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Beginning (60%) Developing (80%) Accomplished (100%)

Questions Answers were not in complete Some of the answers were All questions were
sentences. There were many not complete sentences. answered in complete
grammatical errors. Answers There were several sentences with few
showed major grammatical errors. grammatical errors.
misunderstanding of the Answer showed some Answers demonstrate a
concept. minor misunderstanding of complete understanding
the concept. of the concept.

Math Many errors existed with the Some errors existed with Tables, graph and math
tables, graph and answers to the tables, graph and problems were
math problems. Student did answers to math problems. completed with no
not show any of their work. Student showed some of errors. All work was
their work. shown.
Organization Handwriting was illegible. Handwriting was sloppy. Work done on lined
Many of the problems, tables Some of the problems, paper and graph paper
or questions were not labeled tables or questions were was organized and neat.
or numbered. Information was not labeled or numbered. Problems, tables, and
not organized in a logical way. Information was questions were labeled
sometimes not organized or numbered and easy
appropriately. to identify.
Prezi Several slides were missing. One or Two slides were All slides were
presentation Slides were difficult to missing. Several completed with few
understand due to grammatical grammatical errors exist. grammatical errors.
errors. Presentation did not Presentation contained Presentation contained
contain images. Content images. Content images. Content
demonstrates major demonstrates some demonstrates a
misunderstanding of the misunderstanding of the complete understanding
concept. concept of the concept.