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August 1973 60?


The Mystery of
Baalbek's Acropolis Arnold L. Kent 34
On the Trail of Unidentified
BAALBEK, a modern resort
Furry Objects Jerome Clark 56 town in Lebanon, conceals an
age-old mystery which will
I Favor Abortion on
puzzle men forever, for the early
Spirit Authority - W. D. Chesney 77
history of this ancient Canaanite
Trance-Curing Among the Kalahari
city is lost in time. Many
Bushmen, Part II Mary Margaret Fuller 86
hundreds of years before the
birth of Christ it was named for
Baal, the most important god
in the Canaanites' pantheon.
Taylor Caldwell's Journey
The city lay just east of the
into the Past Jess Steam 47
Lebanon mountains near
A Demon Comes in the Night - Lisa Terreri 71 Phoenicia along the eastern
UFOs in the Florida Mediterranean. Baalbek was a
Swamp Frances Mathis Williams 74 thriving trade center when
The Jealous Tenant Greece occupied it in 331 B.C.
Cursed Our Home Maureen Taylor 81 renaming it Heliopolis (city of
the sun) but the earliest records
stem from Roman times in the
First Century A.D.
I See by the Papers Curtis Fuller 7 Baalbek's greatest landmark
Dante's Return Glenn Clairmonte 46 is a tremendous stone acropolis

Exorcism in Singapore 64 which rises more than 40 feet

above the ground. This platform
True Mystic Experiences The Readers 65
contains blocks of stone our
Crickets, by Jiminy! Lucius Farish 93 largest railway cars and hoisting
My Proof of Survival The Readers 97 cranes are too puny to
New Books David Techter 103 handle . .

Report from the Readers The Readers 123 (Continued on page 34)
These Three Teachers Were The
World's First Nuclear Physicists
They Applied A Secret System That
Gave Them Power Over The Universe
IT SEEMS INCREDIBLE that Viraco- Incas were the last brotherhood to pos-
cha of Peru independently discovered sess it in its entirety and now after 12
the same secret system practiced by years of serious research and explora-
Jesus of Palestine and Buddha of India tion in Amazon country the system has
which gave all three the power to work been rediscovered and put into modern
miracles. But after years of painstak- form. It is called Cosolargy.* By spe-
ing research New Age scholars have cial arrangement with our Resident Ad-
found what it was. These three master visor in Peru you can send for free
teachers were the world's first nuclear literature on the discovery and if you
physicists (metaphysicists) who applied qualify you will receive confidential re-
cosmic/solar forces for self-development. search papers which explain how the
It was this power-source that made system works and what it can do for
these men stand above ordinary men. you today. If you are interested in self-
This secret system was entrusted to discovery here is your opportunity to
only a few immediate disciples. The practice something new.
Copyright © 1970. Cosolargy is a registered trademark. Not a
solicitation, that being contained in the literature requested.
The UNIVERSE Book Club invites you to


when you Join and agree to accept only 4 books in the coming year.
Which of these
revealing, pro-
vocative books on the world of
for only the occult do you want for
only 10 v ?
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troversial subjects: astrology,
witchcraft, numerology, demon
worship, prophecy just to name
. . .

a few. And each sells for at

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Now to introduce you to the
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Club— we invite you to choose
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About every four weeks the
Editors of The UNIVERSE Book
Club select books that explore
the furthest frontiers of human
experience. Selections are
described In advance, and sell
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Indicate which encyclopedia you
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send it with only 10C to cover
DEN KNOWLEDGE. Zolar. All MONOLOOY. Rossell Hope shipping and handling. We will
the secrets of the occult as- — Robblns. Most complete book on immediately rush you the book
trology, numerology, physiog- witches, werewolves, vampires, of your choice. If not delighted,
nomy, medtumshlp, the art of exorcism, demon worship, etc. return it within 10 days to cancel
prophecy. Pub. ed. $7.95 Pub. ed. $10.00
membership. You will owe noth-
ing. The UNIVERSE Book Club,
Garden City, New York 11530.

THE UNIVERSE BOOK CLUB, Dept. DM050, Garden City, N.Y. 11530 \y SAFETY I

Please acceptmy application lot membership and send me the i


book whose number I have entered In the box. I enclose 10* to \?0 HOLDER I

help cover shipping. 1

About every four weeks new selections will be described In advance. If I do

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. .


m THE HUMAN AURA—its nature, its exis- bodies, as the author saw them, in those
tence, and remarkable varied colors.
its planes of nature higher or finer than the
Includes 28 color pages printed, one side physical. Cloth $5.25— paperbound $3.25
only, on enameled paper. Man's subtler


Hose- Colo rod Glasses
Dell discovers she can join the world of the fairies and
for the tiny creatures of thewild— the beginning of a series of
happy adventures and discoveries. Not the least of
these is learning how all creatures help make Nature
Very Young beautiful, a small message with great importance. Illus-
trated by Ins Weddell White. 56 7x8-inch pages. Cloth
6 to 8 An out-of-the-ordinary gift!

At last everyone can know this remarkable book! Now in easily

readable form— and at a price everyone can allord.

An Abridgement of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky

Edited by Elizabeth Preston & Christmas Humphreys
The complete edition of this world- DOCTRINE covers the creation of Earth
famous classic of occultism now costs and the nature of man as taught in the
you $30.00! Here is a 200-page digest ancient Sacred Literatures of the world.
made specially for today's reader. Chal- Hardbound $7.50. Paperbound only $2.25.
lenging and profound, THE SECRET
AT YOUR BOOKSTORE - or postpaid, return mail, from Quest Books Dept. FT,
306 West Geneva Road.Wheaton, Illinois 60187.

FATE August 1973 Vol. 26 -No. 8 Issue 281

Subscription Mgr. Jeanette Schindler

Publisher Curtis Fuller
Editor Mary Margaret Fuller Adv. Director Chester S. Geier
Managing Editor ...Betty Lou White Adv. Prod. Mgr Gayle Rosner
Associate Editor David Techter Eastern Adv. Rep Edwin E. Zoty
Art Director Sydney Barker c/o FATE, address below
Circulation Mgr Kenneth Walker N.Y.C. phone: Area Code 212 — BO 8-3577


The Mystery of Baalbek's Acropolis Arnold L. Kent 34
On the Trail of Unidentified Furry Objects Jerome Clark 56
Why IFavor Abortion W. D. Chesney 77
Trance-Curing Among the
Kalahari Bushmen, Part II Mary Margaret Fuller 86


Taylor Caldwell's Journey into the Past Jess Steam 47
The Demon That Comes in the Night Lisa Terreri 71
UFOs in the Florida Swamp Frances Math Is Williams 74
The Jealous Tenant Cursed Our Home Maureen Taylor 81


I See by the Papers Curtis Fuller 7
Dante's Return Glenn Clairmonte 46
Exorcism in Singapore 64
True Mystic Experiences The Readers 65
Crickets, by Jiminy! Lucius Farish 93
My Proof of Survival The Readers 97
New Books David Techter 103
Report from the Readers The Readers 123

Published every month by CLARK PUBLISHING COMPANY,

500 Hyacinth Place, Highland
Park, Illinois 60035. Second class postage paid at Highland Park, Illinois, and at additional
mailing offices. We do not accept responsibility for the return of unsolicited manuscripts,
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vance, giving both old and new addresses and Zip Code. Copyright © 1973, CLARK PUBLISHING CO.

Do your friends come to you fi

for answers to their questions?

Do you seem as destined as I am to be sought out by
thosewho are puzzled, or troubled, or who need advice?
"When the Barkers came to me they were desperate.
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out being helped. i«"R \ / 7N*
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Astara is a center through which the mystical essence of all religions and
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It's a school of the Ancient Mysteries where the wisdom of the ages is related
to your personal needs in today's world.
It's a center of psychic research, a producer of aids to mystical meditation,
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ADV. 5'A O
To declare that something is im-
possible because it cannot be ex-
plained on a physiological or logi-
cal basis by our current state of
knowledge is like saying that as-
pirin should not be used for relief
of pain because the exact mecha-
nism or how it works is not yet
clearly understood. sorrow in the subject. The plant
Tsung O. Cheng responded on the encephalograph's
in a letter to Science Magazine dials much as the subject did,
even giving physical responses.
SUPPORT FOR Cleve Backster's When the subject smiled, said
findings about plants' ability Pushkin, the plant "flourished its
to feel and to transmit human petals." When the subject was
emotions now has come from So- told he was cold and began to
viet experiments reported by V. shiver the plant also began to
M. Pushkin, a psychologist. shiver as if chilled.
Although the report, published Pushkin reports that "it is too
in the newspaper Socialist Indus- early to call this a discovery. It
try and transmitted by the United is safer to use the word hypothe-

Press, is sketchy it describes sub- sis."

stantial differences in procedures Then he proceeds to go off on a
but reports conclusions similar to tangent which has more to do
those of American researchers. with the theory of evolution than
Instead of a lie detector or poly- with either ESP or plant senti-
graph the Soviet researchers used ence.
an encephalograph attached to "It can be supposed that human
the subject and to the leaf of a mentality, human perception,
plant some distance away. They man's thinking and memory all
placed the subject in a hypnotic basically are a specialization of
trance and then described pleas- the information service which
ant and unpleasant occurrences takes place at plant cell level,"
which aroused emotions of joy or he comments.

"Such a conclusion makes
HE WAS THE possible to approach the analysis

WORLD'S GREATEST of the origin of the nervous sys-

tem. The responses of plant cells
should help in understanding the
function of human brain cells."

WE CONFESS this all
very obscure. The Russians

frequently use hypnosis in their

ESP tests but the experiment
described seems to involve a di-
rect electrical hookup between
man and plant so that action at a
distance isnot involved.
The plants, according to our in-
formation, did respond directly,
especially the flowers, but we find
it hard to imagine plants shiver-

By ALLEN SPRAGGETT ing with the cold even as a direct

with William V. Rauscher electrical response.
Maybe something was lost in
Arthur Ford was the medium
through whom Bishop James the translation.
Pike said he talked with his # # #
dead son. Ford convinced Bea- Interest in this sort of thing is
trice Houdini that he had broken
the famous Houdini code mes- widespread and experiments are
sage. His mysterious powers being conducted all over the
astonished Europeans as well
country. Recently a reader sent
as Americans.
us a clipping from the Cedar
Fully documented, crammed
Rapids (Iowa) Gazette pointing
with startling, never-before-
revealed details, this book out that 13-year-old Laurie Niel-
sheds new light on the man who sen qualified for the Iowa Hawk-
was "the enigma of our time."
eye Science Fair as a result of
^xi^ $7.95 at your bookstore experiments in which she gave
love to some tulips and hate to
NEW AiylERICAN LIBRARY others. The loved tulips grew
NEW YORK best but as we read the experi-
Distributed by NORTON ment it seems to lack controls.
Answers Questions.
Guides Decisions.
Visual ... No Memorization.
Ideal lor Self, Parties or
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I Game comes complete with beautiful, deluxe,
I '
Tarot Deck of 78 cards with im-
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ings give both predictions and character
When laid on the board, they relate
I analysis.
| to specific life areas 88: love, money, job,
Vivid, full-color,
. Galaxy Gam board
1 122" x 24") with concentration wheel visually
applies planetary influences whn,h astrological ly affect meanings of the cards being read.
Simple instruction booklet includes game variations and a handy Glossary card with card-layout
Time Table. Han-jsomeiy bound in leatherette, bookcase form, to elegantly complement any decor.

Please send me the deluxe Galaxy Gazer tfi TarAstro Guide «j, on a 10-day Money-back, if not
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A market must be all too ap-
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By Stuart R Kaplan
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doubt about the abilities of dogs
"DEC Metaphysical • Self-Help to predict certain other events,
l%CC Occult • Inspirational
including natural disasters.
— BOOK LIST ON REQUEST — Caroline J. Anderson, the psy-
DeVORSS & CO. chologist wife of a University of
1641 Lincoln Blvd.
Santo Monica, CA 90404 Chicago geologist, has collected a
number of accounts of animals
acting strangely before earth-

THEOSOPHY quakes or volcanic eruptions and

Free literature. Study courses. concludes they well may know
301 N. Wall Ave., Joplin, MO 64001 of such occurrences ahead of
Writing in the Field Museum's
SCIENCE OF TAROT Natural History Bulletin Mrs. An-
CORRESPONDENCE COURSES BY THE derson says the Chinese govern-
CENTER OF THE ESOTERIC WISDOM OF ment's earthquake prediction pro-
Sincere aspirants send for free booklet
gram recruits peasant volunteers
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quakes. In Caracas, Venezuela,
she says, natives own cats, dogs


proven techniques
- awakening,"
A and jerboas and watch them care-
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havior that precedes earthquakes.
In the villages on Mt. Etna peo-
ple know it's time to leave their
homes when the cats suddenly
run away.
mysticism. ESP, "accelerated"
evolution, transcendental think-
It is reported that dogs
ing, esoteric sexuality. NO medi- barked the night before the San
tation, NO astral projection! Be- Francisco earthquake of April
yond reincarnation, beyond alpha 18, 1906. The noise of frightened
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mind power. Releases inner supra- residents of Taal in the Philip-
abilities. Send for free informa-
pines before a 1965 volcanic erup-
INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED THINKING The dogs ran around strangely
Dept. F-873 and dug holes in the ground on
15243 La Cruz Drive, Box 606
Hawaii two days before the erup-
Pacific Palisades, Calif. 90272
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day following their strange be-
havior geologists investigated,
The Book That Shows even sniffing in the holes the dogs
You How to Meditate had dug for some scent of gas,
but they could detect nothing.
Like an Expert
Yet the eruption came the next
Roy Eugene Davis
Yas, a book of In-
struction that actu- Famous seismologist Charles
ally explains the art Richter suggests that animals
and practice of med-
itation in direct and
may feel small foreshocks to
plainlanguage. Here which people are insensitive.
Is a comprehensive There also may be "changes in
commentary on the
air pressure or the magnetic field
authoritative Yoga-
Sutras et Patanjali or even the emissions of high fre-
by Roy Eugene Davis.
quency sound inaudible to hu-
The author is a disciple of the famed
mans during preliminary frac-
Faramahansa Yogananda. and an in-de- turing," says Arthur J. Snider,
mand meditation teacher all over the
country. Now in the 7th printing, This Is science editor of the Chicago
Reality is being used by thousands of
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Or it could be just some kind
Over 200 pages of solid instruction tell
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the disciplines required. Also: how to sit
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methods you can use to calm the body and
mind — how to concentrate and what to in seismically active areas
concentrate upon — the Aum mantra — which
overcoming obstacles to concentration — do not cause animals to panic,
seeing inner lights and hearing internal
sounds — levels of realization and a com- so how can they tell these from
mentary on soul powers. A distinctive
feature Is the addition of a special section imperceptible warnings of a ma-
dealing, with meditation methods.
jor quake?
Beautifully printed on quality book pa-
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A MIDST THE hue and cry over
Center for Spiritual Awareness f*- the benefits or lack of benefits
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Address The an Associated Press
first is

City _ State Zip. dispatch from Geneva quoting

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h accept

_ '
IPfOFlSSOfl r>f


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Occult Sciences, Dept. Fs

227 Eait 45th Strset
New York. N Y. 10017

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Occult Scloncei EnclOMd pi
social events— semmera. psychic development s

I, demons fret ons-lo be conducted

• in key cities I


How to of the Geneva Institute of Anes-
thesiology, as saying that punc-

MAKE MONEY WRITING turing the body with thin needles

anaesthesia, "fails
...Short Paragraphs! Hundreds of beginners to produce
now making money writing short paragraphs. I
tell you what to write, where and Row to sell;
more often than it succeeds."
and supply list of editors who buy from begin- Professor Gemperle says that
ners. No tedious study. Get free facts by mail.
Benson Barrett's "Home Studies in Writing", acupuncture should not be prac-
Dept. 303B. 6216 N. Clark. Chicago, [L 60660
ticed in the West until there is
more detailed and honest data
supporting the claims "that it is
HYPNOTISM • SELF-HYPNOSIS a complete success." He insists
Books. Tapes, Recordings, Courses. Equipment that many Chinese scientists with
For FREE Catalog write:
M.M.I., Drawer F400, Rulduo, New Mel. 89345 modern medical training share
his skepticism.

Nearly 2,000 yean age a mysteri-

the other hand Tsung O.
of the Cardica Catheter-
Laboratory of
Washington University has spok-

ous white man walked from tribe

en out against what he calls "mis-
to tribe throughout America . . .

conceptions about and attacks

upon acupuncture."
WAS HE JESUS? "To declare that acupuncture
Jtefi is in no way 'superior to a pla-
cebo in the treatment of chronic
HE WALKED THE AMERICAS is the pain,' or is merely a form of
documented story of this pilgrimage
hypnosis, completely loses sight
northward through South and Central
America, Mexico, and across North of the fact that acupuncture has
America. L. Taylor Hansen, who devoted also been successfully used in the
25 years to collecting legends from
People's Republic of China on
scores of Indian tribes, asks this ques-
tion: "Was this white Prophet who spoke and mules. You can
cats, horses
a thousand languages, healed the sick, imagine how hard it is to give a
raised the dead, and taught in the same
words He used, Jesus himself?" placebo or use hypnosis on a
Magnificently printed In 256 king-sized mule," Cheng wrote in a letter
pages, color on every page,
to Science.
gold-stamped leatherette cover.


By L. Tiylor Hansen
Only $6.95 plus 35c postage and handling. MEMORY BY INJECTION
Absolute money-back guarantee.
FOR SEVERAL years it has
VENTURE BOOKSHOP been claimed that memory
P.O. BOI 24?, Highland Part, III. M015
can be passed from one to anoth-
disdp Oih&Uu — <Hsdp yjoWiAsri^

With every improvement developed over Designed especially for Individual use.
the past 14 years. Now in use in hos- Operates on the same principle hut omits
pitals, universities and private practice the professional features.
in 40 countries of the world.

$295.00 F.O.B. FACTORY $165.00 F.O.B. FACTORY



For feedback studies in THETA and ALPHA ranges.
Patented headband doesn't use electrode cream.
Through brain wave feedback learn to direct your
mind for creativity, relaxation, alertness, concentration.

$125.00 F.O.B. FACTORY

Each with complete instructions, operating technics and service warranty. Include payment
with order. Shipping charge will be collected on delivery. Add $6 for each item for prepaid
delivery only if addressed to APO or FFO box. 111. residents please include 5% sales tax.


Gross Point Medical Center 083
9631 Gross Point Road, Skokie, IL 60076
"Handbook of Self-Hypnosis." 173 pages — $3.45.
"Handbook of Professional Hypnosis." 324 pages — $10.00.
Add 35c postage on each book

er among certain lower species
of animals, such as planarian
This and solitary white
mountain Northern California
in worms into the bodies of un-
stands as a unique inspiration both trained worms. The memories
to man's physical senses and to his thus passed along have been
Higher Self. Indians long have re-
garded Mount Shasta as a holy
simple ones —
like the instinct

place, and down to the present it to avoid light. It further has been
has been a magnetic center of claimed that this same training
mystical forces and activities. could be passed along genetically
Among those drawn to live at the from one generation to the next.
foot of Mount Shasta is a group of
Seekers and Servers who founded
Now scientists at the Baylor
and maintain The Radiant School, University College of Medicine
a non-profit organization chartered are making similar claims for
in the State of California. The
higher animals such as rats. In
School is dedicated to spreading
Truths transmitted from Ascended April researchers at a scientific
Masters who work from Mount meeting reported they had iso-
Shasta for the good of mankind. lated a chain of amino acids
Ifyou seek expansion of conscious- that specifically carries the mem-
ness,development of higher facul- ory of the sound of an electric
ties.Soul Growth, The Radiant
School can shed light on your
path and end your long search. The amino acids carrying this
memory can be extracted from
Write to the School today for one rat and injected into anoth-
free information
er which never has been trained
Many remarkable services and
benefits are offered by The Radiant
to the sound —
yet the injected

School. Learn how Daily Prayers

animal then will behave as if it
can be yours to help you overcome had undergone training. A simi-
mental and physical problems, at- lar memory chemical, when in-
tain health, happiness and pros-
jected, will teach subject ani-
perity. For details, write to Ken-
neth Wheeler, D.D., at the School. mals to avoid the dark.
Please enclose an eight-cent stamp The researchers deny that the
for reply. substances they have isolated are
directly applicable to human
Send all communications to: learning and memory. They say
THE RADIANT SCHOOL they are trying only to identify
624 S. Mount Shasta Blvd. the codes in the specific amino
Mount Shoito, Calif. 960*7 acids which carry the memory.
However, it seems to us that

the findings, if verified, are of

profound significance in chang- i l
ing our total concept of the learn-
ing process. Is learning a func-
tion of the brain or is it a chemi-
cal process? Perhaps it is both.
Perhaps our cells are capable of
individual learning and react to
simple stimuli sound and
light encoded in the chemical
chains. It is known that amoebas,
for example, learn —
researchers have been hard put
to discover their brains.
this theory is valid, then the
If Theodore Von dcr Lyn, Ph.D.
Eminent British Astrologer
brain is not the sole repository of Principal of Ihe Center
memory in the body. Recognition
of this fact may have profound im- i 15173
plications in explaining many as-
pects of our behavior which have
been ignored up to now. 1517.1:
Can the same kind of explana-
tion apply to the memories of
plants as apparently demonstrat- OF DESTINY? »
ed by Cleve Backster's experi- i One of England's leading As- *
trologcrs will furnish you with *
ments? *
j a delineation of your general life
J conditions, including a forecast *
GO *
of many influences affecting your *
destiny in 1973. 1974 and 1975. J
IT MAKES SENSE + based on the sign of the Zodiac *
NEW BRAIN researches,
make our ignorance seem
* Document
under which you were born.

reach you by *
an ocean. Soviet scientists report airmail in a few days, if you J
they have found a portion of the
5 airmail (costs 21c U.S.A., 15c *
brain that seems to monitor oth- * Canada) full birthdate. name, J
* address and $2 00 (cash, check*
er portions and correct and de-
* or M.O.). Details of individual *
tect errors being made. * services will be included. *
For want of a better name, Address requests to:
Natalya P. Bekhtereva, director * STRAND ZODIAC CENTER
of the Institute ofExperimental *
18/29 Southampton Strict F — J
Strand, London W.C.2, England
Medicine of the Academy of Med-
ical Sciences, calls this watchdog
LOBSANG RAMPA BOOKS part of the brain "detector of er-
The Hermit • Wisdom of the Ancients
Feeding the Flames • Doctor From Lhasa
The Third Eye • Living with the Lama ror cells."
The Rampa Story • Chapters of Life the experiments
Beyond the Tenth • You Forever It is stated
The 13th Candle • The Saffron Robe
Caves of the Ancients c 51.50 each were conducted on the brains of
Callfornlans please add 5% tax
animals using fine gold elec-
H. G.
420 Sutter St., Son Francisco, CA 94101 trodes. Confirmation of the find-
ing in humans came after similar
electrodes were inserted into pa-
Your Body Need Not Die! tients' brains to diagnose disease.
Proven fact! FREE information. Send stamp-
ed, self-addressed No. envelope to:
1 Typically, one patient was put
Box 3081, Elmiro, NY 14905
to the task of memorizing and
then reciting numbers and words.
A PRESTIGE CAREER When the patient made a mis-
IN ASTROLOGY take, the electrodes showed that
can win you recognition and independence. the "detector of error cells" sud-
Home-study courses in Natal. Forecasting.
Medical and Esoteric Astrology. Free details denly became active.
THE ASSEMBLY OF Miss Bekhtereva explains that
P. O. Box 262, Neosho,MO 64850 the cells seem to operate below
the level of consciousness and
appear to be closely related to
Our motto: RESULTS the sense of direction. She sug-
HELP YOURSELF to gests they may be working in
love, success, prosperity the cases of primitive peoples
with PROVEN TECHNIQUES who "never memorize their way
Self-help tapes, occult supplies, home in tropical jungles."
oils, incenses, correspondence
courses in the LATEST develop-
ments at ESP Laboratory. We 00
are headed by AL G. MANNING,
author of HELPING
SELF WITH WHITE WITCH- done unusual research on
CRAFT, etc. Ask for our FREE healing, recently called upon the
churches to do more "laying on
ESP Laboratory of hands." Dr. Grad, an associate
7559 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046 professor at the Allan Memorial
FJ Please send free catalog Institute of Psychiatry, McGill
Please rush all free information
University, has published more
than 70 scientific papers and ar-
City State Zip
ticles and is specializing in can-
cer research. He has been espe-
A few minu les by yourself with your deck
dec and
the simple instructions
istructions and you arc ready to go!

for your deck Today!

g U- 7S v. 7S 35 y. 33 53: 53: u 53: V- £V V- IS 3J: V- 3£ ?.J r

Money Back Guarantee - 10 Day Free Trial

Send for your Zolar Tarol Fortune IiiHnf. t'ardi. $
The meaning of the Tarot Cards arc printed right on D If you art not delifhltd you tun return them liter <3
the cards so you know immediately what each signifies |g
10 days for refund of the full purchase price. £
Nothing To Memorize — Nothing To Learn S SS :u. :fi rffi jS SS 3i St 35 SHTE 31 U 3l ,Tc iTfc-EfSinO; ft 5S a''

in addition to the TAROT CARDS, ZOLAR tells

you how to read ZOLAR'S ASTRO-
fortunes using
1044 Northern Blvd., Roslyn, N. Y. 1576
to read fortunes with a REGULAR MODERN DECK 1

OF CARDS [ I enclose I3. Q .V Ship Prepaid


Send t'.O.D. 1 enclose $I.(K) : Iwill ilcpoMi

FORTUNE TELLING CARDS arc actually FOUR will pay pottn balance of 12 <J.s plus C O D. post-
CARDS in one The most amusing
different decks of ajze eharpes i« delivery. Same Cuaranlee of course

andamazing FORTUNE TELLING GAME or the

Be vour own Fortune Teller You can read
previous experience
All predictions are clearly printed on the face of
the CARDS.

cially involved in studying the
Symbol of the
Psychic process of aging.
Open Door
Handmade with a "The idea of a church that ne-
Consciousness of Life.
About l>«" high. Sol- glects the healing ministry is in-
id Sterling Silver.
$4.90. 24K Gold Plate. credible to me," Dr. Grad recent-
$8.50. Ppd with chain
& ifo. ly told Tom Harpur, religion edi-
P.O. Box 24039 tor of the Toronto Star.
Tucson, AZ 85724
He convinced that a kind of

unseen energy or vital force is

Florence Campbell released in all forms of human
Know yourself and
ed. $4.75 ppd.
all others through this
NUMEROLOGY manual. 12th
(Pa. res. $4.90). Bookshops or:
intercourse >

from a kiss to sim-
THE GATEWAY, Ferndlle, Bucks Co., PA 18921 ply shaking hands, Harpur writes.
"It's what every mother
knows," he quotes Grad as say-
Vernon Howard's new book!
ing. "You comfort a child by
The Power of Psycho-Pictography
First published 1973. End false duties, anx- holding it, for example. I believe
iety, hurt feelings. Win confidence, ease,
newness and much more. Reads like a ithappens when food is blessed
story! $6.95. Also tapes, classes.
by grace before meals or when a
Box 684, Boulder City, Nevada 89005 woman prepares her cooking with
love. What is new in my work is
that we have shown this energy
Direct From Spirit
to be something real and verifi-
The World's First New Aqe
Revolving Circled Cross
This Heavenly Gift
Grad believes that healing by
was Riven to Rev. laying on of hands should be
Sam S. Sweet by
hisMaster Teacher. done in a church setting. "My
"SALIMAH," who
has assured him personal experience is that there
that anyone owning
the Revolving Cir- are different qualities of healing
cled Cross would be
greatly rewarded energy. A personal element of
spiritually and also the healer may go along with this
be amazed at the
results obtained power and if he himself is not
when used for meditation and prayer.
The Circled Cross is not a mere trin- moved by true selflessness and
ket, but a lifetime Symbol of Truth in
itspurest form. When all other meth- concern for others, the results
ods of meditation have failed, prove
for yourself the power of the method will be negative."
that has come directly from the High-
ly Evolved Master, "SALIMAH." Ap-
Grad added he believes
proximately three inches. the Bible describes things "as
Moderately priced at only S19.95
Please add 50c for postage & handling. they actually are" when it speaks
C.O.D. $5.00 with order. Send check or
Money Order to: of the moral and spiritual laws
THE CIRCLED CROSS, Inc. of health. If the churches really
1030 E. Blonton Dr., Tucson, AZ S5719
believed this, it would be one
AYE-SEE is a custom-made psychic appliance
offered only to the readers of FATE. AYE-SEE is not mass-produced.
It is manufactured only in limited quantities by the Venture Bookshop.
WHAT IT IS bright light if you wish — but it is especially
valuable in the dim light of seance-room
The essential parts of the AYE-SEE are the
all-wood Table, the Planchette, and the Light
Beam. The Planchette is a disc of translucent DEVELOPED BY SENSITIVES
styrene -bearing the letters of the alphabet, The superior features of AYE-SEE are the
numerals and symbols in gold relief. The Light product of careful experimentation by sensi-
Beam streams softly from a lens in the center tives adept at using message boards. From
of the Table. coast to coast, accomplished psychics have
HOW IT WORKS contributed suggestions which now emerge as
Touch the Planchette lightly with your finger-
tips and as it moves about the Table, the Light
Beam illuminates the appropriate letter or The entire Table is built of wood because
symbol as your message comes through. psychics have advised that wood produces the
strongest vibrations. The furniture -quality
OPERATES IN DIM LIGHT construction has a sandalwood finish, pro-
AYE-SEE has a unique advantage by provid- tected by a coat of Tung Oil. and polished
ing its own light. AYE-SEE can be used in with carnuba wax —
all natural materials.


