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Spelling Bee Word List 2017-2018

# word Part of Definition

1 aardwolf n A striped, hyena-like mammal of S Africa.
2 Abaction n The action of cattle-stealing.
3 abarticular adj Meaning not connected with joint.
4 Abditive adj Meaning remote; hidden.
5 accelerometer n An instrument measuring acceleration.
6 accretion n A growth, especially by addition from outside.
7 adenoids An enlargement of lymphatic tissues at back of
8 Aeolus n The Greek god of the wind.
9 affenpinscher n A European breed of small dogs with wiry hair.
10 afrormosia n A hard wood, similar to teak, from tropical
African trees.
11 aftershave n A liquid applied after shaving, to scent the skin of
the face.
12 Agadir n A port and city in Morocco.
13 agammaglobulinemia n The absence of gamma globulin in blood.
14 aggravate v To irritate or anger somebody, especially with a
continuing or trivial annoyance.
15 ahoy int An expressing greeting: used by sailors.
16 aikido n A martial art originating in Japan that is similar
to judo but incorporates blows made with the
hands and feet.
17 airdrome n A small airfield with limited facilities.
18 alanine n A crystalline water-soluble amino acid that is a
constituent of various proteins and can also be
produced by humans and animals.
19 albeit conj Used to add information that is different to what
you have already said.
20 Albury-Wodonga n An urban area in southeastern Australia .
21 baccalaureate n A bachelor’s degree in university.
22 barbecue n Equipment for cooking outdoors.
23 barbiturate n A sedative and hypnotic drug.
24 Baton Rouge n Capital city of Louisiana.
25 bayou n A marshland in the southern United States.
26 beepilepsy n A spasm or tic caused by beeps or constant
similar sounds.
27 beleaguer v To annoy or make someone feel harassed.
28 belligerent adj To be hostile and aggressive.
29 bellwether n An indicator of future developments.
30 bereavement n To be deprived of someone because of death.
31 beryllium n Metallic chemical element.
32 bicarbonate n Carbonic acid salt. Also called hydrogen
33 bioluminescent adj Emitting light by a living organism.
34 biorhythm n The natural cyclical physiological charge in
35 blasphemously adv Disrespectful of sacred things.
36 blastocyst n A mammal in the embryonic stage of growth.
37 boisterous adj Noisy, energetic, full of enthusiasm.
39 boletus n A fungus like a mushroom.
40 bologna n Smoked sausage made of mixed meats.
41 caber n a long thick wooden pole used in Scottish
Highland Games in an event known as “tossing
the caber,” in which contestants have to throw a
caber end over end.
42 cable-laid adj used to describe thick ropes made of three
thinner ropes, each with three strands, twisted
together counterclockwise.
43 cachepot n a decorative container for a flowerpot.
44 cachou n a perfumed pastille or lozenge taken to sweeten
the breath.
45 cack-handed adj An informal term meaning naturally left-handed.
46 caddis worm n a larva of a caddis fly. It lives in water inside a
protective silken case that is covered with sand
and debris.
47 Caddo n a member of a confederacy of Native Americans
in central Oklahoma who formerly lived in the
Red River area of Arkansas, Louisiana, and East
48 cadge v to scrounge or beg something from somebody.
49 cadmium n a soft malleable toxic bluish-white metallic
chemical element found in zinc, copper, and lead
50 caecilian n a limbless tropical amphibian that looks like an
earthworm, has small or no eyes, and burrows in
the soil.
51 Caernarvonshire n former county of Wales.
52 caftan n a full-length tunic or robe for men, usually made
of rich fabric, worn chiefly in eastern
Mediterranean countries.
53 cagoule n a lightweight hooded waterproof top that often
folds up and can be carried easily.
54 caisse populaire n in Québec and other French-speaking parts of
Canada, a financial institution resembling a
credit union
55 caitiff n a coward.
56 Cajun n a native of Louisiana who is descended from the
French colonists exiled from Acadia, Canada, in
the 18th century.
57 calabrese n a variety of green broccoli.
58 calamanco n a glossy woolen fabric with a checked pattern on
one side.
59 calcifuge n plant that prefers an acidic soil, or will not grow
in chalky soil.
