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# Installing Extrae

1. Install dependencies: libxml2, binutils (bfd and libiberty), zlib)

See Section 3.5.2 BlueGene/Q in the User Guide:
Note: A static version of libxml2 is required.
Note: The cross-compiler must be used for binutils.

Unload any MPI modules - shared libraries cause issues.

export CC=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/powerpc64-bgq-linux-gcc

./configure --target=i386-pc-linux s390-ibm-linux --prefix=~/binutils

make && make install

./configure --static --prefix=~/zlib

make && make install


make && make install

2. Point the Linux-BGQ prebuilt version of Extrae to the dependencies.

LD_PRELOAD mechanism is not available on IBM machines so we must build with


When linking to Extrae and it's dependencies, the order of libraries is wrong in
the example (extrae/share/examples/MPI/Makefile):

FLIBS = -L$(EXTRAE_HOME)/lib -lmpitracef $(PAPI_LIBS) -L$(XML2_HOME)/lib $


should be:

FLIBS = -L$(EXTRAE_HOME)/lib -lmpitracef $(PAPI_LIBS) -L$(XML2_HOME)/lib $

# Building w/ Extrae
1. Static linking is required (See - line 67 for example)
This file is in the ~parafem/parafem/build directory.
2. Ensure all environment variables are set before building (See for example)

# Running w/ Extrae
1. Ensure you have a configuration XML file for Extrae (See extrae.xml for example)
2. Check the binary defined in the XML (See extrae.xml - line 66 for example)
3. Ensure the job script points to the XML file (See - line 3 and line
4. Submit as usual.