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Vol. 02 NO 12 March 20th, 2018.



possible Solution for co2 ?

Goodyear debuts
the wackiest
green concept
at the 2018 Geneva
Motor Show - Oxygene

Quite literally bringing the future of mo-

bility to life as a visionary solution for
cleaner, more convenient, safer and more
sustainable urban mobility.
By Disha Padmanabha


The concept tire has a unique structure that structure through speed-of-light LiFi technol-
features living moss growing within its side- ogy, and illumination will help it signal when
wall. This open structure and the tire’s tread the vehicle is turning or brakes are being ap-
design are planned to absorb and circulate plied.
moisture and water from the road surface. As
the tire absorbs and circulates moisture and “Oxygene is meant to challenge our thinking
water from the road surface, photosynthesis and help drive the debate around smart, safe
occurs, and therefore, releases oxygen into and sustainable future mobility,” said Chris
the air. Delaney, president of Goodyear Europe,
What’s more, the tire would also capture Middle East, and Africa, in a press statement.
energy generated during photosynthesis and “By contributing in this way to cleaner air
use it to power electronics inside it, such as generation, the tire could help enhance qual-
onboard sensors, a customizable safety light, ity of life and health for city-dwellers.”
and an artificial intelligence processing unit.

Oxygene is also airless and puncture-free,

with a shock-absorbing open tread structure
that improves grip in wet conditions. Good-
year says the Oxygene can also communicate
with tires on other vehicles and with infra-


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March 20th, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 12

Hydrogel for Enhanced
Cancer Therapy
Cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs) are a type The use of slow-release multidomain pep-
of drug sometimes used in immunotherapy tide (MDP) gels allows the continuous deliv-
treatments, usually administered through ery of immunotherapy drugs over a period of
a simple injection. The problem is that the time. When injected as a liquid, the hydrogel
drugs end up being circulated throughout the turns semisolid within the body and degrades
body, which diminishes the concentration gradually.
at the tumor site and results in them being STINGel was tested in vivo on rats, along-
flushed out of the body relatively quickly. side control groups with CDN alone, con-
Therefore, in a new study, researchers from trol collagens with CDN, and MDP with no
the Rice University and the University of CDN. Just one out of ten rats injected with By Disha Padmanabha
Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth), CDN alone or via the collagen survived be-
have now developed STINGel- a combina- yond 105 days. However, six of the ten rats
tion of immunotherapy drugs called stimula- treated with STINGel lasted past this point.
tor of interferon gene (STING) agonists with It was also observed that they were resist-
an injectable hydrogel that releases the drug ant to further cancer cells implantation, in-
in a steady dose to activate the immune sys- dicating their immune systems had adapted
tem to kill cancer cells. to detect and kill future occurrences of that
particular cancer.
According to Rice chemist and bioengineer
Jeffrey Hartgerink, the concentration of CDN Hartgerink added: “The CDN we used in
is key to attacking the cancer. “The normal this study is currently in clinical trials. We
approach to CDN delivery is simple injec- think that our STINGel approach has the po-
tion, but this leads to very rapid diffusion of tential to significantly broaden the scope of
the drug throughout the body and reduces its this powerful immunotherapy drug to a larg-
concentration at the site of the tumour to very er range of resistant cancers.”
low levels,” he said. “Using the same amount
of CDN, the STINGel approach allows the
concentration of CDN near the tumour to re-
A synthetic, injectable hydrogel developed at Rice University boosted the toxicity of a new class of cancer-fighting immunotherapy drugs. This scanning electron
main much higher for long periods of time.” microscopy image shows the self-assembled nanofibers that make up the hydrogel. Courtesy of the Hartgerink Research Group

Environmental Exposures
Have Greater Impact on
Gene Expression than
Environmental exposures, coupled with residents between the ages of 40-69.
genetic variation, influence disease suscep- A relatively small group of French settlers
tibility, and deconstructing their respective came to Quebec in the 1600s and founded a
contributions remains one of the principal new colony. Some of them left and founded
challenges in understanding complex diseas- Montreal, while others went north to a town
es. called Saguenay. Because travel was so diffi-
Individuals with different genotypes may cult in the brutal cold, the populations were
respond differently to environmental vari- quickly isolated, leading to genetic bottle-
ation and generate an array of phenotypic necks.
landscape. Such gene-by-environment inter- This resulted in genetic signatures that re-
actions are thought to be pervasive and may veal not only if someone is of French Ca-
be responsible for a large fraction of the un- nadian origin, but also the specific town of
By Disha Padmanabha
explained variance in heritability and disease their ancestors. Since then, some French Ca-
risk. nadians from Montreal moved to Quebec or
However, a new Ontario Institute for Can- Saguenay, or vice versa, creating a natural who led the research. area affected the expression of genes associ-
cer Research (OICR)-led research has found reciprocal transplant experiment that enabled ated with oxygen pathways and respiratory
that environmental exposures, including air the researchers to explore how genetic ances- “We were surprised to find that we were function. This resulted in higher rates of res-
pollution, affect gene expressions associated try and location determine gene activity. able to stratify genetic ancestry within piratory ailments such as asthma and chronic
with respiratory diseases much more than ge- The researchers found a larger effect from Québec, identifying individuals whose de- obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The
netic ancestry. current geographical location: genetic Mon- scendants were from Montreal versus Sa- study also revealed that there are genetic var-
The work provides a unique window into trealers living in Montreal had gene activity guenay for example. This helped us to show iants that control how a person’s gene expres-
how environmental exposures can switch that was more similar to that of other resi- how most gene expression is not derived by sion responds when exposed to environmen-
various genes on or off, creating a gene ex- dents of Montreal than to genetic Montrealers ancestry, and that environmental exposures tal stimuli.
pression signature that may interact with or living in Saguenay, for instance. associated with living in a particular city or
override other inherited factors and even of- region are more impactful on gene expression “Our study shows how one can use the large
fer an early signal of future health problems. “By looking at the reciprocal transplant, we associated with disease traits than heritable scope and scale of data in Canada’s largest
To study the impact of geography on health, can say that people in the same environment, variation” said Dr. Philip Awadalla, senior health cohort to better understand how our
the researchers investigated RNA-seq data even if they have a different genetic back- author of the study. genes interact with environmental exposures
from a subset of approximately 1000 individ- ground, have very similar gene expression and shape individual health,” says Awadalla.
uals in a biobank called Cartagene, a grow- in the blood,” said Marie-Julie Favé, a post- One of the main findings of the study was “I encourage all those engaged in this type
ing database of biological samples and health doctoral fellow at University of Montreal and that exposure to higher levels of particulate of research, both in Canada and around the
data from approximately 43,000 Canadian the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, matter and nitrous dioxide in the Saguenay world, to take advantage of this resource.”

Vol. 02 NO 12 March 20th, 2018.

Stretchable Sweat pH
Sensing System a
Promising Alternative to
Frequent Blood Tests
A Glasgow University research has now time. This was demonstrated in the lab using
spun out a sensor that could end all the a chemical solution created by the research-
pin-pricking blood test woes. ers which mimics the composition of human
The scientists led by Professor Ravinder sweat.
Dahiya, head of the University of Glasgow’s
School of Engineering’s Bendable Electron- Lead researcher Professor Ravinder Dahi-
ics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) group, ya said: “Human sweat contains much of the
have built non-invasive, stretchable, weara- same physiological information that blood
ble sensor system capable of monitoring the does, and its use in diagnostic systems has the
pH of the wearer’s sweat in real time as a significant advantage of not needing to break
means of tracking chronic conditions such as the skin in order to administer tests. Now that
diabetes more easily and effectively. we’ve demonstrated that our stretchable sys-
Made from a graphite-polyurethane com- tem can be used to monitor pH levels, we’ve
posite and measuring around a single square already begun additional research to expand
centimetre, it can stretch up to 53% in length the capabilities of the sensor and make it a
without compromising performance. It will more complete diagnostic system.”
also continue to work after being subjected
to flexes of 30% up to 500 times, which the “We’re planning to add sensors capable
researchers say will allow it to be used com- of measuring glucose, ammonia and urea,
fortably on human skin with minimal impact for example, and ultimately we’d like to see
on the performance of the sensor. a system ready for market in the next few
The sensor uses near-field communication years.”
to wirelessly transmit its data to an accom-
panying smartphone app called ‘SenseAble’
which allows users to track pH levels in real By Disha Padmanabha