60 caldarium n the hot room in an ancient Roman bathhouse.
61 da capo adv to be played or sung again from the beginning of
the passage or piece.
62 dabber n a pad used by engravers and printers to apply ink
or color.
63 dabchick n a small bird of the grebe family.
64 dacha n a cottage or house in the suburbs or countryside
in Russia.
65 Dacron n a trademark for a synthetic polyester fabric or
66 Daedalus n in Greek mythology, a craftsman and inventor
who built a labyrinth on the island of Crete to
house a half-bull, half-man monster (Minotaur).
67 Dagon n the chief god in Philistine mythology, often
depicted as half man and half fish.
68 Dagwood sandwich n a thick sandwich filled with a variety of meats
and cheeses together with different dressings
and seasonings.
69 dahabeah n a passenger boat or houseboat with sails and
sometimes an engine, used on the Nile.
70 dahlia n a tall perennial plant native to Central America
and Mexico that has large brightly colored
flowers and tuberous roots.
71 debrief v To question somebody closely after a task,
mission, or event has ended.
72 debris n Fragments of something that has been destroyed
or broken down.
73 Diarist n Somebody who writes a diary, especially one that
is published.
74 diaspora n A dispersion of a people, language, or culture
that was formerly concentrated in one place.
75 diastole n The rhythmic expansion of the chambers of the
heart at each heartbeat, during which they fill
with blood.
76 dibranchiate n A mollusk with two gills. Octopus, squid, and
cuttlefish are dibranchiates.
77 dichoptic adj With eyes clearly separated from each other.
78 dicrotism n A physiological condition in which each heartbeat
produces a double pulse, as occurs, for example,
in typhoid fever .
79 dicynodont n An extinct plant-eating reptile with teeth like
80 didgeridoo n An Australian Aboriginal musical instrument
consisting of a long thick wooden pipe that the
player blows into, creating a deep reverberating
humming sound .
81.- ear trumpet n an early type of hearing aid consisting of a
trumpet-shaped device that was held to the ear
82.- Eastern Ghats n mountain range in southeastern India, running
parallel to the Coromandel Coast, with an
average elevation of 600m/2,000 ft
83.- easy-peasy n extremely easy

84.- ebracteate adj used to describe plants that have no bracts

85.- ebullient adj full of cheerful excitement or enthusiasm
86.- ecchymosis n bleeding into surrounding tissue caused by
87.- eccoccino n in Australia, a drink similar to cappuccino made
with a barley- and chicory-based powder Ecco,
instead of coffee
88.- eccremocarpus n a climbing evergreen plant native to Chile and
Peru that is widely cultivated for its decorative
leaves and brightly colored tubular flowers.
89.- echelon n a level of authority or rank in an organization or
the lower echelons of society
90.- echolalia n the compulsive repetition of words spoken by
somebody else, often a sign of psychiatric
91.- educt n a substance extracted from another substance
without chemical alteration
92.- effendi n in Middle Eastern countries, an important or well-
educated man
93.- effulgence n brightness or a brilliant light radiating from
94.- egalitarian adj maintaining, relating to, or based on a belief that
all people are, in principle, equal and should
enjoy equal social, political, and economic rights
and opportunities
95.- egg foo yung n a Chinese dish that combines beansprouts,
onions, meat, and eggs.
96.- eightieth n one of 80 equal parts of something
97.- einsteinium n a synthetic radioactive chemical element, first
identified in 1952. It is usually produced by
irradiating plutonium and other elements.
