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AECOM 2011

Hydropower & Dams
2 Global Hydropower & Dams

AECOM has over 90 years

experience in the development
and design of hydropower and
dam projects. We provide
integrated planning, feasibility,
design, environmental studies,
permitting and licensing support,
project management and
operations/maintenance services
to hydropower clients throughout
the globe.

Front Cover: Grand Mere Hydroelectric

Powerhouse (180 MW), Quebec, Canada

Our energy professionals will work with Hydropower Services : In addition to the traditional services for
you to ensure we will have renewable hydropower developments, AECOM is
energy sources for the future. Our -- Sustainable Development commissioned as specialist advisor to
90 years of history in efficiency and private developers, government utilities,
-- Planning
sustainable design, transmission and and lending/finance institutions and
distribution projects, and thermal power -- Environmental Services for the planning and implementation of
generation experience and knowledge -- Licensing/Permitting hydropower generation facilities.
provide viable energy solutions that will -- Dam Safety We also have substantial experience
sustain our communities for tomorrow.
-- Physical Hydraulic and CFD Modeling and expertise in the legal, regulatory,
institutional, financial, technical,
Our technical knowledge and -- Fisheries social and environmental frameworks
experience is supported by the ongoing
-- Engineering Design of New Facilities and the formulation of model enabling
development of our program and project
management and systems expertise, -- Rehabilitation (Spilllway, Power
which incorporates sustainability and Capacity) Because the sustainability agenda
safety principles to meet client and
-- Program Management varies according to local factors
community needs.
and issues, we develop sustainable
-- CM Services
solutions at a local level to provide our
-- O&M Trouble Shooting clients with a unique blend of global
-- Climate Change Adaption reach, local knowledge, innovation and
technical excellence.
-- Asset Management
4 Global Hydropower & Dams

La Grande - 1 (LG-1) Hydroelectric

Powerhouse (1,368 MW), Canada
AECOM carried out the studies and detailed
engineering for water intakes, spillway,
powerhouse and dykes, and provided
construction support for the 1,368 MW
run-of-river LG-1 powerhouse in Quebec,
Canada. The project required extensive
geotechnical investigations to work around
sensitive clay and problems with ice. The
powerhouse is equipped with 12 fixed blade
propeller units ranking among the biggest of
this type in the world.

Left: Mrica Hydropower

Project, Indonesia

Right: Alain Duhangan

Hydroelectric Project
(192 MW), Hymachal
Pradesh, India

Hydropower Engineering Experience:

AECOM realized more than 100,000 MW of hydropower -- Hydropower project feasibility studies
generation globally
-- Specialist advice for private power development
With more than 90 years of experience in the development -- Due diligence and power studies
and design of hydropower projects, AECOM provides fully -- Financial planning and corporate investment studies
integrated project planning, feasibility, design, project
management and operations/maintenance services to -- Environmental, social and anthropological studies
hydropower clients. We are world leaders in hydropower, -- Permitting and licensing
dams and reservoirs, site relicensing, dam safety and
-- Hydrological, topographical and geotechnical investigations
flood control.
-- System hydraulics, transients and model studies
AECOM has an impressive track record in hydropower -- Design, supervision and project management
works throughout the globe, ranging in size from less than
-- Procurement assistance and document preparation
1 MW to above 5,000 MW. We have consistently delivered
innovative technical solutions to our hydropower clients -- Commissioning, operations and maintenance
through a collaborative and open work style that enables -- Asset valuations and management
us to understand client and project requirements.
-- Station operation studies and efficiency improvements
AECOM’s hydropower group provides complete “water to -- Safety reviews of existing dams
wire” services for: -- Refurbishments and upgrades
-- Technology transfer and training
-- Dams, reservoirs, water conveyance and hydraulic
structures Hydropower Sample Project
-- Power plant design and refurbishment
-- La Grande-2 and La Grande-2A (7,616 MW), Canada
-- Power stations, switchyards, control and automation
-- Manapouri (700 MW), New Zealand
-- Transmission lines, substations and system analysis
-- Eastmain-1 (480 MW), Canada
-- Buon Kuop (280 MW), Vietnam
-- Bogong (140 MW), Australia
-- Sambangalou (128 MW), Senegal
-- Xacbal (94 MW), Guatemala
6 Global Hydropower & Dams

