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1/16/18 Social Studies

Lesson 4: Our State Government

Teacher________Hagenbaugh Grade Level__2nd Grade____

I. Content and Standards:

5.1.3.A. Describe what government is.

5.1.3.C. Define the principles and ideals shaping government.

5.1.3.I. Explain why government is necessary in the classroom, school, community,

state and nation and the basic purposes of government in Pennsylvania and the
United States.

II. Prerequisites: Previous lessons taught about voting, and community government.
III. Essential Idea: Every state has its own government.

IV. Instructional Objective: Students will know important aspects of state government,
what is the role of a governor and legislators, and the difference between state and
city government.

V. Instructional Procedures:

Vocabulary discussions, list vocabulary words on the board. Ask students if know
what each word means prior to reading the chapter. I will write definition next to
words. Students will be instructed to look for vocabulary words as we read to find the
meaning. Definitions will be added to the board as we come across them.

Read and discuss Lesson 4 Our State Government. After page 64 discuss the role of
governor, show picture of Pa Governor Tom Wolf on Promethean board. Explain that
he became our governor on January 20, 2015. Prior to page 66 have students recall
duties of city government, now we will read about how they differ from state
government. Review how state governments is set up and how it differs from city

Complete activity page 18. Students will need to match the picture correctly whether
it is a duty of State or City governments. Teacher will model how to correctly match
the first picture to the correct statement then students will work independently.
Teacher will move throughout the class to see which students might need additional
explanation or assistance.

VI. Materials and Equipment: Horizon textbook, white board, computer, and activity
VII. Assessment/Evaluation: Students can explain roles of governor and legislators.
Students can complete workbook page to show the difference between state and city

VIII. VII. Differentiation: Individualized Activities: Engage students that need

assistance staying focused by asking all students if they agree with what their
classmates are saying during the discussion. Read any words that are on the
pictures students that need that assistance.

IX. Technology: Perimetrium Board, computer.

X. Self-Assessment Observe students during discussion and while completing

workbook page to see which students need additional instruction.