points are primarily earned by Equipment, gear, and other
killing monsters but could also possessions must be acquired
be awarded at the GM’s discretion solely through roleplaying, while
for completing story objectives improving/learning new skills
or other milestones. Experience and techniques requires both an
points are spent between game expenditure of XP and access to a
sessions — usually this means trainer or time to practice (even if
during the wrap-up portion or end this means the character “learns

Behind the Scenes

by doing”) at the GM’s discretion. improvements are described in

The XP costs of different character the following table.

Character XP Cost Other Requirement

Increase an Attribute 50 * Current Value None.
(Strength, Speed, (New Value <7) OR
Wits or Will) by 1 (to 100 * Current Value
a maximum of 10). (New Value ≥ 7)
[Increases derivative
statistics (Health,
Initiative, Defense,
etc.) normally.]
Train A New Skill 25 Another character (PC or NPC)
[Learn new skill at with the skill at Apprentice level
Trained (+0).] (minimum) must ALWAYS be
present to train the character,
along with sufficient time and
any necessary equipment. GM’s
Learn a Trained 50 At the GM’s discretion, another
Skill [Increase a character (PC or NPC) with the skill
Trained (+0) skill at Expert level (minimum) must
to Apprentice (+1)]. be present to train the character,
along with sufficient time and any
necessary equipment.
Improve a skill. 100 GM’s discretion.
[Increase an Apprentice
(+1) skill to Expert (+2)].
Master a skill. 250 At the GM’s discretion, another
[Increase an Expert character (PC or NPC) with the
(+2) skill to Master skill at Master level must be present
(+4) level.] and willing to train the character,
along with sufficient time and any
necessary equipment.
Buy 1 Technique 100 GM’s discretion.
Pick (Multiple Picks
can be saved up; see
Special Effects.)

Behind the Scenes

The Campaign

The campaign setting is where This sidebar is a guide on how

your Phantasm campaign takes to include other undead and
place; perhaps we should back up monstrous factions in a campaign
and say that a campaign is a series
primarily based on the forces of the
Tall Man from the movie Phantasm
of ongoing, interrelated Phantasm
(1979) and the threat they pose. In
game-sessions with some degree other words, it provides guidelines
of character continuity, forming a for how other horror movie staples
longer story. If individual Phantasm and monsters interact with the
game-sessions could be described Tall Man’s plans and agents.
as individual movie sequels or
episodes of a television series, the Zombies: The Tall Man’s ultimate
campaign is the movie franchise goal has zombie creation as an end-
or the season of the series (or goal. Perhaps zombies are the final
perhaps, if it is a particularly long-
product that the lurkers are only a
stage in. Or perhaps, zombies are
lived campaign, the series itself).
merely another tool in his arsenal.
Part (but not all) of a campaign Cenobites & Fugitive Revenants:
setting is the time and the place It’s not really recommended, but
that the story takes place, in the if you want to have the Cenobites
broadest possible sense. Often a from Hellraiser in your Phantasm
campaign setting will span a long universe, who are we to stop you.
period of time and a wide variety The Tall Man works for someone.
of locations, so a campaign setting Why not the Cenobites? Admittedly,
might be the American Southwest
you’ll have to play a bit with the
motives of each faction to make
during the mid-nineties. More than
this work. No easier, but just as
time and place, a campaign setting interesting is the idea that the Tall
is defined by abstractions like Man, w ho was once human but
tone and mood, ranging on sliding has transcended humanity and the
scales (one ranging from serious pleasures of the flesh, is somehow
to campy, the other from horrific opposed to the Cenobites. Perhaps
to action-packed)—but also of he is the only one to ever have
hard facts about what is going on. escaped them with any degree of
Namely, how the campaign setting permanence, and his entire plans
differs from the real world.
and machinations exist for him to
ensure he is never dragged back to
As long as you don’t overthink
it, it is not meant to be that hard (Cont’d.)

Behind the Scenes

to create your own campaign Vampires (Nosferatu and Lamia):

setting for Phantasm. The bog The Nosferatu are the secret rulers
standard zombie apocalypse of the night—as they see it, the
provides a compelling excuse top of the food chain, feeding in
for PC Badasses to have to pop secret on their unsuspecting prey
and enjoying the dark pleasures
some caps into some undead
of immortality. For that reason,
heads, and you can add in they seem like they may react
details and backstory on the very negatively to any threat
fly. You don’t have to go into as to the status quo, including the
much detail as we did with the Tall Man. If any Nosferatu are
sample campaign settings…and willing to support the Tall Man, it
we didn’t go into all that much will be the upstart young turks,
detail! These questions should who may be willing to help in
help GMs designing their own exchange for promises of power,
campaign settings. or aid in supplanting their elders.
The Lamia are somewhat less set
in their ways, and certainly less
µµ When and where does the arrogant. Cunning Lamia Queens
campaign take place, generally may rent their brood to the Tall
and specifically? Man in exchange for power and
resources, especially human blood,
µµ Which monsters (from the human lives, and human slaves. Of
Extras chapter) exist? Which course in the case of any vampires,
will be active and important it is unlikely for their loyalty to the
in the campaign? Is the threat Tall Man to be lasting.
to the world a standard zombie
apocalypse or is the Tall- Shifters (Werewolves and Aranaea):
Man performing his evil and These monsters are directly
mysterious machinations upon opposed to the Tall Man, on grounds
such that they see themselves as
small-town America?
the “good guys”. They are of the
µµ What are the goals and Earth, and the Earth is theirs. The
agendas of these monsters? Is a invading undead army from the
Netherworlds are others, intruders.
clan of rogue vampires seeking
If Shifters exist in your campaign,
a way to walk in the daylight? all but the most apathetic or selfish
Is the Tall Man kidnapping of them are dedicated to destroying
children with innate psychic the Tall Man’s invasion force.
abilities? Are two Reaper
Revenants waging a war with (Cont’d.)
armies of undead monstrosities
and no concern for who gets
in the way? Or are Shifters
committing hideous atrocities to

Behind the Scenes

drive human developers away Revenants (Vengeful and Reaper):

from their lands? Who is the Vengeful Revenants killed by the
ultimate villain? Is there one Tall Man and reanimated may
faction of monsters, or many? become allies for the PCs…may
Whatever the bad guys are, how even have been PCs to begin with.
Reaper Revenants come in two
successful have they been so
varieties—the undead general
far? What can be done to stop bent on world denomination,
them? and the unstoppable force of raw
destruction. The former is obvious
µµ How widespread is the horror?
competition for the Tall Man, while
How much of human civilization the latter may be the one thing he
has fallen into darkness? Is truly fears.
the epidemic limited to a small
area, like a town, or have entire
cities and states been infected
and overwhelmed?

µµ Who are the heroes and what Included in this section are two
stake do they hold? Are they pre-built campaign settings
residents of the area effected by where most of these questions
the dark forces, or just passing have already been answered,
through? Or has the entire world and plenty of supplementary
been infected, involving everyone? information and optional rules
Are they innocent civilians are also available, including
caught up in events beyond their Hooks for starting a game of
control or understanding, elite Phantasm set in this setting.
police, military, or government In Hometown Horrors, the PCs
troubleshooters with an imperfect experience events that parallel
understanding of the crisis, or those of the first Phantasm
nomadic assassins of evil, riding movies, as first the dead and then
through the countryside kicking the living in their neighborhood
ass and taking names? go missing. Nazi Zombies takes
a look at supernatural horror in
a classic period setting.

Behind the Scenes


TIME : through vile magic and science and

then compressed for delivery back
to the mysterious netherworlds.
Anywhere from 1979 to Present The Tall Man’s M.O. is to begin by
Day. having his agents eliminate the
mortician or undertaker of a small
PLACE : town, and then replacing that
individual himself. From there, he
Starts in the PCs Hometown, can begin harvesting the dead from
California — and can expand to the mausoleum and graveyard to
include the entire American West. create his servitor spheres. When
Hometown Horrors assumes this he runs out of the dead, he will use
hometown is the quaint, idyllic his dwarves, spheres, and other
suburb of Alhambra, California servants to move on to the living.
which features a typical blend When nothing is left but a ghost
of prefab houses and well-kept town, he will move on. As goes the
green lawns, strip-malls, grocery Alhambra, so goes the American
stores, and a large cemetery and west, unless you can stop him.
mortuary called Morningside. Of
course this campaign can be set PLAYER
in any small town from Portland,
Oregon to Portland, Maine. It does
not, however work within an urban
area. The hometown horrors setting is
suitable for either Badass Normal

OPPOSITION : or Uber Badass human characters.

Of the monster races (see The
Tag), Screamers are the most
By default, Hometown Horrors appropriate to include, as they
uses only the monsters included are the only ones directly linked
in the Phantasmagoria section of to the Phantasm mythology. This
Extras and has no rules for the campaign assumes the players have
additional monsters presented lived in the same town their whole
in Night Terrors. The Tall Man’s lives; they can be either distant
agenda is nothing less than the acquaintances or close friends, but
gradual depopulation of the U.S. — they almost certainly at least know
and then, presumably, the world each other. Alternatively one or
— in order to create a stockpile more of the PCs can be just passing
of processed corpses, reanimated through, or just moving in.

Behind the Scenes

CAMPAIGN FLOW : nomadic assassins of evil. With

each ghost town they ‘clear’
they learn more and more about
This setting is designed to begin by
the enigmatic nature of what
emulating the personal, dream-like
they face.
small-town terror of the original
Phantasm (1979) movie. Later, if
Possible Campaign Endgame:
the PCs survive the early sessions,
The PCs finally catch up with the
the genre will evolve from pure
Tall Man, and learn even more
horror to action/adventure. The
about his true origins. Perhaps
scope and the stakes expand as
he has already killed one or
the campaign advances, from the
more of them, transformed
death of a loved one to the fall of
another, tempted yet a third
the entire world.
with an offer to join him. Either
the PCs can kill the Tall Man and
Early Campaign:
temporarily contain the threat…
PCs discover the menace of the
perhaps giving their lives to do
Tall Man and see the effect it
so…or they are too late, and
has on their home town, which
the forces of Phantasmagoria
they are unable to save. They
spread throughout America,
have little to no understanding
delivering the apocalypse to our
of the tall man’s true nature.
door steps. In the latter case, the
Only that he is evil.
campaign need not end. Perhaps
the end of the world is just the
Middle Campaign:
Now armed with a little
knowledge, some firepower, and
a hot car, and unable to get the HOOKS :
authorities to believe their story
— perhaps some of them even Hook 1. A death in the family.
work for the Tall Man — the PCs The PCs begin the campaign
follow the path of destruction by attending the funeral of
that the Tall Man has left a distant mutual relative or
throughout the American west. mutual acquaintance, giving
From ghost town to ghost town them a chance to introduce
they follow him, always too themselves via roleplaying.
late to stop him for good, but However, toward the end of the
finding his calling cards along ceremony, something is slightly
the way, the monsters he has off. Perhaps the pallbearers
left behind to ambush them, find the coffin a little too empty
and anyone who managed to or a little too light. Perhaps
survive. The PCs have become they spy a horribly thin

Behind the Scenes

mortician lifting the coffin and do anything about them directly.

its contents into the hearse as This hook works best if the
if it weighed nothing — perhaps person posing it is in some way
the mortician can even be seen a dependent, such as a little
taking the coffin from the grave brother but is probably the
after the ceremony. Either way, weakest of the hooks.
either alone or in conjunction
with the other hooks it should DEVELOPMENTS
be enough to prompt the PCs to
investigate the mortuary and
find even more strange evidence
(Bad to Worse):
of terrifying goings-on.
There is no help from the
Hook 2. Cemetery hi-jinks. outside world, and the GM must
If their age and level of cultural sell this fact convincingly. No
sophistication match, perhaps matter what horrors the PCs
the PCs have another reason witness with their own eyes, the
for hanging out at Morningside GM should allow no evidence to
cemetery by night. Perhaps they be left behind, even if it means
are making out, drinking and monster corpses disintegrate
smoking reefer, or just goofing or vanish. No matter what the
off with general tomfoolery. PCs witness, no one will believe
Anyway, by night the PCs might them. The best case scenario
spot ghouls, gravers, or dwarf- is that the police are simply
like lurkers at work in the hard-nosed skeptics; worse still
cemetery, leading to a terrifying would be if they were working
encounter and more questions. for the same dark forces as the
This could also be a logical bridge mortician.
encounter — investigating the
cemetery grounds at night — Likewise, simply leaving is not
between the first hook and the an option. If necessary, saddle
followup. the PCs with as much baggage as
possible, from simple financial
Hook 3. A concerned friend. hardship to dependents who
Finally, the PCs can be shouldn’t be moved. (You could
approached by a friend with always, if you are feeling
serious concerns — arising particularly cruel, kill off
from either witnessing one of those dependents in the third
the above hooks or noticing the act). If the PCs decide to run
gradual depopulation of the town away anyway the GM should
over time — but the inability to get creative with mishaps that

Behind the Scenes

stop them. If the players have learn the details of and disrupt
at least skimmed the first few the necromantic operations of
pages of this rulebook, though, the Oakwood Mortuary in one
they (hopefully) are ready fell swoop. Whatever happens
to kick some undead ass, and here, options for expanding this
hence won’t need to be herded first brush with darkness into an
all that much. ongoing campaign should present
themselves, with hints described in
The logical next step for the PCs CAMPAIGN FLOW above.
is to investigate the Morningside
cemetery and the thin man who JUMPSTART
seems to be connected to the
deaths, disappearances, and
strange occurrences.
The following pages include
The details of this investigation and maps and details of the threats
its aftermath and consequences and challenges that might be
are largely up to you, the GM. One present in the typical cemetery
or two of the PCs might investigate and mausoleum after it is taken
independently, and then try and over by the Tall Man. GMs
convince others to help them — should feel free to modify these
the PCs might be chased off and materials as desired or use
forced to return or successfully them as-is as a launching point
for the campaign.

