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Important points from Adjustable Pushrod Suspension System

By adding a weight equal to the sprung mass of the car and measuring the static deflection, the
Natural Frequency could be calculated and must fall between the following ranges.

-60 to 90 CPM for Soft ride qualities, Street use

-120 to 200 CPM for Stiff ride qualities, Track use

All suspension components were designed to meet the industry standards of 5 G’s shock loading on
any wheel.

The bell crank was designed so that the pushrod in both the soft and firm setting locations would
transmit the force from the pushrod into the bell crank at a 90˚ angle. The spring and shock
assembly was also mounted at a 90˚ angle to the bell crank so that the forces were almost
completely transmitted into the spring and damper rather than into the frame.


Lower A Arm

Push Rod geometry