98.- elate v to make somebody very happy and excited
99.- elenchus n an argument that refutes a proposition by
proving the opposite of its conclusions
100.- elgeurial n a snowboarding trick by which the rider, going
backward, makes a 360-degree rotation
(backside rotation) with the rear hand on the lip
of the snow wall, and lands moving forward
101.- Fabian adj cautious, using delay, or avoiding direct
102.- fabliau n a comic and often bawdy story in verse,
especially of a kind popular in 12th- and 13th-
century France
103.- Face-lift n a surgical operation in which the skin of the face
is pulled back and up to tighten it and remove
104.- facticity n the reality, truth, or truthfulness of something
105.- factious adj liable to cause, taking part in, or typical of
conflict within a group
106.- facula n a large bright extremely hot region on the Sun’s
surface, usually occurring near a sunspot
107.- fado n a type of sad Portuguese folk song
108.- faff about v to waste time by being indecisive or fussing
109.- fahlband n a thin bed of rock that contains metal sulfide
minerals, although not in sufficient quantity to be
used as an ore
110.- faience n earthenware decorated with colored opaque
metallic glazes (often used before a noun)
a faience bowl
111.- fail-soft n used to describe electronic equipment that can
operate at a reduced level after the failure of a
component or power supply
112.- faille n a closely woven silk, cotton, or rayon fabric that
is slightly ribbed
113.- fains int used to call for a truce or claim exemption from
114.- Fair Oaks n district in northeastern Virginia, directly east of
Richmond. It was the site of the Battle of Fair
Oaks and Seven Pines (1862).
115.- Faisalabad n city situated in the Punjab, northeastern
Pakistan, 121 km/75 mi west of Lahore.
116.- falafel n a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas seasoned
with onions and spices, often eaten in pita bread
with lettuce and yogurt or tahini sauce.
117.- falchion n a short sword with a broad slightly curved blade,
used in medieval times
118.- falconine adj relating to, involving, or typical of a falcon
119.- falcula n a curved claw, especially of a bird
120.- faldstool n a folding seat, especially one used by a bishop
when officiating away from his throne or at
another church
121 Gaelic n A Celtic language of the British Isles.
122 gangrene n Local death and decay of soft tissue of the body.
123 gardenesque adj A type of gardening and landscaping.
124 gargoyle n Grotesque animal or figure that is a water spout
from a building.
125 gauze n Finely woven fabric usually used for medical
126 gawkiness n Awkward and clumsy.
127 gazpacho n A chilled Mexican or Spanish soup.
128 gelatigenous adj Producing or causing a gel or gelatin.
129 genealogical adj Dealing with the study of the histories of families.
129 geranium n A plant with brightly colored flowers.
130 geriatrics n The part of medicine that deals with the
treatment of seniors citizens
131 gerontology n The scientific study of aging.
132 gesundheit int. A word said when someone sneezes, German
133 ghastly adj Horrifying or shocking or very upsetting.
134 glimpse n A brief look at something.
135 glistening adj Shining as something that is reflecting light from
a wet surface.
136 globalization n The process by which social or business
institutions work globally.
137 gnarled adj Twisted and full of knots.
138 gnash v To grind your teeth together.
139 gnome n A small statue of a tiny supernatural being used
as an ornament.
140 googolplex n The largest number in English with a name. 1
with 100 zeros.
141 heinous adj Utterly evil, shockingly evil, wicked.
142 heinousness n Utterly evil.
143 hemoglobin n Oxygen transporting substance in the blood.
144 hemophilia n A blood clotting disorder or disease.
145 hemorrhage n Excessive bleeding from a rupture or broken
blood vessel.
146 heterogeneous adj Consisting of dissimilar parts.
147 hierarchy n A formally ranked group, like a King down to a
148 hieroglyphics n A pictorial writing system. (like in ancient Egypt)
149 hodgepodge n A jumble, a mixture of several unrelated things.
150 Homo sapiens n Human beings.
151 hors d’oeuvres n An appetizer, small portion of food before a
152 hryvnia n The Ukrainian unit of currency.
153 humoresque n Whimsical or funny piece of music.
154 hyperglycemia n Too much sugar in the blood.
155 hypochondriac n Somebody with imaginary illnesses.
156 hypothalamus n Part of the brain.
157 hypothecate v to pledge property or goods as security for a debt
without surrendering ownership
158 hypothesis n a tentative explanation for a phenomenon, used
as a basis for further investigation
The hypothesis of the big bang is one way to
explain the beginning of the universe.
159 hypotonic adj with low or diminished muscle tone or tension

160 hypoventilation n Abnormally slow and shallow breathing leading

to a dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide in the
blood .
161 idolater n Somebody who worships idols.
162 ignominious adj Involving a total loss of dignity and pride and
making somebody or something appear
shamefully weak and ineffective.
