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Indiana University Physical Education Lesson Plan

Teacher Name: Lilly King Unit/Lesson Focus: Backstroke Grade/Level: Middle School Equipment: Kickboards

Safety: Stroke count!! Resources: PE Central Backstroke Cues

Don’t hit your head on the
wall, swim next to the lane

SHAPE National Standard H.1.L 1-2: Demonstrates competency and/or refines activity-specific movement skills in two or more lifetime activities
(outdoor pursuits, individual-performance activities, aquatics, net/wall games, or target games)

Psychomotor SLO SWBAT review basic swimming skills from the first lessons and learn basic backstroke technique

Assessment Students will do a partner check for cues to determine understanding.

SHAPE National Standard Uses movement concepts and principles (e.g., force, motion, rotation) to analyze and improve performance of self and/or
others in a selected skill.27 (S2.H2.L1)

Cognitive SLO SWBAT practice using different forces and rotation methods to make strokes more efficient

Assessment Students will answer questions about how to swim backstroke to check understanding.

SHAPE National Standard Applies best practices for participating safely in physical activity, exercise and dance (e.g., injury prevention, proper alignment,
hydration, use of equipment, implementation of rules, sun protection). (S4.H5.L1)
Affective SLO SWBAT practice proper swimming safety precautions and methods

Assessment Students will swim next to the lane line and get their stroke count from flags to wall so they don’t hurt themselves.

Introductory Statement Who hates putting their face in the water?......Well that’s great, since we are doing backstroke today! Good news, backstroke
(Anticipatory Set) is pretty similar to freestyle, just backwards! So, hopefully it won’t be too challenging to learn.
Physical Education Instructional Plan
Time Task & Skill Progression Cues/Critical Elements Organization of Students/Space
0:00-5:00 Vertical Kick/Treading Water warmup Treading Spread out in deep end
- Review treading water and flutter kick 1. Body vertical in water, stick butt
- Tread for 20 seconds, vertical kick with hands out
out of water for 15 seconds, vertical kick in 2. Arms to the side, moving back and
streamline for 10 seconds. forth
- Have students rest on wall for 20 seconds, then 3. Flutter kick, or eggbeater
run through series two more times. Flutter Kick
1. Point toes
2. Bend knee
3. Push down with toes
4. Pull leg up straight
1. One hand on top of other
2. Hands above head
3. Squeeze ears
5:00-15:00 Review Back Float and Streamline Back float On shallow end wall
- Float on back for 30 seconds 1. Look at ceiling
- Have students then do 2 max distance 2. Puff chest up
streamlines on their stomach 3. Squeeze butt
- Have students streamline on their back on top 4. Arms to side
of the water Back Streamline
- Have students do 2 max distance streamlines 1. One hand on top of other
on their back (underwater) 2. Hands above head
3. Squeeze ears
4. Blow bubbles out nose
15:00-25:00 Flutter Kick on back Flutter Kick Swimming next to lane line
- 2x25’s w/hugging kickboard 5. Point toes **When you see the flags, turn over
- 2x25’s w/board above head 6. Bend knee on your stomach and kick to the wall
- ***if too easy, have students do 2x25’s 7. Push down with toes
streamline kick on their back 8. Pull leg up straight
25:00-35:00 Backstroke pull Backstroke pull Swimming next to lane line
- First, have the students line up past the flags to - Straight arms
get backstroke count - Pinky first entry
- 2x25’s 6 kick switch (slow-mo backstroke) - Once hand enters water, bend
- 2x25’s regular backstroke (to get the hang of it) elbow and push water down
- 2X25’s 3 pulls/6 kicks/3 pulls (to understand

35:00-40:00 Game: Jump In! Standing on edge of the pool

- When I say go, you have to jump in the water
as fast as possible.
- Slowest one in the water is out.
- If students jump in on any word other than
“Go”, they are out.

40:00-50:00 Recap, Put equipment up, and change