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VDA Volume 16 – Decorative Surfaces of Attachment ID 2901

and Functional Parts for Automobile Exteriors and

Surfaces dependent on their look and feel play a TARGET AUDIENCE At the end you will receive a VDA
certificate of attendance.
decisive role in the product engineering process Project managers, project staff, executives and in-
(PEP) and throughout the supply chain. If surface terdisciplinary personnel from development, plan-
specifications are determined too late right into ning, manufacture and quality management
series production, the consequences can occasio-
nally be significant expenditures such as selection, CONTENTS
scale determination and processing of complaints,  Point of departure
and thus cause increased quality costs.  Determining objectives of specifications
 Analysis of products and processes using
The objective of the training is to show participants examples
an approach for determining specifications of dif-  Assessment and quantification of look-and-
ferent look-and-feel characteristics of decorative feel surfaces
surfaces. Framework conditions such as tests, test  Evaluation conditions
workplace design are taken into consideration to  Lighting conditions
avoid process disturbances throughout the supply  Viewing distance
chain.  Viewing time
 Definition of target agreements
Early definition/determination of the surface spe-  Handling and determining tolerance samples
cifications in the product development process  Exercises/case examples and creation of a
during feasibility/manufacturability analysis helps surface specification
to minimize error costs and optimize cross-depart-
mental cooperation throughout the whole process PREREQUISITES FOR PARTICIPATION
chain. None

This training conveys the basic approach and the DURATION

implementation of surface specifications using ex- 1 day
amples from various products/parts.