Many sensitives find
AYE-SEE the most suc- Please send me Complete AYE-SEE Message
cessful psychic appli- Boards at $14.95 (Add $1.00 U.S.A. shipment; $2.00 foreign.)
ance they have ever
used . You invest only
buy your AYE-
$14.95 to
SEE. You risk nothing.
If you are dissatisfied
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within 15 days and Ven-
ture Bookshop guaran-
tees to refund your City
money in full.

STANRAY S CRYSTAL PENDULUM way bring the people back.
Test y*our subconscious
powers for predicting future
ESP ''People today want healing —
events and locating hidden
objects or missing persons
mostly healing of the soul and —
with STANRAV'S CRYSTAL. they're not getting it."
PENDULUM. Answer Board
and complete instructions are
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103 Park Ave..
LIBERAL Catholic theologians
WORLD'S LARGEST OCCULT CATALOGS have called our attention to
gflfjfj Fascinating curios, books, herbs, a two-page special section on the
complete supplies. 1973 issue, 25i.
TYRAD CO. Dept.B devil in an issue of the official
Box 17006, Minneapolis, Minn. 55417 Vatican newspaper which ap-
peared just before Christmas.
BOOKS: Occult, Metaphysics They express concern about the
Healing Stones Pope's interpretation of evil as
Doris Hodges $2.00
Universe, God & Man the work of a personified devil.
Mary Neely _ $1.50
FREE Catalog listing almost 1000 The Pope's message read:
books on Metaphysics. Self-Help
and the Occult with each order. "We know that this obscure and
HIAWATHA BOOKS disturbing Being really exists
Box 400, Perry, Iowa 50220
and that he still operates with
treacherous cunning; he is the
occult enemy who sows errors
and disgrace in human history."
Satan, said the Pope, is a "per-
The Life and Radical
fidious and astute charmer ." . .

Spiritual Teachings of
and demonology is an important
part of Catholic doctrine that
an American Master.
ought to be restudied.
In the same issue, however,
the Rev. John Navone, a Jesuit
profesor of philosophy at the Uni-
versity of Seattle who also teach-
es at the Pontifical Gregorian
Paperback: University in Rome, seemed to
Clothbound: $7.93 be decrying what he called the
First Edition
"present mania for occultism":
DAWN HORSE PRESS progress in parapsychology, in-
6913 Melrose Avenue
terest in Eastern religions and
CA 90038
Los Angeles,
Cali/. residents add 5% sales tax.
the growing cults of meditation
and mysticism.

of the "Lady of Light" have
appeared in the past in times
of crisis.

NOW Her glowing form, seen

by thousands, signals major
changes and world events
SOON to come.

YOU can know these proph-

esied events and the sober-
ing, inspiring meaning behind
them. READ what Ray Stanford,
a well-documented psychic,
has to tell of the original
SECRET OF F ATI MA . . . never
told before.

SEE for yourself how FATIMA

PROPHECY: Days of Darkness,
Promise of Light SOLVES the
mystery of today's crises. Ap-
parition photos included.
To: A.U.M.," P.O. Box 5310, Austin, Texas 78763 E4

Please rush postpaid copies of Fatima Prophecy, beautifully clothbound, at

$6.95 each (Texas residents add 5%
tax). My check or money order is enclosed.
If dissatisfied for any reason, may return the book in good condition within two

weeks for a complete refund.

Address .

City/State Zip _
•Association for the Understanding of Man, a nonprofit corporation

Here we have a basic contra- other, seems to us. Both sets

diction. The Pope decries the ap- of can thrive only in a

parent loss of interest in — or dis- friendly climate. If you do not
belief in —a personified Satan. believe in friendly spirits you are
But it seems to us this is caused not going to believe in evil ones
by the increasing secularization either.
of the Church. The Church may Certain fundamentalist groups,
not be responsible for this be- such as the Seventh Day Advent-
cause society itself, under the im- ists, have another solution. They
pact of science, has become in- believe in the reality of spirit
creasingly secularized and the manifestation, for example, but
Church appears simply to be re- attribute it to the devil. For them
flecting the cultural scene. good spirits do not exist; they
But now that increasing inter- are all evil ones. There can be no
est in occultism, parapsychology psychic phenomena which is not
and mysticism and antisecular- attributable to Satan, no possi-
ism in geral indicate a rever- bility of spirit return except un-
sal of the trend. Father Navone der the devil's sponsorship. Be-
seems to be complaining about nevolent miracles ceased with
it. You need one to have the the Crucifixion.

Jlstrdogy By Cassette
Now, YOU can become an astrologer in the

privacy of your own home with PERSONAL

instruction from one of the nation's leading

* * All materials you will need

* * * IS lessons on cassette tapes
** * * 15 text lessons and tests
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You PAY AS YOU LEARN with no obligation to complete the

course unless completely satisfied
For FREE information (no obligation) mail your name and address


P.O. Box 10295
Denver, Colorado 80210

from Australia
A Great Christian Leader

heard some interesting stories. Speaks Out On Survival

We Melbourne in the
midst of a serious drought and
when the city temperatures were
as high as 114°. Fires were a
hazard and water for public gar-
dens was rationed.
Don Petersen, columnist for
The Sun, had some fun discussing
whether a recent rain was caused
by prayer, aboriginal dancing or
cloud seeding. He recalled a let-
ter written to the editor of the
Times of London on June 12, 1919 Sherwood Eddy, one-time all-
Asia executive secretary of the
in which the author warned YMCA, friend and associate of
about the dangers of praying for Gandhi and Nehru — man of action
and world renowned scholar, re-
ports on 12 years of research into
The 1919 letter writer pointed survival.
out that the Board of Agriculture He writes of his work with such
should be consulted and an exact famous mediums as Arthur Ford
and Edgar Cayce, of Pamela
schedule of required rainfall be Nash and the little-known Dr. E.
drawn up before rain was prayed A. Macbeth. His co-helpers in-
cluded Gerald Heard, Upton Sin-
for so that they would not get
clair and Prof. William McDou-
too much. The letter writer went gall.
on to urge a consensus on "the From each of these great
proper proportion of rain to sun- figures Eddy obtained the stun-
ning evidence he sets down here.
shine, the relegation of the rain A classic in its field. Only $3.95
largely to the hours of darkness, Add 35c for handling and mailing.
the apportionment of rain and
I enclose $3.95. plus 39c for handling and
sunshine as between different mailing. Please send me Dr. Sherwood
Eddy's great book. "You Will Survive
months ."; in short he urged,
. .

with tongue in cheek, that a VENTURE BOOKSHOP

P.O. Box 249, Highland Park, III. 40035
general plan be developed to
After Death."
forestall indiscriminate praying
Name -
or dancing for rain.
It seems, the letter writer went
Address —
City - State Zip
on, that during a previous drought

VI the Duke Rutland had led the
Powerful electronic detector prayers such enthusiasm
rinds buried gold, silver coins,
etc. Wnte or call for free that there was a serious deluge
catalog. Dealer inquiries
Financins Available
and he described the problem
19.95 to 198.50 with this doggerel:
Phone (713) 682-2728 day or night

The Duke of Rutland asked the

) RELCO, Dept. d - 92
Times to pray
BOX 10839, HOUSTON, TEX. 77018 For rain, the rain came the
... by Astrology. ESP. Hypnotism. UFO
following day.
The pious marvelled; skeptics
& Occult subjects? Then SPACEVIEW
MAGAZINE is just for YOU! Special: murmured "fluke."
g Six issues only $2.95.
Spaccview-F And farmers with hay '
Suite 103, Goodhue Bid*. Beaumont. TX 77701
"Damn that Duke."
The writer of both the letter
NEVER WON ANYTHING? and the verse was Winston
'"Anyone Can Win Sweepstakes" is a
prize-winner's informative new booklet Churchill.
Reveals the author's winnine methods,
and every thing else you need to help win
prizes in today's sweepstakes contests!
Refundable anytime within six months if
not helpful! Send $3.00 to:
Box 644-FDG, Des Moines, Iowa S0303
WE WENT by bus to Ballarat,
the famous old gold-min-
ing town a half-day's drive from
Melbourne, and lunched at the
STATUE Royal Hotel,
^^JUr v*^
.WL. \
Fine quality — solid
historic Craig's
i Heavy, gold-metalizcd
Created by
where kings have stayed. From
Old world craftsmen a wall plaque in the bar we
L'Wa ' Over 18" high
Jk*« mm Unusual -different copied
the following story ver-

- 1 \
V* ^
beautiful and
item :

"Several weeks before the 1870

rare talisman
Limited Edition Melbourne Cup, Ballarat Pub-
plus $1.50 lican Walter Craig dreamed that
postage and handling
Includes complete history and explanation his own horse, Nimblefoot, had
Dealer inquiries invited
won, just sticking his nose in
Most Ancient Occult Power Word
and How to Use It! front on the post.
This power word Is said to have brought "He told a well-known Ballarat
riches to the poor, love to the lonely,
health to the sick and worked miracles bookmaker, Jeremiah Slack, of
for millions! Used by many successful
persons. $3.00. Giant illustrated occult
catalog of witchcraft supplies. $.50.
his dream and said that the
© Copyright Miss Carol 1973 horse's jockey had been wearing
MISS CAROL black arm bands. The bookie
Box 2074-FF, Sepulveda, CA 91343 ridiculed Nimblefoot's chances
The Academy of Mystic Arts You

Invites to:

"Witch!" Now,
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origin in the Great White Brotherhood,

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sessed. I ran short of money for another

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thirty dollars. This may seem trivial to
| you but to me it is a miracle. You made
it all possible. " —J . E., Calif.

Relationships Improved
"A United Lodge dedicated to the "Boy friend and are even getting along I

spiritual development of its Affiliates" better than before." B. S., Okla. —

and laid the owner $1,000 to three
$150 and $250 cigars about him in the Cup.

"HOW-TO-DO-IT" BOOKS "A week before the race Walter

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BAALBEK, a modern resort named it Heliopolis (city of the
town in Lebanon, conceals an sun) but unfortunately the earli-
age-old mystery which will puz- est reliable records stem from
zle men forever, for the early Roman times in the first century
history of this ancient Canaanite of the Christian era.
city is lost in time. Many hun- Baalbek's greatest landmark is
dreds of years before the birth a tremendous stone acropolis
of Christ its name derived from which rises more than 40 feet
the Canaanites' worship of Baal, above the ground at the city's
a god they apparently considered edge. This platform measures
the most important in the pan- about 400 feet wide and 880 feet
theon. long and is supported by blocks

The Mystery of Baalbek's

By Arnold L. Kent
Photos: Middle East Airlines
and Lebanon Tourism Council Acropolis
Nothing we know or believe today can help

us understand the imposing ruins in this ancient Phoenician city.

In Old Testament days the city of stone which were quarried

lay just east of the Lebanon moun- a half mile away. The lower
tains near that part of Canaan courses are made of moderate-
the Greeks called Phoenicia. This sized blocks but these grow in
nation was a strip of land about size on each succeeding tier.
200 miles long and 35 miles at Three of the monoliths at the
its widest along the eastern Medi- 20-foot level are so huge that
terranean coast. Some of the even given the tools of modern
stonework at Baalbek has been technology we cannot understand
attributed to the Phoenicians so how they moved them intact.
it must have been one of their These awesome blocks are 63
was a thriving
frontier cities. It to 64 feet long, 13 feet high and
trade center when Greece oc- 10 feet thick. Each is as large as
cupied it in 331 B.C. and re- a three-room house and weighs

A half-century ago excavators reciting poetry during their rest periods discovered
the marvelous acoustics in these ruins. This peculiarity led to the woHd-famous
cultural event: the International Festival heldfrom July to September every year.

about 1,000 tons —

two million done in such a way that the block
pounds of solid rock. It is said wouldn't be damaged by the
one block contains enough ma- stress of its own tremendous
terial to build a house 60 feet weight. So far as we know the
square and 40 feet high with men of ancient Baalbek had only
walls a foot thick. their muscles, draft animals and
Our largest railway cars and a few primitive tools. How did
hoisting cranes are too puny to they transport these huge blocks
handle such monoliths. A large and lift them into position?
modern overhead crane will lift Wheeled vehicles were used in
about 400 tons and our largest the Middle East as early as
freight car can transport 110 tons 2,000 B.C. but it is doubtful
at freight-train speed. But it they could have transported the
would take three of our largest blocks. Even if somehow one
cranes to hoist one of Baalbek's could be maneuvered onto a
stones and it would have to be wheeled conveyance the mighty


S ASHDOD The Palestine of Da-
vid and Solomon
gj GAZA almost encircled
DAMASCUS Phoenicia whose
© cities were rich
ASH TA ROTH centers of world
trade centuries be-
® JERICHO fore beginning of

S JERUSALEM Christian era.



load would drive the wheels into

the ground or grind them to
A MASSIVE migration of Se-
mitic Amorites took place in
pieces on the rocky surface. the Middle East about 4500 years
An even larger block still lies ago. Some of the Canaanites who
partly hewn in the nearby quar- were part of this migration set-
ry, giving rise to speculation that tled along the coasts ofLebanon
the citizens of Baalbek suffered and Palestine. In time the coast-
a sudden misfortune that brought al Canaanites were dubbed
their work to an unexpected halt. "Phoenicians" by the Greeks,
It seems we never will know how probably because of the excellent
the firstthree gigantic stones Tyrian purple dye they were
were transported nor why the manufacturing and selling.
fourth one wasn't. "Phoenicia" is believed to be a
* » #
derivative of the Greek phoinike
Well-preserved temple of Bacchus, god of planting and fruitfulness, was built in
Second Century A. D. It is about 57 feet high with inside dimensions- of 75 by 85
feet.Many authorities consider it the most beautiful Roman monument in Lebanon.

which means purple-red. This ex- cil of eldersmade up of sea cap-

pensive dye, which took its name tains, merchants and heads of
from the city of Tyre, was so aristocratic families. Baalbek is
highly valued that purple became
an international symbol of royal- Detail of gateway shows elaborately
carved Bacchic motifs: wheat ears,
ty and remains so today.
poppies, twining vines, ivy branches.
Phoenicia, the first major civi-
lization in Lebanon, considered
itself a single nation but it never
became a unified independent
state. Instead it consisted of a
number of city-states maintain-
ing an homogeneous civilization

by taking turns dominating each

other through the centuries. Each
king ruled by divine right but
his power was limited by a coun-
were Caucasians of medium
TURKEY height with thin lips and broad,
sometimes hooked noses. They

^ \ r
had thick hair, straight or frizzy,
and their skin tone ranged from
light to dark brown. They rode
in iron-clad chariots and dressed
Mediterranean \ in fine embroidered fabrics dyed
<Sea 1 in all shades of purple from
blue to dull crimson.
8YBL0S /baalbek) ar Although the Phoenicians could
X work hard and endure great
LEBANON/ hardships they also loved luxury
SIOON-rA > h
TYRE -A S and ease. The common people
lived in well-built closely-packed
buildings of several stories each
but the residences of the nobility
/f"^^ were large and extravagantly
furnished. All the splendid cities
of Phoenicia were built by slave
labor and the body of a human
sacrifice usually was embedded
Modern Baalbek is popular resort town. in the foundation of each city's
main gate.
These early Phoenicians must
35 miles from the coast and have suffered from skin diseases
probably was one of Phoenicia's and eye problems because of the
smaller city-states. dust, the flies and the glare of a
The people of early Baalbek tropical sun. But they could cor-
Remains of medieval mosque behind
Temple of Bacchus are among ruins
called "the most beautiful on the
face of the earth." Six 60-foot col-
umns and part of 20-foot entablature
(right) are all that remain of the
Temple of Jupiter, a wonder of the
world at beginning of Christian era.

rect at least one of the physical improved and further developed

discomforts that still plagues all in the Phoenician cities of Tyre
mankind — the wealthy citizens and Sidon.
of Baalbek wore some of the first The farmers of Baalbek grew
dentures in history. They were a variety of crops — grain, grapes,
not exactly false teeth. Instead oranges, olives, mulberries and
of carving artificial biting and timber trees. The Cedars of
chewing surfaces the Phoenicians Lebanon have been world-famous
extracted teeth from slaves as for centuries.
they were needed and fitted them The religion of the Phoenicians
into their own mouths with gold was a kind of nature-worship
wire. aimed at controlling the seasons
They were not particularly in- and it made fearsome demands
ventive but as highly skilled on them. In times of crises the
craftsmen they improved on the firstborn babies of several fam-
techniques of other nations for — ilies, some crops and domestic
instance, the art of glassblowing. animals were sacrificed to ap-
This old Egyptian science was pease their pagan gods. The
Phoenicians were cruel and fear- caravan, also must have pros-
less and without ideals. They pered.
respected no one's rights, certain- Overland trade routes brought
ly not those of the weak. Yet goods to Baalbek from the exotic
these same barbaric people en- East and from Armenia in the
joyed the gentle sounds of the north. Not only were the Assyr-
zither. ians and Babylonians Phoenicia's
The holy men of Baalbek customers, but .iiey allowed her
danced and shouted themselves camel caravans free passage
into a frenzy, muttering gibberish through their lands as far as the
and performing wild antics. The Persian Gulf. Baalbek's mer-
people then believed the dervish chants sold everything from
was possessed by a god who was Asian slaves to Spanish metals.
speaking to them through the The city's horses, mules and
holy man's mouth. In more sober asses came from Armenia in
moments these holy men could what isnow Turkey. And Phoe-
predict the future, find lost valu- nician traders, wrapped in fur
ables and give sage advice to and leather garments as protec-
believers. tion against the extreme cold,
The Phoenicians became the crossed the mountains on them
finest shipbuilders and seamen of because camels could not travel
their time and it was they who over such rough terrain.
opened the oceans of the world Merchandising was Phoenicia's
to international trade. Their dis- greatest source of wealth but its
covery of celestial navigation people were unexcelled crafts-
made it safe to sail at night and men in other industries as well.
thus made seamanship profit- Their glassware, fabrics, dyes,
able. The 27th chapter of the leather, ivory and metal prod-
biblical book of Ezekiel pays trib- ucts were in great demand.
ute to their seamanship and their Also, they had learned stone-
merchandising techniques. masonry from the Egyptians dur-
Through their mastery of the ing the 13th and 12th Centuries,
sea the Phoenicians became B.C. Although the pyramids were
middlemen and distributors of already ancient perhaps the con-
luxury goods and grew wealthy. struction methods used to build
All the known world became them were not forgotten and the
their marketplace. The coastal Egyptians taught Baalbek's arti-
cities of Tyre, Sidon and Byblos sans how to handle the immense
became world centers. Baalbek, blocks used to create the city's
linked directly to Tyre by camel acropolis.

It was the Phoenicians who interested only in keeping the

helped King Solomon build the accounts of their widespread
Temple of Jerusalem. He asked economy. Everything we know
Hiram, King of Tyre, for help about them comes from the writ-
because "there is not among us ings of their customers and neigh-
any that can skill to hew timber bors.
like unto the Sidonians." (Old However, the Greeks, who al-
Testament Sidonians were Phoe- ways had been students of Phoe-
nicians.) Thus it happened that nicia,were quick to adapt the
Phoenician masons and carpen- new alphabet to their own lan-
ters joined Solomon's work force guage. In turn the Romans picked
to build a temple of timber and it up and soon it had spread
stone. Some of the timber well throughout the known world be-
may have come from the forests coming the basis for all phonetic
on the slopes of the Lebanon and alphabets. Only in the Orient,
Anti-Lebanon mountains near the geographically isolated from di-
valley where Baalbek lies. rect Phoenician influence, did the
Phoenician industrial genius ancient pictograph form of writ-
seems to have had no end. When ing prevail, persisting there to
the iron age began and with it this day.
came the development of metal Despite Phoenicia's accomplish-
tools the Phoenicians reasoned ments a strain of sadness runs
that their business would be through its history. The people
drastically increased. So they in- who gave the world its alphabet
vented a simpler mothod of keep- were guilty of the most corrupt,
ing accounts and gave the world vicious and depraved human con-
its first phonetic alphabet. Now duct in all history. The people
they could record their entire of Canaan were so wicked that
language by simply repeating 22 "the Lord rained upon Sodom
letters, just as we now repeat 26. and Gomorrah brimstone and fire
Prior to this brilliant innovation from the Lord of Heaven."
every word had been represented Scholars believe that five towns
more or less by its own charac- known as the "Cities of the Plain"
ter which resulted in a cumber- had been scheduled for destruc-
some collection of hieroglyphics. tion. They were Sodom, Gomor-
Unfortunately the Phoenicians rah, Admah, Zeboim and Zoar.
never used this spectacular tool But Zoar was saved when Lot
to record their own history. They asked God to spare the city so
left fewer records than any other he could hide there ("Genesis 19).
ancient nation because they were The remainder of the Canaanite
cities which spread from Gaza in Baalbek often are described
in the south to where Tripoli now as the most imposing and beauti-
stands also were spared Baal- — ful in the Roman world, unex-
bek was one of them. celled by any in Rome itself.
As the centuries marched by Two
of the temples —
Phoenicia nation after na-
fell to to Jupiter and Bacchus were —
tion. The Assyrians, Egyptians, constructed on Baalbek's huge
Babylonians and Persians all took acropolis. The acropolis itself
turns governing this amazing consists of four main sections
people. Yet somehow they man- which give it a slightly irregular
aged to retain their skills and shape. The first section a visitor
Customs. Not until 331 B.C. when encounters the impressive en-
Alexander the Great took Phoe- tranceway and forecourt. This
nicia from the Persians did the monumental gateway is a par-
citizens of Baalbek begin to lose tially enclosed rectangular build-
their separate identity. After that ing which originally had a colon-
they were absorbed
gradually nade 165 feet wide flanked by two
into the Greco-Macedonian Em- square towers that rose nearly
pire —
but even this was not their 100 feet into the air. Inscriptions
end. Coins were minted in the on the bases of three of these
Phoenician language as late as columns tell us that the temple
the Third Century A.D., hun- complex was erected to the great
dreds of years after the civiliza- gods of Heliopolis by Antoninus
tion really had come to an end. and Caracalla.* Three doors lead
The genius, daring and skill of from the gateway into an hexa-
the Phoenicians was a long time gonal forecourt which once was
dying. surrounded by an exquisite hexa-
Vtf ,
# * • gonal colonnade. A series of
THE CITY of Baalbek attained alcoves still decorate four of the
its greatest splendor while it court's six sides.
was part Rome's Syrian Colo-
of Three more doorways, now
ny. Roman
domination began in lying in ruins, led from the fore-
64 B.C. when Pompey invaded court into the Great Court or
the Middle East. A few decades Court of the Altar. This huge
later Emperor Augustus garri- area, the central and largest sec-
soned troops in Baalbek and tion of the acropolis, is about 370
amid the already ancient ruins feet wide and 440 feet long and
Rome began to build and dedi-
•Two Roman emperors of the early Chris-
cate temples to its own gods. tian era. Antonius Pius ruled from 138
to 161 A. D. and Caracalla from 211 to
Rome's three magnificent temples 217 A. D.

more than 20 feet above ground Temple of the Sun, was 300 feet
level. long, 170 feet wide and more

The square and semicircular than 80 feet high —

alcoves that adorn three sides of larger than Athens' Parthenon.
the Great Court were designed It seems fitting that a shrine built
as resting places for worshipers. for Rome's greatest god should
Each has a number of now-empty incorporate what must be man's
niches where statues once stood. largest building blocks. The huge
A colonnade of polished Egyptian monoliths described earlier are
granite, no longer standing, once part of the wall surrounding the
separated the alcoves from the temple terrace.
court. Broken columns and frag- More than 50 Corinthian col-
ments of the elaborately carved umns, each consisting of three
entablature lie scattered around huge stone drums, once adorned
the court. the Temple of Jupiter. Six of
The ruins of a large altar can these still stand in an unbroken
be seen near the center of the row —all that's left of the struc-
Great Court with a cleansing or ture. They measure seven and a
absolution basin on either side. half feet in diameter and tower
This may have been one of the 65 feet above the temple floor.
sites where Canaanite priests Reputedly they are the tallest
sacrificed human victims to hea- columns in the world and still
then deities in Old Testament hold aloft the remnant of an
times. The was badly dam-
altar elaborately carved three-layered
aged in the Fourth Century when entablature. A rain gutter in the
the Great Court was filled with cornice channeled water into a
earth so that a Christian basilica series of beautifullycarved lion
could be built over it. The basil- heads spaced at intervals around
ica later was demolished during this entablature. In heavy rains
the excavation of the ruins. water gushed from the lions' jaws

