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Q3. The game of Quidditch represents Harryǯs life at Hogwarts because he fights
to win, as he strives to do well in school and he also follows his fatherǯs footsteps.
It also represents his life at Hogwarts because sometimes, things donǯt go well
like encountering dementors and sometimes it has to get worse to get better,
sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom and pull through it but once you do
hit rock bottom, things can only get better. It represents Harryǯs fight against evil
because theyǯre both like a rollercoaster. Things are fun and going great if you
are triumphant but if you lose, things get bad and you feel upset and
disappointed. E.g. When Harry falls off his broom and hits the ground , everything
seems to get worse and worse he even loses his broomstick. DzWhat happened?dz
said Harry, sitting up so suddenly they all gasped. DzYou fell offdz said Fred. Then, a
bit later in the book; Dzdid someone get my Nimbus?dz Asked Harry. DzErrdz Ron
says. Dz What?dz Dz Wellǥwhen you fell off it flew awaydz Hermione says. DzAnd?dz
Harry replies. DzAnd it hit the Whomping Willowdz Hermione says in return.
Harryǯs stomach lurched. Dz And?dz Harry asked. Dz Wellǥell you know the
Whomping Willow, by the time we retrieved it, it was smashed to pieces.dz1 Harry
has just fallen off his broomstick, hit rock bottom and lost his beloved
broomstick. Harry is at rock bottom and although he feels very upset, things can
only get better after theyǯve gotten worse.

Q4. Some times that Harry has made critical choices is when he left the Dursleyǯs,
made his Aunt Marge blow up and fly away and choose to believe Sirius in the
Whomping Willow. If he had made different choices at the time, things wouldnǯt
have turned out the same. Firstly, if Harry hadnǯt left the Dursleyǯs, he might have
never seen his friends and visit Diagon Alley until he came to school. If he had
stayed at the Dursleyǯs house then they may have been so furious he wouldnǯt be
able to make it to the Hogwarts Express and platform 9 and ¾ before it left
because the Dursleyǯs would refuse to take him so he wouldnǯt be allowed to go
to Hogwarts that year. If he had just walked away while Aunt Marge was
criticizing Harryǯs father, Harry wouldnǯt have blown her up and he probably
wouldnǯt have left the Dursleyǯs. Finally, he hadnǯt believed Sirius in the
Whomping Willow, Snape or the Ministry would instructed the dementors to
perform the Ǯkissǯ on him and Harry wouldnǯt have a Godfather or be able to visit
Hogsmeade. (Harry gets his Hogsmeade form from Sirius on the last couple of
pages in the book.) E.g. She was inflating like a balloon and her fingers were like
salami.2 DzIǯm going, Iǯve had 3 This is when Harry leaves the Dursleyǯs.
DzYouǯre free,dz said Harry. This is one of the many examples of how Harry decides
to trust Sirius and to let him go because he believes Sirius when he says heǯs
innocent. 4

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Q5. 5 million readers of various ages enjoy the Harry Potter books. The reasons
why most people like her books is because of her writing style. We all love books
with gripping plots, Cliff-hangers for chapter endings, descriptive language like
similes and metaphors, puns and funny names and important themes like
friendship, sticking together, losing people and surviving tough situatuons
because it leaves you wanting to continue reading so you can get back to the part
that you were left with in the last chapter. We also go though emotions,
sometimes, when we love books we sort of bond with them and become the
characters so when the characters lose a loved one, we experience the same sad
feeling. When someone kills them, we experience the characters anger and will
for revenge and when the characters make friends and get though tough
situations, we feel happy. We laugh along with their Humor and become
engrossed with the descriptive parts in the book and then, to make us want to
read even more J.K Rowling adds in vivid characters and we get favorites and
have feelings for the characters; we might like them or hate them. E.g. The Zonko
joke shop had Hiccough sweets which makes you laugh at the name and wonder
what hiccoughs even are. 5

Q6. Harry must complete three tasks. Some other mythological characters that
must face difficult tasks are: Merlin; Merlin must keep the young and
adventurous Prince Arthur safe from harms way and to be his advisor when he is
king. Hercules must decide whether to stay on earth with his true love or go to
the Gods world with his father. He must also complete the task of becoming a
hero and fulfilling his destiny. One last character is Frodo Baggins from Lord of
the Rings. Frodo must leave his home and travel to the home of evil to destroy an
evil object and if he fails, the world as he know it, will be enslaved and
conquered. The relationships that Dumbledore and Voldemort have with other
mythical characters are actually quite close. Dumbledore is like Gandalf from
Lord of the Rings. Gandalf and Dumbledore can both perform magic and must
protect someone (Gandalf protects Frodo and Dumbledore protects Harry.) They
also are fighting to save their own worlds from an evil enemy. Voldemort is just
like Sauron who is also form Lord of the Rings. They both can perform magic and
are feared by many. They both have an objective in mind, to wipe out all life that
are against him and conquer the world so he is the most powerful. They were
both also innocent, Voldemort was Tom Riddle and went to Hogwarts and
Sauron was a slave. Both did not consider becoming evil until they discovered
how to become all-powerful. This is how I think J.K Rowling got her ideas for her
books. I think she was inspired by other made up characters and put them into
her own unique story.



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