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Copyright (c) 2000 Robbins Research International, Inc. All rights reserved. -
Revised January 2003.

This file contains important, late-breaking information about RPM Version 2.2. A
separate Pre-Release Findings file is also included on your disc and lists some
aberrations we found just before the release and any work arounds to provide you
with alternative solutions to keep you moving forward with your plans. We
recommend that you read these files and keep a printed copy with your other
documentation. For additional information about installing and running the Rapid
Planning Method (RPM) Life Management Software, use the information below.

Welcome to RPM Version 2.2

This read me file has four sections

ESPECIALLY FOR USERS RUNNING RPM 2.1P. This is particularly important if you have
installed a previous version of RPM. Please review the installation information
carefully before installing your 2.2 version software. Set up for email is also
outlined in this section of the READ ME information.
2. New Features in RPM 2.2 - This does not list all of the features of the software
but highlights some of the changes from prior versions. The most notable being
that RPM is compatible with Microsoft XP Operating System.
3. Getting Started - Using RPM as a tool to help you attain results that you desire
and deserve. Send data email set up information.
4. Notable Items - These are items that may appear to operate differently than
other programs that you have used. For example, RPM includes right click functions
for most every screen and for different sections on each screen.

Please check your system to ensure that you get the most out of RPM.


Computer Processor - 486 with a 120 MHz processor
Memory - For Windows 98/2000/XP: 32 MB of RAM and for Windows NT: 32 MB of RAM

Hard Disk - 30 MB of available hard disk drive space for standard installation
Operating System - U.S. Applications only. Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP or NT 4.0
Peripherals - 2X CD-ROM Drive Keyboard and Mouse
Display - 8 Bit / 256-color
Audio Sound card - 8 Bit/22KHz Mono
Internet Browser Microsoft Explorer

Computer Processor - Pentium with a 120 MHz Processor
Memory - For Windows 98/2000/XP: 48 MB RAM and for Windows NT: 64 MB of RAM
Hard Disk - 30 MB of available hard disk drive space for standard installation
Operating System U. S. Applications only Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP or NT. 4.0
Peripherals - 2X CD-ROM Drive Keyboard and Mouse
Display - 16 Bit / 32K-color
Audio Sound card - 8 Bit/22KHz Mono
Internet Browser - Microsoft Explorer

If you are running a version 2.1p of RPM or are not sure which version of software
you are running please take a moment and identify the version number/letter that
you are running. To check this, click on About (under the Help menu for some
versions). Once you determine that you are running version 2.1p or a different
version you should follow the order of installation as identified below before as
we have created a new patch to make sure that people with the 2.1p version can move
to the 2.2 version without losing any My Enterprise data. If you have a different
version of the software and want to be certain you will also see the installation
order listed below. This is not a difficult process but the order that you install
each item is important so that if you are using version 2.1p you are able to
preserve all of you're my Enterprise Flash report data.

To locate each of the different patches listed in your file click on Explorer and
find RPM after you have installed the disk or downloaded the patch and before you
run set up for any of the next versions.

Then click on the Setup folder in the exact order listed below. If you wish to
have assistance through this process we invite you to contact our Technical Support
line to set up an appointment.

A. If you are running RPM 2.1P

RPM 2.2-FP PATCH.exe: the patch for RPM 2.1p users to upgrade to 2.2.
Only 2.1p users should use this. Install RPM 2.2FP and open ALL of your RPL files
and save them to convert them to the correct format. This version will open 2.1p
files correctly, but not other 2.1 files. Then, proceed to install the RPM 2.2
patch as below and open each RPL file to have the exact same version as other 2.2
users. Both patch installations are required if you were running RPM 2.1p.

B) If you have installed the RPM 2.2 FP or are currently using RPM 2.0 version or
RPM 2.2 PATCH.exe: Use this patch to upgrade from RPM 2.0 or better to RPM 2.2. If
you don't have version 2.1p then you do not need to download or install RPM 2.2fp
this is the only installation that you will need.

If you have OPA or versions of before RPM 2.0 installed then you should be aware
that your data won't convert to this new program.

