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The clear notification regarding what has been narrated

to Shaikh Ubayd

All Praise is due to Allah. Blessed, plentiful praises belong to Him. And I testify that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah alone with no partner, and I testify that Muhammad is His slave
and His Messenger.

To Proceed:

I have read the speech of the honourable father, Shaikh Ubayd Al Jaabiri, may Allah grant us and
him success, (which he wrote) on Thursday evening 28th of the month of Safar, 1429. He said in

"It has reached us from the brother, Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree -may Allah rectify our and
his affairs and (rectify) our and his return (to Allah)- many statements in which he has attacked
the Islamic University (of Madinah) and warned against studying in it and has described it as
being steeped in partisanship (hizbiyyah), meaning in current times. From these types of

·0 The Islamic Hizbi University

·1 The Islamic University is steeped in hizbiyyah
·2 And ignorance is better than your studying in the Islamic University whilst being
immersed in hizbiyyah, innovations and misguidance. And we do not advise studying

And this is the speech that Shaikh Ubayd -may Allah protect him- narrated and made comments
about. He said that it was humiliating and evil speech - and it is as he has said. However it is in
complete opposition to what we say about the Islamic University and here is the full text of my
speech about the Islamic University, may Allah grant it success. It is recorded in my voice - a
reply to a question from some of our brothers who are students of knowledge, may Allah protect
them, dated 22nd of Safar 1429H - and it is prior to the speech of Shaikh Ubayd -may Allah grant
him success- which he says that reached him (fabricated against me).

So let Shaikh Ubayd have a look at it and if he sees it as being contrary to the truth, then let him
explain the point of error in it with evidences. And my chest will welcome what Shaikh Ubayd
-may Allah grant him success- says about the Islamic University and I will consider it a benefit
from him (which is deserving of) thanks and does not necessitate being spread on websites and
other than that.

And I want to notify his esteemed self -may Allah grant him success- not to trust what some
troublemakers narrate to him. They have become wicked and spiteful towards us because of
what we clarified regarding their fitnah upon the dawah salafiyyah in Yemen. (From the likes of
them are) Abdur Rahman Al Adanee, his brother Abdullah ibn Mar'ee, Haani ibn Buraik and
Arafaat and their likes.

For we have known them to be extremely intense in creating fitnah between my brothers and I
from Ahlus Sunnah.

We ask Allah to save us and you from the ruse of evil companions.

And I dont say this out of prestige

‫فكل رداء يرتديه جميل‬ ‫إذا المرء لم يدنس من اللؤم عرضه‬
But I say this as an advise, with love and protecting the our sustained brotherhood and our love for the sake of

And with Allah lies all success.

Written by Abu Abd Rahman Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree

Dated 1, Rabee Awal, 1429H

And here is the text of my reply:

A brother asks: "Do you say that the one who studies in the Islamic University is hizbi?"

The answer is no. We do not say that unrestrictedly. But what we say is: Indeed the Islamic University -may
Allah grant it success- Abul Hassan's recommendations (are accepted) in it; the people of Al Hikmah Charity
organization's recommendations (are accepted) in it; Az-Zindani's recommendations (are accepted) in it. And
a person came to me with a recommendation from Az-Zindani to the university and he wanted me to add
(my name) to that recommendation. So who do you think recommends these people? Are the salafis
recommendations (accepted) or are their own people's [hizbees] recommendations (accepted)? Az-Zindani
recommends the Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen and whosoever is of their mold; Abul Hassan recommends his own
kinds and the people of Charity Organizations recommend their own kind.

Where do these (people) go? They go and study there and they test those who come from here or from other
than here. So if they hear from him [i.e the prospective student] praising those who are recommended by
them, they accept him like so and so or so and so [i.e. selective acceptance]. And if they were to hear praise
for the men of the sunnah in Saudiyyah or in Yemen they reject him in [a deceptive] manner.

Perhaps even with an apparently good manner externally, meaning that they dont accept him and they make
excuses for this. This is something that has been witnessed by those who have been tested there, perhaps even
in a study circle specifically for that without doubt. And with all of this the Islamic University has in it men of
the sunnah. It is found in it from these types - i.e. those who are recommended by the hizbiyyeen to those
people. And they teach in that place and they are hizbiyyoon from the companions of Az-zindaani, the
people of charity organizations as you very well know and the men of the sunnah are also found in it.

So we dont say that the one who studies there in the Islamic University are hizbiyyoon unrestrictedly. But we
say: There is found in them the hizbi and there is found in them the sunni. There are teachers from Ahlus
Sunnah amongst them, and people of knowledge are amongst them and so to students from Ahlus-Sunnah.
And people of goodness defending it. And with (this said) we have seen that those who study there from
Ahlus Sunnah have become two types:

The first type: Those who sit with the scholars of the sunnah and the students of the sunnah - these have been
saved by Allah and they are still upon the sunnah whilst they study there. And this type who are firm upon
this, are always little (in number) in every time and place.

And from amongst them, are those from Ahlus-Sunnah that sit with those type of people who are
recommended by the hizbiyyeen, as we mentioned earlier. And from amongst these (you find) the ones who
become hizbi and becomes like those and gets affected by them. And from amongst them are the ones who
lean towards them and they say: "We do not busy ourselves in Jarh wa Tadeel" and he says: "Those that these
people speak about are muslim men; they are muslims". Alright they are muslims and we do not speak about
them whilst they are muslims except that we want them to be upright (guided) and not under a shadow of
darkness. And (we are) scared, for ourselves and for them, of this darkness. And this is from having mercy
towards the muslim, the believer and the disbelievers. Their condition has been explained in the Quran and as
well upon the tongue of the Prophet (Sal Allahu alaiyhi wa sallam). The disbelievers are spoken about, these
are spoken about and they are spoken about for their disbelief and they are hated to the extent of their
disbelief. And those [the hizbiyyoon] are spoken about to the extent of their opposition (to the truth) and are
hated in accordance with their opposition. And our hatred of them is not like the hatred towards the
disbelievers. The methodology of the Book and the Sunnah is what is correct (and that is) that they [the
hizbiyyoon] are not on the same platform (with the disbelievers).

The one who says that the Islamic University is full of hizbiyyah did not do justice to the ones who are there,
meaning the hizbiyyoon. And the one who says that all of them are Ahlus Sunnah (also) did not do justice. He
wants to enter the companions of Abul Hassan, the companions of Az-Zindani into Ahlus Sunnah. Ahlus
Sunnah themselves, not one of them can deny this. Clear truthful speech is (always) Clear. If they deny this,
then we will come with proofs from the recommendations of the hizbiyyeen for them. The hizbiyyeen give
recommendations and these recommendations are accepted. Even Ansaar As-Sunnah in Sudan study there.
And many of Ansaar As-Sunnah in Sudan and Jamiyyah Ihya Turaath give recommendations and their
students are there (in the Islamic university).

This is a witness by (the brother) Muhammad regarding Ansaar As-Sunnah in Sudan; the Principal of the
Ansaar As-Sunnah University in Sudan if he gives a recommendation (for a student) to the Islamic University
it is accepted immediately. Also (the brother) Hamza aids this. He went to Saudiyyah and they said (to him):
"Go to the head of the Ansaar As-Sunnah University, he will give you a recommendation and you will be
immediately accepted". And verily you are accepted! Abul Hassan's recommendations towards it are accepted.
O my brothers, this is a clear thing - very clear. Birds of a feather flock together. Even the Messenger of Allah
(Sal Allahu alaiyhi wa sallam) said: "Souls are like recruited troops. Those that are similar get along. Those that
are not differ."

End of the Shaikh's speech