Volatiles Derived from

Plants Offer Solution
against Antifungal Drug
Despite advances in preventive, diagnos- allowed to identify new volatile substances
tic, and therapeutic interventions, invasive with antifungal activities over a distance.
fungal infections cause significant morbidity
and mortality in immunocompromised pa- Prof. Patrick Van Dijck (VIB-KU Leuven):
tients. The burden of antifungal resistance in “We screened our whole collection of EOs
such high-risk patients is becoming a major for vapor-phase mediated antifungal activ-
concern. ity against two human fungal pathogens,
Now, in an attempt to combat this, research- Candida albicans and Candida glabrata.
ers at the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Micro- Interestingly, we found that approximately
biology in Belgium have developed a novel half of the EOs and their compounds had
screening method for identifying antimicro- vapour-phase-mediated activity against
bial properties in certain plant-derived vola- bothCandida species. Surprisingly, C. gla-
tile substances. brata, the most drug-resistant species of the
The research project, led by prof. Patrick two was on average even more susceptible.
Van Dijck, is rooted in the growing problem In contrast, none of the currently used anti-
of antifungal drug resistance. Candida cells, fungals showed any vapour-phase-mediated
for example, are quickly becoming tolerant to activity.”
fluconazole, the most-used antifungal drug.
Next to exploring experimental new tech- Co-author Adam Feyaerts (VIB-KU Leu-
niques, scientists also seek to repurpose ex- ven): “Our findings are for instance a start-
isting substances. Plant essential oils (EOs), ing point for the development of molecules
metabolites obtained by steam distillation or that could also be used in vaporizers. After
cold citrus peel pressing, may offer interest- all, volatiles can access otherwise hard to
ing opportunities: they are made up of com- reach areas. Think of possibilities such as
pounds that help protect the plant against mi- maintaining hygiene in hospitals or treat
crobial or herbivore attacks. patients with lung infections. There are ag-
The team collected 175 different essential ricultural options too, such as preventing
oils onstituting a collection of over one thou- post-harvest contamination or protecting
sand different small molecules. The aim was crops against pests.”
to identify biologically active compounds
present in these complex mixtures. They
By Disha Padmanabha
therefore developed a new class of assay that

March 20th, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 12

Malaria Infections Could

be Controlled through
Eating Habits: Study
The discovery of daily rhythms in para- of the animals, by allowing them to eat dur-
sites dates back to the Hippocratic era and ing the day instead of at night, altered the
a taxonomically diverse range of parasites timing of parasite multiplication from night
(including fungi, helminths, Coccidia, nem- to day, in line with the mealtime of the mice.
atodes, trypanosomes, and malaria parasites) Scientists saw that feeding time meant that
display rhythms in development and several malaria parasites grew in number and thus
behaviours. Yet, how rhythms in many para- the disease became stronger. In other words,
site traits are established and maintained re- altering feeding times may disrupt multipli-
mains mysterious, despite their significance, cation rates in malaria, which could be a good
as these traits underpin the replication and strategy to manage the disease. The sudden
transmission of parasites. increase in multiplication rates in malaria
Multiple, convergent, evolutionary origins parasites can be linked to sugar levels that
for circadian oscillators is thought to be ex- jump when animal is eating. Allowing ani-
plained by the fitness advantages of being mals to eat during the day instead of at night,
able to anticipate and exploit predictable dai- altered the timing of parasite multiplication
ly changes in the external environment, as from night to day. Therefore, it is possible
well as keeping internal processes optimally to disrupt the multiplication rates of malar-
timed. The environment that an endopara- ia parasites – this could be achieved through
site experiences inside its host is generated diet changes or some medication.
by many rhythmic processes, including daily
fluctuations in the availability of resources, “We were surprised by how strongly ma-
and the nature and strength of immune re- laria infection responded to changes in the
sponses. eating times of the mice they were infecting.
Now, an international team led by the Uni- This offers a new avenue for research. If we
versity of Edinburgh have concluded that can disrupt the link, it could reduce both the
malaria might be brought under control by impact and the spread of malaria infection,”
managing the eating habits of infected people said Kimberley Prior, of the School of Biolog-
or animals. ical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. By Disha Padmanabha
They found that changing the feeding times

Artificial Photoreceptors
Restore Vision in Mice
Light entering an eye passes through the first altered the mice’s genes so that their nat-
transparent retina and is mostly captured ural receptors degraded. The researchers im-
by the visual pigment-containing photore- planted the metallic receptors in a few mice
ceptors. Retinal degenerative diseases such at a time, and watched as their subjects be-
as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degen- gan responding to green, blue, and ultraviolet
eration lead to irreversible damage or even light. The mice’s pupils dilated, confirming
loss of photoreceptors, which can result in the new photoreceptors were working and
serious impairment of vision and eventually that the mice were responsive to light. The
blindness. photoreceptors were left in for eight weeks,
Now, Chinese researchers representing a during which none of the mice displayed any
huge leap in retinal prosthetics, have devel- negative side effects or injury.
oped artificial photoreceptors based on gold
nanoparticle-decorated titania nanowire ar- “Some of the implanted eyes reached the
rays for restoration of visual responses in the same level of [pupil light reflex] as that in
blind mice with degenerated photoreceptors. wild-type mice, indicating the recovery of
The human-designed photoreceptors take light sensitivity in multiple colors,” the study
the form of nanowires studded with tiny gold authors note. Although the mice cannot see in
flakes, which help tune the array to respond full-color yet, the researchers believe it will
to light in the visible range. The wires are be possible to obtain color vision if they de-
surgically implanted in the same space that velop nanowires that are sensitive to specific
the photoreceptors once occupied, and they colors.
remain in physical contact with retinal cells
to pass along electrical impulses to the visual Five months post-surgery, wrote Zhang,
cortex. the mice with nanowire retinal implants pro-
duced responses in the visual cortex that were
“Nanomaterials are very thin, and ocular similar to wild-type mice with no history of
implantation surgeries are highly practical retinal disease. The formerly blind mice per-
in clinical contexts,” said Zhang Jiayi, a cor- ceived green, blue, and near UV light with
responding author on the paper and a lead a spatial resolution of 100 micrometers, al- By Disha Padmanabha
researcher at Fudan’s State Key Laboratory though the researchers said that they still
of Medical Neurobiology. “As such, the ap- needed to improve the response to red light An illustration shows how nanowire arrays restore vision in blind mice. Courtesy of Zhang Jiayi
plication of this research on the blind will be and low-light situations.
simple and convenient,” she told Sixth Tone.
The team is still working to improve the im- light. Eventually, Zhang said, they hope their ity similar to that of a human retina.”
To test their artificial receptors, the team planted mice’s perception of red light and dim artificial photoreceptors “can reach sensitiv-

Vol. 02 NO 12 March 20th, 2018.

