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2017-2018 Science Fair

Assess how you conducted your experiment.

● Please move this document to your shared Biology folder.

● To complete this, you will need to refer to your project proposal.
● After you answer all the questions, remember to submit the document in Canvas.

Sample size
1. Below, put what you planned for sample size and/or repeated measures (#9 in experimental proposal).
30 people with 5 music categories and 2 repeated experiments of each music group

2. Below, put the actual sample size and/or repeated measures you completed by the deadline (February
16 people with 2 music categories and 0 repeated experiments of each music group

3. If there are differences between your initial plan and what you completed by the deadline, explain
a) why they are different, and
Because we became extremely limited on time as a result of the snow days and the flu, we did not have
enough days to collect all the data we planned for.

b) what you could have done differently to reach your goal on time.
I believe that if we started in the very beginning of the basketball season and were able to efficiently
collect data early on in the process, we would have at least come closer to our goal.

4. Below, paste a copy of your planned steps from your design document (#15).
1. Provide all test subjects with printed ethics form and inform them of the project outline
2. Attach phone to gym sound system and play the first song (make sure to keep a constant volume)
3. Collect self-reported heart rate (Hold two finger against artery (neck or inner-wrist) and count beat for
30 seconds, multiply by two for BPM)
4. Collect data from drills created by Tulo
5. Record sprint times, plank times, weight reps, shots made...
6. Ask for mood/exhaustion level
7. Organize all data in data table
8. Repeat steps 2-7 with all songs

5. Carefully look over your initial plans. In a numbered or bullet-pointed list below,
a) identify in detail things you actually did differently, and
b) explain why you made each change.
● Since we were in the NYO gym for the only test we did with music, and the speakers weren’t
working, we played all the music off of my laptop while keeping a constant volume
● We were so rushed in time that we did not collect the boys’ heart rates
● Tulo did not make any drills for us to use so we only did the ones we planned
● We did not have enough time to do the experiment with all of the music tempos, but we were able
to test two

6. In your proposal, find your standardized (#8) and extraneous variables (#10) and list them in the table
Standardized variables Extraneous variables

● Extra noise/distractions ● Energy level based off of food (quality and

● Consistent volume quantity) consumption
● Energy based off of the time of the day ● Energy based off of sleep quantity
● Mood/Willingness to participate
● Athleticism/Ability to perform tasks

7. Standardized variable review:

Did you successfully standardize all the variables you planned to?
If not, explain why not.
We only truly expected to standardize two variables (both pertaining to volume) because since we were
testing people, there are a lot of extraneous variables.

8. Extraneous variable review:

Were there other factors (that you did not originally list) that you think could have affected your results?
Identify them and explain your answer.
We didn’t expect to lose so many days to the snow and sicknesses.

Impact on Results
9. Think about all the ways the implementation of your experiment differed from your initial plans (your
answers to questions above).
Discuss how these changes may make your project stronger and/or make it weaker (i.e. make your
results more reliable or less reliable).
Over all, our testing was almost exactly what we expected, but after the first testing, we decided to have
the boys record their own data which helped us be more efficient and ensure accurate data for all of the

Reflection on learning
In August, y’all shared your thoughts on what the point of school is. Many of your responses involved
building skills. You may recognize some of them in this list below, which has a few of my top priorities for
skills to build in this class.

10. Read over the skills and indicate (with an X or a comment) where you feel you are with each, at this
point in the year.

I think I have I’m making progress. I’m struggling: I see This is a very weak
very strong I feel pretty good some improvement area for me. I don’t feel
skills in this about it. but it’s really hard. I’ve improved at all.

Design X

Manage time & X

long term work

Work well X
with focus, self-
reliance, &

Own your own X

learning: take
responsibility for
your work;
know when you
need help and
ask for it.