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ELTA-The Certificate in English Language Teaching to AdultsThis is the fourth

assignment which is talking about my whole feeling about this course.This course
takes me one month, but it's really enjoyable. . !efore the course" decided to take
the CELTA because it was an authoritati#e certificate of English teaching.
$owe#er, a mere month's e%&osure to teaching has gi#en me the confidence to
&ursue teaching English as a serious career alternati#e. " learnt a lot from our
wonderful trainers, and my absolutely wonderful classmates. A month is a #ery
short time to learn something, but " really learnt a lot from this course. At
beginning of this course, " thought it was enjoyable, because " was learning new
teaching techni ues. (y major in uni#ersity was English education. The education
system in China is totally different from )estern countries. *uring CELTA, " learnt
a good way to teach learners in a student centered way. *uring this course, " ha#e
learned a lot from the criti ues and feedback of my classmates and tutors, the
obser#ation of &eers and e%&erienced teachers, and from self-reflection. )hen "
had my class before, " seldom thought about self-reflection or ga#e some feedback
after " obser#ed other+s classes. " think this &art useful to hel& each other to
im&ro#e our teaching. . *uring the course" disco#ered the #ery first day that it
was im&ortant to establish a good ra&&ort with the students and be comfortable
talking with them. bser#ing arah during her second lesson taught me that was
more im&ortant to engage students in con#ersation than assume the role of a
traditional teacher. Though my tutor commented on (arch /
, the first dayof T0, that " established good classroom management with the
students, " really feel that" felt more comfortable from the second lesson
onwards. bser#ing 1ita in the first week of the class was a big bonus. he
established a good ra&&ort with the students, made the students feel comfortable
and in#ol#ed her u&&er-intermediate English students in the &rocess of
s&eaking." adjusted well to the different le#els of students within the class. )hen "
was teachingthe u&&er-intermediate le#el class " made it a &oint to e%&lain
conce&ts to the weaker students and hel& them during the tasks if they had any
difficulty. After teaching &ractice on (arch 2th, my classmates commented that "
had monitored weaker students like andy and 0anda well throughout the class."f "
add some acti#ities for them to &ractice the target language, they may forget what
they dislike and learn a lot. The 3
T0, " did was about listening skill. (y tutor ga#e some good comments about
setting conte%t for the students. " think this is im&ortant for students to
understand the &assages or achie#e my teaching aims4 not only the conte%t about
to&ic but also the conte%t about the tasks or the uestions. 5. trengths and
" think " did well at class management from the beginning. " made sure " ke&t all
the students working hard. The first week, when my tutor commented that "
managed my classes well, since then, " think my class management skills ha#e
only im&ro#ed." had a &roblem with e%cessi#e TTT from the #ery beginning. "
think a major reason for this is that the Chinese educational system tends to ha#e
#ery teacher-centered classrooms. (y tutors and classmates ha#e &ointed out that "
make the lessons more student-centered. " earnestly belie#e that student-centered
learning is far more effecti#e. After each class, " asked the learners what they
thought about the lesson, they told me they felt mo#e confident to &ractice
s&eaking in our lesson." had a terrible &roblem with my lesson &lanning. "
always mi%ed u& stage skills and language. (y tutor hel&ed to clarify the
difference. Though " am doing better than before, " still ha#e a long way to
go.*uring my third T0 6teaching &ractice7 " focused on hel&ing students im&ro#e
their &ronunciation. (y tutor almost ga#e me an abo#e standard rating for that
class, $e said my class was good but there were some language errors. " agreed that
it was my weak &ointand that. " should &ay much more attention to it. (y tutor
suggested that " could write it down and check it before class. " thought it was a
good suggestion. 8. 0ost-CELTA action &lan(y goals for the future are to make my
lessons more student centered, to reduce TTT and to im&ro#e my language. These
ha#e been my most significant weaknesses throughout the course. " will work hard
on my weakness. (y &ur&ose for studying CELTA is to im&ro#e my teaching
skills. " think " know how the only thing left is to &ractice what "+#e learnedwith
real class. " also take time for self-reflection about my classes. 9inally, if " ha#e
o&&ortunity " ho&e " could go o#erseas to teach English.