PROGRAM NOTE: CANI Data from RPM versions issued before 2.0 and OPA files cannot
be imported due to the numerous changes to the data logic. Windows installer may
require you to reboot your system

Before you run the setup program, PLEASE MAKE A BACK UP COPY OF YOUR EXISTING DATA


If you are running Windows NT, you must have the Windows Messaging option
installed. (Outlook and similar e-mail software will do this for you
Here's how to set up your computer for Windows Messaging:
Click Start; point to Settings; click Control Panel.
Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.
Select the Windows NT Setup tab.
Scroll through the list and find Windows Messaging.
If its check box is checked, the components have been installed; so go to step 5.
If its check box is not checked, click it.
Click OK.
In the Control Panel, double-click the Internet Options icon.
Click the Programs tab.
From the drop-down menu for e-mail, select the program you use to send and receive
Click OK.
Restart RPM.
Note: If you do not have e-mail software installed, you should still be able to
send your data to other users if you have installed the Windows Messaging
components and have selected Internet Explorer or Netscape as your e-mail program.


Many of RPM's cells have a right-click pop-up menu that allows you to "Send
Data...". When you select this option, RPM launches your windows e-mail system and
attaches the object you want to an email with pre-populated fields so you can add
to it or send the data as a special .rpl file. This system does not work with
America Online since the attachment set up differs from Windows based email.
The user may open the email for your message and import the rpm file.
When importing the file, the user saves the file to the desktop, and then drags the
file into an open RPM file. At this time, the user may use the RPM Block mover
dialog (accessed by right-clicking an RPM Block) to place the imported RPM block
into a different day or section.
Some "Send Data..." functions executed on a cell send just the text rather than the
entire object. Magic Moments sent from the Celebrate screen are exported in this


RPM is now compatible with the Microsoft Windows XP Operating system.

Archive - RPM creates an archive of your file daily and the default setting is to
never delete any archive files. Archive files are full files and should a power
outage or other disruption occur, the Archive file is a great way to view data from
the previous day or your most recent use. Depending on your use habits you may
decide to save hard drive space and archive files weekly or every 15 days. The
Archive is supplemental and does not replace good back up and saving habits. More
details on this feature are found within the Help file under Getting Started
Application Basics.

Help file revisions - The Help file has been revised. It still gives you the RPM
philosophy but the Tour is now consolidated and part of the Step by Step so the
screen shots and information are all together to minimize clicking. A How To
section has been added and FAQ's have been consolidates so they are all in one
place. Some descriptions have also changed such as the My Life Section. If you
have a question that you need answered we encourage you to use the Help file as a
first step.

Commit Screen defaults to show Results only. You can still view the Must Actions
or action items if you prefer but we encourage you to try committing by Results
then focusing upon the details when you are actually scheduling. After you commit
by result only you have the option to show results with all actions (On the Capture
screen on the Weekly or Daily Create screens). This enables you to commit with
less detail without losing any of the detail in the process.

Maybe a down arrow keys on the scheduler or project list move you back and forward
a day, a week, a month or through your projects.

Daily Celebrations now remain on the Celebrations screen for the entire month so
that you can find them easier and don't need to run through each day to find them!

Find functionality details have been added to make finding items easier.

When Action duration times are included on the Create screen they will override the
Result durations so that the times match
Contacts importing fields have been established to follow a set format so once you
select the fields that you want for import purposes your contacts conform to the
screen set up. Some systems like Microsoft Outlook have more options than RPM
contacts but the RPM contacts log allows you to capture information related to the
people in your life within your RPM plans.

For best results with Pop up Help rest your mouse in the data cell near the title
bar to see the popup help. No further action needed.

The Rapid Planning Method - RPM Life Management Software is a mind revolution: it
transforms your massive demands and responsibilities into the exciting realization
that you can accomplish something truly meaningful. It helps you to focus and
define your life by asking yourself new questions. Once you know the results you
are after, discovering how to achieve them becomes immediately clear.

Here's what RPM can help you do:

1) Turn any idea into reality through a simple planning process

2) Allows you to run your Company(s) using RPM software and systems dedicated to
your progress
3) Replace your "to-do" lists with a Weekly and Daily plan that maximizes your time
and rewards your accomplishments
4) Enter all your results and action items once and let your computer automatically
arrange them across different schedules
5) Integrate the planning and the scheduling of personal and professional long-term
and short-term projects
6) Track the Categories or areas of your life to consistently focus on what matters
most to you

... And much, much more.

Time of Your Life Audio Program

If you don't know a thing about RPM then we recommend that you start with The Time
of Your Life audio program, in this program Anthony Robbins explains the philosophy
of the Rapid Planning Method, and guides you through exercises to create your life
plan. If you have been through Time of Your Life and completed the exercises, you
are way ahead of the game, since the life plan you created is RPM data you can use
for your RPM software.

