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17-19, 2016

(ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

School of Life & Basic Sciences

School of Engineering & Technology


ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

1-IC-580 observed. The roof displacement increases as aspect ratio

increases with all slope angles under study.
Strength Behaviour of Concrete at Elevated
Temperatures using Gypsum 1-IC-1055
Kota uday, Neeraja D
School of Mechanical and Building Sciences (SMBS), Vellore Determination of carbon content of residual
Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore - 632014, bagasse ash and its influence on pozzolanic
Tamil Nadu (India) performance
Priya1, Appari S1, Aniruddha T2, Sanket R2, Bahurudeen
Concrete is well known for its capacity to endure high A2
temperatures and fire, owing to its low thermal 1 Department of Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani (India)
conductivity and high specific heat. It does not mean that 2
Department of Civil Engineering, BITS Pilani (India)
high temperatures as well as fire does not effect concrete.
Characteristics such as colour, strength, durability, Solid waste generation is increasing worldwide owing to
surface appearance will be affected due to high population growth, urbanization, industrial activities and
temperatures. Therefore, improving concrete at high variations in lifestyle. Disposal of solid wastes from
temperature is a field of interest in the present day. Fire cogeneration plants such as fly ash, rice husk ash and
resistance of concrete is highly dependent on its bagasse ash becomes awkward as a result of
constituent materials, particularly pozzolana. In this environmental constraints. On the other hand, usage of
study, an experimental investigation has been carried out these solid waste materials as a supplementary
to evaluate the influence of gypsum an strength cementitious material in concrete has become an
behavior/mechanical properties o concrete at elevated alternative method to disposal. Supplementary
temperatures. Cement has been replaced partially by cementitious materials are extensively used in concrete
gypsum at 5%, 10% and 15% by weight. Based on test because of the enhancement of fresh and hardened
results, the strength behavior of concrete using gypsum at properties compared to ordinary Portland cement as a
normal temperatures as well as at elevated temperatures results of pozzolanic reaction and pore refinement
will be studied. The results showed that addition of process associated with reactivity of material. Sugar plant
gypsum to concrete improves the performance of ingests orthosilicic acid from ground water, which is later
concrete, when exposed to elevated temperatures. polymerized as reactive silica in the plant cells. When
Key words: Gypsum, normal temperature and high bagasse and rice husk are burnt as fuel in the cogeneration
temperature boiler, reactive amorphous silica is formed because of
combustion process and it is present in the residual ashes.
In addition to silica, sugarcane bagasse ash and rice husk
1-IC-695 ash have higher carbon content due to presence of
unburnt particles and it significantly influences on the
An analytical study on performance of diagrid pozzolanic performance in concrete. Furthermore, higher
carbon content leads to adverse effects in concrete such
structure using nonlinear static pushover
as reduction in workability and strength. Even though, a
analysis Kiran Kamath, Sachin H number of earlier research studies has been suggested that
MIT Manipal (India)
bagasse ash and rice husk as an excellent pozzolanic
In this study an attempt has been made to study the material, influence of carbon content on pozzolanic
performance characteristics of diagrid structures using reactivity is not reported in the existing literature. A
non-linear static pushover analysis .The models studied detailed study on the influence of carbon content in the
were circular in plan with varying aspect ratio (L/B) from residual is imperative to achieve maximum reactivity as
2.67 to 4.26 along with three different slope angles of well as superior alternative cementitious material. In the
external braces. The width of the base is kept constant at paper, carbon content in the residual bagasse ashes were
12m and while its height is varied with three different determined using more appropriate methods and its
slope angles viz. 59°, 71° and 78°of the braces. The influence on reactivity was investigated. Results from the
nonlinear behaviour of the elements were modelled using study showed that considerable difference in carbon
plastic hinges based on moment curvature relationship as content between elemental method and loss on ignition
described in ASCE 41-13, FEMA 356, and FEMA 440. method. Moreover, pozzolanic performance was found to
Parabolic distribution of lateral load in accordance with be increased with reduction in carbon content in the
IS1893:2002 was used to generate the capacity curves. residual ashes.
Performance points were obtained using the FEMA 440
procedure. Seismic response like base shear, roof
displacement corresponding to performance point were
evaluated using nonlinear static analysis and results were
compared. For an inclination of 59° & 71° the base shear
at performance increased up to an aspect ratio 3.20 after
which a downward trend has been observed. Whereas for
a slope angle of 78° a continuous downward trend is

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

Assessment of hardened characteristics of However, durability of bagasse ash blended concrete and
raw fly ash blended self compacting its service life prediction are not reported in the existing
literature. In the study, sugarcane bagasse ash was
concrete processed based on appropriate characterization scheme
Mahalingam B1, Nagamani K2, Kannan LS3, K. and bagasse ash blended cements were produced.
Mohammed Haneefa1, Bahurudeen A4,* Permeability of bagasse ash blended concrete was
1 Department
of Civil Engineering, SSN College of
Engineering, (India)
investigated and compared with Portland cement
Department of Civil Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, concrete. The results of accelerated durability tests will
(India) be correlated with the parameters influencing the long
3 Concrete Division, L&T Construction (India) term performance of the concrete. The service life of
4Department of Civil Engineering, BITS Pilani (India) concrete structures built with bagasse ash blended cement
will be estimated based on the test results obtained.
Fly ash is widely used as a supplementary cementitious
material in blended concrete. Due to implementation of
new thermal power plants as a consequence of electricity 1-IC-1360
demand, generation of fly ash is noticeably increased. In
addition to blended cement production, it is very
The Application of HPC in Ahwaz Subway Stations
imperative to use raw fly ash in concrete. Earlier research
Watertight and the Removal of Insulation
studies investigated the performance of processed fly ash
in blended cement production as well as in concrete. In Khashayar Bagherinia, Abdolkarim Abbasi
general, ground fly ash is used in blended cement Department of Civil Engineering, Khouzestan Science and
production. A comprehensive study on the performance Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran
evaluation of raw fly ash in self compacting concrete is
not available in the existing literature. Moreover, With the growing development and advances of mega
utilization of raw fly ash in special concrete such as self railway projects and in particular railway projects in Iran,
compacting concrete is essential to comprehend the the necessity to use resistant structures against destructive
performance of raw fly ash blended concrete compared to and effective factors in structure life to have long
Ordinary Portland concrete. Additionally, it will help to structure service life in corrosive environmental
achieve maximum utilization of raw fly ash as a conditions makes it necessary to utilize durable
supplementary cementitious material rather than disposal constructional materials against above mentioned factors
as a waste which leads to severe environmental in order to guarantee structure service life and, in turn, the
degradations. In the study, raw fly ash was collected and project. The most destructive element in the structure is
is directly used in self compacting concrete. Nine mixes water with harmful minerals like sulfate and chloride
were cast with three different binder contents and ions. Therefore, if penetration into the structure is
hardened characteristics of blended concrete were prevented and it continues during the utilization years,
investigated. Results from the study showed comparable then structure life is ensured against destructive and
performance with control concrete. Furthermore, corrosive factors in the course of utilization. There are
significant reduction in permeability was observed for some measures to prevent above mentioned solute
blended concrete. penetration with water into the structure which need to be
used for underground structures such as urban railway
1-IC-1058 stations in severely corrosive environmental conditions
according to common codes. Taking the environmental
Service life prediction of sugarcane bagasse ash conditions, project requirements, and value engineering
blended concrete into account, optimal executive procedures, the
Mahima S1, Jayachandran K2, Bahurudeen A1,* obligation to pass from city centers, and the placement of
Department of Civil Engineering, BITS Pilani, India stations in downtown made the usage of HPC necessary
2 Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras, India through the approach of eliminating temporary and
support structures, pressure constraints, and conventional
Supplementary cementitious materials are commonly insulation methods in Ahwaz Urban Railway System
used in concrete due to their superior performance such Line 1. Then the HPC positive features are efficiently and
as higher strength, low heat of hydration when compared effectively utilized. Top-Down method is one of unique
to ordinary Portland cement. In addition to pozzolanic methods to implement the station structure. Using this
benefits, utilization of these materials leads to durable method is not possible without the application of HPC to
and sustainable concrete. Although several pozzolanic implement structure watertight and prevent the chloride
materials are available including industrial by-products and sulfate attack in highly corrosive environments.
for use in concrete, their effect utilization is considerably Concrete durability has always been the center of
restricted due to inadequate performance evaluation in attention in the course of utilization.
concrete. Sugar bagasse ash is a by-product from the
sugar industry that is directly disposed as a waste material
which leads to significant environmental degradation.
Pozzolanic characteristics of sugarcane bagasse ash have
been evidently reported in the previous research studies.

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

Quality assessment of burnt clay bricks and Rajasthan i.e. Banas, Banganga, Gambhir and Parbati at
unburnt fly ash bricks 75% dependability. Interlinking and surplus water
Murugesan T1, Bahurudeen A2, Sakthivel M1, transfer from Chambal to these four deficit river basins is
Senthilkumar K1, Chinnusamy T1, Dhanasekaran D1 the prime solution for which 372 Km link channel
Department of Civil Engineering, GCE Salem (India) including 9 Km. tunnel of design capacity of 300 cumec
Department of Civil Engineering, BITS Pilani (India) with 64 metres lift is required.

Brick is one of major construction material and is widely 1-IC-1679

used in construction. Cost of clay brick is considerably
increased due to its higher demand, transportation, Solar Shading Strategies using Thermal Stress on
unavailability of raw materials and environmental Sun Path Diagram For Jaipur, Rajasthan
restrictions. Moreover, fly ash based un-burnt bricks are Pavithra Radhai KVN, Gayathri NS, Janani M
commonly used because of its availability as well as School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada
superior performance. In the recent years, lot of clay and
fly ash brick production units has been started due to their Sun-path diagram provides the relative position of the sun
demand. At the same time, quality control of in-situ throughout the year; that determines the seasonal and
bricks which are directly supplied to the construction are hourly changes. It helps in deciding upon the
not adequately controlled. Brick quality is significantly morphological aspect of the buildings. Sun penetration
influenced by its raw materials such as clay and fly ash. through the fenestration of the building is necessary to be
Moreover, characteristics of fly ash and clay vary to a optimally shaded using external shading devices. These
greater extent in different regions in India. A devices are generally integrated to the building in the
comprehensive evaluation of quality of in-situ bricks form of over hangings or the extension of the building
from different units is not available in the existing form itself. This paper aims at an alternate approach to
literature. In the study, clay bricks and unburnt fly ash determine optimum solar shading by overlaying the mean
bricks were collected from different production units and average hourly temperature on the Sun-path diagram for
their characteristics were evaluated. Results from the a particular station with respect to its locational co-
study showed that considerable variations in fly ash ordinates. This gives an over view of the yearly over
bricks compared to standards specifications. heated and under heated periods through which one can
decide when to allow or block the sun. An experimental
1-IC-1572 case show casing various shading strategies for a
habitable room in Jaipur, Rajasthan is validated. The
results are further assessed through ECOTECT
Interlinking Feasibility of Five River Basins of simulation tool.
Rajasthan in India
Sunil Kumar Vyas1,2, Gunwant Sharma1, Y. P. Mathur1
1 Department of Civil Engineering, Malviya National Institute 1-IC-2727
of Technology, Jaipur (India)
Water Resources Department, Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur Intelligent Transportation System based Urban
(India) Corridor Management Strategy
Sourabh Jain1, S. S. Jain2
The increasing population and large scale growth with the 1
Centre for Transportation Systems, Indian Institute of
development of modern science and technology has Technology Roorkee, Roorkee (India)
2 Civil Engineering Deptt. and CTRANS, Indian Institute of
indicated very high stress on water sector in Rajasthan in
India. Availability of water and uniformity of rainfall Technology Roorkee, Roorkee (India)
distribution is changing day by day due to shifting of
monsoon in Rajasthan. The spatial and temporal Intelligent Transportation System is the application of
variations in the rainfall in different river basins in technology for developing a user–friendly transportation
Rajasthan are drastic due to which flood situation arises system for urban areas in developing countries.
in the tributaries of Chambal river basin every year. Transportation plays an important role in the
Simultaneously on the other hand drought situation arises development of economic of a country. In fact, the
in the other different places in the most of the river basins development of a country and the progress of its
which are also under dark zone. In totality natural water transportation system is complementary to each other.
resources are also limited in Rajasthan so there is an Urban traffic has been growing immensely due to
urgent need for its proper planning, development and repercussion of population growth as well as escalation
management of the available water duly taking care of of vehicle ownership. On the other hand, impacts of an
environmental, ecological, socio-economic aspects and improper transport system of urban areas are manifested
their inter-relationships . in terms of congestion, delays, pollution, accidents, high-
Annual surplus water of about 1437 MCM in the river energy consumption, low productivity of resources,
Chambal is going waste and ultimately reaches to sea community severances, and inadequate access to the
after creating flood situations in various places in India service. The goal of urban corridor management using
including Rajasthan, while on the other hand 1077 MCM ITS in road transport is to achieve improvements in
water is a requirement in the four other basins in mobility, safety, and the productivity of the transportation

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

system within the available facilities through the Compare the simulated result and experimental results,
integrated application of advanced monitoring, and reduced rejection rate from 70% to 40% and
communications, computer, display, and control process company again start the production.
technologies, both in the vehicle and on the road. The
development and management of urban transport in 2-IC-074
developing countries like India however, is at tryout stage
with very few accumulations. Under the umbrella of ITS, CFD study on mini channel heat sink with nanofluids
urban corridor management strategy have proven to be as cooling medium
one of the most successful system in accomplishing these S Joshua Kumar, N.Ravi Kumar*
objectives. Department of Mechanical Engineering, MVGR College of
This paper attempts to ponder the past studies regarding Engineering, Vizianagaram (India)
several Intelligent Transportation Systems available that
have been successfully deployed in urban corridors of In today’s industrial scenario, dependence on
India and abroad, and to know about the current scenario electronics, computers is increasing day by day. Cooling
and trends in methodology considered in the planning, of the electronic circuits and processors is vital for
design, and operation of Traffic Management Systems. effective usage. Therefore, different techniques for
This paper also presents the endeavor that was made to cooling of electronics have been developed. The
interpret and figure out the performance of the 27.4 Km traditional techniques for the cooling of electronics are by
study corridor and proposed the management strategies using of fans and some other cooling medium. The need
by causality analysis. Performance interpretations for the new design environment and technology is
incorporate peak hour identification, traffic volume and fulfilled with the use of minichannel heat sink.
LOS at mid blocks, delay followed by the plotting speed Minichannel heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that
contours and recommending urban corridor management cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding
strategies keeping in mind that those have to be medium. Passive heat sinks are commonly found on older
efficiently executables, cost effective and familiar to CPUs, parts that do not dissipate much power, such as the
road users. chipset, computers with low-power processors, and
equipment where silent operation is critical and fan noise
2-IC-009 unacceptable.In the present work fluid flow and heat
transfer characteristics of mini channel with nanofluids as
cooling medium was analyzed. Nanofluids such as Al2O3-
Design Optimization of Gating and Feeding System
through Simulation Technique for Sand Casting H2O and TiO2-H2O are used as cooling mediums instead
Sachin L. Nimbulkar1, Rajendra S. Dalu2 of pure water. Modeling of mini channel using ICEM
Mechanical Engineering Department, G. H. Raisoni Institute CFD and simulation is done by using CFD- FLUENT.
of Engineering and Technology, Jalgaon (India) Copper minichannel heat sink consisting of the channel
Mechanical Engineering Department Government Collage of height of 8 mm and the channel width of 0.5 mm is
Engineering, Amravati (India) considered for the analysis. It was observed that for
effecting cooling of electronics Al2O3-H2O is the better
Casting is a manufacturing process to make complex cooling medium, on the other side pumping power is
shapes of metal materials in mass production may more, whereas TiO2-H2O is moderate cooling medium
experience many defects such as gas porosity, pin holes, but the pumping power is comparatively less.
blow holes, shrinkages and incomplete filling may occur
in sand casting. Porosity is one of the defects most 2-IC-200
frequently encountered in ductile iron casting. Porosity
cause costly scrap loss and limits the use of cast parts in Performance Enhancement of Modified Solar Still
critical high strength applications. The amount of Using Water Sprinkler: An Experimental Approach
porosity is closely related to sand casting processes Raghvendra Sharma1, Bhupendra Gupta1, Anil Kumar1,
parameter. The considerable reduction in porosity Prem Shankar1
formation can be obtained using optimization technique 1
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jabalpur
in the sand casting process. The Gating/riser system Engineering College, Jabalpur (India)
design play very important role for improving casting 2Energy Technology Research Center (ETRC), Dept. of

quality. Many researchers reported that 90% of the Mech. Engg., Faculty of Engineering, Prince of Songkla
defects in casting are obtained only because of improper University, HatYai, Songkhla (Thailand)
design of gating and feeding system. In this research work
a foundry (Jadho Steel and Alloys Limited, Amravati) In this communication, existing design of single slope
shop has been presented. There was a lot of rejection in solar still has been modified, developed and tested. The
casting of a product (“Wear Plate”) so the foundry shop modifications in conventional single slope solar still
had stopped the execution of the order of this product. include (i) inside walls painted with white color (ii)
The main objectives were, to study the existing design of attachment of water sprinkler with constant water flow
Gating and Feeding system, to optimized the Gating and rate of 0.0001 kg/s on the glass cover. The performance
Feeding system using Auto-CAST X1 casting simulation of modified single slope solar still has been evaluated and
software, Prepare the sand mould and cast the part, compared with conventional solar still. Experiments have
been carried out on both modified and conventional

