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The era of K-dramas has once again come!

From light, cutesy themes to heavy and serious ones, they definitely know how to get each of us hooked; once you’re in,
there is no turning back.
The moment you step into the doors of a K-drama, you will instantly find yourself absorbed in every episode – and soon, the bags underneath your eyes become
bigger and darker due to sleepless nights spent on binge watching every K-drama there is! Don’t worry, that happens to everyone. It simply is hard to resist the charms
of Korean actors and actresses, and the impressive storyline that either blows our mind or makes us extremely kilig! Whether you’re an avid K-Drama fan or not, the
following side effects definitely rings true for you:

Your playlist becomes filled with K-drama OSTs

A K-Pop fan or not, you gotta admit, Korean dramas always have the best OSTs that give you all the feels and chills! The fact that they invest time and money to produce music for their shows
just proves how well-created every drama is.

You can’t stop yourself from watching another episode

Korean dramas are undeniably addictive. The plots can go from cliché but subtle to deep and unpredictable, which is probably the main reason as to why we super love it! The elements are also
different in a good way, and the cinematography is top class. Let’s add the fact that Korean actors and actresses are certainly too adorable for our lives! Now, how can you just stop watching?

You cry during heartbreaking and sad scenes

Once you get absorbed in a drama, you somehow end up feeling like or unconsciously pretend that you are part of it. Thus, when heartbreaking and sad scenes come about, it is too hard not cry
or feel gloomy – as if you’re the actual character!

Your standards in a boyfriend/girlfriend becomes higher

There is something about Korean lead actors and actresses that makes us go gaga.
Their striking looks definitely are a factor, but their overall character is what
perfectly captures and represents our ideal boyfriend/girlfriend type. We go all kilig
with them, and they raise the bar for a potential and future prospect. Woops!
You find yourself uttering Korean expressions or words
Unconsciously, common Korean words and expressions like “oppa,” “eonni,” “jinjja,” “eottoke,” and “aigoo” register in your mind as you watch K-dramas. Soon, you find yourself uttering
these in everyday situations, and your life suddenly turns into a K-drama that calls for subtitles!

You suddenly take interest in learning the Korean language

We all hate it when we can’t watch new episodes and have to wait until subbers finish adding English subtitles to it. It feels like forever, and it drives us insane! We sometimes wish we could
understand Hangeul so we can watch K-dramas anytime we want!

You experience the ‘Last Episode’ syndrome

No words can describe the combined joy and pain every last episode entails. It leaves us shattered, giving us a feeling of emptiness. We feel like our life isn’t the same as before because it is just
so hard to move on from a good K-drama. However, once we gain the strength to watch a new one, we find ourselves back at the initial phase – and the cycle goes on, again.

Your ultimate goal is to go to South Korea

K-drama fans, raise your hands if this is totally on point! Admit it, after binge watching all the K-dramas you can, there is one last thing left for you to do: to visit
South Korea! Well, who doesn’t want to go to all the beautiful and romantic spots in our favorite Korean dramas, right? Plus, meeting our oppas and eonnies seem like
a great idea!

Watching Korean dramas could be one of the greatest things we can ever do during our free time. It lifts us up when we’re feeling down; it makes us believe in the
idea of love once again; and it helps us realize that there is more to life than painful reality and neverending responsibilities to accomplish. Thus, give yourself a pat in
the back for giving yourself some time to loosen up and unwind with the help of K-dramas!

The purpose of this study was twofold. On the ground of Gerbner's cultivation
theory, it examined the effect of South Korean drama consumption on the
perceived prevalence of single life and having fewer children in married life. It
also tested the causality of cultivation effects through a priming methodology.
Results indicated that the perceived prevalence of having fewer children in
married life was significantly affected by exposure to dramas which positively
feature single life and having fewer children in married life on television. The
findings provide public health policy-makers and communication campaigners
with valuable theoretical relationships, as well as their practical implications.
The positive effect of Kdrama for me would be that is somehow releases stress. In short
whenever I want a way to cheer myself up, the easiest way is to watch Korean dramas specifically
those with a touch of comedy. As for the negative part, one would it is hard to stop watching
especially when the Kdrama is so good and another would be my ideal guy should somehow be
like the oppas I like.
Positive effect first

 Yu hav started dressing up lyk kdrama actresses

 Yu started searching make up kits which is used by korean actresses
 Yu get to know more about makeups and how they using it
 Yu are motivated by their hardworking tendencies and perseverance
 Yu hav learnt lot about korean culture,tradition,religious view,relationships
and dating style
 Yu hav started learning one more language(if you are in relationship,yu can cal
ur bf/gf by korean terms lyk yeabo,chagiya )
Negative effects

 If you are addicted to kdramas,yu started ignoring everyone and vice versa
 You keeping on checking ur mob for updates
 You are surrounded by spoilers bt yu cant help
 Your expectations will go high in relationships ,so yu cant find ryt matches for
 Well….negayive us that they can be really time consuming. They get you watching
and leave you so that you just HAVE to go on to the next episode. I limit myself to
only an hour s night.