Left: Rangipo Dam,

New Zealand

Right: Kef Eddir Dam ,


Dams & Reservoirs

A full range of engineering services for any type of dam AECOM is ranked #1 in Hydro plants and Dams & Reservoirs in
the U.S. (ENR 2010) and has designed, planned and built more
AECOM’s dam and reservoir design professionals combine than 175 dams and reservoirs around the globe.
their extensive experience with advanced technical expertise,
supported by specialist software, to evaluate the optimum Dam Sample Projects:
type and dimensions of each structure to suit every particular
location. We can provide specialists in all types of dam design -- Prado Dam (20 m), U.S.
including homogeneous and zoned earthfill, rockfill, CFRD, -- Boussiaba Dam (52 m), Algeria
ACRD, RCC, mass concrete, concrete buttress, concrete arch
and other not so common designs. -- Toulnustouc Dam (77 m), Canada
-- La Romaine-2 Dam (114 m), Canada (under construction)
Our broad capability across the engineering of dams and -- Manic-3 Dam (131 m), Canada
reservoirs includes:
-- Nam Tha-1 (133 m), Laos
-- Planning and design for dams, reservoirs, intakes, -- La Grande-2 main Dam (167 m), Canada
waterways and associated hydraulic structures
-- Boruca Dam (260 m), Costa Rica (study)
-- Flood analyses, hydraulic and structural design and model
studies of spillways
-- Geotechnical, geological, hydro-geology, hydrological and
geo-mechanical investigations
-- Slope stability assessments and engineering
-- Dam break analysis, safety and seismic assessments
and engineering
Energy 7

Boussiaba Dam, Algeria

AECOM provided the detailed engineering for

the 52-meters high rolled compacted concrete
(RCC) dam, construction supervision and
monitoring during the first year.

For the excellence of its work during this

mandate, AECOM received the Leonard Award
from the ‘’Association des ingénieurs-conseils
du Québec (AICQ)’’, the highest distinction of
the Quebec engineering industry.
Energy Global Hydropower & Dams

Prado Dam, Gates and Control Tower

Replacement, California, USA

AECOM provided services to the US Army Corps

of Engineers to raise the dam by 65 feet, and
to replace the gates and control tower at the
Prado Dam.

The improved storage and release capacities

of the dam that were achieved through this
project enables the dam to take full advantage
of the improved channel capacity downstream.
They also greatly increased the level of flood
protection to the communities of Orange
County in the Santa Ana River floodplain.

Left: Independent Review

of Sauzal Hydropower
Station (76.8 MW), Chile

Right: Transmission
Lines & Substations,
Manantali Hydroelectric
Development (200 MW),
Senegal, Mali & Mauritania