Cemetery Map

This map created by Christopher 1. Mausoleum: The main public

West for D20 Critical Locations. Re- mausoleum, the echoing marble
used without permission. halls of this large building are
lined with slabs which SHOULD
General Features: The gates to the contain the earthly remains
west are locked (Hard Locksmith of the beloved departed. The
Skill Test to pick) at night, and corridors of the Mausoleum are
topped with spikes. Climbing them mapped in further detail on the
is an Average Climbing Skill Test; following pages. The doors are
if a player fails to climb one of the kept locked at night — the lock
gates, they take 1d6 damage from can be picked with an Average
the spikes. The fence surrounding Locksmith Skill Test. In the
the cemetery can be climbed with event that an intruder enters
an Easy Climbing Skill Test. this area at night, a hunter killer

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

sphere, a mortician’s assistant, must succeed to go undetected,

or both may be dispatched to of course; you are only as
deal with them, patrolling these stealthy as the clumsiest one
unhallowed halls. of you. The GM can call for
this contest as many times as
2. Funeral Home: Most of the he sees fit, depending on how
Tall Man’s dark work takes place many times the PCs pass by the
here; discussed in much more Gravers. The Gravers here are
detail in the following pages. armed only with shovels; their
attacks deal 1d6 + 14 damage
3. Private Tombs: These five instead of the attacks listed for
private mausoleums can contain chainsaws and sledgehammers.
anything the GM can dream up,
from weapons and equipment 6. Open Grave. An Easy
to Gravers, Lurkers, and other Awareness Skill Check reveals
nasty surprises. These are kept clues (the date on the headstone,
securely locked around the the pattern of dirt around the
clock; opening them requires a grave) that the absent coffin was
Hard Locksmith Skill Test. recently exhumed (as opposed
to not yet buried)…and nearby
4. Witches Circle. A circle of graves show signs of being
graves surrounds an obelisk recently refilled. Confronted
in this creepy area. Nothing with this realization, PCs should
worse than a bad feeling should make an Average Will Check to
confront the PCs here, as the continue without being shaken
wind blowing past these stones (-1 Difficulty Modifier to all
sounds like shrill screams. An Checks). If the moment seems
Easy Will Check should be called right, and an opportunity to
for here to continue without scare the crap out of the PCs
being shaken (-1 Difficulty exists, the GM should take
Modifier to all Checks). advantage of it by having the
worst thing he can think of
5. Tombstones. If and only if explode out of the grave.
the Tall Man has already taken
over, and the Cemetery is on 7. Memorial Gardens. The
alert, 1d3– 1 Gravers patrol this windows of the Mausoleum that
area looking for intruders at face this direction are well lit at
night. Avoiding them is a skill night; the GM might want to call
contest; the Gravers roll 1d6 + for a Stealth Skill Check from
3 versus the PC’s 1d6 + Speed PCs crossing this area.
+ Stealth Skill Bonus. All PCs

Behind the Scenes

8. Fresh Graves. A pair of armed only with shovels (see

gravers are hard at work here above), and aren’t actively
by night, exhuming coffins, looking for the PCs. They should
throwing the bodies in a pile only engage the players if the
or wheelbarrow, and reburying players directly approach this
the empty coffins, filling in area.
the graves. These gravers are

Mausoleum Map

Behind the Scenes

Funeral Home Map (1F)

Antechamber: This small room can be defeated the same way

has a deep crimson pile carpet, as the front door (see above).
oil paintings on the walls, a Deep wall-to-wall carpeting
wooden stand for hats and hushes this quiet room. A single
coats, and not much else. The heavy mahogany coffin stands
front door is locked at night, in the northwestern corner of
but can be picked with an Easy this room, open. An obvious,
Lockpick Skill Check or booted if ominous, place to hide. This
with an Average Strength Check area is usually deserted.
(although the latter won’t be
quiet). This area is unguarded, Viewing Room: This is where a
and stairs — blocked by a velvet wake is usually held for bereaved
rope and a placard sign hanging families. Again it is carpeted,
from gold-plated chain which tasteful, and quiet. Cushioned
says “Employees Only” — lead folding chairs in neat rows. A
down from here. platform in the northern center
of the room holds a single coffin
Private Viewing Room: This — closed at night, with what is
area is kept locked about a inside it being up to the GM’s
third of the time (1 or 2 on imagination, but opening it
1d6), day or night. The lock perhaps should require a Will

Behind the Scenes

Check — and beyond that are home is on alert, the Graver begins
glass doors (locked as above, gassing up and revving up his
but much more easily broken) Chainsaw which is stored here
leading to a small stone patio. before going . If anyone attempts
During the day, there is an even to use a two-handed weapon in this
chance (1-3 on 1d6) that a wake room (including the chainsaw), due
or viewing is being held here. to the low ceiling and narrow walls,
they suffer a -2 Attack Penalty.
Coffin Workroom: Nearly a dozen
elegant coffins are on elevated Storage (Right): This is a larger
blocks here, showcasing their version of the previously described
excellent workmanship. At night, store room, but includes more and
a Mortician’s Assistant is on patrol larger tools, piles of astro-turf
here or in the adjoining hallway. and sacks of fertilizer, things like
Avoiding him requires the PCs to clamps, skull picks, and embalming
(each) win a Stealth contest, rolling fluid, and jars with malformed,
1d6 + Speed + Stealth Skill Bonus pickled fetuses. The windows here
versus the assistant’s 1d6 + 7. can be broken easily, although
doing so with your bare hands
Storage (Left): A darkened store- inflicts 2d6 damage. Crawling
room, with rusted metal shelves through the window after the glass
lined with ordinary supplies is broken requires an Average
(cleaning products, garden tools, Climbing Test; failure inflicts 2d6
shovels, mops, buckets, brooms) damage. Lurkers (2d3 of them
and a single weak bare bulb on a for Badass Normals, 4d3 of them
chain — usually switched off — for Uber Badasses) will spring an
as the only illumination. A single ambush here, either on the way in
Graver is on break here, sitting on or the way back out, whichever is
a stool and staring creepily at the more appropriate.
wall in the darkness. If the funeral

Behind the Scenes

Funeral Home Map (B1)

Restricted Area: During the day, papers belonged to the previous

a mortician’s assistant here will mortician. There are keys here to
calmly explain to the PCs why all locked doors in the funeral home
they shouldn’t be here. At night and mausoleum are kept here, 1d3
this area is unguarded, and PCs copies of each.
may have no idea what is waiting
for them beyond. The door to the Hall with Slabs: A hunter-killer
office is locked — all Mortician’s sphere patrols this brightly lit, slab-
Assistants have keys — as is the lined marble hallway at all times.
door leading to the hall with slabs. The doors here are not kept locked,
The office door requires an Easy and may be the difference between
Lockpick Skill Check or an Average surviving the sphere or not.
Strength Check to bypass. The hall
door requires a Hard Lockpick Embalming Room: This room is
Skill Check or a Crushingly Hard cold and nastily clinical. The floor
Strength Check to defeat. is green tile with rusted metal
drainage grates set in it. Bright
Office: A small, cramped room, fluorescent overhead lights glint
crammed full of books and papers sharply off of three gleaming
and (if in modern day) an ancient metal tables, each with a crank
desktop computer. The data stored that can be used to turn them for
here (in paper and on the computer) drainage. Trays with gleaming
isn’t important — the books and scalpels, forceps, saws, and other

Behind the Scenes

surgical instruments are bolted to servants do so for him. The door

each table. Additionally, a large to the west is electronically locked
pump device with embalming fluid, with a futuristic scanner, a black
designed to vacuum suck out the lens device. It can be opened with a
blood from a body and replace it biometric scan of the eyes of any of
with embalming fluid, is present the Mortician’s assistants. In the
here. Figuring out how to use it is small, bright store room beyond
an Easy First Aid Skill Check. It that door, half a gross (72) hunter
can be used as a weapon with the killer spheres gleam on perfectly
Brawling skill as long as the target polished metal shelves, emitting a
is adjacent to it (it can’t be picked brittle keening whistle but doing
up or carried, obviously); a living nothing else. The spheres remain
or at least squishy target stabbed inactive unless touched.
with the pump hose needle it takes
6d6 damage per turn unless they Crematorium: One graver with a
are able to pull it out. Strapped shovel (or a pair of them if the PCs
to one table is…perhaps a badly are Uber Badasses) is at work here,
decomposed and partially dissected overseen by a Mortician’s Assistant
corpse, or perhaps the perfectly if one was not present in the
intact corpse of a loved one, in Embalming Room. The graver(s)
quiet repose for now…it is up to are shoveling a nasty pile of
the GM. In any case, remaining human remains into the crematory
in this room requires a successful furnace, which is also attached to
Will Check. Dusty shelves on the the normal conveyor belt, ready to
walls are lined with glass jugs of feed coffins in. An Easy Awareness
chemicals, their labels faded and Check (reflexive) is adequate for PCs
printed densely with tiny type. A to hear that this room is occupied
successful Average Chemistry Skill from the outside. If the PCs bust in
Check can identify at least one of anyway, the enemies present here
the jugs as powerful hydrochloric will attempt to incinerate them. A
acid. There is an even chance (1-3 successful Strength Contest against
on 1d6) that a Mortician’s Assistant a character who is already grappled
is present here. and adjacent to the furnace is
enough to shove them into it. A
Cold Storage: This room is a character pushed into the furnace
giant freezer. Vials of blood and takes d6(d6) Fire damage and is set
other fluids, some intact corpses on fire, taking 1d6 damage each
(hanging from meat-hooks) and turn until extinguished.
more chemicals are stored here.
The Tall Man is careful not to enter Gate Chamber: When the PCs
this room, and has his various enter this room — which looks like

Behind the Scenes

they are standing on a pure white Checks consecutively to climb out

seamless background in the middle of before they fail three Average
nothingness, with the only features Strength Checks consecutively and
being two bright metal gateposts, are sucked into the Netherworlds
about three feet tall each, giving off a forever. A PC on the other side of
constant tonal hum, and a pyramidal the gate trying to help a trapped
stack of around a hundred plastic PC through can make Average
barrels (each containing a lurker) Strength Checks of their own that
stacked in the corner — the Tall Man add to those of the trapped PC,
will be present. He may briefly banter but the two of them together must
with the PCs — recommended if the accumulate three successes without
GM has seen the Phantasm movies the trapped character failing to
often enough to have memorized escape. To make matters worse, the
some of the dialogue — or may stretched lurkers crawling towards
simply stride through the gateway them will reach them and begin
and vanish, suddenly, as if edited out attacking in 3d6 turns, although
of a film through special effects. In they will not cross the gateway
any case, he will retreat rather than themselves. (Stretched Lurkers
fighting. This will leave the PCs to receive +2 Speed and +3 Strength.)
experiment with the gate itself.
Stopping the Tuning Fork: If the
Crossing the Gate: Anything that PCs are particularly creative, or
goes past the gates vanishes from can succeed a successful Average
view. A rock. A chair. A hand. If Skill Check for any music based
the PCs cross through the gate, skill, they will realize that the gate
they are sucked suddenly into the is essentially a giant tuning fork,
Netherworlds, a red, dust-storm and something may happen if they
blasted barren landscape like the stop its vibrations. If a PC puts a
surface of mars, only warmer, and hand on both of the vibrating gate
with more air and more undead. posts to stop them, they take 2d6
The particular stretch of the Subdual Damage and are knocked
Netherworlds the gate opens into down and the gateway begins
are almost completely featureless, to self destruct. All PCs must
except for a pile of 2d6 (4d6 if the immediately succeed an Hard
PCs are Uber Badasses) hideously Strength Check (average if they
‘stretched’ lurkers, like nuts cracked have braced themselves) to avoid
out of the shells of their barrels. being sucked into the gateway (see
The gravity in the Netherworlds is above); they then have 1d6 rounds
incredibly strong. If a PC foolishly to escape from the funeral home
walks between the posts, they must before it self-destructs.
succeed three Average Strength

Behind the Scenes


TIME : also an authority behind the

mysterious Operation Werwolf.
As the Wehrmacht crumbles
Late March, 1945. The Allied around him, Drexler, long
invasion of Germany and the considered a terrifying monster
collapse of the Axis. even by his fellow Nazis, enacts
a desperate plan, knowing that
PLACE : with Germany destined for
defeat, he has nothing to lose.
the Western Front. The Rhine Performing an ancient and
River, gateway for Allied forces to forbidden occult rite uncovered
Northern Germany. Specifically, the on stone tablets by Ernst Schafer
town of Hamminkeln, Germany, on the 1939 Nazi expedition to
on the Eastern bank of the Rhine. Tibet, Drexler intends to enact
the rebirth of the Third Reich,

OPPOSITION : but instead hurls the soldiers of

the German war machine beyond
death, into un-life. Throughout
The last desperate counter- the Western front, Nazi soldiers
offensive of the German — for it is members of the Nazi
Wehrmacht, the Battle of the party who have unknowingly
Bulge, has failed. In just over given their blood to Drexler
one month Hitler will commit to fuel his magic — rise from
suicide in his bunker. The Allies even the most violent of deaths,
are closing in — the Soviets in mindless and hungry for the
particular advance from the flesh of the living. Zombies. Nazi
East without mercy — and the zombies! The worst kind.
Third Reich seems fated to fall.
The Thule Society, a secret occult PLAYER
order instrumental to Hitler’s
rise to power pre-war, while CHARACTERS :
ostensibly disbanded in the mid-
1930s in reality had its highest By default, the PCs (Uber Badasses)
ranking members incorporated are U.S. Infantrymen, specifically
into the hierarchy of the SS. One paratroopers attached to the 513th
such individual is the infamous Parachute Infantry Regiment of the
Nazi occultist Heinrich Drexler, 17th Airborne Division of the U.S.
Obersturmbannführer of the army. Infantry veterans, the PCs
6th SS Mountain Division and have been shocked, traumatized,

Behind the Scenes

and ultimately, hardened by Infantrymen must possess a skill

toughened in battle, pushing level of at least Trained (and more
forward and “mopping up” as the likely Apprentice) in their primary
German line buckles. The 513th was weapon skill (most likely Rifles) as
not sent overseas until after D-Day well as Stealth, athletic capabilities
and was still in training in England (Climbing, Swimming, etc.), close
during Operation Market Garden. combat capabilities, Survival and
During the crisis of the Battle of Throwing Weapons. Infantrymen
the Bulge, the division was flown must also possess decent physical
into Reims, France and moved by attributes. However, before players
truck into southern Belgium. In feel too restricted, keep in mind
January 1945, the Regiment was that all of these things are traits
sent into the assault on Flamierge. that most Phantasm PCs are going
After the conclusion of the to want to take anyway, just so that
Ardennes campaign, the division they have a fair chance at survival.
was withdrawn in preparation for There are also obvious restrictions
Operation Varsity during which on age and gender, for the sake of
the regiment dropped with the historical accuracy.
rest of the division into Germany
near Haminkeln in its only combat CAMPAIGN FLOW:
drop. The PCs are American GIs,
members of the greatest generation
and selfless and courageous Early Campaign:
warriors in the greatest and most The PCs are part of Operation
terrible conflict in human history. Varsity, the largest single
Of course, anyone who has seen airborne operation in history
any war movies at all will tell conducted on one day and at
you that this leaves a tremendous one location. Their plane is
amount of character customization damaged by anti-aircraft fire,
up to the players, crafting distinct forcing an emergency jump that
personalities for their soldiers. At causes them to miss their drop
the GM’s discretion, players could zone. They rendezvous with
also play British or even German British troops from the same
soldiers. area and scramble to eliminate
a German artillery battery in a
PCs in the Nazi Zombies campaign large schloss outside the town
are in any case somewhat more of Haminkeln. When they move
uniform than standard Phantasm in to secure the location, a shot
PCs who have all of their options down C-46 crashes through
completely wide open and can the ceiling, caving in parts of
be anyone and anything. All the roof and knocking them
unconscious in the shockwave.