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

single slope solar still for 05cmwater depth in the month Methodology – In this research SD methodology is used
of April at Jabalpur (Latitude 23o18' N;Longitude 79o 95' for developing a model, for ansheetfeed multicolor offset
E) India. The distilled water output was recorded 2940 ml printing machine.
and 3541 ml from conventional and modified solar stills Findings – It was possible to identify different scenarios
respectively. Water productivity or yield of single slope affecting the model and their influence on the required
solar still is increased by 20% from above modifications. printing performance like: cost, delivery and quality.
The overall efficiency is increased by 21% over the Hence this can help managers in making efficient
conventional solar still. decisions regarding printing operation.
Research limitations – The printing operation efficiency
2-IC-240 is contributed mainly from three important processes,
known as pre-press, press and post press. But due to the
Evaluation of Shape memory effect and pseudo difficulty in obtaining quantitative data, this research
elastic effect of Cu-Al-Be-Mn quaternary alloys was restricted to one process and one machine; hence a
A.G. Shivasiddaramiah, U.S Mallik, Jayanth V, Bharath well-defined SFD for Total Production Management
Sai Kumar model was built, considering a four color single offset
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Siddaganga Institute machine, in the printing process. Other scenarios
of Technology, Tumakuru, Karnataka (India) affecting TQM, TPM variables and rates are yet to be
identified and their influence on printing performance is
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are the category of to be calculated. Practical implications – the practical
advanced metallic materials that in the martensitic phase implication concern the efficient decision making system
state can sustain strains above its elastic limit but when in multi-color sheet feed offset printing, by controlling
heated return to their original shape .shape memory alloys the socio-technical variables.
in the austenitic phase state exhibits super elasticity and
the material recovers its original shape by removal of
force. The alloy used for this study was prepared by 2-IC-530
melting the pure (99.9%) elements in an argon
atmosphere in the induction furnace for the different Effect of cushions on sitting subjects exposed to
composition of AL(10-15Wt.%) Be(0.4- WBV
0.5Wt.%),Mn(0.3-0.4Wt.%) and remaining is Cu. The Ishbir Singh1 , S P Nigam2 , V H Saran3
ingots were homogenized at9000c for 3 hrs and then 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of
samples were rolled to the thickness of 1mm.the shape Engineering and Emerging Technologies (SEET), Baddi
memory effect and transformation temperatures of the University of Emerging Sciences and Technology (BUEST),
rolled specimens were found out by bending test and by Baddi (India)
DSC. The microstructure of the alloys were investigated Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, IIT
by optical micrographs where the martesite variants were Roorkee, Roorkee (India)
3Mechanical Engineering Department, Thapar University,
found out .the mechanical properties like tensile strength
Patiala (India)
hardness of the sample were evaluated by using UTM and
brinells hardness tester respectively as per ASTM
This paper is based on experimental investigations which
were conducted to assess the subjective response of
seated human subjects exposed to harmonic vibrations in
vertical direction. 12 human male subjects were chosen
2-IC-257 and were subjected to three amplitude of excitation (0.5,
1.0 and 1.5 m/s 2 rms) and five different frequencies of 5,
Simultaneous consideration of TQM and TPM 8, 12, 16 and 20 Hz. The effect of cushion at seat and
influence on Print Production performance: A case backrest was studied. Experiments were conducted for
study on multicolor offset machine using SD three cases (i) without cushions (ii) with cushion of
methodology density 32 kg/m3 and (iii) with cushion of density 32
Nagaraj Kamath H 1, Lewlyn L R Rodrigues 2 kg/m3. The responses from all the subjects in form of
Department of PME, MIT, Karnataka, India, vibrations being felt by them at different body segments,
2Department of H&M, MIT, Karnataka, India their severity and significance and comfort level were
recorded in subjective form. The results of the responses
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the have been presented in the form of a pictorial
appropriateness of System Dynamics (SD) as a tool for representation. It has been concluded that at low
simultaneously considering TQM and TPM environment frequency excitations whole body vibrations (WBV) and
in a offset machine of a commercial printing press. By upper portion of the body responds with mild to moderate
controlling the TQM and TPM variables, this model will vibrations and at high frequency excitations the lower
attempt to simulate or predict the behavior of an efficient portion of the body which is close to the point of
printing operation. Identifying other scenarios affecting excitation responds significantly. The response at
the socio-technical variables is the future research work excitation frequency closer to natural frequencies of
of this paper. different body segments clearly indicates the vibratory
effect on those segments. Use of cushion at seat and

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

backrest increases the human comfort level and with shift conducted for various speeds 1000, 1500 and 2000 rpm
of responding segments in some cases. Variation in and feeds 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm/rev. Thrust force and
cushion density from 32 to 40 kg/m 3 does not show any surface roughness of the drilled hole was investigated
considerable change in human comfort. Cushion with with special attention paid to the effects of graphite
density of 40 kg/m3 was reported as the most comfortable particles hybrid composite. From the experiment it is
among the three cases of experimentation when subjected concluded that the feed rate had a major influence on
to different amplitudes and frequencies under thrust force and surface roughness. Graphitic composites
consideration. exhibit lesser thrust force and higher surface roughness
when compared to Al2219 and Al2219+8%B4C
2-IC-899 composite. Due to presence of solid lubricant property of
graphite which reduces the lesser thrust force and higher
surface roughness.
Interaction of Radiation with Conjugate Mixed
Convection From Discretely and Non-Identically
Heated Vertical Channel
Abhijeet P. Shah1, C. Gururaja Rao2
Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Sakhrale, Maharashtra VLSI Systems Energy Management from a Software
(India) Perspective-A Literature Survey
2National Institute of Technology, Warangal, Telangana Prasada Kumari.K.S*, Sampath Kumar, Shivaji Sinha
(India) Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida,UP (India)
Some of the important findings of a numerical probe into
conjugate mixed convection with surface radiation from The increasing demand for ultra low power electronic
a discretely and non-identically heated vertical channel systems has motivated research in device technology and
equipped with five non-identical heaters in its left wall hardware design techniques. Experimental studies have
are provided in this paper. The cooling medium proved that the hardware innovations for power reduction
considered is air that is considered to be radiatively are fully exploited only with the proper design of upper
transparent The governing equations for fluid flow and layer software. Also, the software power and energy
heat transfer are transformed into vorticity-stream modelling and analysis- the first step towards energy
function form and are later normalized. The normalized reduction is complex due to the inter and intra
governing equations are solved making use of finite dependencies of processors, operating systems,
volume method. A carefully designed hybrid grid application software, programming languages and
structure is employed to discretize the computational compilers. The subject is too vast; the paper aims to give
domain. A wide range of simulation studies has been a consolidated view to researchers in arriving at solutions
performed in different convection regimes for various to power optimization problems from a software
channel materials with different aspect ratios in order to perspective. The review emphasizes the fact that software
study the local wall temperature distribution, variation of design and implementation is to be viewed from system
peak channel temperature with modified Richardson energy conservation angle rather than as an isolated
number for various channel materials and relative roles of process. After covering a global view of end to end
convection and radiation in channel heat dissipation. software based power reduction techniques for micro
sensor nodes to High Performance Computing systems,
2-IC-1192 specific design aspects related to battery powered
Embedded computing for mobile and portable systems
are addressed in detail. The findings are consolidated into
Drilling of Al2219/B4C/Gr metal matrix hybrid 2 major categories- those related to research directions
composites and those related to existing industry practices. The
Ravindranath V M, Yerriswamy M, Vivek S V, G S Shiva emerging concept of Green Software with specific focus
Shankar, Siddesh Kumar N G on mainframe computing is also discussed in brief.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Siddaganga Institute
of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka (India)
Empirical results on power saving are included wherever
available. The paper concludes that only with the close
co-ordination between hardware architect, software
Metal matrix Composites are new class of materials
architect and system architect low energy systems can be
which offer superior properties over alloys. MMCs are
very difficult to machine due to the hardness and abrasive
nature of carbide particles. In aluminum matrix
composites, presence of hard particles inside the matrix
which causes tool wear, poor surface finish and high
cutting forces while machining. This paper discusses the
influence of cutting parameters on drilling the Al2219
matrix, mono composite Al2219+8%B4C and hybrid
composite Al2219+8%B4C+3%Gr. The composites are
fabricated using stir casting method. Experiments were
conducted with TiN coated drill bit. The experiment were

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

2-IC-1325 comfort by fine control of the acceleration/jerk profile.

That was particularly relevant to urban rail systems, as
Tribological properties of MoS2 particles as lubricant they had typical feature of relatively high acceleration
additive on EN31 alloy steel and AISI 52100 steel ball and deceleration

M.S.Charoo1,M.F.Wani1, M. Hanief1, M.A.Rather2 2-IC-1471

Centre for Tribology, Mechanical Engineering Department,
National Institute of Technology, Srinagar (India) Mobile robot navigation in unknown static
2Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of
environments using ANFIS controller
Technology, Srinagar(India) Anish Pandey*, Chinmaya Sahu, Krishna Kant Pandey,
Dayal R. Parhi
Main objective of this research study is to find out
Department of Mechanical Engineering, N.I.T.,
tribological behaviour of rolling bearing material EN31
Rourkela, Orissa (India)
alloy steel under lubricated conditions with various sizes
of MoS2 particles as additive by weight (0.5% and 1%) in
Navigation and obstacle avoidance are the most
conventional lubricant 20W40. Four sizes of particles
important task for any mobile robots. This article presents
viz., 35µm, 7µm, 3µm and 90nm were used as additives
the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)
in the lubricant 20W40 on a tribo-pair consisting of EN31
controller for mobile robot navigation and obstacle
steel disc and AISI 52100 steel ball. Friction and wear
avoidance in the unknown static environments. The
tests were conducted on universal tribometer equipped
different sensors such as ultrasonic range finder sensor
with high resolution piezo load sensor at three different
and sharp infrared range sensorare used to detect the
loads (75N, 100N and 125N) and sliding speed of 0.03
forward obstaclesin the environments. The inputs of the
m/s for 10 minutes. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
ANFIS controller are obstacle distances obtained from
was used to study the surface morphology of the wear
the sensors, and the controller output is a robot steering
scars. It was observed in this study that as the size of the
angle. The primary objective of the present work is to use
particles decreased the friction and wear resistance
ANFIS controller to guide the mobile robot in the
increased which was attributed to the rolling of the small
unknown environments. Computer simulations are
sized particles in the contact zone.
conducted through MATLAB software, and implemented
it in real time by using C/C++ language running Arduino
2-IC-1382 microcontroller based mobile robot. Moreover, the
successful simulation and experimental results on the real
Impact of Longitudinal Acceleration and Jerk on mobile robot demonstrate the effectiveness and
Passenger Ride Comfort in Rail Vehicle efficiency of the proposed controller.
Sunil Kumar Sharma1,*, Shubhangi Chaturvedi2
for Transportation Systems, Indian Institute of 2-IC-1487
Technology Roorkee (India)
2School of Study in Management, Jiwaji University, Gwalior

(India) Experimental investigation of performance,

combustion & vibration characteristics of CI engine
As we know that Increasing the acceleration and fuelled with linseed methyl ester
deceleration of trains within a railway network might Prasanthi. G1, Madhava Varma. B2,*, Ravi Kumar. N2
1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, JNTUA College of
improve the performance of the system apart from this it
Engineering, Ananthapuramu (India)
increases the risk of passengers in terms of losing their 2
Department of Mechanical Engineering, MVGR College of
balance and falling therefore the purpose of that paper Engineering, Vizianagaram (India)
examined the effect of longitudinal acceleration and jerk
on the vehicle in order to provide safety and comfort to Diminution of fossil fuel reserves, increased earth
the passengers .For that ,a rake of 24 ICF coaches fitted temperature and rigorous emission norms have directed
with CBC (H type tight lock) and low preload draft gear the mankind to discover alternate fuels which are self
hauled by WDP4 locomotive was modelled using degradable, less pollutant and hugely available in nature.
Universal Mechanism- a multibody dynamic software. The present study investigates the performance,
The vehicle was subjected to external forces such as combustion and vibration characteristics of single
rolling resistance, aerodynamics, longitudinal wheel cylinder four- stroke variable compression ratio diesel
resistance and gravitational force. The values of tractive engine using diesel and linseed methyl ester as fuels.
and braking efforts for the two locomotives were taken Engine performance parameters like brake thermal
into consideration which was provided and obtained efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption and
experimentally by RDSO .for that Realistic track combustion parameters like maximum combustion
conditions between Lucknow and Kanpur of India were pressure, heat release rate and mass fraction burnt are
taken for the study and was found that both the magnitude measured and compared for both diesel and linseed
of the accelerations and their rate of change (jerk) were methyl ester. Engine is tested at constant speed of 1500
of immense important and results also supported that rpm and at compression ratio of 15, by varying load from
their maybe scope to improve the trade-off between zero to maximum of 12Kg. It is observed that brake
journey times, energy consumption and passenger thermal efficiency is lower and brake specific fuel

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

consumption is higher when engine is run with linseed Mechanical Engineering Department, School of Technology,
methyl ester. Maximum combustion pressure and Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Raisan, Gandhinagar,
maximum rate of pressure rise is observed when engine Gujarat (India)
is run with linseed methyl ester. Engine vibration is
measured along three mutually perpendicular directions Aluminum 7075 alloy is a popular candidate material in
using triaxial accelerometer. It is observed that overall aerospace industries due to its excellent strength to
vibration acceleration is higher along vertical and weight ratio among the aluminum alloys. Friction stir
longitudinal directions compared to lateral direction. At processing (FSP) is a solid state process to refine the
full load condition, within 100Hz, highest peak microstructure that results into enhanced mechanical
accelerations are observed at the frequency of 25 Hz, for properties such as hardness and superplasticity. FSP of
engine running with diesel and linseed methyl ester. 7075Al has proven to obtain superplasticity, which
Those peak acceleration values are observed as 1.53 m/s2, eliminated need of joint in structural applications. The
8.97 m/s2 and 9.31 m/s2 along vertical, lateral and thermal history during the process greatly affects the
longitudinal directions for engine running with diesel and resulting microstructure. By reducing the process
incase of linseed methyl ester, those peak acceleration temperature, the grain growth of 7075Al gets inhibited
values are observed as 1.41 m/s2, 10.6 m/s2 and 6.52 m/s2. and hence very fine grain microstructure can be
produced, which is a primary requirement for obtaining
superplasticity. Even though FSP maintains the process
2-IC-1649 temperature below the melting point, the approach of
hybrid FSP with active cooling offers further reduction in
Advanced design of a robotic prosthetic leg using the generation of process temperature. Hybrid FSP with
topology optimization active cooling is one of the variant of FSP. In this study,
7075Al was subjected to normal FSP and hybrid FSP
Hyoung-Jong Ahn, Kwang-Hee Lee, Chul-Hee Lee with compressed air cooling under constant process
Inha University, 100, Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon (South Korea) parameters. Active cooling FSP sample reported
considerable reduction in the temperature in comparison
This paper describes the optimized design of a robotic to normal FSP. No surface defect was observed in the
processed zone for both the samples. The optical
prosthetic leg with a fully-active knee joint for lower limb
micrograph revealed fine equiaxed grain structure in the
amputees. The proposed robotic leg can actively control
stir zone for both the samples. Hybrid FSP samples
the knee joint, thus, it can mimic the walking mechanism reported smaller grain size in comparison to the normal
of a human. However, the robotic leg is relatively heavier FSP due to less heat input during the process.
than passive or semi-active ones because it consists of
many components such as actuators, batteries. Since the 3-IC-044
weight of leg is significantly related to amputees’ fatigue,
it is necessary to minimize the total weight. Therefore, Sierpinski Fractal Antenna for Internet of Things
this paper focuses on the hardware design with a weight Applications
reduction of the robotic leg. The compact and high-torque Vinita Mathur, Manisha Gupta
generating system for stair walking is configured by using JECRC University, Jaipur (India)
a flat motor, a harmonic reducer. The designed structure
is optimized to eliminate the unnecessary weight but Internet of Things is a new type of Internet application
maintains the safety of the structure via topology which makes the information be shared on a global scale.
Major requirement for sharing is the transmitting and
optimization. Finite element analysis is carried out to
receiving of data or information which is done by
validate the safety of the optimized structure under
antennas. Since large data on multiple frequencies needs
working conditions. Finally, the actual wearing to be shared, multiband antenna is a major requirement.
experiment is conducted to compare the results from FE In multiband antennas design different bands are active
Analysis. The simulation and experiment results show for different frequency ranges and bands. This property
that the weight optimized transfemoral prosthetic leg is can be fulfilled by adding slots in patch, defected ground
safe under various working conditions. slot and by fractal in antennas. In the proposed paper
fractal design is used because of its advantages like
compact size, wideband, frequency independent, and low
2-IC-1763 mutual coupling. A coaxial fed antenna formed by a right
angled isosceles triangular with Sierpinski structure is
Experimental Investigation on Hybrid Friction Stir presented. The antenna covers all the
Processing using compressed air in Aluminum 7075 WLAN/GSM/LTE/WiMAX/UWB bands. It is suitable
alloy for internet of things devices with its multiband
characters. Analysis is also done with defected ground
Vivek V. Patel*, Vishvesh J. Badheka, Utsav Patel, plane, different iterations, substrate materials and
Sagar Patel, Swarg Patel, Samarth Zala thickness. This model shows that the multiband behavior
of the Sierpinski fractal antenna is a consequence of its
fractal nature. Parameters like return loss, gain,

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

bandwidth and directivity of proposed structures are been analyzed at different nodes of CMOS technology.
studied and analyzed. CST Microwave studio tool is used Simulation shows that new flip flop achieves high
for simulation results. performance in terms of all design parameters. Also
shows the effect of diameter variation and chirality vector
has been analyzed on the working of SAFF.
A Distributed Cooperative approach to eliminate
Hello Flood Attack from Wireless Sensor Network Security issues in Internet of Things
Bobby Sharma Sarang L. Joshi1, Vinayak K. Bairagi2
Assam Don Bosco University 1Dept . of E&TC ,PVG’s COET, 44, Vidyanagari, Shivdarshan
, Pune (India)
A wireless sensor network is a kind of distributed 2
Dept. of E&TC , AISSMS IOIT, 1 Kennedy Road, Near
autonous wireless network with node compatible with R.T.O Office, Pune, Maharashtra (India)
sensor to monitor physical or environmental condition
and pass data to their respective servers for further Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as one of the most
analysis. These kind of networks are emerged as an powerful communication paradigms of the 21st century
important application of current scenario including which represents the trend of future networking and is
Internet of Things along with the concept of smart city leading the wave of the IT industry revolution. IoT
apart from its usual application. These networks have extends the concept of internet and accommodates each
some limitations of its system resources like limited and every object existing in this world or likely to exist in
battery power, communication range, processing power. the coming future. These objects continuously generate
Apart from these, WSN are very much vulnerable to information about the physical world, communicate with
different of attacks including Denial-of-Service attack, other objects. Hence proper security measures are
Worm hole attack, hello attack, Sybil attack, Sink hole required at every stage to protect information privacy.
attack, Selective forwarding attack, Hello flood packet This paper presents a survey on security attacks on
attack etc. Out of these all, hello flood attack is a kind of sensors and existing solutions to counter the attacks.
attack in which any node may flood the network with
hello packets which may lead to a network security 3-IC-3363
problem as well as it may misuse the network resources
including network bandwidth. In this paper we propose a Computational Investigation to Improve the
methodology based on distributed cooperative approach Efficiency of Multi-junction SiGe/Si Solar cell
by which it tries to detect and eliminate hello flood attack Pritam Dey1,*, Ashish Prajapati1, T.D. Das1, Monika
from the network. Gogoi2
1 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
3-IC-1512 National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh (India)
2Department of Physics, Tezpur Central University, Tezpur,

Assam (India)
Performance Improvement in Sense Amplifier Flip
Flop using 32 nm CNTFET The Intrinsic SiGe layer is implemented in the designing
Komal Swami, Ritu Sharma of thin-film SiGe solar cell in order to optimize and
Department of Electronics and communication Engineering, improve the electrical and optical behavior of the
MNIT Jaipur (India)
commercially available SiGe solar cells. The proposed
device is simulated with Silvaco ATLAS TCAD by
Continued process scaling has come at the price of more placing the intrinsic SiGe layer on a silicon base. Various
exotic process technologies and complex designs. parameters like mole fraction of germanium in Si1-
However, since CMOS scaling is not the only solution to XGeX, thickness of newly introduced intrinsic region etc.
achieve performance improvement in a circuit, were optimized to enhance the efficiency of thin-film
alternative methods to enhance performance need to be SiGe solar cell. At a mole fraction of X=0.48 of Ge and
explored. In this paper, existing low power sense at a approximate thickness of 1µm of the intrinsic region,
amplifier based flip flops (SAFF) are considered. the efficiency of the designed cell is significantly
Identification of critical path and optimum transistor improved and is found to be around 23.2% and the
widths are key challenges to obtain lower data to clock maximum value of cathode current density is
delay which ultimately results in reduced power-delay 162mA/cm2, achieved at an open circuit voltage of 1.32
product (PDP). This paper presents a detailed V. In this regard the variation of photo luminescence
performance analysis of various reported SAFF designs Intensity with wavelength for different mole fraction of
in order to identify the one most suitable for low power germanium has been observed.
and high speed operation. Also included is a Results: Optimization of Efficiency, photo luminescence
demonstration of significant reduction in power and cathode current density for different mole fraction
consumption by reducing the switching activity at major Germanium and intrinsic layer thickness.
internal nodes of the proposed circuit. Thereafter, effects
of power supply scaling and temperature variations have