 Positive is that I have learned a lot about the culture and history of another
nation. The historical dramas especially, are a great way to learn about ancient
kingdom living, pottery making, ship building, iron smelting, tea and good
production, medicine, politics, etc, etc. I have really enjoyed the learning

Not going to write a lot but here are a few.

The Positives:

While watching a romance drama you can feel the same butterfly's that the female leads go through.

You’ll always have something to watch because the are thousands of dramas.

The Negatives:

Its going to interfere with real life. You’ll probably only want to see Korean dramas and not spend time
with your family.

Theirs always a cliff hanger that makes you what to see more.

Korean dramas have an interesting story and fun to watch. Korean drama also preferred for
teenagers and youths. The teenagers love Korean Drama because they can watch their
favorite actors or actresses. Korean drama is the best popular drama in Asia, more than
Indonesian drama.

Korean drama or K-Drama refers to television drama in the Korean language. The Korean
drama is made in South Korea, and mostly in a miniseries format with distinctive features
that set it a part from regular Western television series or soap operas. Korean drama can
set in contemporary times or in historical settings, and we can say it with sageuk. Different
genres apply to these two types, from romantic comedies and action series to fusion
science fiction dramas.

Are you know the impact of Korean drama? We usually know about the positive impact of
watching Korean drama, but the Korean drama can give us the negative impacts. If we
always watch the Korean drama and forget to study, we will not focus on studying the
lesson, because we like to watching it everyday. The another negative impact is in the
culture. Now, many people like us forget about our culture. For example, many teenagers
wear Korean’s fashion. Korean dramas also make we spend our money easier. If we want
to watch it, we need a lot of money to using internet.

Korean drama have some negative impact, that are Korean drama makes some people
addictive with the drama, because the drama director written the unpredictable story, and
the Korean drama story are not far from the everyday life, especially the teenagers who
watched the drama. Korean drama also affected in fashion’s lifestyle. In Korean drama, we
usually see many girls wear hot pants. I think it is not a good choice for girls use it, because
in our real life, wear hot pants means the girls surrender theirself to crime accident. If we. If
we argumented to wear hot pants because it is a trendy style.

The other negative impact is Korean drama makes some people love with Korean culture
than Indonesian culture. Some scenes in Korean drama are dangerous to watched by
children or teenager. For example like kiss scenes, so in that way they need parental

Korean Drama or K-Drama can give us many impact to our life, positive impact and
negative impact can be persuated our life to do bad things or good things. We need to
smart to chose what we watch. Korean drama in our life style makes changes in our life, but
must we know about everything in our life are not same like a Korean drama’s story.

What must we do to not get stuck in bad effect of Korean drama? First, we must be smarter
to choose what we watch, because the things that we now can be impacted to our lifestyle.
Second, choose good friend that can give you good impact in your life. A good friend makes
you to do good things in your life, but a bad friend makes you to do bad things in your life.
So, you should choose the best choices that change in your life.

By: Yosefina Tobing

Background of the Study:

The rising popularity of Korean Culture throughout the world is called Korean Wave. The Korean popular
culture which spread mainly through the mass media is now enjoying high popularity outside Korea and
this is how the Korean Wave occurs (Yu,2008). The phenomenal Korean sensation is describe from
another term called Hallyu, this is a Korean pronunciation of Korean Wave which is defined by Korean
Tourism Organization (2004) as the recent cultural phenomenon of South Korean pop culture sweeping
throughout the world (Kim & Ryoo, 2007). Korean Wave (Hallyu) mainly consists of television dramas,
film, pop music, movie stars animation and comics including mobile content like cell phones and iPods,
video or computer games, as well as the latest fashion, food, home appliances and cosmetics, assertively
expanding to things like dance, sculpture, painting, cuisine, plastic surgery, tourism and language
( In this study I'm just going to focus on the Korean Wave effect in Filipino
Youth's preference in music, television dramas and in their taste of fashion.
The youths are the one who are most influenced by the Korean Wave and one of those are the
Filipino Youth. The new generation today is different and they are easily captured to the things around
them. These youths are exposed to the different kinds and genres of music, television dramas and also
in their taste of fashion. Now and then, the taste of music, movies and fashion has been changed,
improved and made more exciting in the eyes of the Filipino Youth. Everywhere you will go, in schools,
malls, stores, while riding a jeepney and even to recreational places such as parks and also to tourist
places, you can see the effects of Korean Wave in the Filipino especially to the Filipino Youth. In going to
school you can easily see that Korean Sensations are almost everywhere. You can notice that students
are listening and singing songs in different language (Korean Language) that they don’t know what’s the
meaning of it, they talk about their favorite Korean dramas then admire the actors and actresses in the
movie and sometimes impersonate their looks.