ndgun (p. 40)
the M1911A1 ha
D ISSUE . m ilita ry w as
instead distru
STANDAR arting cash an
d the U.S
m e so ld iers may have as the
rd th e co nc epts of both st n g lo ad-out althou gh so
d carried a revo
lver (suc h
Disrega the starti to m atic an ed Ger m an
n determining campaign gam
e. the au
40) or carried
a captur
skill picks whe el 10 , p.
in a Nazi Zo biesm ld S&W M od souvenir.
of star tin g PC s
pmen t, bu t sh ou er (p. 40) as a
de scri be s American equi w ish to Luger or Walth
This on ly GMs w ho g in
g off point for er skill trainin
provid e a laun ch in
ga meplay th e eq ui pm en t
ac te rs w ith Expert or bett an M 1 R ifle
e for Char d of
research and
ba la nc
, or other infant
pr op riat e sk ill may instea eq uipp ed
Ger m an the ap arksm an
load-outs of Bri
tish ,
rb in e be a designated m (p. 46 ), a
r the or Ca 1903 Sn iper Rifle
on pr im ar y weapon fo with a Springf
ie ld M
pped with a Bro
The most co
m m fle (p. ner equi
r w as th e M1 Garand ri support machi
ne -gun
ely) carrying
American Para
tr oo pe
, shorter, but le
R if le (p . 43) or (rar
llow ed clos el y by the lighter l si dear m of Autom at ic
46) fo
rb in e (p. 46 ). The officia
powerful M1 Ca

M1897 Trench Gun (p

. 46). Characters with
better skill training Expert or equipment and ammu
in the appropriate sk nition was standard
also officers or NCOs ill who are American Paratroop issue for
would most likely be ers (this list is no
with a Thompson Su equipped complete, entirely ac t perfectly
bmachine-Gun as th curate, or historically
weapon. Often Paratro eir primary but an effort was ma rigorous
opers and G.I.s would de):
M3 Fighting Knife or carry an
Trench Knife (both us
p. 38) as well as an e Ma chete, µHelmet, M1C/M2
entrenching tool not
be used as a club, bu designed to µBelt, Cartridge, Ca
t capable of being us l. .30, M-1923; Belt,
Pistol, M-1936
a way in a pinch (us ed in such µBag, Field, M-19
36, (aka Musette
e Baseball Bat, p. 38 bag) and Suspenders
each Paratrooper wo ). Finally, M1936
uld be issued two µCanteen and Cante
fragmentation hand Mk-II A1 en Cup and Cover, Ca
grenades. M1910 nteen, Dismounted
µTool, Entrenchin
In addition to their g, T-Handle or M1
uniforms (too intric Carrier 943 Collapsible w/
exacting to discuss he ate and µM1942 Bayonet 10
re) and weapons, the or 16 inch
following µPouch, First Aid
and Bandage with
Sulfanilimide Powd

Round Magazines
tape, Sulphadiazine µBAR Ammunition Belt With Twelve x20
shell dressings, 2, insecticide, 1 roll for B.A.R. (replaces M-1932 Belt)
t with Morp hine syrettes, Halazone
tablets, 1st aid packe
tablets, 3 rubbe x15 Round Magazines
µTwo Pocket Magazine Pouch with Two
µBlanket, Wool, 2 each. ne (replaces M-1932 Belt)
Knife, 1 set. for M1 Carbi
µCan, Meat, M1942 (mess kit), Fork, and
and Rations, D, 10 Days worth. Cigarettes. -Or-
µRations, K 3 Springfield Rifle,
µTwelve x5 Round Stripper Clips for M190
Lighter. Matches.
ed, with neck chain in M1932 Cartridge Belt
µTags, Identification (“Dog Tags”), notch
and extension -Or-
h Gun in Ammunition
µBelt, Web, Waist, M1937, Tan µForty 12 Gauge Shells for M1897 Trenc
µT-7 Parachute with Quick Release Buck
le, Jump Goggles, Bag or Belt (non-standard issue).
Horsehide Glove, Rope Coil -AND-
Garand, in M1932 Magazine Pounch on
µTen x8 Round En Bloc Clips for M1 µTwo x7 Round Magazines in Double
(or other sidearm ammo)
Cartridge Belt M1936 Pistol Belt
Behind the Scenes

Middle Campaign: battling desperately against the

When the PCs regain consciousness, walking dead.
they find that they have been cut
off from the rest of the Regiment
and for that matter the rest of the
company, trapped in the schloss
with British airmen and a German Hook 1. Operation Varsity
soldier. All around them the sounds The PCs are American paratroopers
of the battle have fallen silent, and taking part in the largest single
the threat that lurks in from the continuous airborne operation in
mist are not German soldiers at all history. The campaign begins in
but Nazi zombies. Their PCs and the earliest hours of the morning,
their uneasy allies must explore March 24th, 1945, about to board
the schloss while surviving wave the C-46 Commando transport plane
after wave of the undead. that will carry their platoon (along
with hundreds of other aircraft,
Possible Campaign Endgame: and thousands of troops) from an
The fate of the PC survivors airfield in north-central France
of Operation Varsity and the to a drop zone near Haminkeln,
resulting zombie onslaught is Germany on the eastern bank of
up to the GM and the players. the Rhine. The PCs have plenty of
The GM can choose to make the time for camaraderie, bonding, and
undead onslaught an isolated roleplay, as men prepare for battle,
incident—no one will believe cleaning their weapons, sharpening
the PCs until it is too late, their knives, attending service
with occupied Berlin overrun with their Chaplain. Early on the
by the undead. Alternatively, morning of March 24th, the signal
perhaps the PCs are recruited to begin is given. The troopers are
by the O.S.S. for their zombie served a breakfast of steak and
killing expertise, and sent to eggs, then loaded into trucks for
stop Drexler where he has the ride to the planes. Wheels up
barricaded himself in Das at 8:00 AM for a straight run to
Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler’s “Eagle’s the drop zone. Black shell bursts
Nest” in the Obersaltzberg dot the sky, and red tracer bullets
complex, performing dark arc up, reaching for the planes.
magical rituals to summon and Let the PCs watch with horror as
sustain armies of the dead. Or first one then another troop plane
maybe the entire face of the war plummets towards the ground. As
has changed, and is no longer the planes began to burn, the
the Axis versus the Allied, but pilots bravely fought to hold
is now all of the living, together, them level as they continued to
search for their drop zones and

Behind the Scenes

tried to give the paratroopers an ammunition in one pile, and

opportunity to get clear of the is firing at something out the
aircraft. As their Regiment’s window. As the first of the PCs
planes pass directly over a reels to their feet, a German
belt of German anti-aircraft soldier comes into view, pointing
weapons, the PCs plane is raked a Kar 98 rifle at them and firing.
with machine gun fire and set But the target is not the PC, but
ablaze, forcing them to jump off the shambling corpse that was
course from the drop zone. The encroaching behind him. The
PCs are scattered clear of most normal rules of war have been
of the rest of their platoon, but suspended, and the Axis soldier
manage to regroup with British is no longer the enemy. The dead
glider troops, and assault a walk the battle field. The PCs
German artillery position in are trapped in the schloss and
a Schloss on the outskirts of must defend their position from
Haminkeln. When the German fifteen increasingly terrifying
soldiers are defeated, it is only a waves of Nazi Zombies if they
little after noon. That is when a wish to survive (see below).
shot-down C-46 comes crashing
down through the ceiling, dazing JUMPSTART
and disorienting the PCs if not
knocking them unconscious.
DEVELOPMENTS The following pages include stats

for Axis and Allied soldiers, as
well as an annotated map of
(Bad to Worse): the schloss and a breakdown
of the undead forces facing the
The PCs regain their faculty PCs during its defense. GMs
— moment or hours later — to should feel free to modify these
the sound of gunfire, but it is materials as desired or use
sporadic and close; the world them as-is as a launching point
has gone quiet all around them, for the campaign.
with the sounds and sights of
the war replaced by an eerie
silence and a dense fog or smoke
screen preventing visibility in
all directions. A single British
airman has dragged the PCs
from the wreckage, inventoried
their remaining weapons and

Behind the Scenes

American G.I. or µµ M1903 Springfield (Sniper) with

Scope at +3 for 5d6.
other Allied
Soldier µµ M1928 Thompson (Officer)
Burst [Hose] at +1 for 4d6.
Attributes: µµ Browning Automatic Rifle
Strength: 5 (Squad Support Gunner) Burst
Speed: 5 [Spray] at +1 for 4d6 (-2 DM).
Wits: 5
Will: 5 µµ Colt M1911A1 at +2 for 2d6 + 3.

Health: 30 µµ Mk 2 Hand Grenade at +0 for

Initiative: 1d6 + 5 8d6 (Splash).
Defense: 6 Techniques:
Blitzkrieg, Boom!Headshot,
Skills: Critical Attack.
Rifle OR Automatics: Expert (+2)
Pistols: Apprentice (+1) Equipment:
Blades OR Brawling: Apprentice (+1) See sidebar on Page 156 for
Throwing Weapons: Trained (+0) extensive details. Note, with a
Stealth: Trained (+0) little bit of research, you can find
Awareness: Trained (+0) the British equivalent of these
Running: Trained (+0) weapons, which should not be
Climbing: Trained (+0) very different, statistically from
their American counterparts
Attacks: (i.e. Sten Gun in place of
(Note: Choose only one primary Thompson, etc.).
XP Bounty: NA.
µµ M1 Garand (Rifleman) at +2 for

µµ M1 Carbine (Paratrooper) at +2
for 3d6 + 2

German Infantryman

Attributes: Will: 4
Strength: 6 Health: 36
Speed: 5 Initiative: 1d6 + 5
Wits: 5 Defense: 6

Behind the Scenes

Skills: µµ Mod. 24 Stielhandgranate

Rifle OR Automatics: Expert (+2)
Pistols: Apprentice (+1) Techniques:
Blades OR Brawling: Apprentice (+1) Blitzkrieg, Critical Attack.
Throwing Weapons: Trained (+0)
Stealth: Trained (+0) Equipment:
Awareness: Trained (+0) M1943 Pattern Field Uniform
Running: Trained (+0) (Felduniform), M1935 Pattern Helmet
Climbing: Trained (+0) (Stahlhelme),Jackboots(Marschstiefel),
German Infantryman’s webbing
Attacks: ammunition pouches, entrenching tool
(Note: Choose only one primary (Schanzzeug), bread bag (Brotbeutel), a
weapon.) water bottle (Feldflasche), a gas mask
container (Tragebusche). Assault pack
µµ Mauser Kar98k (Rifleman) at (Sturmgepäck) with Model 31 Cooking
+2 for 5d6 + 2. Pot (Kockgeschirr), poncho with tent
pole sections and pegs (Zeltbahnrolle),
µµ MP-40 (Officer) Burst [Hose] at blanket, M1944 Rucksack. Two hand
+2 for 2d6 + 2. (-2 DM) grenades. 60 Rounds of Ammunition
for Rifleman; 6 Full Magazines for MP-
µµ Luger P08 or Walther P38 at +1 40 users. Bayonet.
for 2d6 + 1.
XP Bounty: 25

EA PO N (s)- tats listed

e weapon s e points
-NEW W s il y u s e th
GMs can ea chapter as referen r their
infantry r o p s ts fo
th e standard in th e P ed s ta
ith ba lanc other) firearms
k w a s t. Un like u p w
The Kar98 German Wehrmach n rif le. to c om e (and
e tio orld War 2 ing slight
rif le of th nd, it was a bolt ac favorite W n’t included, by ma k like the
the M 1 G a r a
ilar to those of the ve
that we ha s to existing weapon
itie s a r e sim ant rif le n
Its capabil 1 9 03 o r Mosin Nag modificatio
Spring field y differences. above.
a fe w k e
w ith

Behind the Scenes

Schloss Map (After The Dead Rise )

Plane Wreckage (Red X In Hall): PCs regain consciousness after

A C-46 transport plane has come taking the schloss.
through the ceiling in this area,
and there is no standing room in Non-Clearable Rubble (Red X In
this fiery rubble. This is where the Entryway): The entire ceiling has

Behind the Scenes

caved in, filling the antechamber Windows (Yellow Arrows): Each

with dense rubble. It is not possible yellow arrow represents a
to get out this way. The amount of window or zombie entry point.
time it would take to clear makes it They are too narrow and jagged
unfeasible to do so while the zombie for a human to fit comfortably
attack is underway. through, and even if you could
squeeze through, you’d be out
Clearable Rubble (Red Lightning in the open and surrounded by
Bolt Symbols): These caved in zombies. To board up a window
or blocked areas can each be to prevent zombies from coming
cleared of debris by succeeding in, a character must spend one
four individual Average Strength minute and roll 1d6 + Strength
Checks, with each attempt taking + Carpentry Skill Bonus. The
one minute. Up to two characters result, divided by two and
can attempt to clear one section rounded normally, is the number
of debris at a time. Only once the of full turns it takes for zombies
debris is cleared can this area be outside the window to force their
passed through. Be aware that as way through the barricade.
PCs begin to open up areas of the This number is also divided by
Schloss for them to move through, the number of zombies at the
this also allows the zombies more window (only four zombies can
routes to attack and flank them, attack one window at a time). So
so it may be wise for the PCs to you don’t have to ruin your fun
leave some rubble in place, creating with division of all things:

Result of Turns Turns Turns For Turns For

Carpentry For 1 For 2 3 Zombies 4 Zombies
Test Zombie Zombies To Break To Break
To Break To Break Through Through
Through Through
1-2 1 1 1 1
3-4 2 1 1 1
5-6 3 2 1 1
7-8 4 2 1 1
9-10 5 3 2 1
11-12 6 3 2 2
13-14 7 4 2 2
15-16 8 4 3 2
17-18 9 5 3 3
19-20 10 5 3 3

