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ID Number Description
00020000 Resuming log processing at this invocation; held %d messages.
01010001 %s starting
01010004 Memory allocation failed: %s
01010007 "Config error: %s"
01010011 Persistence cookie hash failed
01010013 database size increased by %d bytes, %d total
01010019 Caught signal %d, exiting
01010020 MCP Connection %s, exiting
01010028 No members available for pool %s
01010029 Clock advanced by %u ticks
01010038 Syncookie counter %d exceeded vip threshold %u for virtual = %A:%d
01010044 "%s feature %s licensed"
01010045 Bandwidth utilization is %d Mbps, exceeded %d%% of Licensed %d Mbps
01010201 Inet port exhaustion on %*A to %*A%c%d (proto %d)
01010213 L3 Address LB method deprecated; using 'Least Connections' for pool %s
01010221 Pool %s now has available members
01010225 Failure to query dns-express db (%s)
01010231 DNSSEC: Did not add RRSIGs to response RR set (owner: %s)
01010235 Inet port find called for pg %d with invalid cmp state %x
01010239 LSN error: %s
01010240 Syncookie HW mode activated, server = %A:%d, HSB modId = %d
01010241 Syncookie HW mode exited, server = %A:%d, HSB modId = %d from %s
01010250 Pool member %A:%u exceeded configured rate limit.
01010251 Virtual %s exceeded configured rate limit.
01020037 The requested %s (%s) already exists
01020066 The requested %s (%s) already exists in partition %s
01060110 Lost connection to mcpd with error %d, will reinit connection.
01060111 Open SSL error - %s
01060136 Received links up - monitoring starts.
01070007 Received shutdown signal %d
01070069 Subscription not found in mcpd for subscriber Id %s.
01070147 Snatpool %s must reference at least one translation address.
01070151 Rule [%s] error: %s
01070261 Can't create a home directory for username %s (%s)
01070265 The %s (%s) cannot be deleted because it is in use by a %s (%s)
01070277 The requested %s (%s) was not found
01070301 Pool (%s) is referenced by one or more virtual servers
01070320 Snatpool %s is still referenced by a virtual server.
01070340 %s (%s) is referenced by one or more rules
01070354 Self IP %s / %s: This network is defined on two vlans (%s and %s)
01070356 %s feature not licensed
01070392 Self IP %s / %s: This IP shares a network with %s (%s / %s).
01070394 %s in rule (%s) requires an associated %s profile on the virtual server (%s)
01070404 Add a new Publication for publisherID %s and filterType %p
01070406 Removed publication with publisher id %s
01070407 Removed information for Publication %s and filterType %p
01070408 Deleting abandoned subscriber connection for %s
01070410 Removed subscription with subscriber id %s
01070413 Updated existing subscriber %s with new filter class %llx
01070417 AUDIT - user %s - transaction #%u-%u - object %u - %s
01070418 connection %p (user %s) was closed with active requests
01070419 Platform initialization phase triggered
01070421 Base configuration initialization phase triggered.
01070424 Full configuration initialization phase triggered.
01070427 Initialization complete. The MCP is up and running
01070465 DB changed: %s, configsync needed
01070466 Received end of platform data
01070596 An unexpected failure has occurred, %s, exiting...
01070604 Cannot delete IP %s because it would leave a route unreachable.
01070608 License is not operational (expired or digital signature does not match
01070622 The monitor %s has a wildcard destination service and cannot be associated
with a node that has a zero service
01070638 "Pool %s member %s:%u monitor status %s."
01070639 Pool %s member %s:%u session status %s.
01070640 Node %s address %s monitor status %s.
0107070e Software version not covered by service agreement. Reactivate license
before continuing.
01070727 "Pool %s member %s:%u monitor status up."
01070728 Node %saddress %s monitor status up.