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Lesson Plan

Level: 12th grade - advanced Number of students: 36 Length of the lesson: 50 minutes
Topic: Unit 1 – Home Life (basic) Teaching Date:
Main aim: By the end of the lesson, students will have general knowledge about chores and how to order ideas.
Subsidiary aim: Listening for information and speaking skill.
Personal aim: to have students get used to the native voice.
Assumption: Students have learned the simple present tense and the adjectives used in practice phase.
Anticipated problems & solutions:
Problem: Students may have trouble listening and recognizing the vocabularies or new grammar point.
Solution: The teacher will be slow and may repeat the listening.
Stage/Time Stage Aims Teacher’s activities Students’ activities Int.

 Ask Ss some basic questions

o Do you do house chores when you in summer break? Answer the teacher’s
o What kind of chores do you do? question based on
To remind Ss about the o Do you enjoy them? their knowledge,
Pre-listening vocabularies and how they feelings and personal
 Show a slide with pictures and sound icons contain the words.
(15 mins) sound like. experiences.
o Ask Ss to listen and put the icons to the correct
pictures (sample task included below)

 Ask students to listening to the recording and complete

task (b) in the text book (10-12 minutes)
(The recording will be played twice)
While-listening *Transcript: included below
(20 mins)
Answer keys:
To develop students’ 1. cleaning floors and carpets
listening skill for the main 2. sweeping and mopping floors Read and answer the
gist and ability to infer 3. vacuuming questions.
4. cleaning spots on carpets
5. watering lawn and plants Correct their answer
6. cleaning windows and sliding glass door
7. spraying windows cleaner
8. wiping windows

 Instruct them to work in pairs for to answer the following

o Why do parent need to teach children how to complete
some chores?
o Why do window and sliding glass door seem to collect hand
prints in the summer?

Post-listening To help student to develop  Ask student about different type of chores other Discussing about the
(15 mins) speaking and guessing skill than ones in the listening. topic
 Have student to discuss about their parents’
occupation/jobs and whether their parents ask
them to help in their work or not. Ask them if they
consider these work “chores”.
Well, feeding and watering pet is important in the summer. Especially in hot weather, animals needed to be watered like humans.
With all the water activity of summer, floors and carpets also have to be cleaned more often. Kids can help sweep or mop the floors if they are
taught how. Vacuuming is a chore that most children can do. Cleaning spots on carpets can be done by children if parents take few minutes to
train them.
Watering lawns and plants is a great summer chore for kids. Even a toddler can water flowers and plants, and most young children love water, so
take advantage of the development process and give them something important and fun to do.
Windows and sliding glass doors seem to collect hand-prints in the summer. Why not include the kids in this clean up project? Spraying window-
cleaner on a window can be lots of fun and wiping the window clean are a satisfying task.