Behind the Scenes

Zombies materialize from the a Hard Electronics Skill Test. This

mist ten yards away from the Test can be retried, but takes one
windows they are aiming for. minute to attempt each time, and
This means that PCs have five each attempt is at a -1 Difficulty
turns to take pot-shots at Type Modifier for each previous attempt.
I zombies, four turns to take This is the only way to open the
pot-shots at Type II zombies, case.
and around two turns to take
pot-shot sat Type III zombies UpperGalleryWest: A sturdy oblong
through the windows. Attacking steel box is in this room, which
a zombie through a boarded up appears to have been converted
window (with melee or ranged) into laboratory. It is clear that a
gives the zombie a +1 Defense character can spend one minute
Modifier. here and make a Hard Chemistry
Skill Test to attempt to synthesize
Dining Room: A locked metal a strong acid to melt through the
footlocker against one wall has box, although there is only enough
been fitted with a damaged satchel acid for that one object, and the acid
charge. Repairing the satchel charge cannot be weaponized. This test
(so that it will detonate in sixty can be retried, taking one minute
seconds) is a Hard Demolitions Skill and with a -1 Difficulty Modifier
Test. This Test can be retried, but for each previous attempt. Inside
takes one minute to attempt each the box is a Browning Automatic
time and each attempt is at a -1 Rifle and two hundred rounds of
Difficulty Modifier penalty for each ammunition.
previous attempt. As the locker is
fused shut and resistant to small Office: A locked hardwood gun
arms fire and normal explosives, cabinet here can be picked with a
this is the only way to open it. Hard Locksmith Skill Test, which
Inside is a sawn-off double-barreled can be retried by spending one
shotgun (p. 78) and twenty shells. minute and taking a -1 Difficulty
Modifier penalty for each previous
Gallery: A bullet-proof electronic attempt. Inside is a Kar-98k/SKS
case hidden behind a painting on Rifle (p. 78) with a scope and fifty
one wall (reflexive Easy Awareness rounds of ammunition.
Skill Test to notice the painting
askew) conceals an M1928A1
Tommy Gun and two hundred
rounds of ammunition. In order
to open the case, the electrical
lock must be bypassed, requiring

Behind the Scenes

Those Darn
The scenario is written for Uber
Badass characters, and is written
to be markedly challenging for
By default, the opening combat them. However, the threat of
scenario of this campaign involves infection is not meant to be a major
the PCs defending an area from part of the challenge, although
fifteen increasingly strong, fast, it is such a crucial element of the
tough, deadly, and numerous zombie mythos that it cannot be
WAVES of the undead. If this excluded entirely. For this reason,
sounds like an arcade game, well, zombies of all Types, even the more
that’s no accident. Naturally, the powerful zombies in later rounds,
GM should feel free to change not have only The People It Kills Get
just the following numbers, but the Up And Kill I, rather than more
scenario itself. If the players would potent levels of the same ability.
prefer a thrilling dungeon crawl Also remember that the GM only
or escape to protracted defensive has to call for a “zombification
battles, then the GM should tailor resistance” check essentially when
the combat around that. Likewise, they feel it would be dramatically
if the PCs are at Wave 8 and don’t appropriate. The other stats
have much chance of surviving to of zombies are unmodified.
Wave 9, let alone Wave 12, the GM
should certainly character letting Without further ado, this is what
the characters “off the hook” early. the PCs will be up against:
But the following guidelines assume
a “wave defense” setup.

Zombie Swarms By Wave

Wave Opposition Cooldown Time
Before Next Wave
1 6 + 1d3 Type I Zombies 1d6 Minutes
2 6 + 2d3 Type I Zombies 2d6 Minutes
3 6 + 2d6 Type I Zombies 3d6 Minutes
4 6 + 3d3 Type I Zombies 4d6 Minutes
5 6 + 4d3 Type I Zombies 5d6 Minutes
6 6 + 4d6 Type II Zombies 6d6 Minutes
7 6 + 5d6 Type II Zombies 7d6 Minutes
8 6 + 6d6 Type II Zombies 8d6 Minutes
9 6 + 7d6 Type II Zombies 9d6 Minutes

Behind the Scenes

Wave Opposition Cooldown Time

Before Next Wave
10 10d6 Type III Zombies 10d6 Minutes
11 11d6 Type III Zombies 1 + 10d6 Minutes
12 12d6 Type III Zombies 2 + 10d6 Minutes
13 13d6 Type III Zombies 3 + 10d6 Minutes
14 14d6 Type III Zombies 4 + 10d6 Minutes
15 15d6 Type III Zombies 5 + 10d6 Minutes

Note: Zombies should trickle in, later rounds, which are meant
in groups of (Wave) zombies per to be blisteringly hard.
turn. Zombies enter about ten
yards away from their target Cooldown times are meant to be
windows and they take the used to board up windows, unlock
shortest route to their entry areas of the schloss, acquire
point. Zombies generally don’t weapons, etcetera. If they end
use tactics, but could certainly up resulting in boredom, start
start developing them in the the round earlier.

The Tag

The Tag
“Flesh could not keep its glamour, -IF YOU’RE NOT YOUR
nor eyes their sheen. They would go GROUP’S GM-
to nothing soon. But monsters are -ASK HIM OR HER BEFORE
-Clive Barker

Monsters Walk Amongst Us

By default, the player characters µµ The theme of ordinary humans

of Phantasm(2010) are a group of struggling against a superhuman
(more or less) ordinary humans threat will be diminished or outright lost.
struggling together against a * The tone of the game may become
supernatural threat. It is also more seriously consider the horrific
possible for a gaming group to actions their characters are capable
decide that they want some or of performing (or even obligated to
all of the player characters to be perform). If players don’t feel like
monsters not unlike the ones they seriously considering the impact their
are battling. This option is really monstrous characters have on the lives
only appropriate if the PC power is of innocent humans, and instead treat
at the Superhuman Badass level — the game as a sort of Grand Theft Auto
weaker human characters cannot style killing spree, the tonal change
be mixed with monstrous PCs may have the opposite effect.
because of the power imbalance that
it will create. Including monstrous µµ Notable differences will appear in
PCs will be making the following the player character’s capabilities,
thematic changes to the game: strengths, and weaknesses. Even if
characters of different “races” have
µµ The game’s genre may become roughly the same power level, they
more “dark fantasy” than “grindhouse cannot reliably expect to be challenged
horror” and the game may become at the same level by the same scenario.
more focused on action (fighting µµ The game will become more about
monsters) than horror (running, factions and alliances, both externally
hiding, and doing anything possible, and within the party. Supernatural
including fighting, to survive). Likewise creatures constitute factions that have
the themes of overwhelming odds, various allies and enemies within
terror, and dread may be diminished. the world of the night, but nearly all

The Tag

have a predatory relationship with for evil’s sake. Just like the rather
humankind. Hence… obvious statement that “not all
humans are good”, monsters can
µµ Expect Player Versus Player have just as much variety in their
(PvP) combat (and killing) to become personality, goals, and character
anything from a possibility to a traits as human beings. Certainly,
guaranteed certainty, as the party it is possible for all the playable
makeup goes from something like “all monsters in Phantasm to forge
humans” to something like: a vampire, an uneasy alliance with human
a human, a screamer, and a shifter. beings, for instance, against the
Of course, a party makeup like “three forces of the Tall Man, Phantasm’s
humans and one vampire” or “three default antagonist, whose forces
shifters and one human” might be are totally unrepresented in the
even worse, if the PCs do not have a choice of playable monsters.
compelling reason to work together.

It is important to note that playable With that warning, the ways that
monsters are MONSTERS, not just monstrous player characters
another playable race. Neither can improve a high powered
Player nor GM should treat them game should be obvious, adding
as human characters only with a wealth of strategic options to
different abilities. Monsters are character creation and combat,
terrifying, otherworldly predators, and another layer of motivations
traits that should not be lost by and complexity to character
making them playable. development and interaction.
As a final note, remember
That said, monsters in Phantasm that playable “monster races”
are, of course, not always repugnant, can also be used by a GM as
vile creatures devoid of redeeming supplementary antagonists. And
moral qualities. Sometimes they the directorial choice to include
represent compelling heroes. As any playable monster — as a
monstrous, grotesque, and cruel PC or NPC—is also the world-
as their appearance or dietary building choice that that race of
requirements may be, they are not beings exists in your universe.
necessarily locked into a life of evil

The Tag

Monstrous Races (Playable Monsters )

Monster Attribute Special Traits

Type Modifiers
Vampire +2 Strength, Tough To Kill, Dust and Ashes,
+2 Speed, Kindling, “Psychos…”, Through The
-1 Will. Heart, The Blood Is The Life, Keen
Senses, Bite, Blood Junkie
Shifter +3 Strength, Lunacy, Silver Bullet, Man Eater, Death
+1 Speed. Reversion, Frenzied Shift, Shifted To
Death, and Dual Form (Spider-Shifter)
or Triple Form (Wolf Shifter)
Screamer +2 Speed, -1 Know Nothing, The Deep Consumption,
Strength. Biomorph, I Spy With My Little Mouth,
Sound Sensitivity, Eyebite, Nom
Vengeful +2 Strength,
Revenant +2 Speed.
Fugitive Special

Creating PC Monsters

PC monsters are created with In other words, a Vampire’s

a Badass Index of 30 and Wits maximum Strength is 12,
x 2 Skill Picks. They receive maximum Speed is 12, and
Will Picks to use on Techniques Maximum Will is 9.
and Powers (see below). They
determine most of their Special Monstrous PCs do not have
Attributes, including unarmed Faith, cannot use Techniques
damage (see below) as though that require Faith, and cannot
they were Supernatural Badass hence suffer from their Faith
humans, with exceptions by being reduced to zero. Monstrous
monster type and by attribute. PCs may not Take A Mulligan.
Attribute Modifiers are added
AFTER all attribute points
are allocated. After applying
modifiers, no attribute can be
less than one, and no attribute
can be more than (10 +/-
Attribute Modifier).

The Tag

The Vampire
Based On : Everything but Anne Rice.

“SEVEREN: year to before the Civil War —

I hate ‘em when they ain’t been shaved.” but have never had their true
-Near Dark (1987) nature explained to them. And
even those memories — of a
Vampires may or may not human life, of being turned to a
be immortal, are apparently vampire — will most likely not
undead, and must consume be remembered well. Whoever
living (human) blood to survive. created, sired, or turned your
They are destroyed by the sun, vampire, for whatever reason,
paralyzed by a wooden stake. didn’t stick around to explain.
They are superhumanly strong And no vampire that you have
and fast, of average intelligence ever met since has known
but unusually keen senses, significantly more than you.
and ultimately slaves to their Any theories vampires have
bestial natures. They are NOT developed are just that: theories.
Nosferatu and Lamia, although The truth is, this doesn’t bother
obviously related creatures, most vampires all that much.
and they have complicated and Perhaps by nature, vampires
troubled relationships with are not introspective, scholarly,
those monsters. And that…is intellectual creatures. They
just about the most any vampire are creatures of fashion and
knows about vampires. violent appetites. Prolonging
your existence and enjoying it
The truth is, when you play a are both more important than
vampire, you are playing a understanding it, at least to
creature that has no idea what it your average vampire, who isn’t
truly is. A creature with no idea concerned with separating fact
what its origins are, a creature from fiction, organizing into
with no idea of its place in the guilds or clans, or other lofty
world or its purpose. Certainly pursuits. Vampires are solitary
you have no idea if vampirism is and bestial predators in spite
gift, curse, disease, if vampires of their human intellect and
are a true race of beings or emotions. Even if you are intent
simply modified humans. on finding answers, there may
Vampires may remember being simply be none to be found.
human, may remember being Lacking a unifying creation
turned — any time from last myth, vampires simply are.

The Tag

Other undead blood suckers, the equal to their own, vampires

Nosferatu and the Lamia, who do represent an unknown quantity
have clan pacts and organized to Nosferatu and Lamia, an
societies and who do know their unpredictable threat that it may
origins, have an interesting be the best choice to simply
relationship with these clanless, destroy.
“orphan” vampires who
physically resemble human One thing is certain: anarchic,
beings markedly more than solitary, violent, arrogant,
they do. On the one hand, as and untamed, vampires are
“free agents”, vampire orphans no cultured aristocracy like
represent valuable resources the Nosferatu. And, although
that Nosferatu and Lamia can thuggish killers, they are no
seek to convert to their side in swarm of pestilent bests like the
the ongoing clan war they are Lamia. Vampires are a different
waging, both against each other monster all together, nearly as
and against the other factions of varied as the human beings
the night. On the other hand, as they (perhaps) once were…
loose cannons with power nearly

Vampire Traits

These special abilities, special Blades, fire, and other attack

qualities, weaknesses, and effect vampires normally, but
drawbacks are what define vampires can shoot at each
vampires. All vampires have other all day without
Dust And Ashes (Quality): Do not
Tough To Kill (Quality): All calculate Knockout Threshold or
damage that vampires take from Death Threshold for vampires.
firearms and unarmed attacks Vampires are destroyed utterly
is reduced. Every d6 of firearm when their Health is reduced to
damage that is rolled against a zero and turn to ash, becoming
vampire is treated as if it rolled impossible to resuscitate. This
a two—in other words, don’t roll means that vampires cannot be
the damage dice at all. Likewise, taken out of a fight by subdual
every d6 of unarmed damage damage. They are also immune
that is rolled against a vampire to poisons/toxins. You cannot
is treated as if it rolled a one. benefit from first aid or faith
Damage taken by vampires healing. Lastly, you cannot
other than dice is unmodified. become Wounded.

The Tag

Kindling (Weakness): You five points of damage taken. If

take double damage from Fire you take damage from an edged,
based weapons and attacks. bladed weapon, you instead lose
Additionally, you may have to 2 points of Blood for every five
succeed a Will Check to avoid points of damage taken. Fire
becoming shaken by or fleeing and sunlight damage, while
from the presence of fire (GM’s horrible, do not cause Blood
discretion). loss at all. You are a nocturnal
creature, and sleep during the
“Psychos…” (Weakness): You day, and awaken at night. You
take 10 Damage per turn when in lose 1d6 points of Blood each
direct sunlight, and your Tough night when you awaken. If your
To Kill Quality as well as all of Blood is reduced to zero, you
your Powers are deactivated. enter a comatose state right on
Additionally, you fear the sun in the spot until you are fed blood.
the same way that you do fire
(see above). Keen Senses (Quality): For the
purpose of Awareness Skill
Through The Heart (Weakness): Tests, treat your Wits as two
If any attack roll targeting you higher than its actual value.
with a wooden stabbing weapon In other words, your receive a
turns up a Natural 12 (whether +2 DM to your Awareness Skill
or not the attacker has the Tests.
Critical Attack technique) you
are impaled and paralyzed. You Bite (Ability): You can bite a
are completely helpless until character you have grappled or
another character removes the a willing victim. The bite itself
stake, and can hence be easily deals damage equal to your
set on fire, decapitated, thrown Strength. If the target you have
into the sun, etceteras. Avoid bitten is a human being, you
this. can drink their blood. You can
choose to drain between 1d6,
The Blood Is The Life (Quality): 2d6, 3d6, 4d6, or 5d6 points
Instead of Faith, you have a of Blood. While humans do not
separate pool of points called have a blood stat, the target loses
Blood. The maximum value of that much Health—you may not
this pool is Strength x 6, although gain more Blood than the victim
you begin game with only has Health. Finally, you can
(Strength)d6 points of Blood. also bite animals, although they
Whenever you take damage, you grant only 1 Point of Blood for
lose 1 point of Blood for every every 5 points of Health they

The Tag

have, although they lose Health and most convenient victim, and
from blood loss at the same rate. feed immediately. If you begin
feeding on a victim (see above),
Blood Junkie (Weakness): You you must succeed an Average
are addicted to (human) blood, Will Check to stop without
potentially causing you to draining them completely dry.
drink far more than you need Vampires that feed on humans
to survive. Every hour you go who are on recreational drugs
without blood, you must succeed also feel the effects of those
a Will Check with a difficulty recreational drugs, and may in
determined by how long it has fact become addicted that way,
been since you last imbibed although vampires cannot be
blood. If you fail, you must drop poisoned by ordinary toxins in
whatever you are doing, take this manner.
the shortest path to the nearest

Blood Addiction Table

Time Since Last Hourly Will Check Difficulty

Feeding On
Human Blood
One Hour Or Less Very Easy (+4 DM)
Six Hours Or Less Easy (+2 DM)
12 Hours Or Less Average
24 Hours Or Less Hard (-2 DM)
48 Hours Or More Crushingly Hard (-4 DM)

Possible Modifiers: Blood Pool

Full (+2 DM), Fed On Animal
Blood In Last Hour (+2 DM),
Human Blood Visible (-4 DV).

