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an element of art

Texture is the surface quality of an

object that we sense through
an element of art

All objects have a texture.

The texture can be bumpy,

smooth, slick, scratchy, rough,
soft, fuzzy, prickly, silky, etc.
an element of art

•Tactile texture

•Visual texture

•How texture can create the

illusion of space.
an element of art
Works of art
have a variety
of actual or
created by the
artist's choice
of materials and
how they are
an element of art
Jud Nelson Hefty 2-Ply 1979-1981 Walker Art Center

an element of art
Jud Nelson
Hefty 2-Ply

This sculpture
actually feels hard
and cold because
it is carved from
an element of art
Raffaelo Monti
Veiled Lady
c. 1860
an element of

Martin Puryear
Walker Art Center
an element of art

Eric Serritella
Ceramic Pots & Vases
an element of art

All of the examples this far

have been Tactile TEXTURE.

Tactile texture is the texture

that you can actually feel by
touching .
an element of art

There are also VISUAL


These are simulated, implied

or fake textures.
an element of art

Visual textures are textures

you can see with your eyes,
but you cannot feel with your

Example: Magazine Photos

an element of art

Janet Fish is an artist that

very frequently uses visual
texture in her artwork.

She is able to replicate

realistic looking textures
on a 2D surface.
an element of art

Chuck Close is another artist that

is skilled at making realistic looking
textures. He creates portraits.
Here is a very famous example of
his artwork. It is a self-portrait.
Keep in mind this is a PAINTING,
not a photograph.
an element of art

Texture can also be used by an artist to create

an illusion of space.

Because our eyes see more texture on things

that are close to us. Things further away have
much less texture.
an element of art
This image has
about the same
amount of detail
in the foreground
as in the

The artist wasn’t

concerned with
creating a sense
of depth in this
Thomas Cole
American Painter
Early 1800’s
He uses more
texture in the
and less
texture in the