A wide steps led from

flight of in a symbolic roar.
the Great Court to the third sec- The great Temple of Jupiter
tion of the acropolis, the temple was destroyed when it was mined
terrace proper, more than 40 feet by the Christians for material to
above the ground. The temple build the basilica over the altar.
that stood there was dedicated to Before earthquake, time and man
Rome's supreme deity Jupiter — reduced it to rubble it must have
known to the Greeks as Zeus. been a magnificent structure.
The Temple of Jupiter, also Across from the Great Temple
called the Great Temple and the a part of the acropolis juts out
into an L-shape. Here stands a Baalbek's well-preserved Tem-
temple dedicated to Jupiter's son ple of Bacchus, built about 150
Bacchus whom the Greeks knew A.D., is much smaller than the
as Dionysus —
he who gave King Temple of Jupiter. It is about 57
Midas his golden touch. feet high with inside dimensions
Youngest of the Greek deities, of only 75 by 85 feet. But small
Bacchus originally was the god as it is, many authorities con-
of planting and fruitfulness, es- sider this temple the most beau-
pecially of vineyards. He grad- tiful Roman monument in Leb-
ually evolved into the god of anon.
wine and traveled the world The temple is entered through
teaching the art of cultivating the a huge doorway —
four stories
vines and making wine. high and more than 20 feet wide.
Naturally, worship of the god Vertical strips elaborately dec-
of wine took the form of drunken orated with carvings of Bacchus
parties. Religious rites dedicated and other mythical beings adorn
to Bacchus grew progressively the doorjambs. Interlaced with
more depraved over the centuries these figures are grapevines,
until 168 B.C. when the Roman clusters of fruit, poppies and ears
Senate outlawed the immoralities of wheat, fitting tributes to the
of these dionysia or orgia. From god of planting and fruitfulness.
these festivities comes our word The entire surface of the exterior
"orgy." of the lintel also is exquisitely
However, some good came carved — although it now is
from the drunken melees that broken into four pieces which are
were held in Bacchus' honor. wedged precariously in place
They gave us our theater. Greek above the open doorway.
tragedy as an art form arose Fluted columns on each side
from the dithyrambic songs sung of the doorway from a prostyle
to Bacchus during spring nature or portico. Beyond these are plain
festivals. In the beginning all the columns 52 feet tall that are part
celebrants joined in the singing. of a peristyle that runs around
Then the bolder ones began jump- the 10 feet from the
ing to the tops of altars and walls. However, more than half
sacrificial tables to sing lyrics of the 46 columns have fallen.
which were echoed by the others. While the walls of the temple
Thus was born the chorus. Thus remain almost perfectly pre-
the theatrical stage we know to- served, the roof is gone. Although
day evolved from altar and sac- the exterior surfaces are quite
rificial table. plain the stones were carefully

dressed. The joints fit together so poetry during their rest periods.
perfectly that a knife blade can- They found that peculiar acousti-
not be inserted between them at cal conditions in the ruins am-
any point except where the wall plified the ring of their voices.
is damaged. Today people come from all over
Two rowsof statue niches, one the world to enjoy the festivals
above the other, run the full and to be awed by the immensity
length of the interior walls which of the mighty acropolis and the —
are divided by fluted columns secret it holds.
that do not stand free. The statue Perhaps the mystery of Baal-
of Bacchus that must have stood bek never can be satisfactorily
at the western end of the temple resolved. Nothing we understand
is no longer there. or believe today can help us ra-
The third structure —
the Tem- tionalize the huge stones in the
ple of Venus —
is not on the acrop- acropolis. But there is a sort of
olis but rather stands at ground answer . . .

level 1,000 feet away nestling The biblical book of Numbers

close to the modern village of tells the story of Moses leading
Baalbek. Dedicated to the Greco- the children of Israel through the
Roman goddess of love this cir- wilderness. One day the Lord told
cular structure is the smallest of Moses, "Send thou men, that they
the three Roman temples. Origi- may search the land of Canaan,
nally it had a domed stone roof which I give unto the children of
supported by six Grecian granite Israel. . .
columns. This temple, ornament- Moses sent some of his tribal
ed in much the same manner as leaders to scout this promised
the two on the acropolis, is be- land. They searched for 40 days,
lieved to date from about 250 A.D. spying on all the tribes of the
The Temple of Venus was the last land, including "the Canaanites
major structure erected in ancient (who) dwell by the sea." (These
Baalbek. were the Phoenicians.)
# * #
Upon their return only one of
MODERN BAALBEK is a pop- them, Caleb of Judah, told the
ular resort town of 9,000 peo- people that they should attack at
ple, famous for its summer fes- once, saying the land easily could
tivals in which top theatrical be taken.
companies appear each July and His fellow spies disagreed, say-
August. A group of excavators ing, "We be not able to go up
inspired this tradition 50 years against the people; for they are
ago when they took to reciting stronger than we. . . .
"The land, through which we the sons of Anak, which come
have gone to search it, is a land of the giants: and we were in
that eateth up the inhabitants our own sight as grasshoppers,
thereof; and all the people that and so we were in their sight."
we saw in it are men of a great Two - million - pound building
stature. blocksseem about right for giants
"And there we saw the giants, such as these.

By Glenn Clairmonte
GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO, the Convinced that his father ac-
famous author of The De- tually had visited him, Jacopo
cameron and other tales of life roused one of his father's former
In Italy in the Middle Ages, students. Although it was late at
sometime before 1400 A. D. wrote night the two of them went to
a biography of the illustrious the house were Dante formerly
poet Dante Alighieri. One episode had lived. They awakened the
he reports had to do with the tenant and entered the house.
unsuccessful search Dante's son Jacopo walked up to the wall his
Jacopo made for the final 13 father had Indicated in the
cantos of the immortal Diuine dream. Hanging there was a mat
Comedy. that concealed a niche in the
At Dante's funeral in Septem- wall that had gone unnoticed be-
ber 1321 his faithful friend Guido fore. In the niche the poet's son
da Polenta made a speech and found some mildewed manuscript
placed a laurel wreath on Dan- pages. Upon cleaning them Ja-
te's coffin. In gratitude Jacopo copo found they were the miss-
wanted to present Guido with ing cantos.
the complete manuscript of his Copying them and adding them
father's masterpiece but could to the pages he had in his pos-
not find the final cantos. One session, Jacopo was able to pre-
night Jacopo's father appeared sent a complete manuscript of
to him in a dream, took him by his father's Diuine Comedy to
the hand and led him to the Guido da Polenta on the occasion
spot where the missing manu- of Guido's election as Captain of
script pages were hidden. the People in Bologna in 1322.
Taylor Caldwell's
Journey into the Past
The famous novelist, seeking assurance that death brings only

oblivion, finds dramatic evidence that she has lived many lives.

By Jess Steam
Excerpted from the book THE SEARCH FOR A SOUL: Taylor Caldwell's
Psychic Lives. Copyright © 1972, 1973 by Jess Stearn and Taylor Caldwell
Published by Doubleday & Company, Inc.

EDITORS' NOTE: Taylor Cald- she'd like to be regressed, al-
well, famous English-born
the though she had misgivings as to
novelist, had just turned 70 when whether "past lives" were proof
she began to speak to her friend, of reincarnation, genetic mem-
author Jess Stearn, about re- ory or simply evidence of fertile
incarnation. imagination. She also doubted
"The conversation had not de- that she could be hypnotized.
veloped out of thin air," Stearn Stearn suggested her motive for
wrote. "Janet Taylor Caldwell seeking regression through hyp-
had toyed with the idea of sur- nosis was to seek reassurance of
vival for yearsand her interest survival but she responded, "No,
was undoubtedly quickened by I gratefully look forward to obliv-
the recent death of her husband ion but I must be sure of it."
Marcus Reback to whom she had Steam's misgivings concerned
been married for 40 years." Janet's hearing problem. He felt
Marcus died on August 13, 1970, she would be a difficult subject
after a lingering illness and a because she has only five per-
final two weeks in coma during cent hearing in her right
which the doctor had said he was ear and none in her left. How-
clinically dead. Janet was incon- ever, she is adept at reading lips
solable and fell into profound and she ivas not to be put off.
despair which became chronic They arranged for her to leave
depression. Despite her wealth her home in Buffalo and join
and fame she felt her life had Stearn in Los Angeles. In the
been "a monstrous, painful, meantime, Stearn sought a
agonizing affair. ." . . Hollywood hypnotist to consult
In this mood she told Stearn with Janet. In sessions held in

Steam's home Janet Taylor rious traveler but in dreams that
Caldwell first emerged as Jennie bordered on- nightmares.
McGill, young scullery maid to While she didn't attribute it to
the 19th-century novelist George reincarnation, dream
a constant
Eliot. Later, from her "subcon- someone
of another life, of being
scious memories," Janet dredged else, haunted her waking mo-
up the life of an Inca princess, a ments for years. "I first had
Greek student of Hippocrates and this dreadful dream," she once
a life between "incarnations" on told me, "when I was about
a mysterious planet called Me- three years old and still living in
lina. England. I dreamt I was stand-

Out of these sessions came Jess ing at a small open casement

Steam's book, The Search for a window in a very high building
Soul: Taylor Caldwell's Psychic like a tower, and I was looking
Lives, and a tantalizing explana- down, with anguish, on a roof
tion for the novelist's uncanny below the casement which was
knowledge of ancient and mod- covered with dirty red tiles. The
ern medicine, day-to-day life in sky was a cold dull white and the
biblical times and numerous sea of roofs beyond was all
other subjects she never has stud- crowded and jostled red tile and
ied nor researched but which seemingly spread out for miles.
are accurately treated in her In the distance I saw a narrow
novels. river and several ornate stone
Taylor Caldwell learned the con- bridges crossing over it. I felt not
tent of the tape-recorded sessions like a child of three but like a
only when she read Jess Steam's mature woman, say about the
book in manuscript form. She middle 20's, looking about the
agreed to write an epilogue in same as I did when I was really
which she concludes: in my middle 20's?'
"The reader must make his own There were no such red tiles on
judgments about the theory of roofs in England, as she knew,
reincarnation and the stirring and she had the definite impres-
material in this book. I have sion of a Mediterranean locale
made my own judgment. I am — Spain or Italy perhaps.
still the skeptic of skeptics. . .
." In the dream she had a limited
Yet. . . view of the unnamed city, since
she was looking at it from be-
ITALY fascinated Taylor Cald- tween strong iron bars.
well. She visited that land of "I was in a sort of icy stone
violent history not only as a cu- cell, over the city, with only a
Friends of long standing, author Jess Steam and English-born novelist Janet
Taylor Caldwell worked with an unnamed hypnotist in Steam's California home.

cot, a table and one chair in it, awful dream and now I know it
and there was a wooden door at was the white habit and hood of
the rear. I knew the door was a Dominican monk (called Black
bolted and that I was a prisoner Friars from a black mantle they
in this city I knew well and in wore for preaching).
which I had lived and been born. "All of them were familiar to
I knew that outside the locked me and I knew why they were
door was a narrow winding stair- coming up the stairs they —
case of stone. Then I heard foot- were going to torture and kill
steps on the stone and I knew me. I heard a key grating in the
who was approaching. I knew lock and turned to the window
that in the company there were again in despair and I knew the
three men in strange costumes only way to escape those men
and one was a man I knew very was to throw myself out of the
well. I knew his costume in that window. So as the door opened I
threw myself down onto the slop- saw a tall pillar surmounted by a
ing roof, very high over the medieval horseman. "All at
teeming narrow street, with re- once," she said, "a sensation of
lief and even joy. Then as I utter despondency, fear and fore-
rolled down that cutting tilt of boding came to me and I pulled
tiles all memory was blanked out the curtains across the window
and I woke up screaming in my and went to bed."
trundle bed in England.
little When she awakened she went
The dream recurred frighten- to the window, pulled back the
ingly into her adulthood. draperies and looked outside.
"I dreamt it over and over She couldn't believe it. There
dozens of times, waking with was no plaza now, only a small
shudders and despair, yet with concrete island with a modernis-
had escaped my en-
relief that I tic monument on it.

emies. And invariably, there was At breakfast she mentioned the

no change in the setting and plaza she thought she had seen
nothing to remember after I had the night before. Count De Mor-
almost completed my roll-out." etti went to his library and re-
As Taylor Caldwell became fa- turned with a large book. He
mous she was able to travel and turned a few pages and showed
satisfy a longing to visit the her the plaza just as she had
cities of Italy, particularly Flor- seen it hours before. There it all
ence, whose very name mysteri- was: the prancing horseman
ously seemed to intrigue her. high on the pillar, the gloomy
In Florence she and her hus- shadowed streets and the blank
band Marcus were guests of a sides of the same buildings she
very old Florentine family, the had seen —
which had disap-
De Morettis, who went back be- peared by morning.
yond the Renaissance and the The Count gave her a sympa-
ruling Medicis. thetic smile. He seemed to know
That first evening in the De what she was going through.
Moretti home the writer had an- What was this fantasy all about,
other strange experience. Before she asked herself, and how had
retiring for the night she looked the Count turned so promptly to
down from her bedroom window a scene out of the Italian Renais-
into the street below where she sance?
saw a large round plaza with There were to be other sur-
many streets streaming into it prises that day. The Countess
like the spokes of a wheel. In the took her guests for a tour of
center of the empty plaza she Florence. They went to a spa-

ciousmuseum and Janet was shine, a small, plump man with

much impressed by the gorgeous a heroic face. Horrified, I said
grounds, rolling green lawns and aloud, 'Savonarola.'"
massive flowerbeds, set off by a At Janet's exclamation the
wondrous array of fountains and Countess pointed to a statue
statues. They entered the musty commanding the square. "Yes,"
museum and after a while she she said, "and that monument is
was glad of the opportunity to there in his honor."
get out in the radiant sunshine Janet returned to the Moretti
and stroll through the gardens home a little shaken but she was
again. But the gardens, like the in for still another jolt. After
plaza, had miraculously vanish- dinner she and the Count were
ed. On the way home the Count- alone together in the library and
ess pointed out the handsome she told him of her latest experi-
stone bridges over the Arno fam- ence. She could not speak Italian
iliar to every Florentine sight- nor he English but they seemed
seer. One bridge with embossed to understand each other perfect-
decorations stood out particular- ly-
ly. "Now, there is something Finally he nodded and said
really lovely, that bridge," she with a smile, "You have been
said to the Countess. here before, long ago. I have
She had no sooner made the known of these things all my life

remark than the bridge, like the also."

plaza and the gardens, faded be- He brought out the book of
fore her eyes. And that was not engravings and opened at once
all. There in the heart of the city to the beautiful gardens she had
another mirage took place. She seen at the museum. "These,"
was looking at a concrete island he said, "were the gardens of the
in the middle of a street when Medicis." Then he came to the
something occurred that made medieval bridge she had seen
her doubt her senses. "Before over the Arno. "This bridge," he
my eyes the island disappeared said, "was swept away and lost
and there was another small pla- at the time of Savonarola in a
za and crowds of people in flood." There was no need to
strange costumes and a whole show her the plaza where the
company of white-robed Domini- fiery crusader for papal reform,
can monks. In the center of the the Fra Girolamo Savonarola,
little plaza a man also robed in Dominican prior of San Marco,
white was burning to death on a had died a flaming martyr in
pile of faggots in the bright sun- 1498. She had not only seen the
square as it was but the event While Savonarola was one of
itself. the haunting figures of history, I
Encouraged by the Count's ap- never had discussed him with
parent understanding, she relat- Taylor Caldwell other than to re-
ed to him the dream which had cord her bizarre experience. It
troubled her for so long, recogniz- seemed something of a coinci-
ing now a similarity between dence that George Eliot (for
the tiled roofs of her dream and whom Janet had been a scullery
many of the older Florentine maid in one incarnation) should
houses. have dealt with Savonarola in
The Count nodded wisely, then her novel Romola but the novel
showed her another engraving of threw little light on his life.
medieval Florence, with the As we sat around relaxing be-
same sort of tall narrow building fore the day's regression, as was
in which she had dreamed she our custom, I asked Janet if she
had been a prisoner. Even the had read the novel.
jostled red were there.
tiles "Oh, no," she said. "The only
The Count did not seem to be thing of George Eliot's that I
the type of person who would ever read was The Mill on the
believe blindly in reincarnation Floss."
but he said gravely, "You lived "It is not a very good book," I
in Florence at the time of Savo- said. "I hope she didn't influence
narola.You must have been one your writings."
and that was why
of his followers "She didn't influence me at
you were condemned to death." all," Janet replied.
She was not ready to accept "You seem to be hearing well
this explanation but the dream, today," I noted.
once explained, never repeated She smiled. "I always could
itself. However, as long as she hear men better. It's something
stayed in Florence she felt the about the timbre of their
oppression and melancholy voices."
which had afflicted her when she "And you're feeling better?"
first looked out of her bedroom "I feel remarkably well. I
window. She couldn't get away can't imagine what the trouble
fast enough. "We cut our visit is."
short, something my husband She gave me a serious look.
did not understand until I told "I do hope you are not wasting
him the story. But the Count your time, as you'll never prove
seemed to understand. It was no reincarnation by me."
secret to him." The hypnotist, always practi-

cal, was impatiently checking saints, Savonarola. They burnt

his watch. him alive as they will do to me
"All right," I said, "let's go." because I followed him. 'Here-
We trudged up to the study, tics,' they said. We are not here-
Janet Caldwell well ahead of us. tics." Her voice quavered pro-
She was already on the couch phetically. "There will come an-
when we got there and the ses- other who will purge the Church.
sion began. This I tell them and they call me
The hypnotist touched her a witch. Our Master, if you are
forehead gently, saying, "Close in heaven, pray for my soul ... I
your eyes, we are going back hear them coming up the stone
again." staircase outside this room." She
I had a hunch. "Begin with the cupped her ear the better to
Renaissance." hear. She was obviously the nun
As she usually did, she opened of the dungeon, bravely waiting
with a soliloquy, dramatically to die for her allegiance to the
plucked out of history. Her voice fiery prior of San Marco.
was low, muffled, apprehensive, She had paused, apparently
almost as if she were afraid of overcome by emotion, and then
eavesdroppers. continued scornfully:
"They will kill me, the fiends," "There is a lesser around me
she whispered, "as they killed and the Dominican who dares
my master Savonarola." to call himself Father Alphonso
The hypnotist and I exchanged — Father." She fidgeted rest-
glances and he checked the lessly. "The soldiers," she said,
prone figure to make sure she picking up her story. "This
was under. There was no ques- time, unless I lie to them, they
tion from her appearance, the will kill me. Oh, God, I cannot
limpness of her body and set of endure them any longer Ah,
. . .

her face, that she was in deep Master, I hear your voice Go . . .

hypnosis. forth, Christian (speaking to her-

There was no need prod her,
to self). I shall plunge through this
for she was thoroughly caught up window, roll down the roof and
in the past. be dashed to pieces on the stones
"What does it matter, inter- below, but I will not let them
rogation and the threats? I know speak to me again."
they will kill me. Far, far, the Like Savonarola and Joan of
dear roofs of Florence," her Arc, the creature that she had
voice rose. "I love my convent been feared recanting in the face
and the master. He is a saint of of the flames and so contem-
plated her own self-destruction. mother, tell her till we meet in
She seemedto wander, as if heaven, Holy Mary, Mother of
momentarily delirious. God, full of grace. The Lord is
"Oh, Savonarola," she cried, with me, blessed art thou among
"you are Estanbul, I know." She women and blessed is the fruit of
saluted, using one hand, as if thy womb, Jesus.'"
greeting her master. "Greetings, As we gazed down at her,
my Lord, greetings. I have heard spellbound, touched by the rev-
your castigations many times. erence in her voice, she motion-
But I do not follow in delusion, ed with her hands as if she were
no. Tell me this, pray, my Lord, fondling a rosary and then she
where is Estanbul now?" made the sign of the cross. "Our
Her voice droned on, "At the Father, who art in Heaven," she
last minute I knew that Estanbul said, running through the Lord's
was Savonarola. I'll ask no Prayer, and again crossing her-
more. Here, my Lord, your word self.
is law so I ask no more." "How bright the sky," she add-
The hypnotist moved to get ed in a piteous voice, "for I
back to the comprehensible in must die."
terms of names and places. She had presented a moving
"Where in Italy is the con- picture of that terrible day of
vent?" martyrdom in Florence five cen-
As was often the case, she did turies before. And though it all
not answer directly. "Sister seemed fantastic in the cold light
Mary Bernard of the cloister of of day there was no questioning
Santa Monica near the third
. . . the reality of her experience as it
bridge." There was a catch in unfolded through her.
her voice. While we knew of course what
"They took away my cloak had happened to Savonarola it
and dressed me in men's clothes was essential to rounding out the
because they said it was not experience for her to get on with
seemly for a nun to follow Sa- the story. And so the hypnotist
vonarola. Oh, my father, do not asked:
weep for me. My father, I cannot "What happened to Savo-
lie and say that Savonarola de- narola?"
ceived. I cannot say, even if I die "He was burned at the stake."
for it. 'Comfort, my mother, oh "What happened to you?"
do not plead for me with him. Her voice was like a dirge. "I
No, I'd rather die than be a liar. killed myself. I threw myself out
Kiss the hands of my grand- of the window to escape my tor-

ture. The top of the bell tower, The dream that had tormented
the campanile." her for so many years had fulfill-
"Tell me of your arrest," the ed itself in every respect in this
hypnotist said. new flight into the past. She had
"We followed Savonarola oh, — been a nun, a follower of Sa-
I cannot speak of it." Janet's vonarola, had watched him burn
hands went to her face and she — at the stake and then in despair,
spoke in a tortured voice. rather than take the chance of
"We had seen our master recanting, she had flung herself
burn. He said he had been forced to death.
to recant. He had been forced to She had several brothers and
say he was a false prophet. But sisters, older than herself, but
we knew he lied under torture only a younger sister, Roselia,
and extremia. If he could lie un- survived her.
der torture, then it was normal "She was the last child of my
for us. And so we fled. There —
mother the others died before I
were two mother nuns who had was eight."
left also. We worked in Firenze "What did your sister grow up
(Florence) as scribes, wherever to be?"
we could find work to do. There "I do not know. I died when
must have been a traitor. I do she was five years old."
not know what became of the And there we had it. Another
others. I was taken to the cam- harrowing session, another sui-
panile. It was a particular form cide. The regression had cor-
of torture because it was under roborated the disturbing dream
the bells. And the bells would from Janet's childhood al- —
start ringing and it would deafen though I found incomprehensible

me. I could not sleep or rest ." . . the materializations in the street
Her voice trailed off. "I think his that supported this dream. It
ideas and thoughts will live. One could all have been dismissed as
shall come, I know in my heart, pure hallucination were it not for
who will take disorder from the the De Moretti engravings that
Church. He will be human also. established the reality of her rec-
He will inspire. The Lord has ollection.And perhaps it still
said,One can cast out one devil, was. . . .

seven return." (To be concluded next month.)

Carter Burdine (left) and his Uncle Junior view remains of dismembered chickens.

By Jerome Clark
On the Trail of Crawfordsville (Ind.) Journal and Review
photos by Joe Bosweil

TT'S GONE now, the thing that

A terrorized Roachdale, Ind., last
Unidentified summer, and few of the resi-
dents of this tiny village 40 miles

Furry west of Indianapolis are willing

to talk about it anymore. By now
the "monster" is a subject for
Objects ridicule so far as most people
are concerned —
especially if
Skeptics dismiss the "creature" they didn't see it themselves.
as imagination or a prank — One of the skeptics is Town
Marshal Leroy Clones. Looking
but something in Indiana killed back on the affair he says, "I
Carter Burdine's 170 chickens. talked to a lot of people but I


never came up with anything ways the creature that came to

that could be substantiated. I'm Roachdale in early August was
sure it was just a prank that the weirdest of all.
# » #
snowballed. People's imagina-
tions just got carried away, MRS. LOU Rogers was the first

that's all. Some of 'em were prob- person to sense the presence
ably full of liquor and they just of a mysterious "something." In
away when they
started shootin' early August she and her hus-
heard something. My main con- band Randy were renting a farm
cern was that some poor soul outside Roachdale; they have
might get his head blown off." since moved into town. Late one
It's easy to sneer these days — evening with her toddler son
but in the summer of 1972 re- Keith she stepped outside to roll
ports of the creature had Roach- up the windows in the family
dale in an uproar, causing car. The sky had clouded over
among other things the first and it was sprinkling. As she
traffic jam in its history as curi- stood in the dark she heard a
osity-seekers from miles around
converged on the town. Many of Parke County's Sheriff Gary Cooper
them, unfortunately, were armed broadcast bizarre warning: "Be on
and only a miracle prevented the the lookout for 10-foot-tall monster."

kind of accident law enforcement

officers feared. More than a few
Eoachdale residents believed the
end of the world was imminent.
Persons of fundamentalist per-
suasion turned to the Scriptures
and read —
or so they claimed —
that in its last days the earth
would be overrun by hairy
beasts, half-human, half -animal.
Of course it wasn't the earth,
just tiny Roachdale and a few
other obscure out-of-the-way
spots, that hosted monsters dur-
ing a memorably Fortean sum-
mer. In July similar creatures
were reported in Louisiana, Mis-
souri, Springdale, Ark., and Peo-
ria and Cairo, 111. Yet in many
sound rather like a growl that Within the next few nights the
came out: "boo" or "oo." Mrs. Rogerses began to hear strange
Rogers, a young woman who is noises around the house. "It
not easily frightened — "You sounded as if someone was going
hear all kinds of strange noises around the place pounding on
in the country," she says — the siding and windows," Rogers
thought nothing of it at first. said. "Whatever it was, it must
Then she heard it again. Her have gotten braver every night
little boy was terrified and now because the noise got louder
she listened closely. The growl every night." As it got braver
was "real deep" but it sounded Rogers got uneasier. He borrow-
human, not animal. Suddenly ed his father's shotgun as a de-
she felt as if someone or some- fense against the marauder.
thing was breathing down her When he heard it he would rush
neck. Turning quickly she peer- outside only to catch a glimpse
ed around in the darkness. Al- of a six-foot, enormously broad-
though she could see nothing she shouldered, shadowy biped flee-
knew something was out there ing into the cornfield.
and she and little Keith hurried "Itwould always come around
back into the house. at a certainhour —
between 10 00 :

She was unaware of it then but and 11:30 at night," Lou Rogers
about 90 minutes earlier a lumi- recalled. "You could feel it
nous object had hovered briefly coming somehow. It's hard to
over a cornfield separating the explain. The feeling would just
Rogers' house from a neighbor's keep getting stronger and
and then "just sort of blew up." stronger and when it got strong-
Among those who saw it was one est you knew something had to
of Mrs. Rogers' brothers who happen. Then the knocking
happened to be looking out the would start. This happened
window of a farmhouse near La- every night for two or three
doga, a few miles north of weeks. Another thing —
it smell-
Roachdale. Later he mentioned ed rotten, like dead animals or
this to his sister and her hus- garbage."
band, saying he thought a plane Randy and Lou Rogers never
had exploded. None had. What- saw the creature clearly because
ever exploded, it left no trace it appeared only in the darkness
except — possibly — the crea- but they were able to observe
ture that for the next few weeks that it was hairy and black. Once
seemed to have taken up resi- while Mrs. Rogers was washing
dence in that very cornfield. dishes she saw it ducking up and

down outside the window above the creature would have left. As
the sink. to what kind of being may have
"But I was never exactly leftthe tracks she had no idea.
afraid of it," she said. "If it was Nor did she know who had left a
going to hurt me it would have plastic "flying saucer" toy that
that first night. I had no aware- mysteriously turned up near the
ness or fear of it in the daytime. house one day. It did not belong
I'd even leave the doors open. to Keith, who examined it with-
Sometimes I'd put out garbage out interest and put it out with
and later it would be gone. My the trash. When Mrs. Rogers
husband thought I was crazy, looked for it the next day the toy
trying to make friends like that. had disappeared.
* # *
But I was pretty curious about
THE ROGERS took it all fairly
The couple tried to think of a calmly — in fact, until the
rational explanation but none community-wide furor started
would fit. the thirdweek of August they
"We sort of thought it might be shared their experiences only
a gorilla," Mrs. Rogers said. "It with a handful of friends but —
stood like a man but ran on all the rest of Roachdale didn't. The
fours — and even on all fours it story hit the newspapers on Au-
was as tall as my husband who is gust 22.
five-foot-nine. It was real broad. "what is it?" the Crawfords-

