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Lesson Plan Template

Date Subject Number of students Grade

11th of march, 2018 English 25 KG 2-3

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

Improve my teaching skills using new ways while read the story that will engage children to focus with me and be quiet.
Try to control children and have classroom management.

Learning Outcomes: Materials

(Link to the ADEC K-5 curriculum document)
Students will be able to ……
- Learn new words and their meaning. Twinkle, twinkle song.
(run, catch, jump, star). Lights.
- Describe what they see. Story.

Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time_______

Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)

Question (Blooms Taxonomy)
What will you do in order to introduce the concept to the
Paly a video about the star then ask children some
question. EX, what is the color of the star? Understanding (low level):
Where can you see the stars? How did the boy try to reach the star?

Active Engagement: (Bullet points) Remembering (low level):

After you’ve modeled the concept, what activity will you Did the boy catch the star?
have the students perform while on the carpet to ensure Who can tell us what’s the story talk about?
that they understand it?
 Ask them questions to make sure that they
understand the story
Who can tell us what happen in the story?
Did the boy catch the star?

Link: (Bullet points)

Remind the students in kid friendly language how they can
apply what they did whole group in their independent
learning centers
 Children will learn from the story that if they need to
reach something they have to work hard and be
Never give up.
Learning Center Resources or Materials
Learning Center 1 Learning Center 2 Learning Center 3 Learning Center 4

Small Group Learning Centers: Time______

Learning Center 1 Title: (Bullet points) Learning Center 2 Title: (Bullet points)

Explain step by step what the students will do Explain step by step what the students will do

Learning Center 3 Title: (Bullet points) Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)

Explain step by step what the students will do Explain step by step what the students will do

Closing activity: Time: ______

Allow children time to discuss how what they did during their learning centers and how it relates to the lesson outcome

“Remember that….” (restate outcome using kid friendly language)

Assessment for Learning: How will you determine if the students understood the learning outcome? What
evidence will you show to prove this?
I will ask them different questions and I will make a chick list for each student to know if they understand or not

General Comments
All students were active and excited while doing the activities.
Whole the class were quiet but there are some students were hyperactive and I did my best to control
them by gave them tasks such as helping other children.
Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

Improve my teaching strategies and use creative strategies to grab their attention.