To add some background , there will be surveys containing gathered information to distinguish the
respondents (male and female students of the Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology)
view toward Korean Wave as well as their outlook as a Filipino. This would serve as support to the
current research study.

Objectives of the Study:

The primary purpose of this study:

To determine the Filipino Youth's preference for Korean Wave particularly in dramatic television series,
pop music and the latest fashion as well;

To know how Korean Wave affects the taste of Filipino Youth with regards to their culture;

Aims to understand the bad effects of South Korean culture to the youths through its cultural exports in
the Philippines;

To learn how Korean Wave helps the human reproduction in South Korea;

Would identify if the students preference in choosing dramatic television series, music and choice in
fashion would affect their sense of nationalism.

Significance of the Study:

This study will be helpful to analyze the occurrence of Korean Wave throughout the world and its
implications for cultural influence on neighboring countries like the Philippines. In addition, this study
examine how national identity impacts framing processes related to media coverage and public
response (Lee,2011). This study will provide brief description on the various significance of the study
about the infectious spread of Korean popular culture throughout the world given three categories:
dramatic television series, music and the choice of fashion.


Anchoring on the objectives of this study, the researchers reviewed related studies that are
significant for the fans active media consumption, Filipinos as active-fans, popular media content in
the Philippines, and the Korean wave in Asia and Philippines. Because of the rising of this social
media or social networking sites k-pop became popular in the Philippines especially in the Filipino
teens. Not only in the Philippines but also in the other country, people who are influence by this k-
pop group are mostly teenagers, some are young and others are young at heart.

Because of the popularity of k-pop group and artists, k-pop fandom among Filipino teens
become also widespread, they influenced most of the Filipino teens days with funky hair style (and
those huge that almost cover their faces), fashionable clothes, trendy shoes, coal eyeliners,
eccentric shacks and the bangs flip trademarks. Filipino teens imitate now their Idols look, how they
move act and everything that his/her k-pop Idol & k-pop fans imitate that too. There is no doubt, k-
pop fever is all over the Philippines, with its consistent sales of k-pop albums and concerts tickets,
Filipino is definitely invaded by Korean culture. Even on the culture of the Korea they search about it,
how they talk and their language they imitate that also.

Last January 19, 2013 more than 2,000 K-Pop fans as gathered for the Dream K-pop fantasy
concerts at the Mall of Asia, Filipino fans are really happy seeing their k-pop Idols performing in front
of them LIVE. Even the Aryana main star “Ella Cruz” attends and watch the show. According to the
interview about her she is a fan of k-pop Girls Generation. We can observed teenagers, nowadays
that Filipino teenager Idolized artist with very fanatical, even when there is a concert or for example
Super junior who came from Korea to Philippines for the concert, they desperately willing to see their
Idol sing and not of fan of rich people who would like to see the concert, even the lower economic
participate dragged to see the concert even though they are on the urge of economic incompetence.
They used their money in buying that ticket for the sake of their being k-pop addict.

According to one of my respondent which is my sister a k-pop fan also, she like KPop
because this is similar to the west. They have the same beats and the memebers of every group in
k-pop are appealing or they have this so called appeal. She rate the K-pop and western music the
same, k-pop is her music of choice because it is more relaxing especially when at home and your
listening to the k-pop music its really fun and nice to hear. You can say it’s interesting in a way I
guess, its fun. It has also opened the door for me to explore new artist and a new culture. And
according to her also some k-pop artists have this inspiring, soothing effect upon k-pop lacks in
western Music.