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

3-IC 4-IC-553
Lossy image compression using Wavelet transform A comprehensive review of various control
Madan Singh1, Mrityunjay Singh1, Divya Gupta1, Manoj architecture for PV generators integrated with
Kumar Sharma2 battery storage
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM Anuradha Tomar1, Sukumar Mishra2
University (India) 1
Electrical Engineering Department, HMRITM,Delhi, India.
2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jaipur
2 Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of
National University, Jaipur (India) Technology, Delhi (India)

Images are the depiction of the real world scenes

captured. Cameras are the well-known tools for clicking Continuously increasing demand of electricity, limited
the scenes as still-images. In previous days, the images availability of fossil fuels, problems associated with
were black-and-white from which we switched onto low- environmental pollution, advancement in power
resolution colored images, then to high-resolution ones. electronics devices and solar cell manufacturing methods
JPEG was a revolutionary technique for the still-images leads to increased usage of PV (Photovoltaic) systems at
compression which was based on Discrete Cosine a relatively affordable price. Besides of various
Transform (DCT). However, there are several methods advancements in this field it is still not possible to predict
has been proposed based on wavelet transform which still possible PV generation on real time basis. Irregularity in
has to face certain challenges. This paper presents a lossy PV generators arises due to mismatching phenomenon
compression technique to for image in which we have and this leads its integration with other types of electricity
utilized the strength of existing wavelet transformation generators and Electricity Storage System (ESS). Battery
technique. The proposed method combines the Haar Storage (BS) is a costly means of energy storage but
Transform, sub-band coding, arithmetic coding and despite of that due do its advantages it is being widely
recursive encoding. Haar transform and sub-band coding used in integration with PV systems, especially in remote
is used for the image decomposition and other two are areas where National grid is still not reached or
used to reduce the size of image and time complexity. The accessibility to the grid is highly costly. In such remote
experimental result of this technique shows that the areas, Battery storage is an effective means of energy
proposed technique is better than JPEG. The compression storage. PV system integrated with battery storage is
time and compression ratio both get exponentially widely used and different types of control architecture
improved. have been reported in literature with their respective
advantages, disadvantages and limitations. Due to
availability of a large number of research papers in this
4-IC-232 field, it is difficult for the beginners to start with. To date,
there appears to be an absence of a single critically
A Decisive Evaluation of SRM Drive for Industrial reviewed and concluded paper that evaluates the
Applications with High Power Factor Correction performance of various types of control architecture
Capabilities present for PV system integrated with BS. In order to fill
Malligunta Kiran Kumar*, O Chandra Sekhar this gap a literature is reviewed and analyzed from
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL various perspectives. In this paper various types of
University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh (India) control configurations and architectures available in
literature are reviewed and compared along with brief
In a three winding switched reluctance drive, the input introduction to PV systems.
DC voltage source is universally supplied by a circuit
comprising of a diode bridge rectifier model and a
capacitive filter interfaced to an AC line. The diode 4-IC-689
bridge rectifier absorbs distorted current from the AC
line, which evolves the degraded power factor (PF) and Optimal Allocation of Solar based Distributed
system efficiency is very low. Different solution to Generators in Distribution system using Bat
control the power factor is proposed in the literature. A Algorithm
three phased 6/4 SRM drive system is highlighted in this Suresh Kumar Sudabattula*, Kowsalya M
paper, which comprise the recognition of a drive circuit School of Electrical Engineering, VIT University, Vellore,
for the minimization of torque ripples and power factor Tamilnadu
enhancement with a decisive asymmetric switching
With increased demand of electrical energy, limited
topology.A unique switching topology for SR drive is
availability of fossil fuels and environmental concerns, it
confined by a closed loop control procedure. The
is necessary to consider renewable energy based
proposed scheme is tested for different speed ranges, and
generation in power system network. Optimal placement
during speed control input side power factor is controlled
and sizing of renewable distributed generators (RDGs) in
over wide range. The validity of the proposed switching
distribution system is a very challenging issue in recent
scheme is controlled by PI control design to attain
years. In this paper an effective technique is proposed for
favorable advantages, dynamically analyzed by
optimal allocation of solar based distributed generators in
Matlab/Simulink environment tool, the results are
distribution network using Bat algorithm(BA) is

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

presented. The objective is to minimize power loss of input variables to AI models which affects the accuracy
radial distribution system. Different operating constraints of wind speed predictionso selection of most influencing
related to the distribution network are considered. The relevant input parameters is an important research area.
stochastic nature of solar irradiance is modeled by using With this main objective, WEKA software is applied to
suitable probability distribution (PDF) function. The real data recorded in lab with the help of instrument to
proposed method is implemented on IEEE 33 bus test find the most influencing input parameters for wind speed
system and the obtained results are compared with other prediction. Identified most relevant input variables by
popular methods available in the literature for validation WEKA are used for wind speed prediction using artificial
purpose. neural network (ANN). The obtained results validates
that input variables selected by WEKA gives better
4-IC-750 results with higher prediction accuracy as compared with
other combination of input variables, providing WEKA
Substation Earthing Grid safety evaluation software can be used in wind speed forecasting.
considering the frozen soil layer and non-uniform Moreover, wind speed forecasting using proposed
grid spacing approach has never been utilized so far in the area of wind
Nitish Bharadwaj*, O P Rahi, Nimish Bhatt speed prediction.
EED, NIT Hamirpur (India)
Seasonal influence such as winter season has
considerable effect on grounding grid performance. The Thermal ageing and diagnostics of power
grounding grid safety issues comprises of safe limited transformer insulation through UV-Visible
value of touch voltage, step and GPR values. The non- Spectroscopy
uniform grounding grid performance evaluation is Kuldeep Kumar Bansal, Ashwani Kumar Chandel ,
studied on particular grid to observe its beneficence. Chilaka Ranga
Optimal compression ratio is determined for a particular EED, NIT Hamirpur (India)
grid design. The seasonal influence on the grid built in
homogeneous soil is significant, safer limit of touch, step, When a transformer works in service, it is subject to
GPR is breached due to seasonal influence. The thermal, electrical, chemical, mechanical etc. stresses,
resistivity of the soil increases abruptly due to frozen soil due to these various stresses transformer insulation oil
layer. The seasonal influence leads to the change in soil and paper go under degradation. If the degradation of
model analysis for a particular grid design. The such transformer insulation is rapidly, then it may
investigation of frozen soil layer and its impact is studied become cause of power interruption. Some time it may
carefully to obtain an exact correlation between depth of become a severe failure and leads to failure of power
the frozen soil layer and touch voltage. The grid vital system. Then a huge loss faced by utility and consumers.
parameter evaluation in case of a homogeneous soil layer So there is need of transformer monitoring regularly. UV-
is done considering the effect of frozen soil layer during VISIBLE spectroscopy is a good condition
winter season. The result concludes the performance assessmenttool to investigate the degradation of
improvement due to non-uniform grid spacing. The transformer oil. In this paper, thermal ageing of different
further study brings the clear picture about the impact of transformer insulating papers like crepe, TUK (thermally
frozen layer on the grounding grid performance in case of upgraded craft), nomex410, nomex910 in oiland copper
homogeneous soil layer. The research is constrained to has been considered over the temperature 120, 130, 140,
the two-layer soil model analysis. and 1500C. UV-VISIBLE spectroscopy is use to find the
health assessment of transformer insulation. The result
obtained from UV-Visible spectroscopy of aged sample
4-IC-858 is analyzed and discussed.
Selection of most relevant input parameters using
WEKA for artificial neural network based wind 4-IC-1273
speed prediction model
A P Mittal, H Malik, Priya Garg*, Sachin Kumar Soy A novel Fast Alterable Duty (FAD) MPPT procedure
Division of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Netaji for Solar PV Hybrid Vehicles
Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi (India) Mohammed Aslam Husain1,*, Abhinandan Jain2, Abu
The wind speed prediction is important for wind turbine Department of Electrical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim
installation in a particular location in India. The wind University (AMU), Aligarh (India)
speed is predicted by conventional and artificial
intelligence (AI) based models. The average temperature, Solar PV powered Hybrid vehicles need a maximum
maximum temperature, minimum temperature, ambient power point tracking (MPPT) scheme which should have
temperature, dew-point temperature, air pressure, vapor a capability of extremely fast tracking performance.
pressure, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, altitude, Apart from the change in atmospheric conditions, these
longitude, wind direction, mean sea level, relative vehicles face the problem of shading due to the presence
humidity, time of the day, water vapor, wind power are of trees and buildings on the road sides. This paper

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

presents a new maximum power point (MPP) tracking 4-IC-1856

technique for photovoltaic system (PV) with extremely
fast convergence speed and restricted searching area. The PMU Assisted Three-Phase State Estimation of
attractiveness of this scheme is the limit imposed on the Active Distribution Grids
range of voltage, this range of voltage is where the
operating points tries to remain even if the atmospheric Emad Jamil1, Mohd. Rihan2
conditions changes at a fast rate. This range of voltage Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
keeps on updating according to the real time values of Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad (India)
2 Department of Electrical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim
panel temperature and Irradiance. Enhancement in speed
is observed because of this limit imposed on voltage University, Aligarh (India)
range and also because of the novel variable duty step size
(Duty of DC-DC converter used) proposed in this article. State estimation plays a potential role in monitoring and
The size of this duty step is large for operating points far control of a power system. Traditionally, this technique is
away from peak power point (PPP) or Maximum power prevalent in transmission networks only. Distribution
point (MPP) and becomes small near PPP. This variation networks, on the other hand were operated manually due
in duty step size is at a very fast rate. Assessment and to its simple topology and operation. With the integration
comparison of the proposed MPPT algorithm is done of advanced technologies, existing distribution networks
with Perturb and Observe (P&O) MPPT method in are being transformed into active networks. This results
different irradiance and temperature conditions. A 250 in complicated behavior of the networks and involves
Watt PV system was simulated and analyzed. Finally, the unpredictable dynamics. Such new situations demand for
practical results obtained using the hardware set up made improved monitoring and rapid action controls to provide
for 250 Watt PV Panel have been shown, these results secure operation. This justifies the utilization of state
greatly support the simulation study. Arduino estimation at distribution level. Distribution networks are
microcontroller development board is used for adjusting unbalanced in nature due to unbalanced loads. This
the duty of the DC-DC converter. The results show that necessitates full three-phase monitoring of the system
the method has improved speed, efficiency and overall, states. Assumptions of balanced system, positive
the proposed Fast Alterable Duty (FAD) MPP Tracking sequence network model and corresponding state
technique is substantially better than P&O. estimation formulation will be invalid. Positive sequence
Weighted Least Square (WLS) state estimation technique
can be extended to full three-phase state estimation but it
4-IC-1604 will impose increased processor burden and consume
large computational time. This paper proposes a suitable
A Novel Delay Model for Step Analysis and alternative to overcome this issue. The proposed state
Bandwidth Estimation of VLSI Interconnects for estimation method is implemented on IEEE-13 and
Current Mode Signalling IEEE-123 Node Test Feeders with and without
Sunil Jadav1,*, Rajeevan chandel2, Munish Vashisth1 synchronized phasor measurements. Results obtained
Electronics Engg. Department, YMCAUST Faridabad, illustrate that the proposed method is effective over the
Haryana (India)
2 traditional three-phase solution in terms of time
Electronics & Communication Engg. Department, NIT
Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh (India) consumed and computational requirement.

Necessity of bandwidth requires the effective use of it for 4-IC-1901

high speed data transmission and faster read/write
operation in memory cells. In this paper the transfer Optimal Prioritization of Reactive Power Ancillary
function expressions for RC interconnect line is presented Service Utilizing Electric Vehicles in an Autonomous
for restive load. The line delay, bandwidth and step Microgrid
response for current and voltage mode signalling is Vivek Mohan1,*, Nimal Madhu1, Jai Govind Singh1,
formulated. Whereas current mode signalling provide 3- Reshma Suresh1, Anand M. P2
db bandwidth of 6.8GHz range and voltage mode is Energy FoS, SERD, Asian Institute of Technology,
3.1GHz. An interconnect line is modelled as either RLC Pathumthani (Thailand)
2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
or RC line can be decided by input signal rise time,
damping, and range of interconnect length with University of Manitoba (Canada)
significant inductance effect are investigated for global
interconnect lines. Low swing for column bit line in In this paper, reactive power ancillary support using
memory architectures is very significant and estimated in electric vehicle (EV) parking lots in an autonomous
terms of dc coefficients. For RC global interconnect of microgrid is discussed. The optimal operating strategy for
10mm provides a swing of 382mV, when power supply reactive power support is identified based on Q-V droop,
to the network is 1.8V. DC coefficient and steady state sensitivity analysis and ancillary pricing. To enhance the
value which is significant for power computation on network benefits (Strategy-1), the EV parking lots at
column bit line. It is analytically validated by SPICE and different nodes are prioritized based on mutual Q-V
MATLAB simulations. sensitivities. Moreover, to minimize ancillary cost
(Strategy-2), an optimal reactive power dispatch is also
investigated. The nodal reactive power injections are

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

calculated using a decentralized droop based distribution 4- IC-1934

power flow. Thus, combining the above mentioned
technical and financial objectives (Strategies 1 and 2), a Design for Analysis of Blood Cancer in White Blood
multi-objective problem is formulated and solved using Cell using MEMS Capacitive Sensor: A Simulation
Non-Dominated Sorting Particle Swarm Optimization Study
(NSPSO). In effect, Strategy-1 is forced for the sake of Sriparna Sahu*, Debjyoti Chowdhury, Madhurima
microgrid operator and Strategy-2 for the sake of EV Chattopadhyay
aggregator. Hence, the multi-objective solution provides Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata (India)
a secure and economic operation for the microgrid,
trading-off the benefits of operator and EV aggregator. In this paper, an array of MEMS capacitive sensors has
The proposed approach is investigated in CIGRE LV been designed for detection purpose of malignancy in
benchmark microgrid. White Blood Cells (WBC). The identification of
cancerous cell is based on its difference from normal cell
4-IC-1911 with regards to dielectric permittivity. To facilitate the
design of such a sensing system, we have considered an
A Hybrid PD-ANFIS based Controller for average of 100 cells at a time. In this particular work, an
Trajectory Stabilization of a Quad-rotor UAV electrostatic based capacitive micro sensor is designed
with a pair of circular shaped identical electrodes. First
Himanshu Chaudhary1, Shahida Khatoon1, Ravindra the proposed design for a single sensor was developed
Singh2, Mohammad Shahid1 which was finally extended for an array of such sensors
1Department of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, in same plain. There are different techniques available
New Delhi (India) for the identification of malignant cells and here
LASTEC, DRDO (India) electroporation is followed because of its dependency on
polarization of cell membrane at frequency range 20 kHz
In this paper a novel hybrid PD(Proportional- – 10 MHz. In order to do so, a double shell electrical
Derivative)–ANFIS(Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference model of WBC is designed and a membrane potential of
system) based controller has been proposed for trajectory about 0.5-1V is generated when the cell is exited with a
stabilization of a quad-rotor UAV which has always been potential of 1V as the polarization occurs. Once the
a challenging task due to the mathematical complexity of polarization potential is achieved for a single cell, the
quad-rotor model and its inherent unpredictable same excitation potential of 1V is applied between the
environmental conditions. In this study, a comprehensive electrodes of circular capacitive sensors. The induced
model of quad-rotor is developed from its dynamic polarization results in change of permittivity of the
equation considering the system non-linearity and proposed capacitive sensor which finally reflects a
uncertainties of operating conditions. In order to track distinguishable change in the output and hence it can
desired response and stabilize different dynamics of discriminate a normal cell from affected one in terms of
quad-rotor vehicle, this model is then integrated with both change in capacitive value. The whole work is executed
PID Controller configuration and proposed hybrid PD- in COMSOL which is a Multiphysics based software.
ANFIS scheme using MATLAB simulation. The
simulated design mainly consists of two subsystems: 4-IC-1936
quad-rotor dynamics (both linear and angular) subsystem
and controller subsystem. In proposed PD-ANFIS Fuzzy logic based speed control of indirect vector
scheme, PD controller is introduced for stabilizing yaw controlled Induction motor drive system
(ψ) and altitude(z) dynamics, where PD controller U. Mahanta1,*, S. K. Patel2, B. P. Panigrahi3, A. K.
parameters are tuned with Zeigler Nicholas technique Panda4
while For the control of other two most sensitive 1
Dept.of Electrical Engineering, IGIT Sarang,Dhenkanal,
orientation angle that is pitch (θ) and roll dynamics(∅), Odisha (India)
the simplified pitch and roll dynamics is integrated with 2 Dept. of Eletrical Engineering, CPP Nalco, Angul, Odisha

ANFIS scheme based controller where Fuzzy inference (India)

file has been generated based on the error and its Dept.of Electrical Engineering, IGIT Sarang, Dhenkanal,
derivative as input variables, each consisting of seven Odisha (India)
4 Dept.of Electrical Engineering, NIT Rourkela, Odisha (India)
membership function with a total of forty nine possible
combination of rules. Finally, the developed system is
successfully tested for number of simulation runs and In this work implementation of a fuzzy logic based
Comparative analysis of different output dynamic intelligent controller for speed control of induction motor
characteristics with PID controller configuration and PD- using indirect vector control method has been developed
ANFIS hybrid scheme is made. The proposed hybrid and analyzed in detail. A complete mathematical model
scheme is observed to be very fast and stable with of indirect vector controlled induction motor is described
minimal or no overshoot, less settling time, no steady and simulated in MATLAB/Simulink for study of 50HP,
state error and this has validated the robustness of the cage type induction motor. The comparative performance
proposed scheme. of a PI and Fuzzy logic based control techniques has been
presented and analyzed. The Fuzzy logic based controller
is compared with PI based controller in terms of settling