Threatening Amphibian
Fungus Could be Curbed
Using eDNA Analysis
Amphibian chytridiomycosis caused by the Known as environmental DNA, the tool
fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) detects telltale bits of genetic material that
is an emerging infectious disease that has living creatures shed into their environment,
been associated with mass mortality and ex- and enables wildlife scientists to confirm the
tinctions of amphibians worldwide. presence of a wide variety of aquatic organ-
World’s approximately 6,000 amphibian isms without the hassle of finding them. This
species and many of those species develop new study demonstrated how eDNA could
the disease chytridiomycosis. In fact, infec- provide an early signal of where Bd die-offs
tion with Bd has been called “the worst in- may occur which would help conservation-
fectious disease ever recorded among ver- ists take action to save amphibians afflicted
tebrates in terms of the number of species by the pathogen. By Disha Padmanabha
impacted, and it’s propensity to drive them
to extinction. “If we can predict when an outbreak is im- to determine whether eDNA techniques can where there was a die-off but did not detect
Amphibian population declines due to chyt- minent, we can proceed with management ac- be used to detect when non-native fish had the pathogen in the eDNA samples taken
ridiomycosis can occur very rapidly— some- tions such as anti-fungal baths that kill Bd,” been successfully removed from high alpine from the other lakes. Their research demon-
times over a just a few weeks and dispro- said author of the study, Colleen Kamoroff, restoration lakes. The lakes are home to two strates eDNA could be a promising, non-in-
portionately eliminate species that are rare, a former WSU natural resources graduate federally endangered species of mountain vasive method to screen lakes and other bod-
specialized and endemic (e.g. those species student, who is now a wildlife biologist at yellow-legged frogs. ies of water for the presence of Bd. Currently,
that are most unique). Because of these char- Yosemite National Park. “Mountain yel- the only way to test for the pathogen is take
acteristics—rapid progression of population low-legged frogs in the Sierra Nevada have “I was curious if Bd would be detectable skin swabs from afflicted amphibians.
declines and loss of very important amphibi- experienced a population decrease of over 90 at the lakes I took samples from even though
an species—urgent mobilization of efforts to percent in recent years. Environmental DNA there were no sick looking frogs at the time,” “Unlike skin swabs, eDNA does not require
preserve amphibian species are required. could help save these frogs and other species Kamoroff said. “So I decided to run the the capture or handling of the animals you
A new system of analysis called the eDNA of amphibians around the world from extinc- eDNA samples I originally collected for the are trying to protect,” Caren Goldberg, an
could now offer a solution. This new tech- tion.” lake restoration project to test for the pres- assistant professor in the WSU School of the
nology being developed at Washington ence of Bd.” Environment said. “We think the technolo-
State University could help save amphibians Kamoroff originally went to California’s gy will prove very useful in preventing the
around the world. Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park in 2015 Upon further investigation, the team found spread of Bd in the future.”
Bd in the eDNA samples from all three lakes

3D Printed Stethoscope to
Overcome Medical Supply
A Palestinian-Canadian doctor has now “I had to hold my ear to the chests of victims
designed a low-cost stethoscope using a 3D because there were no good stethoscopes,
printer, the first in a series of inventions he and that was a tragedy, a travesty, and unac-
hopes will help alleviate medical supply ceptable,” Loubani told the Chaos Commu-
shortages caused, in part, by an eight-year nications Camp in Zehdenick, Germany. “We
blockade on the Gaza Strip. made a list of these things that if I could bring
Since its introduction in 1819 by René them into Gaza, into the third world in which
Laennec, the acoustic stethoscope has been I work and live, then I felt like I could change
an integral part of clinical medicine. Despite the lives of my patients.
the lack of major structural design innova-
tions over recent decades, modern stetho- “I wanted the people I work with to take it,
scopes can be an expensive part of the physi- and to print it, and to improve it because I
cian’s armamentarium, often costing several knew all I wanted to do was bring the idea.”
hundred US dollars.
The high cost of modern stethoscopes re- The stethoscope, called the Glia model, was
mains a significant barrier to physicians made using free open source software to keep
and allied health professionals practicing in costs low and allow others to easily access
the developed word and in low- and mid- the code. With the Glia template, the steth-
dle-income countries, where few affordable oscope can be made in less than three hours
high-quality options exist. and can be produced by anyone with a 3D
By Disha Padmanabha
The first in what he hopes will be a line of printer and access to ABS – a plastic used to
3D-printed medical supplies produced by his make garden chairs and Lego – can create the
open-source organisation the Glia Project, Dr device. The results of the study show it has do it, instead what I want, is for every patient ing medical devices, like dialysis machines
Loubani said the stethoscope can be made for the same acoustic quality as the best stetho- to be able to receive the same care that my and electrocardiograms, can be 3D printed
just $2.50 (£1.62). scopes on the market. patients in Canada can receive.” around the world for a fraction of their for-
Furthermore, the doctors who have tested The device also consists of a plastic tube mer cost. Inspired by the open source soft-
out the equipment have said it is as effective found in Coca-Cola machines, which Louba- “Use of the open source approach in every ware movement, he keeps all his code on
as stethoscopes by leading brands, despite ni said are all also found everywhere, and a aspect of this project contributes powerfully GitHub and encourages doctors and hard-
being a fraction of the price. circular piece of plastic from a common Duo- to the body of medical device research,” said ware hackers to contribute to the project in a
The Glia project was born sometime after Tang folder that serves as the stethoscope’s Gabriella Coleman, PhD, noted scholar on collaborative way.
the 2012 Israeli incursions into Gaza, where chest piece or diaphragm. technology and open source software. “This The device is currently in clinical use by
Loubani and his medical colleagues were in research gives a guide for others to create physicians and allied health professionals in
short supply of the life-saving equipment and “We really want everybody to be able to ac- medical-grade open access devices that can Gaza and is also being trialled clinically at
forced to listen to the heartbeats of scores of cess these devices,” he said. “I’m not inter- reduce costs and ultimately save lives.” the London Health Sciences Centre, in Lon-
wounded Gazans with ears placed on chests. ested in getting rich or selling these devices don, Ontario.
to anybody, nor do I think this is the way to Loubani foresees a future in which lifesav-

March 20th, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 12

Scientists Isolate
Circadian Clock
that Regulates
Drug-Dosing Schedule
They say there’s a time for everything— ness and mood can occur. This is also when
though you might not know it from looking the metabolic activity of our body changes.
at a pill-bottle label. Most say how many pills
to take, but not when to take them. “There have been hints in past studies that
Now, researchers at the University of Penn- the opening of the blood brain barrier fluc-
sylvania have uncovered the circadian clock tuates over 24 hours and now we see, for the
involved in regulating the permeability of first time, direct evidence that a local circa-
the blood–brain barrier has been found. The dian clock exists in the barrier,” Amita Seh-
mechanism, which emerged from a study of gal, PhD, a professor of Neuroscience in the
an antiepileptic drug’s effectiveness in a fruit Perelman School of Medicine at the Univer-
fly seizure model, points to possibilities for sity of Pennsylvania and a Howard Hughes
improving drug-dosing schedules. Medical Institute investigator said. “More By Disha Padmanabha
Between 40 and 50% of all genes in the importantly, we have identified a novel daily
body appear to be linked to the circadian regulation that could have implications for
clock in their activity. And the study sheds the timing of taking medications targeted to the junctions to decrease its concentration in compared to flies given phenytoin during the
light on several genes that respond to the cir- the central nervous system.” cells that form the tight barrier, therefore al- day.
cadian rhythm and change their activity in a lowing substances to permeate the brain. Those findings suggest that timing the de-
cyclic manner around the clock. Hundreds of The investigating team used a dye to In order to test if the cyclical permeability livery of drugs that act in the brain should
genes get involved, with 3,186 genes in the demonstrate how clock signals are transmit- might also lead to a better outcome if brain consider when the barrier is open as well as
liver alone showing this daily pattern. ted across the BBB requires gap junctions, drugs are administered at night, they gave other cyclical aspects of neuron physiology.
One very interesting finding of the study is which are expressed cyclically. These are mutant flies prone to seizures the anti-ep- One relevant line of research is to identify
the presence of two time periods, just before protein complexes organized into channels ileptic phenytoin. While the incidence of the drugs most likely to be targeted by the
dawn and dusk, when particularly large shifts in cell membranes that allow ions and small seizures did not vary over the course of the mechanism that drives a rhythm in BBB per-
in gene activity take place. This is when sig- molecules to pass between cells. Specifically, day-night cycle, flies given the drug at night meability
nificant changes in our activity level, alert- during the night, magnesium passes through had a shorter time to recovery after seizures

Vol. 02 NO 12 March 20th, 2018.