To order the Time of Your Life program, please contact our Product Sales team at 1-
800-519-3510 (1-858-535-6290), or order online at

Additional RPM Help

For additional help documentation and assistance using your RPM software: The RPM web site contains news about RPM and additional
helps for the RPM software. Go directly to this site by clicking under the Help
file menu on the link titled: Go To

RPM Technical Support: Contact RPM Technical Support if you need additional
technical assistance with your software. Technical Support is available Monday to
Friday, 8am to 5pm, Pacific Time.

Phone: 858-713-6315
The RPM Life Planner forum at This monitored
forum is a great place to discuss anything at all about the RPM Life Planner system
with other RPM aficionados or novices alike.


Cell alignment - When entering data in some fields the cell data may look out of
place or cover data but will fall into place once you strike the Enter key.

Data shifts- You may notice that the screen shifts to realign data when changing
from Screen to Screen. In many cases there is a message to alert you of Loading
Data but this message does not show on all screens.

Durations from Project Screens are not transferred into Weekly or Daily plans.

Items show on the Schedule screens when committing - Committed items from the
project level also appear on the Weekly Schedule screen under the Committed
Results/Actions list. From there they can be directly scheduled onto the weekly

Create screen times will be altered to fit 15 minute increments. If you allow 20
minutes for a call - it will be revised to fit a 15-minute increment when setting
up the schedule. Using 15-minute increments at the outset will help you match your
plan to your schedule better.


RPM 2.1 Read Me


A. Import and Export Contacts and Schedule information between Microsoft Outlook
and RPM
B. Import and Export RPM Blocks, Projects from one software file to another enables
you to share files with others easier.
C. Manage your files better using "Save As" to separate data when necessary.
D Flash Reports have been changed so that you are able to view all of them at once;
Right click on a report to go to it; Edit it if needed; and Delete reports.
E. Schedule - Projects flow directly into your weekly plan once committed. This
allows you to coordinate projects into your weekly plans easier.
F. Celebrate daily and weekly achievements by Results only or by Results with
G. Pop-up Help text when activated will give new users hints on how to best use RPM
H. Auto Back up makes routine back up easier
I. Auto Recovery maximizes file recovery should an incident occur that affects your
file and minimizes re-entry of repetitive data


A. Password protection allows you to maintain your privacy.

B. Define quarters of the year to match the fiscal year end of your business.
C. Power Virtues were removed from the Driving Force - My Vision Screen.
D. Commit screen Results/Actions are now frozen on the screen so you can see the
actions with out losing your place as you scroll through the time slots.
E. Scheduling functions have been changed for easier operation.
One click moves an item.
Two clicks edit an item.
Move a specific item using control key to see how it will fit in on the open
calendar date.
Dialog box time will default to the amount of time allocated on the commit screen;
Add more all day events without interfering with specific appointments on that
F. Time Artistry Actual times will always default to the "estimated times" unless
G. User defined width settings will stay fixed until you change them.
H. Small and Large fonts allow you another view option.
I. Find out about RPM web updates through your browser to a link to our website.
(Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer)
J. My Enterprise - Quarterly Planning Steps now relate to each company separately.
Data in this section of prior versions of RPM will be transferred to a file
called Global Data so you can cut and paste it where it belongs.

PROGRAM NOTE: CANI Data from previous versions of RPM and OPA files cannot be
imported due to the numerous changes to the data logic. RPM or OPA won't export
Weekly or Daily items that are not assigned to Projects, so if you have entries in
these sections that you want to export, create Projects for them.

Before you run the setup program, PLEASE MAKE A BACK UP COPY OF YOUR EXISTING DATA


The following data will not currently transfer to RPM:

A. Information in the CANI! Section
B. Data contained in the OPA software in sections not existing in the RPM software;
e.g. Driving Force, More Fulfillment, Decision Maker, Game Plan, Enterprise OPA
screens. Driving Force in OPA software will not transfer to RPM Driving Force.
C. Weekly and Daily Planner data
D. Committed and scheduled data
You will be able to export data from your Journal, Communication Plan, and Project


A. Before transferring your OPA data to RPM, please do the following:

1) Move your Weekly and Daily RPM/OPA blocks to a project. They will export as a
project. You can move them back to your Weekly and Daily Planners in RPM.
2) Print out your CANI! data, so that you can reenter that data into RPM. If you
were using OPA you can run both the OPA software and the RPM software
simultaneously, so you can cut/copy/paste your OPA data into the RPM software.
3) Print out your Project, Weekly and Daily Planner's Commit and Schedule screens,
so that you can reenter that data into this new version of RPM.

You will still be able to access your OPA application and data file.

B. Transferring Data from RPM -

If you are using previous versions of RPM double click on the Setup.exe to install
the program. This will allow you to open your .rpl file into the new version of the
software. If you want to keep your previous version of RPM it will stay on your
hard drive unless you change it by uninstalling that version.

