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Metis Petition of September 2, 1880

This is a September 2, 1880 Petition from Peter LaPierre and other Metis concerning Metis land claims that subsequently goes unanswered by the government. This petition was addressed to the Marquis of Lorne, "This humble petition of Peter LaPierre, Simon Blondin, John Fisher, Alexander Fisher, John Simpson, Xavier Denomme, and others, Halfbreeds of Qu'Appelle Settlement.

To His Excellency Governor Alexander Morris.

YOUR EXCELLENCY, - The Half-breeds of the Lakes Qu'Appelle and environs, offer you to-day their homage, and submit to you the following petitions, which they present in their name and in the name of all their brethren scattered over the prairies. And beseech you to give them a favorable hearing, and to remember them in the various arrangements that the Government may make with the Indians.

They ask you, 1st, That the Government allow to the Half-breeds the right of keeping the lands which they have taken or which they may take along the River Qu'Appelle. The right of fishing in all the lakes of the above mentioned river. The right of hunting freely in the prairies west and south-west of the lakes Qu'Appelle without being arbitrarily hindered by the Indians but only in virtue of the regulations that the Indians, in concert with the Half-breeds and the Government, shall establish hereafter for the good of all. The right of trading at the Lakes and environs of the Lakes Qu'Appelle.

They ask, 2nd, That the Roman Catholic Mission may have the free and tranquil enjoyment of its possessions and participate in all the privileges and rights of the Half-breeds.

They ask, 3rd, That the Government, in concert with the Indians and the Half- breeds, do make with regard to winter quarters and Buffalo hunting laws which will be of great use to all, such as to prevent wintering too far out in the prairies, and to compel every one to start together for the chase, & c., & c.

Moreover, that the Government establish an authority composed of persons who have the confidence of the people of the place, and charged to manage the affairs of the country, make its laws, see that they are put in force and judge differences.

In all these demands the half-breeds have no intention of depriving the Indians of their rights, but merely claim the recognition and respect of their own, and are disposed to live with the Indians, as with brothers and with friends.

Hoping that these demands will be favourably received, they beg Your Excellency to accept the assurance of their profound respect for you, and of their perfect submission to your Government.



Full list of signatures:

Pierre LaPierre Simon Blondin Sen. John Fisher Alexander Fisher Louison Blondin Zacherie Blondin Napoleon Blondin Antoine Fayant Sen. Joseph Blouin Xavier Denomme Jean Blondin Napoleon Hamelin Isaie Poitras Francois Desmarais Samuel Turcotte William Fayant Antoine Fayant Jun. Jean Louis Fayant Francois St. Denis Sen. Baptiste Robillard Francois St. Denis Jun. Joseph Racette Charles Racette Sen. Toussaint Gallerneau Thomas LaPierre Jean Bapt. Dauphinais Baptiste Laliberte Norbert Welsh Isadore Plante Jean Sinclair Sen. Mathias Sansregret Alex. Pellitier Hilaire Boucher Edouard St. Germain Augustine Brabant Sen. Augustine Brabant Jun. Michel Desjarlais Edbert Desjarlais

William Fisher Geo. Fisher (John’s son) Moise Vallee Charles Desjarlais James Grant Clement Pelletier Antoine Larocque Sen. Antoine Larocque Jun. Jean Sinclair Jun. Louison Flammand Maxime Flammand Pierre Poitras Jun. William Daniel Modeste Daniel Joseph Daniel Alexis McKay Joseph Parisien Roderick Ross Pierre Ross Roderick Ross Jun. Pierre Ross Alfred Fisher John Simpson Jun. Andrew Klyne George Fisher Sen. St. Pierre Poitras Bte. Desjarlais Pierre Desjarlais Isadore Desjarlais Joseph Poitras Joseph Pellerton Bouvette Pierre Pellitier Napoleon Pellitier Joseph James Grant St. Pierre Blondin Ambroise Blondin Stanislaus Desjarlais Joseph Racette Sen.

Michel Desjarlais Thos Sinclair Francois St. Denis Sen. Alexis Honore Cuthbert St. Denis Francois Morin Xavier Morin Xavier Plante Pierre Bonneau Sen. Pierre Bonneau Jun. Charles Bonneau Julien Bonneau Baptiste Morin Camille Morin Archy Klyne Theophile Klyne Elie Bliouin Gregoire Ledoux Pierre Fisher

Joseph Marion R.T. Marion Daniel Dumas Lazarus Laliberte Joseph Delorme Thomas Desjarlais Mathias Desjarlais Alex Larocque William Larocque Edward Brabant William Daniel Jun. Joseph LaPierre Theophile LaPierre Thomas Kavenaugh on behalf of Elisa Klyne, his wife Thomas Kelly, on behalf of his wife Veronique Klyne Joseph Hugomardt Ptre, O.M.I Louis Boucher

114 signatures (includes 2 wives listed)

O.M.I Louis Boucher 114 signatures (includes 2 wives listed) Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute