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UCA PETE Lesson Plan NAME:__Ty Ferguson___________________

Grade Level: 3rd Grade Date/Day: 1/19/18

Subject: Physical Education Topic/Period: Basketball Lesson

Frameworks PEL 1.3.6

Objectives(TESS - 1c) (TESS - 1f)

Psychomotor – 1.3.6 Psychomotor Assessment -
I want the students to keep full control of their dribble while using Teacher/Traditional/Formative
their dominant and non dominant hand.
Cognitive Assessment -
Cognitive – 3.3.1 Self/Traditional/Summative
I want students to be able to accurately check their heart rates post
lesson. Affective Assessment -
Affective - 2.3.3
I want students to respect my instruction and appropriately participate
in the lesson.

Classroom Environment & Safety (TESS 2e) Grouping

Warm up – on the sideline, seven rows of three students.
There are bleachers on both the left and right sides of the gym, Lesson Focus – on the baseline, seven rows of three students.
make sure they are pushed to the wall.
Closure/ cool down – center court, seven rows of three students.

Refinements and Extensions (TESS – 1b) Materials (TESS – 1d) (List materials and how they will be used in the
Give advanced students another ball. lesson)
Equipment - Basketballs will be used for the dribbling lesson, the
Give students who are struggling one of the large basketballs. basketball court will be used as a safe space for the kids to participate in the
lesson, cones will be used to indicate where the students should dribble to,
cue cards will inform the students of what dribble move to make when they
reach the cones, and a whistle will be used to start and stop the lesson.

Technology (used by YOUR students) – none

Curricular (task sheets etc.) - none

Introduction To Lesson

Good morning class, my name is Coach Ferguson. For today’s physical education class we will be doing the next stage in our dribbling lesson.

Instruction (TESS – 1e) Cues Critical Elements (TESS – 1a)

Physiological, Biomechanical Theories &
Warm Up – The students will start by doing stationary Warm Up – Cues Critical Elements - Warm up -
stretches such as left and right foot touches, left and Saying “go” will indicate the
right arm crosses, left and right over head shoulder students to begin stretching. As you do your knee pulls you may feel slight discomfort in
blade touches, and also knee to chest pulls. Following your thighs and lower backs.
stationary stretches we will do stretches from the
baseline to half court. These stretches will include
lunges, high knees, bottom kicks and sprints.

-students will move from sideline to baseline Critical Elements - Lesson Focus –

(transition to Lesson Focus) Keep your eyes up, trust yourself, use your finger pads
Lesson Focus - Students will spread out into seven Lesson Focus cues instead of your palms
rows of three and when I whistle they will begin One whistle will indicate the
dribbling stationary with their dominant hand. The start of the dribbling and two
next time up they will use their non dominant hand. whistles will indicate for
them to stop. Critical Elements - Closure

-students will move from baseline to center court

(transition to closure)
Closure Following the lesson I will sit the students Closure Cues You can find your resting heart rate by taking your pointer
down in seven rows of three in center court and I will My voice will be used to ask and index finger and placing them in the crease right behind
ask them assessment questions and teach them how to assessment questions. your ear.
find their heart rates.

Students will line up at the door and walk out the gym
(transition for leaving the classroom)

List How You Crossed Curriculum In the Lesson

I implemented health by teaching them how to find their resting heart rate.

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