163 illuvium n Colloids, salts, and other material washed out
from an upper to a lower layer of soil .
164 immature adj Lacking the wisdom or emotional development
normally associated with adults.
165 immobile adj Motionless: without moving.
166 immunodeficiency n The inability, either inborn or acquired, of the
body to produce an adequate immune response
to fight disease.
167 in-law n A relative by marriage.
168 inamorato n A man whom somebody loves or with whom
somebody has a romantic relationship.
169 incarcerate v To put somebody in prison.
170 inconcinnity n Inelegance or unsuitability caused by not being in
171 inconsonant adj Not in harmony or not compatible with
something else .
172 incunabula n The early stages or beginnings of something.
173 indefinitely adv For a length of time that has no fixed or obvious
174 indigenous adj Originating in and typical of a region or country.
175 indite v To write or compose something such as a poem,
letter, or speech..
176 Indra n In Vedic mythology, a powerful warrior god and
the ruler of the sky and weather.
177 ipecac n A South American shrub, the roots of which are a
source of a vomit-inducing medicine .
178 Islamabad n City and capital of Pakistan, situated northeast of
179 jaboticaba n A Brazilian evergreen tree.
180 jaundice n An illness causing yellow skin.
181 kakistocracy n Bad government.
182 kaleidoscope n An optical toy consisting of a tube, mirrors and
colored shapes.
183 keratectomy n Surgical removal of part of the cornea.
184 kibbutznik n A member of a kibbutz. (communal farm / factory
in Israel)
185 kinesiology n The study of the motion and mechanics of the
human body.
186 kitchenware n Utensils for food preparation.
187 kleptomaniac n Somebody with an obsessive desire to steal
188 knapsack n A bag carried on the back.
189 knead v To work dough or clay until it is smooth.
190 knickknack n A small figure, ornament or object.
191 knucklehead n An offensive term for someone considered
192 kumquat n A small Chinese evergreen tree with small yellow
edible fruit.
193 kymatology n The study of ocean waves.
194 kymograph n a device for recording variations in motion or
pressure, for example of blood, consisting
typically of a stylus and a rotating drum
195 kyogen n in Japanese theater, a short farce that is
performed either after or in between No dramas.
196 kyphosis n a permanent curving of the spine that makes
somebody look hunched over
197 Kyrgyz n a member of a traditionally nomadic people
living in Kyrgyzstan and Siberia
198 Kyushu n island of Japan, the most southerly of the four
major Japanese islands.
199 L-dopa n a natural substance that is used to treat
Parkinson’s disease because it is converted to
dopamine in the brain and so increases dopamine
levels, lowered by the disease.
200 LPN n licensed practical nurse
201 La Habra n city in Orange County, southwestern California,
situated 31 km/19 mi northeast of Long Beach
202 labanotation n a method of notating dance movements in detail,
including the placement of the dancer’s body,
direction of movement, tempo, and dynamics
203 labarum n a military banner carried before Roman
emperors, especially one with Christian symbols
that was carried in front of Constantine the Great
as a sign of his conversion to Christianity
204 labdanum n a bitter resinous gum extracted from various
rockroses and used in flavorings and perfumes
205 labellum n the petal of an orchid that is its lowest and
largest and forms a lip
206 labioverlar adj pronounced by constricting the back of the mouth
and closing the lips, as in the sound “kw”
207 labor-intensiive adj involving a relatively high number of workers or
greater costs for labor than for other areas such
as materials, machines, or design
a labor-intensive industry
208 labradorite n a variety of plagioclase feldspar, the color of
which shifts between blue and green depending
on the angle it is seen from
209 labret n an ornament made of bone, shell, or other
materials that is worn pierced through the lip,
especially by some peoples in East Africa and
South America
210 labrish n idle talk or gossip
211 laccolith n a massive intrusion of igneous rock between beds
of sedimentary rock, creating a dome-shaped
212 Lacedaemonian adj relating to the ancient Greek city of Sparta
213 lacy adj made of or decorated with lace
214 lackey n somebody excessively willing to obey another’s
215 laconism n the use of very few words
216 lactescent adj used to describe plants and insects that secrete a
milky substance
217 lactone n any one of several chemical compounds derived
from hydroxy acids, often occurring as the odor-
bearing component of a plant product
218 leachate n a liquid containing soluble material removed
from a solid mixture through which the liquid has
219 lead acetate n a poisonous crystalline compound used in making
paints and varnishes and as a mordant in dyeing
and printing cottons.