"And what was weird was that ville Journal and Review head-
we could never find tracks, even lined its article. "Residents of
when it ran over mud. It would this small Putnam County com-
run and jump but it was like munity," the report began, "are
somehow it wasn't touching any- concerned about some unidenti-
thing. When it ran through weeds fied creature which has been
you couldn't hear anything. And stalking the surrounding area for
sometimes when you looked at it, the past two to three weeks.
it seemed you could see through Some three dozen persons say
it." they have seen someone or
Once, however, Mrs. Rogers something wandering about on
and her brother did find a pair of the east side of town."
tracks made by something that Conservation Officer William
stood on two feet —
or rather, a Woodall of Crawfordsville had
foot and a stub —
but these were arrived in Roachdale on Monday
only three inches across, much the 21st to investigate and found
smaller, she was certain, than Roachdale residents near panic.
He listened sympathetically to bit.None of us wanted to go over
their stories, even the wildest to see what it was."
ones,and on the first day inter- The family went indoors and
viewed five persons from four watched from there. The "balls
different families who said they of fire" continued to stare at
had seen the thing. Among those them. At 2:00 A. M. the husband
he talked with were the Rog- and daughter retired but the wife
erses, who reported the creature stayed up watching as the thing
had left their farm after Randy behind the glowing balls, what-
and several friends had set out ever it might have been, seemed
one night to try to capture it. to go "down on all fours feeding
One of them (a young man from like a dog. Then at times it
nearby Bainbridge whom Fate would stand up and peer
has since interviewed but who around." When she finally went
has asked that his name be with- —
to bed at 3:40 it or they— were
held) encountered the creature still there. The next day they
when it stepped out of a roadside were gone.
ditch. The man yelled, "Stop or The woman confirmed the
I'll shoot!" It didn't and he did story for Fate but refused per-
but it got away. mission to reveal her name. She
Another report, which Woodall says she is tired of being ridi-
calls the strangest of all he in- culed. "I don't care what they
vestigated, came from a woman say," she said. "We know what
on the east side of town who late we saw."
on the evening of the 14th was Other sightings of the creature
sitting on her front porch with are supposed to have been made
her husband and daughter when by groups of teen-aged boys

she noticed something shining in along the railroad tracks. The

a field across the road. It ap- young man from Bainbridge
peared, she said, that two large mentioned earlier told us that he
"balls of fire" between four and and five friends, after hearing
six inches apart were staring the teen-agers' stories (one of
across at them. which said the creature had
"From time to time the 'balls chased them), walked along the
of fire' would turn and watch a tracks themselves one night hop-
passing car, then turn back to- ing to see something. The group
ward us," she claimed. Soon a split in two, our informant and
second pair of ""balls of fire" three others setting off down the
joined the first. tracks and the other two remain-
"We watched for a good little ing behind. The latter two sup-


posedly then saw the creature 60 chickens which had been rip-
take refuge in a tree from which ped apart and scattered along a
our informant, who says he is a path leading 200 feet from the
skeptic, saw two shining eyes. coop to the front yard of the
"I think they were just reflec- house.Whatever had killed them
tions," he concluded —
although had done only that — it had not
reflections of what he does not eaten them.
say. They Marshal Clones
The Journal and Review gives who arrived within a few min-
a somewhat vague report of an- utes.As they stood surveying the
other incident: "There is one ac- damage, all three heard a noise
count of two young men who that seemed to come from be-
claim to have seen (the crea- tween the chicken coop and the
ture) during the daytime hours. road. Clones got into his car and
The two men had seen the crea- drove slowly up the road while
ture at night and decided they Junior Burdine walked behind.
would try to see if they could find The car was pulling away from
it in the daytime. They told the him when suddenly something
officer* they were walking along rose from the ditch and dashed
the railroad tracks when they across the road within six feet of
came upon an animal of some him —
but it moved so fast that
kind. They described the crea- Burdine didn't get a good look
ture as covered with fur. They nor did he have time to shoot.
said it was sitting with its front The men did find the spot
feet on the tracks and it was so where it crossed the fence on the

large that its body reached to the opposite side of the road. "That
bottom of the ditch along the fence was just mashed to the
tracks." ground," Burdine said later.
# #. # "That thing was heavy." It left a
FORTUNATELY there is noth- trail of trampled weeds and
ing vague about the Burdine grass. Carter Burdine, who
reports which rank among the heard it, said it had to have been
most dramatic of all. running on two feet. (This con-
About 9:00 P. M. Tuesday, Au- tradicts the Rogerses who said
gust 22, Carter Burdine and his they could not hear the creature
uncle Bill ("Junior") Burdine running and that it ran on all
arrived at Carter's farm to dis- fours.
cover the remains of more than Carter also found that the trail
of dead chickens led directly to a
•Woodall — who in turn told us he does pail in the yard containing cu-
not recall their names.

cumbers and tomatoes which he headlights of car they

had planned to feed to the hogs. caught sight of the creature
Now the pail was only half full. standing in the chicken house
First suspecting the family door.
dogs the Burdines checked them "This thing completely block-
for traces of blood and feathers. ed out the lights inside the chick-
They found none. Carter then re- en house," Junior said. The door
called that the night before, is six by eight feet and its shoul-
about midnight, he had waked to ders came up to the top of the
hear something stepping onto the door, up to where the neck
porch. His wife said it was just should have been. But this thing
one of the dogs but Carter wasn't didn't have a neck. To me it
so sure. looked like an orangutan or a
"The dog must have gained a gorilla. It had long hair with
lot of weight," he said, "because kind of a brownish cast to it —
the porch squeaked." sort of rust color. I never saw its
Both Carter and Junior noticed eyes or its face. It was making
a "musty" odor and by now they- a groaning racket."
were sure the creature people The creature dashed for the
were reporting around Roach- barn and leaped into the hay-
dale was responsible for killing mow. Carter and his father Her-
the chickens. Certainly something man Burdine approached the
out of the ordinary was in the barn, guns ready. Junior went
area. When they first had return- around the building and a mo-
ed to Carter's place and discov- ment later Herman and Carter
ered the slaughtered chickens heard him yell, "Bring me a
they also had found the meanest light!"
farm dog —
one who would bite Herman said, "By the time
anything or anybody —
cowering Carter and I got out of the barn

against the porch. "The other and around the corner my broth-
dog was so frightened he er was firing at something across
wouldn't come out of the pen," the .field. I didn't see a thing but
Carter said. I pulled up and started firing in
Within a matter of hours the the same direction."
creature revisited Carter's farm. "I shot four times with a pump
This time he and Junior were shotgun," Junior said. "The
returning to the farm in the thing was only about 100 feet
early morning hours after hav- away when I started shooting. I
ing dropped off Carter's wife must have hit it. I've killed a lot
with relatives in town. In the of rabbits at that distance."

Nevertheless, there was no in- over by one of the searchers'

dication that the creature had cars because so many people
been touched. were out looking for it.

The Burdines trudged back to "I'm checking out some things

the chicken house to count their that may be connected with it,"
losses. About 110 chickens had he told the newspapers, "but I
been destroyed —
ripped open won't know for a while."
and drained of blood. Of an orig- Several strands of animal hair
inal flock of 200 chickens Carter thought to be a clue turned out to
had lost all but 30. be from a horse, a Purdue Uni-
Later when Woodall investi- versity laboratory analysis re-
gated he searched carefully vealed. Theories about the crea-
through the strewn remains look- ture's true identity —
such as an
ing for any physical trace of the escaped kangaroo or a mentally
killer. He found nothing. ill man garbed in a buffalo robe

"I never could find any con- — similarly proved groundless.

crete physical evidence," Wood- By the end of the week reports
all recalled several months later. had subsided. The creature that
"All I ever had to go on were a visited Roachdale had gone back
lot of people's stories of what to wherever it came from.
couldn't find * # #
they saw. I think I

any tracks because the ground JUST WHAT appeared three

was hard and the vegetation weeks later in Parke County
high." (north of Roachdale's Putnam
At 10 o'clock the evening after County) no one seems to know.
Junior Burdine had missed his Shortly before 11:00 A. M.
target, 20 armed men, including Wednesday, September 20,
Woodall, Clones, Putnam County Parke County Sheriff Gary Coo-
deputies and special deputies, per broadcast a bizarre warning
met to plan a thorough search. to authorities in other counties:
Their efforts were hampered, "Attention all counties surround-
however, by the large number of ing Parke County. Be on the
cars mostly driven by teen-agers lookout for a 10-foot-tall monster.
looking for excitement. The next It is covered with fur and its feet

day Woodall called off the are 21 inches long."

search. Cooper explained that he had
"There were just too many peo- received several calls from the
ple out there," he said. "If the Lodi, Tangier, Howard and Syl-
thing had been out that night it vania area, a sparsely-settled
probably would have been run heavily-wooded region near the
Parke-Fountain County line. The have a bear or some other big
creature had been seen on Tues- animal here.
day night. "We intend to check every-
"One lady came to my office thing until we determine just
with the story and I have had at what it is."
least three other persons call in Two coon dogs and a pig were
sightings," Cooper said. He killed by something that slashed
would not release any of the wit- them across the stomach. Cooper
nesses' names. thought a badger might have
"I am not going to rule out any done it but he wasn't sure. "I'm
possibility," Cooper said. "I not ruling out anything at this
have talked to Putnam County point," he said.
authorities and those people over "Apparently," the Journal and
there had something and this Review concluded, "this mon-
could be the same thing but I ster,just as the creature from
doubt it. It could be anything. Roachdale, will be listed as an-
"There never used to be any other of West-Central Indiana's
deer in this area and now we UFOs (unidentified furry ob-
have some. So I believe we could jects)."

GENERAL ELECTRIC Com- Plant manager John Dugan
pany's television and appli- called in a bomah (Malay witch
ance plant in Singapore was be- doctor) on Thursday to drive
deviled by ghosts in January out the evil spirits but his efforts
1973, reports United Press Inter- failed to check the mass hys-
national. The disturbance began teria. The next day Dugan re-
on Saturday, January 13, when cruited additional bomahs plus
several female employees began a Buddhist monk and an Indian
screaming hysterically claiming mystic who burned incense and
they had seen ghosts in the GE sprinkled magic water. This
plant which is located on two time the exorcism seemed more
floors of an industrial-area successful. The afternoon shift
apartment building. During the of some 1,000 workers, mainly
week the hysteria spread. More girls of 18 and 19, worked with-
than 50 employees had to be out interruption.
taken home after collapsing and Medical experts they were at
production virtually came to a a loss to explain these outbreaks
halt. o£ mass hysteria.
FATE will pay S5.00 for each true experience published.
'Stories should be less than 300 words and typed double-"
spaced on one side of fhe paper. They may be sent to the
TME editor. FATE Magazine, 500 Hyacinth PI., Highland
Park, III. 60035. They must be signed by fhe author and
address must be shown. Manuscripts will not be returned
unless accompanied by stamped self-addressed envelope.

COLLISION COURSE dream my car collided with a

By V. Vee Reynolds Pacific Intermountain Express
1956 I had an experience that (PIE) truck but I didn't seem to
INconvinced me dreams hold be hurt. I recognized the driver
messages for us. My younger of the truck as the one who nor-
brother Rell was serving a mis- mally made PIE deliveries to the
sion for the Mormon Church in naval supply depot in Clearfield
Denver and was toid he could where I worked. I asked him in
use his own car if he could get the dream why he was in
someone to deliver it to him Wyoming and he replied that he
there. My father Scott Reynolds had to be there so he could be-
agreed to drive the Plymouth come involved in the accident
coupe from Salt Lake City to with me. When I related the
Denver and catch a plane back vividdream to my wife the next
When Dad told me of this plan 1 morning we concluded it was the
had an immediate hunch that he result of my anxiety over the
would be in danger if he made
the long drive. Consequently I
volunteered to drive the car my-
self. I would leave Friday direct-
ly after work and drive straight
through to Denver, deliver the
car Saturday and catch a plane
Thursday night, July 26, 1956, 1
had a most realistic dream con-
cerning my trip. I dreamed I had
covered a considerable portion of
the distance when I became in-
volved in an accident. In my V. Vee Reynolds

long drive I had to make. The Wyoming Highway Patrol
On Friday July 27 I started dismantled the demolished Ply-
according to plan. I stopped mouth and found that the brake
several times on the way for gas fluid had become gummy, finally
and a bite to eat. I noticed each locking the brakes. I was absolv-
time I stopped that the car tend- ed of blame for the accident as it
ed but it caused
to pull to the left was due to mechanical failure.
me no immediate concern. Could I have avoided the ac-
About 2:00 A.M. on July 28 a cident? Would my father have
mile north of Bosler, Wyo., I been killed if he had been driv-

came up behind a large PIE ing I don't know the

the car?
truck and looking ahead I saw answers but I do believe there is

another PIE truck approaching. nothing could have done to


I was traveling faster than the change the circumstances of the

truck ahead of me so I braked accident. —
Bountiful, Utah.
the car to slow down until I could
pass. As I applied the brakes AN IMPOSSIBLE VISIT
the left front wheel locked. I By Carol Bird
could not bring the swerving car
back to my side of the road. The
MY REAL estate office
cated on South Dixie High-
is lo-

oncoming PIE truck collided way Lake Worth, Fla. Looking

with the Plymouth head-on in out the show windows about nine
the center of the road. The truck, o'clock the morning of June 13,
loaded with about 40,000 pounds, 1972, I was astonished to see my
pushed my coupe some 168 feet friend Mrs. Louis Cohn of Lake-
down the highway. It was totally land, Fla., crossing the street
demolished. and looking up at our building as
I had to be pried out of the car if trying to locate my office. The
to be taken to Ivinson Memorial last time she had come to visit
Hospital in Laramie, Wyo. I had me the office had been on the
a broken right leg, a shattered other side of the street. Seeing
left knee and two broken hands. her in Lake Worth that morning
After four days in Laramie I was surprised me, for I knew her
able to be transferred to a hospi- husband was in the hospital in
tal in Utah and eventually I Lakeland with serious heart
recovered without serious con- trouble. I hurried out to greet
sequences. The PIE driver was her —but there was no one on
not injured and by the way, he the street!
was not the driver in my dream, At that moment the office tele-
the one I knew. phone started to ring and I rush-

To my chestnut mare alongside the

ed back to answer it.
road, Dad's foot still caught in
further amazement, Mrs. Cohn
the stirrup. Joe thought the other
was calling from Lakeland. Be-
tween sobs she told me that her
stirrup may have broken while

husband Lou, one of my dearest

Dad was cantering, throwing
him off balance. The panicked
friends, had died and was to be
horse had dragged Dad at least
buried that day. I was so startled
500 feet severely injuring his head
by the experience of hearing her
on the cobblestones.
voice immediately after seeing
In the morning I told the dream
her that I was speechless.
I have had other psychic ex-
to Dad, my mother Anna Hoff-
periences but none as striking as man and my sisters Clara and

this vivid apparition of my friend

just as she was about to tele-
phone me. —
Lake Worth, Fla.

By Mary E. Carey
as told to Daniel D. Carey, Jr.

INold1929 my family lived in an

Victorian farmhouse in the
Pleasant Valley section of Al-
toona, Pa. That spring for no
apparent reason I grew in-
creasingly concerned over the
welfare of my father Phillip Mary E. Carey

Hoffman and my foreboding Louise but they all dismissed it

seemed to involve his favorite as a nightmare.
recreation, horseback riding. The next Tuesday, May 14, ex-
One night in May I had a par- actly one week after my dream,
ticularly vivid dream in whicn I it cametrue in minute detail.
saw our hired hand Joe Heiss The accident occurred at the top
driving his horse and wagon up of the hill on Seventh Street,
to the house. Dad lay in the wag- about a quarter mile from our
on, blood flowing from his head, home.
nose and eyes. "Oh, my head! As a result of his injuries Dad
Oh, my head!" he moaned over was forced to retire from his job
and over. as a brewmaster and he lived
In the dream Joe explained he the rest of his life as a semi-
had found Dad and his favorite invalid. —
Altoona, Pa.

THE PARI-MUTUEL GHOST ticket for the first race. (In a

By Ceil Cannon quiniela the bettor selects the
TN DENVER, Colo., a restless firstand second dogs to finish
A ghost of a gambler named although not necessarily in prop-
Higgins returns to his old haunts er order.)
to supply "hot tips" to anyone he Shortly after we sat down I be-
is able to contact. I can't de-
gan to feel extremely cold and
scribe his appearance but my unaccountably uneasy. I was
psychic impression is of a breezy aware of a presence on my right
character who might have come but when I glanced that way the
straight from the pages of a box seat was empty. I was much
Damon Runyon story. If I ever relieved when Roy returned and
sat in the vacant seat.
Sometime during the first race
I began to shiver. A chill mass of
air moved in on me enveloping
my right arm and hand until my
fingers were quite numb. Ignor-
ing my discomfort I studied the
entries for the second race, my
pen poised lightly over the pro-
gram while I contemplated a pos-
sible winner. Suddenly my arm
jerked spasmodically and my pen
glided across the program. I
Ceil Cannon
looked down to see the following
notation: "Higgins says 3 and
visit Denver again he's one 7." I have done automatic writ-
ghost I'd be happy to meet again. ing since April 1968 but "Hig-
On the evening of July 16, 1969, gins" was a new name to me.
I attended the greyhound races at I was dumbfounded but for-
the Mile High Kennel Club with tunately I recovered in time to
my son Roy Cannon and his wife place $5.00 on the 3-7 quiniela.
Arta. Arriving late, we hurried to Clutching the ticket tightly I
the west end of the mezzanine to stood wildly waving and cheering
collect our reservations and buy with the crowd as my dogs came
official programs before post time in to pay $11.60.
at 8:15. Arta and I immediately The first half of the Twin Quin
took our places in our box while was coming up. Spurred by my
Roy went to purchase a quiniela unexpected good fortune I re-

laxed and gave my pen free rein. One Sunday in September 1914
This time it wrote, "Ceil Bill — when I was five we were return-
says 5 to show." I consulted the ing from services about 9:00 P.M.
program and was startled to see As we often did we window-
that the number five dog was shopped along Main Street on
named Ceil's Billy Boy. I placed our way home. Mother happened
a $2.00 wager on him to show and to glance across the street and
he came through in a driving fin- noticed a man looking into the
ish to place second. windows of the Needham Hard-
Before the final race, the last ware Store. Mother turned to
half of the Twin Quin, the pen Aunt Estella and said, "Look,
wrote, "Higgins says 8-1." I im- that man going to rob that

mediately purchased a $5.00 store and he will take only

quiniela ticket and the dogs guns." My aunt knew that Moth-
crossed the finish line in that or- er received spiritual messages,
der. The payoff was $21.80, mak- now known as ESP, and at her
ing my total winnings for the day suggestion we hurried down the
$37.40. street until we found Officer Hig-
"Higgins" never has communi- gens, the night patrolman on the
cated again but I have the sneak- beat.Mother told him of her pre-
ing suspicion he is still hanging monition and his reply was, "La-
around the pari-mutuel windows dy, you're crazy! Suppose you've
in the Mile High Kennel Club at been up to that ghost church —
post time. —
Houston, Tex. you people are all alike!"
We walked on discussing his
ROBBERY FORETOLD rude remarks and the fact that
By Estelle J. Kufel he never went toward the store
DURING MY childhood my par- to check it. Dad was still up
ents Susan and Harry Muns reading when we got home. Moth-
lived in Decatur, 111. moth- My er told him of her premonition
er's sister Estella Jewell, a pri- and he suggested she call Police
vate-duty nurse, lived with us. Chief Ed Wills and tell him. But
Almost every Sunday evening Mother simply said, "We shall
Mother and my aunt attended see what happens."
the services of the First Spiri- Early the next morning Dad
tualist Church held in a rented brought in the newspaper. Sure
lodge hall downtown. I was al- enough, a headline read "hard-
lowed to go with them on the ware store robbed." Just as Moth-
promise I wouldn't go to sleep er had foreseen, only revolvers
during the service. were stolen. The robbery had
taken place at 11 o'clock. ton Park, an inner voice sudden-
Dad called Chief Wills and ly spoke to me: "Forest has been
asked him to come over that killed!" Forest Granger was my
evening. When the chief arrived brother who would have his 14th
Dad told him the story of Moth- birthday in July. He had gone to
er's psychic impression and of Redmond in central Oregon to
Officer Higgens' ridicule. Chief help on a farm belonging to C.
Wills knew Dad was a reliable W. Dexter hoping to earn enough
businessman and therefore be- to buy clothes to begin high
lieved him. school in the fall.

Later that evening the chief I didn't want to believe my

returned with Officer Higgens impression but the thought that
who admitted that Mother had Forest was dead kept hammer-
warned him and that he had not ing in my head. Then I remem-
investigated. Higgens spent the bered my widowed mother Edna
rest of his career patrolling the Granger and knew she must
levee area near the railroad sta- want me to return home at once.
tion, the least desirable beat in But how could I explain to Vir-
town. Needless to say, this inci- ginia? I hated to spoil her day.
dent converted both the chief Distraught, I sat on the grass
and Officer Higgens into believers leaning against a tree. What had
in ESP. —
Stevens Point, Wis. begun as a joyous day now had
become a nightmare. Sensing
INTERRUPTED OUTING something was wrong Virginia
By Ruby Allen asked me if I wanted to return
EARLY ON the morning of home and I replied, "Yes, I'm
June 26, 1937, my girl friend sorry but I must." We said very
Virginia Thompson who lived little on our trip back and it was

next door in Portland, Ore., join- three in the afternoon before I

ed me for an outing at the zoo. finally reached the house.
Portland's zoo is located in Mother had received a tele-
Washington Park about 15 miles gram stating that Forest had
across town from where we liv- shot himself accidentally and
ed. We rode the streetcar for an died that morning. As closely as
hour and had to walk the rest of we could figure it I had my im-
the way. pression of his death about the
As we were strolling happily time Mother read the tele-
and leisurely through Washing- gram. —Portland, Ore.
Dance teacher Lisa Terreri has
been active in professional act-
ing and music since she was 16.

The Demon
Comes inthe

CDu CDare
I struggled against an overpowering urge to sleep

fearing that if I relaxed the invisible weight would crush me.

By Lisa Terreri

HAVING GROWN up in a fam- In November 1971, recently

ily that always has taken divorced, I was living with my
an interest in the occult I con- two young sons in an apartment
sidered myself quite knowledge- in Boonton, N. J. One evening
able about the supernatural. after tucking Matthew and Mi-
Ghost stories that would send a chael into bed I was just about
tingle up others' spines I con- to doze off myself when I sensed
sidered "old hat." However, I an eerie sort of presence in the
found my background of little room with me. My heart jumped
use when faced with an actual and my throat went dry but I
encounter with the unknown. decided it must be a normal

case of jitters and tried to settle sleep, yet an overpowering hyp-
down again. But I could not notic command to could
shake the strange feeling that not be denied. This time the
some deadly coldness had en- crushing weight came more
tered my room. quickly, seemed heavier and
For at least 10 minutes I lay stayed longer. I was unable to
straining my eyes in the dark move but mentally I began to
but seeing nothing. I was begin- fight it. I could not give in, for
ning to feel foolish when sudden- if I were to sleep its weight
ly something of tremendous would crush me. After what
weight dropped upon my chest! seemed like forever I finally
I could see nothing but "it" was gained my freedom. With every
unmistakably there. ounce of strength I had left I
"Reason it out," I told myself. leaped out of bed, gasping for
"If it really is some sort of ghost breath.
why can't I see it?" I tried des- I turned on every light in the
perately to rise to a sitting po- house and raced to the telephone
sition but the weight was far too and called my mother Lois Pick-
heavy. Then, just as abruptly as ell in nearby Morristown. She
the weight had come, it van- would know what to do! But
ished. when she answered I found my-
I sat up and turned on the light. self too distraught to talk co-
Shaken as I was I still found it herently. My self-confidence van-
hard to believe it actually had ished and I became hysterical
happened. And I found myself and completely unintelligible.
overwhelmed by a desire to Somehow through my babbling
sleep. As if compelled by some and sobbing Mother ascertained
unexplained force turned off
I that I had experienced a genuine
the light and lay back on my peril. She promptly turned the
bed. Hardly had I adjusted my phone over to my father instruct-
eyes to the dark than "it" re- ing him not to hang up at any
turned, settling its weight hard cost. Mother covered the 20-min-
upon my chest. Again I tried in ute ride from her house to my
vain to move and once more the Boonton apartment in less than
weight abruptly lifted. half that time. I was still sob-
Now the reality of it slowly be- bing hysterically to my father
gan to dawn on me. I was ex- when she charged in my front
periencing real pain from the door with a Bible in her hand
sheer weight of the unseen force. and a look in her eye that would
Instinctively I knew I must not have sent the most stalwart

of ghosts back to his grave. I returned to my apartment and

She immediately ordered what- everything seemed normal. The
ever it was to "get out and stay bruise gradually disappeared and
out" and read some passages I never have had an other un-

from the Bible. She lost no time seen visitor.

in bundling me and the children, An interesting footnote came
in our nightclothes, into her
still some six months after that fright-
car and drove us straight to her ful night. I was in Madison,
home. As we drove along I hard- N. J., visiting myEugenie.
ly could ignore the full moon I went with her one afternoon to

above us or the mists rising the Madison Public Library so

from the ground around us. That she could pick up some books.
eerie trip seemed the longest While she was choosing I asked
I ever have taken and I virtually the librarian if there were any
flew into Father's arms when he new occult books I might browse
met us at the door. through while waiting for Euge-
Weput the boys to bed in the nie. The librarian remarked that
guest room and over a cup of the demand for books on such
coffee Mother and I discussed topics was so great that nothing
my harrowing experience. Final- ever stayed on the shelf for
ly I calmed down enough to want long. There was a relatively new
to go to bed and I went to the reference volume on witchcraft,
bathroom to wash up. I untied however, that did not circulate.
my nightgown at the neck so I I was welcome to look through
could splash cool water on my it while I waited. The book fell

face. I had my hand on the fau- open to an entry titled "Mare"

cet when I caught a glimpse of and I began to read. The word
myself in the mirror before me. was not to be confused with the
On my chest andalong the all Latin for "sea" nor the English
collarbones was a huge blood word meaning a female horse,
bruise —
exactly in the place the volume explained. Mare was
where "it" had been! Mother derived from a medieval usage
heard me gasp and her face meaning an evil demon, specifi-
paled when I turned and she cally "one who comes in the
could see the bruise. night, sits upon the chest and
There is very little left to tell. causes feelings of suffocation!"
UFOs in the

Crouching in the weeds, all five of us watched the rainbow-hued

lights and heard the humming motor noise.