Vampire Powers

Vampire Powers include Fast described in the Powers list at

Healing, Blood Rage, Claws, and the end of this chapter.
Blood Dodge. All of these are

The Tag

The Shifter
Based On: Everything (Werewolf)
& Nothing (Were-Spider).
“Don’t go round tonight. µµ Spider-Shifters, also called
It’s bound to take your life. Aranea, Were-Spiders, and The
There’s a bad moon on the rise.” Fates.
-Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Bad
Moon Rising”
In spite of the best efforts of
Shifters are the ancient the shamans and skalds, few
guardians of the earth, more in Shifters remember their people’s
touch with nature and all her glorious histories. Most do not
children, less polluted by the even learn what they really are,
toxins of the cities. Far from and are horrified when their
undead, they are if anything, first change comes, following
more than alive than normal puberty. For young men, this is
humans. Although the change when they first reach orgasm;
has oft been portrayed as a for young women, it is when they
curse, Shifter society sees it as lose their virginity, although for
a blessing, but more, as a duty. both genders traumatic physical
Metaphorically, Shifters are the injuries can spur the change
wolves, and also the shepherds. earlier. When the change is
Animalistic, territorial, violent upon them, they know not what
predators who are ultimately is happening to them, or what
charged, at least in their ancient to do.
legends, with the guardianship
of man. Legend has it that there The small contingent of surviving
are as many kinds of Shifters elders among the Aranaea (who
as there are animals. Perhaps are the keepers of lore) insist
more. But only two are the that they were the original
most common and only two are inhabitants of the earth. Shifter
playable in Phantasm(2010): legends paint humanity as filth
ridden invaders, outsiders, and
µµ Wolf-Shifters, also called the bastard children of two other
Werewolves, Skinwalkers, and alien races. According to Shifter
The Guardians. legends, humans took over the
world and hunted the Shifters to

The Tag

near extinction. In the present Shifters have a complicated

day, the actual grounding of relationship with human beings.
this creation myth is uncertain. Their culture views them as three
Does it refer to the atrocities that conflicting things: as an intruding
the indigenous peoples of the enemy, as charges to be shepherded,
Americas suffered at the hands and as prey. In any case, human
of the white colonizers? Or is flesh is a shifter’s favorite delicacy,
there some other, more ancient but anything with warm blood
meaning, perhaps one related to pumping through it will sate them
the cosmology of Phantasm, and Of course, with human standards
the screamers? of behavior applied, this is horribly
wrong, but Shifters that are not
Wolf-Shifters are of course, in human form are not human. Of
werewolves, capable of walking as course, Shifters in human form do
men, as wolves, or as a terrifying not eat human flesh.
beast in between the two. Aranaea
are were-spiders, capable of turning Young Shifters in the present day
into monstrous, giant spider tend to be schizophrenic, or at
creatures. For all Shifters, the least terribly conflicted, probably
transformation is terribly painful, because they’ve got it firmly into
dealing a great deal of damage to their heads that they’re human.
the creature’s human form as it However, trying to hold back
changes, and when it changes back. the monster inside, either out of
However, the act of transforming morality, or fear of detection, is not
feels good. Feels… liberating. healthy, and will slowly kill any
shifter who tries. Therefore, most
In their human forms, and their Shifters come to terms with their
human lives, Shifters can be predatory natures, and move out
perfectly normal, healthy people, of the cities to rural areas where
valuable contributing members of they can hunt to their leisure
society (or degenerate scumbags undetected, and kill and eat anyone
like so many humans are, to be who discovers them with little
fair.). However, in their monstrous consequences.
forms, they are motivated by pure
id- all they want to do is kill, eat, Shifters in their human form
and rape. Their physical power is look more or less like normal
so overwhelming that it is hard humans. The degree of truth
to imagine any force that could to the myths that the human
stop one from sating any of their form of lycanthropes is hairy or
appetites. bestial in appearance varies from
individual to individual. Aranea,

The Tag

in their spider form, they are have any awareness of their race’s
huge, monstrous black tarantulas ancient history. Those who do
covered in fetid fur, with glistening know the old songs and tales, those
segmented crimson eyes, venom who do gather in their own Shifter
gushing fangs with the power of a communities, who do know that
jackhammer, and chitinous limbs the Fates were the first sentient
ending in razor sharp bone-spur race on earth are torn between
points. Werewolves, of course, are two conflicting view points. Some
werewolves, with both wolf and see themselves as the defenders
wolf-man forms, the former faster an guides of all living things on
and more graceful, the latter huge, the earth, even human beings.
lumbering, and terrible. But others harbor a venomous,
seething hatred for humans. A
Lastly, Shifters are incredibly hatred exceeded only by their
rare. The truth is, Shifters cannot hatred for vampires (including
reproduce sexually, and cannot Nosferatu and Lamia), Screamers,
spread their “curse” through a bite, and all other beings they view as
no matter what the legends say. unnatural. If the Tall Man and his
Their population naturally seems forces exist in the same world as
to keep itself low. There are only the Shifters, this sets them up as
a hundred Aranaea left on earth his natural enemy. Unlike their
and only perhaps ten or a hundred historical and cultural knowledge,
times as many Wolf-Shifters. this hatred of “unnatural”
Nearly all of these creatures live creatures is instinctively possessed
their lives alone, unaware that by all Shifters.
they are not unique monsters, and
that there are aberrations like Players who wish to play a
them doing what they’re doing Shifter must first decide what
elsewhere in the world. Out of these type of Shifter they are.
solitary freaks, only a tiny percent

Shifter Traits

These special abilities, special Lunacy (Weakness): Whenever

qualities, weaknesses, and there is a full moon you must
drawbacks are what define transform into (one of) your
Shifters. monstrous form(s) and remain
in it for the duration of the night,
All Shifters have them. whether or not the moon is visible.
For game purposes, the moon is

The Tag

full for one exactly one night out of revert to your human form, the
each month, and the synodic month health of which is automatically
is exactly thirty days long. Where reduced to zero. If you somehow
the moon is in its cycle when the survive, you cannot change forms
campaign begins is up to the GM. for twenty four hours. Reverting on
In order to not shift on the night of death happens instantly and costs
the Full Moon, you may attempt a no Health.
Crushingly Hard Will Check when
the moon first rises. If you attempt Frenzied Shift (Quality): If
and fail, you shift anyway, and you have only Strength or less
take 2d6 more damage than usual Health remaining while in
from the shift. human form, on your next action
you automatically shift into a
Silver Bullet (Weakness): No matter monstrous form (GM’s choice if
what form you are in, multiply you have more than one. This
the damage you take from Silver takes only one full turn, and
weapons (bullets, blades, etcetera) 5d6 Health is lost by the form
by four. Additionally, during every you shifted into. Following this,
turn you are in direct contact with you will mindlessly attack all
a silver object, you lose between creatures around you until the
1d6 and 6d6 health, at the GM’s GM deems you may stop.
discretion. Lastly, damage taken
from Silver cannot be healed by Shifted To Death (Quality):
Fast Healing. You suffer from this If the damage taken by any
weakness no matter what form you involuntary shift would reduce
are in. your Health below 0, instead
your Max Health is reduced by
Man-Eater (Dietary Requirement): 1d6 (in every form). A forced
You must consume the warm flesh change can and may kill you
of living beings and lots of it to outright.
survive, and you prefer human
flesh. The exact consequences of Werewolf Traits
this are up to the GM, who should
free to require Will Checks in order
for you to resist your cravings. These traits only apply to Wolf-
You suffer from this weakness no Shifters.
matter what form you are in.
Triple Form (Ability): You have
Death Reversion (Weakness): If three forms, a human form,
any of your monstrous forms is a wolf form and a werewolf
reduced to dying, you immediately form. The stats for your human
form are created and advanced

The Tag

normally, but the stats for your making a forced change, you
other two forms are preset and can only remain in non-human
can only be altered by your form for (Will)d6 minutes, after
Powers. Your techniques, skills, which you must revert to human
and attributes have no bearing form and cannot force another
on your non-human forms. Your change for twelve hours.
werewolf form and your human
form have completely different Wolf Form, Base Stats
Health stats. Whenever your
human form regains Health, so Attributes:
do all of your other forms (but Strength: 5
not vice versa). Speed: 8
Wits: 4 (8 For Awareness Tests.)
Shifting forms is painful, Will: 5
traumatic, and incapacitating.
When you transform, you are Health: 50
helpless for 2d6 entire turns as Initiative: 2d6 + 8
the change takes place. At the Defense: 7
end of that time, the form you
are shifting out of loses 3d6 Skills:
Health, and you change to your Stealth: Expert (+2)
other form. You can turn from a Tracking: Master (+4)
human into a werewolf, from a Awareness: Master (+4)
wolf into a werewolf, and from a
werewolf into a wolf. You cannot Attacks:
directly turn from a human to a µµ Bite at +2 for 2d6 + 5.
wolf or from a wolf to a human
µµ Trip at +1 for 2d6 + 5. Characters
without first visiting your
successfully hit must roll 1d6 +
Werewolf form and taking the
Speed versus the wolf’s 1d6 +
necessary time and damage. You
Strength. If the character does not
must succeed a Hard Will Check
roll higher than the Wolf, they are
to turn into your were-spider
tripped, and begin the next turn
form during any time but the
prone (Full Turn Action to stand
night of a full moon, when you
up; defense versus Melee is halved).
must succeed the a Crushingly
Hard Will Check in order not to Techniques:
shift. You can only attempt to Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Critical
force a change once an hour. A Attack.
forced change, if you succeed,
costs 5d6 Health instead of the Special Abilities:
usual 3d6. After successfully Fast Mover: Double the wolf form’s

The Tag

Speed for the purposes of full turn Aranea Traits

move actions with Blitzkrieg.
Savage: Improved Critical Attack
These traits only apply to
Versus Prone Enemies Only.

Werewolf Form
Dual Form (Ability): You have
Base Stats two forms, a human form and a
were-spider form. The stats for
your human form are created
Strength: 10
advanced normally, but the stats
Speed: 5
for your were-spider form are
Wits: 4 (8 for Awareness Tests)
preset and can only be altered by
Will: 4
your Powers. Your techniques,
skills, and attributes have no
Health: 150
bearing on your non-human
Initiative: 2d6 + 5
forms. Your were-spider form
Defense: 9
and your human form have
completely different Health
stats. Whenever your human
Stealth: Expert (+2)
form regains Health, so does
Tracking: Master (+4)
your Were-Spider form (but not
Awareness: Master (+4).
vice versa).

Shifting forms is painful,
µµ Claw at + 4 for 4d6 + 5.
traumatic, and incapacitating.
µµ Two Claws at +2 for 4d6 + 5. When you transform, you are
helpless for 2d6 entire turns
µµ Bite at +2 for 6d6 + 10. as the change takes place. At
the end of that time, the form
µµ Grapple at +4. Follows normal
you are shiftingout of loses 3d6
Grapple rules.
Health, and you change to your
µµ Bite Grappled Opponent for other form. You must succeed a
6d6 + 10. Crushingly Hard Will Check to
turn into your were-spider form
Techniques: during any time but the night
Counter Attack, Critical Attack, of a full moon, when you must
Improved Critical Attack, Blitzkrieg, succeed the same Will Check in
Frenzy. order not to shift. You can only
attempt to force a change once
Special Abilities: an hour. A forced change, if
Dependent upon Powers. you succeed, costs 5d6 Health

The Tag

instead of the usual 3d6. After µµ Two Claws at +1 for 2d6 + 4

successfully making a forced plus a Bite at +1 for 4d6 + 8.
change, you can only remain in
Were-Spider form for (Will)d6 µµ Bite at +4 for 4d6 + 8.
minutes, after which you must µµ Grapple at +4. (Use normal
revert and cannot force another grapple rules.)
change for twelve hours.
Were-Spider Form Blitzkrieg, Frenzy, Critical Attack,
Base Stats Counterattack, Stealth Kill.

Attributes: Special Abilities:

Strength: 8 Based upon Powers.
Speed: 8
Wits: 4 Special Weaknesses:
Will: 4 You take double damage from
Fire based attacks and weapons.
Health: 120
Initiative: 2d6 + 8
Shifter Powers
Defense: 9
Faith: 20
Shifter Powers include Fast
Skills: Healing, Devour, Gullet, Packlore
Stealth: Expert (+2) (Werewolf Only), Faith Defender
Tracking: Master (+4) (Werewolf Only), Hardened
Awareness: Master (+4) Armor (Aranaea Only), Venom
Climbing: Master (+4) (Aranaea Only), and Fateseal
(Aranea Only). They appear
Attacks: in the power list later in this
µµ Four Claws at +0 for 2d6 + 4. chapter.

µµ Two Claws at +2 for 2d6 + 4.

The Tag

The Screamer
Based On: The Screamer is, as far as
the author knows, an original creation.
Their origins, however, append them to
the Phantasm movie series’ mythos .