220 leadoff n the first move or action in a series, or somebody
who begins something
221 Maat n in Egyptian mythology, the goddess of the
underworld who tests the value of a person’s soul
after death by weighing the heart on an ostrich
222 Mab n in Celtic mythology, the god of light, who
mediates between humankind and the divine
223 macafouchette n food that has been left over from a previous meal
or meals
224 macebearer n an official who carries a mace on ceremonial
225 machinist n somebody whose job involves machining
something or operating a machine or machine
tool, especially in a factory
226 mackle n a blurred or double impression caused by the
movement of paper or type during the printing
227 macrocephaly n the condition of having a head that is excessively
228 Madeira n a sweet or dry wine fortified with brandy, made
on the island of Madeira and usually served as a
dessert wine or after a meal
229 madras n a strong fine fabric of cotton or silk, often with a
woven striped or checked design
230 madrigal n a song with parts for several usually
unaccompanied voices that was popular in
England in the 16th and 17th centuries
231 madumbi n the edible tuber of a plant belonging to the arum
family, cultivated in southern Africa
232 maenad n in ancient Greece, a woman who belonged to the
cult of Dionysus and took part in orgiastic rites
233 magnetopause n the region between the magnetosphere and
outer space
234 Magymar n a member of the Hungarian people that forms
the largest population group of Hungary
235 maharishi n a Hindu religious teacher
236 maim v to inflict a severe and permanent wound on a
person or animal, especially one that renders a
limb unable to move
maimed by a land mine
237 Mainz n historic city and river port in southwestern
Germany, on the Rhine River.
238 majorette n a girl or young woman who marches in front of a
marching band, twirling a baton.
239 makimono n a horizontal Japanese scroll decorated with
paintings or calligraphy
240 Makurdi n town in northern Benue State, eastern central
241 nauseous adj Feeling sick in the stomach and a feeling that you
need to vomit.
242 neighborhood n The area in which you live and the people around
243 nephelometer n An instrument in chemistry measuring particle
size or density.
244 neuralgia n Intermittent nerve pain, often sever.
245 nickelodeon n An early jukebox. A coin operated player piano.
246 nomenclature n The assigning of names to organisms.
247 nuance n A subtle difference, a very slight difference.
248 nub n a knot of fibers in yarn
249 Nuba n a member of any of various peoples inhabiting
the mountains of central Sudan
250 nucellus n the central part of a plant ovule in which the
embryo develops
251 nuclear bomb n a bomb in which the explosive potential is
controlled by nuclear fission or fusion
252 nuclease n an enzyme that breaks down nucleic acids
253 nugatory adj of no importance whatsoever
254 nuisance n an annoying or irritating person or thing
255 null adj having no value or importance
256 nullah n a ditch or ravine in India and other parts of Asia
257 Nullarbor Plain n dry plateau in southern South Australia.
Area: 300,000 sq km/115,831 sq mi.
258 nullification n the act of canceling something out
259 nullipara n a woman who has never given birth to a child
260 number cruncher n somebody whose job consists of performing large
quantities of arithmetic calculations
261 obedience n The act of obeying authority.
262 obligatorily adv Required by law or by a moral or religious rule.
263 obsequious adj An excessive eager to please or to obey all
264 obstetrician n A pregnancy doctor.
265 occurrence n Something that happens.
266 octogenarian n A person in his or her eighties.
267 old-fashioned adj Out of date.
268 omelette n A dish made with beaten eggs.
269 oneiromancy n The divination of the future through dreams.
270 onomatopoeia n The imitation of sound in words like buzz.
271 oodles n A large amount of something.
272 oogamete n A female reproductive cell.
273 ophthalmologist n An eye doctor.
274 opportunistic adj Taking advantage of opportunities.
275 orchidaceous adj Of the orchid family.