The scheme provides a consolidated month- DIFFERENT IN CONTENT, AND PREF-
ly remuneration of Rs. 1,00,000/- p.m. In ERABLY FIELD AND FORM, FROM
addition, a House Rent Allowance of Rs. THE APPLICANT’S PREVIOUS WORK.
18,500/- p.m. is given to fellows. In case host
institute provides accommodation to the fel- Applications should be submitted by mail
low, no house rent allowance is admissible. to: /
The fellowship is taxable as per Govt. of In- Bewerbungen sind zu richten an:
dia rules.
Fellows will receive a research/contingen- Prof. Dr. Susan Neiman
cy grant of Rs. 10.00 lakhs for the 1st & 2nd Einstein Forum
year; Rs. 7.50 lakhs for the 3rd & 4th year; Am Neuen Markt 7
Rs. 5.00 lakhs for 5th year for purchase of 14467 Potsdam
consumables, minor equipment, international Germany
and domestic travel, engaging manpower and
Ramalingaswami Re-entry other contingent expenditure to be incurred Einstein Fellowship – 2019 Or by email to: fellowship@einsteinfo-
for the implementation of research proposal
Fellowship for 2017-2018 which is a part of fellowship and Institutional Applications Invited
overhead Rs. 50,000/ year For more information, call or fax the Ein-
DBT encourages host institutions to provide stein Forum at:
medical benefits, transport allowance, leave phone: +49-331-271780
Official notification for Ramalingaswami travel allowance and other benefits as per Apply for a Einstein Fellowship 2019. fax: +49-331-2717827
Re-entry Fellowship for 2017-2018 is out. their prevailing norms as applicable to their Check out the official notification for more
Indian Nationals with a PhD are eligible to employees of the rank equivalent to Assis- Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Benz FAQ
apply for this Fellowship. Candidates with tant Professor/Scientist D out of their own Foundation – Einstein Fellowship 2019.
a PhD in biotechnology, bioinformatics resources/ funds. Please check the details given below: 1. What kind of projects can I propose?
and related areas are encouraged to apply Fellows retain an option for drawing either
Online for the Ramalingaswami Re-entry the fellowship or salary if they are appoint- The Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Your proposed project must not be part of
Fellowship for 2017-2018 as Per the details ed at a suitable permanent scientific posi- Benz Foundation are offering a fellowship your dissertation or thesis, and the applica-
below: tion. Fellows opting for salary can continue for outstanding young thinkers who wish tion documents must be in English. Other-
to avail the research /contingency grant with to pursue a project in a different field from wise, there are no limitations on the project
Applications are solicited from Indian na- prior approval of DBT. that of their previous research. The purpose you may propose as long as you can defend
tionals working in overseas research institu- Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellows could of the fellowship is to support those who, in your idea as interesting, original, and feasible
tions for the “Ramalingaswami Re-entry take up fellowship at any of the scientific in- addition to producing superb work in their during the fellowship period. Please also con-
Fellowship”, a re-entry scheme of the De- stitutes/ universities in the country. Howev- area of specialization, are also open to other, sider whether the facilities available to you
partment of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry er, application should be duly forwarded by interdisciplinary approaches – following the here would suitably allow you to pursue your
of Science & Technology, Government of the competent authority of the host Institute. example set by Albert Einstein. project.
India. Fellows/Awardee can change his/her host The fellowship includes living accommo-
institute only once during the tenure of the dations for five to six months in the garden 2. How different should my proposed
Aim of the Fellowship fellowship with the prior no objection cer- cottage of Einstein`s own summerhouse in project be from my previous work?
tificate from the host institute who has for- Caputh, Brandenburg, only a short distance
The scheme is conceptualized with the aim warded the application (Director/Registrar/ away from the universities and academic in- There is no hard and fast rule, nor is there
of attracting highly skilled researchers (In- Vice-Chancellor/Dean as the case may be). stitutions of Potsdam and Berlin. The fellow a formula for how the proposal should look.
dian Nationals) working overseas in various Only one nomination will be considered. will receive a stipend of EUR 10,000 and re- All you need to demonstrate is that you have
cutting edge disciplines of biotechnology Awardees are eligible to apply for research imbursement of travel expenses. not already done work– e.g. master’s theses,
(agriculture, health sciences, bio-engineer- grants to any of the funding agencies towards published essays, books, etc.– directly relat-
ing, energy, environment, bioinformatics and accomplishment of research proposal. How- Call for Applications: ed to your proposed project. You should have
other related areas), by providing them an at- ever, the Co-PI has to be a permanent em- already given significant thought to your pro-
tractive avenue to pursue their R&D interests ployee of the host institution. Candidates must be under 35 and hold a ject idea.
in Indian institutions. university degree in the humanities, in the
Tenure of fellowship social sciences, or in the natural sciences. 3. Can I propose two projects?
Who is eligible to apply ? Applications for 2019 should include a CV,
Fellows can draw fellowship for a term of a two-page project proposal, and two letters The fellowship is awarded for just one pro-
The applicant should possess a Ph.D., five years. Fellowship is further extendable of recommendation. All documents must be ject. As such, we recommend focusing on
/M.D., or equivalent degree with an outstand- for another two years on fresh appraisal of received by April 15, 2018. strengthening just one proposal.
ing track record as reflected in publications performance of the fellow; only fellowship & At the end of the fellowship period, the fel-
and other recognitions and with at least three HRA will be admissible during extension pe- low will be expected to present his or her pro- 4. Should I attach the letters of reference
years of post-doctoral research experience of riod. No research/contingency grant will be ject in a public lecture at the Einstein Forum in my application, or should my recom-
which last two years should be from overseas provided during the extension period. Those and at the Daimler and Benz Foundation. The menders send them separately?
laboratory. who are able to secure permanent positions Einstein Fellowship is not intended for ap-
Only candidates (Indian nationals) work- will not be considered for 2nd term. plicants who wish to complete an academic We will accept both, but we recommend
ing overseas are eligible to apply. Those who study they have already begun. that your reference letters be emailed to us
have already returned to India within one How to Apply: directly by their respective authors.
year of the closing date of this advertisement How to Apply:
but without a job are also eligible. Applications may be sent as per proforma 5. Is TOEFL/IELTS required?
downloadable from DBT website (www. A successful application must demonstrate
Researcher’s upto 45 years of age as de- and duly forwarded by the the quality, originality, and feasibility of the We require only the documents listed. We
termined on closing date of application are competent authority to Dr. Meenakshi Mun- proposed project, as well as the superior in- do not require TOEFL/IELTS results in your
eligible to apply. shi, Adviser/Scientist “G”, Department of tellectual development of the applicant. It is application, as your application should al-
Biotechnology, Block-2, 7th Floor, CGO not relevant whether the applicant has begun ready reflect mastery of English.
Incentives of being a Ramalingaswami Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110 003, working toward, or currently holds, a PhD.
fellow both as a hard copy as well as Soft copy. The The proposed project need not be entirely 6. When will I hear back about my ap-
applications not forwarded by the host insti- completed during the time of the fellowship, plication?
This is a senior fellowship programme, and tution will not be considered. Soft copy to be but can be the beginning of a longer project.
awardees are to be considered synonymous mailed at Email :- We will acknowledge receipt of your sub-
to the Assistant Professor/Scientist-D level. only as a single file latest by 15th May, 2018. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO FELLOW- mission as soon as possible. The application
Fellows selected are entitled to take up teach- SHIPS WILL BE GIVEN FOR DISSER-
ing/research assignments and supervising Application Deadline – latest by 15th TATION RESEARCH. THE PROPOSED
Doctoral/MS students. May, 2018. PROJECT MUST BE SIGNIFICANTLY
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March 20th, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 12