“The killer in me is the killer in you that allowed them to travel to

I send this smile over to you” earth- the Tall Man is using their
-Smashing Pumpkins, “Disarm” technology for his war of conquest
on the earth.
Screamers have gathered many
aliases over the years. Some As much disdain as Screamers
call them Whistlers or simply might have for the pitifully weak
Key-Eaters. They prefer to call and stupid humans, they feel a
themselves Beholders. Though they much stronger hatred for the
wear the forms of ordinary humans, forces of the Tall Man who have
Screamers are biomechanical taken their world away. They
demons that come from the same would gladly work with humans
Netherworld that the Tall Man is to get their revenge on the Tall
from. To hear them tell it, these Man and his filthy peasant army.
terrible creatures were the proud Unfortunately, Screamers are by
nobility of the Netherworlds, until nature very predatory beings.
the Tall Man and his masters In order to achieve maximum
lead what amounted to a populist effectiveness, they must consume
uprising in hell. The feudal system humans.
was shattered, and with it, the
lofty Beholder aristocracy were On their home plane, Screamers
cast down, and hunted like beasts. were impossibly tall and impossibly
thin, skeletal creatures of gleaming
Few Screamers survived, as silver skin and glowing red veins,
they were brutally tortured and bone and blood and claws and teeth,
executed by the hunter killer draped in pristine white silks,
spheres, the super-sized expanded with long, curved swords by their
lurkers that made up the Tall Man’s sides. However, in order to exist in
troops, but many of those who did the coarse environment of earth,
escape fled to earth to take refuge they had to crush and condense
from the genocide. In fact, it was themselves horribly.
the Screamers who first discovered
the ancient interplanar technology

The Tag

On earth, Screamers appear even whiter than their skin, and

as pale, short, stocky humans, sweat watery, brackish fluid. More
usually with fairly bad complexions importantly, the hoods conceal the
and waxy, loose skin that looks protruding silver implants and
something like old cheese, but jacks that stick out from their bald
carries no odor. They’re prone to heads. These plugs are left over
sores- not normal sores, but rather from the interfaces they connected
shimmering, mirror like shards of to back on Netherworld, and they
metal with glistening strings of fat run directly into the Screamers
around them, that poke out of their brain stems. On earth, they serve
skin in places, and can be spotted no purpose.
if one looks closely. They prefer not
to speak often, and when they do, it Female Screamers always have
is usually in a low, hoarse whisper. platinum blonde, nearly white
In terms of clothing, they prefer hair, which is usually quite long.
heavy black jackets and sweaters, This hair falls out very easily,
even in the summer, since they are but is always growing back at an
always cold on earth, and lots of alarming rate. Female Screamers
black leather with less-than-subtle are taller and thinner than Male
S&M undertones. They have an Screamers, and usually appear
affinity for heavy metal on earth, quite beautiful, in a disturbing and
which resembles the religious somehow inhuman way.
chamber music they listened to on
their home world. All Screamers always wear dark,
black sunglasses at all times,
Screamers usually have two names: even indoors. This is to conceal
a human name, and a true, native their namesakes, and the obvious
name. Most Beholder names are evidence that they’re not like the
replete with hard, angular sounds; humans they pass among.
lots of k’s, x’s, z’s, and y’s. Samples
would be: Ak’taxiz, Yak’zik’tix, Where Screamers should have
Azazax, Xakkyik, Axadox, eyes instead there are steely,
Zix’ya’kox. Certain Beholders who metallic mouths ringed with
have “gone native” might not bother razor sharp teeth. Not only do
with their true names, or much of these eye-mouths function as
their forgotten culture. omni-sense organs for Screamers
(they “see” (in ultrasound) hear,
Male Screamers are almost always smell, and of course, taste with
seen wearing hooded sweaters and these steely orifices) but they
jackets, to conceal their heads, also emit the awful, keening,
which cannot grow hair and are steely wail for which Screamers

The Tag

are named. Most importantly, ANY skill picks at character

though, Screamers eat through creation—PC Screamers are
their eyes. And Screamers learn assumed to have just “immigrated”
by eating. or made no significant acquisitions
since their “immigration”—
As a result of the somewhat however, all Screamers are treated
grotesque appearance of Screamers, as being Trained (+0) in all Skills.
and how obviously out of place they Screamers never suffer from
are on earth, most of them are
bitter, angry, and violent towards The Deep Consumption (Ability):
the humans they see that are Screamers do not ever need to
happy all around them. Beneath spend XP to learn new skills.
the hatred is a deep, miserable and Instead you can learn new
hopeless despair. Their existence skills by eating (with your eyes)
has been shattered- their world has the body parts of characters
been taken from them, and they can who know those skills. You can
never go home. Most go their entire also improve “your” existing
lives (they survive an average of skills this way. In a mystical
fifty years after arriving on earth) sense, different skills “live” in
without ever seeing another like different parts of the human
them. They usually drift from body (see below). When you
place to place, trying to avoid wish to learn a new skill in this
urban centers, preferring rural manner, and you can feed your
areas to avoid detection, with no eyes the appropriate body part,
motivation or purpose. Those who if you did not possess the skill in
do interact with human beings do question, and the victim had the
so as a serial killer, a streamlined skill at at least Apprentice level,
urban predator. you learn the skill at Apprentice
level. If you have the skill at
Unless, of course, they find traces Apprentice Level, you can only
of their old enemies, the Tall Man’s increase the skill to Expert
army, on earth, in which case Level by eating the appropriate
they’re given their motivation: body part of a character who
crush, kill, destroy. Revenge at knows the skill at Expert Level.
any cost against those who took Likewise, to Master a skill,
everything from them. you must eat the appropriate
body part of a Master of that
Screamer Traits skill. You can only enhance
any skill once per victim. For
example, if a character was a
Know Nothing (Quality): Master Locksmith and you had
Screamers do not get to spend

The Tag

no Locksmith Skill, you could at Apprentice, and then eat the

not eat the fingers off of their fingers off their right hand and
left hand and learn Locksmith learn Locksmith at Expert.

Skill Name Resident Sample Resident

Body Part Skill Body Part
Blades Hands Guitar Fingers
Clubs Arms Demolitions Brain
Brawling Hands Chemistry Brain
Pistols Hands and Eyes Calculus Brain
Automatics Hands and Eyes First Aid Fingers and Brain
Rifles Hands and Eyes Cooking Brain
Throwing Weapons Hands Intimidation Tongue
Heavy Weapons Arms German Tongue
Chainsaw Arms Latin Tongue
Drive Spine Stand Up Tongue
Bike Spine Drawing Fingers
Automotive Repair Brain Pilot Brain
Locksmith Fingers Security Brain
Electronics Brain Negotiation Tongue
Stealth Feet Subterfuge Tongue
Swimming Legs Leadership Tongue
Climbing Arms or Legs Awareness Eyes

How much of a body part you must Biomorph (Quality): Do not

eat and how long it takes is up to calculate Knockout Threshold or
the GM, although Screamers are Death Threshold for Screamers.
quite adept at it, and anything but Screamers are permanently
the largest body parts shouldn’t disabled when their Health is reduced
take more than a minute to digest. to zero, rendered beyond medical.
Which body part “houses” skills This means that Screamers cannot
other than these sample skills is up be taken out of a fight by subdual
to the GM to decide. So is whether damage. They are also immune to
skills can be learned from eating poisons/toxins. Screamers can still
the organs of non-humans. benefit normally from first aid or
faith healing.

The Tag

I Spy With My Little Mouths notes, so that explains why the

(Quality): Screamers have a sense pitch does not damage Screamers,
of smell so acute it almost functions although it is unclear why this type
like sight, as well as an ultrasound of loud noise is harmless to them.
vision ability comparable to a bat’s The head of a screamer who is
sonar. That means while they can “sounded” to death in one way or
see perfectly in total darkness, another typically explodes.
other circumstances, like loud
background noise, might impose Eyebite (Ability): A Screamer can
penalties. The exact consequences Eyebite a grappled character by
of this quality are up to the GM’s making a normal attack action.
judgment, dependent on this The bite hits automatically as the
situation. target is grappled, and inflicts
damage equal to 2d6 + Wits. Body
Sound Sensitivity (Weakness): parts cannot be effectively digested
Screamers are vulnerable to certain this way, this is only an attack.
sounds. Every Screamer has a very
violent reaction when they hear a Nom (Quality): When an Orb hits a
specific musical note—such as A, screamer with a lobotomize attack,
G, C, B, F, E, etcetera—played at that Screamer automatically
the proper pitch and an volume, as inflicts his Eyebite damage on the
long as the note is played exactly orb, usually destroying it. Having
and purely in key such as by a metal eyes in the upper-middle of
tuning fork being sounded or a well your face makes your head a much
tuned instrument. This causes the less vulnerable target for melee
Screamer 4d6 damage for each turn attacks, and the killer spheres
it is played. You may decide which are no exception. If a Screamer is
note your Screamer is vulnerable unaware of an orb for some reason
to during character creation. before it attacks, this quality has
Additionally, any sound above 125 no benefit.
dB causes 1d6 or more damage per
turn to any Screamers that “hear” Screamer Powers
it, depending on its loudness,
and may also blind them (GM’s
discretion). The black metal, death Screamer Powers include
metal, and other loud, a melodic Voracious Reader, Razor Kiss
music that Screamers frequently and The Scream. They appear
enjoy listening to does not seem in the power list later in this
to cause this effect. The chords chapter.
played in it are so distorted as to
not comprise of any pure musical

The Tag

The Vengeful Revenant

Based On: The Crow (1994).

“ERIC: mindedly, and, to the terror

I have something to give you. I don’t of those who they seek their
want it anymore. revenge against, unstoppably —
Thirty hours of pain all at once, all for and once their task is done, when
you.” they can rest, they are happy
-The Crow (1994) to do so. Revenants were often
good men in life, with innocent
lives to avenge, but this need
A vengeful revenant is a corpse not always be so. Perhaps the
that has returned from the dying desire for revenge that
dead, reanimated into un-life reanimates revenants cares not
for a single, solitary purpose for morality.
— revenge. Only rarely do
revenants rise from the corpses The origins of revenants as well
of men and women who trafficked as their powers and weaknesses
with demons and immersed vary widely depending on
themselves in the occult. A which piece of folklore you
revenant is not something one are looking at. But the basis
chooses to become after death. for the vengeful revenant
Rather, a revenant is created — playable in Phantasm(2010) is
reborn — because of a karmic the character of Eric Draven
imbalance, the super-charged from the 1994 film The Crow.
emotive energy of a wrong that Accordingly, the mythology,
must be righted lest the very powers, and drawbacks of the
universe be tainted. Revenants revenant are based on those
are often murder victims who shown in the film.
suffered very badly during their
deaths, but they usually have The birth of a crow begins
even more to avenge than their with the tragic, violent, painful
own murder. By default, more so wrongful, and untimely death
than any other creature in the of a man or woman, a death
supernatural hodgepodge that is ordinarily accompanied by the
the Phantasm(2010) universe, suffering of their loved ones.
revenants are created by a force Sometime after the victim dies
that is unquestionably good. — any time from before the body
They return to balance the scales has been found to a year and a
— a purpose they pursue single day after it has been buried —a

The Tag

spirit animal visits the corpse of Phantasm(2010). They are

the deceased. The spirit animal, certainly no allies of vampires,
technically a psychopomp, is a screamers, or the undead
magical creature of mysterious slaves of the Tall Man. Because
and unexplained origins. It revenants are undead, Shifters
usually takes the form of/ view them as an abomination.
possesses the body of a crow Vengeful Revenant Traits
or a raven, although similar,
small, nocturnal predators and Note: The word “revenant”
scavengers are not unheard in the following rules text
of. It makes a bargain with refers specifically to Vengeful
the recently departed soul of Revenants, not to Fugitive
the decease, who is returned Revenants.
to their body but only for the
purpose of revenge against those Sometimes They Come Back
responsible. The resurrected (Quality): Vengeful revenants
creature is a vengeful revenant. are (un)dead, not living beings.
The psychopomp then acts as a They do not have Knockout
guide for the revenant, keeping thresholds and hence cannot be
them on-task and offering them neutralized by subdual damage.
advice for their grim mission. A They are immune to toxins.
revenant that avenges the crime And they do not have a Death
that created it peacefully ceases Threshold (when they arrive at
to be. 0 Health, it is treated differently
than when a human does). This
Revenants are not ghosts or also means Revenants cannot
wraiths because they have heal over time, cannot receive
bodies, are not zombies because first aid, and do not benefit from
they are not mindless, do not Faith Healing.
drink blood like vampires or eat
flesh like ghouls. They are an I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
entirely different class of undead (Quality): All revenants begin
being, strong, agile, deadly, play with a list of targets
and with few restrictions or directly or indirectly responsible
weaknesses on their activities, for the horrible wrong that
save their mission and the precipitated their creation. As
safety of their psychopomp, they are constantly reminded
which is their second priority. by their psychopomp (see below)
Vengeful revenants have no their mission in un-life is to kill
relation to any other undead these people. A revenant may
or supernatural beings in have no more than Will targets.

The Tag

If there were more people than should always be a sense

that involved with the crime that of steady progress. In fact,
birthed them, they must choose the without the constant drive
Will individuals most responsible. towards completing a goal that
A revenant must succeed a As long will obliterate them, Vengeful
as one target is left alive, when Revenants would most likely be
a vengeful revenant’s Health is too powerful.
reduced to 0 or less, they are not
killed, and instead only fall into Drive (Quality): Instead of
a state of deep unconsciousness Faith, Vengeful Revenants have
for 2d6 hours, after which they a trait called Drive. Drive works
awaken at full Health. In terms just like Faith (and is calculated
of the so-called chunky salsa rule, the same way) with two major
it is up to the GM’s discretion differences. One, Drive can only
whether bodily dismemberment, be used to fuel Techniques and
explosions, or incineration bypass actions that will directly or
this advantage; by default they do indirectly lead to the death of one
not. of the Revenant’s targets. Two,
Drive does not regenerate over
A revenant can kill as many time (and cannot be damaged
people not on the list as it wishes, by attacks that target Faith) but
especially if they are in its way. is restored fully whenever the
However once all of a Vengeful Vengeful Revenant eliminates a
Revenant’s targets are dead, it target.
can only remain in the world for
(Will) hours before it must move Psychopomp (Weakness): A
on. A Vengeful revenant must Vengeful Revenant’s life force
succeed a Crushingly Hard Will is tied to a spirit guide animal;
Check to take any other actions usually a crow, raven, or black cat
that eliminating a target when but sometimes other psychopomps.
an opportunity presents itself. If the spirit animal is killed
Note that this makes Vengeful or captured by an enemy, the
Revenants by default temporary revenant immediately loses all non-
PCs. A player playing a Vengeful Weakness traits, and all powers.
Revenant can make their PC stay Additionally, a Vengeful Revenant
around longer in the campaign takes, doubled, all damage dealt to
by giving them as many targets its spirit animal. Its Spirit Animal
as possible, and a GM can keep must remain within (Will) x 100
a Vengeful Revenant PC in the Yards of the Revenant at all times
game by making those targets but usually likes to come closer.
hard to reach, although there Spirit animals have Strength

The Tag

2, Speed 7, Wits 5, and Will 7, of damage that are unrolled are

12 Health, Defense 10, and no unaffected. In other words, an
attacks. They can, however, relay attack that dealt 5d6 damage
information to their revenant, with would deal only 10 damage to
whom they have a telepathic link. a vengeful revenant every time.
If a Revenant’s spirit animal is
killed outright, the Revenant has Vengeful
only Will hours to live.
Revenant Powers
“Jesus Christ walks into a
hotel…” (Quality): Physical Vengeful Revenant powers
attacks do only minimal damage include Unstoppable, Vanish,
to vengeful revenants. Treat all Badass Bird and A Gift for
d6 on the damage rolls of all You. They appear in the power
non-Fire based attacks that hit list later in this chapter.
you as if they rolled 2s. Portions

The Fugitive Revenant

Based On: Hellraiser (1987),
Hellraiser II (1988), The Hellbound
Heart by Clive Barker.