C. Transferring Data from OPA

If you are upgrading from OPA to RPM, you can move your data to the new software
with just a few clicks. Please contact RPM Technical Support at or 858-713-6315 for assistance in transferring your
OPA data.

If you plan on continuing to use the OPA Palm interface software, do not run the
OPA 1.8-E setup program. If you plan on continuing to use the OPA Palm interface
software, please contact RPM Technical Support at
<> or 858-713-6315 for assistance in
transferring your OPA data.

PROGRAM NOTE: CANI Data from previous versions of RPM and OPA files cannot be
imported due to the numerous changes to the data logic OPA-e won't export Weekly or
Daily items that are not assigned to Projects, so if you have entries in these
sections that you want to export, create Projects for them.

If you have problems using the software or any questions about how the RPM works,
please call Technical Support at (858) 713-6315 or send email to You are entitled to 5 hours of free technical
support with your purchase. If you require additional assistance service plans are

For questions about purchasing the RPM Life Management Software or if you need a
serial number, please call The Anthony Robbins Companies at (800) 898-8669 Ext.

Find out more on the World Wide Web at:


New in RPM Life Management Software Version 2.0

My Driving Force helps you connect to your overall lifetime purpose and compels you
to reach your ultimate goals. As you use the RPM system, refer to this section
every week before you begin the planning process.

My Life combines and is the overall heading for what was CANI Personal and CANI
Professional in previous versions of the software. MY LIFE includes and separates
both of these life management areas.

My Enterprise enables you to run your company(s) using RPM. Utilize the power of
RPM with tools specifically related to the management of your organization while
keeping your personal/professional aspirations and life planning separate.

Help User Guide - indexed and searchable information Help allows you to find out
the best way to use your software while you are working in it. User Guide was
offered for this version but is no longer available.

Time Artistry-- Compare weekly time you actually spend on various roles/RPM blocks
with your estimated time. Use this tool to help you measure and balance the time
you spend on what matters to you most.

Spell Check - enables you to check your spelling in a screen or entire sections
Flash Reports- organizes and provides an overview of your flash reports and
includes a separate detail screen.
Celebrate/Journal Contents -- Completed RPM blocks are automatically sent into the
Celebration screen. Now you can click these items into Magic Moments or Journal
Contents. Once in Journal Contents screen they are sorted by date.

Printing - Now using Crystal Reports on new screens to enhance printing formatting
and appearance.

Find - Allows you to conduct a word or letter search to reconnect you to the right
place in the software application.


Scheduling and Calendar - Now it is easier to add random events, you are able to
drag items to change times, set reminders, and the system automatically alerts you
to overlapping events. The Monthly calendar can be viewed by time or as a pie
chart graphic format to reveal your general availability at a glance.

Home Screen - You can always go home by clicking on the gold RPM icon in the upper
right of the screen-- Home now shows you an overview status of your most important
results and commitments for the week.

Contacts log - Now you are able to track commitments made to you or that you made
to others - you are reminded of commitments you made on the Home screen too.

Status indicators - Category screens include color coded indicators to show you
your progress towards completion of your projects or RPM blocks at a glance - click
on the color indicator and see detailed notes of your progress, communications or

Must Results-- replaces the term Key Results in all Sections of the software except
for the Key Result Areas within the Projects section.

Adjust the width of any column while you are working in RPM.

Defer incomplete RPM blocks to next week by right clicking.

PROJECT - MODIFY A PROJECT DIALOG BOX - Added Division Team When you want to modify
a project a dialog box appears on screen. To modify the project you select a Must
Result from a menu list (that is an overall Must Result), which belongs to an Area
of Management. If working within a Company and within a Division team for one of
your Company Categories you can assign the Division Team in this dialog box.

New in RPM Life Management Software 1.3

New Features Implemented:

The Personal and Professional Areas of Management have been limited to one area
each, thus simplifying the process of managing categories.
The Category list has been modified so that the user can quickly cycle through the
The "Add to Keywords" function in the Journal has been improved.
The global result/purpose/roles list was upgraded to a matrix of cells, not just a
text field, improving usability
The application now remembers which Category/Project you were on last and defaults
to it.
We've optimized horizontal spacing on the Create screens to provide maximum room
for Actions.
We've improved the appearance of RPM blocks via a border. The option was created to
export RLP from OPA - with or without completed projects.
The export function was modified to send OPA (KR/KRA) data to CANI Capture in RPM.
Added a warning dialog when deleting CANI categories (and elsewhere).
Scheduled items will now show a visible sign of completion when marked as done in
the Create section.