By Frances Mathis Williams

LOVERS the outdoors and

ASnative of iston, the "port of entry" to Flor-
Floridians my wife ida swampland —the Everglades,
Mary and I have made a hobby Okaloacoochee Slough and Big
of traveling all over our state. Cypress —
Swamp which ex-
We especially like the swamp- tends all the way south to Ever-
land and itsteeming wildlife — glades National Park near Mi-
deer, quail, wild turkey and ami. Marsh grass, mangrove and
many other species. In the 1950's palmetto growing in and along
with our friends Bob and Jean the slews and canals make the
Holchombe we went camping al- area almost impassable if you
most weekly in various parts of don't know every clump and
the Everglades. stand of trees. The swamp is the
On one of our trips we heard natural habitat of rattlesnakes,
about mysterious lights that had alligators, wild hogs and Lord
been seen in the wild swampland knows what else. There are no
south of Clewiston, a town near roads; the only way in is by
Lake Okeechobee. We were so canoe or on foot. It was in this
intrigued by these reports that kind of country south of Clewis-
we decided to try to see the ton that the mysterious lights
lights ourselves. On the first of had been seen and reported over
October 1947 we loaded our a period of several months.
Volkswagen van and left our Our first step was to locate
homes in Trenton for the 250- Tomo, the Indian guide we had
mile trip south to spend 10 or 12 hired on other occasions. He
days in the swamp. knew every slew and corner of
About noon we arrived in Clew- the swamp and we trusted him


completely. His $10 a day fee roads there were to a spot called
seemed reasonable —
we knew if Devil's Garden near the Miami
we went into the swamp with Canal. We unloaded and moved
Tomo we would come out again. our camping gear into one of our
Instead of going in blind we three canoes and secured it with
decided to drive to Belle Glade, a length of rope to the one Tomo,
a city on the southern tip of Lake Mary and I would occupy. Bobby
Okeechobee, and rent a small and Jan got into the other canoe
plane to take a look from the air. and we set off. With Tomo's
Tomo was accustomed to this skillfulguidance we reached the
procedure and readily crawled small island we had seen from
into the Cessna 180 with the rest the air and by about 4:00 P.M.
of us. In an hour's flying time we had set up our camp.
mapped the route we wanted to We had brought enough food
take. for a week and could manage for
Early the next morning we two days beyond that if neces-
drove the van over what dirt sary. Once isolated in the swamp

we all agreed we'd wait out the of bees amplified to an unbear-
lights. We had no intention of able pitch. It made my
ears ache.
making such a dangerous trip There was nothing on the ground
and then leaving without seeing to account for the noise but it
them —
if they were there. continued while we stared at the
The first night Bobby and I lights.
kept an all-night watch and saw After almost an hour the sky
nothing. And nothing happened darkened and the lightning be-
for the next four nights. By the came more intense, illuminating
sixth night when we settled into the area for yards around. In its
our tents leaving Tomo on guard light we all saw two huge round
we had just about decided the objects hovering about 30 feet
stories of mysterious lights were above the swamp. The humming
tall tales. noise seemed to be from their
As I tried to sleep I heard motors. They began to move
rumbling in the distance and across the swamp, rose slowly to
soon lightning was flashing fre- a height of about 300 feet and
quently. It was hurricane season then with a sudden burst of
and we had been away from civ- speed took off to the north. At the
ilization for five days. Suppose a same time the rainbow-colored
storm was moving up from the lights disappeared but we saw a
Gulf? Despite my apprehension I thick dull-yellow cloud of fog ris-
must have slept for about 1:00 ing from the clearing where the
A.M. Bobby awakened me. He strange craft had been.
motioned toward Tomo who was Tomo was as mystified as we
crouching behind a palmetto were. We could only conclude
bush and seemed to be looking that we had witnessedthe take-
intently to the south. Our wives off of two mysterious space vehi-
soon joined us and we crept out cles. We reasoned they had wait-
of the tent and lay on the ground ed for the storm to move in to
watching and waiting to see cover their movements and
what Tomo had found. muffle the sound of their motors.
We have long to wait.
didn't If we had been a few hundred
Suddenly a massive display of feet farther away we might have
colored lights blossomed before seen their panoramic display of
our eyes and at the same time lights but we would have missed
we heard a loud humming noise. seeing the spaceships themselves
It was like the drone of a swarm as they left the earth.
T7VERY FATE reader agrees private homes by skilled as well
-I-' that there is an activating as unskilled practitioners.* As a
component — spirit—in every liv- consequence of the controversy
ing human and possibly in some over the question of abortion in
of the highermammalian crea- this country our press has car-
tures. Where do these spirits ried the stories of many debates
come from? Why do they come? which seem to center around the
Where do they go after physical question of when the human fe-
tus becomes sentient.
The biblical explanation
An Old Doctor teresting whether it is
is in-

true or
erroneous. Genesis 2:7 states:
Speaks Out: "The Lord God formed man of
the dust of the ground, and

Why I breathed into his nostrils the

breath of life; and man became
a living soul." So Adam never

FAVOR was formed as a human fetus in

we debate the
rupt pregnancy
it murder
to inter-
any known
By W. D. Chesney means? Some of the counter-
questions asked by proponents of
Is abortion murder? When does legal abortion are: Is it not un-
the soul enter the body? What just to force the victims of rape
or sufferers of diseases such as
light do Spiritualist mediums
tuberculosis, syphilis, congenital
shed on these thorny questions? insanity, or cancer of the female
genitalia to bear unwanted child-
death? And at the present time
the most pressing question is:

When do these spirits enter the •The Soviet Union legalized abortions in
1920, repealed the law in 1936 and re-
human body? instated it in 1955. The Communist
countries of Eastern Europe (Czecho-
These days many
states are slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Rumania
and Bulgaria) passed laws legalizing
legalizing termination of
the abortions in the 1950's. Japan also has
a permissive law. Even in South Korea
pregnancy by induced abortion and most of the Middle East where
and millions of such operations abortions are illegal the operation is
performed openly in hospitals and clin-
are being performed all over the ics. In the predominantly Catholic coun-
tries of Latin-American nations where
world in hospitals, in nursing abortions are rarely permitted for any
reason whatsoever 20 to 50 percent of
homes, in clinics and even in all pregnancies are ended illegally.

ren? Is it just when a virgin has hear a woman's voice pleading

been seduced and there is reason for an abortion. The walls were
to believe she will attempt to thin and I instantly recognized
abort herself with possible hor- the voice as belonging to a long-
rific results for herself and/or the time schoolmate, the best stu-
unborn child? dent in our high school. She
Fortunately we live in a pleaded for relief and Dr. A.
changing world; not only our harshly refused.
laws but our basic mores are Ethyl finally sobbed, "If you
changing. In my youth it was will not help me there is only one
fairly common for fine young way left. I shall kill myself rath-
women to deliberately take their er than bring disgrace on my
own lives to avoid the disgrace of mother."
bearing a child out of wedlock. If Dr. A. rejoined, "You should
those who oppose abortion be- have thought of possible conse-
cause it destroys the soul of the quences before allowing the boy
child make this the only way out to take you."
for some
of these girls aren't Ethyl cried out, "But you don't
they then taking two human understand. Billy spiked the fruit
lives instead of one? punch with whiskey and made
So the debate goes on: Does me drunken. Then he raped me.
the unborn baby have a spirit? Doctor, I have been told that
Does the spirit (soul) enter the every physician takes an oath to
child at conception? At the time save lives. You can now save two
of quickening when the fetus lives, for I swear to you before
begins to move within the moth- our Creator, that unless I can get
er? Or does the soul enter the rid of this unwanted baby I shall
body at the time the newborn commit suicide. If I do perhaps it
infant draws its breath?
first will also kill my darling mother
I got my start in medicine by whom you are treating for a seri-
serving a medical apprentice- ous heart condition."
ship with two very fine practic- Dr. A. ordered her to leave his
ing doctors. My duties as a med- officeand 10 days later I was a
ical apprentice were to take care pallbearer at Ethyl's funeral. At
of the doctors' horses, buggies that time I took an oath before
and sleighs, keep the office spot- my God that I would never be
lessly clean and as my knowl- party to such a triple tragedy,
edge grew, assist in surgery. One for Ethyl's mother went into
cold afternoon I came from the shock and passed away a few
buggy house by a back door to hours after Ethyl's funeral.

The next morning Dr. A. look- of doubt that as Sir Oliver Lodge
ed as if he had aged 20 years. We wrote in his reply to Father's
had a long talk and he offered to letter describing these events,
pay all my expenses to Vienna to "They were who and what they
attend lectures atFrauen-
the claimed to be."
kranken Hospital and complete a I went to Vienna and for a year
year's work in gynecology. studied gynecology, urology and
Before leaving our land I had also phototherapy. I found I had
many talks with my father who the gift of invention and many
had become a Spiritualist inventions have come through
through his patron, Abe Lincoln. me, starting while I was in Vien-
We discussed thequestions of na. Among them is a device to
what becomes ofthe spirits of terminate pregnancies with little
aborted babies, when the spir- or no pain and without much risk
itsenter into the infants' bodies, of infection —
provided the wom-
at conception, at the time of an has not previously attempted
quickening, or at the time the to abort herself.
baby draws its first breath — After returning to the States,
which must occur within a very everywhere I went I talked to
short time after birth or the baby doctors, to clergymen of all
dies. faiths and to laymen regarding
Father knew two very good their beliefs as to when the im-
mediums in Topeka, Kans., a mortal spirit of man enters the
man, a trance medium named fetus. Because of the multiple
Aber, and a direct voice medium answers I received I no longer
and healer, Mrs. Talley, who en- wonder why men have founded
deared herself to me by curing nearly 300 religions all based on
my migraine headaches. Father one book, the Holy Bible.
and I put the problem to both of I have my own sad personal

them. And they agreed on one story to tell. In 1931 when my

point: the spirit enters the baby's wife was more than eight months
body with the first breath. pregnant a certain agent for a
Through Mrs. Talley, in our university where I was conduct-
own home where trickery was ing experiments opened the cock
completely impossible, the spirit on a large tank of chlorine gas I
of Ethyl came through, together was using to synthesize com-
with that of Aggie C. who also pounds. My wife was made
had taken her own life because gravely ill and I sent her home
of unwanted pregnancy. This to Chicago by railroad train
proved to us without possibility while I drove madly to meet her
there. Our child was stillborn from tuberculosis, whooping
and a postmortem showed that cough, polio, measles, diabetes,
his dear little body was full of rheumatic fever and appendicitis
chlorine. combined. A good number of
Three years later, in 1934, we these poor little victims are in-
attended a seance with Arthur fants.
Ford in Hollywood. We never Studies of parents of these bat-
had met Ford before but he tered babies show a common
pointed to us and said, "You lost pattern of personal and social
a baby a short time ago. It was maladjustment which leads them
reported as stillborn but it was to take out their rage and frus-
not, for after the doctor swatted tration on their crying but help-
its buttocks it took a few breaths less babies.
and cried audibly. Then the spir- Dr. Brothers ends by recom-
it that had just entered into the mending "separation of the child
child passed higher. It is now a from the parents, temporary or
beautiful auburn-haired child permanent." Wouldn't it be bet-
and will be brought to you many ter to allow, even encourage,
times as it grows in spirit." these parents to seek early abor-
Pointing directly at Blanche tion of these unwanted, unloved
Ford said, "You have with you a children?
lock of hair from his head. He Some highly orthodox people
was to be named Walton Rice say that an abortion may destroy
Chesney." another Jesus, a Washington or a
Dr. Joyce Brothers, in her Lincoln. I say the abortion of an
column "Why They Behave That unwanted child, by the same to-
Way," recently wrote of the ken, may save humanity from
growing incidence of child-beat- another Judas, a King Herod or
ing. She stated that while the a Hitler.
horror of child-beating is hard to I have saved many lives by
understand, nevertheless medi- my work and I would do the
cal authorities estimate that same were I to live my life over.
more children under five die Today civilization is being de-
every year from injuries inflicted stroyed by those who had best
by parents or guardians than never been born.


A ROOT found growing in the eastern Soviet Union increases
the growth of suckling pigs and calves by 12 to 15 percent,
reported the Soviet news agency Tass. Feeding the root, called
eleutherocock, to chickens makes them grow faster and lay more.
SHORTLY AFTER my parents
Katherine and Leonard Mor-
rell-Jones were married in 1936
in London, England, my
began to build his dream house
in Croxley Green, a small town
in Hertfordshire. In those days
material and labor were cheap
and soon the beautiful two-story
house was finished. Dad named


Our Home
Protesting that she had lived in the house

longer than we had, Mrs. Browne refused to

move and vowed we never would be happy there.

Bt Maare«n Taylor

it "Kelm," a combination of his my impending arrival. War now

and Mum's initials. My mother, seemed certain and Dad disliked
raised in the London slums, found leaving a pregnant wife to man-
the spacious rooms, modern kitch- age the large house alone. Con-
en and rolling grounds almost sequently he arranged for her to
too good to be true. move in with my grandmother
They had been married about Lucy Mary Jones, just down the
a year when Dad realized that road from Kelm, and he rented
war was imminent and volun- the big house to a family
teered for service in the Royal named Browne for the duration
Army Medical Corps. He had to of the war. Little did he realize
spend several weeks at a time at the war would stretch on for six
a training center on the coast but long years.
returned home on leave for short During the war Mum and I
periods. During one of these frequently visited Kelm. Mrs.
"vacations" Mum told him of Browne often remarked on the
beauty of the house and Mother printing firm in nearby Watford.
was satisfied that it was being I was now seven and in Septem-
We were far
well looked after. ber I started school. In those first
enough from London that the weeks we all were content with
ravages of war did not reach us our home.
and at the end of the war Kelm Late one September evening
stood intact and as lovely as Dad and Mum sat reading in the
ever. living room when Mum heard
Early in 1947 Dad was demobi- the high-pitched scream of a
lizedand we looked forward to child. It seemed to come from
moving into the big house. While directly beneath the front win-
the Brownes at seemed
first dow. She saw nothing when she
agreeable to relinquishing Kelm, rushed to look out and so went
as weeks went by it became ob- outdoors to investigate further.
vious that Mrs. Browne insisted Meanwhile my father hurried
on staying. She heatedly argued upstairs to check on me. I was
that they had been very good peacefully sleeping, unaware of
tenants and had lived in the any disturbance. Both returned
house longer than we had. Noth- to the living room rather shaken
ing would persuade her to move and unable to explain the
and that spring my father was scream. Dad remarked that per-
forced to go to court. haps it had been an animal that
When the court ordered the only sounded human but Mother
Brownes evicted, Mrs. Browne, had seen no sign of an animal
trembling in anger, turned to my near the window.
mother and said, "You will nev- Some days later the telephone
er be happy in that house. You rang and when Mum answered
will be forced to leave it just as I it,she heard only low grunting
have been. Curse you and your on the other end. Thinking it was
family!" She had to be forcibly some practical joker she re-
removed from the courtroom. placed the receiver, only to have
Dad dismissed her outburst as itring again immediately. Again
the act of an overwrought wom- she heard only grunting sounds.
an and we went ahead with our This was repeated five times
plans to move. within the space of three or four
During July and August 1947 minutes, then stopped as abrupt-
we settled into Kelm and Mum ly as it had begun. Mum men-
busied herself with furnishing tioned the calls to Dad that eve-
our lovely home. Dad went to ning and he expressed the view
work at Odhams Limited, a that perhaps it was Mrs. Browne

harassing us. In those clays all rectly they were at a loss to

telephone calls had to be placed explain why those 13 calls had
through the operator and he re- not been received by the opera-
quested the telephone company tor. Yet the phone had rung; at
to keep a record of all calls least four of us had heard the
placed to our number. Mum was calls and Mum had recorded
instructed to inform them of the them carefully.
# # #
exact times of any crank calls.
Within three days the calls rpHE MYSTERIOUS phone calls
started again. Mum wrote down I convinced us that something
the time of each on a pad by the unusual was happening in the
side of the telephone. There were house During the next year
four calls on one afternoon be- numerous disquieting events con-
tween 2:55 P.M. and 3:01 P.M. firmed this belief. Perhaps the
and three calls the following af- most inexplicable episode took
ternoon between 2:38 and 2:40 place a few months after the
P.M. Two days later there were phone calls.
six calls at about the same time On the wooden gateposts on
of day and on this occasion either side of the driveway were
Mother's friend Patricia Greaves two metal numbers, "4" and
from across the street was there "3," each firmly attached by two
as a witness. All these calls were large screws. One Saturday
reported to the phone company. morning Dad hosed down the
The day following this third driveway and washed the dust
series of calls a young man from off the two gateposts. Then he
the telephone company visited polished the two brass numbers
the house, looking apprehensive. with a soft cloth. He just had
He questioned the three of us finished when his friend Walter
exhaustively and also spoke to Greaves arrived to drive Dad to
Mrs. Greaves. He checked the band rehearsal. (Both men
phone itself, made a few calls played in the municipal band in
and left — wearing a puzzled nearby Watford.)
expression. Dad hurried into the house to
When the phone company con- fetch his banjo and when he
tacted Dad the next morning, came out he saw Wally staring
they insisted that on the days in at the gateposts. "Hey, Len,"
question, at the times given, no asked Wally, "why did you take
calls had been registered by the off your numbers? Going to paint
operator in charge. Since other the gates?" Dad hurried out to
calls had been registered cor- look. Sure enough, the numbers
were gone — but the screws were I feltthe bare face, the hands
still in place! Wally laughingly and the raised numerals, Mum
remarked it seemed silly to put entered and asked, "Why is your
back the screws before the num- light on, love?"
bers. Dad tested the screws and Mother hadn't heard the
found it was impossible to move sounds, which stopped the mo-
them by hand. He and Wally ment she entered, but I told her
went into the house to tell Mum about them and about the watch.
and she went out to see the gate- She sat and comforted me until I
posts for herself. But now the fell asleep again. The next morn-
numbers were back where they ing as I got dressed I checked
belonged! the watch again. The crystal had
No one was in sight on the returned as mysteriously as it
street and it had been only two had vanished.
or three minutes since Wally first Mum's
great pride was a quilt
had noticed the numbers were of silk and
shot goose down
missing. Dad took a screwdriver, which she always kept on the
removed the numbers and put master bed plumped to perfec-
them back again. Although he tion. One afternoon she came in-
worked as fast as he could, it to the bedroom and found it lying
took him eight minutes to com- on the floor Replacing it, she
plete the operation Wally calledme in and reminded me I
laughed sheepishly and made was not to play in her room. But
what proved to be a prophetic 1 had not been in the room; in
remark, "Maybe you have a pol- fact I avoided it as lately I felt
tergeist floating around." "cold" whenever I entered her
During the winter I slept in a room. Saturday she again found
back room near the water heat- the quilt lying on the floor and
er. One night in January or Feb- complained to Dad. Dad was
ruary 1948 I was awakened by aware that strange things were
sounds of wailing and screaming occurring in the house and deter-
which seemed to be right in the mined to take positive action He
room. My light was on, although examined the quilt carefully and
I had turned it off when I went to replaced it on the bed. Then he
bed. For a few moments I lay searched the room for a stray
trembling at the uncanny animal or anything that might
sounds. Then I glanced over at move the quilt. Satisfied that the
my watch to see what time it room was normal, he locked the
was —
1:30 A.M. But the crystal windows and doors, pocketing
from the watch was missing! As the key. We all went down to the

living room to wait — we weren't room we heard several crashes

sure for what. in the kitchen. Mother was too
About 20 minutes later we frightened to move but Dad and
clearly heard hangings and Mr. Greaves hurried to the kit-
bumpings from the bedroom but chen. As they entered they saw
we held hands and waited while pots and plates flying through
a penetrating cold hovered the air completely under their
around us. Finally the noises own volition. Dad was struck on
stopped and Dad led us back up the side of his head by a meat
the stairs. A tremendous force platter and Mr. Greaves report-
seemed to hold us back but even ed feeling vibrations like an
as we fought it, it abruptly dis- earthquake. But no earthquake
appeared. Dad unlocked the bed- was reported in all of Hertford-
room door and we followed him shire and certainly earthquakes
into the room. "My quilt's are not confined to a single room.
gone!" cried Mum as she The disturbances became too
stopped just inside the door. unsettling for Mum so we sold
We searched the room and Kelm and moved out in March
soon found the quilt jammed be- 1949. The family who bought the
hind a wardrobe in the corner of house never experienced any
the room. It normally took two problems with the house nor did
men to budge the oak wardrobe we suffer any unexplained hap-
which was some six and a half penings anywhere we lived sub-
feet high. But it had been moved sequently.
about six inches from the wall Did our jealous tenant's curse
and the quilt jammed behind it cause our troubles? Whatever
with force. But what force? The the explanation her prophecy
windows were still bolted and proved accurate. We never were
nothing else in the room had happy in the house and we were
been disturbed. forced to move out just as she
One Sunday evening near New had been. But how her curse
Year's Day 1949 Mr. and Mrs. could have caused all these
Greaves were visiting us for tea. strange events remains unex-
As we sat quietly in the living plained.


SRATH TAIERI, New Zealand, a tractor caught fire while its

INowner was cleaning The gasoline he was using accidentally

ignited; the heat shorted the wires and started the motor. The trac-
tor, its gears having been left in reverse, backed itself out of the
barn, thus saving the building and other equipment.
All members of trie family and
of the community participate in
the trance-dances, which are both
social and religious events.

To the !Kung trance is not only

the means of curing illness but

also an encounter with the su-

pernatural world and a process

of spiritual death and rebirth.


Kalahari Bushmen
By Mary Margaret Fuller

TOWARD the end of Dr. Katz's also teaches other people to

three-month stay in Botswana trance. He said, "Sure it hurts.
he met the person he believes he After you've danced for a num-
should have talked with at the ber of hours there's physical
start. This man was in his 50's pain but that's not important.
and Dr. Katz learned that one of What really occurs is that when
the only ways to find out some of you start to trance you're afraid
the real meanings of trance is to you're going to die. Even though
talk to someone like this man you know all about trancing
who was a powerful trancer, who you're afraid you're never going
had tranced for years and who to come back. It's a kind of psy-


chological death." And he said will not be with the living any-
that when a trancer has been more. And during the dance they
dancing for a while and is just are looking toward heaven and
starting to go into trance and shaking their heads at the
then abruptly goes and sits ghosts, saying, "Don't take her
down, he is trying to cool off. He yet; she's not ready to go. We
has seen something that's too want her still."
scary. And he told Dr. Katz when So another thing that happens
you finally are able to face this during the trance phenomena is
unknown, to enter the trance that the !Kung dare to contact
state, you pass through a death the other realm, bridging the gap
experience and are reborn. between their ordinary state and
One older trancer described it
saying, ". your heart stops,
. . Two experiencedtrancers give both phys-

you're dead, your thoughts are icaland emotional support to a novice

dancer who is afraid to enter trance.
nothing, you breathe with dif-
ficulty. You see things, medicine
things; you see ghosts killing
people; you smell burning rotten
flesh; then you cure. You pull
sickness out then you live."
. . .

During the trance,in addition

to curing,the dancers claim
other extraordinary powers. For
example, they say they talk with
the netherworld and that they
contact the supernatural. Ordi-
narily, the last thing a !Kung
wants to do is even think about
ghosts, people who have died
— the supernatural. It's a realm
he holds in awe. But during
the dance he is able to con-
tact that realm because es-
sentially sickness means the
gods or ghosts are saying to
someone, "It's time for you to
come . join us in the other
. .

land." Dying is not a bad expe-

rience, they think, but the victim

A powerful trancer adds extensive During trance-dancing powerful but

body contact to laying on of hands. totally blind healer regains sight.

the extraordinary. They raise the ness is severe or chronic they

level of their being. may ask a co-worker to come
Basically the treatment or cur- with them and as one trancer
ing is the laying on of hands. works on the sick one, laying on
Some of the dancers use their hands, the co-worker lays hands
entire body as a curing mecha- on the first trancer. The reason
nism. The person who is in for this is simple. If the sickness
trance may get behind the is very strong, one trancer may
"patient" and make contact with not have enough energy to get it
his whole body surface. He is out because of course he does not
hot, sweaty, vibratingand em- want to be left with the terrible
bracing the one who is to be sickness himself. The trancer
cured. Perhaps this gives you works with the "patient," laying
some idea of the powerful con- on hands and at the end, shakes
text of the cure. They say that his hands to get the sickness out
really what is required is a of himself. When he shakes his
steady gaze. In a sense, ifthey hands the sickness is flung out,
can look the illness in its "face" away from the people, off the
they can pull it out. If the sick- ends of his fingers.
One of the experienced trancers relaxes with his student and friend Dr. Richard Katl,
upon whose research among the IKung bushmen of the Kalahari this article is based.

The emphasis is not on de- ing across each other, curing

veloping a personality cult. The each other. And in their daily
only question is what kind of lives they lived with their fami-
"medicine" does the trancer lies next door to each other. All
have. The emphasis is on the of this physical contact is sexual

"medicine " rather than on the in the most general and generic
However, if he comes
trancer. sense but there's a strong prohi-
from a trancing family he is bition against any explicit sex.
more likely to be a trancer him- The experienced trancer, a
self because one of the best ways person in his 40's or 50's who has
to learn about trance is from his been trancing for perhaps 20
father. Imagine, fathers teaching years, is quite an ordinary per-
sons to alter their state of con- son in every respect. He hunts;
sciousness! he gathers; the only thing Dr.
Dr. Katz saw one dance where Katz found that possibly sets him
mother and son were trancing apart is that he tends to have a
together, working together in very active fantasy life, to see
trance with body contact of all all sorts of things in ambiguous
kinds —on top of each other, ly- pictures. Dr. Katz asked some
trancers to draw a picture of arate out He removes the eye-
themselves, since he feels tranc- balls, puts them back in the cloth
ing is such a physical thing. The bag and takes them up to
experienced trancers drew ab- heaven."
stract images of their bodies — In other words, during the
spirals, circles, curves while — trance state this blind trancer
the nontrancers drew stick fig- becomes more than himself be-
ures, literal representations of cause then he can see both —
bodies. figuratively and literally. During
At one time during Dr. Katz's the day he is led around by his

stay in the desert there hadn't wife but during the trance there
been a dance for a number of is good evidence that he does
weeks at one particular water indeed "see." Nobody leads
hole. One of the important tranc- him; he doesn't trip over people;
ers who lived there said he he walks with confidence and
wished to have a dance soon so finds the people he wants.
that "I can really become myself Another trance-curer, a "pro-
again." Katz thought he meant fessional," just as the blind danc-
he wanted to experience again er is a professional, meaning
what he felt was his more es- they get paid for curing but are
sential self. no less effective for that reason,
Another big trancer who is is a woman in her 80's. You can't

blind says, ". . .God keeps my get better curing than this
eyeballs in a littlecloth bag. woman provides. At one period
When he first collected them He she was dancing seven days a
got a little cloth bag and plucked week because her medicine was
my eyeballs out and put them so good people wanted more and
into the bag and then He tied the more of it. She is in different
eyeballs to His belt and went up levels of trance much of the
to heaven. And now on the nights time —
it's not senility it's just—
when I dance and the singing almost a constant state. If some-
rises up He comes down from one died in her arms the people
heaven swinging the bag with would assume he was too sick to
the eyeballs above my head and live. But if someone dies in a
then He lowers the eyeballs to young dancer's arms others be-
my eye level and as the singing gin to keep an eye on him be-
gets strong He puts these balls cause if this happens several
into my sockets and they stay times more he's going to have to
there and I can cure. Then when stop dancing because his medi-
the women stop singing and sep- cine will be judged "bad."