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

time and dynamic response at the different load Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Amrita
condition. This work successfully demonstrates the Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, Kollam (India)
application of Fuzzy based controller in the estimation of
instantaneous magnitude of rotor speed, current and Increase in global warming has gyrated everyone’s
torque and compared with the PI based controller. The attention to renewable energy. Due to its intermittent
performance of proposed fuzzy logic based controller is nature, usage of storage devices has become prominent
found to be excellent in comparison to PI based for its integration in to the grid. Among the storage
controller. The Fuzzy based controller shows a faster and devices, batteries have a very fast response, reacting
better performance at no load and different load instantaneously to the load fluctuations. Management of
condition. Performances of the proposed Fuzzy logic the batteries improves the overall efficiency of the
controller in both transient and steady states are better Battery Energy Storage System, while ensuring a much
than those of conventional PI controller. more robust operation of the storage system. The
architecture of multi-mode Lithium-ion battery energy
storage system based on on-grid and off-grid mode and
the strategy of charging and discharging using smart
4-IC-2013 switch control is presented in this topic. The control for
the inclusion of the battery into the system is done by
Engineering Design and real-time implementation of measuring the charge content in the battery storage
a novel MPPT approach by using synchronous buck- system. Integration of this system into the grid is
boost converter for standalone PV application controlled using an optimized real and reactive power
Hiranmay Samanta1, Joydip Jana2,*, Dipak Saha3, control algorithm.
Hiranmay Saha4
CEGESS,IIEST Shibpur, West Bengal (India)
The maximum power point (MPP) of a PV system varies
continuously in accordance with changing weather Performance Comparison of Claw-Pole Alternator
conditions. In the conventional approach, the dc-dc for Two Different Material
converter used for implementing maximum power point P Ramesh*, R Gokulakrishnan, N Sathyanarayanan, R
tracking (MPPT) cannot operate for a wide range of Hemantha Kumar, N C Lenin
irradiance profile. To cope up this problem, there is a School of Electrical, VIT University, Chennai (India)
necessity of MPPT hardware in which MPP of the PV
system tracked efficiently for a wide range of irradiance In automobiles, the claw-pole alternator is the superior
weather profile. This paper presents an efficient MPP source of electric power, to charge the battery. This
approach of a PV system for which irradiance varies machine has the capability of producing power densities
continuously in accordance with widely and rapidly up to three times more than the conventional machines.
changing weather conditions. The proposed method was Because of the cheaper productive cost and its distinct
developed and tested successfully on a photovoltaic advantages, this machine still captures the attention of
system based on synchronous buck-boost converter and industry people since 1960s. To withstand larger
control circuit using dsPIC30F2010 which is capable to temperatures at very high speeds, the manufacturing
track the MPP for entire range of irradiance. This material plays a vital role. In this paper, the performance
converter performs three stages of operation namely of the claw-pole alternator for two different materials has
Buck mode, boost mode and buck-boost mode and with been compared with the help of finite element analysis.
the help of this converter the lead acid battery is charged The finite element analysis is the most accurate method
in an efficient way. The converter operates either in the to estimate the performance of a machine. The three-
buck mode or boost mode depending upon the PV voltage dimensional finite element analysis has been carried out
with respect to the battery voltage and if the voltage at and the efficiency, power factor, torque, speed and
MPP is near to the battery voltage then this converter thermal characteristics are compared.
operates in fluctuating Buck-boost mode. As the MPPT
is done for entire range of irradiance thus this method is 4-IC-2569
well suitable for efficient operation of standalone
photovoltaic system. The obtained results demonstrate Application of Supervised Learning in Detection of
the efficiency of the proposed MPPT approach in terms Coherency for Dynamic Security Enhancement in
of speed in MPP tracking and accuracy and in terms of Power Systems
range of irradiance. Bhanu Pratap Soni1,*, Akash Saxena2, Vikas Gupta1
Department of Electrical Engineering, Malaviya National
Institute of Technology Jaipur (India)
4-IC-2118 2
Department of Electrical Engineering, Swami Keshvanand
Institute of Technology Jaipur (India)
Optimization of Power Flow and Energy
Management of Battery Storage System With the emerging power system, concern regarding new
Rishika Lakshmi S1,*, Sreelekshmi R S2, Manjula G. preventive control strategies is a major research area.
Nair3 After the detection of an emergency situation in the
power system two type of preventive control is initiated

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

by the system operator one is load shedding and the other semiconductor interface of solution processed copolymer
one is generator rescheduling. These preventive control thin film transistor.
methods are based on the detection of coherent group of
machines in a network. This paper presents an application
of supervised learning model to detect coherency in a
large power network. After carefully selection of the
significant features from the system variables (i.e. both Economic Analysis of DG in Distribution System
generation and demand) supervised learning module is Vikas Singh Bhadoria1,*, Nidhi Singh Pal1, Vivek
prepared with the help of offline studies (Newton- Shrivastava2
1 Department
of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering,
Raphson method). Proposed architecture is tested over
Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida (India)
standard IEEE 39 bus test system in the presence of 2Department of Electrical Engineering, Rajasthan Technical
different (N-1) contingency. Promising results validate University, Kota (India)
the efficacy of the proposed approach.
A large gap in demand and supply of electric power in
4-IC-2594 current scenario and limited availability of conventional
fuels required for the power production motivates the
Surface modification of gate oxide layer with utility providers, policy makers and several researchers to
polymethylmethacrylate for solution processed harness the natural resources of power generation. These
diketopyrrolopyrrole based copolymer thin film types of power generating plants are generally known as
transistor Distributed Generation (DG). Inclusion of DG in the
Sudipta Kumar Sarkar*, Dipti Gupta existing power system may enhance its power transfer
Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials capacity, voltage profile, reliability and it can also reduce
Science, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai the overall system losses. For effectively utilizing a DG
(India) its appropriate capacity should be installed at appropriate
place. The installation of DG requires high installation
Surface modification of gate insulating layer to improve cost. Due to this reason each utility provider will be
insulator-semiconductor interface for betterment of interested in the calculation of the payback period for the
device performance, is one of the frontier areas of installed capacity. This paper first suggests the optimum
research in the field of organic thin film transistor. capacity and place of DG in IEEE-33 bus radial
Growth of self assembled monolayer (SAM) on oxide distribution network (RDN) using meta-heuristic
based insulator which is the existing method to improve approach and then economic analysis of the installed
insulator-semiconductor interface, is time consuming as capacity is done from the utility view point. Results show
well as involves complicated process steps such as the payback period for the installed capacity under the
requirement of vacuum, handling highly air sensitive peak load conditions.
chemicals. Our current work focuses on the use of air
stable polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) as a surface
modifying layer on silicon dioxide based gate insulator
for polymer thin film transistor. This modification 4-IC-2764
method facilitates the adhesion ability and growth of
solution processed polymer film on gate insulating layer Gene expression programming (GEP) based wind
resulting in improvement of insulator-semiconductor speed prediction for assessment of wind energy
interface. In addition, easy method to spin coat PMMA resource potential in Northwestern India
solution on gate oxide overcomes all the complicated Savita1,*, H. Malik2, Amit Kumar Yadav3
1School of Electrical Engineering, GBU, Greater Noida, India
process steps of SAM layer deposition. For device 2 Divisionof Instrumentation and Control Engineering, NSIT,
fabrication, highly doped silicon wafer was used as New Delhi, India
substrate as well as bottom contact. Thermally grown 3
Department of Energy & Environment, NIT Hamirpur, H.P.,
silicon dioxide, spin coated PMMA, spin coated India
diketopyrrolopyrrole based copolymer and thermally
evaporated gold were used as gate insulator, surface With the enhancement in wind power development, the
modifying layer, semiconducting channel layer and top prediction of wind speed has become imported research
source/drain contacts respectively. In the whole area for installation of a wind turbine at a proper location.
experiment, PMMA solution concentration and layer In this paper, long term wind speed is forecasted in
thickness was optimized and a comparative study of Northwestern India using Gene Expression Programming
performance was made for the transistors with PMMA (GEP). Air temperature, relative humidity, daily solar
modified, wet etched, plasma treated and SAM modified radiation, atmospheric pressure, earth temperature,
gate oxide layer. Finally copolymer transistor with heating degree-days and cooling degree-days are used as
PMMA modified silicon dioxide insulator showed the input variable to GEP. The proposed GEP model is
best performance with saturation field effect mobility of evaluated with publicly available online dataset of NASA
0.03 cm2V-1S-1 and ON/OFF ratio of 105. Overall, spin and its performance is compared with artificial neural
coated PMMA was found to be a good alternative to network (ANN) using recorded real dataset. The results
modify gate oxide layer in order to improve insulator- demonstrate that the proposed method provides better
performance than ANN methods. Moreover, after critical

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

review of literature, we found out that wind speed 4-IC-2882

prediction using GEP approach has never been utilized so
far in the area of wind resource potential assessment Extraction of EMG signal in a software compatible
which is very imported for high prediction accuracy. format from an online database using WFDB
Neelkanth Bhardwaj, Parul Chopra, Asha Rani,
4-IC-2828 Shivangi Agarwal
Division of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Netaji
Versatile Current Controller Employed in Three- Subhas Institute of Technology (India)
level Active Front-End Converter Based Power
Supply for Unity Power Factor and Low Harmonic The Electromyography (EMG) is an electro diagnostic
Distortion in Grid procedure for evaluating the electrical activity of skeletal
M. T. Shah*, P. N. Tekwani muscles. It is very difficult to deduce the structure and
Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Technology, activation of surrounding muscle tissue from needle–
Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) detected EMG signals and thus the extraction of
information regarding presence, absence or severity of
Three-phase ac-dc converters form an essential part of disease is not possible. The muscle morphology,
many industrial systems such as uninterruptible power activation and similarity with measured
supplies (UPS), battery chargers, and motor drives, etc. electromyographic signal features can be explored by
Conventional multi-pulse diode or thyristor based ac-dc comparison with simulated EMG signal. Evaluation of
converters improve the harmonic spectrum of input the data using such reference model will provide better
current but require phase shifting transformer which understanding of the properties of muscles and their
makes system bulky and costly with unidirectional power relationship to EMG signals. As the difficulty lies in the
flow capability. IGBT based two-level converters with non-availability of standard EMG signal, the present
different current controllers are investigated by work thus focuses on MATLAB implementation of
researchers in literature. However, for high power needle detected EMG model introduced by Hamilton-
industrial applications, two-level converters require Wright & Stashuk in 2005. The first step of analysis
higher switch rating, which put limitations on switching involves the conversion of raw EMG signal from .dat
frequency and cost of the overall system. This paper format to .txt/.mat format which is achieved by using
presents analysis of IGBT based three-level front-end bi- WFDB (Waveform Database) Software Package. In this
directional boost-converter with current error space research work standard simulated signals available in
phasor based hysteresis controller. The proposed S002 dataset are extracted and the proposed procedure is
controller is an effort towards overcoming the limitations presented in a detailed manner.
of conventional hysteresis current controller employed
for conventional front-end (two-level) converters; like,
limit cycle oscillations, overshoot in current error, 4-IC-2911
generation of sub-harmonics in the input current, and
random switching of voltage vectors. When converter is Fault Diagnosis of Electric Motors Using Vibration
operating at unity power factor, the charging time and Analysis
discharging time for each capacitor is different, which Tanya*, Mandeep Singh
lead to unbalanced capacitor voltages in Neutral Point EIED, Thapar University, Patiala (India)
Clamped and Flying Capacitor multi-level converters. In
proposed work, current error space phasor based Electric Motors are used almost everywhere in industrial
hysteresis controller is applied to three-level flying environments and are becoming increasingly complex
capacitor converter with capacitor voltage balancing and technical, sometimes making it a challenge to avoid
scheme. Analysis of operation range of three-level failures and keep them running at their peak performance.
converter, including overmodulation region, is analysed Their performance is affected by the presence of various
and presented in this paper. The controller is self-adaptive faults but amongst all of them, bearing related faults are
in nature and takes converter from three-level to two- the most common causes of motor failures. In this paper
level mode of operation following various trajectories the motor fault detection by means of vibration analysis
with the change in reference dc-link voltage demanded by is done using time and frequency domain study of
load keeping current error space phasor within the vibration signals obtained using an accelerometer. Single
prescribed hexagonal boundary. The proposed controller point faults of varying diameters were introduced at the
ensures switching of only adjacent voltage vectors for inner raceway, outer raceway and the rolling element in
position of reference voltage vector in a given sector of order to test the vibrations produced by the motor under
voltage space phasor structure of front-end converter. these faulty conditions. The vibration signals were
Results for unity power factor and low total harmonic acquired at different loads applied to the motor. The
distortion in line current under various dynamic motor’s operating condition was monitored using various
conditions with bi-directional power flow capability are features extracted in both time and frequency domain in
reported in presented work. order to differentiate a motor’s normal running condition
from the one when a bearing fault is present. The results
depict that the time and frequency domain features

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

2 Thejus Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala (India)

extracted from the vibration signals in this research work
can be used for detection as well as diagnosis of electric
motor faults. This paper investigates the effects of interval
uncertainties of loads on Microgrid (MG) optimization.
4-IC-2916 Different load models are used to represent residential,
industrial and commercial demands so that an efficient
operation planning can be worked out incorporating the
FACTS device control strategy using PMU
uncertainty effects of a diverse consumer characteristics.
Mohd Tauseef Khan*, Anwar Shahzad Siddiqui
Department of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia,
The different models considered for representing loads
New Delhi (India) are constant power (PQ), constant impedance (Z), ZIP
and polynomial load models. The load demand is
Energy demand is continuously rising with the modelled as negative nodal power injections, represented
improvement of standard of living of the inhabitants as intervals. Minimization of node voltage deviations,
around the globe. The generation is pacing to match this system power loss and line flows are considered as
increased demand by innovation in energy generations in independent objectives for MG optimization. The output
the form of non-conventional energy sources like solar, variables are calculated in the form of intervals using
wind, biomass and in some places geothermal and tidal. Interval Arithmetic-Backward Forward Sweep (IA-BFS)
But, the transmission of this power from generating and particle swarm optimization with time varying
stations to prospective load center is the main problem acceleration coefficients (PSO-TVAC) [2] based
being faced today, as the laying and commissioning of stochastic optimal power flow (OPF) [3] from the input
new transmission line is very difficult due to socio- interval variables. The test system used is CIGRE LV
economic problems, like environmental clearances, right benchmark MG.
of way, etc. To solve this problem, use of flexible ac
transmission systems (FACTS) devices were suggested
and being installed at various locations. FACTS devices 4-IC-3558
are capable of reactive power compensation, voltage
improvement, stability improvement, and increasing the Power Flow and Small Signal Stability Analysis on
power transmission capability of existing transmission the Interconnected Three Isolated Philippine Power
line. These FACTS devices are primarily operated by Grid
some operator on sensing and realizing the demand from Tristan G. Magallones, Jr.1,*, Jai Govind Singh,
the traditional SCADA system. This paper proposes Watcharakorn Pinthurat
automatic control of these FACTS devices in
collaboration of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) and Energy Field of Study, SERD, Asian Institute of Technology,
Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC). Presently, PMU is Pathumthani (Thailand)
performing only the function of Data acquisition, but it
can provide control commands to the FACTS device The Philippines, as one of the developing nations in
installed near to it. Thus, this combination can provide south-east Asia, has anisolated power system networks
real time control for reactive power compensation, that is bringing forth the challenges in its operational
increment of power handling capability and stability systems, especially when subjected to a deregulated
improvement. environment. The stability of the system will be one of
This strategy of controlling FACTS directly by the output which that has significant effects when all isolated power
from PMU reduces the time required for taking action in networks are interconnected as it is planned in the
case of any abnormality, viz, reactive power requirement, development of the country’s power grid. This paper
voltage dip, or voltage swell, stability improvement, etc. presents an analysis on the power flow and small signal
This strategy is being successfully tested in MATLAB stability of the interconnected three isolated Philippine
environment. Power Grid. To achieve this objective, eigenvalue
The paper coins a strategy for fast operation of connected analysis was utilized to probe the ability of the three main
FACTS devices for solving a large set of problems, power grids to withstand small disturbances and maintain
ranging from Voltage stability, reactive power stable when connected. The free software, Power
compensation and improvement of overall stability of the Systems Analysis Toolbox (PSAT), is used to develop the
connected power system. model using MATLAB ® /Simulink ®.The reduced and
approximate Philippine power grid model is composed of
103 buses for the three areas, with 2 HVDC links in which
4-IC-3470 only one exists in the present. There have been no
publicly available studies regarding the new link between
Interval Effects of Different Load Models on the major grid and the Mindanao (south island) grid. The
Microgrid Optimization eigenvalues analysishave been employed in the system,
Nimal Madhu M1,*, Vivek Mohan1, Jai Govind Singh1, and participation factors were studied to determine which
Reshma Suresh1, Sasidharan Sreedharan2 states contributes most with the variety of modes. The
1Energy FoS, SERD, Asian Institute of Technology, lowest oscillatory damping modes are also identified and
Pathumthani (Thailand) examined to better understand the systems characteristics
when it’s subject to small fluctuations in interconnected

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

2Dept Of EEE, M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences,

condition. Further, this study will help to estimates future
behavior of international interconnection, which would Bangalore (India)
be part of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian
Nations) Power Grid,comprises of 10 countries in years The interest in renewable energy systems is growing
to come. highly day by day. Hybridization of one or more energy
sources in a single Power Condition Unit (PCU), for
4-IC-3580 uninterrupted supply is a major challenge to researchers.
Here a converter configuration with two ports (solar PV
Load Balancing In Isolated Micro Grid Using and Battery) as inputs and one AC port for output is
presented. Due to intermittent nature of solar power,
Regenerative Load Emulators With Battery
Charging battery backup is necessary. This integrated double input
Vani Vijay1, C. Viswanatha2, P. Giridhar Kini3, R. dc-dc boost converter can be used for charging the battery
Sudhir Kumar3 whenever load is less and excess PV power is available.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division, CPRI, The converter gives a common DC bus for
Bangalore (India) interconnecting input ports. MPPT algorithm is also
2 Diagnostics Cables and Capacitors Division CPRI, Bangalore implemented in this model with single stage operation for
(India) tracking of maximum power. Closed loop operation of
E&E department, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal the proposed model with PID controller is explained in
(India) detail. The operation is validated using different types of
AC loads at the output. This PCU provides high gain and
As depletion of conventional energy sources poses also reduced voltage ripples in the output. A detailed
serious threat to the supply and demand balance of description of the PCU is presented along with a simple
electrical energy, more utilisation renewable energy mathematical modelling and experimental results. The
sources are being promoted. Microgrid is a very effective controller is found to operate at high efficiency in current
method for better utilization of renewable energy sources, control mode. Finally, hardware implementation of 100
where small local sources and local loads together forms VA prototype with PIC micro controller is also presented
a miniature grid, either connected to the main grid or to verify the effectiveness of the PCU. The performance
isolated. In isolated micro grids, the source and load is evaluated based on IEEE 1547, EN50530, IEC 61683,
balance is very important to ensure efficient transmission IEC 62109-1 and IEC 62109-2 standards.
an utilisation of energy. When there is large variation in
load and load characteristics, it affects the performance
of the renewable energy systems and the operation of 4-IC-3582
microgrid as a whole. An experimental analysis to
substantiate the effect of load variation on Solar PV Interleaved Flyback Micro Inverter based solar
inverters is explained. Here a load emulation technique is Photovoltaic power generation system
proposed, where a virtual load, which is regenerative in Elanchezhian P1,*, Kumar ChinnaiyanV2, Sudhir Kumar
nature can be connected in the microgrid system to R1
modify the loading. The proposed system modifies the 1
Energy efficiency and renewable energy division, Central
system load in terms of power factor and effective load in Power Research Institute, Bangalore (India)
the system, and stores the excess energy in to battery. The 2 EEE Department, KPR Institute of Engineering and

load emulator current is controlled separately for leading Technology, Coimbatore (India)
and lagging components using a novel algorithm, and the
in-phase component is regenerated and stored in to To relieve the energy shortage and environmental
battery. This improves the utilization of renewable pollution issues, renewable energy, especially PV energy
energy sources and transmission efficiency, and at the has developed rapidly in the last decade. The micro-
same time gives improved energy storage under surplus inverter systems, with advantages in dedicated PV power
source condition. The simulation of the proposed system harvest, flexible system size, simple installation, and
with the performance graphs of load emulator and micro enhanced safety characteristics are the future
grid are also presented. The technique proves to be very development trend of the PV power generation systems.
effective in emulating different load characteristics and The double-stage structure which can realize high
the load-source balance in micro grid can be improved efficiency with nice regulated, sinusoidal waveforms is
using this. the mainstream for the micro-inverter. This micro
inverter includes a high step up interleaved flyback boost
4-IC-3581 converter and a VSI inverter. The high step up dc- dc
converter is provided with a Maximum Power Point
Multi port integrated DC-DC converter based Solar Tracker (MPPT) system which automatically varies the
PCU for Green Buildings duty cycle in order to generate the required voltage to
B. Chandrasekhar1, Sanjay Lakshminarayanan2, R. achieve maximum power during healthy radiation and
Sudhir Kumar1 partial shading condition. The MPP voltage range for
1 EnergyEfficiency& Renewable Energy Division, Central these PV modules is normally defined in the range from
Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore (India) 27V to 45V, at a power generation of approximate 200W,
and their open-circuit voltage is below 45V.Combined