Plant & Associated Equipment Rehabilitation Sample Projects

AECOM provides complete and comprehensive services for -- Rehabilitation of Macchu Pichu hydroelectric power plant
planning, design and construction as well as rehabilitation (107 MW), Peru
of power plants and all associated equipments, including -- Chute-à-Bésy dam reconstruction, Canada
mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and architectural.
-- Assessment, rehabilitation and modernization of
Our professionals realize the design/selection/specifications Cambambe and Biópio hydropower plants, Angola
of the main mechanical and electrical generating plant -- Rehabilitation of segment gates of Cadarache dam, France
equipment items using specialist software to determine:
-- Rehabilitation of Peligre power plant (54 MW), Haiti
-- Turbine type (Kaplan, Francis, Pelton, Bulb, kinetic), -- Paugan powerhouse equipment automation and
number off and rated turbine output, head, speed and modernization, Canada
setting height, the maximum allowable speed increase and -- Rehabilitation of T/G units of EDÉA I, II and III power
pressure fluctuations in the upstream waterways, and the stations, Cameroon
powerhouse layout and key dimensions.
-- Turbine capacity improvement for Wailsa hydropower
-- The main characteristics of the generator such as; rated station (83.2 MW), Fiji
output, overload capacity, power factor, voltage and other
-- Bakun hydropower station (70 MW) emergency
performance requirements, the arrangement of generator
rehabilitation, Philippines
transformer and the switchgear, and control and protection
equipment. -- Upper Mangata whiri dam upgrade (40-m high), New Zeland
-- Afulilo hydropower station upgrade, Samoa
Rehabilitation of Hydroelectric Developments
In addition to its strong expertise in new powerplants, AECOM
has acquired experience in rehabilitation and modernization
of existing hydroelectric developments and associated
equipements, in order to increase performance and safety
and decrease maintenance costs.

This experience applies for small, medium and large size

plants and structures with age ranging from 10 to 90 years
old, for all generating unit types and also for the hydraulic
structures (concrete gravity and arch dams, RCC, spillways,
weirs, sluiceways, intake structures rockfill and earthfill
dams, heavy mechanical equipments, etc.)
10 Global Hydropower & Dams

Left: Rockwater Power

Project (260 MW), Waitaki
Valley, New Zealand

Right: La Grande-2
Underground Hydroelectric
Powerhouse (5,616 MW),
Quebec, Canada

Tunnels & Underground Infrastructures La Grande-2 (LG-2) and La Grande-2A (LG-2A)

Underground Hydroelectric Developments, Canada
We provide cost-effective innovative engineering design for
underground structures related to hydropower generation. LG-2 and LG-2A hydroelectric developments, owned by
Quebec’s utility Hydro-Quebec, are considered world’s
Our expertise in the planning, design and construction of biggest underground hydropower schemes with a total
underground infrastructures includes numerous underground combined installed capacity of 7,616 MW.
power plants often located in difficult terrain and problematic
ground conditions. LG-2 generating station is one of the most impressive
underground hydropower developments in Canada. It
With the successful completion of over 650 km of tunnel has an installed capacity of 5,616 MW, and is considered
projects around the world, AECOM has the know-how to North America’s most powerful underground hydroelectric
provide technical and innovative solutions for all types of powerhouse. LG-2 includes sixteen turbine-generator units of
tunnel and underground infrastructure projects, no matter 351 MW each, a water intake, sixteen 8-m diameter and
how complicated or challenging they may be. 525-m long concrete-lined penstocks, a 28-m wide and 50-m
high machine hall, sixteen bus shafts, twin surge chambers
The scale of our specializations in tunnelling and underground and four tailrace tunnels, an access tunnel, an elevator shaft,
infrastructure includes: two ventilation shafts and a 735 kV switchyard.
-- Site investigation and geology
LG-2A is an underground hydroelectric power station with an
-- Geotechnical and hydro-geology modelling and installed capacity of 2,000 MW. It is adjacent to LG-2, with its
interpretation intake structure located on the same reservoir as LG-2 power
-- Hydraulic modelling and design plant.
-- Tunnel and cavern design
AECOM received the Schreyer Award, Canada’s highest
-- Electrical systems, lighting and ventilation distinction in the engineering field, for the excellence of its
-- Fire and life safety work on the LG-2 hydroelectric development.