Among the 300 or so !Kung Dr. some mysterious thing, not just
Katz met the lives of only two illness —they
try to find out
have taken on a different quality something from the ghosts, from
because of their trancing and he the other world.
thinks in order to maintain the And last, there is the artistic
synergistic quality the group and expressive outlet. Some of
could not afford many more than them are fantastic dancers. They
two because of course they don't dance delicately, exquisitely,
do much hunting or gathering — some floating like birds. In the
for a very simple reason: they're trance-dance each has his own
trancing all the time. style.The emphasis is on trance
Let's try to summarize some but clearly the style and quality
of the basic functions of the syn- of the dancing provides satisfac-
ergistic quality of trancing. One tions.
# # #
of the most important is that it
puts the !Kung in touch with the NOW, HOW can we relate the
supernatural. It's a religious !Kung trancing to our own
function. Also important, it is a lives? The experience of tran-
curing and protective device — scendence is momentary, al-
way of combating and treating though in another sense timeless.
illness. It ispowerful social
a The emphasis should not be so
force, providing group cohesion much on having a transcendent
and solidarity. And within the experience but on the effect the
limits of the Kalahari population experience has on your life. The
and geography social cohesion !Kung trance in order to cure
and solidarity are important. If and participate in a religious di-
you're going to spend 12 hours mension; for them trancing has
singing with other women, with an integral place in the life of the
your knees underneath their individual and his group.
knees, leaning againstthem when Westerners too easily place the
you doze off, you have to be emphasis on attaining the ex-
on good terms with them. So perience. They look hard for this
at a dance a tremendous premi- one transcendent experience and
um is placed on social cohesion if they finally allow the experi-

and solidarity in order to attain ence to occur then they face

communal release, communal squarely the perplexing ques-
transformation. tion: what do I do now? Without
It also is a very important a context for transcendence it is
source of knowledge. If some- a transitory experience, with un-
thing is troubling the village certain implications for personal
growth. The explorer of con- trancer. It allows him to tran-
sciousness temporarily leaves scend himself and develop extra-
himself and his society but after ordinary powers during certain
experiencing truth he must re- periods. It reaffirms his relation-
turn to himself and his society ship with the supernatural and
and attempt to live this truth leaves him with a feeling of well-
with himself and others. being. Trancing also supports
Certainly there have been dra- the functioning atid growth of the
matic instances where one tran- culture. When a !Kung becomes
scendent experience changed the a trancer everybody gains.
course of a life and opened a The !Kung describe a process
path toward growth. Religious analogous to a psychological
conversions do occur but there death and rebirth as critical to
was fertile soil in which the ex- entering trance. This is not sur-
periences could arise and sub- prising. There is a broad range
sequently grow. of evidence suggesting this is the
Entering into a transcendent process which characterizes the
state is fundamentally an ex- entrance into a transcendent
periential passage. Conceptual state. During the experience of
clarity about that state may give psychological death you give up
one a feeling of confidence or who you are and what you are
comfort but when it comes down accustomed to. And in the pro-
to the moment of transcendence cess of giving up your identity,
it's no help at all. In fact, in his you can enter the state of tran-
book The Teachings of Don Juan scendence. A conviction that you
Castaneda tells how his need for will be reborn encourages you to
conceptual clarity about tran- enter this state. You can accept
scendence denies him the very the fear that you will become
experience itself. nothing or that you can't come
Trance has definite intrinsic —
back to yourself it's no longer
value but it must occur in con- immobilizing. Rebirth for the
text. Dr. Katz tries to describe !Kung is twofold: being reborn
this through the concept of syn- into the trance state and af-
ergistic consciousness. The ter the dance being reborn as
!Kung trance-curing is a state of an ordinary, fully functioning
synergistic consciousness, har- !Kung Holding a conviction
monious with both the individual about rebirth is helpful but basic
and cultural levels of existence. is the ability to accept the un-

Trancing supports the function- known, to go willingly into fun-

ing and growth of the individual damental mysteries. The hero's

passage is a journey into the which they can transcend.

unknown. Facing the unknown, The !Kung model is rare to-
the boy becomes a man, the man day. There are few teachers of
a hero. transcendence and some of the
But in America today, particu- supposed teachers operate with-
larly among adolescents, many out a perspective or meaningful
people are trying to establish context and encourage others to
their own identity. Many of them go where they themselves have
would say they are looking for not really been. The !Kung edu-
transcendent experiences. But cation for trance is effective pri-
being in a state of identity diffu- marily because it occurs within
sion, at loose ends, not particu- a contextwhich is actively inter-
larly invested in anything, is not ested in this education. It's al-
equivalent to being in a state of most as simple as that.
transcendence. You give up your When transcendence is pur-
identity when you experience sued in isolation of any cultural
transcendence but before you support, if it is experienced, it
can give up an identity you first quickly dissipates with very little
must have one. The !Kung, for effect on the person's ongoing
the most part, know who they behavior. Transcendental experi-
are and sense their place in their ences need to be directed toward
universe. They have an identity growth.

By Lucius Farish
NEWPORT, ARK., already no- truders on the first night of the
torious tor sightings in 1971 invasion and was prepared for
and 1972 ol Arkansas' "White more.
River Monster." has a more re- Entomologist Harvey Barton of
cent claim to fame. Beginning on Arkansas State University in
the night of September 27, 1972, Jonesboro thought perhaps cli-
estimated millions of crickets in- mate changes were responsible
vaded the town, covering streets, for the migration although he
sidewalks and the sides of build- admitted he never had heard of
ings. The chirping visitors were a cricket migration before.
camel-brown in color and about Making the best of the situ-
an inch long. Some areas of ation, some local youngsters
Newport soon were ankle-deep busily scooped up the hopping
in crickets. One storekeeper filled visitors and sold them to local
a gallon bucket full of the in- bait shops.

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Milarepa, "The Tibetan Saint" Reincarnation, Life After Death
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MY GHOST DOG MIDGET Two days later I was cleaning

By Barbara Lasiter Cabin Number Four when again I
FOR SEVERAL years my husband heard Midget barking. I looked to-
Bill Potts and I ran Kozy Kourt ward the office and could see no car
Motel in Electra, Tex. In March 1951 there. But the sound of Midget's
while Bill was away on a fishing barking grew louder. When I went
trip my little dog Midget, whom I to the office I found a man waiting
had raised since he was a puppy 11 there. He said, "The door was not
years before, became sick. The veteri- locked and I knew you would come
narian was gone for the weekend and when you heard your dog barking."
by the time I got Midget to him the "So you heard him, too?" I asked.
following Monday he told me it was I explained that Midget was dead
too late. Poor Midget had blood poi- but on three occasions I had rented
soning and was suffering terribly. cabins because his barking had
Finally on March 15 we put Midget alerted me.
to sleep. In March 1952. a year after Midget's
On Sunday. April 15, I was clean- death, I was working on the books
ing cabins. I couldn't see the office
but suddenly Midget barked as he al-
ways did when someone came to rent
a cabin. I knew Midget was gone but
the barking continued until I went
to the office. I rented two cabins to
the people who were waiting there.
On Monday, April 16, I finished
cleaning the cabins and went a block
down the street to have dinner with
my friend Florence Herring. I had
just started my meal when again I
heard Midget barking. I hurried back
to the cabins and saw a car just
pulling out. I caught them just in
time and rented all eight cabins that
night. Barbara Lasiter

one morning when I had a sudden physical body, beginning to breathe
urge to go to the door. I didn't want again.
to interrupt my work
but finally the I thanked God for giving me life
urge became so strong I walked to once more. I tried to tell Dr. Stanley
the door and looked out. There was of my experience but he said it had
Midget walking along past the cabins! been due to the gas. However, I
He turned to look back at me and had gas when my first two children
then faded away. I never saw nor were born and nothing like this had
heard him again. —
Goinesuiile, Tex. happened. Also, I knew what was
happening to my physical body at
I SAW GOD the same time I was having my spiri-
By Dora Howell tual experience. The gas had not put
ON MARCH 30, 1970, I was in me to sleep; I was fully awake the
Miami County Hospital in Paola, entire time. —
Bucyrus, Kans.
Kans., giving birth to my third child.
At 2:48 A.M. I heard Dr. Rex Stanley A SKEPTIC NO LONGER
say, "You have a daughter. She's By Lawrence Horstman
just fine."
SOME TIME after my father Law-
Suddenly I felt my spiritual self rence Horstman, Sr., died sud-
leave my body and rise upward. denly in his New Jersey home I
suggested to my mother that she sell
the house and move to an efficiency
apartment, perhaps in Ithaca, N.Y.,
so she could be near my farm. But
Mother cheerfully replied, "Oh, no,
I wouldn't think of leaving as long
as your dad is still here."
I found it difficult to understand
Mother's attitude but when I men-
tioned this to a friend at work I was
surprised when he remarked, "It's
perfectly understandable and in fact
you ought to encourage her commu-
nication with your father. And did
you know there's a Spiritualist
Dora Howell church right here in the area, in
Freeville across the lake?"
I had to confess that I did not. My
About six feet above my body I curiosity was aroused and I decided
stopped and hovered. I looked down Mother might enjoy visiting there
and saw my physical body below, when she next came to stay with
seemingly lifeless. Then my spiritual me.
body continued to ascend. Mother was delighted by the idea
Many miles up in the sky I stopped. and so on April 23, 1972, a cold
I knew I must have died. Then I saw rainy morning, we journeyed to
God, accompanied by three spirits. Freeville dressed in our Sunday best.
I recognized one spirit as my cousin In the summer Freeville is the loca-
Jo La Verne Squire, who had died in tion of the Central New York Spiri-
a car wreck the previous August. I tualist Campground but on that
pleaded with God to allow me to drizzly day in April the main build-
return to my husband and three ing was still boarded up for the
children. Instantly I was back in my winter. We found ourselves seated


Millions of people in the Far East, Buddhists,
Muslims and Hindus, turn to the Holy City of
Kataragama and the devale {temple) of SRI
SKANDA for divine guidance. Those who con
afford to, make an annual pilgrimage to the
shrine and undergo great hardship to receive
the blessing of SRI SKANDA, as they believe
that he will help them attain prosperity and
well-being. According to the Swamis (Holy
Men) of Kataragama and Hindu belief, the
powers of SRI SKANDA can be infused into
Talismans and Oils and transferred to the
ultimate owners of these items. The Talismans
and Oils are now available to those who wish
to test the efficacy of SRI SKANDA and will
be sent directly to them from Ceylon,

Available, inexpensively, for the first time, to
residents of the U.S.A. and Canada un- . . .

cannily accurate horoscopes drawn by Ceylon's

master astrologers!

For FREE Exclusive U.S. and Canadian Representative

Catalog write to: Occult Astrological Services of Ceylon, Inc.
P.O. Box 5887, Grand Central Sta.
L « New York, NY 10017
"There are several Philosophical Institu-
tions in the world today who are helping
people to find a "State of Grace" and
whereas these Organizations are sincere in
their aims, their teachings can often only be
understood by relatively few people, as they
require a considerable amount of study,
meditation, and self-denial. Our aim is also
Philosophical, but by using the media of the
Tantric (Occult) Sciences and Astrology, we
can bring benefits to people in all walks of
life in a more practical and direct way."
Gamini S. Kawiratne
Sarasavi Institute of Astrology -Ceylon-

100 FATE
along with only a dozen or so others
ARk TTL_ Witchcraft Supplies
V/ IXVP. Occult Curios in rustic Memorial Chapel as
the wind whistled outdoors.
H Warloch Presently the Rev. Earl Young, the
minister, entered and mounted the
/ \ * 300 Henry St.
steps to the pulpit. He seemed an
ordinary unassuming middle-aged
\ \ Brooklyn, NY 11201

Send 50c for Mail Order Catalog

man with the straightforward man-
ner of a farmer. "Well, folks," he
began, "I'm sorry that our organist
is ill today and can't make it. But
we don't need fancy organ music to
Coming soon. Oceans overrun lands, destroy-
ing life, property. Know how. why. when
Booklet. THE IMMINENT SHIFT OF THE praise the Lord, do we? Of course
EARTH'S AXIS. scientifically explained. not! Let's stand up and sing."
Latest edition. $2.50 postpaid.
Emil Sepic, 1200 Allord Ave., Eureko, CA 95101 The little congregation stood up
and we sang a few songs from the
hymnal. For some reason a sense of
Read nostalgia overcame me as we stood
GETTING OFF THE WHEEL singing together and when we sat
by Louise Wyatt down at length I was aware of a
Break the cvcle of REINCARNATION.
Achieve SOUL TRANSCENDENCE Make certain bond of intimacy among us.
life work FOR you. Learn how to master "I'm afraid I have some more bad
Send $2.95 and tax, news, folks," the Reverend Young
plus 50c postage and handling to:
said next. "Mrs. Timmerson, our
P.O. Box 1242, El Monte, CA 91734 usual medium, can't be here today,
either. You'll just have to get by
with me. So I'm going to give it a
try and open myself up to the spirit
GOD'S WELL world."
I couldn't imagine what he was
Located 12 miles east of Lebanon,
talking about as I had never been to
Missouri, on Interstate 44.
such a service before. I was embar-
• rassed for him yet terribly curious
Open from April 1st to as he allowed his eyes to close and
October 30th. his head to fall back. Presently his
Visitors have reported seeing Jesus lips began to tremble, then his mouth
often on the grounds of God's Well in moved.
1972. Many testify that they also saw "William!" he suddenly blurted
Mary, Mother of Jesus, Moses, John out,addressing a woman in the back
the Baptist, the Archangels, Indians row. "I get a William, a big fellow,
and numerous other spirits not identi- passed away in late middle age.
fied. Anyone recognize him?"
It is claimed that Jesus blessed the The woman leaned forward smil-
well and the grounds, and said, "Many ing broadly and replied, "Yes, that's
miracles will happen here." According my husband." He continued with
to reports on file, many miracles in- some minor advice about her house-
deed have happened at God's Well. hold.
Send a large, self-addressed stamped I thought it must be a trick. Maybe
envelope for new brochure to:
he knows the woman, I told myself.
GOD'S WELL But again and again he repeated
Rt. 2, Box 43A, Richland MO 65556 such feats, mentioning personal traits
and characteristics of the deceased.
a ,


The great majority of such tidbits

were confirmed by the members of
the congregation although sometimes
the spirits were not recognized. The
medium's sincerity was evident but The Ingress
I continued to suspect he was ac-
quainted with the others present. is Here!
Then the Reverend Young turned
to us, gazing first at Mother and then
at me. We could not help feeling h age has dawned, and
th Shrine of Sothi3 pro-
mildly uncomfortable. He tipped his laims the 'INGRESS, and

head back and covered his eyes with i ones Iforth with the sole
/ purpose uniting man-
his hand. Then he said sharply to j

' kind wl th Nature.
me, "This gentleman is a skeptic of
The Shrine of Sothis
the spirit world, a nonbeliever. He's

lieves that Mankind t

some kind of scientist." the ability to grow and
to realize its true f
I was shocked. Wasn't I wearing
t en t i a 1 through un i t ing
my poker face? How did he know with the Fundamental for-
that I worked in a biochemical labo- ces which make life tru-
ly dynamic. To contact
ratory? these forcea constitutes
"I get a name," he continued. the Shrine's Greater Work
so that They ralrht work
"Lawrence! Does Lawrence mean upon our inner-selves to
anything to you?" produce an awareness of
our relationship with the
Mother and I both nodded dumbly. Cosmos and God.
"Yes," I acknowledged, "that's my
name and also the name of my father Our Lessons are

blend of theory s
who died recently." Suddenly I felt practice. The Student Is
ashamed and no longer skeptical. led very carefully from
one point to the next
The Reverend Young continued mastering each before
with a message for me about radical proceeding further. The
Shrine seeks to promote
changes coming in my life and he the study and application
predicted that Mother would make a of the Divine Mysteries,
not only for the better-
trip in August that would prove ment of our own live
very rewarding. She did in fact make but to 'Rise upon t
Planes' and ultimately
an unexpected trip to Alaska in come to fully realize the
August to see her daughter. His pre- existence of the Being
diction for me also came about. With- which the Ancients called
the 'Great Concealed One',
in the next few months I suffered a or better known in modern
major crisis in my marriage and quit times as God.
my job of seven years' standing.
We invite the
In all his 45 years of marriage Dad ser1
Student to send for the
never forgot his wedding anniversary, free Prospectus.
April 23. I am convinced that in 1972
he remembered it although he had Siirin© of Sotriis
left our world. —
Trumansburg, N.Y. BOX 14096-BI
San Francisco. Ca).
By Bill Cunningham
I WAS 17 when
and love my
I first
grandfather, James
came to know
Valentine Cunningham. In 1938 my
father built a one-room cottage be-

102 FATE
hind our family home in San Bernar-
for Grandfather Jim,
mybrother Tom and I stayed
BACK ISSUES m there with him. When we went to

OF FATE m the big house for breakfast Grandpa

and I always sat at the kitchen table
Looking for a hard-to-flnd back issue of while Dad prepared the meal.
FATE? Or a story of particular interest One July morning Grandpa, look-
that appeared months or even years ago?
ing as hearty as ever despite his more
Anything that ever appeared in FATE than 80 years, surprised us all by
since the very first issue back in Spring.
1948. can be yours — accurately reproduced saying to my father, "Will, I don't
from the newly created microfilm library feel so good this morning."
of FATE.
"What's wrong. Dad? You look good
University Microfilms, with the coopera-
tion of FATE Magazine, is offering xero- to me —but if you insist I'll take you
graphic reproductions of FATE made over to St. Bernadine's Hospital." •

from microfilm.
Later that week I visited Grandpa
Issues may be purchased at 8c per pa«e, in the hospital and asked him if the
at a minimum of $3.00 per issue. A com- doctor had seen him.
plete article or a portion is available for
$2.00, with additional copies of the same "There's nothing much young Dr.
article 50c each.
Dowd can do for me, Bill," he replied.
FATE "There comes a time when all old
people must go to their maker."
While he spoke I noticed him gent-
Microfilm reels, too ly fingering the beads of his rosary.
For libraries, bookstores and ambitious I told him I would be back later. But
collectors of past issues of FATE Magazine,
microfilm reels nf up to 12 issues of FATE when Dad and I returned to the
are now available at $11.75 per reel. hospital at 7:30 that evening Grandpa
R«el Volume From Volume To was in a coma, his breathing gaspy.
1 1 (Spring 1848) 3 (December 1950) An hour later he was gone.
2 (January
4 1951) 5 (December 1952) One evening about a week later
3 (January 1953) 6 (December 1953)
Dad, Mother, my sister Bernardine

4 (January
7 1954) 7 (December 1954)
5 (January 1955) 8 (December 1955! and I were talking in the den. Sud-
6 9 (January 1958) 9 (December 1956)
denly I heard the back door open
7 10 (January 1957) 10 (December 1957)
8 11 (January 1958) 11 (December 1958) and a slight shuffling on the porch.
8 12 (January 1959) 12 (December 1959) I felt myself pale as I said, "Why,
10 13 (January 1960) 13 (December I960)
11 14 (January 1981) 14 (December 1961) that sounds like Grandpa."
12 IS (January 1962) 15 (December 1962) Bernardine and I got up hurriedly.
13 16 (January 16 (December
14 17 (January
1964) 17 (December
We crossed through the living room
15 18 (January 1965) 18 (December 1965) to where we had a clear view of the
16 19 (January 1966) 19 (December 1966) kitchen. And there —
the saints pre-
17 20 (January
18 21 (January
1968) serve us! —was Grandpa, as true to
19 22 (January 1969) 22 (December 1969) life as any man that ever walked
this earth.
Complete Backfile: Volume 1 (Spring
1948) to Volume 22 (December 1969) — 19 We watched as he slowly turned
reels — Is $200 00.
and walked to the kitchen door,
For specific information limping slightly as always. The door
— and order form write to: opened and Grandpa's figure continued
FATE #5876 across the porch and out the door.
Periodicals, Order Entry

University Microfilms
300 North Zeeb Rood
Ann Arbor, Ml 48106
As fast as I could I rushed to the
outside door and opened it. But the
old man had vanished in the dark-
ness. — San Bernardino, Calif.
Thw (Book*

T^IRECTLY ON the heels of my
XJ concluding remarks last month
on how far psychic research still has two boys, one four years old and
to go the January 1973 issue of the the other 18 months, and a newborn
Journal of the American Society for girl. Both families appeared to be
Psychical Research arrived containing free of psychological tensions that
three articles that illustrate my ob- might trigger such a disturbance.
servation. (The quarterly Journal is The disturbances began in the
included with $15 membership in the summer of 1971 when the families
ASPR. Individual issues of the jour- first moved into the two-flat dwelling.
nal are available at $3.00 each from Lights inexplicably turned on and off
American Society for Psychical Re- and occasionally the radio in the
search. 5 West 73rd St., New York, upstairs apartment turned on its own
N.Y. 10023.) switch. At least three of the adults
Henry W. Pierce, a science writer saw an apparition which they de-
for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, con- scribed variously as a four-foot-tall
tributed an article about a recent "white cloud" or "black-gray shad-
unusual household disturbance in ow." Sounds of footsteps, chairs
that Pennsylvania city. The case moving and cabinet doors being
combines features of both a polter- opened and closed were heard when
geist (moving objects) and a haunt- no one was in the room where the
ing (auditory and visual phenomena) sounds came from. All four adults
yet lacks the usual psychodynamics heard a young boy laughing at times
of either. The two-story brick build- when their own children were asleep
ing where the disturbance occurred or absent from the building.
was built in April 1968 and has The most dramatic incidents in-
no history of violence or emotional- volved pepper and saltshakers and a
ism. The two young couples who rocking chair. In February 1972 Mrs.
reported the phenomena are well- Naomi Cramer dismantled the shak-
educated professional persons with ers to wash them. She placed the
considerable skepticism about psychic parts on a paper towel on the kitchen
phenomena. The only children are counter to dry and turned to make a

104 FATE
phone call. As she was dialing she

ARISE! heard something hit the floor directly

behind her and turned in time to see
the pieces of the shakers flying from

The Thoughts and Writings
the counter towards her.
Peter and Clair Henry both saw an
empty rocking chair in their living
of Yogi Sri Chinmoy room rocking. Peter placed his hand
on the chair and the rocking slowed
Sri Chinmoy writes from the heights of his

Infinite Consciousness a passage for each but did not stop. When he removed
day of the year. He answers his sixty dis- his hand the chair rocked faster
ciples and gives us music, the better to
nourish our souls. again. He even lighted a match to
•'This book
a gift to you. and to me. of
is test for air currents in the room that
ageless wisdom converted into a contem- might be causing the movement of
porary form by the loving hands of the
great Indian Spiritual Master. Sri Chinmoy. the chair but found none.
"To read the words of Sri Chinmoy is to
feed the aspiring mind spiritually. To feed
the aspiring mind is to eventually touch the
heart. The heart is the home of the soul. THE PHENOMENA were too strik-
When the heart is touched: we are aware of ing and too often repeated to be
God's Presence within us." Senani — due to poor observation or normal
S6.35 postpaid explanations. None of the typical in-
Order now from gredients of a poltergeist —
an ado-
Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc., Dept. FH lescent child or disturbed relation-
386 Pork Avenue South,
New York, N.Y. 10016 ships between people —
were present
nor are the laughter and apparitions
typical of poltergeist cases. Was it
then a haunting? The middle-class
neighborhood is depressingly com-
A challenging book . . .
monplace. Pierce checked with the
YOUR IS police who found no deaths have
COSMIC RADIO WORKING? taken place in the building.
By Harry Emerson Pierce suggests as a possible ex-
planation the ghost of the son of a
The Intelligent Per- former tenant, a nine-year-old re-
son's Guide to Ex- tarded boy named William, who died
panded Conscious- in a fall from a window of the insti-
ness. Based on the tution where he was an inmate. But
New Testament and William died a month before his
scientific findings. mother moved into the building and
168 exciting pages he never had set foot in the place.
. . . $5.95. Even if one argues (as Pierce does)
that William's spirit was attached to
Learn how to go beyond meditation
to his mother and followed her into the
Get knowledge from the same source building, why did he stay there when
as the Masters.
she moved out? Pierce's suggestion
THE SPIRITUAL LIFE. leaves many questions still un-
Many new revelations for you. answered. We can no more explain
Send check or money order now. why this disturbance in Pittsburgh
YOUR COSMIC RADIO, INC. occurs than we can explain why dis-
P.O. Box 3427, Coral Gables FL 33134 turbances do not result in hundreds
Satisfaction guaranteed, or full refund in of cases where violent and emotional
ten days.
deaths do occur in buildings.