New in RPM Life Planner 1.1

Recent Improvements:

AOM/Project pop-up refresh problem repaired from all navigation points

Fixed a spelling error: Project dialog box "meny" changed to "menu"
Changed name of Quadrant 1 of the Home Screen
Changed the colors of specific project cells on the Home screen
Changed Category of Fulfillment description "COI/COF" to "Master Category"
The name of the active report in the reports screen is now shown
Fixed vertical cell crunching in Project Must screen
Some printing problems have been fixed
Serial number calculation in Release builds has been modified
Fixed problems with "Add to Keyword" in Journal (further changes pending)
We investigated and repaired some MAPI (mail) problems
Fixed some small memory Leaks
Fixed Priority column problems
Repaired system for scrolling of large amounts of data
Fixed edit control to prevent jumping around while adding/editing data

New Features Implemented:

Global Roles list is now available
Add feature to copy all role results to Create item/screen

Note: These pop-up lists have been moved to a Sub Menu to un-clutter the pop-up

What's New in RPM 1.0?

Home Screen
The new Home Screen offers four critical displays at a glance: Your Most Important
Actions Scheduled Today, Leverage Summary for This Week, Active Projects This Week,
and My Commitments This Week. These four displays refresh on the specific
intervals described and will provide a consistent and familiar reminder each time
that you start the software. These will appear blank each time you create a new
file because there is not any data stored.

Pop-Out Calendar
The date always appears under the button near the center-top of the screen. When
clicked, the Pop-Out Calendar appears and allows you to easily move to any date.
In addition, you can jump to Today's date with one click, and you can see what day
or within what week a specific day falls.

Print Preview
The Print Preview function allows you to see what your printout will look like when
it prints.

Column Resizing
Many data columns in the software can be horizontally resized to provide more
space. This is done by hovering over the split between columns at the top of a
table and the cursor will change to a dual-facing arrow. This effect is temporary
and the software will revert after restart.

Numerous improvements have been made to the scheduling system. When you are in a
specific schedule, such as Daily or Weekly, you can easily switch between these
periods. In many cases, the Pop-Out Calendar is also integrated into the
scheduling system.

The Contact area now includes an Index page with the most common field types such
as Email and Office Phone and a Details page that offers a much more detailed view
of the information about that contact.

Communications Log
The Communications Log now allows you to see the person in focus as you enter your
commitments and items to be completed.

The new Reports area initially contains seven standard reports in three areas:
Results, Projects and Leverage. These reports are created on demand and offer a
powerful view of the plans that are in progress.

Status Indicators
The status indicators on the Create screen now allow you to designate items as
Done, In Progress, Abandoned, or None. You can then easily glance at an RPM Block
and know the status of each Action or Result.

Defer Item
When Action items need to be carried over to the next day or week, the Defer
command sends all uncompleted Actions to the next sequential time period and
creates a new follow-up block called "Uncompleted Actions from Last Day/Week".

The Celebrate screen now tracks the Daily and Weekly Results completed and also
allows you to capture your successes and victories. Any of these can be converted
to Magic Moments, which can be sent to your Journal for that day.

Attach Notes
The Attach Notes function is a valuable tool for feedback and reminders. You can
attach a note to any Action or Result, which can be used for comments from others
or to add information for your own use.

Send Data
The Send Data capability makes use of existing email software if you have it. When
you activate this command, the software will open a new email message and attach
the selected data to send to another person. The recipient simply opens the
attachment when they get it and can send it back with comments if needed.

This README file will be continuously updated as we continue to improve this

software. Look here each time you upgrade to find the latest information.

If you encounter unexpected challenges or errors in the software, please contact

Technical Support (see next page for number and email info) and provide the
following information:

1.Serial number of the software

2.Version number of the software
3.Computer description
4. Location where you experienced the problem
5.Specific steps taken prior to the error condition
6. If you can repeat the error condition
7.Your phone number and email address

Currently Unavailable in RPM Version 1.0 /1.1

For a variety of reasons, we have selectively removed certain standard and
experimental components from the original program. Therefore, these have been
excluded in this initial release. The following is a list of some of the more
significant components that are not in this release:

The Windows of Opportunity

The Decision Maker
The Game Plan
Palm Pilot(tm) Import/Export
Contacts Import/Export (Available in Version 2.1)
Flash Reports (Available in Version 2.0)
More Fulfillment and My Driving Force (Available in Version 2.0)
Help System (Available in Version 2.0)

(c) 2000 Robbins Research International, Inc. All rights reserved.