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Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016-17

Name of contractor: Intelcan Technosystems Inc.

Section Page No
Document Clause No. Exis ngProvision inClause Clarifica on Sought
No. in Section
Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part A 3.9.3. 22 of 123 Compliance Matrix shall be uploaded along with other PQ Document as per Annexure‐IX. Please advise it the clause 3.9.3 Part A refers also to the compliances
matrices for parts B and C in addition to a compliance matrix of Part A.
Please clarify the format required, for instance: Excel file, or a PDF of a
scanned document dully signed and stamped.

Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part A 4.14.2 24 of 123 The Compliance Profile shall be in Excel format; the soft copy (ies) shall be in an easily readable format that Please advise it the clause 4.14.2 Part A refers also to the compliances
does not cross pages for a given requirement (row in the Excel format). matrices of the proposal Annexure XI, Annexure XII, A, B and C or is it a
requirement for the Part C?
Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part A 2.1 14 of 123 Contractors shall provide the documentation specified in the following three sections, entirely in English: the Shall the compliances of Part A and B be submitted with the technical
Pre‐Qualification Bid documents, the Technical Bid, and the Financial Bid. The three sections correspond to the proposal?
three components of the Tender.
Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part A 2.3 14 of 123 Each and every page of the submitted Tender, including technical documentation, should be serially numbered Please clarify if the pages of technical documentation such as Operation
and indexed & digitally signed before uploading along with PQ documents. manual, Maintenance manual, Products description, Data-sheets, etc. shall
be individually signed.
Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part B Annex – II – B 96 of 123 COST OF COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF SPARES FOR ADS-B SYSTEM ONLY (LRUs / PCBs / MODULES) The header of the table refers to LRUs, PCBs or Modules.
The note at the bottom of the table refers to for module, card or item.
As per the header of the table the items to be included shall be only LRUs,
1. The Contractor shall upload Comprehensive list of spares for one set of ADS‐B Ground system indicating the PCBs or Modules.
prices of each module (exclusive of Freight, Insurance and custom duty) , in above format along with Financial The note at the bottom uses the word "item". An item is not necessary a
Bid. The total cost of all spares module shall be tally with vline item of financial bid i.e. Spares_cost_Overseas LRU, PCB or module. Please clarify if "items" that are not considered
LRUs, PCBs or Modules shall be also included and provided as spares.
Items such as antennae, line/surge protectors, displays, workstation, UPS,

Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part C 1.1 61 of 123 The Scope of work includes Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Dual redundant ADS-B Ground Please clarify if the requirement is then for 10 Redundant ADSB station or
station. 20 Redundant ADSB stations to be installed in groups of two (2) redundant
5.1 69 of 123 The ADS-B system shall consist of two systems per airport.
redundant ground stations with each ground
station configured to use separate antennas, 1090
MHz receivers, GPS receivers, processing, target
outputs and power supplies such that there is no
single point of failure in the system which will
affect the intended operation of the ADS-B
Tender No: (CNS-P)-05/2016‐17 Part C 13.11 89 of 123 Test Tools and Test Equipments: The vendor shall supply one set of all the test tools and test equipments The table "price components" to be submitted via the E-Tender Portal
required for the maintenance of the equipment. doesn't include a line item for "Tools and test equipment".
Part D Annexure - I A 91 of 123 Price component for 10 ADS-B Ground Stations
Please advise if the lot of tools and test equipment (ONE SINGLE lot) shall

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