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§ Helen Victoria

§ Bronwyn Hale
§ Georgina Flack
§ Louise Warren
§ Bhavi Mistry
§ Nazmin Akther
The British Museum
Great Russell St
§ The British Museum is located in the Bloomsbury area of London and is a public
institution dedicated to human history, art and culture over many years.
§ At present the museum holds 10 curatorial and research departments ranging from
countries, antiques and prints.
§ The museum is free and open daily for all visitors
§ The British museum offers a range of educational visits from self-led tours to
particular school sessions where the museum allows schools to combine their visit
with workshops lead by the museum team. All information is readily available and
clear on their website for teachers to access and contact.
We began our trip from the IOE
and mapped a route that would
be easily accessible for children
to walk to away from the busy
roads and cars.
Once at the museum we
looked though the floor
plans of the museum
discussing where a good
starting point could be.
We also discussed
meeting points and
where fire exists were to
ensure that we were all
well aware of the
structure of the museum.
As the intention of the plan was for children to
explore an area/room they wished at the museum,
we looked at potential rooms and objects the
children may have shown a particular interest in.

We found that the

museum had very
large and clear
signs making it
easily accessible
for children to
We found that there was a vast amount of
information displayed around which
would allow the children to develop a
deeper sense of meaning to the area
they were exploring.
Information on Art could also be explored in the
bookshop for further information. This would
allow children to see that a variety of facts can be
explored all around the museum in addition to the
research they had carried out prior to visiting the
There is plenty or large bright open space in the
museum where children could use to collect
their thoughts and carry out their drawings, note
taking and personal reflection time of the trip at
various times in the day.

We found various safe and acceptable areas to

take the children for breaks and rest time as the
museum can get busy with other visitors and
schools around.

This particular area at the museum has many

pretty sights. When reflecting on the trip
ourselves we found ourselves staring up at the
glass roof and discussing the architecture of how
the building was made. We felt that this could
also be a fun activity for children to do
themselves at the end of the trip which we would
then discuss back in the classroom at the end of
the trip.
We thoroughly
enjoyed out
visit to the
museum and
felt that this
would be an
enriching trip
for the Year 2
class we have
planned for.