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

with the higher energy yield and lower maintenance cost,

micro-inverter PV system can achieve up to 25% lower
energy cost compared to the conventional central inverter
system. 4-IC-3665
Voltage Stability Assessment by N-R and Artificial
4-IC-3664 Neural Network
Ankit Kumar Sharma1, Aakash Saxena2, Bhanu Pratap
Off-grid Power Generation using Renewable Energy Soni3
Technologies-A Review on Centralized and 1
Department of Electrical Engineering, SKIT, Jaipur (India)
Decentralized Power Systems 2
Department of Electrical Engineering, SKIT, Jaipur (India)
Rahul Ranjan1, Bharat Modi2, Devendra Kumar Doda3 3
Department of Electrical Engineering, MNIT, Jaipur (India)
Department of Electrical Engineering, JNU, Jaipur, Rajasthan
(India) Voltage stability has become a very important issue in
Department of Electrical Engineering, SKIT, Jaipur, power systems for the purpose of analysis. In this paper
Rajasthan (India) some important aspects related to voltage stability use in
3Poornima University, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)
electric power system are discussed. Line index is used
for estimation of the maximum loadability and in other
The rural areas of many developing and emerging words index is used to identify the weak bus in the
countries are unlikely ever to see the arrival of classical system. In this paper artificial neural network (ANN) is
synchronized AC transmission lines. The off-grid power used for assessment of voltage stability or for determine
generation is very beneficial in aspects of sustainable, secure/insecure state of the power system. The input data
simplicity of operation, commissioning and mainly of ANN are derived from the Newton-Raphson (NR) load
techno-economic point of view as compared to grid- flow analysis in the platform of MATLAB. The result
connected system. This method consists of different obtained from the ANN method is also compared with the
technologies like solar photovoltaic, wind, biomass, result from NR load flow analysis in terms of accuracy to
biogas, micro hydro and hybrid. In the recent years, predict the status of the power system. The effectiveness
hybrid technology in which most commonly of the analyzed methods are demonstrated through
PV/Wind/Battery and PV/Diesel/Battery are employed numerical studies in IEEE 14 bus test system and IEEE
and developed as the faster technology meeting the load 30 bus test system, using Fast voltage stability index
demand for the remote areas with superior combinations. (FVSI).
There are abundant literatures in which various
approaches are discussed that have been used to support 5-IC-141
decision making under on-grid & off-grid conditions and
comparison with grid-extension. In this paper, the Overlapped Flowers Yield Detection Using
different experimental investigations by many Computer-Based Interface
researchers are reviewed which involved study area Anuradha Sharma*, Vijay Kumar Sharma
Department of computer science, Rajasthan Institute Of
characterization, resource assessment, load and demand Engineering Technology College, Jaipur (India)
of domestic, agricultural, community and rural industries,
expected different combinations of energy sources and Precision agriculture always deals with the accuracy and
optimization analysis. The optimization is carried out by timely information about agriculture products. With help
minimizing the per unit electricity cost, improving the of computer hardware and software technology design a
capacity utilization factor & recovery factor, green house decision support system that could generate flower yield
gas emissions and also comparing the results obtained information and serve as base for management &
from these parameters with the help of hybrid planning of flower marketing. But there are some
optimization model for electric renewable (HOMER) problem arises like a color homogeneity by which cannot
software. The different reference data of solar radiation, be find actual color of image and overlapping of image.
wind speed and load profile is taken from the NASA for In this paper implement new ‘counting algorithm’ for
optimization analysis of different functions. Power overlapped flower. For implementing this algorithm use
generation using different renewable technologies, their some techniques and operations like color image
scope and optimal techno-economical analysis of segmentation technique, Image segmentation, Using
modular energy system based on the decision and HSV color space and Morphological Operations. A color
sensitivity variables is reviewed; also the data have been space model is designed to create, specify and visualize
collected from various case studies of remote areas on color properties of an image. A color is generally
worldwide. The different parameters of various specified using three coordinates, or parameters. These
technologies which are used for simulation in HOMER parameters describe the position of the color according to
are also studied and the results are in favor of hybrid color space bar. In this paper used two most popular color
technology as compared to single resource technology. space are RGB and HSV. HSV color space decouples
brightness from chromatic component in the image by
which it provides better result in case for occlusion and

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

5-IC-430 mental retardation patients. Six domains of Functioning

World Health Organization- Disability Assessment
Study of various Soft Computing Techniques Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS 2.0) are used in this research as
towards Outlier Mining Cognition, Mobility, Self-care, Getting along, Life
Deepak Sinwar1,*, V. S. Dhaka2, Mukta Rao2, Manoj activities and Participation. The Matlab Fuzzy-Toolbox
Kumar Sharma2 is used for the implement of whole work. Above features
School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jaipur National are used as inputs and a Mamdani’s Fuzzy logic
University, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) controller (FLC) has been developed.
2 Department of Computer Science, Jaipur National University,

Jaipur (India) 5-IC-769

Many large organizations are processing variety of data Application of Cuckoo Search in Analysis of LFSR
obtained from various sources. It seems very challenging based Cryptosystem
task to discover knowledge from such kind of data Anjali Jain1,*, Maiya Din2, Saibal K. Pal2
sources. In order to obtain knowledge the outlier 1
Banasthali University, Jaipur (India)
detection has paid more attention in past decade. In this 2
DRDO,Delhi (India)
paper, we suggested as well as modified some soft
computing techniques that can be used to detect outliers There has been a tremendous development in the field of
in order to mine knowledge, because outlier discovery is internet and wireless technology and the advent of
also perceived as a knowledge discovery technique. This internet capable devices have increased the network
work has been partitioned into four parts viz. Detection usage. Large number of users on the network has
of outlier using K-Means clustering, Hierarchical increased the risks of security hazards to the sensitive
clustering, EM clustering, Multilayer Perceptron data stored and transmitted. Cryptographic techniques are
classifier, Radial Basis Function Networks, Naïve Bayes employed for minimizing these risks. Cryptography is a
classifier, and J48 Decision Tree; Identifying outlier branch of cryptology which provides information
from market-basket data by calculating the significance security. To make the systems more robust, the ciphers or
of weights in frequent patterns using Modified crypts being used need to be analyzed for which
FP_Growth algorithm; Outlier detection and cryptanalysts need ways to automate the process, so that
visualization using Modified RBF Networks; and cryptographic systems can be tested more efficiently.
Performance evaluation of decision tree based Evolutionary algorithms provide one such resort as they
approaches viz. J48 and Random Forest towards outlier are capable of searching global optimal solution very
mining. In the first part Hierarchical clustering has quickly. Cuckoo Search(CS) Algorithm[1] has been used
outperformed rest of the techniques in terms of number effectively in cryptanalysis of Vigenere[2] and
of outlier detection, whereas in second part the strong Transposition ciphers[3]. Linear Feedback Shift Register
influence of weights in frequent patterns has been found (LFSR) is a crypto primitive used extensively in design
using Modified FP_Growth algorithm; in third part of cryptosystems. In this paper, we are analyzing LFSR
Modified RBF has detected more outliers than traditional based cryptosystem using Cuckoo Search to find correct
RBF; and in fourth part Random Forest has classified initial states of used LFSR. The primitive polynomials of
instances more correctly than J48. All these experiments degree 11, 13, 17 and 19 are considered to analyze text
were performed on various real world datasets. We hope crypts of length 200, 300 and 400 characters. The optimal
that this study will act as a helpful preliminary step solutions were obtained for CS parameters: Levy
towards knowledge discovery. distribution parameter (β) =1.5 and Alien eggs
discovering probability (pa) = 0.25.
Improvement Assessment For The Patients Having
Mild Mental Retardation Using Fuzzy Logic SB-PSO: Score Based Particle Swarm Optimization
Techniques and Soft Computing Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing
Anjali Mathur Dharavath Ramesh1, Amit Kumar1, Manish Garg1,
School of Computer and System Sciences, Jaipur National Damodar Reddy Edla2
University, Jaipur (India) 1
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian
School of Mines, Dhanbad (India)
When there is a delay in development or some deficiency 2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National

in cognitive functions, it is considered as mental Institute of Technology, Goa (India)

retardation. According to Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual (DSM-IV); mental retardation can broadly Job scheduling is one of the main instinct and challenging
classify into four major classes as mild retardation, issue in cloud computing. The cloud service provider
moderate retardation, severe retardation and profound make use of all the resources efficiently to gain the profits
retardation. The mild mental retardation candidates have with scheduling systems. In the scheduling process
the potential to learn and improve themselves. In this optimizing the processing time is more crucial to an
research work an attempt has been made to develop a application program. In this paper, in order to minimize
fuzzy-logic based assessment and prediction tool for mild the cost of processing, we formulate a model for task

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

scheduling and propose a particle swarm optimization and signature. They are used in forensic and commercial
(PSO) algorithm which is based on score of a virtual applications. But biometric systems are vulnerable to
machine. By virtue of comparing score based particle certain type of attacks. Several attacks can be performed
swarm optimization (SB-PSO) algorithm with the GA in the modules of biometric system. The type 1 attack or
and IPSO algorithm embedded in crossover and direct attack is done at the sensor level using fake input.
mutation, the experiment results show that the proposed Spoofing refers to the fraudulent action by an
algorithm not only converges accurate but also runs much unauthorized person into biometric
faster than other algorithms in a large scale. Analysis and systems using fake input that reproduces one of the
experiment results show that SB-PSO algorithm is more authorized person’s biometric input. Fingerprint is the
suitable to cloud computing for task scheduling related most widely used biometric because of its uniqueness and
issues. permanence. Fingerprint is a pattern of ridges and valleys
on fingertip. The fake fingerprint can be made from
5-IC-813 gelatin, clay, play-doh, silicone, latex and rubber with
user’s cooperation or without cooperation. Liveness
Historical Sculpture Detection and Visualization detection provides extra level of authentication to
with Fractional Max Pooling Using Agile Deep biometrics. It is used to prevent forgeries. Differentiating
genuine fingerprint input from fake fingerprint input is
Convolution Neural Network
S Pavithra1,*, A Rangarajan2, T Anbarasu3 known as liveness detection. The fingerprint liveness
IT Department, St Peter’s University (India) detection is performed by measuring the multiple features
2CSE Department, Vel Tech Multi Tech Engineering college of fingerprint. These are quality related features. The
(India) features are Spatial Coherence, Gabor features, Ridge
3Southern railway (India) frequency, Inhomogeneity, Directional contrast,
Structural tensor and Direction map. The SVM classifier
In this Paper we investigate the outcome of the deep is used for classification. The LivDET and ATVS
convolution neural network intensity on its accuracy in database are used for conducting experiments. The
the historical image detection and extraction. Feature performance measures are False Acceptance Rate and
extraction from the cultural and historical sculpture False Rejection Rate. This technique is software based as
image is a challenging task in the pattern recognition it requires no external hardware. This approach is
system. To improve the high performance and fast inexpensive.
improvement, we proposed a method, Agile deep
convolution neural network with FPGA (Field-
Programmable Gate Array) used for automatic detection 5-IC-1830
and extraction of features like contours, structure, texture
background and spectral information in the image. These
Hybrid Classifier Based on Neural Networks &
classifications have been done based on the pre- Interval Neutrosophic Sets for Digit Classification
segmentation of the image processing. Therefore, the Archit Garg1, Harshit1, S.K. Pal P2
existing approaches cannot produce better performance 1 Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, Delhi (India)
due to underutilization of either logic resource or memory 2
DRDO, Delhi (India)
bandwidth. To overcome this problem, we suggest a
logical design using the roofline model. with the help of In recent years, neural networks have been widely used
roofline model we find a solution with best performance for classification, function approximation and regression
also we compare with different data sets of LeNet, problems, yielding high results in the same. With the
VGGConvNet2015, CIFAR-10 and our own dataset of various available approaches, Back-Propagation has
images from various temple like kasiviswanath, often been deemed as one of the most successful
mamallapuram etc. technique to train a neural network. Interval neutrosophic
sets have been developed as a powerful formal
framework for generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy sets,
5-IC-1380 to represent uncertain, imprecise information for various
domains existing in the real world, in the form of ranges
rather than the traditional fuzzy values of truth & false
Fingerprint Liveness Detection using Multiple memberships, and indeterminacy of a neutrosophic set. It
Features has achieved great success in various areas like Medical
Arunalatha G1,∗, M. Ezhilarasan2 Diagnosis, Image Processing, and Decision Making
Department of CSE, Pondicherry Engineering College,
problems. The paper presents an integration of neural
Puducherry (India)
2 Department of IT, Pondicherry Engineering College, networks with interval neutrosophic sets, to solve a
Puducherry (India) multiclass classification problem of recognizing
handwritten digits.
Biometric systems are widely used for authentication. Two separate neural networks were used to train for truth
Biometric systems are used for identification or and false membership values of the interval neutrosophic
verification using physiological traits such as fingerprint, set. Back-Propagation algorithm has been used to train
face, iris, palm and behavioral traits such as voice, gait the network. The first network is trained in the positive

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

direction, yielding the truth membership values of the inception of a metropolitan area is key to sustainable
training samples. The second neural network is trained in growth and development which India requires for
the negative direction, with reverse classes, to yield the development.
false membership value of the training samples. The The issues of overcrowding, pollution, budget
interval neutrosophic set thus obtained was then used to limitations, aging infrastructure, unemployment, resource
classify test samples based on their output from the neural constraints and the need for continuing growth can be
networks. The technique was tested for the MNIST Digit solved by employing scalable solutions that take
Database, with 200 Training samples and 1000 Test advantage of information and communications
samples for each digit. The results achieved through the technology (ICT) to increase efficiencies, reduce costs,
ensemble technique were compared with results obtained and enhance quality of life. Cities that use this approach
with back-propagation neural networks, and with are commonly referred to as “Smart Cities”, a concept
similarity measure using generalized neutrosophic soft highly discussed in urban planning and city policy circles
sets, and were found to surpass the results of both the worldwide.Smart Cities enable local administrators to
techniques considered individually. take more effective decisions, proactively resolve any
anticipated issues, and effectively utilize public
5-IC-1862 resources. This would entail utilizing energy and water
more effectively, preventing crime and natural disasters,
Performance Analysis of Dynamic Load Balancing implementing intelligent traffic management, and
Algorithm for Multiprocessor Interconnection improving access to public services such as healthcare,
Network infrastructure and education to citizens.Smart grids or
Mahfooz Alam1,*, M. U. Bokhari2, Faraz Hasan2 intelligent utility networks, smart lighting, smart
1 Al-Barkaat College of Graduate Studies, Aligarh, U.P. (India) transportation, smart security, smart healthcare, smart
2 Aligarh
Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P. (India) water usage, smart employment strategies needs to be
focused on.
Multiprocessor interconnection network have become A significant amount of land-usage, environment,
powerful parallel computing system for real- time socio-economic, energy and transport data is generated in
applications. Nowadays the many researchers posses urban cities. An integrated approach of managing and
studies on the dynamic load balancing in multiprocessor analyzing such big data is an important key to science,
system. Load balancing is the method of dividing the total policy, planning, governance and business questions and
load among the processors of the distributed system to support decision making in enabling a smarter
progress task’s response time as well as resource environment. Different machine learning and data mining
utilization while ignoring a condition where few techniques can be applied to big data which is generated
processors are overloaded or underloaded or moderately so that important rules or patterns can be inferred. This
loaded. However, in dynamic load balancing algorithm paper presents a theoretical and experimental perspective
presumes no priori information about behaviour of tasks on the big data management and analysis of smart cities
or the global state of the system. There are numerous by proposing a cloud-based big data analytics service. A
issues while designing an efficient dynamic load prototype has been designed and developed to evaluate
balancing algorithm that involves utilization of system, the effectiveness of the analytics service for big data
amount of information transferred among processors, analysis. Hadoop is used for prototype implementation
selection of tasks for transfer, load evaluation, and the results are compared. The service can analyzethe
comparison of load levels and many more. This paper data by identifying correlations between selected
enlightens the performance analysis on dynamic load important urban parameters. Experiments are performed
balancing algorithm, used for hypercube network in using Hadoop and results are compared. This idea can
multiprocessor system. serve as a strong platform for successfully implementing
PM Modi’s idea of “Smart City” and transforming our
5-IC-1982 country into “Smart India”.