review and interview processes begin in May, ly impact our understanding of the immune from the following individuals: Only PDF documents will be accepted. All
with final decisions released by the end of system’s role in cancer. files must be combined into one document
June. • An Internal Review Board (IRB) or and named according to the following for-
ELIGIBILITY: certifying officer, who can attest that mula: if your name is John Brown, your file
7. When does the fellowship take place? the proposal is in compliance with gov- should be called Brown, John.pdf. Do not
• Applicants for the CRI Irvington Post- ernment and institutional regulations submit multiple attachments.
Although the exact dates are flexible, the doctoral Fellowship Program must be • The institution’s administrative officer When you have finished uploading the at-
5-6 month period of the fellowship should working in areas directly related to im- • The institution’s financial officer tachments, click “Submit.” You will receive a
preferably take place during the summer munology or cancer immunology. An notice confirming that you have successfully
months and end within the calendar year. eligible project must fall into the broad When your form is complete, you should submitted your Application Form. Immedi-
field of immunology with relevance to scan it as a PDF and upload it with your oth- ately after, an automated notification from
8. Is it mandatory to stay in Einstein’s solving the cancer problem. er supporting materials when completing the CRI will be sent to your email address, also
summer house? • Applicants must have a doctoral degree online application form. confirming submission.
by the date of award activation and
Yes. As part of the Einstein Fellowship, we must conduct their proposed research Uploading Supporting Materials:
expect the fellow to reside in Caputh. under a sponsor who holds a formal ap- If you encounter problems uploading your
pointment at the host institution. After you have filled out all required fields attachment, email it to grants@cancerre-
9. What may the stipend be used for? • Applicants with 5 or more years of rel- on the online application, you will be asked Be sure to note the application
evant postdoctoral experience are not on the final page of the application to upload, number, which will be assigned to you at the
The stipend is intended to cover living ex- eligible, with the exception of M.D. ap- in this order, the following supporting docu- time of submission.
penses and project expenses incurred during plicants, who should not include years mentation in one PDF document: Online applications will be accepted until 5
your fellowship period. of residency in this calculation. p.m. Eastern Time on the deadline date. If the
• Only in exceptional circumstances will • The entire PDF application form, be- deadline falls on the weekend, applications
10. Can my family come? Does the fel- applicants who have already spent 3 or ginning with the cover sheet. Please will be accepted until the close of business
lowship cover travel expenses of family more years in a sponsor’s laboratory by make sure all signatures have been ob- that following Monday. We strongly sug-
members? the start date of fellowship be consid- tained for section three. gest submitting your applications as early as
ered for a fellowship award. • Brief description of the applicant’s possible to provide ample time in case your
Your family may accompany you during the • The fellowship can be performed in the background and research accomplish- application is incomplete. Incomplete appli-
fellowship period. The fellowship will not United States or abroad, but must take ments. cations will not be considered.
cover their travel expenses. place at a non-profit institution. There • List of other funding sources to which
are no citizenship restrictions. applications have been or will be sub- Note on Letters of Recommendation:
11. My application was rejected. Can I • Only one fellow per sponsor may ap- mitted, with due dates.
reapply next year? ply per application round, and faculty • Applicant’s curriculum vitae and bibli- *Documents 8 through 10 may be submit-
sponsors may not have more than three ography. ted directly by referees via the web as a PDF.
As long as you still fit the other eligibility CRI-supported fellows at any time. • Brief summary of your project, includ- On Page 5 of the online application, please
criteria, you may reapply for the fellowship ing a description of how the proposed specify e-mail addresses for those providing
next year with a new proposal. FINANCIAL INFORMATION: research is relevant to understanding letters of support. Referees will then be sent
the role of the immune system in cancer a link where they will be prompted to upload
<No intersecting link>
Newly awarded fellowships provide a sti- and/or the treatment of cancer through their recommendation letter. Please note that
pend of $55,000 for the first year, $57,000 immunological means. the application should not be submitted by
for the second year, and $59,000 for the third • Abstract of research in non-technical the applicant until referees have uploaded
year. In addition, an allowance of $1,500 per English explaining the importance of their letters.
year is allotted to the host institution for use the proposed research and its potential While direct submission is preferred, ref-
at the sponsor’s discretion to help pay for the clinical relevance. The abstract will be erees may instead scan a copy of their letter
fellow’s research supplies, travel to scientific used for fundraising purposes and sub- as a PDF and email it to grants@cancerre-
meetings, and/or health insurance. mitted to CRI’s lay Board of Trustees.
Deductions for administrative overhead are • Concise research proposal (back- In cases where the referee submits the rec-
not allowed from either the stipend or the ground, significance, specific aims, ommendation letter to the applicant, the ap-
institutional allowance. Payments are made materials and methods) not to exceed plicant should scan the original, signed letters
monthly in U.S. currency to the host institu- 6 pages inclusive of tables and figures, and collate them into the supporting docu-
tion. exclusive of references. Applications mentation attachment that is uploaded at the
Cancer Research Institute exceeding this page limit will be dis- time of electronic application submission. If
(CRI) Irvington APPLICATION DEADLINE: qualified. recommendation letters will be included with
• *Letter from the sponsor introducing the supporting documentation or emailed to
Postdoctoral Fellowship The application deadlines are April 1 and the applicant and describing the spon-, there is no need
Program October 1; when those dates fall on the week- sor’s qualifications to direct the pro- to provide e-mail addresses for referees on
end, applications are due the following Mon- posed research. The letter must contain Page 5 of the online application.
day. Applications are due by 5 p.m. Eastern assurance that the applicant’s project All letters should be scanned in grayscale
Apply for Cancer Research Institute Time on these dates. Applicants are notified will be conducted under the direct su- at a maximum resolution of 300 dpi to keep
(CRI) Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship of fellowship committee decisions within ap- pervision of the sponsor. Finally, spon- file size to a minimum. Do not scan in color,
Program. Official Notification for CRI Ir- proximately 10-12 weeks of the application sors are asked to indicate whether the as this will significantly increase the file size,
vington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. deadline. application was written by the applicant which could potentially cause uploading
2018 Cancer Research Institute Irvington Fellowships can be activated three months and also whether any preliminary data problems.
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program noti- after the application deadline but no later included in the proposal was generated
fication check out all of the details given than one year following the deadline. Awards by the applicant or by the lab prior to Formatting Guidelines:
below: activate on the first of the month. the applicant’s arrival.
• *Sponsor’s curriculum vitae/biosketch, Any documents you attach to your online
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: How to Apply: bibliography (limit bibliography to past application form must be typed single-space
5 years or to publications relevant to using a 12 point or larger font size.
The CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications must be submitted electroni- proposed research), and a list of spon-
Program supports qualified young scientists cally. Paper applications will not be accept- sor’s current research support. Application Deadline : April 2, 2018
at leading universities and research centers ed. The application process requires you to • *Two letters of recommendation are re-
around the world who wish to receive train- complete a PDF application form for institu- quired. One letter must be from the ap-
ing in fundamental immunology or cancer tional signatures and certification. You must plicant’s thesis advisor. Applicants who
immunology. also complete an electronic application form, received an M.D. or otherwise who do
A panel of scientists drawn from our Scien- which requires you to upload supporting ma- not have a thesis advisor should have
tific Advisory Council rigorously evaluates terials. some other qualified individual sub-
each candidate, the intended sponsor and mit this letter. The second letter should
training environment, and the nature and fea- Completing the PDF Application Form be from an individual well acquainted
sibility of the proposed project. with the applicant’s work. The sponsor
The Institute seeks hypothesis-driven, Before you submit the online application may not submit one of these letters. If
mechanistic studies in both immunology and form, you must first complete the PDF ap- the sponsor was also the applicant’s
tumor immunology. The applicant and spon- plication form. Fill out the form, print it, and thesis advisor, you must contact CRI
sor should make every effort to demonstrate obtain signatures for the Institutional Certi- for further instruction.
the potential of the proposed studies to direct- fications section. Signatures will be required

Vol. 02 NO 12 March 20th, 2018.

in a science related field. A $1500 (or interna- your degree to further advance science com or mail it to Novus Biologicals, LLC,
tional currency equivalent) scholarship will in your field of interest. Attention: Lisa Ikariyama, 8100 Southpark
be awarded twice a year for one student in Way, A-8, Littleton, CO 80120, USA.
the fall semester and one student in the spring Selection and notification process:
semester. What majors qualify?
• Deadline for this application is July 20,
Eligibility: 2018 at 11:59 p.m. MST. Any science related major. If you haven’t
• Finalist will be notified by August 3, declared your major yet, please use the writ-
• Applicants must have a major declared 2018. ten statement for how you plan to use your
in a science related field. Submission guidelines: degree to be considered.
• Open worldwide.
• Enrolled or accepted for enrollment • Please submit your application online What is the fee?
(baccalaureate, graduate, associate de- or email it to scholarship@novusbio.
gree, or diploma) with a declared major com by July 20, 2018 to be considered There is no fee.
R&D Systems Scholarship in a science related field. for the Fall 2018 R&D Systems Schol-
arship. When will you send me the check?
Application Fall 2018 How to Apply: If selected, we will send the check directly
FAQs: to the university listed in the application to
Download and complete the scholarship ap- disperse.
plication form. Do I need to submit official transcripts?
Official Notification is announced for • Submit a transcript of all college/ No, we will accept either unofficial or of- Contact Details:
R&D Systems Scholarship Application post-secondary coursework (if high ficial.
Fall 2018. Scholarship Application Fall school student submit high school tran- Questions? Please email Lisa Ikariyama
2018 Notifications. Check out all of the de- script). Are the written statements required? at, call at 303-
tails on the same below: • Submit a written statement addressing 730-1950 or or read our FAQs.
the following topics: Yes, both topics listed are required. There is
R&D Systems is proud to support education 1. Submit a 140 character statement/tweet no word count for the list and you can format Application Deadline – July 20, 2018 at
in science with a scholarship program estab- on what you believe is the biggest hur- how you would like. 11:59 p.m. MST.
lished to students who are pursuing a degree dle for people working in your specific
in a science related field. field of interest and why Do I need to email or mail this in?
The R&D Systems Scholarship Program 2. Write a personal statement of 500
will be awarded to students pursuing a degree words or less on how you plan to use You can email it to scholarship@novusbio.

