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Understanding  Standards  Assessment  Facts  Skills  Problems to Pose  Activities 


How does art  Standard -  Informal  Current  Class reading of a 

help us  CC.1.2.5.BCite  assessment of  definition of  Visual literacy  What might the artist  painting  
textual evidence by 
understand  quoting accurately  class  Art: the    have been trying to   
ourselves, each  from the text to  discussions  expression or  Analyze how  convey?  Researching 
other, and our  explain what the    application of  visual evidence    historical context of a 
text says explicitly 
world?  and make  Written  human creative  contributes to  How can two  piece 
  inferences.  responses to  skill and  meaning, tone,  paintings on the same   
How can  prompted  imagination,  beauty.  subject contain  Discussion of art’s 
engagement with  Standard -  gallery walks  typically in a    multiple points of  role in activism 
art lead to  CC.1.2.5.D    visual form  Writing  view?   
Analyze multiple 
personal growth  accounts of the  Graphic  such as painting  Metaphors    Thinking questions 
and global  same event or topic,  organizers:  or sculpture,  How can we have  relating to piece  
change?  noting important  How do you  producing  Know and  different   
similarities and  demonstrate how 
  differences in the  address  works to be  interpretations of the  Journaling: How do 
What messages  point of view they  understandin appreciated  arts can  same event?  color and light 
can art  represent.  g goals  primarily for  communicate    convey meaning? 
communicate?  through  their beauty or  experiences, stories  How can we bring   
reasoning  emotional  or emotions  issues of injustice to  Gallery walks with 
  power.  through the  public attention  thinking prompts, 
Assessment    production of  through art?   written responses on 
of metaphor  Facts about  works in the arts​.   chart paper 
responses  time artists,  What is considered 
  time periods,  art in different 
Explain the  Metaphorical 
  and  cultures? 
geographical  historical, cultural    thinking games 
places a piece  and social context   
How do color, light, 
was created.  of an individual  Scaffolded group 
shape form, etc. 
work in the arts  readings of visuals 
convey meaning? 
Understanding  Standards  Assessment  Facts  Skills  Problems to Pose  Activities 

Standard - 3.4.5.E4  Informal  Color is a  Making  How is color a product of  Students will play 
How can we  Describe how the use of  assessment  observations  light?  a game 
symbols, measurements,  property of 
become keen and  and drawings promotes  during class  light, not an      elaborating on 
acute observers?  clear communication    object itself.  Compare and  How do we communicate  and adding details 
How can we  by providing a common  Assessment of  Contrast  subtle differences upon  to each other’s 
language to express   
develop habits of  ideas.  observation    change?  observations. 
Objects have 
noticing and  during color  Analyzing     
questioning the  lab  no color of  change  Ideas relating to culture and  Students will 
Standard - 3.2.5.A6 
world around us?  Use appropriate tools    their own, but    perspective are not really  interpret how 
and technologies to  Assessment of  merely an  Broadened  observations, but rather  light affects color 
gather, analyze, and 
interpret data and 
quality  ability to  stamina for  claims or opinions which  in 
understand that it  observation  reflect certain  information  observation-based 
arise from observations. 
enhances accuracy and  during art  rays of white  intake  lab.  
allows scientists to  Whenever possible, all 
analysis  light, which   
analyze and quantify  opinions should be 
results of investigations.     
contains all  supported. 
Develop descriptions,    
explanations, and  the colors.   
models using evidence     
and understand that 
these emphasize   
evidence, have logically 
consistent arguments, 
and are based on 
scientific principles, 
models, and theories. 
Understanding Goals  Standards  Assessment  Facts  Skills  Problems to Pose  Activities 

  Standard -  Review and  In fifth grade,  How to avoid  Model how close 
How can we write and  CC.1.5.5.D  assess opinion  the opinion  Writing a  redundancies while  observations of 
speak our opinions  Report on a  essay reading  essay follows a  persuasive essay  restating your  Guernica coupled 
convincingly and  topic or  assignments  five paragraph    opinion throughout.   with data and 
articulately? How do  present an  where students  structure.  Citing textual 
opinion,    research can be 
we write an opinion  sequencing 
highlight essay  Paragraph 1:  evidence 
How to introduce  turned into a 
essay?  ideas logically  structure  state your 
and using    opinion and  Report on a  new vocabulary.  well-supported 
appropriate  Review and  briefly  topic or present    opinion essay on 
facts and  an opinion, 
relevant,  assess a string of  mention your  How to write about a  what a piece conveys. 
descriptive  detailed  three reasons  sequencing ideas  visual subject.   
details to  outlines for  why. P2-4:  logically and    Analysis of songs and 
support main  using 
ideas or 
writing as we  Support each  How to interpret  poetry: How can our 
themes; speak  go along.  claim with an  appropriate facts 
multiple methods of  opinions and cited 
clearly with    evidence  and relevant, 
adequate  descriptive  art through  evidence be turned 
Analysis of  supported 
volume,  details to  metaphor.   into an essay 
appropriate  final essay  paragraph. P5: 
pacing, and    Restate your  support main   
clear    opinion,  ideas or themes  Guided Research on 
pronunciation.  art object. 
reasoning and 
leave the  Write routinely   
Standard - 
reader with an  over extended  Writing and editing 
interesting  time frames   final essays over a 
Write routinely  thought.    
over extended 
course of days. 
time frames  Conduct short   
(time for   
research projects 
reflection, and  that use several   
revision) and  sources to build 
shorter time  knowledge 
frames (a single 
sitting or a day  through 
or two) for a  investigation of 
range of  different aspects 
fic tasks, 
of a topic. 
purposes and