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userconfig �show -a / userconfig �show Displays all the account information like

role , description , password expiration date , locked status

userconfig �show
userconfig �show <john>
switchname Displays the switch name
timeout Displays the timeout time set for Telnet session on the

configshow fabric.ops Displays the parameters of the switch. Ensure all

switches in a fabric have the same parameters in order to communicate
configshow fabric.ops.pidFormat Displays the PID set for a switch Core , Native
or Extended edge
switchuptime OR uptime Displays the uptime for the switch

hashow Displays the status of local and remote CP�s. High availability ,
heartbeat and synchronization


switchshow - Indicators like no light or In_sync will be displayed

portshow <port> - Provides report on errors on a port
porterrshow - provides gist of port errors, look for delta of counters
portstatsshow <port> - Provides details of port errors
portstats64show - Extension of portstatsshow when 32 bit counters do not suffice,
look for tim_txcrd_z to observe BB_credit deltas

fabriclog -s - Helps isolate flapping ports, look out for offline and online
sfpshow - Provides information on SFP and their state, check for power


cfgshow - Displays zoning configuration

defzone --show - Shows default zone settings
nsshow -t - Display name server entries with additional details

nodefind <alias> - To find specific device in fabric

nodefind <WWPN> - To find specific device in fabric

fcping <initiator> <target> - helps isolate end to end device connectivity and also
an easy method to validate zoning



Firmware Download



configdefault - To reset switch configuration to default

configdownload - To download a previously uploaded config file
switchshow - Lists connection information as well first indicator of fabric
errshow -r - Look for config events, match events with list in Brocade Message
reference guide for suitable actions
fabstatsshow - flags any parameter mismatch during merging
fabricshow - Helps identify domain id conflicts and gives an overview of all fabric

configure - To set correct switch and flow control parameters

portcfgshow <port number> - Display port configuration

portcfgspeed <port number> - Set or show port speed
portcfgdefaults <port number> - Set port settings to default
portcfgpersistentenable <port> - To enable port permanently
portcfgpersistentdisable <port> - To disable port persistently (across reboots)
portcfgeport - Disable E port
portcfglport - Lock port to L port
portcfggport - Lock port to E or F port

Log collection