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Catherine Chyu 240-708-3685
Seeking an artist position to pursue my passion in graphic design, web design, illustration, and media design.

• Master of Entertainment Technology (May 2017) Chinese
o Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA ✩✩✩✩✩
• Orchestration for Films and TV Certificate Program (Expected 2018) French
o Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA ✩✩
• B.S. Technology Application (June, 2013) Japanese
o School of Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan ✩✩
Professional Skills
Design Skills Programming Plug-in DAW Music Skills Implementation Audio Engineer
Photoshop C Wave Pro-Tools Piano Unity/Unreal Post-production
Premiere C++ Izotope Logic-Pro X Recorder Wwise Live streaming
Aftereffect C# East West/VSL Audacity Erhu (101 Certificate) Switcher
Rigging CSS/HTML Kontakt Reaper Vocal Fmod Podcast
Maya/3Ds MAX Data Structures Mapping Audition Scoring Perforce/SVN Zoom recorder

2017 New America 2016 Animation Project “Lovers Meet”
Sep~Now Audio/Media Live Production Intern Jan-May Music Composer/Sound Designer, Artist
• Audio engineering, audio board • Design posters and half sheet
programming and Switcher directing • Support story boarding and color scripting
• Responsible for broadcast and recording • Create a score that drives a story in place
• Post-production and music composing for of dialogue
podcast/video projects • Film selection: Fine Arts Film Festival, Paris
Play Film Festival, Austin Music Video
2017 Schell Games Festival, Charles Lake Music Festival
Jan-July Audio Artist Co-op
• Create sound effects/music for games or Shipped Game Titles
location-based experiences
2017 Aug I Expect You to Die New Level
• Implement audio into game engines such as
Unity 2017 May I Expect You to Die Vive Port
• Support game design and preproduction
2017 May Lego Brickheadz Builder VR
2016 Building Virtual Worlds
Aug-Dec Carnegie Mellon University 2017 May UPMC Health Tracking App
Sound Design TA/Support TA
• Assist students with sound tech/hardware
problems in making games Selected Published Podcast Editing Works
• Support Art/Pipeline TA on guiding students 2017 Oct The Color Money
2016 VR Animation Project “Sea of Stories”
2017 Nov Human Flow
Aug-Dec VR 2D Artist and Sound Designer/Composer
• Create concept art and give art direction
• Support pre-production Personal Media Design Projects
• Compose original interactive score matching
the visual experience 2018 Mar~Now Unreal - Fmod SFX Project
• Create and implement spatial sounds using
2017 Sep~Now Orchestration Scoring/Composing
Wwise and Unreal Engine
2017 Nov~Dec Unity - Wwise SFX Project
2016 National Taipei University of Arts Film
2017 Oct~Dec Game music/SFX Cover
May-Aug Festival
• Film Music Composer for “Just be Gentle” 2017 Jan~May Audio Book Ending Music