276 oscilloscope n A device for measuring wavelength or
277 osmiridium n A hard white mineral, an alloy of osmium and
278 osmometer n an instrument that measures osmotic pressure
279 osmunda n any of several ferns with large spreading fronds,
including the royal and cinnamon ferns.
280 osnaburg n a heavy, coarse cotton cloth, used to make sacks
for grain, upholstery, and draperies
281 packrodder n An angler who treks to remote locations in order
to fish.
282 paddywhack n A bad temper.
283 pahoehoe n Lava that has hardened to form a smooth or
undulating surface.
284 palestra n A public sports ground or gymnasium in ancient
Greece .
285 palsy-walsy n Very friendly, often in an insincere or unpleasant
286 pandowdy n A dish made of sliced apples and spices covered
with a biscuit crust and baked in a deep pan.
287 pantaloon n A character in pantomime who is the victim of
the clown’s jokes and tricks.
288 pantograph n An instrument that consists of a set of adjustable
interconnected bars forming a parallelogram and
is used to copy line drawings or maps to any
289 Pantoum n A form of verse in which the second and fourth
lines of each four-line verse are repeated as the
first and third lines of the following verse .
290 paparazzo n A freelance photographer who follows famous
people hoping to get a newsworthy story,
especially something shocking or scandalous.
291 paraboloid n A mathematical surface in which intersections
with planes produce parabolas, ellipses, or
292 paradidddle n A drum roll in which left and right drumsticks
293 parallelogram n A four-sided plane figure.
294 paramatta n A lightweight fabric made from wool blended
with silk or cotton.
295 Parataxis n Clauses joined without using conjunctions.
296 Parbuckel n A rope sling for lifting or lowering barrels, logs, or
similar objects .
297 pariah n Somebody of low caste.
298 paranomasia n A play on words, especially a pun.
299 peekaboo n A game played to amuse small children, in which
the face is hidden in the hands.
300 peely-wally n Looking pale, sickly, or feeling ill.
301 quadrillion n The number equal to 1015, written as 1 followed
by 15 zeros.
302 qualification n A skill, quality, or attribute that makes
somebody suitable for a particular job, activity,
or task.
303 quandary n A state of uncertainty or indecision as to what to
do in a particular situation.
304 quartersawn adj Used to describe wooden boards sawed from a
log cut into quarters.
305 Queensland n state in northeastern Australia. Originally part of
New South Wales, it became a separate colony in
306 quibble v To argue over unimportant things and make
petty objections.
307 quidditch n A fictional game played in midair.
308 quincunx n An arrangement of five objects in a square, with
four at the corners and one in the center.
309 quinquagenarian n 50 years old, or between the ages of 50 and 59.
310 quirt n A riding whip with a short handle and a braided
leather lash .
311 quisling n a traitor, especially somebody who collaborates
with an occupying force
312 quitclaim n a formal statement renouncing a legal claim
previously made
313 quitrent n in the feudal system, a rent paid by a tenant to a
feudal lord in exchange for being released from
certain feudal obligations
314 quits adj on even terms, especially following the
repayment of a debt
315 quittance n release from a debt or obligation
316 quiverful n a large number of things or people, especially the
full number of children in a large family
317 quixotic adj tending to act on whims or impulses
318 quizzical adj expressing a question or expressing puzzlement
or doubt
a quizzical glance
319 quod n a prison

320 quod erat adv used in a formal conclusion to indicate that a

demonstrandum particular fact is proof of the theory that has just
been been advanced.
321 rabbinism n the teachings of Jewish scholars, especially the
scholars of the Talmudic period
322 rabble-rouser n somebody who stirs up anger, violence, or other
strong feelings in a crowd, especially for political
323 raceme n a flower cluster (inflorescence) in which the
flowers are borne on short stalks along a long
main stem, as they are in the lily of the valley
324 rack-rent n an unreasonably high rent
325 radiance n joy, energy, or good health discernible in
somebody’s face or demeanor
326 readability n a measure of the ease with which a passage or
whole text may be read
327 reagin n a type of antibody involved in allergic reactions
such as hay fever. Reagins are produced
following an initial exposure to an allergenic
substance, and interact with allergenic
substances to trigger the release of histamines,
causing inflammation, swelling, and other
328 realgar n a soft orange-red arsenic ore consisting of
crystalline arsenic sulfide, used in tanning, as a
pigment, and to make fireworks
329 reap v to cut and gather a crop, especially a grain crop,
from the land where it is growing
330 ribavirin n a synthetic antiviral agent that is used to treat
certain viral diseases, notably Lassa fever. It
inhibits the synthesis of DNA and RNA.