Cloud Based Infrastructure for Smart Cities using 5-IC-3033

Big Data Analytics
Taramati S Taji1,*, R.C. Thool2 Optimal Placement of Sensors and Relay Nodes in
International Institute of Information Technology, Hinjawadi, Wireless Body Area Networks
Pune (India) Tushar Kanta Samal, Manas Ranjan Kabat, Satyabrata
2 SGGS IET, Nanded (India)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Veer
India has recently showed its commitment to the Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla (India)
development and construction of 100 Smart Cities to
meet the requirements of its rapidly growing and The Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) can provide
urbanizing population. Smart Cities entail the integration effective solution to the healthcare problems and remote
of information technology, telecommunications, urban monitoring of the patients. The WBAN is an integration
planning, smart infrastructure and operations in an of low power, tiny wireless sensor nodes which are placed
environment intended to maximize the quality of life for inside or outside of a body to measure the vital signs of
a city’s population. This coordinated approach from the patients such as heart rates, blood pressure, sugar level

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

etc and forward this information to isolated situated congestion. The reliability of the proposed protocol is
professionals. The information collected from WBAN is achieved through hop-by-hop loss recovery and
much more accurate than the hospital for a short period acknowledgment scheme. The performance of the
because WBAN is attached to the body for a long time in proposed protocol is evaluated through extensive
the patient’s natural environments. The WBAN can also simulations. The simulation results reveal that it
be used in non-medical applications such as outperforms the existing congestion control protocols for
environmental conditions, industrial environment, healthcare application in terms of energy efficiency,
motion detection of the animals in the forest, security etc. reliability and end-to-end delivery ratio.
The power consumption is one of the focused areas of the
WBAN in both medical and non-medical application. 5-IC-3633
Another important aspect of medical application is the
delivering of the emergency data such that heart rate, Global Facial Feature Extraction using Efficient
electrocardiogram (ECG) etc at a healthcare centre. If the Technique for Human Age Classification
emergency data cannot be delivered within the deadline, Sreejit Panicker1, Smita Selot1, Manisha Sharma2
it directly hampers the patient’s condition. Therefore the
emergency WBAN has to transfer the data according to 1
Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh
its priority basis rather than first come first serve. (India)
In this paper, we present our proposed framework for Bhilai Institute of Technology, Bhilai House, Chhattisgarh
WBAN topology design model. First, we introduce the (India)
problem definition of network topology model. Then, we
present the radio, energy and path loss model to compute A Human face exhibits a variety of information such as
the energy consumption for guarantying the data delivery age, gender and identity. Age estimation using face
at the sink node. Finally, we present the integer linear images plays a vital role in multimedia communication,
programming model to design an energy efficient cost surveillance monitoring, human computer interaction and
sensitive improved throughput WBAN. Considering the forensic applications. Thus, researchers have found vast
hardness of the problem, we present the particle swarm potential to explore in the field of pattern recognition and
optimization approach to design the optimal routing computer vision in recent years. The objective of the
model for reliable on-time delivery of the data at the Sink paper is to extract facial features and process the data for
node. the purpose of age classification. Further the result are
analysed and compared to find the accuracy of the
proposed system. The approach for age estimation using
5-IC-3252 facial features is based on Geometric Facial Measurement
Model (GFMM). In this model, Euclidean distance
parameter is computed at different facial points for
Energy Efficient Congestion Control and Data
subjects having different ages in the FGNET database.
Aggregation in Healthcare Sensor Networks
While performing experiments, training set of 97 frontal
Manas Ranjan Kabat, Satyabrata Das, Prabhudutta
images were used to train the network. The system’s
Dept. of Comp. Sc. & Engg.,Veer Surendra Sai University of
performance is evaluated based on a comparative analysis
Technology, Burla, Sambalpur,Orissa (India) of proposed system and other research trials. The
experimental results are significant and remarkable.
The recent development of Wireless Body Area Network
(WBAN) and communication system enhances the 6-IC-2827
performances of the overall e-Health solution. The small
wireless sensor devices are placed either inside or on the Shiga toxigenic E.coli and its suspected interactions
human body to monitor the health condition of a patient on Autism Spectrum Disorders
remotely. The wireless networks are subject to more Jobv Pulikkan1, Binoop Mohan2, Rajendrakumar
packet loss and congestion. The packet loss during M.G2,Tony Grace1*
l Central University of Kerala, Department of Genomic
congestion in the healthcare application may cause death
alarm for a patient in critical condition. The efficient data Science, Padannakad, Kasaragod, Kerala (India)
aggregation and queuing mechanism minimizes the Central University of Kerala, Department of Genomic
Science, Padannakad, Kasaragod, Kerala (India)
chance of congestion for the e-Health care system. Thus,
the proposed protocol adopts the data aggregation
It is proved well beyond doubt that there is an epidemic
technique to reduce the network traffic. The buffer of
level of increase in Autistic Spectrum Disorders across
each node is partitioned to support fair and efficient data
the world. A link between abnormalities in gut microbial
delivery. The buffer of the sensor node is shared among
functions is almost established in the case of autism.
the different types of traffic to support effective data
Often irritability, aggressive behavior, mood changes,
reporting. A dynamic scheduling technique is adopted by
discomfort, and nightmare awakenings found in autistic
the proposed protocol to achieve fairness during data
population are misinterpreted as neurological or
reporting. The proposed protocol tries to avoid
behavioral problems where in veracity it could be due to
congestion by predicting it beforehand. If congestion
the related Gastrointestinal symptoms. We are here to
occurs, then selective forward and additive drop
make a study if certain pathogenic bacteria could
technique is adopted by the proposed protocol to mitigate

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

exacerbate the symptoms associated with Gastrointestinal global concern, therefore these plant derived silver
problems. Along with causing damage to gut tissue, nanoparticles can have a wide scope in the formulation of
abnormal bacteria are thought to affect the brain. A gut- target based drug delivery system against nosocomial
brain connection has been hypothesized in autism. Shiga infectious agents.
toxin –producing Escherichia coli (STEC) infection can
lead to neurological disorders in addition to bloody
diarrhea and hemolytic uremic syndrome. Microbial 7-IC-537
DNA isolated from stool samples were used for
amplification of Shiga toxigenic E.coli using specific Growth and Characterization of L-Ornithine Mono
Stx1 primers. Out of 23 autistic subjects, 20 (87%) Hydrochloride single crystal: A Semi-organic NLO
showed the presence of this gene where as only in 11 out material
of 19 normal subjects (58%), this gene was detected. In Shish Pal Rathee 1,2*, Dharamvir Singh Ahlawat1 and N.
order to elucidate its potential role in causing Vijayan3
neurological disorders, we carried out an in silico study 1
Department of Physics, Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa
on the effects of shiga toxin on selected (India)
2Department of Physics, All India Jat Heros’ Memorial
neurotransmitters. All the three neurotransmitters
(Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine) showed high College, Rohtak (India)
affinity glide score and good Glide Energy and showed Crystal Growth section, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory,
high affinity towards stx1 protein sequence. The New Delhi (India)
inordinate presence of the stx 1gene proved through PCR
and its effect elucidated through in silico study suggests L- ornithine monohydrochloride belongs to amino acid
that Shiga toxigenic E.coli can play a crucial role in the group, which was known for its excellent non linear
exacerbation of autism and related symptoms. optical behavior. In the present work author reports the
successful growth of good quality L- Ornithine Mono
Hydrochloride (LOHCl) single crystal by slow
evaporation solution growth technique. Optically
6-IC-6562 transparent NLO crystals of LOHCl of dimensions
12x6x4 mm3 size are obtained in a span of 16 days. Their
Ecofriendly Phytofabrication of Silver Nanoparticles structural parameters were confirmed by powder X-ray
from Jatropha Integerrima against Nosocomial diffraction analysis.The presences of functional groups
Infectious Agents were confirmed by FTIR analysis. The presence of
Neelam Jain*,1, G.K. Aseri2, J. S. Sohal2, Priyanka Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen is estimated by CHN
Yadav1, Upasana Agri1 analysis. Optical behavior was examined by UV-Vis-NIR
1 Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University spectrophotometer and various optical parameters have
Rajasthan, Jaipur (India) been calculated. Etching and microhardness studies were
2 carried out to investigate its mechanical properties and
Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, Amity University
Rajasthan, Jaipur (India) know its suitability for device fabrication. Phasematching
and laser damage threshold (LDT) were measured with
The development of eco-friendly and green methods for the help of high intensity Nd:YAG laser as source.
the synthesis of silver nanoparticles has received utmost Plasma energy, Penn gap energy, Fermi gap energy and
attention due to their unique physicochemical properties hyperpolarizability are calculated using Clausius
and biomedical applications and has opened new avenues Mossotti relations. The results will be presented in detail.
for Nanobiotechnological research. Jatropha integerrima
commonly known as 'Peregerina' belongs to 7-IC-643
Euphorbiaceae. It is an evergreen shrub blooming in
gardens of India. Jatropha sps. have therapeutic uses in Effective role of P O on invitrobioactivity of soda
treatment of boils, eczema and itches. Yet there are few lime phosphosilicate glasses
reports on antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles of P. Kiran *, N. K. Udayashankar and H. D. Shashikala
J. integerrima. Therefore, an attempt was made for Department of physics, National Institute of Technology
phytofabrication of Silver nanoparticles using a simple Karnataka, Surathkal (India)
green route from Jatropha integerrima. Silver
nanoparticles were characterized with the help of UV–vis Invitro bio active properties have been studied on Solgel
absorption spectroscopy, TEM and X-ray diffraction. The derived 58SiO33CaO(5X) Na O(4+X) P O bioglass
silver and AgNPs have been used as an effective biocide samples soaked for seven days in a simulated body fluid
against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. (SBF)solution. Xray diffraction studies indicated the
Silver Nanoparticles of Jatropha exhibited potent presence of Hydroxyl Apatite (HA) crystalline phase in
bactericidal activity against nosocomial infections the synthesized samples. The spherical shaped hydroxyl
causing Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus carbonated apatite (HCA) nuclei were observed under
aureus. Preliminary phytochemical studies revealed the scanning electron microscope. The Fourier transform
presence of glycosides, flavonoids, terpenoids and sterols infrared (FTIR) and Raman spectroscopic analysis
in the tested extracts. Multi drug resistance by confirmed the presence of carbonates in the glass matrix.
nosocomial infections causing bacterial pathogens is of In particular, larger concentration of P O in the bioglass

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

resulted in superior bioactivity compared to low values were found negative which indicating the amino
concentration of P O XRD pattern of 58SiO acids under study are predominantly a structure breaker
33CaO5NaO4P O glass and 58SiO 33CaO9PO glass after due to hydrophobic hydration of amino acid in aqueous
soaking in SBF solution ionic liquid.

8-IC-185 8-IC-1294

Adsorption of Pergasol Red 2B Dye by Low Cost Physiochemical behaviour changes during ripening
Natural Adsorbents using Column Studies in the fruits of Trewia nudiflora Linn.
Shraddha Khamparia1, Dipika Jaspal2, Arti Malviya3 Kapil Ghai1, P K Gupta2, A K Gupta3
1Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation, Symbiosis 1Department of Chemistry, Graphic Era Hill University,
International University, Pune (india) Dehradun (India)
2 2
Symbiosis Institute of Technology, A Constituent of Cellulose and Paper Division, Forest Research Institute,
Symbiosis International University, Pune (india) Dehradun (India)
3 Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal (india) 3 Department of Chemistry, SGRR (PG) College, Dehradun

Simulation of industrial process during adsorption of a
toxic textile dye over two low cost adsorbents has been Ripening is a process in fruits that makes them more
performed through column mode studies. palatable and softer. Fruit ripening occurs with loss of
Characterization of the adsorbent has been carried out by fruit firmness and progressive degradation of the middle
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Fourier lamella and primary cell wall. Fruit ripening is associated
Transform Infrared Spectroscope (FTIR) displayed with textural modifications, which is the major event in
rough surface of the adsorbents and evidenced the fruit softening. Texture change is the important part of
involvement of hydroxyl functional groups during the ripening, which takes place due to enzymatic degradation
adsorption process. Argemone Mexicana (AM) and of structure as well as storage polysaccharides. Generally,
Xanthium Strumarium (XH), two abundantly available fruit ripening is believed to be modification of pectin and
weeds have been fruitfully employed for removal and hemicellulose in cell wall. During fruit ripening, pectin
recovery of a diazo dye, Pergasol red 2B (PR2B) from its enzymes play an important role in cell tissue degradation.
aqueous solution. Breakthrough curves were evaluated Increased solubilization of the pectic substances,
showing the efficiency of Argemone Mexicana seeds and progressive loss of tissue firmness and rise in the PG and
Xanthium Strumarium seed hull for dynamic removal of PME enzyme activity accompany fruit ripening.
PR2B from its aqueous solution. The Percentage Trewia nudiflora Linn. is a tropical plant mainly
saturation for AM and XH was found to be 99.08 and distributed in India, Malaysia & South China. In India, it
98.25 % respectively. is found from Kumaon southward (Himalaya) and
eastward to Assam (Hainan Island). It is found wild in
8-IC-920 Forest areas. The hard green fruit of Trewia nudiflora fall
to the ground in large numbers during the monsoon
Solvation behavior of glycine and diglycine in season (June to July) and are a preferred fruit of the
aqueous 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic rhinoceros. The fruits of T. nudiflora are reported to be
liquid solutions at different temperatures edible. The fruits are not utilized and are waste.
RekhaGaba Preliminary studies show that the fruits of T. nudiflora
DAV University, Jalandhar (India) have pectin content and can be a additional source for
commercial pectin. Experiments with Trewia nudiflora
In the present work, apparent molar volume and fruit was conducted at various stages of ripening from
isentropic compressibility of glycine and diglycine in unripe to ripe stage. The fruits of Trewia nudiflora were
aqueous 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride, collected at different stages of fruit ripening and changes
[C4mim][Cl] solutions have been calculated from the in physicochemical properties were determined with
measured experimental data on density and speed of special reference to pectic. Four stages of ripe fruits were
sound at temperature,T= (298.15 , 298.15 and 308.15) K. post climacteric and ripening as judged by both colour
development and texture. Changes in cell wall structure
The apparent molar volumesat infinite dilution, and
and decrease in tissue firmness of the fruits of Trewia
the apparent isentropic molar compressibilityat infinite nudiflora were investigated at different stages of
dilution , , were also calculated. These results have ripening. During ripening, decrease in cell wall
been interpreted in terms of effect of temperature and polysaccharides as acetone insoluble solids and increase
concentration on interactions such assolute–solute, in total soluble sugar was observed.
solute–solvent and solvent–solvent which exist in the
mixtures. Furthermore, apparent molarexpansivity, ,

and Hepler's constant values, have been

evaluated to support the conclusions obtainedfrom the
volumetric and acoustic studies. The Hepler’s constant

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

8-IC-1421 spectroscopy. Schiff base ligand and Tellurium(IV)

complexes were screened for various biological activities
Solution Combustion Synthesis of Perovskite-type against Gram +ve and Gram -ve bacteria and fungi.
Catalysts for Diesel Engine Exhaust gas Reduction
Ganesh Chandra Dhal1,*, Devendra Mohan1, Ram
1 Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of
Technology (BHU), Varanasi (India)
2Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology, Indian

Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi (India)

Solution Combustion synthesis has been applied to

LaFeO3 production with a view to boosting its activity for 8-IC-1747
diesel engine exhaust gas purification by enhancing its
specific surface area. With a highly exothermic and self- Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial
sustaining reaction, this oxide can be quickly prepared Activity of Isatin-Aminothiophenol Schiff Base
from an aqueous solution of metal nitrates (oxidisers) and Complexes of Tellurium (IV)
urea (fuel). The favourable conditions for LaFeO3 Gobind Goyat, K. K. Verma, Sapana Garg and Anju
formation were sought: only fuel-rich mixtures are Malik
effective, but carbonaceous deposits are formed when too Department of Chemistry, Maharshi Dayanand
much urea is used. Under operating conditions in which University, Rohtak (India)
the combustion synthesis reaction takes place, the
specific surface areas were not dramatically higher than Eight new tellurium (IV) complexes of Isatin-o-
those obtained with traditional methods; moreover, even Aminothiophenol Schiff base (HITP) have been
short thermal treatments have been found to rapidly prepared. This HITP Schiff base has been prepared by
deactivate the catalysts by rapid sintering with a view to reaction of isatin (1-H-indol-2,3-dione) with o-
tackling these problems, NH4NO3 was chosen as an Aminothiophenol. Tellurium (IV) complexes of Isatin-o-
additive for its low costs, highly exothermic Aminothiophenol Schiff base (HITP) have been
decomposition and also because it generates gaseous synthesized when TeCl4 /RTeCl3 /R2TeCl2 reacted with
products only, without altering the proportion of the other HITP to yield TeCl3(HL), RTeCl2(HL) and R2TeCl(HL);
elements in the catalysts. With ammonium nitrate, where R = p-methoxyphenyl, p-hydroxyphenyl, 3-
specific area was enhanced from 4m2/g up to about methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl and HL = HITP. The complexes
20m2/g. A short thermal treatment at 900◦C partially have been characterized by elemental analyses, infrared
deactivates also the NH4NO3-derived catalysts. It was and proton NMR spectral studies. The Schiff base acts as
found that NH4NO3-boosted mixtures produce materials ONO tridentate ligand giving hexacoordinated tellurium
whose activity, after a similar thermal treatment, is (IV) complexes. In view of this, the entire synthesized
practically the same as the perovskites obtained by the compounds were evaluated for their antifungal and
“citrates” method. Combustion synthesis is though rather antibacterial activities.
cheap-in terms of reactants employed—and quick,
because the process requires few minutes at low
temperature without successive calcination. However, the
main drawback of this method is that hazardous or
polluting compounds are emitted during the synthesis
Figure: Structures of Isatin- o-Aminothiophenol Schiff
(mainly NH3 or NOX). base (HITP)

Studies of Antimicrobial Activity of Complexes of 8-IC-1790
Tellurium (IV) Compounds with Isatin-
Aminophenol Schiff Base Preparation and Characterization of Tellurium(IV)
Anju Malik, K. K. Verma, Sapana Garg and Gobind
Complexes with Schiff Base derived from Vanillin
and 4-amino antipyrine
Department of Chemistry, Maharshi Dayanand
Deepak, Sonu Chauhan, Sapana Garg, K. K. Verma
University, Rohtak (India)
Department of Chemistry, Maharshi Dayanand
A series of new TeCl3(HL), RTeCl2 (HL) and R2TeCl (HL)
Rohtak (India)
complexes of Isatin- o-Aminophenol Schiff base (HIAP)
has been prepared by condensation of TeCl4, RTeCl3 and Schiff-base synthesized from vanillin and 4-
R2TeCl2 with HIAP respectively, (R = 4-methoxyphenyl, aminoantipyrine, form complexes with organyltellurium
4-hydroxyphenyl, 3-methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl). These
(IV) trichlorides and diorganyltellurium (IV) dichlorides
complexes have been characterized by elemental analyses, of the type RTeCl2.L, RTeCl.L2 and R2TeCl.L (where R
conductance, IR and proton magnetic resonance