-- Water and wastewater

AECOM’s professionals cover all disciplines in mechanical,

electrical, rock mechanies, geology, geotechnical, metals
engineering, civil and project management, with deep
knowledge of the excavation techniques at international level.
Energy 11

Peribonka Hydroelectric Power

Plant (385 MW), Canada
AECOM provided the optimization of
concepts, detailed engineering, preparation
of plans and technical support during
construction of the Peribonka underground
powerhouse in Quebec. The substation is
installed in a cavern downstream from the
power plant and the switching station is
located on the surface. The construction
of the 385 MW plant was successfully
completed in 2008.
12 Global Hydropower & Dams

Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Power

Project (1,070 MW), Lao PDR
AECOM was the Owner’s Engineer for both
Phase I and Phase II of the 1,070 MW
Nam Theun 2 Project in Central Lao PDR.
Our work for Phase I involved assistance with
the final design, drafting of the EPC contract
documents, project liaison and contract
mediation. Phase II involved design review,
specialist advice, site coordination, witnessing
of commissioning support, manufacturing
inspections and testing.

Nam Theun 2 is a Build-Own-Operate (BOT)

project, exploiting a 350-m head, and produces
close to 6,000 GWh per year, most
of which will be exported to Thailand.

Our managers,
environmentalists, engineers,
procurement and contract
professionals work together to
deliver excellence in programs
and projects.
Program & Project
At AECOM, we know that the best We tailor our services to meet our client’s
foundation for successfully managing requirements. AECOM’s delivery methods
programs and projects is an in-depth include:
understanding of our client’s individual
requirements. This understanding, -- Engineering, Procurement and
combined with risk management, timely Construction Management (EPCM)
communication and robust project -- Program Management and
controls and reporting, has earned Construction Management (PMCM)
AECOM the reputation for management
-- Alliancing
excellence around the world.
We also participate as key members
Our flexible approach has been applied of the following contract delivery
across a wide range of industries, methods:
all project types and project phases
across planning, design, procurement, -- Early contractor involvement
construction and operations. -- Design-build-construct
Malana Hydroelectric Development (86 MW), India
-- Design-bid-build
14 Global Hydropower & Dams

AECOM understands the value of our

natural environment and the need to
minimize impacts from society and
industry. Our talented environmental
professionals have a long history of
providing solutions for private and
public clients around the world.
Environmental Assessments Our worldwide team can deliver a complete
range of services and integrated suite of
We provide an integrated approach to environmental solutions, including:
help our clients combat climate change
and incorporate sustainability. -- Environmental impact assessments
and auditing
Our whole-of-life approach to -- Sustainable water management
environmental management extends -- Energy management
beyond the pre-planning stage to
include feasibility studies, design, -- Environmental management
implementation, commissioning, -- Cleaner production/eco-efficiency
subsequent monitoring and assessments
environmental site management. -- Life-cycle analysis
Conawapa Hydroelectric Project – Oceanographic -- Business continuity plans
studies of Nelson River Estuary for Environmental AECOM works closely with regulatory
Impact Assessment, Manitoba, Canada agencies to ensure the adequacy of -- Social and environmental protocols
baseline studies for compliance with and performance indicators
government permit requirements. -- Permitting and licensing approvals
-- Due diligence evaluations and
We also help our clients to differentiate strategic advice
themselves through the adoption of
-- Climate change response services
strategies designed to help fight
climate change and incorporate -- Community engagement and research
sustainability thinking into their programs
planning and operations. -- Corporate sustainability reporting
Energy 15

Boundary Hydroelectric Relicensing

Project, Washington, USA
Boundary Dam, located on the Pend Orielle
River in Washington is Seattle City Light’s
(SCL’s) major hydroelectric power generating
resource. The scheme includes a 104m high
variable radius concrete arch dam, with two
service spillways, seven low-level sluices
through the dam, and a power house with six
turbines, having a total installed generating
capacity of 1,070 MW.

AECOM is a global provider of professional technical

and management support services to a broad range
of markets, including transportation, facilities,
environmental, energy, water and government. With
approximately 45,000 employees around the world,
AECOM is a leader in all of the key markets that it
serves. AECOM provides a blend of global reach, local
knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in
delivering solutions that create, enhance and sustain
the world’s built, natural and social environments.
A Fortune 500 company, AECOM serves clients in
approximately 125 countries and has annual revenue
in excess of $7.0 billion.

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