“FRANK: game, the true nature and

I thought I’d gone to the limits. I secrets of hell are not within
hadn’t.” its scope. One version of course
-Hellraiser (1987) is the sadomasochistic pocket
dimension that Marchand’s Box
Fugitive revenants are refugees is the key, a place of endless,
from hell. If a vengeful revenant transcendent physical torture.
is a good person who rises But other visions of hell work
from the dead to avenge their just as well to give fugitive
wrongful death and return to revenants a reason to want to
their well deserved rest in the stay out. The only constant that
hereafter, a fugitive revenant hell as defined here need have
is the exact inverse: a denizen is that it is somewhere very,
of hell who deserves to be there very bad. In the cosmological
but has escaped, and whose sole sketch of the Phantasm(2010)
goal is to stay out. Although universe, the Netherworld is
Phantasm(2010) is a horror not hell (although it may be

The Tag

referred to that way) — it is at further reaches of experience”.

most cousin to it. Not content with an ordinary
life or an ordinary morality,
While fugitive revenants back when they still drew breath
explicitly do deserve their fate, that was not stolen, fugitive
they may not believe so, and revenants were hedonists who
may not be entirely devoid of did not restrict themselves to
redeeming qualities. The most those pleasures that society
horrible thing about them deems moral, legal, or ethical.
may be the acts they have to By default, fugitive revenants
perform to remain here on sought an ever expanding
earth. Two things most define bouquet of pain, perversion, and
fugitive revenants, who are pleasure, which eventually lead
undead creatures clinging to them to the furthest reaches,
scraps of life. One is the fact and to Marchand’s Box. Of
that they are hunted, and the course, while this framework
other is the appetites they allows for a good deal of variety,
must sate to preserve their a player need not adhere strictly
physical shell. The particulars to this concept.
of these defining qualities are
discussed in more detail below, A character need not be a
with the other Traits of fugitive hedonistic bon vivant or occult
revenants. Unlike vengeful explorer to have wound up
revenants, fugitive revenants in hell, nor is the hell of the
have heartbeats, blood, breath, Cenobites the only hell. A killer
and flesh. They can explore of men who was let out of hell
both carnal pleasures and on contract to bring back souls
physical pain. They are not, the devil had lost, or a murderer
however, truly alive. In order who fought his way out of hell
to retain a physical body, they to reunite with his lost (living)
must regularly kill others and love, or similar concepts that
drain them of their vital fluids. players might come up with
Fugitive revenants can be many align with the “refugees from
things, but they cannot be hell” premise. However the
motivation of revenge should be
By default, fugitive revenants avoided, as that is the territory
were very, very bad people in of the vengeful revenant.
life. Some may have just been Likewise, Cenobites might not be
killers and rapists, or just the most appropriate creatures
dabblers in the occult, but many to pursue fugitive revenants
were also “explorers in the with origins entirely dissimilar

The Tag

to Frank Cotton’s. A GM should assumed to have learned many

work with players of fugitive skills and abilities, working in
revenants to personalize their many careers and committing
hell and its hunters. many highly educational sins.
Finding the gates to a living
Fugitive Revenant hell is not something one can
accomplish in the naiveté of
Traits one’s youth. In addition to the
ones that all PC monsters receive
Note: The word “revenant” in ( p. 168), Fugitive revenants
the following rules text refers receive an additional Wits Skill
specifically to Fugitive Revenants, Picks and an additional Will
not to Vengeful Revenants. Technique Picks (which can
only be spent on techniques,
Ruined Vestige (Quality): Fugitive not powers). However, all XP
Revenants spend only a BI of 25 costs for improving a fugitive
on their Attributes, instead of the revenant are increased by 10
usual 30 for monstrous PCs. A XP or by 10% of the base cost,
fugitive revenant that enters game whichever is more.
is returning to earth from hell for
the first time. For this to happen, Drain Dry (Ability): A fugitive
it means that the bodily fluid of a revenant can drain the bodily
living human must have been shed fluids from a living or very
on the spot where a revenant was recently dead human. This
killed or dragged to hell. A fugitive action which takes ten minutes
revenant begins as little more than and involves the Fugitive
a skeleton held together by some Revenant pressing their mouth
rotting tendons and half-formed to the victim’s mouth and
organs, a hideous and pathetic their fingers into the victim’s
monster. All Fugitive revenants medulla oblongata. A fugitive
start with Strength 1 and 15 revenant who successful drains
Maximum Health. Hence, Fugitive a corpse gains 1 Strength
revenants may not spend points on and 15 Maximum Health.
the Strength attribute at character Additionally, it restores the
creation. Fugitive revenants do not fugitive revenant to full health.
regain Health over time and cannot Fugitive revenants can only
be healed (except by using their suck one corpse dry in this way
Drain Dry ability, below). per day. The maximum Strength
a fugitive revenant can have is
Life Experience (Quality): Before 10; the maximum Health they
death, fugitive revenants are can have is 150. This means

The Tag

that starting fugitive revenants hunters only have a “contract”

are very weak, and usually for the fugitive revenant, they
rely upon mortal accomplices to might take it upon themselves
“feed” them. A victim of Drain to harm the revenant’s allies
Dry must be helpless or just as well. The head start that a
killed. beginning fugitive revenant has
is up to the GM.
Hellbound (Weakness): Fugitive
revenants are perpetually Horrible Thirst (Weakness): If
hunted by Cenobites, who can a fugitive revenant goes Will/2
only enter the world at the spot (round down) days without
where the fugitive revenant died draining the fluids from a
(difficult for them) or where corpse, they lose 1 Strength
anyone solves a Lemarchand and 15 Maximum Health. If a
Configuration (automatic Fugitive Revenant’s Strength is
for them). For this reason, reduced to 0 in this way, they are
often Fugitive Revenants are permanently killed or returned
promised as collateral by to hell. A fugitive revenant with
“innocent” people who have Strength of 5 or less cannot
foolishly summoned Cenobites, pass up an opportunity to Drain
in exchange for the summoner’s Dry a victim.
life. Worse, Cenobites receive
a +3 bonus to all tests made Fugitive Revenant
to detect fugitive revenants.
It is not possible for a fugitive
revenant to take any action
that would directly or indirectly Fugitive Revenant powers
put distance between them and include Great Thirst, Quick
their hunters, likewise it is not Drain, Lightning Drain, Butcher
possible for a fugitive revenant Boy, and Cat And Mouse. They
to take any action that would appear in the power list later in
potentially bring them closer to this chapter.
capture. While technically hell’s

Monster Power List

The following table lists rules in Special Effects. As mentioned

for special abilities used by above, by default, monstrous
monstrous PCs (Powers). They PCs can also pick any
are similar to the Techniques Techniques from the Special
for human PCs that are listed Effects chapter that do not cost

The Tag

Faith. Monstrous PCs can split requiring earlier levels of the

their pool of picks however power as a prerequisite. Each
they want between Techniques Power can only be picked once
and powers. These Powers are unless it specifies otherwise. The
not directly equivalent to the Prerequisite column indicates
Special Abilities possessed by which PC monster types have
NPC monsters, even if they access to that Power.
have the same names. Several
of these Powers are “leveled”,

Monster Powers
Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits
Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Fast 1 Vampire, Shifter, or -- Unless specific conditions are

Healing 1 Vengeful Revenant met that indicate otherwise,
you automatically regain
1 Health at the end of each
of your turns in combat.
Outside of combat, you regain
1 Health per minute.
Fast 2 Fast Healing 1 -- Your Fast Healing now
Healing 2 restores 1d6 Health per
turn (in combat)/per
minute (out of combat).
Fast 3 Fast Healing 2 -- Your Fast Healing now
Healing 3 restores 3d6 Health per
turn (in combat)/per
minute (out of combat).
Blood 1 Vampire 3 Blood Spend a Move Action to
Rage temporarily increase your
Strength or Speed by 1 for
(Will) turns. This ability does
not “stack”. Special Attributes
like Health, Movement
Speed, and Initiative (but
not Blood) are recalculated
Health is lost first.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Greater 2 Blood Rage 6 Blood You can now spend

Blood a Move Action to
Rage temporarily increase
your Strength or
Speed by 1d3 for (Will)
turns. This ability
does not “stack”.
Changes to Special
Attributes are treated
as indicated above.
Claws 1 1 Vampire -- You gain the benefits
of the “Killing Hands”
technique, although
you may not take
that technique.
Claws 2 1 Claws 1 -- You gain the benefits of
one level of the “Lethal
Strikes” technique.
Claws 3 1 Claws 2 -- You gain the benefits of
two levels of the “Lethal
Strikes” technique.
Blood 1 Vampire; Dodge 2 Blood By spending 2 Blood,
Dodge {Technique} you can add +4 to your
Speed for the purpose
of any Dodge test you
make versus any ranged
or melee attack.
Devour 1 Shifter Daily You can spend one minute
to eat the corpse of a living
creature that is roughly
the size of a human being
and regain xd6 Health,
where X is the devoured
creature’s Strength. If you
are in a hurry, you can do
this in just one turn with
a Hard Strength Check.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Gullet 1 Devour (+1) You can eat one additional

“meal” per day with Devour
and regain health from it. This
power can be bought up to two
times. Additionally, each time
you buy this power reduces
the difficulty of the Strength
Check to eat a body in just a
turn by one stage (i.e. from
Hard to Average, and then from
Average to Easy).
Packlore 2 Wolf-Shifter -- Using non-verbal communication,
body language, and maybe a
little magic, you can command
ordinary wolves, large canines,
and similar predators and
scavengers to obey your orders
and fight for you. In order to
do so, you must succeed a Will
Check with a difficulty set by the
GM based on how similar the
target is to a wolf, and how many
creatures you are attempting
to command. The farther from
a wolf the target is/the more
creatures you are targeting, the
harder it is to get them to obey
your commands. The creatures
will serve you for one battle, or
some other discrete length of time
determined by a GM. Creatures
that you have used Packlore on
cannot be targeted by it again for
twenty four hours. Likewise, you
fail to command a given animal
or group of animals, you may not
attempt to use Packlore on any
of those animals again for one
day. This ability has no effect on
supernatural creatures.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Faith 1 Wolf-Shifter; -- While in your human

Defender Will 6+. form, your character
gains a Faith score just
like you were a real
human being. Your Faith
score is calculated as
though you were an
Uber Badass human (p.
13). Having Faith has
the same drawbacks
for you that it does
for human beings.
Faith 2 Faith Vanguard; -- You now calculate
Vanguard Will 8+ your Faith score as
though you were a
Superhuman Badass
(p. 13). Additionally,
you gain the benefits
and drawbacks of your
Faith Score (based on
your human form stats)
in all of your forms.
Hardened 1 Spider-Shifter -- While you are in your
Armor Were-Spider form, reduce
all non-fire damage you
take by ten points, to a
minimum of one point.
Firewall 1 Hardened Armor -- While you are in your
Were-Spider form, you
no longer take double
damage form Fire.
Steel Shell 1 Hardened Armor -- The Defense of your
Were-Spider form is
increased by 1, to 10.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Venom 1 1 Spider-Shifter 5 Health When your Were-Spider

form makes a Bite
attack, before making
the attack roll, you
may Spend 5 Health. If
you do, and you hit, the
victim loses 1d6 Health
at the end of each of
their turns for the next
1d6 turns. Monsters and
supernatural creatures
are immune to Venom.
Venom 2 1 Venom 1 10 Health If you instead spend 10
Health, the damage of
your venom increases
to 2d6 and the duration
of your venom increases
to 2d6 turns.
Venom 3 1 Venom 2 15 Health If you instead spend 15
Health, the damage of
your venom increases
to 3d6 and the duration
of your venom increases
to 3d6 turns.
Starvenom 1 Venom 2 -- While in Were-Spider
Spit form, you may spit
poison deliver your
venom as a ranged
attack action with a +2
Bonus, rather than as a
close-range bite attack.
Use the flamethrower
range table to determine
the range of this attack.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Thread 1 Spider-Shifter; Daily Your were-spider form can

of Fate Wits 8+; now spin a thin, silken
Will 8+ gold thread out of your
abdomen, which takes a full
turn action. The thread is
imprinted with tiny golden
letters. Your spider-form
can read and comprehend
the prophecy, but not in
a way that your human
form or you (the player)
can understand. Once you
revert to human form and
go to sleep, the GM may
call for an Average Wits
Check. If you succeed, you
may receive a prophetic
vision or dream imparting
the mystical significance
of the thread of fate,
although this message
from the future may not
be easily understood.
Fateseal 1 Thread of Fate Daily If you spend 10 Health
when you spin a thread
of fate in were-spider
form (see above), you
can use your next
attack action to break
the thread. If you
do, an enemy of your
choice must succeed
a Hard Will Check
or immediately die.
It is up to the GM’s
discretion which
supernatural creatures
may be immune to
this fantastic ability.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Ancestral 1 Wolf-Shifter; -- You can spend XP to

Wisdom Wits 7+; improve the attributes
Will 7+ of either of your wolf
forms as you would
your character’s
attributes; likewise, you
may use XP to purchase
new Techniques for
either of your forms
that the GM deems
appropriate to those
forms. Note that this
is the only way for you
to improve the stats of
your non-human forms.
Voracious 1 Screamer -- Any data medium of
Reader any kind (a dead tree
book, a DVD-Rom, a
USB flash drive, or
anything else) that you
consume with your
eyes is immediately
and conveniently
parsed, condensed,
and sorted to your
brain, regardless of
media. This makes you
the ultimate “speed
reader”. Any keys you
eat with your eyes are
added to your internal
“key ring”, and can be
extended from your
fingernails at will, and
hence can never be
taken from you. Lastly,
your Eyebite damage
increases to 3d6 +Wits.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

Razor 1 Screamer -- Micrometer thin

Kiss 1 retractable chrome
steel razor blades can
extend from beneath
your fingernails. When
extended, your unarmed
attacks inflict 1d6 +
Speed lethal damage.
Razor 1 Razor Kiss 1 -- Your hand razors now deal
Kiss 2 2d6 + Speed damage.
Razor 1 Razor Kiss 2 -- Your hand razors now
Kiss 3 deal 3d6 + Speed damage.
You receive a +1 Modifier
to unarmed attacks with
your hand razors.
The 1 Screamer 2 Health By removing your
Scream 1 sunglasses, you can
unleash a deafening,
damaging sonic scream
from your eye-mouths.
This is a ranged attack
action (use Flamethrower
ranges) that is made at
a +1 Bonus. It inflicts
1d6 + Will damage and
knocks the target back 1d6
Yards. Targets knocked
into an obstacle or hazard
suffered additional
effects or damage at
the GM’s discretion.
The 1 The Scream 1 4 Health Your scream is now made
Scream 2 at a +2 Bonus and inflicts
2d6 + Will damage, and
knocks the target back 2d6
Yards, but costs 4 Health
to activate. Your scream
now uses Pistol ranges,
but you cannot make Long
Range attacks with it.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

The 1 The Scream 2 6 Health Your scream is now made

Scream 3 at a +4 Bonus and inflicts
4d6 + Will damage, and
and knocks the target
back 4d6 Yards, but costs
6 Health to activate.
Your sream now uses
Submachine Gun ranges,
but you cannot make Long
-Range attacks with it.
Unstoppable 2 Vengeful -- All damage that you take
Revenant; Will 7+ from non-Fire attacks is
treated as if all the dice
rolled came up 1s. This
replaces the “Jesus Christ
Walks Into A Hotel…” trait.
Vanish 1 Vengeful -- In a darkened area, you
Revenant; can “vanish” as soon as
Expert or better the attention of whoever
of Stealth is watching you wavers
for an instant, allowing
you to escape with a move
action and a Stealth Skill
Test with a +1DM which
requires no special cover
or hiding place. This is
an ideal way of escaping,
and it also allows you
to “Re-Stealth” to hide
yourself from characters
who have detected you.
Badass 1 Vengeful -- Your psychopomp gains
Bird Revenant a basic attack that deals
1d6 + Speed damage.
Additionally, you can spend
XP to buy Techniques for
your psychopomp, as long
as your GM deems those
Techniques appropriate
for a small animal.

