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Join us next Sunday as we

come together for an hour to

focus on God’s shalom.
Do come and pray for us as a
church to live and trust in the
Lord’s wisdom and provision 29th April
for our church. Hosted by the Clements cell
We will also be praying for those we know who are in personal
and spiritual need at this time Morning Worship & AGM Welcome to our service,
6th May, 6.30pm at St Paul’s, Roundshaw Journeying with God especially if you’re here for
Joshua 1: 1-11 the first time.
~~~~~~ If you have a young family,
Data Protection and Consent Forms 6th April @ 10.30 am feel free to use the toys at the
With the approach of the new General Data Protection Regulation All Together back of the hall.
deadline, we have been busy auditing our systems and The power of testimony Please join us for tea and
procedures here at Springfield. You will be pleased to hear that Breathe @ 6.30 pm coffee after the service.
we are broadly compliant, but do need to obtain explicit consent St Paul’s Roundshaw
for contacting you by various means.
Please fill in the form you were handed as you came in and pop it
in the box in the foyer, or send us a photo of the completed form,
or access from the website.
Moving forward, we are looking to enable everyone who goes
online to manage their own details and preferences and cut back
on unnecessary paperwork (and administrative errors!). PCC unanimously agreed that Feast in the Field 2018 is going to
go ahead on 8th July, but with one key difference -
More details in the coming weeks- watch this space.
what it looks like is up to you!
Jon Lindsay-Scott 020 8404 8881
We’re keen to hear your ideas. What would you like to invite your
(Day off Friday) friends, family, neighbours and co-workers along to?
Curate We have booked the face painter and ice cream van: there are
Jane Petrie 07488 599 786 some great ideas coming in for activities including board games,
(Day off Friday, study day Saturday)
Church Office 020 8647 3410 craft, croquet, tea & cakes, salsa, powerhoops etc.
Cells & Missional Communities Maybe you’d like to do something as a cell or small group?
Sarah Miller 07941 696 037
Do please feedback your ideas to any of the staff team, or your cell leaders.
DIARY Pray for our church family Baptism Pickstock & 3:33
Today @ 10.00 am If you are interested in getting David and his friends from the
Pre service prayers baptised or renewing your band are running a charity
baptismal vows at our concert in aid of the Sutton &
Today @ 10.30 am Pentecost eservice on 20th Croydon Multiple Sclerosis
Morning Worship & AGM May, please do talk to Jon. Therapy Centre on Sat 9th
Today @ 10.30 pm June at WHSG from 7.30 pm
Community Lunch @ Guatemala News Angela Baker is the maestro
Woodcote Nursery The latest news letter from with the tickets. Get your
Trish King, who we support in mates and get on down to the
30th April @ 11.00 am Guatemala, has arrived. stylings of DJ Alan.
Café connect @ the Library If you are not on her mailing
3rd May @ 9.45 am list, there are hard copies Naturally
Tiptoes @ Crusader Hall Please pray for: available in the foyer. Supernatural
Get your booking in before
5th May @ 4.00 pm
Footsteps @ High View Footsteps May 1st for the cheaper rate.
• All those elected today to our Do talk to Mat and Jenny for
Messy Church is on Sat 5th
6th May @ 6.30 pm PCC, as Church Wardens and more details.
May at HighView School again.
Shalom @ St Paul’s as Deanery Synod
Invite families to join you for CAP
representatives, that they will
8th May @ 10.30 am blessed as they step forward
craft, games, songs, a bible
Cupcakes @ Ashby Grange story and food together. The next CAP job club starts
to serve the church on 10th May, while the next
10th May @ 6.15 pm • Harry Wedge as he prepares CAP money: course begins on
CAP Job Club starts for an operation on Monday, 12 Hours of Prayer 12th July, both running in
that all will go smoothly and As part of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Roundshaw Community Hall.
13th May @ 10.30 am
that he will recover quickly. this Pentecost, we are looking
Communion with Creche Please talk to Jean Grima for
to hold a 12 hours of prayer details of what each can offer
14th May @ 7.30 pm For prayer chain requests, time for the whole of and to reserve a place.
Craft @ Cricket4Change please contact : Springfield to take part in.
Jean Silvester 8647 5100 We are looking to the 16th
20th May @ 10.30 am
May as a probable date and
Food with Friends
Pentecost & Baptisms Our next community lunch is
are working out exactly how it
might work. after the service today: do
She will pass on any pastoral Do keep an eye out for more talk to Mary and David Bowen
matters as appropriate details in the coming weeks. for more details.