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How much do you know about

What do you call the area What do you call the Which layer protects
that is inhabited by a processing of used the Earth from UV rays?
particular species? materials and their
a) Habitat. reuse? a) Oxygen.
b) Environment. a) Recycling. b) Nitrogen.
c) Biosphere. b) Reusing. c) Ozone.
c) Reprocessing.

The process by which the Which of the following What is the term for the
Earth’s temperature is is biodegradable? complete
increasing is called the … disappearance of a
a) biothermal effect. a) Plastic. species?
b) greenhouse effect. b) Paper. a) Termination.
c) temperature effect. b) Disappearance.
c) Glass.
c) Extinction.

What do you call Which of these energy What do you call the rain
renewable safe sources of sources is renewable? that contains many
energy? chemicals and is
a) Coal. harmful?
a) Alternative energies. b) Natural gas. a) Smog.
b) Bio-energies. c) Wind. b) Acid rain.
c) Solar energies. c) Monsoon.

What do you call a What is the most used Which of these animals
substance that pollutes renewable energy is not in danger
the air, water or soil? source in the world? becoming extinct?
a) Pollutant. a) Hydro energy. a) Panda bears.
b) Pesticides. b) Solar energy. b) Polar bears.
c) Acid. c) Wind energy. c) Grizzly bears.

What type of shopping Global warming will Which gas is

bag is more eco-friendly? cause an increase of … responsible for global
a) Paper. a) Heat waves.
b) Plastic. b) Hurricanes. a) Carbon dioxide.
c) Neither. c) Both. b) Oxygen.
c) Hydrogen.

What are some of the Which of the following Which of these human
consequences of is not a fossil fuel? activities contributes
deforestation? the most for global
a) Loss of habitats. a) Coal. warming?
b) Soil erosion. b) Wood. a) Using fossil fuels.
c) Both. c) Oil. b) Cutting down trees.
c) Riding bicycles.
Which of the following can Which is the following Rainforest land is most
be recycled? animals is not yet often cleared for …
a) Milk cartons. a) factories.
b) Plastic bottles. a) Tasmanian tiger. b) farmland.
c) Both. b) Dodo. c) pasture.
c) Javan rhinoceros.

1- Habitat.

2- Recycling.

3- Ozone.

4- Greenhouse effect.

5- Paper.

6- Extinction.

7- Alternative energies.

8- Wind.

9- Acid rain.

10- Pollutant.

11- Hydro energy.

12- Grizzly bear.

13- Neither.

14- Both.

15- Carbon dioxide.

16- Both.

17- Wood.

18- Using fóssil fuels.

19- Both.

20- Javan rhinoceros.

21- Farmland.