IFbaffled, article leaves us
one Ian Stevenson
leaves me not simply puzzled but
frustrated. The good doctor argues
(correctly in my opinion) that the
strongest mediumistic evidence for
survival comes in those instances
where the alleged communicator is
totally unknown to the medium or
the sitters yet gives evidence of his
personality. This case of such a
"drop-in" communicator is 40 years
old but previously unpublished in
English. Stevenson personally inter-
viewed the medium, Mme. B.
Bricout of St. Etienne, France, and
her only sitter, M. Brossy, before
their deaths and collected all the
notes made during the sittings in
1932 and 1933 during which the un- The TREASURY OF WITCHCRAFT is an ency-
known communicator "dropped in." clopedic source book on the Magic Arts, from
In the fall of 1932 M. Brossy asked Egyptian Astrology to Haitian Voodoo. Here are
Mme. Bricout's "control" Juliette to hundreds of Magic Techniques, Charms, Love
Philtres; a full treatment of Satanism; Witches
provide some evidence for survival and Warlocks; Werewolves and Vampires; Divin-
and Juliette obligingly agreed to ation; Levitation; and other occult practices.
bring a communicator who was un-
known to all of them. The first few EXCERPTED FROM THE ORIGINALS
sittings produced only the infor- 'How To Arouse Woman's Passion
mation that Juliette had a communi- 'How To Gain a Man's Love
'Invocation For Finding Treasure
cator named Robert who had been 'Spell To Acquire Virility
killed in World War I. On January 8, 'Conjuration Against an Enemy
1933, Juliette communicated the fol- 'Rejuvination by Magic

lowing further details: the young 'Invocation Against Sickness

'Magic Betting: Curse Against Opponent's
man's name was Robert Mary, he Horses
was born on the coast at Villers-sur- 'Image Magic
Mer, he was married and had a son 'Charm Against Evil Spirits

named Robert, his son was deaf and 'Spell To Banish Pain
'And many, many more
dumb as a result of meningitis, and
his parents were caretakers of a
A WHO'S WHO IN DEM0N0L0GY includes,
villa at Villers-sur-Mer. among some 200 entries, the fascinating story
of the Arch Magician Solomon. There are full
historical records on the activities, torture, and
M .
tails were
decided these
sufficient for identity
de- punishment of witches. Also, the Black Mass,
Sabbat, and other most absorbing topics.
if such a person had existed and volume to treasure-beautifully bound, with large
accordingly wrote to the notary of pages, clear print, graphs. This encyclopedic book
the town of Villers-sur-Mer to inquire lists for $10. SPECIAL OFFER, $6.95. Send pay-
ment and save postage. {For COD please include
if a Robert Mary of that village had
$1 goodwill deposit.) Shipped in plain wrapper,
died in the war. In his reply the money-back guarantee ORDER AT ONCE.
notary stated that a Marie family PLAZAPLAN BOOKS, DEPT. 42344
lived in the town, the alternate spell- 1044 Northern Blvd.. Roslyn, N.Y. 11576
106 FATE
ing of Mary being preferred by the
THE BIOMAGNETIC family members who resided in
Normandy. A son of the Marie fami-
CROSS ly, Auguste Charles Robert Julien
Marie, had died in the battle of the
Worn for . . . Marne in 1914; he had been married
and had a child who was ill. Further
HAPPINESS inquiries produced no results until
SUCCESS 1937 when M. Brossy's friend M.
Ollagnier met a M. Charles Le
LOVE Marignier, a cousin of Robert Marie,
LUCK who confirmed the notary's state-
ments and added that Robert's
This amazing PENDANT CROSS called
•'Magnetal Energetic" is reported to in- father was a retired customs officer
spire the mind and spirit, to stimulate who later had been caretaker on a
enthusiasm and confidence to meet daily
problems. It is a unique and exciting large estate. The ill child, he added,
jewel, claimed by wearers to generate a was named Robert and was a deaf-
sparkling, joyful and vibrant personality
— a hlomagnetic effect known to attract mute due to infantile meningitis.
the good things of life. FREE write for — This case thus appeared to be high-
our literature in color about the influence
magnetism on human
also information
on the
ly evidential —
except for the puz-
surprising PENDANT CROSS zling item that Mme. Louis Albert
'Magnetal Energetic' without Marie, the mother of the alleged


B. L.
Box 197
—06 Nice (France;
f communicator, while refusing to spec-
ify the details, dismissed the in-
formation as inaccurate. When
Stevenson checked out the informa-
tion himself he soon discovered why.
He managed to contact the widow of
GENIUS OF YOGA Robert's younger brother Marcel and
Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda several elderly villagers who had
known the Marie family for decades.
AUTHENTIC YOGA BOOKS Stevenson's informants agreed that
Hard Cover Illustrated in Color
of his several first names the oldest
RAJA YOGA . . . $7.95 Marie son used Charles rather than
DEATH & Robert. Furthermore, this Charles
Reincarnation . . $9.95 Marie although raised in Villers-sur-
Concentration & Mer actually was born in a nearby
MEDITATION town. Most important, Charles Marie
YOGA GUIDE $2.99 never had married. His younger
YOGA IN LIFE . . . $2.99
brother Louis, who also died in World
CASSETTES: War I, was married and the father of
lhr. each $10.00
young Robert, the deaf-mute child.
Success, Will Power, Health, Medita-
Yoga Exercises, Happiness, Gita,
Upanishads, Mantra, Kirtans, WHO'S MISTAKEN?
Problems of
Kundalini. &
life,Raja, Jnana, BhaJcti,
All Aspects of Yooa. ...
point the reader
pull out
to his

Include 50c for each book What in the world is going on here?
Free Brochure records, magazine Was Juliette mistaken in her infor-
International School of Yoga mation? Did she draw her details
from both Marie brothers and attrib-
6111 S.W.74th Ave.Miami,F1.33143
ute them all to the elder? But why
would Charles communicate his
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lelhing? Be somebody?
Do You Believe
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ll for the first
in his
In Miracles?
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108 FATE
What will happen to you, reading . . ,
name as Robert if that was not the
"A factual novel, strangely fascinating, Equally puzzling is the discrep-
tremendous insight ." (Dr. Charles An-

goff, Farley Dickinson University). "Ex- ancy between the testimony given
tremely absorbing ." (Dr. K.T. Mer-
. .
in the 1930's and that collected by
chant. University of Bombay. India).
"Peopled with mysterious, fascinatine Stevenson some 30 years later. Both
characters, crammed with exciting inci- Charles Marie's cousin and the nota-
dents, a smooth vehicle for Important
truths . ." (Christchurch Press. New
. ry of Villers-sur-Mer were in a posi-
Zealand). $4.95 per copy from:
Monylond Books, Woodhovcn, NY tion to know the true facts about
what name he went by and whether
he was married or not. Why would
they attest to erroneous information?
On the other hand, why would the
later witnesses all agree on contrary
information? Was their testimony
more reliable than the earlier state-
ments? Stevenson agonizes through
the predicament without reaching
IS YOUR ORGANIZATION any conclusion although he is in-
"GOOD?" clined to blame Juliette for the mud-
Read the evaluation guide lines in the
January 1973 issue of MEET THE LORDS dle. Anyone who glibly explains psy-
SI .09
chic phenomena as the result of dis-


By Helen I. Hoag $1.00 carnate activity will have to resort to
Order both today from:
some fancy footwork to explain the
The Aworeness Research Foundation, Inc.
Box 143, North Miami, Fla. 33161 "Robert Marie" case.

SUCH MUDDLES aren't peculiar
BREAKTHROUGH! to psychic research in the 1930's.
Religions are no longer mysterious. Dr. Jule Eisenbud in the same
Everything explainable as being human journal presents an equally frustrat-
nature. Read at no risk: THE RELIGIOUS
ing case dating from January 1969
One year guarantee.
$1.00 ppd. and involving the noted Dutch clair-
Saburo Katamoto, Dept. F voyant Gerard Croiset. One of
P.O. Box 24184. Seattle, WA 98124 Croiset's specialities has been the so-
called "chair test" in which he tries
to describe the individual who will sit
in a certain chair at a meeting at
some time in the future. Eisenbud
arranged with Croiset's mentor,
Prof. W. H. C. Tenhaeff, to have the
psychic describe two members of the
audience at a meeting to be held in
Denver, Colo., about two weeks later.
Croiset gave his statements before a
sound motion picture camera in Hol-
land with Professor Tenhaeff trans-
lating his statements into English as
he gave them.
Croiset also specified a complex
system to determine the eventual
target persons. Tickets numbered



The Ancient Science Of Soul Travel







. 4.95

Also Tapes, DHARMA
A NOVEL 2.95
Records and MAGIC HEALERS . 1.25
Discourses. A NOVEL 2.95
(9) ECK Vidya 5.00
P.O. Box 5325, Los Vegas, NV 89102 Nevada residents
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P.O. Box 5325, Las Vegas,NV 89102
$ Check or money
order enclosed. Please add 35c for handling and
mailing. Send books (by number) as follows:
Please send information on ECKANKAR, the Ancient Science of Soul Trovel.



City State. .Zip.


110 FATE
one to 40 would be taken by the first
"YOUR LIFE 40 persons to enter. Additionally one
IS WHAT YOU of the experimenters would prepare
MAKE IT" white cards bearing the numbers 10
to 34 and shuffle them. The experi-
There is a secret of Success:
menters would decide on a certain
"You can have what you want; you date and a certain town. The differ-
can be what you want to be and you ;

can do what you want to do if you learn ence in degrees between the maxi-
to use the power that lies within you."
WRITE NOW FOR A FREE BOOKLET mum and minimum temperatures
containing information about this remark- recorded on that date for that town
able course of training for personal de- would determine how far down in the
velopment and self-improvement. ACT
NOW: This may very well be the stepping- stack of white cards to count for the
stone to the achievement of your desires.
target numbers. Thus if the temper-
ature difference were 10 degrees the
HUGH G. CARRUTHERS FDN. top 10 cards would be removed and
P.O. Box 460
Liberryville, III. 60048 the 11th and 12th cards down would
be the numbers of the target per-
sons —that is, whoever held ticket
numbers corresponding to the num-
LIFE AFTEK DEATH bers on the 11th and 12th cards from
FIVE CONVINCING VOLUMES the top of the stack.
Life in the World Unseen SL75
On the Edffe of the Etheric 1-75 On the day of the experiment about
Here and Hereafter L75 100 persons assembled at Denver's
Blue Island Stead — 2 50
Is Death the End? _ 2-00 International House to participate.
Five for $8.50 The 40 persons —30 women, nine
Californians pis. add 5% tax.
WHITE, Publisher
men and a 13-year-old boy took the—
H. G.
420 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94108 tickets and sat in alternate rows in
the audience. The film of Croiset
describing the first target person was
shown and all 40 persons were asked
THE SACRED BOOKS OF MAHDA to indicate on printed forms whether
Read how the ancient Mandaneans escaped each of Croiset's statements was
from doomed Atlantis to Sumeria. Read
about their wanderings and their God. highly applicable, possibly applicable
whose Love is now revealed again. Learn or not applicable to him or her. The
how to cast off your chains and help build
a new societv founded on universal love. procedure was repeated for the sec-
ond portion of the film, with again all
EXPOSITION PRESS 40 persons evaluating the applicabil-
50 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, NY 11753
ity of the statements. The results
were 'collected and the target per-
sons announced. The target person
WARD OFF EVIL announced for the first experiment
Legendary Private Amulet was the 13-year-old boy who had
Ancient Wise Men believed they could marked only two of the statements
ward off evil influences— ill wishes— Sa-
tanism — by preparing and wearing SE- as possibly applicable. The target
CRET AMULETS. Our investigations have
uncovered ancient writings which allege
person announced for the second ex-
that a Secret Talisman may offer protec- periment was Mrs. E. O. of Denver
tion to YOU when sealed together with a
thread from your outer garment. We will who had marked one statement on
prepare YOUR amulet according to GOD's that second part as possibly applica-
law if you will send us a short thread
from your shirt, jacket or coat and $6 to ble. Inasmuch as the first experi-
cover the cost. ment included 12 statements and the
P. O. Box 151, Dobbj Ferry, NY 10522 second 18 statements it appeared
Croiset had struck out.
Enigmatic images appear within minutes while gazing into
the depths of the MYSTIC PYRAMID. We guarantee you
will be astonished by the parade of images and strange
events that are reflected upon the optic nerve! Astro-
physicists postulate that the precise geometric pyramid
structure alters the flow of "time". Perhaps we are
viewing images of events from the past or future Possiblv

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112 FATE
HAD he?
BUThappened A curious
BE STAR BLESSED! on the day of the
experiment. After all Croiset's state-
Never another lonely moment when ments concerning the first target
you are an expert astrologer. Every- person had been given but before the
body needs you! Learn quickly by chosen number was announced, the
listening, alone or form a group, as experimenters asked if any member
a hobby or profession. Inexpensive! of the audience felt any of the de-
scriptions applied to himself. The only
Ask for free information or send $1
person who volunteered as a possible
for sample 30-minute tape cassette. target person for the first experi-
American ment was Mrs. E. O. who later was
Astrosophical Institute, Inc.
announced as the second target per-
son. After the second series of state-
Box 749F. Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 ments were presented, again the ex-
perimenters asked if anyone recog-
nized himself. The only person
among the 40 with numbers who vol-
unteered was Mr. G. T., an atomic
THE PERSONAL LIFE physicist. Alater analysis showed
that most of the first series of state-
OF JESUS ments did indeed apply only to Mrs.
E. O. and most of the second series
Organized and directed by Father
Howard. 42 pages, price $1.25 applied only to Mr. G. T. Some of
Croiset's statements seemed impres-
THE KINGDOM sively specific for those two persons
out of all those present. Seemingly
OF THE MIND Croiset had described the "wrong"
Continuing the recorded messages target persons.
from the world oj spirit through Immediately after the evening was
the channels of direct voice medi- over one of the experimenters no-
umship. Two Doctors of Divinity, ticed that Croiset had made a cu-
now in the higher planes, analyze rious error in his instructions: he had
the Apostles' Creed clause by specified "24 white cards numbered
clause. The Master JesiLS and the 10-34." In fact, of course, these num-
Mother Mary express their views bers include 25 different numbers. To
about "The Origin of Man." What reduce the cards down to 24 one
comes first in the order of creation, must eliminate either number 10 or
mind or the body? Is the astral the number 34. Both these cards lay
first body or the second? And did
we live before our birth? "The above the cut made in the shuffled
Four Postulates of The Creative cards. Elimination of either card
Process" are discussed. The pre- would have made the target person
existentlife. The unsurveyed di- for the first experiment Mrs. E. O.
mensions of the mind. and the target person for the second
experiment Mr. G. T! If Croiset had
Ten chapters, 100 pages, price $2.00
not goofed on his instructions con-
Fdwin Peebles ceivably he might have scored a
Bex 356 rousing triumph. Even as it turned
out Eisenbud's experiment yielded a
BlowmingtoM, III. 61701
fascinating paper on the problems
involved in evaluating Croiset's ex-

periment and on the possible psycho-

dynamics involved. Despite all the
frustrations and perplexities that
arise, just such tantalizing insights
keep psychic researchers from aban-
doning the quest.

Thouless, Routtedge & Kegan Paul, Lon-
don, England, 1972, 199 pages, $10.00.

Dr. Thouless was one of the origi-

nators of the use of the term "psi"
to include telepathy, clairvoyance, Franz Bardon's unique second and third
books on magic are now available in ac-
precognition and psychokinesis, sug- curate English translations for the first
gesting that "they might be the same time! They make up a progress course for
adepts only. Beginners should start with
capacity working under different cir- Bardon's earlier book:
cumstances." In this book he re- Initiation into Hermeties
traces the beginnings of psychic re-
... a course of instruction of magic in 10
search and gives many anecdotes stages, its theory and practice plus the
mystery of the first Tarot card.
relating to psi from the Journal of
the Society for Psychical Research. The Practice of Magical Evocation
He notes that "experiments in con- . .describes the little known subject of

sort, monitory touching or transmis- oonJuratory magic —

one of magic's dark-
est corners. It demonstrates that wonders
sion of spirits and forces of imagina- and supernatural things exist only for hu-
tion" were suggested in 1627 by Sir mans deprived of the basic laws of nature
— and thus incapable of penetrating Into
Francis Bacon. Sir Francis also was its supreme laws. The book includes the

interested in telepathic dreams and mystery of the second Tarot card.

other psi phenomena. The Key to the True Quabbalah
Dr. Thouless' chapter on experi- ... is the cosmic language in theory and
mental precautions lists many errors practice. To speak in the quabbalistic way
means to create things out of nothing
which a psychic researcher might Through the ages the one who was called
make during his investigations. In the "master of the word" was always the
highest initiate, the highest priest and the
the rest of the book he covers the true representative of God. The secret of
the third Tarot card is always included.
experiments of Rhine, Soal and Ryzl
which are familiar to those who have Order these honks today!
studied the laboratory approach. He
also discusses testing for ESP by
transmission of drawings, stating that P.O. Box 249, Highland Park, III. 60035
Whately Carington's experiments of
Please send me books checked below:
this sort were "important in draw-
Initiation Into Hermeties $ 9.95
ing attention to curious and unsus- The Practice of Magical Evocation $12.95
pected characteristics of ESP." The Key to the True Quabbalah $10.95
Thouless' chapter on the critics of Add book for handling and mailing.
35c per
parapsychology should satisfy the
skeptics who doubt the honesty of Name —. —
Rhine and Pratt. Other chapters Address
cover psychokinesis (PK) and the State Zip
emerging patterns of ESP. The chap-
ter on experimental study of the sur-
114 FATE
vival problem is reason enough for
THE DEVIL WANTS YOU! reading the book. The author, for ex-
ample, in 1948 proposed a cipher test
TO JOIN THE OLDEST to be used in survival research. Just
RELIGION IN THE WORLD the glimpse given the reader of how
a true psychic researcher proceeds
THEE SATANIC CHURCH justifies this book.
Membership includes: Your Identification The four appendices cover the sig-
Card. Church Medallion, Newsletters.
Witchcraft Courses. Registration and han- nificance of variance in ESP, the
dling, $15.00. Send money order payable to: measurement of psi, the case of
THEE SATANIC CHURCH British stage performer Marion and
3109 N. Central. Chicago. 1L 60034 the internal controls of psi experi-
ments. This book should not be over-
looked by anyone seriously interested
in the nature of ESP. -— Paid Dimmitt.
TRY. Send birthdate. postage and $5.00 con-
tribution. MANY HELPED! by Robert Crooltall, University Boots, New
REV. ELLSWORTH ARNOLD Hyde Parle. N. Y., 1972, 160 pages, $7.95.
G.P.O. Box 974. New York. NY 10001

Dr. Crookall's name has become

synonymous with the scientific study
Use your phonograph of astral projection. The British
recorder or amazing
new Electronic Educa- geologist has published not only in-
LEARN tor endless tape re-
corder. Astonishing de-
tails, sensational 300
depth studies of out-of-the-body ex-
periences (OOBEs) but many hun-
items catalog FREE.
WHILE YOU Also free information
on: Frayer Plant Ex-
dreds of accounts of persons who
periments, Life-After- have experienced OOBEs. The 200
Death. Self -Hypnosis
SLEEP-LEARNING case histories in this volume bring
P.O. Box 24-Q
ASSN. the total of his collection to 746
Olympia, WA 96501 cases.
During the years he has collected
these accounts their details have re-
mained surprisingly constant. Percip-
ients in this new collection report
floating over their bodies, experienc-
Through Cfjrifift ing a momentary blackout at the in-
stant they left their physical bodies
Miracles, Wonders, Signs and often observing a "silver cord"
connecting their projected "body" to
When the MASTER PHYSICIAN lived, He preached, HEALED
and instructed His Disciples How To Carry on After HIS the physical one. Miss Celia Green, in
Crucifixion Now at last Christ's revelations to His Dis-
a recent book on OOBEs she has
ciples, explained in simple words are yours FREE. Beloved;
Is your world falling apart? Are you collected, reports that seeing the sil-
facing Disaster? Is your health failing?
What are your PROBLEMS? GOD wants ver cord is rare. But these 200 cases,
you to have Health, Happiness dud like Crookall's earlier accounts, re-
Prosperity. He didn't create us for suf-

fering, or disappointment. Send your port the silver cord with some fre-
name and address and we will send you
FREE this revelation of Christ to His
Disciples. We will also include FREE In Dr. Crookall's previous books
a copy of the HOLY ESSENCE in memory
Of Him. he organized the narratives into
THE DISCIPLES OF FAITH groupings such as "natural" and "en-
P. O. Box 50322 Dept. F forced" projections. In Case-Book he
NASHVILLE, TN, 37205 abandons this type of categorization
You can move your consciousness into greater
joy and fulfillment
by learning to utilize the keys to Mastership.
Semi fitr the enswette tape "The Piith to Mastership".
P. O. Box 676. Dept. F2SI, Rosemead. Ca. 91770
Please send me tapes of "The Path to Mastership".
For each tape I enclose my donation of $4.00. Total
Address City State Zip

116 FATE
and mixes OOBEs of different
From Venture Bookshop — This is not only confusing to the
novice but makes comparison of the

Classic Works by different varieties difficult. A new

in the present collection is
inclusion of several projection
Revered Founder of Spiritism experiences allegedly induced by
LSD. mescaline or other hallucino-
gens. I'm afraid I find the evidence
THE SPIRITS' BOOK insufficient to prove that such ex-
"The Spiritualist*' periences were true projections rath-
Bible" er than subjective experiences trig-
The background upon gered by the drugs.
which all Spiritualist
beliefs and practices Many will ask, "What is the use of
are set. The Spirits'
Bonk fully states the collecting more and more cases?" For
Principles of Spiritist one thing, Crookall uses these hun-
Doctrine. Over ONE
THOUSAND questions dreds of cases in analyzing the ex-
are answered ... all perience, its content and its implica-
you've ever asked,
and many you never tions for the survival hypothesis.
thought of! This is the
firstEnglish transla- Crookall also apparently is answer-
tion of the book, ing those parapsychologists who
given to Mr. Kardec
by the ascended mas- claim we need more evidence before
ters in the middle of
the last century. It is
we can understand OOBEs. (Aren't
to the Spiritualist what the Bible is to 746 cases enough?)
the Christian. Dr. Crookall concludes the volume.
Sturdy cloth binding: for a lifetime
of reference. 431 paxes. "Any who reject our hypotheses,
$9.95 which manifestly embrace and ex-
Plils 35c for postage and handling. plain all the facts, are in honor
bound to advance better hypotheses
BOOK MEDIUMS — and show, specifically and in de-
The of tail, that they perform that task
A Manual for Mediumshlp satisfactorily." —
D. Scott Rogo.
A must for your library. The Book of
Mediums is exceeded in influence only by
Kardec's earlier Book of the Spirits. For MYSTERIES OF THE MIND by Robert M.
over a century it has served as a manual
of instruction for Spiritists in France and Goldenson Doubleday 4 Co., New York,
Latin America. N. Y., 1973, 279 pages, $7.95.
The Book of Mediums gives directions
for the proper development of your medi-
umtstic talents, pointing out the dangers Mysteries of the Mind is written
and emphasizing the need for the proper
attitude. Every phase of mediumship is from the viewpoint of the "scientific
described and explained. Hundreds of psychologist" who feels that just
questions put to the spirits are given along
with the answers. about everything is explainable in
This respected translation by Emma terms of conventional science. As an
Wood is available in English for the first
time in many years It is the indispensible overall look at the strange twists,
book for you to develop your mediumship turns and aberrations of man's mind
in asound fashion.
Hardbound for life-Ions; use. the book is interesting, informative
$7.50 and easy to read. When he deals with
Plus 35c for postage and handling. purely psychological topics such as
ORDER TODAY FROM: . mass hysteria and crowd behavior
VENTURE BOOKSHOP he is on his home ground.
P.O. Bor 249 But I part company with him when
Highland Park. IL 60035 he goes on to other topics. He de-
scribes cases of split personality that


are clearly and simply explained

But then he "explains away" the
Patience Worth case in identical
He tells us of some
experiments in hypnosis but then
fine scien- WANTS TO
states that dowsing or water witch- BEAT THE
ing results function of
are solely a
suggestion and knowledge of the type
of terrain likely to yield water. I'llsend you free information in a plain en-
A number of truly mysterious cases velope about the same method used by
"pros" and "Insiders" who regularly take
occurring among primitive peoples their place at race track payoff windows.
also are explained rather glibly. One We call it Bet-O-Mcter. And it s so good
that a doctor friend of ours from San Diego
story (which does not hang together) informs us that he won $17,000 In two
weeks, using Bet-O-Meter at the Callente
mentioned a witness to the death of track, for Trotters and Thorobreds.
a "tiger-man" at the exact time "his" BET-O-METER
tiger was killed some distance away. INFORMATION IS FREE
Later the author states that the tiger- Sportswriter Santaniello writes "... I
man "does not begin to suffer until came out a winner at all tracks thorough-
" —
bred, harness and even dog races . .

after he has learned that the tiger Bet-O-Meter points up only "live" and
"hot" horses— but that's only part of the
has been shot." success story. Why not find out for your-
Goldenson looks rather deeply into self? Write today— Full information is freel

the problem of stigmata which he A. G. ILLICH

considers "basically a hysterical phe- Dept. 101 -DO
697 East 219 St.
nomenon." But he does admit that Bronx, NY 10467
"so far the evidence is not sufficient-
ly conclusive to clear up the mystery
The mysteries of the mind are end-
lessly fascinating but I feel that Dr. ILLUMINATION!
Goldenson is a little eager to prove Often life's experi-
that everything can be explained by ences are unexpect-
our present knowledge. — Diana Rob- ed, the good mixed
inson. with the discordant.
But, Divine Guid-
THE LEGEND OF THE SONS OF GOD ance can release
by T. C. Lethbridge. Routledge & Kegan confusion and re-
Paul, London, England, 1972, 118 pages. store harmony. Self-
Illumination with
Debates and arguments have gone the help of a unique
on for years over who were the "sons
of God" mentioned in the sixth chap- reveal the True Path your Soul was
ter Genesis. Some theologians
of meant to travel. Life's Blessings are
maintain that angels ("fallen" or yours
otherwise) "took on" fleshly bodies WRITE, today, for the POSTAL
and descended to earth. Other schol- READINGS BROCHURE, which de-
ars feel that the mysterious beings tails services of this dedicated minis-
were merely some earthly conquer- ter and friend.
ing race.
T. C. Lethbridge. author of seven
The New Age Truth Center
earlier books on a variety of psychic
6508 East Cactus Rd.
topics, suggests that the "sons of
Scottsdale, A2 85254
God" may have been extraterrestri-
118 FATE
who were marooned or somehow
cut off from their own race. This
theory, of course, has been discussed
By Joseph Jeffers, D.D. rather widely in UFO literature in
Price $1.25 ppd. recent years. Lethbridge introduces
The only book ravelling the Name and Secrets of some new concepts and ideas, how-
the Creator YAHWEH.
(Pronounced YAH-way)
ever, which strengthen the overall
Interested in ESP, This book has all
prophecy. Reincar- the answers. Sen- hypothesis.
nation, the Occult? national! Provoca- For instance, he tells of investiga-
tions at the stone-circle site known
as the "Merry Maidens" near La-
morna, Cornwall, England, where
AMERICA, or Armageddon, $1.50
Russia's plans for the future the construction stones were electri-
2 books for $2.50 cally charged. He believes that the
Send For
FREE literature and ancient practice of dancing in a cir-
YAHWEH'S future prophecies! cular pattern created large amounts
AMBASSADORS OF YAHWIH of "bioelectricity" which then could
P.O. Box 23060, Son Antonio, Tx. 71223
be "stored" in the stones. Why was
this done? Lethbridge suggests that
GREAT GOD OF WITCHES such charged stone circles might
STRANGE — WONDROUS — MYSTICAL! have served "both as visible and
Symbolic of Abundance, Money. Business and invisible navigational beacons" for
Love! This Amulet is Strange and Ingenious!
Limited offer —
only $5.00 (Reg. $10 00) the visitors from the skies.
Airmailed $1.00 extra • AZARAZ (F2) While admittedly all this is specu-
Box 2726-D, Pasadena. CA 91105
lative Lethbridge is by no means
dogmatic in his approach. He has
ARE YOU FASCINATED? produced some original thoughts
. by Astrology, ESP, Hypnotism.
. . about a subject that has had its
UFO and Occult subjects? Then share of prior discussion. The Leg-
for YOU
Special offer
! Six issues : end of the Sons of Cod ranks as one
for only $2.95, or 12 issues for $4.95. of the more interesting books of its
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1972, 128 pages, $9.95.
REV. NOELS TREET laic Loin The title of this glossy oversize
and New Zealand called
"THE MAN WHO CAN volume could be misleading if the
LOOK BACKWARD" reader expects to venture through its
from his ability to Iracc ba pages to anything new. Beyond Sci-
past living persons.
Appeared on television
in nur
ence is simply a brief and rapid
ous U.S. efcfcs. survey of 30,000 years of western
LIFE READINGS by mail or in person. Send occultism, mostly through highly dec-
stamped long envelope lor: Free details orative pictures. Its theme is that the
occult has prevailed and outlasted
THE MAN WHO CAN LOOK main trends of thought, wheth-
BACKWARD er religious, rational or scientific:
Jrd edition S2.00 "All through history magic has kept
LOTUS ASHRAM INC. one pace ahead of science. As man's
128 N.E. 82nd Terr. Miami. Fla. 33138 knowledge advances so his imagina-






School of-ftTiee a 2
*^ ^ st ctMftlfl wissouni wwi !