At first I was overly critical about k-pop fans, I was very disgust on how Filipino teens or k-
pop fans are obsessed with their idols types and their irrationals assertions that their favorite artists
can do wrong. .I’ve gotten into the habit of criticizing that doesn’t that I don’t think k-pop fans are
some of the most awesome people. I’ve encounter hell, im a k-pop fan myself Its hard to believe but
Im also a k-pop addict. I’m a fan of this k-pop group Girls Generation and Exo K-M I was amazed by
their talent especially on how they sing and dance at the same time. They are appealing, handsome
and beautiful and a multi-talented group. My favorite member in Girls Generation seohyun the
maknae of the group. Maknae means the youngest among the group and in Exo k my bias is D.O his
screen name his true name is kyungsoo but for me D.O is better. I was very thankful about the k-pop
fans because without them I will not appreciate my k-pop biases . Infarct, I’m often time amused at
how extraordinary they can be. Here are some of the best things about k-pop fan
1) They possess the ability to mobilize better and faster than any military force on the globe.
Have you ever seen one of those action movies about a small group of thieves planning out a jewel
heist? Like Ocean’s 11 or The Italian Job? . K-pop fans are kind of like that. When a new music
video comes out, everyone knows their designated roles. The giffers strain their eyes trying to find
the perfect gif moment to post to Tumblr. The YouTubers spend hours replaying the MV to up the
view count. And others max out their debit cards to buy as many copies of the album so their group
can achieve and all-kill. And when one branch fails, the others step up to do the job. It’s a huge
elaborate system.
2) They’re vigilant about curveting and giddy when they do.
I love that fans are very particular about converting people to the groups that they love. For example,
I once told a huge Exo fan on the Seoulbeats team that I wanted to learn a bit about Exo and that I
was going online to do research and I found it.
3) They go all out to provide subtitles for the language- challenged.
I am convinced that some fans have the supernatural ability to sub idol appearances before the
appearances even happen. That’s how quick they are. Without subbers, K-pop would not be as
prolific online as it is now. Without them, my K-pop, K-drama, and K-variety experience wouldn’t be
half as rich. I never would have been able to fully enjoy Running Man, Shinhwa Broadcast, X-Man,
and my favorite idols’ variety appearances
4) They’re loyal.
Loyalty is tough quality to find. But in K-pop, fans are solid in their loyalty. It’s why they separate
themselves into different fanclubs–so that they can focus their attention on the groups for whom they
hold the most love. But sometimes this loyalty, though admirable, can rub people the wrong way.
Some k-pop fans quarelling because of this loyalty thingy. Some fans make an organization and fan
clubs for them to express their love and idolizing their bias k-pop group.
K-pop has a bad impacts on the Filipino teenagers, many teenagers nowadays become very lazy
because of k-pop. They only care about k-pop and ignore their responsibility. Many k-popper will do
a anything for their Idol. Filipino are threatened, they are less interest as food and traditional
clothing, they are most interest everything about Korea. This is an alarming issue what if Korea
influenced our culture our tradition and everything we should make a move for us not to be foreigner
on our own culture. If k-pop music became a widespread all over the world OPM will now be a trash
no one will accept it anymore they will be more interesting in korea.
Did SNSD’s Taeyon and tiffany recently undergo plastic surgery? Certainly, plastic surgery in South
Korea, in general, has made headlines over the year, the economic as the most cosmetically
enhanced population in the world. It could be more coincidence that, with the incredible rise of k-pop
the plastic surgery age may be trending younger. However, no secret that k-pop as recognized not
only for their music but also their physical appearance. This is a shocking controversy is it true that
all k-pop idols or artists undergo plastic surgery. If you ask me I think some artists are natural
beauty. An example of this is sandara park a 2ne1 k-pop member she is has a natural beauty and
seohyun and yoona as well.

People having plastic surgery in Korea are become younger and younger. According to my
elder sister she is an addict fan of reading an article about Korea’s facts and she told me about what
have she read. According to her some student in korea are encourage by their school to get high
marks in their subject and as a reward in making their grades high they will have a free plastic
surgery that’s why student in Korea are studying very hard to have that reward.
This is very scary and a gross how could this kind of things exist? Teenagers in korea undergo
plastic surgey an example of this is Sujin Shin, a 17 year-old student at the Hanguk Academy of
foreign studies in Yong in, South Korea, said that she has seen many of her classmates get double
eyelid surgery or nose jobs. “ It’s not uncommon for middle Schoolers to get eyelid surgery before
going to highschool” she added. It’s also common to get surgery as a highschool graduation gift from
their parent. I think this should be banned or it should be stop because if this kind of things will
continue what will happen to the teenagers their physical appearance might be damage if not
licensed doctor will operate them. Teenager might not also be confident on their self.