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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Savanna Geeslin Date: 4/29/18

Grade and Topic: 6th Grade Science Length of Lesson: 50 minutes for 5 Days

Mentor Teacher: Kaylah Holland School: University of Memphis – IDT 3600


● Throughout this assignment, TSW be learning and discovering the different parts and elements of outer
space with the help of technology. This lesson plan will focus on the unit assignment of the phases of the
moon. Students will have created a website and a Twitter account by the end of the assignment. TSW be
able to understand and be attentive to their own knowledge of the different phases the moon has with
100% accuracy. This unit covering independence and stability with the students’ will establish the
students’ use of growth and understanding.

1) Given a pop quiz on the phases of the moon first will provide information on how well the students
know the material before given the assignment. A power point of the 8 major phases of the moon during
class, TSW take notes, take pictures, or ask any questions they might have when first learning about the
different phases. Once learned about the different phases, TSW create a website on Weebly that includes
images and information about each phase found online. The website should include a minimum of 8
images that show the specific phase being discussed.
2) With the website that they created, TSW then create a twitter account and follow each of their
classmates. If the students already have a twitter account, they will need to create a new one simply for
this assignment. TSW use this account to tweet a minimum of 8 times. Each tweet discussing the
different phases of the moon. Each student will be required to respond to at least 5 of their classmates.
3) Given time in the classroom and outside of it, TSW have time to create their website and design it
however they would like, while including what is assigned to it. They will also have time to create,
tweet, and respond to classmates on twitter.

- The ultimate goal for the students is to be able to know and understand the phases enough to see an
image of one phase and be able to identify which type it is. The expectation out of this is that the
students know and understand how to create a website and how to use web 2.0 tools.


- State/District Common Core Standard: TN Science: GLE 0607.Inq.1

- ISTE Standards: 3. Research and Information Fluency: Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate,
and use information. b. Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information
from a variety of sources and media.

1) You need to be present the day the phases of the moon power point is given.
2) Computer or Laptop
3) Access to Weebly
4) Access to Twitter
5) Access to Google to search information and images

● Without access to techonology, this assignment will not be possible. Here is a list of the needed website
sources to complete this assignment:

1) The 8 phases of the moon

2) Weebly
3) Tutorial on how to create a website on from Weebly
4) Twitter
5) Tutorial on how to create a Twitter account:


● TSW know and be able to identify the 8 phases of the moon, including
● The critical academic language that must be addressed is knowing the key terms in this assignment.
● From previous lessons, TSW know how to use technology effectively. Though some internet sources
may be new to the students with this assignment, these sources will prepare them not only their
academic future, but for the rest of their lives.
● With this assignment, I will continue to use twitter for the students to have a different platform when
doing work. I will also continue to use weebly for upcoming assignments in this particular lesson. They
will continue to build on their website while learning more about outer space.
● Planning differentiated activities or assessments will be done when and if I feel is needed with the
student. All students work and learn differently and that is what makes teaching so beautiful. If a
particular student needs extra help or if he/she is not given access to the materials needed, changes will
be made in order to help the student become successful.


● Introduction:
- On day 1 (Monday), TSW begin by taking a pop quiz that will test their knowledge on the phases of the
moon. This will not count as a grade, but will provide information on how well the students are aware of
the different phases. Once the quiz is done, Information on the phases of the moon will begin by
providing the students essential information about moons and why they are so important.
- In class, a powerpoint including images of each phase of the moon and important information of each
phase. Each phase will be described and taught in great detail. Take any questions students might have.
- Once the in class power point is done, TSW be given their upcoming assignment.
- TSW watch a tutorial on how to use weebly, and a tutorial on how to create a twitter account. The links
to these will be provided in this lesson plan.
● Procedures:
Teacher Procedures:
- After the quiz,, introduction and tutorial videos are finished, TSW be informed of the specific directions
of the assignment and what is expected.
- TSW be given a handout to take home that have the directions step by step for each part of the
- Explain that this assignment is not something that should be done in one day. Also inform the students
that for the next 3 days in class they will have the entire time to work on their website and twitter
account. Lastly, inform the students that everything must be complete by the end of class on day 5(
- Be there for any questions and assistance the students may need throughout the week.
Student Procedures:
- TSW will be given a pop quiz over the phases on the moon to test their present knowledge. Once
finished, TSW turn their quiz in and get prepared for class.
- TSW be expected to pay good attention to the power point given on day 1. Questions may or may not be
asked, depending on if they are curious or confused about the topic.
- TSW listen to the given directions of the assignment.
- TSW take the direction handout home and begin their assignment.
- Each day, TSW bring in their work they completed at home the night before to class to continue to work
on it. Questions may be asked at any point during the week.
- If done with the assignment before day 5, TSW assist other students on their assignmnets if needed.

Teacher Procedures:
- Grade the pop quiz the students took on day 1.
- Be open to any and every question throughout the week.
- Respond to any and every email ASAP.
Student Procedures:
- If not started in class, start the assignment reading over notes or searching more information about each
- Create a website using weebly. Use tutorial if needed.
- Create a Twitter account. Use tutorial if needed.
- Whatever is not done in class each day is expected to be worked on each afternoon/night at home.
- If needed, email with any questions there may be when working on this at
In closing of this lesson, TSW be given a grade on their website, their twitter account, and will be given
a quiz over the 8 phases at the end of day 5 (Friday). This means that this assignment must be complete
before the last 20 minutes of class on day 5.

● formative assessments:
- power point, images, short descriptions.
● summative assessments:
- TSW be graded on their website, twitter account, and the end of assignment quiz.

- I am aware that modifications will be made for students who did not master the objectives and for those
ready for enrichment. However, modifications are not covered in this course and are not part of this
particular lesson.