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

= 4-methoxyphenyl, 4-ethoxyphenyl, 4-hydroxyphenyl 8-IC-2866

and 3- methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl and L = Schiff Base).
The characterization of complexes has been Removal of fluoride from wastewater with the use of
accomplished by elemental analyses, molar conductance, Al(III) modified Clinoptilolite (AC)
infrared and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Sudhanshu Kanaujia1, Sanjay Kumar Singh2 and Bharat
The complexes have been screened for their antifungal Singh3
and antibacterial activities. 1
Department of Chemistry, United College of Engineering and
Research, Naini, Allahabad, U.P. (India)
2Department of Chemistry, Institute of Engineering and
Technology, Lucknow, U.P. (India)
3Department of Chemistry, University of Allahabad,
Slow-Release NPK Fertilizer encapsulation in U.P.(India)
Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose-G-Poly(AA-Co-
AM)/MMT Superabsorbent Hydrogel The occurrence of high fluoride concentrations in ground
nanocomposite for sustainable crop productivity in water is a problem faced by many countries. India is one
Arid regions of Fazilka District, Punjab, India. among the 23 nations in the world, where fluoride
Ashish Singh Rainu, Himanshu Pahwa, Hitesh Bhatia, contaminated groundwater is creating health problems.
Anupama Kaushik Natural zeolites are abundant and low cost resources for
Dr. S. S. B. UICET, Panjab University, Chandigarh (India)
wastewater treatment. Due to their high cation-exchange
ability as well as molecular sieve properties, natural
Hydrogels are water imbibing macro-molecular
zeolites have been widely used as adsorbents.
structures, which have attained a lot of importance in
Clinoptilolite mineral (natural zeolite) has been reported
many fields. These systems are the focus of considerable
as good sorbent for the removal of naturally occurring
scientific research due to their potential application in
fluoride from water. The clinoptilolite material was
large number of areas: medicine, agriculture and biology.
chemically modified by Al(OH)3 to enhance its fluoride
The water imbibing property of hydrogels is responsive
removal capability. Batch adsorption experiments were
to the surrounding conditions such as pH, temperature,
conducted to examine and optimize various operational
ionic strength, magnetic field, ultra violet light, etc. Slow
conditions such as adsorbent dose, contact time, pH,
release (SR) hydrogels are of great importance in
effect of co-ions and initial fluoride concentrations. The
agricultural and drug delivery aspects. We utilize the
efficacy of AC to remove fluoride from wastewater was
properties of hydrogels to be used in agricultural
found to be 92% at pH 6.8, contact time of 2 hours,
purposes, since water imbibing and fertilizer retention
adsorbent dose of 8 gm L-1 when initial fluoride
can increase soil fertility to a great extent. Punjab is one
concentration of 20 gm L-1 was employed. The fluoride
of the top states of India that delivers huge productions of
adsorption on AC is well described by the Langmuir
Wheat, Sugarcane, Rice, etc but there are a few regions
adsorption model and the maximum adsorption capacity
of Punjab which are unable to deliver the expected crop
is 2.28 mg g-1.The kinetic result indicates that the
output due to the uncertainties.
adsorption of fluoride on Al(III) modified clinoptilolite
In this work, a novel slow released NPK fertilizer
follows pseudo first order kinetics.
encapsulated by superabsorbent nanocompostite was
synthesized by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid
(AA)-acrylamide (AM) onto Sodium carboxymethyl 8-IC-2903
cellulose (CMC) and clay mineral nanoparticles
classified as Montmorillonite (MMT) in presence of Simulation studies on homogeneous catalyst system
Fertilizer compounds. The structure and morphologies of rac-Me2Si (Benz[e]Indenyl}2ZrCI2/MAO for
the superabsorbent nanocomposite were characterized by synthesis of polypropylene
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray Vineet Lundia, Nikhil Prakash
Powder Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Chemical Engineering Department, Sant Longowal Institute of
Engineering and Technology, Longowal (S.L.I.E.T.),
Microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy Sangrur,Punjab (India)
(TEM), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), barrier Metallocene catalyst system refers to the combination of
properties and fertilizer release profile. The water bis(cyclopentadienyl)metal complexes of Group 4 (IVB)
absorption behavior of superabsorbent nanocomposite or cyclopentadienyl-substituted derivatives, and a co-
was also investigated. The SEM and TEM results catalyst, typically methylalumoxane (MAO). In propene
indicated thorough exfoliation of clay and thermal polymerization, Metallocene catalysts have in general
stability was also increased with increasing clay content. demonstrated high productivity, narrow molecular
The best results were obtained at 3% clay. Results show weight distribution (MWD), greater efficiency in using
that the addition of clay nanoparticles (MMT) imparted co-monomer to reduce the density, capability of
the slow release property to the superabsorbent, making producing polypropene with varying molecular weights
the formulation a viable fertilizer carrier. and controlled stereoregularity. In this work the
performance of rac-Me2Si(Benz[e]Indenyl}2ZrCI2/MAO
catalyst system for polymerization of propene is studied.
A mathematical model is developed for Zirconocene
catalyzed propene polymerization. The model is

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

simulated using Differential Evolution optimization 8-IC-3508

algorithm in MATLAB 7.10.0 (R2010a) and verified
with the experimental data. Model predictions are in good Experimental Analysis of Adiabatic Air-Water Two-
agreement with experimental results. Further, the effects Phase Flow Pressure Drop in Small Diameter Bends
of monomer concentration, polymerization temperature A.T. Autee1, S.V. Giri2,*
and concentration of catalyst on the rate of 1
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Marathwada Institute
polymerization and polypropene properties are analyzed. of Engineering, Aurangabad (India)
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Deogiri Institute

Engineering and Management Studies, Aurangabad (India)

Measurement of two-phase flow pressure drop and its
Hydrodynamics of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide prediction across curved tubes and bends is important for
Nanoparticles the enhancement of the performance and safety of the
S Vikram1, R Vasanthakumari, Takuya Tsuzuki2, Murali heat exchangers and flow transmitting devices. The
Rangarajan3,4 comparative study of some of the available two-phase
Polymer Nanotechnology Center, B. S. Abdur Rahman
University, Chennai (India)
pressure drop correlations reveals that the predicted
2Research School of Engineering, College of Engineering and values of pressure drops by these leading methods may
Computer Science, Australian National University, Canberra differ by large. The applicability of these correlations to
(Australia) the small diameter tubes of range 4.0-8.0 mm and
Center of Excellence in Advanced Materials and Green different bend angles of the range 90°-180° is not fully
Technologies, Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore, established. The basic objective of the present
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (India) experimental investigation is to generate the
4 Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,
experimental data to develop the unified correlation
Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore, Amrita Vishwa applicable for the small diameter tubes of range 4.0-8.0
Vidyapeetham (India)
mm and different bend angles of the range 90°-180°.
Hence, experimental facility was developed to conduct
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles have found the experiments to generate the data and to assess the
particular interest in magnetic drug targeting, predictive capability of some of the available two-phase
hyperthermia, and magnetophoresis, where their flow pressure drop correlations. It was observed that the
behavior in the presence and absence of magnetic field is correlations considered for comparisons were unable to
of particular interest. Magnetite nanoparticles of diameter satisfactorily predict the measured experimental data
6.5 nm have been synthesized by co-precipitation of Fe2+ within the ±50% error bands. A new correlation is
and Fe3+ ions at room temperature. They exhibit high developed in terms of curvature multiplier to the straight
magnetization (~ 70-75 emu/g) even when chelated with tube two-phase pressure drop. The correlation is
citric acid. Hydrodynamics of these nanoparticles has validated with the present measured experimental data.
been studied in water medium at flow rates similar to The statistical analysis suggests that correlation shows
those observed in blood vessels under the influence of satisfactory results.
different magnetic fields up to 1 Tesla and at different
distances from the tube wall. An experimental setup
(Figure 1) has been fabricated in-house comprising a
One Pot Synthesis of Mesoporous of Polyaniline-
straight test section, a peristaltic pump for pumping
Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite as Electrode
water, a permanent magnet mounted at different distances
Material for Supercapacitor Application
from the test section, and a CMOS camera mounted
Nazish Parveen*, Moo Hwan Cho*
180from the magnet to image the nanoparticles under School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam University,
the influence of magnetic and flow fields. The observed Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, South Korea (India)
time-lapse images indicate that in the absence of an
external magnetic field, the magnetic interactions Production of mesoporous polyaniline (Pani)/titanium
between the nanoparticles are not strong enough to dioxide (TiO2) nanocomposite via one pot approach in the
withstand the normal and shear forces arising from flow. ice bath condition. Brunauer, Emmett and Teller surface
Thus, most of the particles get washed away. Chelating area measurements, scanning electron microscopy and
the nanoparticles with citric acid disperses the transmission electron microscopy show the mesoporous
nanoparticles more effectively, and also aid in flow of the structure of the Pani-TiO2 nanocomposite. The shift of
nanoparticles away from the region of visualization. On the peaks in the FTIR spectrum and XRD pattern showed
the other, in the presence of a magnetic field, most of the that TiO2 had perfectly intercalated into the Pani matrix,
nanoparticles are attracted to the wall of the tube closest which suggests a strong interaction between Pani and the
to the magnet and are retained for longer durations. Yet, TiO2 particles. The electrochemical properties of
it is also seen that the hydrodynamic forces are able to mesoporous Pani-TiO2 nanocomposite were examined by
gradually remove the retained nanoparticles. The cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic charge/discharge
developed setup is an effective means to study the studies. Mesoporous Pani-TiO2 nanocomposite electrode
hydrodynamics of iron oxide nanoparticles, particularly exhibited a high specific capacitance 935 Fg-1 at 1 Ag-1
in relevance to emerging applications. current density and also displayed excellent cyclic
stability up to 1000 cycles and delivered a high energy

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

density of 94.8 Wh kg-1 at a 977 W kg-1 power density in with different ZMnOs nanoparticles is in conformity with
an aqueous electrolyte.1 their observed tribological behavior.

Shivali Arora, Sudhir Kumar Garg
Chemical Department, Jaipur National University,
Jaipur (India)

Reactive distillation (RD) is a unit operation in which

reaction and separation takes place simultaneously. In
conventional distillation process, reaction and separation
operations occur in series of columns, thus the economy
8-IC-3602 required for the process is large. On the other hand
reactive distillation uses a single column for both the
processes. The reaction takes place in the middle section
Tribological properties of Manganese-doped-Zinc
of the column leading the separation in rectifying and
Oxide (Zn0.92Mn0.08O) nanoparticles on the antiwear
stripping sections. The reaction and the separation zones
lubrication behavior of paraffin oil
Kalyani1 ,V. Jaiswal1, S. Gupta1, R. B. Rastogi1 , D. are having complex interaction between vapor-liquid
equilibrium, vapor-liquid mass transfer, intra-catalyst
Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology diffusion and chemical kinetics.In the present work a
(BHU), Varanasi (India) dynamic simulation of PID controller on MATLAB for
2Department of Ceramic Engineering, Indian Institute of the production of ethyl acetate in reactive distillation
Technology (BHU), Varanasi (India) column is done. The effect on change in controller gain
Manganese-doped zinc oxide (Zn0.92Mn0.08O) ZMnO Kc and integral time τIfor load change in feed
nanoparticles has been synthesized by auto-combustion composition, feed flow rate and set point change is
method. The variation in particle size of ZMnO studied.
nanoparticles has been done by increase in calcination
temperature. These ZMnO nanoparticles have been
characterized by Powder-XRD, SEM, EDX and TEM 9-IC-365
techniques. The effect of particle size on the antiwear
lubrication behavior of paraffin base oil has been Characterization of Boolean Petri Net Containing
investigated on Four-ball lubricant tester. The Strong Chain Cycle
tribological tests of these nanoparticles as antiwear GajendraPratap Singh1, Sangita Kansal2, Mukti
additives have been performed at an optimized additive Acharya3
concentration by varying load for 30 min test duration 1 Schoolof Computational and Integrative Sciences,
and by varying the test durations at 392N load. Various Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (India)
tribological parameters such as mean wear scar diameter 2 Department of Applied Mathematics, Delhi Technological

(MWD), friction coefficient (µ), mean wear volume University, Delhi (India)
(MWV), wear rate and load bearing capacity of the Department of Mathematics, Kalasalingam University,,
synthesized NPs have been studied. From these Krishnankoil (India)
tribological parameters it has been observed that the
lubrication behavior of nanoparticles is strongly size- Petri net was introduced by Carl Adam Petri in 1939.
dependent. The best tribological behavior is shown by Petri nets are abstract mathematical objects used to model
nanoparticles of the smallest size. Being sulfur, halogen the flow of information and control in concurrent
and phosphorous free, ZMnOs nanoparticles have systems. Petri net can be used as a visual communication
potential to be developed as low SAPS lubricant tool similar to flowchart, block diagram or a network.
additives. These nanoparticles act as nanobearings at Theoretically, Petri nets have been used as a powerful and
lower loads minimizing metal-metal contact and thus convenient tool for representing and studying the
friction and wear are reduced (Battezet al.; 2010). At structure of decision making processes which can often
higher loads the antiwear behavior can be explained by be tricky or complex. A Petri net is a bipartite directed
tribosinterization of the nanoparticles (Jaiswal et al.; graph consisting of two type of nodes, namely, place
2014, Battezet al.; 2008).The surface topography of the nodes and transition nodes. Directed arcs connect places
worn surfaces has been investigated by SEM and contact to transitions and transitions to places to represent flow
mode-AFM which show the drastic reduction in surface relation.In this paper, we occupied with a specific sub-
roughness in presence of ZMnOs nanoparticles. The class of 1-safe Petri nets in the context of producing sets
value of surface roughnessess of steel surfaces lubricated of `0'-`1' sequences as their marking vectors. In
particular, we have investigated an extremal property,
viz., the existence of all the 2n binary n-vectors as

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

marking vectors, calling such Petri nets as Boolean Petri 9-IC-733

nets. The aim of this paper is to construct and characterize
Boolean Petri nets that contain strong chain cycle. This Characterization of Petri Nets whose Reachability
class of Boolean Petri nets are very much useful to study Tree is Finite Complete Binary Tree
genetic regulatory system in which the marking vectors GajendraPratap Singh
represent the the entity either active state `1’ (e.g., a gene School of Computational and Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal
is expressed or a protein is present) or inactive state `0’ Nehru University, New Delhi (India)
(e.g., a gene is not expressed or protein is absent). The
state of a gene regularity system containing n entity that A Petri net is a discrete event driven dynamical system
will be corresponds as number of places and the firing of introduced by Carl Adam Petri 1939. It can be
transitions of transitions gives the change of state in the represented as graphically as directed bipartite graph in
gene regularity system. which one set of nodes taken as place nodes, denoted by
circles and other one is the set of transitions represented
9-IC-425 by boxes. The directed arcs are used to connect place
nodes as well transitions nodes to represent the flow
2-Domination Number Of A Euler Totient Cayley relations and the black dots inside the place nodes called
Graphs markings of Petri nets. Petri nets are the better technique
K. Budadoddi, A.Mallikarjuna Reddy to analyze the real world problem because they give the
Department of Mathematics, S.K.University, dynamical behavior the realistic events. In this paper, the
Anantapuramu, AP (India) Jensen definition of the Petri nets is used because it is the
most compatible and easy to understand. In previous
Let G= (V, E) be a simple graph. D is a subset of a vertex work, on characterizing Boolean Petri nets we have
set V. D is said to be a dominating set if every vertex in developed many of the fundamental results those can be
V-D is dominate at least one vertex in D. D is said to be used in switching theory, electronics, lattice theory, etc.
a 2-dominating set if every vertex in V-D is dominates at On the continuation of this work, in this note, the
least twice in D. Theory of domination introduced by characterization of Petri nets whose reachability tree is
O.Ore and C.Berge. The Concept of 2-dominating set was finite complete Binary tree have been discussed. In many
introduced by J.F.Fink and M.S.Jacobson. In this paper I branches of sciences, social sciences, etc, the complete
proved some results on 2-domination number. binary tree concept is most commonly used to solve and
model the real world problems. It helps to study succinct
9-IC-630 data structure, add/delete node insertion, many
algorithms in optimization techniques such as integer
Analytic Solution for Impulsivedelay Differntial programming problems, linked representation and
Equations by Using Method of Steps memory representation, etc.
Palwinder Singh1,*, Sanjay K. Srivastava2, Dinkar
Sharma1, Rajinder Kaur3
Department of Mathematics, Lyallpur Khalsa College, 9-IC-827
Jalandhar (India)
2 Department of Applied Sciences, B.C.E.T., Gurdaspur (India)
3 Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, Jalandhar On some -lacunary generalized difference
(India) sequence spaces in n-normed space
Tanweer Jalal
Impulsive delay differential equations extensively used Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology,
for mathematical modeling of many fields. But many Hazratbal, Srinagar (India)
impulsive delay differential equations cannot be solved
analytically or it is very difficult to solve due to The notion of lacunary convergence was given by
discontinuity at impulse moments. In this paper, an Freedman et al. [1] and that of n - normed spaces by
algorithm for analytic solution of impulsive delay Misiak [2]. The concept ideal convergence was
differential equations with impulses at fixed moments is introduced by Kostyrko et al. [3] and of difference
presented. The result shows that the present method is sequence spaces by Kizmaz [4].
more efficient and accurate as compared to the existing In this paper is to introduce a new class of ideal
literature. The application of this method is illustrated convergent (briefly -convergent) sequence spaces using,
with the help of a numerical example. infinite matrix, lacunary sequences with respect to a
sequence of modulus functions = ( ) and difference
operator defined on n-normed spaces. We study these
spaces for some linear topological structures and
algebraic properties. We also give some inclusion
relations for these sequence spaces.
1.A.R. Freedman, J.J. Sember, R. Raphel, Proc. London Math. Society,
66 (1978): 508-520.
2.A. Misiak, Math. Nachr. 14 (1989):299-329

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

3. P. Kostyrko, M. Majac, T. Salat, Real Anal. Exchange 26 , No.2 results behave well with the physical phenomena of the
(2000) : 669-686. problem. Three specific aquifer materials viz. sand, silt
4. H. Kizmaz, Canad. Math. Bull. 24 (1981): 169-176.
and limestone are considered and their values for the
height of the water table are compared. The present
9-IC-929 analytical method is reliable and can be equally well
applied to other non-linear equations arising in the stream
Some results on fixed point and their applications in aquifer interaction problems.
fuzzy metric spaces
Vishal Gupta, Naveen Mani, Adesh Kumar Tripathi
Department of mathematics, Maharishi Markandeshwar
University, Ambala (India) 9-IC-1515
The role of Fuzzy topology in logic programming and A possibility and expected value approaches to solve
algorithm has been recognized and applied on various a solid transportation problem with restricted fixed
programs to and more accurate result. In particular, charge in a hybrid uncertain environment
topological methods are employed in order to obtain fixed Amrit Das, Dipanjana Sengupta, Uttam KumarBera
point semantics for logic programs. In this paper, we Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology,
prove some fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces. Agartala (India)
As an application, some consequence theorems are given
in support of our result. This paper mainly investigates the restricted fixed charge
solid transportation problem under a hybrid uncertain
environment where fuzziness and roughness coexist. We
9-IC-1203 create a fuzzy rough STP model by integrating the
classical STP, fuzzy set theory, and rough set theory,
Homotopy perturbation transform method for which apparently provide a way to accommodate the
solution of Keller-Segel equations using He’s uncertainty. To solve the problem so formed, we apply
polynomial the fuzzy rough expected value operator and propose the
possibility based STP model with fuzzy rough parameters
Dinkar Sharma1, Prince Singh2, Shubha Chauhan1, on a rough space. Finally, the proposed STP model with
Palwinder Singh1 fuzzy rough data are illustrated with a numerical example
1 Departmentof Mathematics, Lyallpur Khalsa college, using the LINGO 13.0 software. Some important
Jalandhar, Punjab (India) managerial decisions are also drawn by observing the
Department of Mathematics, Lovely Professional University, optimal result.
Phagwara, Punjab (India)

In this paper, a combined form of the Laplace transform 9-IC-1619

method with the homotopy perturbation method is
proposed to solve nonlinear Keller-Segel equations. This Soret and heat generation effects on MHD flow of
method is called the homotopy perturbation transform radiating and chemically reactive Nano fluid past an
method (HPTM). The nonlinear terms can be easily oscillating vertical plate with ramped wall
handled by the use of He’s polynomials. The result shows temperature and surface concentration through
that the HPTM is very efficient, simple and avoids the porous medium.
round-off errors. Two test examples are considered to Akhil S. Mittal1,*, Hari R. Kataria2
illustrate the present scheme. Further the results are 1Department of mathematics, Gujarat Arts and science college,
compared with different methods in literature. Ahmedabad (India)
2Department of mathematics, Faculty of science, The

M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara (India)

Approximate analytical solution to stream and The present paper is concerned with the study of flow,
horizontal unconfined aquifer interaction heat and mass transfer characteristics in the unsteady
Amruta R. Daga, Vikas H.Pradhan natural convective magneto hydrodynamics flow of
Department of Applied Mathematics & Humanities, S.V. radiating and chemically reactive electrically conducting
National Institute of Technology, Surat (India) Nano fluid past over an oscillating vertical plate in the
presence of soret and heat generation. It is assumed that
The non-linear Boussinesq equation representing stream- the bounding plate has ramped temperature with ramped
aquifer interaction problem in horizontal unconfined surface concentration and isothermal temperature with
aquifer is analytically discussed. An approximate ramped surface concentration profile through uniform
analytical solution is obtained using variational porous medium. The governing non- dimensional partial
homotopy perturbation method. With the proper choice differential equations are solved analytically using
of initial approximation the obtained approximate Laplace transform. The features of the fluid flow, heat
analytical solution satisfies initial and boundary and mass transfer characteristics are analyzed by plotting
conditions of the problem. It is found that the numerical graphs and the physical aspects are discussed in detail.