331 sabji n a raw or cooked vegetable
332 sabra n a Jewish person who was born in Israel
333 sabulous adj having a gritty texture like sand
334 sacaton n a coarse perennial grass grown in the
southwestern United States and Mexico and used
for hay and pasture in dry alkaline areas.
335 saccade n a rapid irregular movement of the eye as it
changes focus moving from one point to another,
for example, while reading
336 sachem n a chief of a Native North American people or
confederation, especially of Algonquian people
337 sackbut n a wind instrument with a long slide like a
trombone, played in medieval times
338 sacred ibis n a large wading bird of sub-Saharan Africa and
Arabia with bold black-and-white plumage, a
large downward-curving beak, and decorative
plumes on its back.
339 sacroiliac adj relating to the sacrum and the upper portion of
the hip bone (ilium), or to the joint between the
sacrum and ilium
340 saddle-backed adj with its back curved into a shape like a saddle
341 saddo n a person who is considered uninteresting and
pitiable or contemptible, especially because of a
lack of taste and style
342 sadhana n dedicated and disciplined cultivation of
knowledge or an ability, especially in music or
343 sadza n mush made from meal produced by grinding corn
or millet
344 Safar n in the Islamic calendar, the second month of the
year, made up of 29 days
345 safeblower n somebody who uses explosives to open a safe in
order to steal the contents
346 safflower n an annual composite plant with orange or red
flowers, native to the Indian subcontinent, from
which dye and an oil used in cooking, paints, and
medicine are obtained.
347 Safi n capital city of Safi Province and a port on the
Atlantic Ocean, in western Morocco
348 safranine n red organic dye derived from phenazine, used to
color textiles and as a biological stain
349 safrole n a colorless or yellow poisonous oily liquid found
in sassafras oil and used in making perfumes and
350 sagebrush n a bushy composite plant native to dry regions of
North America that has silvery wedge-shaped
leaves and large clusters of small white flowers.
351 taupe n A dark brownish gray color.
352 technetronic adj Marked by changes in technology.
353 Tentatively adv Uncertain, hesitate, maybe it will be done later.
354 thaumatology n The study of miracles.
355 Thesaurus n A book, like a dictionary, but of synonyms and
356 thoroughbred n A purebred animal.
357 Toboggan n A long narrow sled for sliding down on snow.
358 torrentially adj Flowing powerfully.
359 triage n The prioritization of patients for medical
360 triglyceride n Natural fat in tissue in the body.
361 troglodyte n A cave dweller, someone who lives in a cave.
362 tsunami n A very large ocean wave.
363 twelfth n One of twelve parts of something.
364 twentieth n one of twenty equal parts of something
365 twerp n an offensive term for somebody who is seen as
silly or insignificant
366 ubiquitous adj Present everywhere at once, existing everywhere.
367 unanimous adj Agreed on by everyone.
368 uncollectible n Something that can’t be collected for some
369 unsusceptible adj Not easily affected or influenced by something.
370 unyielding adj Stubborn, not giving in to persuasion, pressure or
371 utilitarian adj Believing that value is measured in usefulness.
372 utilize v to make use of or find a practical use for
373 utmost adj of the greatest degree, number, or amount
374 Uto-Aztecan a family of languages, including Ute and Nahuatl,
spoken in the western United States and in
375 Utrecht n historic university city in the central Netherlands
376 vacillant adj Wavering indecisively .
377 vadose n Of water above ground-water level.
378 vagary n An unpredictable or eccentric change, action, or
idea .
379 vagile adj Able to move around within a specific
environment .
380 vagrancy n The state of wandering and having no permanent
place to live .
381 vainglorious adj Excessively proud or boastful .
382 valedictorian n The student who delivers the valedictory address
at graduation.