The Tag

Power # of Prerequisites Use Benefits

Name Picks Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost)

A Gift ` Vengeful Daily If you can touch a living,

For You Revenant thinking enemy with
your bare hands, and
that character is one of
the targets on your list,
you can flood your mind
with all of the pain, agony,
and suffering of your
death and/or the deaths
of your loved ones. This
immediately causes the
victim to lose (Will)d6
Faith, and to lose half as
much Health. Additionally,
the victim is paralyzed
for 1d6 rounds if they
fail a Hard Will Check.
Great 1 Fugitive Revenant (+1) You can “Drain Dry” one
Thirst additional victim per
day. This power can be
bought up to two times.
Quick 1 Fugitive Revenant -- The time to Drain Dry a
Drain victim is reduced by 90%,
down to just one minute.
Lightning 2 Quick Drain -- You can now Drain Dry
Drain a victim with a single
Full Turn action.
Butcher 1 Fugitive -- You receive a +1 Bonus to
Boy Revenant; Expert attacks using the Blades
of Blades skill, and +1d6 damage,
when using small, one-
handed edged weapons
on humans or other
opponents capable of feeling
fear (GM’s discretion).
Cat And 1 Fugitive -- You receive a +1 Bonus
Mouse Revenant; Expert to Stealth Skill Tests
of Stealth when stalking human
prey or other enemies
capable of feeling fear

(GM’s discretion.)
The Tag

Kick Some Arsenal

These unique home made weapons use of duct tape. Due to their
were used to combat the forces of differing levels of ridiculousness,
evil in Phantasm II (and later), were the inclusion of these weapons in
featured in other grindhouse horror your Phantasm(2010) game is an
films and/or arise from the twisted optional choice you may want to
imagining of the author (sometimes consider, depending on the tone you
it is hard to tell where one ends and are going for. Oh, who am I kidding.
the other begins). You cannot start Throw these in there. (Nothing
with any of these weapons, but the from the videogame Dead Rising 2
following notes indicate how they is featured, but if you were looking
can be made in game with the right for more ideas, that’s the direction
parts, knowhow, and generous I’d point you in.)

Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Skill Parts

of (Type) to Make Cost

Quadruple 4d6/ Special 4 (Special) [Rifles] Gunsmith $3,600,

Barreled 5d6/ Can fire one, And including
Shotgun 8d6 two, or four Blacksmith shotguns.
barrels at or Any
once. Damage Mechanic
listed is for
one barrel,
two barrels,
and all four
Use shotgun
Homemade (d6-1)d6 S 4 (Special) [Heavy Chemistry, $100
Flamethrower Weapons] Cooking,
Use ranges for or Any
flamethrower, Mechanic
but reduce
each category
by 20%. If
damage rolled
would be 0d6,
the weapon
fails to ignite.
Chainsarm (Strength-1) Melee Melee [Chainsaws] Medicine $600 or
d6 One-handed. and $1,500

The Tag

Weapon Damage Rate Capacity Notes Skill Parts

of (Type) to Cost
Fire Make
“Skeleton 5d6 Melee One Use [Clubs] None. $10
Key” One-handed.
This “weapon”
suffers a -2
Penalty to all
attacks, and
it deals 1d6
damage to
the wielder
when used
as a weapon
if it hits.
Crotch Gun 1d6 + 4 SA 4+4 [Pistols] Gunsmith $1,000
(Special) This weapon
suffers a -1
Penalty to
attacks. +3
DM to rolls to
conceal this
weapon. This
weapon does
not require a
move action to
ready, and can
be readied as
part of another
move or attack
Razor (Speed) Thrown Thrown [Throwing Blacksmith $50
Frisbee d6 + Weapons]
Strength This weapon
receives a -1
Penalty to
Double 2d6 + 6 S 12 (Cy) [Pistols] Gunsmith $1,000
Barreled Uses two
Revolver bullets per

The Tag

Notes :
Quadruple Barreled Shotgun: time available, determined by
What’s the only thing better the GM. Two double-barreled
than a double-barreled shotgun? sawn off twelve gauge shotguns
This. This magnificent weapon is are required, as is a blowtorch
a testament to man’s ingenuity and soldering gear, an arc
and enduring, indomitable spirit. welding mask and eye protection
It was invented and first crafted for safety, pipe clamps, and a
by Reggie in Phantasm II (1988). generous amount of duct tape.
This weapon is comprised of
two double barreled, side-by- Homemade Flamethrower: This
side twelve gauge shotguns, is not made from an aerosol can
lovingly sawed off and then and a lighter. Are you crazy? This
laid out and clamped side by is a heavy duty job, made from
side. The barrels are braced a propane blow torch, several
together with pipe clamps and fuel cylinders for one, lengths of
then soldered together with a piping and plumbing hardware,
fore-grip connected to them in and a generous application of
the center. The grips are either Teflon tape. Invented/created by
woodworked into one piece or, Reggie and Mike in Phantasm II
if short on time, simply duck (1988). This weapon requires
taped together. Reloading two two full turn actions to reload,
of this weapon’s four barrels and loads two propane cylinders
requires one attack action. All ($10 each) for a full load. This
four barrels can be reloaded weapon sets enemies on fire just
with a full turn action. Only like a military flamethrower.
the left pair or the right pair of Crafting this weapon requires at
barrels can be reloaded or fired least two hours to make and a
at once, i.e. you cannot reload successful Chemistry, Cooking,
or fire the middle two barrels or Mechanic (Any) test. All the
or the outer two barrels. This usual crafting rules described
weapon requires at least one above apply. This weapon
hour to make, a successful requires all the components
Gunsmith Skill Test, and a mentioned in the flavor text.
successful Mechanic (any) or
Blacksmith Skill Test. If either Chainsarm: Don’t think of it as
test fails, time and materials having lost an arm! Think of it
are lost. The difficulty of the as having gained a chainsaw!
crafting test depends on the Invented (of course) by Ash in
tools and circumstances and Evil Dead 2 (1987). For those

The Tag

of you who have not just had a and is a great “can opener”,
surprise amputation of a limb, hence the name.
the lower parts cost listed is
designed for a version designed Crotch Gun: This “cod piece
to interlock with a gauntlet, revolver” was made famous by
as opposed to a prosthetic Sex Machine in From Dusk Till
arm. Additionally, the gauntlet Dawn (1996). This unwieldy
version does not require a weapon uses thigh tension and
Medicine skill test. For the a loaded spring to ready and
default version, you’ll need at fire and…well…the less said
least six hours, a prosthetic about this the better, but it was
arm, a hand chainsaw, plenty of included for completeness. This
hardware, a soldering torch and weapon must be removed to be
soldering gear, and a successful reloaded, taking one full minute.
Medicine Test, followed by a This is actually a customized
successful Blacksmith Test. All firearm, built from the ground
of the usual rules for crafting up, and hence requires a day
tests listed above apply. and access to a gunsmith’s
workshop (as well as some
Skeleton Key: Invented by hardware and scrap leather) to
Mike (then twelve years old) craft. All of the usual rules for
in Phantasm (1979). Alright, crafting listed above apply.
MacGyver. You’ve used duct
tape to combine a claw hammer, Razor Frisbee: Thrower beware!
a thumb tack, and a shotgun Every edge of this deadly
shell into an exploding hammer. throwing disc (created by Tim
Now what do you do? You HIT in Phantasm III (1994)) is
SOMETHING WITH IT. Only covered in razor blades, but an
hit a person if there are some experience user can throw it
seriously Hardware stores allow without injuring themselves. It
for numerous variations on this is capable of decapitating one
theme (i.e. butane can with tape or more enemies on the fly.
sledge). This weapon can be This weapon requires six hours
constructed in one minute with to craft, as well as access to
a successful Wits Check and the a Frisbee, razor blades, and
items described in the flavor text adhesive materials. Blacksmith
above—any Crafts type skill is the skill used to craft this
can also be used. This tool can weapon; all of the usual rules
easily break through any lock for crafting listed above apply.
in any door made of anything If an attack roll with this
but hardened, reinforced steal, weapon comes up a natural two

The Tag

(snake eyes) the user has badly assassins of evil. This gun requires
cut himself throwing the disc, access to a gunsmith’s workshop to
and suffers the weapon’s full craft, and takes twenty four hours
damage. and a Gunsmith Skill Test to do so.
This weapon can also load special
Double Barreled Revolver: More ammunition, .38 Phosphorous
barrels = more good. Featured rounds, which require a successful
in numerous videogames, this Chemistry Skill Test to craft. These
double-barreled revolver packs rounds change the weapon’s damage
twice the punch of a sixgun in to fire damage and sets enemies on
one hand. With the added burn fire, causing 1d6 damage per turn
of phosphorous ammunition, this until they are extinguished.
weapon is a favorite of vampire
hunters, and other nomadic

Psychic Powers

The later Phantasm films to starting characters, only

feature paranormal and/or to characters who have been
psychic abilities being used by touched by the Tall Man’s evil
the human (and “human?”) in some way. They should not
protagonists more and more as be used if the Tall Man and his
the series ages. By the fourth forces are not being used as
film, nearly everyone but part of the campaign’s story.
Reggie is a full blown psychic That said, if a GM decides that
medium. While I’m not sure a PC has awakened psychically,
that these abilities add to the these powers can be bought
feel of Grindhouse Horror that with XP just like techniques,
Phantasm(2010) is going for, as long as the prerequisites are
and God knows I’ve created met. The Tall Man and his more
enough games that center around powerful/smarter servants can
psychic powers, these were be assumed to have all of these
included as optional abilities for powers.
the sake of completeness. These
powers should not be available

The Tag

Psychic Power List

Power XP Pre- Use Benefits
Name Cost requisites Limitations
( x per day or
Point Cost

Telepathy 100 Will 7+ 1 Faith You can send a verbal

message to the mind of any
character within line of
sight; that character can
only respond in kind if they
too have telepathy, or if they
succeed a Hard Will Check or
a Hard Wits Check (whichever
attribute is higher) each
time they wish to respond.
This ability costs 1 Faith per
complete sentence sent . In
combat, telepathy requires
no action to use, but can
only be used once per turn.
Dream 100 Will 7+; Daily You can send a dream
Sending Telepathy message to a character
OR Prophetic you have met (in real life
Nightmares or a prophetic nightmare).
The character experiences
a dream, crafted by
your conscious and your
subconscious working in
concert. In effect, this is like
one-way telepathy with no
range limit, and not limited
to verbal communication.
Prophetic 50 Wits 7+ -- You occasionally receive
Nightmares prophetic nightmares giving
you vague, feverish and
terrifying previews of the
events to come. The frequency
and readability of your
visions are determined by
the GM: you are encouraged
to roleplay out your prophetic
nightmares with your GM,
as sort of mini-adventures.

The Tag

Power XP Pre- Use Benefits

Name Cost requisites Limitations
( x per day or
Point Cost )
Improved 200 Telepathy; 5 Faith This level of telepathy
Telepathy Will 8+ has a range limit of
(Will x 250 Miles) and
allows for two way
communication even with
a non-telepath. 5 Faith
allows a full conversation.
Psychokinesis 200 Will 7+ 5 Faith You can move small objects
that are within line of sight
with the power of your mind.
This ability does not let you
move these objects very
far, or very fast, or move
anything that’s heavier
than Will pounds, or damage
an enemy in any way. You
cannot throw anything
hard or fast enough to hurt,
or use telekinesis to pick
up and fire a gun. If fine
manipulation is required, the
GM can call for a Wits Check,
with difficulty based on the
psychic dexterity required.
This ability requires a Move
Action to use in combat.
Telemetry 50 Wits 7+; Free When you make physical
Prophetic contact with objects and
Nightmares places that are charged
with psychic energy
because of emotionally
traumatic or otherwise
powerfully emotive events
that occurred there, you
can “view” ghostly images
of that place or object’s
history, making you a kind
of forensic psychic able to
relive the secret history
of properly charged places

and things.
The Tag

Power XP Pre- Use Benefits

Name Cost requisites Limitations
(x per day or
Point Cost

Sphere 200 Wits 8+; Once Using psychic power and

Construction Telepathy mechanical acumen,
you are able to craft a
specialized hunter-killer
sphere that is loyal to you
from household parts. You
can only have one sphere
at a time. The sphere can
only obey simple telepathic
commands and is limited
in what tasks it performs.
See the rules below.
Sphere 100 Will 8+; Once You can possess an inert
Possession Sphere hunter killer sphere that
Construction you have crafted at the
moment of your death,
regardless of where the
sphere and you are located.
This allows you to not die,
but continue playing as the
sphere (which will inherent
your mental attributes,
and any techniques and
skills the GM decrees
appropriate for it). All
this requires is for you to
succeed a Crushingly Hard
Will Check at the moment
of death.
Note: Crafting a hunter-killer sphere one fails, the time and materials
requires twenty four hours and are lost. . The first is a Hard Skill
uninterrupted access to a supply of Test: either Automotive Mechanic,
diverse (if not exotic) mechanical Industrial Mechanic, Blacksmith,
parts, such as those found under or something similar, to create
the hood of a car (without psychic the casing. The second is a Hard
ability, crafting one from such Electronics Skill Test, to create the
scraps would be impossible). It also internal wiring. The final test is
requires the crafter to succeed a Hard Will Check to produce the
at three consecutive rolls; if any animating spark.

Character Name Player Name

Character Concept Badass Tier

K.O. Threshold
Speed Death Threshold
Will Faith

Skills Techniques
Skill Name Level Technique Notes

You play a good
game, boy,

but the game

is finished.

Now, you die.