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for execution


06 01-03-2013 revised minaret plan

16-10-2013 revised plan(slab ht. change)
05 10-10-2013 revised plan(slab ht. change)
01 11-09-2013 revised plan
psrt section :1-1 part elevation date description
project title :
general notes : special notes :
1. all dimensions are in millimeters. 1. brick mosque at kadi
2. the information contained in this drawing is the property of the architects and is not for publication. the
drawing title :
information is issued on the understanding that no part thereof shall be copied or communicated to a third 2. rcc col. minaret detail
party without authorization in writing from the architects.
3. written dimensions are to be followed. the drawing is not to be scaled. 3. rcc beam scale date project code

4. 4. any discrepancy in the drawing should be brought to the notice of the architects immediately, and n.t.s. 11.09.2013 tl -13029
prior to commencing any work from this drawing. 4. sunk drg no drawn by checked by

5. any addition or alteration to this drawing should not be made without the written consent of the architects. --- sm
6. all work shall be executed in accordance with the best practices to relevant Indian standard codes of 5. ms./ alu. items
6. sunk upto beam bottom
7. construction from these drawing is subject to all statutory approvals.
associated architects (i) pvt. ltd.
8. this drawing must be read in conjunction with other architectural,structural, interior, landscape and utility 306, maurya atria, lane opp. to atithi dining hall,
drawings. 7. 150mm raised judges bung. road, off. s.g.road, bodakdev, ahmedabad-54.
ph : +91 79 26872202 / 03, +91 96876 12051 / 52.
9. indicated all levels are unfinished.
unfinished lvl. finished lvl.