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

With the help of velocity, temperature and concentration, of Prandtl number Pr, Grashof number Gr, Gm, Schmidt
Skin friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are number Sc, magnetic parameter M and time t on velocity,
derived and represented through tabular form. heat and mass transfer. The graphical results for velocity,
induced magnetic field, current density, and skin-friction
based on the semi-analytical solutions are discussed.
Soret and Hall effects on MHD Casson fluid flow of
radiating and chemically reactive fluid past an PCA + LDA based model for single person video
exponentially acceleratedvertical plate with ramped emotion analysis with fuzzy approach
wall temperature and ramped surface concentration Dhiren Pandit1,*, Jayesh Dhodiya2,
1Asst. Prof., Science & Humanities Dept., LDRP-ITR,
in the presence of heat generation.
Harshad R. Patel1,*, Hari R. Kataria2 Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India)
A. S. & H. Department, Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute Of Asst. Prof., AMHD, SVNIT, Surat, Gujarat (India)
Technology, Vasad (India)
2Department of mathematics, Faculty of science, The Human expresses their emotions by means of verbal and
M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara (India) nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communications
are done mainly using facial expression. This paper aims
In this paper, Soret and Hall effects on unsteady free to recognize human emotion using nonverbal
convection heat and mass transfer MHD flow of radiating communication of human facial expressions. Different
and chemically reactive casson fluid near an infinite mathematical techniques like: principle component
vertical flat plate in the presence of heat generation has analysis (PCA), linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and
been considered. It is assumed that the bounding plate has independent component analysis (ICA) are widely used
exponentially accelerated with ramped temperature and for human facial expression recognition. This paper
ramped surface concentration profile through uniform applied fusion of PCA and LDA based model for facial
porous medium in a rotating system. Analytic solution of video emotion recognition with neural network (NN),
governing non-dimensional equation for primary and fuzzy approach and Ekman’s proposed concept of action
secondary fluid velocities, temperature and concentration units of faces. Moreover, actual data support results are
are obtained using Laplace transform technique for obtained in linguistic form using action units with fuzzy
ramped temperature as well as isothermal temperature. approach on four individual persons for identification of
With the help of Velocity, Temperature and nature of input video and compare with the actual data to
Concentration, Exact expression of Skin friction, Nusselt validate the model. This paper concludes that developed
Number and Sherwood Number are derived for both approach provides 99% accuracy for human facial
thermal cases. Numerical values of velocity, temperature expression recognition from input video.
and concentration for different flow parameter are
presently graphically and Skin friction, Nusselt Number 9-IC-2487
and Sherwood number are display in tabular form.
Power Cyclic number and Prime number ending
9-IC-1637 with digit 9
Chengappa B.S1,*, R. Chandrasekhar 2
Effect of induced magnetic field and surface PES Institute of Technology, 100FT Ring Road, BSK 3rd
concentration on transient natural convection flow in Stage, Bangalore (India)
a vertical channel: the riemann sum approximation RGIT, Cholanagar, R T Nagar Post, Hebbal, Bengaluru,
Karnataka (India)
Rakesh R Darji1,*, Amit Parikh2,
1A. S. & H. Department, Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute Of This paper deals with introduction of a new number
Technology, Vasad (India) named as Power Cyclic number with its properties and
Department of Mathematics, Ganpat University, the relation with Prime number. The main objective of
Mehsana (India) this paper is to explore different types of Powe cyclic
numbers and its relation with different types of numbers
This paper is concerned with the study of flow, heat and in Number theory. This Number has unique property in
mass transfer characteristics on the transient natural the History of the Number Theory. Here we state that for
convection flow on an electrically charged, every Power Cyclic number there corresponds a unique
incompressible fluid in induced magnetic field in a prime number. It is observed that even numbers , odd
vertical channel. The time dependent momentum, surface numbers and prime numbers also occurs in power cyclic
concentration, energy and magnetic induction equations numbers. It is also observed that the elements of each
are solved semi-analytically using the Laplace transform Power cyclic number converges to ‘1’ in a predefined
technique along with the Riemann-sum approximation manner and every Power cyclic number identifies a
method. The solutions are compared with the closed form corresponding prime number which ends with unit digit
solutions evaluated for the steady states which have been '9'. Every power cyclic numbers also has a relation with
evaluated separately and also by the implicit finite Wheel of a graph in Graph theory.
difference method. The results obtained show the impact

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

10-IC-068 fly ash inclusion, the effect of these fibres in the

proposedimproved lime fly ash concrete mix would be
Simulation of Vibrating Transmission Gearbox even more superior.
Housing Using RSM & FEA This paper primarily investigates the improvements on
Ashwani Kumar*, Pravin P Patil fly ash concrete with addition of hydrated lime on
Department of Mechanical Engineering, properties like compressive, tensile, flexural and
Graphic Era University, Dehradun Uttarkhand (India) elasticity, to provide a comprehensive collection of basic
data, which is then extensively compared to properties of
This research study highlights two main objectives, first corresponding flyash concrete sans lime, at all instances
is selection of best suited material for gearbox housing of study including material testing, mix design,casting
and second objective is selection of number of connecting and curing conditions, on fresh and hard
bolts to eliminate the excitation due to looseness of concrete.Furthermore, drawing inspiration from ancient
gearbox housing. Heavy vehicle medium duty truck lime-based mortars, which utilized saline and lime water,
transmission gearbox housing is subjected to harmonic for casting and curing purposes, the same is tested for this
and internal excitations which are the main source of lime-included mix. Secondly, the above studies are
noise and vibration. Noise and vibration harness is repeated for additional inclusion of steel fibres to further
required to increase the performance of transmission improve the capabilities of this mix.
gearbox. Gearbox housing materials should have Finally, the study is concluded by drawing inferences for
damping nature to sustain the vibration and minimised the results, by means of theorizing possible micro mechanics
gear damage by reducing the amplitude of vibration. of the mix, expected chemical reactions of constituents
Connecting bolts are used for mounting gearbox and from SEM analysis of included materials and created
transmission assembly on truck frame. (5-37) connecting concrete samples.
bolts are used for tightly mounting of gearbox on truck
frame. Looseness condition causes heavy vibration and 10-IC-694
damage to gears. Response surface methodology (RSM)
has been used for parametric optimization and finite Optical and electrical properties of copper doped
element analysis (FEA) was used for calculation of modal nickel oxide thin film by using sol-gel spin coating
frequency and mode shapes. The fundamental frequency method
varies (981.03-1779.4) Hz. The results of FEA have been Tithi Sen1, Rajalingam Thangavel2, Udayabhanu
verified with results available in literature. FEA analysis Gopalakrisnan Nair1
was done using Ansys 14.5 and solid edge, Pro-E has 1
Department of Applied Chemistry, Indian School of Mines,
been used for geometric modeling. Dhanbad (India)
2Department of Applied Physics, Indian School of Mines,

10-IC-471 Dhanbad (India)

In this present work, we report on optical and electrical

Enhancement of fly ash concrete byhydrated lime properties of Cu-doped NiO thin film were deposited on
and steel fibres ITO coated glass substrate by using sol-gel spin coating
Siddharth George*, Sofi.A technique. The grown thin films were characterized by
SCE, VIT University, Vellore, TN (India)
Atomic Force Microscopy, UV visible and current –
voltage measurement. The absorption spectra indicates
Fly ash, a pozzolanicbyproduct from thermal power
that a strong absorption peak was found at 403 nm and
plants, is increasingly being incorporated into concrete to
also absorption peak values was increased with the
create cheaper, environmental friendly, yet strong and
increase in doping concentration of copper. The surface
durable fly ash concrete, with up to 30% replacement for
roughness of the thin film was estimated by using AFM.
OPC. But attainment of strength via pozzolanic action of
Current voltage characteristics study will be presented in
flyash particles is slow and results in low early strength
of fly ash concrete and adversely affects its popularity in
the field.
Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide), the combination of 10-IC-835
lime (calcium oxide) and water, is popular in construction
activities, most commonly for plastering purposes.A Experimental Study of Bamboo using Banana and
theory suggests that effective pozzolanic reaction of fly Linen Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composites
ash particles is hindered due to unsatisfactory quantities M. Ramachandran, Sahas Bansal*, Pramod Raichurkar
of lime in most fly ash compositions, and that this is the MPSTME, SVKM’S NMIMS University, Dhule, Maharashtra
cause of low early strength in fly ash concrete. This lack (India)
maybe overcome by addition of hydrated lime to the mix
and thus, in turn, improving the overall performance of The application of natural fibers such as bamboo, jute,
fly ash concrete. banana, coir, linen and the like in Fiber Reinforced
Steel fibres are already established enhancers of concrete. Polymeric (FRP) composites have become so vital due to
With existing studies pointing to enhanced performance their high effective stiffness and strength, availability,
of steel fibre reinforced concrete at certain percentages of low cost, specific strength, better dimensional stability
and mechanical properties, eco-friendly and

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

biodegradable as compared to synthetic fibers. The 10-IC-2760

interest in natural fiber reinforced polymeric composites
is rapidly springing up in terms of research and industrial Investigation on effect of LiCl doping on optical
applications. The increased applications of these natural properties of L-arginine acetate single crystal
fibers in such composites are a proof to this claim. The Gajanan G. Muley1,*, Prakash S. Ambhore2, Anil B.
paper deals with the detailed study of bamboo fiber, Gambhire3
banana fiber and linen fiber cut into 2-4 mm of length 1
Department of Physics, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati
with epoxy resin having random orientations. Various University, Amravati (India)
2SMD High school, Hingoli (India)
tests like Impact test (IZOD and CHARPY test), Fourier
3Department of Chemistry, Shri Anand College, Pathardi,
Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) test, T- test and Rockwell
Hardness test were conducted on ten specimen of bamboo Ahmednagar (India)
epoxy resin composite, bamboo-banana epoxy resin
composite and bamboo-linen epoxy resin composite. It is L-arginine acetate (LAA) is an arginine complex and one
analyzed and proved that bamboo-banana epoxy resin of the most attractive nonlinear optical (NLO) materials.
composite shows better results in Impact test and FTIR It crystallized to the monoclinic system with space group
test while bamboo-linen epoxy resin composite shows P21 and Z=2 with cell parameters- a=9.229 Å, b=5.178 Å,
better result in Rockwell hardness test. We compared c=13.271 Å, β=114.4o, and dm=1.346 gm/cc. Its linear
bamboo with bamboo-banana and bamboo-linen epoxy optical and NLO properties have already been studied and
resin composites using paired T- test with MATLAB. also studied the effect of various dopants on linear
There is a noteworthy improvement in results by adding optical, NLO and electrical properties.
banana and linen fibers to bamboo epoxy resin In the present study, the effect of lithium chloride (LiCl)
composite. In future, we are going to carry out tests with doping on the linear optical and second harmonic
various compositions and various sizes of fibers of generation (SHG) has been studied. LAA crystals with
bamboo-banana epoxy resin composites, bamboo-linen various level of LiCl doping were grown by low
epoxy resin composites and banana-linen epoxy resin temperature solution growth method at a constant
composites. temperature. X-ray diffraction study confirms the crystal
structure. Enhancement in the optical transparency in
doped crystals has been attested by ultraviolet-visible-
10-IC-2067 infrared spectroscopic study. Photoluminescence and
SHG studies have also been presented.
Magnetic and Dielectric properties of V-doped
Nasimakhatun*, Somadityasen 10-IC-2761
Indian Institute of Technology, Simrol Campus, Khandwa
Road, Indore (India) Synthesis and characterization of pure and Nd-
doped Bismuth Zinc Oxyborate (Bi2ZnOB2O6)
TiO2 is a well-known wide band gap material used as G. B. Harde1, 2, G. G. Muley2
1Department of Physics, Shri R. R. Lahoti Science college,
photocatalyst, UV-absorber and pigment. As pure TiO2
has band gap 3-3.2 eV, its applications are limited in UV Morshi (India)
Department of Physics, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati
light region. Vanadium doping is one of the most popular University, Amravati (India)
way to tune its bandgap to make it applicable in visible
light also. Hence optical and related properties were Bi2ZnOB2O6 (bismuth zinc oxyborate, BZOB) is a
explored in several literatures. In this report we are positive biaxial optical crystal crystallizes in the
presenting the study on magnetic and dielectric properties orthorhombic system, space group Pba2 with unit-cell
of V-doped TiO2. Ti(1-x)VxO2 nanoparticles were prepared parameters a=10.8200(7) Å, b=11.0014(7) Å,
by modified pechini method for x= 0, 0.01, 0.03, 0.06 and c=4.8896(3) Å, Z=4, V=582.03(6) Å3. The second
0.09. The pure phase formation was confirmed by XRD harmonic generation (SHG) effect and luminescent
and Raman Spectroscopy. The study on temperature properties of Ln3+ in oxyborate BZOB crystal has been
dependence of magnetic property of pure as well as V- studied. In the present investigation, the synthesis and
doped TiO2 was carried out for temperature range 5 K to effect of Nd doing on SHG property of BZOB is being
300 K with 1000 Oe magnetic field and moment vs. presented.
applied field measurements were done up to 2 T at 5 K The polycrystalline powder samples of pure and Nd (5
and 300 K. The pure as well as doped samples were found mol%) doped BZOB in the ternary system Bi2O-ZnO-
to be paramagnetic. The V-concentration has significant 2H3BO3 were synthesized by solid state reaction method.
impact on changing the magnetic moment. Changes in Powder samples were subjected to powder X-ray
magnetization with temperature as well as applied diffraction (XRD) analysis to confirm crystalline phase
magnetic field were studied. Magnetic moment remains and study crystal structure. The SHG study shows that the
almost constant between 300 k and 200 K. Below 200 K SHG effect has been enhanced by Nd doping. The
moment increases as temperature decreases and start improvement in the SHG by Nd doping may make the
increasing sharply below 50 K. In order to study electric material BZOB prominent of scientific interest for
properties we have done dielectric measurement for potential application in self frequency doubling laser
broad temperature range from 200 K to 600 K and devices.
frequency ranging from 100 Hz to 10 MHz.

ICEMS-2016 -- MARCH 17-19, 2016
VOLUME-2 (ISBN NO. 978-93-5254-230-7)

electric field and also ferroelectricity is exhibited by

10-IC-3235 applying an magnetic field. Since the materials have both
ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity present together,
Statistical Optimization of Process Parameters on they find applications in nanoelectronic devices and data
Mechanical Properties of ABS/glass Composites storage media.BiFeO3, one of the promising and well
Mahesh T S1, Nandeeshaiah1, M Krishna2 studied candidate among the single phase multiferroic
Dept.of Mechanical Engg. Dr AIT, Bangalore, Karnataka materials exhibit antiferromagnetic ordering and
(India) ferroelectricity at room temperature. The ferroelectricity
2Dept.of Mechanical Engg ,R V College of Engineering,
in BiFeO3 arises due to the stereochemically active 6s2
Bangalore, Karnataka (India) lone pairs of Bi3+ and the antiferromagnetic ordering is
due to the 3d states of Fe atoms. This material has
The objective of the paper was to investigate by statistical potential applications in high density non-volatile
analysis, the degradation of mechanical properties due to memories due to its high ferroelectric Curie temperature
hygrothermal exposure of the glass fibre-reinforced of 1103 K and an anti-ferromagnetic Neel temperature of
acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) composites at 643 K.
different orientations and compositions. The glass The problems associated with this material are i) large
reinforced ABS composites were prepared by hot press leakage current, ii) high dielectric loss and hence world
technique with different orientation sequences such as wide attention is on doping the BiFeO3 with other metals
0/90, 45/-45 and 30/60 strand orientations. The at A (Bi) and B (Fe) sites to combat these problems and
specimens of tensile, flexural, ILLS, impact and flexural enhance the multiferroic properties in BiFeO3.In this
fatigue tests were exposed to artificial sea water at 50 deg respect, we have made an effort to study the effect of
C. All the tests were conducted as per ASTM. Design of doping BiFeO3 with a rare earth ion Tb at A site (Bi) and
experiments using Taguchi L18 Array was formulated to investigated the multiferroic properties of BiFeO3.The
examine the influence of parameters on properties density functional theory were performed. Since the
degradation in sea water exposure. ANOVA was electronic energy levels of Bi ion is placed far away from
performed to identify the factors of significance the Fermi region, doping at A site generally will modify
weightage factor. the band gap and band filling in an indirect manner.
The Grey Taguchi results showed that fibre orientation of The Density functional theory (DFT) calculations on Tb-
0o/90o and fibre to resin ratio of 40:60 are the most doped BiFeO3 were done by using the Vienna Ab Initio
optimal combinations based on their flexural strength Simulation package (VASP). The projector augmented
(86.6 MPa), ILSS (13.68 MPa), UTS (37.8MPa), impact wave (PAW) pseudopotentials were utilized to illustrate
strength (134.9 J/m), swelling (1.05%), weight gain the exchange and correlation effects in the generalized
(1.22%) and fatigue (111715 cycles to failure). After gradient approximation.The Hubbard U correction of
moisture absorption ANOVA showed that contribution of Dudarev (GGA+U) was added to treat the correlation
fibre orientation (23.12%) for flexural strength, fibre effects. The Tb-doped BiFeO3 modeled supercell
orientation (30.49%) for ILSS, fibre orientation (23.15%) containing 60 atoms was relaxed until the Hellmann-
for impact strength, period of immersion (45.18%) for Feynman forces are less than 0.001 eV/Å and the total
ultimate tensile strength, fibre orientation (18.1%) for energy convergence is fixed to 0.00001 eV. The
swelling, period of immersion (57.74%) for weight gain Monkhorst-Pack scheme was employed to generate k-
and fibre : resin ratio (14.7%) for flexural fatigue, with point meshes for the Brillouin zone integration. Structural
level of confidence of 95%. Fractography showed fibre parameters, electronic properties such as density of states
pull out, de-bonding and also fibre breakage along the and band structure were examined and bonding analysis
loading conditions. The overall results showed that 0o/90o was done by projected COHP analysis and bader charges
fibre orientation and 40:60 fibre-to-resin ratio are best using bader analysis. These results provide a clarity on
combination for high degradation resistance. the enhancement of the multiferroic properties by doping.

Multiferroic Properties of Tb doped BiFeO3 - A
First-principles Study
S. Mahalakshmi1,* , Iyyappa Rajan P1, Sharat Chandra2
1 Chemistry Division, School of Advanced Sciences, Vellore
Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Chennai Campus,
Vandalur – Kelambakkam Road, Chennai (India)
Materials Science Group, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic
Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu (India)

Multiferroic materials have been fascinating the

researchers recently since ferromagnetism and
ferroelectricity exist simultaneously. Ferromagnetism
and ferroelectricity are coupled with each other in these
materials as magnetism can be induced by applying an