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The Iceman speaks out – yes, really, he does – on his
favourite drink (water, obvs), stupid questions, and what
he actually remembers about winning the world title…



Time, it’s said, passes very quickly for those who wait. Not so for Felipe Massa has He’s retiring again, so let’s see if
those waiting to secure an interview slot with either of Ferrari’s world retired from F1. Did you it actually happens or if we will
champion drivers, since those opportunities present themselves only enjoy working together see him in the irst race next year.
rarely – and when they do, the window creaks open but leetingly. as team-mates? I always had a good relationship
Thus F1 Racing arrives for our brief encounter with Kimi Räikkönen Alan Stoner, UK with him, a great atmosphere
armed with a wad of question cards, but mindful of Shakespeare’s when we were at Ferrari together.
rumination on time’s ickleness: We won two [constructors’] championships for the team
Time is like a fashionable host/That slightly shakes his parting as team-mates and I think it was a great time. Obviously,
guest by the hand/And with his arm outstretch'd, as he would ly/ he was very fast, very good, but I wish him all the best
Grasps in the comer. if he ends up not racing in F1 any more. We will see what
With lunch beckoning, a deadline that is inviolate in Ferrari’s comes in his life in the future.
unreconstructedly Italian world, will we be able to ask all our
questions? Or will our legendarily reticent interviewee motor his way What was the irst car A Lada.
lat-out through the whole stack in a torrent of monosyllables? you drove? F1R: Was it fast?
When Kimi claps eyes upon the question cards set before him, the Kamil Zlotkowski, Poland KR: It was okay…
auguries are not good, for his immediate reaction is “How many!?” [smiles]
and his initial responses are… terse. But, as you’ll soon discover, the
Iceman warms to the line of enquiry and in some responses is almost
efusive. There’s a touch of sarcasm to enjoy too. Do you think you will Maybe some races.
In even better news, the lunch bell clangs without our interview ever return to the WRC? For fun. I hope so
coming to a ragged and inconsequential termination. Kimi is enjoying Kerry Millward, UK anyway.
himself enough to declare that his midday repast can wait…


Would you consider Probably not any more. It’s a nice What is your I drink water a lot [He says
racing in the Indy 500? race and, yes, some years back favourite drink? deadpan]. If you need to pick out
William Jonson-Smith, UK I would have, but not now. Jose Roberto one. Beer is a diferent story, as is
[See what we mean? Not Teijeiro, Brazil milk or other stuf.
messing about, is he?] F1R: We had an email this
morning about you endorsing Hartwall’s Original Long
You own an MXGP As often as I can, but obviously Drink… [which, incidentally, is a refreshing mix of
[Motocross World I’m a bit too busy. I’d like to Finnish premium gin and grapefruit soda]
Championship] team... do more later in life, but at the KR: Yup, it’s good. But my favourite is what you drink of
how often do you moment living in Switzerland is the most, which is water.
practice MX yourself? not the easiest place to practice. F1R: [We can play this game too…] Sparkling or still?
Sebastian Hoehne, In the summer break there is KR: More still lately, but I like sparking as well…
Germany more time as in the winter the [1-0 to Kimi]
weather can be a bit changeable.
In terms of physical They are two completely diferent
What's your favourite I haven’t sung for a long time, stress, between WRC categories. As a purely physical

song to sing on for a number of years now. But it and F1, which is the thing, you have to say F1, but
karaoke? would be some Finnish song. most demanding? the other side of rallying is hard
Matt Croucher, UK F1R: We understand that Maurizio Sicco, Italy because of the amount of time
you’re actually planning on WE JUST driving. You are doing a full
opening a karaoke bar in Helsinki? week of recceing and it can be more than 12 hours a
KR: No comment. [smiles]
NEED TO day in a car with the notes, checking them. You spend
TIDY UP so long sitting down in the car during the build-up and
I didn’t really have a hero, also in the rally – that’s quite tiring. Also, thinking and
Who was your
hero growing up? but I did ind out about James
THINGS AND making notes, that’s much more tiring than I would have
James Hunt? for the irst time, maybe when NOT MAKE expected. Plus it can be early morning or late evenings –
I was eight or nine. Then there you don’t sleep at lot. They always say sleep as much
Samuel McCarthy, UK
were Finns racing, [Keke]
MISTAKES. as you need, but that’s hard in rallying.
Rosberg, and then after that the two Mikas [Häkkinen THESE ARE
& Salo] and JJ [Lehto] – so I was hoping they would do It was not enough for what we
well, but I never really had a hero as such.
JUST SMALL What are your thoughts
on last season? want, but as Ferrari we want to
THINGS THAT Steve Bates, Ireland win both championships. We just
It’s a long time ago. Obviously it need to tidy up things and not
It’s ten years since
you won the title, was a great day but it wasn’t just
“ make mistakes, nor have issues on any side, not from our
what do you remember about the day, it was the whole PART LAST side as drivers or from the team side. These are just small
year. There were some great things which in the end played a big part last year on who
of winning?
Rob McAlees, UK moments, some not very
YEAR won the championship and which way it went.
nice moments, but in the end it
worked out okay and I was very happy with it. But – I
don’t know – I haven’t really thought about it too much.
It doesn’t really change my life today, thinking about it.

Kimi says of winning

in 2007: “In the end it
worked out okay…”

He knows what he’s

doing – answering
your questions,
of course…


Would you be Yeah, I haven’t had time to drive You face questions [laughs] All
interested in doing the car yet but I’ve been ofered from the press quite of them are
the World Rallycross
Championship when you
it on a few occasions. It looks
fun, they are similar cars to rally
I NEVER frequently. From what
country do you get the
on an even
level… all
are done with F1? cars but they have more power THOUGHT I most stupid questions? the same.
Glen Sweeting, UK and I think it would be very nice
to try one at least.
WOULD MAKE Marty Ellison, USA

What made you want to
become an F1 driver?
I don’t think there was one thing.
I was interested in racing and
WE NEVER Who has been your
fastest team-mate?
That is very di cult to say because
it’s hard to compare team-mates.
Kirsty Burns, UK anything to do with engines. In HAD MONEY, Matt Lloyd, UK I’ve had some very good team-
the end I never thought I would
make F1 as we never had money, but then luckily I got
BUT THEN mates in my career, some very
fast ones, but I don’t think you can put them in order –
good people behind me with Dave and Steve Robertson. LUCKILY I GOT everyone is diferent.
And they made it possible because without them, there
was no chance. I was always thinking I’d do go-karts for
GOOD PEOPLE What are your Obviously I want to be ighting
years and years and get a little bit of money out of it, BEHIND ME ambitions for the at the front every weekend, to be
but I didn’t have the budget to drive racing cars. Luckily
friends and family helped, I did Formula Renault – and
“ new season?
Ryan Bell, USA
able to ight for the championship
in 2018. I think we started pretty
with a bit of talent, a year later I was in F1. AND STEVE badly in 2017 – a personal feeling

ROBERTSON on my side – we’re not really happy where the setup was
and it took quite a long time to igure it out. Since then
Is Seb Vettel a good Yes, I know him quite well from it’s been better but then we had too many DNFs for many
friend outside of racing? the past, we used to live close to diferent reasons. But I think, as a team, we’ve come a
Breffni McCarthy, each other and we used to play long way from year to year.
Ireland some sports together outside of
the racing. We ly together and
work closely together at races. }QUESTIONS
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