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Wくabu看aγ 5 completethe questionswith thewords in the

box and do or doe5. Then ⊂hoose the co「re⊂t

1 Mat⊂h verbs 「十with words and ph「ases a-g.
anSWerS a-e.

1 wash a ciasse与
2 b home Whattime Howoften When
3 C tObed Where What
4 d online

_-   2 つつ 4-"⊃
Ame「icans ceiebrate
与 e myface
independence Day?
6 f videogames
7 HaIuk iive?
g with the housework
you gotothecinema?
2 completethe phrases. you have for breakfast?
1 2、n 4 与 6 7 89 0

h a speclai meaI yourfamiiy have dinner?

C P W V g g W.-m

independence Day a At7 p.m・ eVeryday

b Sometimes.
CraZy CIothes ⊂ B「ead.

familyand friends d lnAnkara.

e On4th」uiy
in the st「eet
fireworks Speaking
PeOPIe toyou「 house

COStumeS 6 Mat`h suggestions l-4 with responses a-d.

1 What’sonatthecinema?

しanguage foくuS 2 Whatdoyouwanttodo?

3 Whataboutthe shoppingcentre?
i corre〔t the senten⊂eS. Use the negative form 4 Let’sgotothe park.
Of the present simple. Then write affirmative
a l don’t know. l’m not reaiiyinte「ested inthe
Senten⊂eS uSing the words in bra⊂kets.
1 get upat6.30a.m.attheweekend.X b OK. Let’sgotothe shoppingcentre.
(on weekdays) C l don’t know. Let’s havea lookatthe
l do冊ge†叩a†e・30a・胤a††heweeke血Ige†upa†
e.30 a.物. on we②kdaYg. d OK.
1 LewisgoestoschooI by bus.x(onfoot)
2 Wehavedinnerat7p.m.X(8 p.m.)
3 Louisa studies Spanish.x(French)
4 Mymumworksinaschooi・X(a library)
7 ⑨_1.27しisten and compIetethetext.
与Theyhelpwiththe houseworkeverydayX
Tbday is Thanksgiving Day Åmericans l.. ...皿s
(at the weekend)
6 lsaacdoes his homeworkonthebus.x(athome) SPeCial day on the fourth 2. ... ofNovember

every year. It’s a very exci血g day There,s a huge

4 completethe questions with theverbs in the Parade in the streets in Newlbrk Cfty MoI.e tha.n此ee
b「a⊂kets. Then answer the questions about you. m皿on people go out血the streets and watch the

1  you to schooi bycar? (go) Paradei More than能Iy m皿on Åmericans 3

2   you「 best friend breakfast at it onTV Bands play 4. ... andpeople dance and
7 a.m. every day? (have) 5   骨s great fun】 bu冊s very 6   '

3  you early on weekdays? (get up)

I always watch the parade on TⅤ with my family and
4  you「 dad in an o冊ce? (work)
then we have a special 7
5  you and yourfriends video games
Ⅵねむso have 8
in yourfreetime? (piay)
in our gardeni
6 . yourfamily p「esents on speciai

days? (give)

30 R〔Vi〔W・Days