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It is often argued that being xenophobic and racist is not genetically inherited traits but learned ones and

thus can be tackled with ease. It is agreed that a world without racial segregation and intolerance towards
foreigners can be created. This essay will first explain how people develop such doctrines and then suggest
some measures to eliminate them.

For a start, racism, which is discrimination on the basis of a person’s skin colour, gender, religion, physical
appearance and caste, takes birth from the feeling of superiority over others and judging people from their
physical appearance. A perfect example of this would the enslavement of African people in USA prior to 19 th
century. Similarly, xenophobia, the fear of unknown, stems when people feel threatened by a foreign entity
because people prefer familiar environment and faces. The various hate crimes against people with Asian
and Middle Eastern backgrounds serve as a good example. Children, who are very perceptive and thus
emulate whatever they observe around them, are likely to adopt these beliefs by watching their parents and
other adults around them.

However, as these beliefs are not innate, they can be eradicated easily. First and foremost, schools can play
a prominent role in teaching children that every race, religion and community produced great people who
shaped human civilization not because their race, religion or ethnicity but with their deeds. For instance,
Neil Armstrong was a white man; Mahatma Gandhi, an Asian; Nelson Mandela, an African. Furthermore,
government can encourage student exchange programs to give students an opportunity to experience other
cultures by interacting with people belonging to different backgrounds. This will remove any misconceptions
towards others and promote feeling of brotherhood, love and understanding among people.

In short, although the war against racism and xenophobia is tough, it is not unconquerable. The need is to
set example for our successors by spreading the message of love, peace and brotherhood rather than hatred.

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