Ph.D. in Engineering: Engineering from the centrally funded Tech- Indian Nationals can apply only through on-
nical Institutes (CFTIs). The candidates with line mode of application. Foreign Nationals
Eligibility Criteria: master’s degree in science must either have a can apply only through off line mode.
valid GATE score or must have qualified for/ PhD applicants must arrange for two let-
(i) A master’s degree in engineering with in JRF/NET. ters of reference as well. For this purpose,
marks/CPI not below the specified minimum. the names of the referees along with their
Financial Assistance: e-mails addresses are to be provided by the
or candidates in the online applications portal.
Financial aid (in the form of Institute Assist- (
a bachelor’s degree in engineering or sci- antship) is available to the regular (non-spon- plinks20181.htm)
ence (4 year programme) with a minimum of sored) students of M.Tech./M. Des./MS (By The referees will be contacted electronical-
75 percent marks/7.5 CPI and a valid GATE Research) and Ph.D. Programmes. ly through an auto generated mail to submit
score (the requirement of GATE score is Student is expected to carry out the as- their recommendations online.
waived for candidates with bachelor’s de- signed duties for teaching and Research The application fee is Rs.400 for General
PhD Research Admissions gree in engineering from the centrally funded Assistantship. The M.Tech./MS (Research) and OBC candidates and Rs.200 for SC/ST
technical institutes (CFTIs)). student currently carries a monthly stipend of and all PD candidates (including General and
2018 @ IIT Kanpur Rs.12,400/- for 8 hours of work per week. For OBC). The application fee is waived for ‘For-
or Ph.D. students the corresponding financial eign National’ candidates.
assistance (for Engg./Sciences/Social Scienc- Separate application form is to be filled for
a master’s degree in science or an allied es) is Rs.25,000/- for the first two years and each program.
Official Notification for PhD Research area while satisfying each of the following there after it is raised to Rs.28,000/- respec-
Admissions 2018 @ IIT Kanpur. Interest- three criteria: tively for another three years.
ed and eligible candidates apply for a PhD (a) a minimum of 65 percent marks/6.5 CPI Students may also avail financial assistant-
Biological Sciences & Bioengineering pro- in the master’s degree, ship from external funding agencies (such as
gramme 2018 that is available. For more (b) first division in bachelor’s degree, and UGC/CSIR/NBHM etc.).
information on the eligibility details, ap- (c) JRF/95 percentile or higher in GATE In addition to the above several attractive
plication procedure of IIT Kanpur 2018 as score. fellowships from Industries/DAE are also
per the details below: available.
For admission into Ph.D. in Biological
Applications are invited from Indian as well Sciences and Bioengineering, applicants hav- GENERAL INFORMATION:
as foreign nationals for admission to Ph.D., ing master’s degree in pharmacy/medicine/
M.Tech., M. Des. and MS (By Research) pro- veterinary science with marks/CPI not below (i) Reservations (for SC/ST/OBC(NCL)/PD
grammes 2018-19-I Semester (commencing the specified minimum, or bachelor’s degree candidates) shall apply as per Government of
from July 25, 2018) in the following depart- in pharmacy/medicine/veterinary science India rules.
ments/interdisciplinary programmes: with a minimum of 75 percent marks/7.5
CPI, may also be considered. (ii) For Application Form, Reference Letter
Ph.D. (Engg.) : Aerospace Engineering For admission into Ph.D. in Computer Sci- Form, Information Brochure, Eligibility Cri-
* Biological Sciences & Bioengineering * ence and Engineering, applicants with mas- teria, linkages to concerned department and
Chemical Engineering * Civil Engineering * ter in computer applications while satisfying other relevant details visit: Important Links
Computer Science & Engineering * Electri- each of the above criteria in (a), (b) and (c)
cal Engineering * Industrial & Management may also be considered. Application Procedure:
Engineering * Materials Science & Engineer-
ing * Materials Science (Interdisciplinary (ii) A valid GATE score is required for the The online applications portal (for Indi-
Programme) * Mechanical Engineering * candidates with a bachelor’s degree in Engi- an Nationals only) will be available from
Photonics Science & Engineering (Interdis- neering/Design/Architecture, except in the 15/03/2018 (10:00 AM) till 04/04/2018
ciplinary Programme). case of candidates with bachelor’s degree in (05:00 PM).

March 20th, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 12

the Institute/University reports: Important Instructions:

