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1. A name for the tour

2. Describe in detail the attraction and activities that
would be conducted at each stop.
3. Highlight the starting point and finishing point of
the tour as well as the duration and distance from
once stop to other.
4. Include highlightes along the way from one stop
to another.
Description about the cuba tour
Tel: +960 9673413377
Fax: +333 7676676465

Cuba tour are tour guides that tours tourists across the
cities of cuba. We take extra care of our tourists.
We show them many historical and man made places of
cuba. We take charges only for tours.
refresments and food is copletly free from day one to last
you will feel it like home.
It will be a 4 day tour guide each day a place.
Day 1
One day one we will show the old Havana (Havana veija).
This place is a well preserved slice of Cuban history.
We will reach here at morning 8am. 8am is the time it
opens. The day will end varadero. The duration is 1 hour.
Along the way we will stop for refreshmets.Strolling
around the cobbled streets and gazing up at the baroque
and neoclassical building in here it’s easy to imagine what
life in Cuba was like 200 years ago. Extensive renovation
are now breathing new life. We highly recommend to
bring water bottles.

At afternoon we accomaded a special lunch for every day.

After break we will go plazada la catadral is a very unique
place. This is home to Cuban baroque cataral the
legendary restaurant and hemingway hangout to reach this
place it will take at least 15 to 20 minutes we will go there
by walking along the way we will also stop if any tourists
are tired also in the old town plaza veija is one of the
havanas most vibrand gathering spot. But we have a main
building the 18th casadal conde jarco with beautiful
stained glass windows one the first floor taking photos
here is okay. You can take as many as you can near by the
camera abscura offers fantastic view from it is 35meter

Day 2 (varadero)

On day two we will go varadero.the durationsto reach this

place is just 10 minutes. Tourists are requested to wake up
early and go so tourists can take unique and beautiful
sunrise near beach. Varadero is one of the cobas most
famous beach destinations and home one of the best.
Beaches in the caribean.we will provide anise breakfast
near beach. It giving a information about this place, it
streeches along the north coast where we will snow
tourists along the way. Its magnificent white sand
beaches draw visitors from around the world. Highlights
include parague natural punta hicacos. This place is a
natural reserved with a pretty beach, later on afternoon we
will go far snorkeling anfif wanted cn sunba deive also
where underwater. Explores will find shipwreaks and
glinting shouls of brighting colored fish. So at night we
will reserve tourists a dinner. Where tourists can enjoy
beautiful stars and fresh airs also the unique moon. So
after the dinner the tourist will be droped to the hotel by a
special bus for tourist.
Day 3
On the next day we will guide tourist to Trinidad. To
reach this place it takes just 20 minutes.we will give all
the refreshments before going to the place. So the time is
10 am. We advise tourist to be sharp on time.Exploring
the town of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is
like stepping back in time. The beautifully restored
buildings and cobblestone streets in the city center exude
a quaint colonial feel. Much of the architecture dates from
the 17th to the 19th centuries, when Trinidad prospered
from both the sugar and slave trades.

Today, Trinidad is one of the best cities in Cuba to visit,

apart from Havana. You can soak up its lively ambiance
in the cobblestone Plaza Mayor, the city's central square.
Above the square stands the Neoclassical Church of the
Holy Trinity (Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad).
Other highlights are the Church and Monastery of Saint
Francis (Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco), with its
distinctive bell tower; the Museum of Colonial
Architecture (Museo de Arquitectura Colonial); the art
gallery at the Casa de Aldeman Ortiz; and the Palacio
Brunet, a grand home, built in 1812 and still featuring
original frescoes and marble floors.
East of Trinidad, on the road to Sancti Spiritus, the lush
World Heritage-listed Valle de los Ingenios contains
numerous relics and monuments from the 19th century,
when the sugar cane plantations and mills flourished. It's
also a great place to drive or horseback ride through the
beautiful scenery of green sugar cane fields, palm trees,
and mountains.

Day 4 guardalavaca
On day 4 we will guide them to the Guardalavaca. Which
also has beautiful beaches and corals. The duration to this
place is 50 to 30 minutes. So all the tourist are adviced tp
wake up early in the morning to eat breakfast.Rimmed by
glittering beaches, Guardalavaca, in the Holguin province,
is quieter and more remote than Varadero. Lush foliage
fringes the sweeping strand of beach here, providing
plenty of shady patches for those seeking respite from the
tropical sun. Divers and snorkelers can explore a plethora
of sea life along the coral reefs.
Day trips from Guardalavaca include jungle adventures,
sailing trips, and tours of Santiago de Cuba. West of
Guardalavaca, Bahia de Naranjo encompasses a large
slice of coast and three islands, including Cayo Naranjo
with the popular Dolphinarium, offering close-up
encounters with these gregarious creatures. Chorro de
Maita is another side trip option from Guardalavaca, with
its native Indian burial area and a recreated Taino Indian

One the last day we have a party for all the tourists. The
party will be in a beach. There will be a lot of activities.
Lastly the tourits will give a speech about how’s the tour
was so far.