383 valence n Combining power of atoms.
384 Valens n Roman emperor. The brother of Valentinian I, he
ruled the eastern half of the empire from 364
until his death in the battle against the Visigoths.
385 vegan n A person who never eats animal products.
386 velar adj Spoken with the back of the tongue close to, or in
contact with, the soft palate.
387 velodrome n Stadium for bicycle races.
388 velutinous n Densely covered with short soft hairs.
389 venatic adj. Involving, connected with, or taking part in
390 vendee n Somebody who buys something.
391 Venetic n A language once spoken in northwestern Italy by
the Veneti people.
392 ventail n A movable covering for the neck or lower face on
a medieval helmet.
393 wahine n A young woman surfer .
394 Waikaremoana n A lake in the eastern part of the North Island,
New Zealand.
395 wail v Make mournful cry.
396 wallaroo n Either of two species of large and sturdy
kangaroo found throughout rocky upland areas
of mainland Australia.
397 wanderlust n A strong desire to travel .
398 waratah n A plant with large globular flower heads and
dark red flowers that grows on sandy soils in New
South Wales, Australia, and is the state’s floral
399 wearisome adj Physically or mentally tiring and tedious.
400 wearproof adj able to withstand normal wear or use
401 xanthate n a chemical compound that is a salt or ester of
xanthic acid. Xanthates are used in the chemical
extraction of metals such as copper and gold and
in the manufacture of rayon.
402 xenia n the effect of genes carried by pollen on the food
storage tissue (endosperm) of the pollinated seed
403 xylan n a yellow gummy polysaccharide (pentosan) found
in plant cell walls and woody tissue such as straw
husks that yields xylose when subjected to

404 xylem n plant tissue that carries water and

dissolved minerals from the roots
through the stem and leaves. It also
helps to support the plant and is the
main constituent of wood.
405 xylidine n any of six toxic amines derived from
xylene and used in dyes and in organic
406 yachtsmen n Somebody who owns or sails a yacht.
407 yackety-yak v To talk or chat continuously about
408 Yankee Doodle n A popular America song during the
American revolution.
409 yeomanry n A former class of English commoners
who were farmers.
410 yodeler n A person who yodels.
411 Yorkshire pudding n A flour based pudding that goes with
meat, and is from Britain.
412 yuckiness n Repugnant or disgusting.
413 yuppification n Something that is more upscale or
affluent to appeal to yuppies.
414 Yurok n a member of a Native North American
people that live in California
415 yurt n a collapsible circular tent of skins
stretched over a pole frame, originally
used by Central Asian nomadic people
416 zeugma n A figure of speech.
417 zinfandel n A black grape grown in California used
to make wine.
418 zoomorphism n The attribution of animal forms to gods.
419 zucchini n A small summer squash, like a
420 zugzwang n a chess situation in which a player is
forced into making a disadvantageous
move, especially one that involves the
loss of a piece
421 Zuider Zee n former inlet of the North Sea, south of
the West Friesian Islands and occupying
a deep indentation in the coast of the
422 Zululand n historic region in South Africa
423 Zuni n a member of a Native North American
Pueblo people of western New Mexico
424 Zwickau n city in Saxony, eastern Germany.
425 zwieback n a piece of bread, sliced and baked again
until crisp and dry
426 Zwinglian adj relating to the life, works, or beliefs of
the Swiss Protestant theologian Ulrich
427 zwitterion n an ion that has both a negative and a
positive pole
428 Zwolle n capital city of Overijssel Province, in the
north central Netherlands
429 zydeco n a style of dance music originating in
Louisiana that is usually played on
accordion, guitar, and violin and
combines traditional French melodies
with Caribbean and blues influences
430 zygodactyl adj with toes arranged in pairs, two facing
forward and two backward, like those
found on woodpeckers.
431 zygogenesis n reproduction involving the fusion of
male and female nuclei
432 zygoma n a cheekbone
433 zygosity n a particular characterization of a
genetic trait, zygote, or embryo
434 zygospore n a thick-walled sexual spore formed from
the union of two gametes in some fungi
and green algae
435 zymase n an enzyme or complex of enzymes
obtained from yeast that makes sugars