1. Only marks, percentage will be consid-
ered. • All communication with candidates
2. Only grades, CGPA/CPI will be con- will be by e-mail only.
sidered. If CGPA/CPI is reported on • Kindly check this website for periodic
any scale other than 10 (eg. 4 point/ 8 updates.
point scale), an equivalent CGPA/CPI • Candidates who are appearing or are
will be calculated as per the following about to appear for final examinations
formula: of the qualifying degree programme are
CGPA/CPI in a 10 point scale = (CGPA/CPI eligible to apply for Ph.D. programme.
Obtained×10)/PS However, if selected, admission to the
PS = Point scale used by the Institute/Uni- Ph.D. programme would be condition-
versity. al upon their completing the qualifying
IISER Berhampur PhD 3. Both marks and CGPA/CPI degree with the defined marks criteria, JNCASR Research &
Admission 2018 – Official
Percentage equivalent of CGPA/CPI, as in- before July 31, 2018. Integrated PhD
dicated on the transcript/gradesheet, will be • Selection will be based on interviews
Notification considered, if absolute grading was followed. of the short-listed candidates. Shortlist- Programme Admissions
CGPA/CPI ONLY will be considered, if rela- ed candidates will be called for an in- 2018
tive grading was followed. terview. Date of interview will be com-
• Exceptionally brilliant candidates with municated to shortlisted candidates by
IISER Berhampur PhD Admission 2018. B.Tech./MBBS/MCA also apply for e-mail and the same will be available Apply Online at JNCASR for Research
Calling all candidates who are from an Ph.D. programme in Biological Scienc- on the Institute website. TA will be paid & Integrated PhD Programme Admissions
MSc background to apply for the PhD es. to SC/ST candidates appearing for the 2018. Check out JNCASR – Jawaharlal
Programme Admissions 2018 at IISER • Additionally, a National level exam- interview as per Govt. of India norms. Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Re-
Berhampur. IISER Berhampur has offi- ination like National Eligibility Test • Reservation will be applied according search 2018 PhD Admissions. Check out
cially announced the phd admissions 2018. (NET)/GATE/UGC-JRF/CSIR-JRF/ to Govt. of India norms. Relaxation of all of the details on the same below:
If you are looking for phd admissions, then DBT (JRF A category)/ICMR (JRF eligibility criteria for SC/ST and PD
check the July 2018 PhD Programme Ad- category I)/NET-LS/INSPIRE-PhD/ applicants will be as per Government JNCASR has a bright and diverse student
missions at IISER Berhampur as per the JGEEBILS or any other recognized of India norms. Candidates belonging body. At present, there are 291 students reg-
details given below: score is mandatory. The certificate/fel- to reserved category will have to sub- istered in the various academic programmes
lowship MUST be valid at the time of mit relevant certificates, if selected. of the Centre. While the majority of these
Indian Institute of Science Education and admission. • Applying does not automatically guar- students are pursuing Ph. D. degree, we also
Research Berhampur invites applications • Students whose results for CSIR-UGC antee that a candidate will be shortlist- have students enrolled in our Integrated Ph.
from highly motivated students for admis- NET Fellowship or ICMR-JRF cate- ed for interview. The respective de- D., M. S. / M. S. (Engg.) programmes. The
sion to the PhD programme starting from gory-I or DBT-JRF or INSPIRE-PhD partments may use additional criteria student population at JNCASR is drawn from
July 2018. Currently, IISER Berhampur of- or any other equivalent fellowship are (based on academic performance and/ across the length and breadth of the country;
fers PhD programme in Biological Scienc- awaited may also apply with their roll or performance in the national level in addition, we frequently have foreign stu-
es, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics number(s) mentioned in the applica- tests) in order to shortlist candidates for dents visiting the Centre under various ex-
disciplines. Students with a Master’s degree tion. Such candidates may walk-in interviews depending on the number of change programmes.
or equivalent in Biology, Chemistry, Mathe- for the interview provided they have applications received. The majority of new students joining the
matics, and Physics OR in any relevant inter- qualified examination for any of the • Applicant’s age should not exceed Centre during the August semester each year
disciplinary area closely related to the basic above fellowship before the interview more than 28 years at the time of join- are admitted, based on their performance in
science are encouraged to apply for PhD pro- date. Such candidates will not be sent ing. Age relaxation of 3 years will be interviews carried out in the early summer.
gramme. a call letter for the interview. Howev- given for OBC (Non Creamy Layer) Certain programmes also consider admitting
PhD students must successfully complete er, they should write to the head of the and 5 years for SC/ST/PD/Female ap- students halfway through the academic year
course work, qualifying examination, semi- department, Department of Biological plicants. (i.e., at the start of the January semester). In
nars, and a dissertation. Besides the manda- Sciences at • All selected candidates will be eligible order to be eligible for consideration in these
tory requirements, students are encouraged (with a CC to and for either Institute fellowship of Rs. interviews, students have to meet various
to participate in several professional activi- inform if they will attend the interview. 25,000/- per month or fellowship as academic criteria, as specified under the var-
ties such as workshops, review meetings and • Candidates who are appearing or are per the norms of the funding agency, ious degree programmes listed in the menu
conferences. All doctoral students are also about to appear for final examinations in vogue, subject to satisfactory perfor- page. Admission in these programmes is fair-
expected to participate in the undergraduate of the qualifying degree programme are mance in their course work. ly competitive.
teaching programme of the Institute as a part eligible to apply for PhD programme. All students who are admitted to the Cen-
of their training. However, if selected, admission to the Contact Information: tre’s programmes receive stipends that are
Please note that the precise eligibility crite- PhD programme would be conditional more than adequate to cover their tuition and
ria for July 2018 admissions may vary from upon their completing the qualifying In case of any application-related que- living expenses, including hostel fees, etc.
department to department which are given degree with the defined marks criteria. ries, please contact the respective depart- We generally expect students to take less
below. A glimpse of the research areas open • A relaxation of 5% of marks, or an ments (with a CC to than five years to complete a regular Ph. D.
for admission are provided below and further equivalent relaxation of grade, will be Biology: programme. Students who are admitted to the
information about individual faculty profiles allowed for candidates belonging to Integrated Ph. D. programme also get an M.
and areas of research can be obtained from SC/ST/PD categories. Important Dates: S. degree, typically three years into their pro-
the IISER Berhampur website. Prospective • Mere fulfilling the eligibility criterion gramme of study.
students satisfying the eligibility criteria are does not entitle a candidate to be called Closing Date of Application : April 30, In addition to carrying out research, stu-
encouraged to acquaint themselves with the for the test and interview. 2018 dents take a combination of required and
research areas of our faculty members for Interview Dates : May 22-29, 2018 elective courses. The majority of courses are
suitable match of interest. Application Procedure: held on-campus, and taught by the Centre’s
faculty members. However, students can also
Research Areas: Please download and save the form on your choose to attend a few courses at other scien-
computer, and then open it directly in Ac- tific institutes in the Bangalore area. In ad-
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES robat or Acrobat Reader and select/type the dition to regular academic courses, there are
information in the boxes provided and click also seminar courses, and we have recently
Broad Area Of Research: save to store the information. introduced a course on scientific writing. Af-
ter completing two years in their Ph. D. pro-
Life-history evolution, Sexual selection and NOTE : OPENING OF DOWNLOAD- grammes, students have to pass an oral com-
sexual conflict, Fungal Molecular Genetics, ED APPLICATION FORM IN ADOBE prehensive examination, where they present
Circadian Rhythms. READER IS MUST TO UPLOAD PHOTO and are quizzed about their research, as well
AND ACCESSES OTHER INTERACTIVE as the material covered in their coursework.
Eligibility:Minimum Qualification: FIELDS. DO NOT FILL ANYTHING ON Since 2002, the Centre is recognized as a
ONLINE LINK. “Deemed to be University” by the Universi-
• M.Sc./M.Tech. Degree in the relevant ty Grants Commission, and students’ degrees
discipline with a minimum of 60% are awarded directly by JNCASR. Since the
marks or CGPA/CPI of 7.0 on a 10 PhD_Admission_Form.pdf
point scale. (Overall percentage/CGPA/
CPI; not only in majoring subject)
• If the transcript/grade sheet issued by
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Vol. 02 NO 12 March 20th, 2018.

inception of the Centre, 324 degrees have The minimum eligibility criteria is men- test for Chemical Science will be held only
been awarded; these include 178Ph. D.’s, 87 tioned below. Kindly note that these criteria at JNCASR, Bangalore. Interviews for the or you can call up at :(080) 22082777
M. S. degrees (Integrated Ph. D.), 55 M. S. are for applying only. The committee will shortlisted candidates will be held the same (080) 22082777 (from Monday to Friday
(Engg.) and 4 M. Sc. (by research – Biologi- shortlist candidates for written test. day or the following day. 9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m hours only)
cal Sciences).
Students who are alumni of the Centre have • Minimum Requirement Biological Science: Students with Bach- Importance notice for prospective appli-
gone on to enjoy successful academic ca- elor’s degree in any branch of Science can cants:
reers, and are currently spread out across the Candidates should have a minimum of 55% apply. Selection will be through JNCASR’s
world. marks at the B.Sc as applicable to the area . written test, followed by interview at Ban- • Interviews for admitting students in
Candidates who are appearing for their final galore for the shortlisted candidates. The respective Units/programmes will be
RESEARCH PROGRAMMES examination in B.Sc. can also apply. JNCASR written entrance test for Biological held subject to the vacancies available.
Science will be held only at JNCASR, Ban- • Selection to the degree programmes of
Interdisciplinary research interests are • Eligibility criteria and Mode of Selec- galore . The candidates shortlisted from the JNCASR are subject to excellent ac-
also encouraged tion for the areas mentioned below: written test will be called for interview the ademic background score/percentile/
same day or the next day. rank obtained in national fellowship
Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit Materials Science: Students with Bach- exams,in addition to the recommenda-
elor’s degree in any branch of Science can Instructions for applying (only after the tions of the referees and performance in
Research in the Molecular Biology and apply. Candidates are expected to have sound release of advertisement): the interview.
Genetics Unit is in diverse areas of biology knowledge in the fundamentals of Physics, • Mere fulfilling the essential qualifica-
bound by the common thread of biomedi- Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates who • Candidates are advised to read the In- tions / eligibility criteria will not entitle
cal applications. The current research areas have qualified the JAM 2018 written test for struction in the application form care- an applicant to be shortlisted for inter-
fall into the categories of Infectious Diseas- Master’s are also invited to apply. Selection fully before applying. view.
es, Cell Cycle, Chromatin organization and will be through the Joint Admission test for • Please note that the criterias mentioned • The committee shortlists the candiates
Transcription Regulation, Developmental Bi- Master’s (JAM) and/or JNCASR’s written above are prerequisites to apply ONLY for written test and/or interviews based
ology and Genetics. test, followed by interview at Bangalore and will not be mandatory for short list- on the departmental criteria.
Students have the opportunity to use ap- for the shortlisted candidates. The JNCASR ing or selection/admission to the pro- • The Units offering admission will be
proaches involving molecular biology and written test for Materials Science will be held gramme . mentioned in the application form.
biochemistry, genetics, modern cell and de- only at JNCASR, Bangalore. Interviews for • The candidates shortlisted for written • The Centre has the right to cancel, at
velopmental biology and the most recent the shortlisted candidates will be held the test and/ or interview will be communi- any stage, the admission of a candidate
genomics approaches. same day or the following day. cated by email and post. who is found to have been admitted to
a course to which he/she is not entitled,
INTEGRATED (INT.) PH.D. PRO- Chemical Science: Students with Bach- Scholarships/Fellowship: being unqualified or ineligible in ac-
GRAMME IS OFFERED IN MATERI- elor’s degree in any branch of Science with cordance with the rules and regulations
ALS SCIENCE, CHEMICAL SCIENCE Chemistry as a major and mathematics as a Selected students will receive a scholarship in force.
AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE subject at least up to PUC (10+2 level) can of Rs. 15,000/- p.m. for the first two years.
apply. Candidates who have qualified for Successful students will receive M.S degree Application Deadline – 15th April 2018
GENERAL INFORMATION the JAM 2018 written test for Master’s are on successful completion of their course
invited to apply. Selection will be through work and research project/thesis and contin-
This programme is offered only for the the Joint Admission test for Master’s (JAM) ue for Ph.D. programme with a fellowship
August session of admissions. The adver- and/or JNCASR’s written test, followed by and fees as applicable to a Ph.D student.
tisement for Int.Ph.D programe is released interview at Bangalore for the shortlisted
ONLY during February/March every year. candidates. The JNCASR written entrance Your queries could be either mailed to : ad-


