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Prambanan Temple
Prambanan temple is the largest and the most beautiful Hindu temple which ever built
on the Java island. The temple was built during the Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia in the 10th
century. Prambanan temple was built by Rakai Pikatan as a rival to Borobudur and Sewu
Temple located not far from Prambanan temple. However, a legend tells that It is a temple
built by Bondowoso as a promise to marry Rorojonggrang. However, the construction of this
temple was not completed because the ruse of Rorojonggrang. Finally Bondowoso cursed
Rorojonggrang become a statue to complete the temple.

As the temple which is very beautiful and gorgeous, the building complex of
Prambanan temple located at an altitude of 154 m above sea level and becomes one of the
tourist destinations in Jogjakarta. It is located in Prambanan village, District Bokoharjo. It is
approximately 17 miles from Jogjakarta. The location is only about 100 m from the highway
of Yogya-Solo so that it must be easy to reach.

The Height of Prambanan temple is about 47 meters. It is 5 meters higher than

Borobudur. The complex of Prambanan temple shaped rectangular consists of 4 main parts:
the outer courtyard, Jaba Yard (outer court), Central Court, and Njeron court (Back Court).
The outdoor courtyard is an open area which has no the temple. The outdoor courtyard
surrounds the outer court which shaped square with an area of 390 m2. It does not have a
single temple inside. At first the outer courtyard surrounded by a stone fence, but now the
stone fence is not there anymore.

After the outer court, there is a central courtyard which shaped rectangular with an
area 222 m2. In the middle of the central courtyard there are 4 terraces in which the deeper of
the terrace location, the higher it is. The first terrace which is the lowest terrace has 68 small
temples which are lined and divided into four lines that connect between entrances to every
yard. In the second terrace, there are 60 temples, in the third terrace there are 52 temples and
the last, top terrace or fourth terrace has 44 temples which has same size 6 m X 14 m2.
However, almost all the temples in the fourth terrace of the only remain the ruins because of
natural disasters.Back Court or inner court is the highest and the most holy place in the
Prambanan temple. The Court shaped rectangular with an area of 110 m2 and height is about
1.5 m. Back court is surrounded by a stone fence. On its four sides, there are gate which arch-
shaped or also called Padaruksa. In front of the court gate, there is a small temple which
shaped square with the area of 1.5 m2 and the height is about 4 m.

Inside the back court, there are 2 temples which line from north to south and 3
temples in the west overlook east. In the back court, there are also temples which are
representing three gods in Hinduism namely Vishnu temple in the northern, Brahmin temple
on the south, and in the middle, there is a Shiva temple. In front of each of these temples,
there are vehicle temples which represent the vehicle of god.
My Holiday Experience in Jogjakarta

Last week, my familIy went to Yogyakarta. We visited many

places there.

First, we visited Prambanan Temple. Prambanan temple was a beautiful

temple. We took some photos there. After that, we went to Gembira Loka
zoo. We saw many kinds of animals there such as tiger, snakes collection,
butterfly collections, etc. We looked around in that Zoo, and also took
pictures of those animals. After from gembira loka zoo we went to Sahid
raya hotel to take a rest. Sahid raya was a famous hotel in jogjakarta, the
facilities made me comfortable during i stayed there.
In the next day, we went to Siung beach. Siung beach was very beautiful.
I played the white sands, I swam there and i saw some people practiced
rock climbing there. Siung beach was in Gunung Kidul, about 2 hours
from the center of Jogjakarta. I played for some hours until i felt tired and
decided to go back to our car. After that, we went to malioboro to buy
some souvenirs. Malioboro was about 30 minutes from Sahid Raya hotel.
Malioboro is a busy street, there were many sellers who sold many kinds
of souvenirs. Then, we felt hungry, so we went to a Chinese restaurant.
After we finished our dinner, we decided to go home.
For me, that was a good moment because I could spend my time with my
family. We really enjoyed
How TO Cook Bakwan (Cara Memasak Bakwan)

Wherever you go in Indonesia, it is always easy for you to find “Gorengan”. Of all type of
gorengan, Bakwan definitely stand out and always be the most favorite type of gorengan.
Now I will show you step by step of how to cook irresistible bakwan.


½ Kg of Wheat flour,4 glass of water (800cc), 1 teaspoon of salt

A chunk of turmeric, Cabbage,Carrot

Some bean sprout, Some chili, 5 to 7 stalks of celery, Cooking oil


1.Pour ½ kg of wheat flour into a large bowl

2.Add 800cc of water into the bowl

3.Add a teaspoon of salt

4.Peel the turmeric and grind it until smooth, and then add it into the bowl

5.Wash all the vegetables: cabbage, carrot, bean sprout, chili and celery, and then cut it into
small pieces. Next, add it into the bowl

6.stir it for 3 minutes until you get a well-mixed dough

7.pour some cooking oil frying pan and put it on a stove, next turn on the stove

8.wait until the oil get warmer

9. use a spoon and take some of the dough, pour the dough into the frying pan by using the
spoon do it repeatedly until the frying pan is full of floating daugh.

10. wait until colour turn yellow, pick it up and drain it it on a plate

12.delicious bakwan is ready to be served, you can also enjoy it witc ahili sauce

Everybody agreed that aioga was a very beautiful girl. In fact, the villagers told her
that she the moost beautiful girls in their village. This made aioga vain. She became proud of
her beauty and each day looked at herself in the mirrors. She liked her looks so much
that daily she wen to look at herself in the stream that ran past her house.

One day, her mother asked her to wash the dishes. Aioga spent to much time
admiring her reflection in the dishes that her mother was annoyed “aioga, you are
becoming to vain and lazy. You do nothing but admire yourself each day. This has go to stop.
Even our neighbour are complaining. They say that you have become proud and wont talk to
their daugther mirror. She liked her looks so much that daily. She went to look at herself in
the stream that ran past her house.

Aioga sulked and refused to do any more work. She thought her mother wastreatring
her baidly. She became even lazier. Each day, she lay in bed until the sun was high in the
sky. Her mother did not know what to do with her.“Aioga, please go to the stream and fecth
some water. I want to bake some cakes for tea” said her mother. “but l may fall into the
water” said aioga. Her mother sighed. She was slowly losing patience with her daughter.
“hold on to a bush and you wont fall in.” “but the bush may fall into the stream” complained
her daughter. “but all the bushes by the stream have thorns and l may scratch my pretty
hands” sid the girl. Her mother grew steadily more impatient, “aioga, put on your mittents.
They wilnot only keep you warm but will also stop you from getting scatched” aioga then
complained that her mittens were torn. Her mother thn handed her a needle and thread. “
what if the needle breaks?” asked the girl. Aioga did not sew her mittens but instead spent
the time loking at herself in the mirror.

“but papa, what if the needle pricks my finger?” “ you can use a thimble made of
strong skin” he said. “but if the thimble is pierced l will hurt my figer” said the girl. Aioga is
younger sister, who wass good and sweet, came into the room. Cheerfully, she offered to
fetch the water. She ran to the stream, filled the bucked and then helped her mother bake
some cakes, her mouth began to water. They loke delicious. When she saw her mother give
her sister the cake, aioga ran out of the house to the stream. “aioga please dont be angry i
will share my cake with you”. She said. “Go away. I dont want anything from you. Just leave
me alone. “ aioga began to hit her sister again. As time went by she forgot how to speak. All
she remembered was her name, and whenever she saw anyone, she would say “ aioga!
Aioga! Ai-oga!” so that all would remember the village beauty who turned into a goose.