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Student’s Name :
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Faculty / Group : AS246 (3B)
Lecturer’s Name : Madam Nur Maizura Binti Lin

Title : Accepting People with Disability

General purpose : To persuade accepting people with disability
Specific purpose : To persuade my audience to understanding and accept people with
Central idea : People with disability feel like they are a social outcast


I. At one evening, I went to playground with my cousin. She was playing at the playground
like always until one little girl came with her mother. As usual, my cousin will approach
people and started asking the girl’s name. He keep repeating the same question and the
mother seems uncomfortable by my cousin action. So, I rushed to them and said my
cousin is a special kid which is autistic. Surprisingly, the mother asked her child to not
talk to my cousin or else she will be as stupid as my cousin.
A. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder defined by deficits in social,
communication and cognitive skills.
B. About 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism according to estimate
from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Autism and Development
Disabilities Monitoring Network Malaysia.
II. I have done some research on this issue. These is increased awareness amongst
Malaysian parents currently.
A. According to recent statistic, there are 300000 people on the autism spectrum in
Malaysia. (Ministry of Health)
B. National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) has reported increased intake of
children with unpublished data in their organization.
III. So that why we should change our mindset about accept people with disability.
1. We need to accept people with disability because they also human and
sometimes they even get sad for being alone.
2. Autistic people often struggle with social skills, sensory issues,
meltdowns/shutdowns, energy levels, anxiety and other thing.
3. The truth is, they have gifts and talents, and just like everyone else
they want to be loved and accepted by family and peers.
4. I think the hardness thing for other people to accept about autism is
they may speak differently, shy away from the crowd or they might
seem scary and uncomfortable for people that not familiar with autism
IV. So today, I would like to persuade everyone of you here to start accepting people with
disability because it might happen to our family member in future. There are differences
exits in people, but we are all human. Have you guys been approach by a disable people?


I. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you why you need to accepting people with
A. Usually, people with disability and their parent fear with public reaction. Some
parent felt unwelcome in the public.
1. The challenges many families deal with to advocate for their loved ones for
example money to give best treatment for them.
2. Their parent must pay attention to the joys, observations and a lot time to
spend and how to find solutions to help the child.
a. An article in The Star Online said “In some cases one parent will
not be able to accept the child, perhaps due to ego issues or pride”.
b. This is because they have missed a social engagement because of
fear about what the public reaction to their child will be.
c. Hence, some parent have been asked to leave a public space due to
their child’s behavior and makes people act awkwardly and also
drift ways from us.
B. Autistic people often struggle with social skills, sensory issues, and sometimes
they might be aggressive.
1. They need support from school and organizations to teach children skills to
help them reintegrate into the community.
a. For example, parent can do homeschool where parent act as teachers
or employing specialized teachers or send to community based
2. Autistic people have their own gifts and talents. Their skills can create
opportunities for better future especially related to find job.
a. An article in The Star Online said, ‘Bake With Dignity’s shop in
Bandar Sunway is employs 11 bakers with Down Syndrome and
autism. One of them is employed full-time and while the others work
as part-time.
b. For those who need more support and non-verbal, they will work in
the kitchen and those who can serve customer and work at the cash
register will work at the front and help out in the kitchen.
II. There are several ways how to talk to an autistic person. Autistic people may appear
strange or intimidating to other, but they can be quite fun and charming once you get to
know them. This guide will help explain how to talk to them.
A. Firstly, you need to avoid touching them unexpectedly. Some autistic people are
highly sensitive to touch, and even a friendly pat on the back can feel alarming or
1. Feel free to ask the autistic person what their likes and boundaries are. For
example, some autistic people are distracted by a hand on their shoulder,
while others love bear hugs. Try asking first. ‘Would you like a hug?’
.This gives them the change to decline if they are feeling too overwhelmed

2. Besides that, find a peaceful area to hang out. Autistic person might have
trouble filtering out ambient noises and sights. Thus, it is good idea to
hang out in quieter place, so they can better focus on the conversation.
a. Pay attention if they say they cannot handle something. If they say it,
they mean it.
b. Sometimes autistic people have a hard time understanding when they
are overwhelmed. If you notice that they look stressed, take them
somewhere less overwhelming.

B. Speak clearly and understandably is a way to talk with them. While some autistic
people have no barriers to typical conversation, others may not understand
everything you say.
1. You need to be respectful and be willing to repeat yourself if they did not
catch what you said.
a. Use your normal tone of voice and avoid talking to adults in baby
2. Here are some difficulties they may face if we not speak clearly to them. They
may face speech processing issues. Regardless of their vocabulary, it may take
them time to translate sounds into meanings in their heads. Allow for pauses
in the conversation, to give them time to think and react.

III. Well, what will happen to them if we do not accepting people with disability?
A. The most important point if we do not accepting autistic individuals they may have no
potential to grow and improve. Their progress through life may be slower than others.
B. Left untreated, many autistic children will not develop effective social skills and may
not learn to talk or behave appropriately.
1. Autism Behavioural Centre (ABC) founder Charlene Samuel, is now the first
intervention centre in Malaysia with 45 rooms and 19 therapists.
C. And of course we do not want autistic children living in one’s own world. In severe
cases, young children may not interacted with others, or treat people as objects.

I. As a conclusion, I urge you to accept people with disability more.

II. If this happen, disable people will not feel like they are a social outcast.
III. There are so many special day to celebrate them such as Down Syndrome Day and
Autism Awareness Month.
IV. Let take this chance to give more hope and spread more love to them. So that even the
family of disable people feel like they are welcome in the society.
V. Remember that at the basis of every person are the similarities we all share for
being human, and that includes people with disability.


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