If you are on the lookout for a research vising and assist with necessary production required. • Objective Analytical Thinking- Stage 1
career in mnc’s like Coca-Cola then check testing to ensure that the highest quality • Glass fragment control program, Ozone • Takes Initiative to deliver results- Stage 1
the details on the job, requirements, appli- standards are maintained for products to be monitoring, Temperature monitoring and val- • Works effectively with others and Influ-
cation procedure, below. For Bsc and MSc released to the warehouse. idation and documentation (related of area of ence others- Stage 1
food sciences, biotechnology QA executive operation). • Develops & inspires others- Stage 1
positions are available. Hindustan Coca-Co- Functional Reporting To : TL- QA • Finished product release as per the proce- • Lives the values- Stage 1
la Beverages Pvt Ltd is hiring for executive dure and follow the requirements.
manufacturing position as Per the details Supervises : Operators & Casual Labour • Line sanitation as per specification and its Functional Competencies:
below. For More Details on Careers at Coca documentation. • Equipment Management- Competent
Cola, Job and Career Opportunities at The Key Customer Internal /External Cus- • Maintenance of GHP and GMP practices • System Compliance- Competent
Coca- Cola Company. tomers : Production, Stores in line operation. • Food Safety & GMP Requirements- Com-
Name of the Position : Executive – Man- Job Responsibilities: Job Requirement: • Environment process design and compli-
ufacturing – QA ance- Competent
• Line sanitation and Documentation (Pro- Minimum Education : B. Tech/M. Sc.- • Quality Process Compliance: WTP & ETP,
Job ID : 5367 portioner, Filler, and Bottle Washer). Food Tech/Food Science/Biotech Sugar Process- Competent
Location : Bidadi – India • GV Pressure Gauge/Density Meter/Ther- • Container preparation, filling & propor-
mometers Calibration and documentation. Minimum Work Experience : 3-4 years of tioning & QA tests- Competent
Job Description: • Syrup release procedure and Proportioner relevant experience in Beverage/Food indus- • Quality Process Compliance- CIP & COP
operation. try Process- Mastery
Vertical : Supply Chain • Bottle inspector’s evaluation and valida- • Quality Process Compliance- Product re-
tion. Competencies/Skills/Abilities: lease (Taste test)- Competent
Job Function /Sub Function : Manufac- • Collection and labelling of Shelf life sam-
turing- QA ples. Behavioral Competencies: It Knowledge : Working knowledge of MS
• Take feedback from Shelf life samples and • Drives Innovative Business Improvement- Office.
Job Objective : Responsible for super- market samples analyst and take actions if Stage 1
Travel : Almost nil

March 20th, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 12



Msc microbiology candidates are eligible sign and coordinate studies with exter- search, consumer immersion, product selective media and relevant anti-mi-
for a research associate position available nal CROs, analyse data and draw con- and packaging desirables and bench- crobial bioassays like time-kill, Mini-
at ITC R&D Centre. ITC R&D Centre clusions for claims suitability, within mark analysis. mum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC),
is hiring for research associate post, msc agreed time. • Will participate in idea generation and Checkerboard etc.).
microbiology candidates are requested to • Develop microbiology bioassays and troubleshooting activities within the • The JRA would be required to exten-
apply for the position. For more details on document scientific reports and lit- group. sively network, liaise closely with
this check out all of the details below: erature evidence to support product Commercial team and coordinate stud-
claims. Role Overview: ies with various external testing labs
Job Title : Research Associate • Work in teams to enable development (CROs) and analyse data received and
of product concept, pack text, pam- • The JRA would be responsible for draw conclusions for claims suitability.
Experience : 1 – 4 Years phlet/brochure design, advertorials & planning, coordinating and executing He/She is required to align and estab-
promoter training on time. claims substantiation activities specif- lish procedures, methods and bioassays
Location : Bengaluru • Be expected to independently contrib- ically requiring Microbiological tech- relevant to the Microbiology and par-
ute by devising solutions to frequently niques across different categories and ticipate in creation of novel and differ-
Job Responsibilities: encountered problems within his/her Brands within PCP R&D on defined entiated product claims and consumer
group. timelines. demonstrations.
• Be responsible for the assigned respon- • Be expected to operate on his or her • The JRA is expected to be well versed
sibilities on deliveries thorough the routine work area with minimal super- with Microbiology laboratory skills Qualification :
project schedules that he/she handles vision. e.g. aseptic and sterile techniques, op-
with specific emphasis towards claims • Be expected to demonstrate flair for ex- tical microscopy, bacterial staining, • Masters Degree – Microbiology with
substantiation. perimental design and working on mul- plating methods (streak, spread, pour, 1-3yrs Experience in FMCG or allied
• Be expected to excel in tedious re- tiple tasks within the given time. replica), isolation, enumeration and Industries
search, applies sound analytical think- • Develop consumer demonstrations to identification of bacteria/fungi, use • PG – MS/M.Sc(Science) – Any Spe-
ing and provides explicit documenta- communicate product benefit and con- of biological safety cabinets, media cialization, Microbiology
tions. tribute to build brand image. and buffer preparation, diagnostic bi-
• Be required to extensively network, de- • Be expected to be aware of market re- ochemical tests for microbes, use of



MSc & MTech candidates with biotech, No.of.Posts : 03 • Experience in cell based assays, immu- yrs relevant experience.
biochem and microbiology background nological assays • We are not looking for Ph.Ds
are eligible for a walk-in at Syngene. MSc Location : Bengaluru – India • Expertise in flow-cytometry, prefera-
Candidates walk-in at Syngene Bangalore bly multi-color and sorting Walk-In Details:
for Scientist vacancies. Syngene has an- Role Category : R&D • Expertise in animal handling and in
nounced March 2018 recruitment drive vivo experimentation • Date of Interview – 24th March 2018
for biotch, biochem and microbiology as Employment Type : Permanent Job, Full • Experience in molecular biology pro- • Time of Interview – 9 AM onwards
Per the details below: Time liferation), western blotting, IHC with • Venue of Interview – Syngene Inter-
antibodies. national Ltd Plot 2&3, Bommasandra
Job Title : Hybridoma Scientist – Job Description: Phase IV Biocon Park, Jigani Link
Bio-Technical Research Associate/Scientist Educational Qualification: Road Bommasandra Bangalore.
• Experience in monoclonal antibody
Experience : 2 – 6 yrs generation using hybridoma or other • M.S/M.Sc./M.Tech (Biochemistry/ Bi-
platforms. otechnology/ Microbiology) with 2- 6