Directors and Soul Mates,
Clark & Dei Wilkerson, D.D., D.Ms., D.H.
Evolve Quickly with Cosmic Wisdom More on Meditation, Yoga, Kabala
Beautiful & Powerful Hawaiian Huna How to Recognize your Soul Mate
New Horizons and Inner Dimensions The Power of Astrology over Life
Mental and Spiritual Healing The 33 Cosmic taws or God Laws
Astral Projection and Soul Travel Your Magnetic Field & its Purpose
Developing Psychic Ability Power that makes Men & Women Great
E.S.P. and Thought Transference Outer Space and Inner Attunement
Prayers for Money and Better Health The Ankh Cross & Wisdom from Egypt
Great Healing Power In Your Hands The Power of Numbers and Oneness
To attain more Wisdom from the above information, send for our free
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120 FATE
tion takes a greater leap forward."
LEARN WHILE In its popular style, format and
intellectual level this book resembles
SLEEPING the recent encyclopaedia Man, Myth
METHOD 92% EFFECTIVE and Magic (Marshall Cavendish
GLOWING HEALTH. Reduce Tension. Corp., New York, N.Y.) of which ,

Develop MIND POWER and Burland was one of the editors. But
Control Habits. Details Free.
A.S.R. FOUNDATION because the book attempts to cover
Box 7566 F
Fort Lauderdale. Fla. 33304 as wide an area in so few pages it
remains far less explicit and thus
less useful. While it has the virtue of
chronological narrative, it is still
pretty much a hodgepodge of mis-
QUIMBOIS VOODOO cellaneous superficial information.
"The only Yoga-Witchcraft." Straight from Burland, a British ethnologist,
secret jungle hide-out. Scien-tified with de- adopts an anthropological or socio-
cades of medical, dental and chiropractic
knowledge. First lesson 13.99. (Adults.) Satis-
logical approach: "As science ex-
faction or refund. plodes the mystery of our universe,
CLARION, Dept. TZ, BOX 17o9, Chicago, IL 60690
breaking it down into atomic dia-
grams and symbolic equations, so
we seek for new wonders in the
higher realms of existence." There is

Why Be Fat?
Former U.S. Air Force Physical TrainingOfficer
little suggestion here that the occult
prevails because its followers may

a new, easy way to
be responding to a deeper and truer
discovers amazing secret
control weight, be healthier. diets,NO NO reality than any yet revealed by
exercise! Send for exciting FREE
Details —
other western approaches. While the
°DKK CLARKE, P.O. Box 427, (FM) reader may admire the heroism of
Bedford Hills, New York 10507 this effort to cram so much into so
little the result is a good deal less
than satisfying. — Joseph M. Backus.
Amulets, Charms, Secret. Nally and R. Florescu, New York Graphic
Private collection, from
ancient sources. Believed Society, Greenwich, Conn., 1972, 223
to bring Love, Money,
Good Luck. etc. Penta- pages, $8.95.
gram (shown) oo. sir,,

OILS Anyone interested in vampire lore

Some people assert a little oil helps to knows that Bram Stoker's novel
bridge the spirit world. Brands: Love -
Money - Power - Protection - Fast Luck - Droculo was based on a real 15th-
Condition - Attraction - Peace - Van Van - century nobleman Vlad the Impaler,
Gambling - Success - Court. 1 bottle, 75c —
6 bottles, $3.50 — 12 bottles, $6.00 who received his nickname from his
INCENSES habit of impaling helpless victims on
These incenses have the same brand-names
as the oils. 2-oz. package, $1.00. large stakes. In this fascinating chron-
CANDLES icle theauthors have searched through
7-day candles burn clean, without mess.
Love - Money - St. Michael - St. Jude - St. both historical archives and the Bal-
Anthony - St. Joseph - Condition - Infant kan countryside to trace the life,
of Prague - Morocco - Cross of Caravaca -
Guardian Angel - Peaceful Home - Hail deeds and folklore of Vlad the Im-
Mary - Mother of Perpetual Help. $2.50 paler.
each, ppd. Complete Brochure, 50c.
No' COD —
USA only —
All items ppd. Little actual vampire lore appears
ZORINA in the book except for fairly general
Box 14096-B, San Francisco, CA 94114
information included in Romanian

folklore along with legends about

Vlad. One of the authors' concerns is
to determine how much truth can be
attributed to tales of inhuman deeds
perpetrated by Vlad. Apparently there
is a good basis in fact for many of
these accounts. McNally and Florescu
Television repairman's accidental
also recount their travels in Romania discovery makes anyone a hypno-
while investigating vampire folklore tist riRht away. Secret method uses
and locating the actual Castle Dracu- ordinary TV Bet. No electronic know- 1

ledge needed. No prior hypnotic

la and tomb which play such ominous training needed. Results or refund!
roles in Stoker's novel. The book Send no money. Just name & ad-
contains exquisite photographs of his- dress. Pay postman $2.98 plus

toric monuments, ruins and land-

CO D. postage, or send $3 with or-
der and we pay postage,
scapes from the Balkans. ELTON'S, Box 12167 F8, St. Petersburg, Fla. 33733
The volume also recounts the his-
tory of Bram Stoker's writing of
Dracula. the research he himself did Noel Street's Study Books
The Akashic Records $.75
on Vlad and how he incorporated Secret Language of the Bible $.75
this into his novel. The authors in- Rebirth and the Law of Consequence $.75
The Human Aura $.75
clude an excellent bibliography and Kundalini, Sex. Magnetism $.75
filmography on vampirism. This fas- Recycling Past Lives,
101 Points-of-view $.75
cinating, readable and informative All post-paid. Set of six $4.00.

volume is perhaps the last word on REV. NOEL STREET

128 Pf.E. 82nd Terr., Mfami. FL 331.18
Dracula. — D. Scott Rogo.

The ancient wise-men of the East knew of

ALSO NOTABLE the powers of Korean GINSENG,
THE SECRET OF YOGA by Gopi Krishna, m Asia wanaer roof-herb. 100%
Asia'ss wonder
Harper and Row, New York, N.Y., 1972, \ Pure, 6-Year-lr-Old Roots.
208 pages, $6.95. I 50 8-gr. Ca
Capsules, $7 95


/ Special - 3 Bots.. $22 .00

The author of The Biological Basis of GOTU-KOLA:
Religion and Genius expands his thesis 50 8-gr. Capsules, $5.95
that kundalini is the aim of yoga and Add 5% Sales Tax in Calif.
explains how awakening of this power KOREAN HERBS
can lead to transcendence, genius and Box 54686, L.A., Calif. 90054
psychic powers.

By J. Bernard Hutton
The author, a hard-core journalist, had his sight
restored after doctors had pronounced his con-
dition as "incurable." This is a detailed study of
his healer, George Chapman, and Chapman's
"guide," Dr. William Lang, who died in 1937!
Hutton probes Chapman's technique and looks
closely at a number of his other cases in addi-
tion to exploring others in whom the power to
defy or implement nature is apparent.
201 pages—$3.95
Plus 35c for postage and handling
P.O. Box 249, Highland Park, 111. 60035

122 FATE
LaVey, Avon Books, New York, N.Y., 1972,
220 pages, $1.25 (paperback).
The Satanic
texts of
Latin. French and German
rituals in
with English translations.
9 (Hydrncotyle Asiatica minor) DYNAMICS OF THE PSYCHIC WORLD by H.
P. Blavatsky, Thcosophicol Publishing House,
s Now lO-TI-TIENG, a rare and p Wheaton, III., 1972, $1.95 (paperback).
5 valuable herb, highly prized in §§ Quest Book compiles noted occultist's
9 Oriental and Indian cultures is || views on magic, mediumship, ps.vchism
and powers of the spirit.
p made available to you. Delightful ||
= and satisfying when brewed as a
William Lilley, Newcostte Publishing Co.,
I tea. Freshly imported
directly from S Hollywood, Calif., 1972, 346 pages, $3.75
I India, powdered or in capsules, sj (paperback).
^ "It's the tea drink that's best for p Famed astrologer to King Charles I
first published this studv in 1647. Paper-
s you at any age."
back reprints English edition of 1852.

i§ 3-month's supply, only $3.00 M THE ORIGINS OF POPULAR SUPERSTITIONS

AND CUSTOMS by T. Sharper Knowlson,
I -year's supply, $10.00 Newcastle Publishing Co., Hollywood, Calif.,
1972, 242 pages, $2.95 (paperback).
100 Capsules, $5.00 1841 study includes much folklore con-
cerning divination, witchcraft and vam-
1 8229 Leon Street, Dept. 10 | ROMANY REMEDIES AND RECIPES by Gipsy
Philadelphia. Pa. 19136 Petulcngro, Newcastle Publishing Co., Holly-
wood, Calif., 1972, 150 (unnumbered) pages,
$2.25 (paperback).
Folk remedies involving natural sub-
slances are supplemented by gypsy lore
Do and interesting old woodcut illustrations.


Doubledoy and Co., New York, N.Y., 1973,
Threaten the World? 108 pages, $6.95.
Author relates the mystery and my-
In a challenging book describing 30 thology surrounding the Mitchell-Hedges
years of research, Dr. Claude A. crystal skull found in a Mayan city in
Wickland concluded
I Many spirits possess
APY by Mary Austin, ASI Publishers, Box 24,
THIRTY YEARS the living demon- New York, N.Y. 10013, 1972, 276 pages,
AMONG THE DEAD iacally, causing much $12.50.
of the world's trou- British osteopath and acupuncturist
presents the first detailed textbook on
» We are surrounded acupuncture theory and practice to ap-
by thought influences pear in English, fully illustrated with
of millions of dis- numerous diagrams.
carnate beings who 50 GREAT GHOST STORIES edited by John
have not yet realized Canning, Ran tarn Books, New York, N.Y.,
life's higher pur- 1973, 540 pages $1.25 (paperback).
poses. Included among the mainly folkorish
accounts from Great Britain are such
BUT THERE IS HOPE! classic tales as the Hydesville disturb-
Trained psychics can rescue victims of spirit ances, the Amherst poltergeist, the
possession — exorcising evil entities and help- haunting of Borlev Rectory and the
ing confused spirits. apparitions at Versailles.
Dr. Wickland's book. "30 Years Among the
Dead." was almost unobtainable here until MAN-MADE MEN by Henry Still, Hawthorn
we managed to import supplies from England. Books, New York. N.Y., 1973, 250 pages,
390 Pages —
Price ONLY $5.95
plus 35c handling and mailing
Journalist grapples with the thorny
Order only from the questions of possible control over he-
VENTURE BOOKSHOP redity and artificial replacements for
P.O. Box 249, Highland Park, III. 60035 diseased organs.

NO HOGWASH — but new adventure
in a solid program of help
for YOU, as you learn
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I'm afraid the rather interesting
conclusions in "The Strange Story of
the Yellow Bird" (March 1973
Fate) are based on a lack of infor-
The "ill-fated" bird in King Tut's
cartouche is not a canary but a
chick, the sign for the letter "U" in
The author's mistake perhaps was
based on the fact that Egyptians did Our President. Al G, Manning, is author
not always put letters and words in of: "Helping Yourself With ESP," "Help-
what we would consider the right ing Yourself with Psycho Cosmic Power",
order. Signs were arranged in an "The Miraculous Laws of Universal Dy-
attractive pattern and the reader namics", etc.
had to make an effort to read them
Explore our balanced program de-
properly. — Phyllis Napier, West signed to uplift and improve ALL areas
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of research. —
W. D. Chesney, M.D.,
R.Ph., Janesville, Wis.

AMAZING W. D. Chesney was born

McDonough County,
sibly 187!) —
III. in 1880 (pos-
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Ctllf. Km. am 5"„ Stiii Tul No itimn. Since his retirement he has de-
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of his stories and articles have ap-
D & C SUPPLEMENTS CO. peared in Fate —
The Editors.
P.O. Box 1102, Studio City, CA 91604
5648 Vinelond, No. Hollywood, CA 91601 TAKING THE CHALLENGE
I accept the challenge voiced by H.
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126 FATE
Paul Eads ("Report from the Read-
MALVA DEE ers" May 1973 FATE).
His first point —
that individual
"Canada's psychic experiences never seen in
Leading print are far more important than
Psychometrist" those printed or revealed is nebu- —
lous. Many persons have been helped
Can she
financially, healed or comforted by
help you?
listening to or reading the psychic
"YES!" sav the many clients she has served
for years, and who continue to acclaim her experiences of others. Light or —
unusual Clarity of perception Just send a
photo for Aura Analysis Or send Bible knowledge —
kept under a bushel is
passage or poem for Psyrhometiy Analysis. of no help to anyone.
You mav be amazed at what she can tell
you. Enclose 410 tin contribution with re- Point No. 2 —
that the only people
quest to:
who see and hear ghosts are those
"Enchanted Acres" who have harmed other human
West Gallford. Ontario. Canada beings —
is an affront not only to
the intelligent spiritual beings on a
higher plane than our own but also to
the many sincere people who seek to
The MYSTIC EYE: learn more about spirit manifesta-
tions. Throughout my life I have
Experiment in Automatism been guided by spirit helpers —
some visible and some audible. I
have been influenced and guided tele-
pathically. not only in everyday
affairs but also in my ministry —
especially in healing and counseling.
Point No. 3 —
that the only impor-
tant events in the life of an individ-
ual are to be found in their own
interpretation of "where, what,
when, how and why" is another —
nebulous supposition on Mr. Eads'
part. Heposedhasparadox a which I
will answer with a biblical quota-
tion — Matthew "Which of you
by taking thought can add one cubit
Use the MYSTIC EYE to investigate unto his stature?"
automatism — the phenomenon de- Anyone who has experienced the
scribed bv Webster's as "the power
or fact of movement independent of wonder of psychic and spiritual man-
external stimuli" or, alternately, ifestations would find it difficult to
"suspension of the conscious mind put these revelations aside as "un-
to release subconscious images."
Hold the pendulum furnished with
reality." —
The Rev. Harold A. Hil-
this set over the MYSTIC EYE and ton. Windsor, Ont., Canada.
ask a question-— the pendulum swings
to indicate your answer. Answers may
be "Yes" or "No"; numbers; or dates. I can dispute quite simply all three
Deluxe set includes pendulum, board of Mr. Eads' biased contentions.
and complete instructions. S3. 95 ppd. First. I personally feel that many
Please add 50c postage and handling.
authentic psychic experiences never
VENTURE BOOKSHOP are revealed in print but it is falla-
P.O. Box 249, Highland Pork, III. 60035 cious to believe that published expe-
riences are less genuine.

Second, his theory on ghosts shows

he has had no authentic experiences PERSONAL HOROSCOPES
with spirits. Ghosts are no more than
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spirits who have not "passed over."
In theory they are restless spirits
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work typewritten. Accurately calculated
impossible to say that they must be charts included Give blrthdate. time,
persons who have inflicted pain on birthplace. Please give time of birth as
accurately as possible.
others. To have such occult aware-
ness and receptivity a person must JOHN AVALON
be sincere and compassionate, quite P.O. Box 65236 — Dept. F
unlike the type of person Mr. Eads
Los Angeles, Calif. 90065
Third, many persons are unable to
interpret the symbolism of many
events in their lives. They need the IN QUEST OF LONGEVITY
Research giants and contributions are needed
help of professional interpreters to continue our research in longevity. All
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Masters or persons trained in occult May Life Extension Research Laboratory
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matters. One's own interpretation of
"where, what, when, how and why"
may miss the mark entirely whereas STUDY
an objective interpretation by a OCCULT! iARTS?
valuable ilium ..Ml FREE
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Calaloj! Telli ot

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Trent Shultz, Gardena,
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Mr. Eads' first point hardly de- cult Jewelry & remarkable Spiritual Curios. Send tor
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128 FATE*
rience. And no intelligent man con-
| demns something simply because he
in 3000 years. "
"Creative Religion
has not seen or experienced it. I
bible. Write nfo
about: Salvation | never have seen an atomic explosion
from nuclear, germ,
puisun war. aiso
poison Also a
FREE computer forecast: Seeing halo- I but I do not doubt its reality. Further-
aura colors (ENERGY X> in minute; Pho-
tos of UFO letters, headquarters, etc.
more, how would we know to clas-
Sabotage of Apollo 13: Love, witchcraft, | sify a psychic experience if it were
lealing. transcendence. ESP. astral, etc.
Info and demo $1.00 to: GIST TALMIST,
* not in mankind's past and a matter
79 Horalio SI., New York. NY 10O14
of record?
I object strongly to Mr. Eads' con-

tention that only people "who have

REV. MARY ANN GLENN harmed other human beings'* see
Hawaii's famed consultant Sincere and sen- — and hear ghosts. I never have know-
sational —
help with problems. Send problems,
full birthdate. stamped -self -addressed -enve- ingly hurt anyone but I have seen
lope and $5 contribution to: Rev, Mary Ann
Glenn. 1026 - 18th Ave
Honolulu. Hawaii 96816 what is commonly known as a
"ghost." It happened in a brightly-
lighted noisy aircraft factory. I did
not know the woman near whose
l-N-V-E-N-T-O-R-S desk the ghost was standing but
WE NEED INVENTIONS somehow I knew it was a warning.
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when, how and why" never have
been so important as "who."
WORLD'S MOST Interpersonal relationships are the
FAMOUS SEER most important factors in events in
How He my life and I would deem it extreme-
ly selfish to center my existence
Foretold around my own interpretations with-
the out concern for my fellowman. B. —
Future F. Weckesser, Baltimore, Md.

I greatly appreciate your publish-
ing my letter (March 1973 Fate) in
THE COMPLETE PROPHECIES OF which I made it known that I had

contains every word of the more than
been commissioned to write another
book on UFOs and asking your read-
1.000 prophecies dating to the year 3793 A D
ers to give me details of any sight-
Edited and Interpreted by Henry C. Roberts,
foremost authority on Nostradamus. ings they may have witnessed, to-
The secrets of Nostradamus' power to fore-
gether with newspaper clippings and
see the future has never been explained
even though his forecasts of past events journals dealing with UFOs.
have come true with uncanny accuracy.
Here's what Nostradamus Predicts! You may like to know that the
End of the world — date and circumstances — response has been quite remarkable
atomic warfare — date of the next world war
— return of Hitler — actual time when he re- — which is not surprising, I suppose,
turns alive —
fate of the Jews — capitalism — in view of the large readership your
trade unionism.
ORDER TODAY! ONLY excellent journal enjoys.
VENTURE BOOKSHOP I should like to thank the many
Box 249, Highland Park, III. 60035 kind people who have written to me

and I am sorry I am unable to thank

each one individually. Michael— ft PROFESSIONAL ft
Hervey, Henley, Australia. ft ASTROLOGIST ft
Since 1949. Conception and Birth Horo-
"PLEASED AND PROVOKED" scope. Private forthcoming happen-
I was both pleased and provoked ings, dated and explained, for 1973,
by the item "A Contrary View" ("I 1974 and 1975. Includes questions an-
swered, plus charts. $12. Reliable,
See by the Papers" May 1973 Fate) quality service. Reports individually
— pleased by Mr. Fuller's pointed typed.
reference to the Rev. Eugene Greg- Guarantee: Money refunded if
ory's apparent inability to differen- dated happenings do not prove true.
tiate between parapsychology and
Marriage comparison for two, $25.
witchcraft, and provoked by the Free booklet on 5 astrological services.
Reverend's obvious ignorance in Home Study Courses. School bulletin free.
classifying parapsychology in the WALTIR F. L1IHR
same category as witchcraft, there- 224 So. Fint St., Alhombra, CA 91 §02

by branding it "a study of evil" and

denying an opportunity for others to
study it under the supervision of a WORLD-FAMOUS
board of education. ROMANY GYPSY
From his statement I deduce that ANSWERS 3 QUESTIONS
Send $5.00 (no personal
the good Reverend regards with sus- checks, pis.), birthdate &
stamped. self -addressed
picious contempt such organizations envelope. Read your own
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Oriental Zodiac. SI ppd.
which was formed by highly respon- P.O. Box 6001
Sanfurce, Puerto Rico 00914
sible, respectable and intelligent men
of the cloth, scientists and psychical
researchers whose vision has not
been warped by preconceived narrow SEEK THE TRUTH
opinions. These are men unfettered Clairvoyant answers 3 questions
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and enlightenment, men who have Temple
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Washington, D.C. 20031
Hills Br.

(Formerly of Jamaica. N.Y.)

Florence B. Ford, Nichols, fV.Y.


Your January 1973 issue carries a JESUS NEVER FAILS
very interesting article on Harry Ed- Heb. 13:8. Salvation, Holy Ghost
wards and his great healing work. baptism, healing, deliverance,
prosperity. Claim your mir-
This is all well and good but are you —
not aware of the healing activities
^ acle! Luke 1:37. Believe
FREE! Plan of salva-
going on here in the United States? .^^tion, how to receive the

Why would people who live here ps2 Holv Ghost, billfold bless-
r ^*ing, miracle prayer, divine
need to correspond with someone at a healing secrets, faith
great distance to get healing and handkerchief.
help when we have incredible and Send no money.
miraculous healings taking place
here in the United States —
and the

work is done gratis?

Box 2627, Dept. F
I am speaking one
in particular of
Reno, Nev. 89505
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130 FATE
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need not be in Mrs. Norman's pres-
Special — $1.00 ence. She works with people through-
EVA, Box 202-AF, Eagle, Idaho 83616 out the entire country and also re-
ceives appeals from overseas.
I speak not only for myself but for

a large group of students represent-

WILL RETURN TO THIS EARTH ing the Academy in saying we would
For the Bible answer write: like to see her work publicized in
Box 2325,
Lehigh Valley, Pa. 18001 your magazine. —
Dorothy Ellerman,
Academy of Parapsychology Healing.

and Psychic Sciences. P.O. Bo.r 1042,

El Cajon. Calif. H2022.
NUMBER FORECAST. MAIL $1.00 The general public is extremely
FOR LUCKY NUMBERS. SEND NAME, susceptible to suggestion and as a
result often interprets human expe-
S S S Company, Dept. F
P.O. Box 4307, Mtn. View, CA 94040 riences in a way that is factually
incorrect. This is more apparent in
phychic matters, perhaps, but can be
true as well in other fields such —
as archaeology.
The article titled "The Nampa Im-
age" by Gaston Burridge (November
1971 Fate) concerns the finding of
a prehistoric Indian effigy at the
bottom of a 300-foot well. The tenta-
tive conclusion was that this find,
once located under so many layers of
earth, must be of great antiquity and
therefore would set back thousands
of years the dating of archaeological
Actually, there may be a simple
and plausible explanation. Let us
consider some geological facts about
the western United States.
First, the author mentions that the
well-drillers were trying to find arte-
sian water, that is, a well that flows
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magazines in its field combined! If your
offer is of interest to readers in this field. This presupposes that other arte-

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though they also can be found under

level ground. They are swift streams

so that when a well is drilled into PRAYER
"Really Answered"
their lower level, the result is a AMAZING SECRET FOR POWERFUL
siphon-like action and the water ANSWERED PRAYER Are you 1 — in a ill
rut? You can— in fact, you must— climb
flows out of the well by itself. out) After rituals, petitioning prayers,
healers, counselors failed me. I discovered
Second, in the west the under- astounding MYSTERY in a certain Bible
ground streams frequently flow Psalm which lifted me from devastating
crippliny illness and financial loss. Health,
through limestone caves, whose roofs prosperity —
everything returned TEN- —
may be close to the ground surface. FOLD! $3.98 for DYNAMIC REVELA-
TION. Study 8 days. If not thrilled ftho"
Sometimes these roofs collapse and a you will be) — refund immediately.
circular opening to the sky is cre-
P.O. Box 15164, Santa Ana, CA 92705
ated. In these the water level may be {15171 Del Amo, Santa Ana, CA)
anywhere from 50 to 100 feet lower
than the surface of the surrounding
terrain. The underground river may
be entirely hidden, flowing into a laka QUESTIONS ANSWERED
or pond with great force and exiting ON PROBLEMS OF
on the opposite side with equal force. Rt arliiins by a naturally gifted minister.
Examples of these are the Bottom- Send photo, business card, or other used
personal effect ( returned >; or simolv
less Lakes near Roswell, N. Mex.: name of persons, events or places linked
with problems. $5.00: or Trance Cassette
Montezuma's Well near Cottonwood, Tape. $10 00.
Ariz.; and the famous "cenotes" of REV. JENNIE EASTERLIN6
406 South Poplar, Kankakee, 111. 60901
Yucatan, Mexico.
Third, many of these strange geo-
logical phenomena are to be found in

#— \
the western states. Another one is
the vanishing river. It may dash s
¥ Has given many accurate pre-
bravely along aboveground for miles I I dictions on radio and TV . . .

Hp " ~~ '
helped many people with per-
and then suddenly disappear, as does '--\ sonal problems. Three ques-
the Mimbres River in southern New .
s linns answered. $10 on Seven
Mexico which disappears into an un- mT^*^ questions. $20.00.
derground "lake" or reservoir. Tap- 9100 N. Cumberland Ave.
Niles, IL 60648
ped by wells, this furnishes irrigation
for a large agricultural area around
If one bit of archaeological data is
combined with these geological facts,
a possible explanation of the Nampa j
Offered by . . .

effigy becomes apparent.

That bit of data is this: In religious IRENE F. HUGHES
rituals of prehistoric Indian peoples, ESP meditation and testing cards, to-
prized objects were cast into a body jgether with tiny book of meditations
of water, usually a spring or stream,
j created by famed IRENE F.
as propitiatory offerings to their [$1.00. Impressions to your questions
gods. Besides beads, ceremonial ar- j classes in Awareness, lectures, haunt
rowheads and body ornaments, effi- [ed house research, astrological charts
gies made of ceramic ware or carv- [ For details write:
ed from stone or semiprecious ma-
terials (such as turquoise in New
30 W Washington St.
Mexico or jade in Yucatan) also Chicago, IL 60602
were used as offerings. Divers ex-
ploring the cenotes of Yucatan have
132 FATE
discovered large treasures of such
Is this objects — including the grisly re-
THE HUMAN AURA? mains of human sacrifices. In New
Mexico, the evidence of human sac-
rifices has not been found but when
Faywood Hot Springs, north of Dem-
ing, was cleared of debris a number
of years ago, a great variety of
sacrificial offerings were discovered.
If such an effigy as the "Nampa
Image" had been cast into a spring,
a stream or a collapsed cave it could
have been carried underground
quickly in the rapid water and if that
underground stream dipped to great-
er depths through a smooth lime-
stone tunnel, the effigy easily could
have lodged three hundred feet under
the surface of the earth to await —

of normal
J. Kilner,
aura based on
M.D. and puzzle —the well-drillers! Of
course, this might have taken many
CAN YOU SEE THE AURA? Sci- centuries but just as easily it could
ence confirms that it exists. Clair- have been accomplished in a rela-
voyants have seen it. Now you may tively short time.
see it too— most people can. It would be interesting if the au-

THE SECRET is in the specially thor could pay another visit to the
designed Aura Goggles, scientifically site of the find. He might discover
manufactured in England with pina- that somewhere in the area up-
cyanole bromide filters. stream from the artesian water
wells there is an open spring or a
FREE BOOKLET accompanying
river that eventually goes under-
the goggles explains the aura, de-
scribes what it looks like, tells you ground or a collapsed cave —
any of
how to interpret what you see, ex- which might have been the original
plains how to use these remarkable launching point for the Nampa effi-

visual aids The Aura Goggles. gy's underground journey. —
M. Trombeau, La Luz, N. Mex.
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Phase 1: Shuffle an ordinary deck
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check money order i
one off, preferably on an otherwise

empty table. Place your right hand

on the single card. Now, isolate your
Address feelings to the right fingers touching
City State Zip
the card. In other words, try to focus
(Continued on page 145)


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St. Lawrence
Fine. VOG Box 365-FI, Cathedral Station, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? 25 yean
New York. NY
10025 experience. State preference, automatic
writing or crystal ball. $1.00 per question.
PAST LIFE READINGS and present life Include birth date, postage— Desea Davis,
analyses available through intuitive in- 2203 N. Clybourn, Chicago, IL 60614
spiration of gifted mystic. Detailed
descriptions and Spiritual Evaluations TZADDI GARDEN OF PRAYER
given. Free information. —
Reincarnation P.O. Box 3082, Orange. CA 92665
Research Lab-B, P.O. Box 43. Palos Attention: Dr. Joe. Garnet and Rev.
Verdes Estates. CA 90274 Peggy. Write to our Garden of Prayer
today, for you or another. Put prayer in
CARD READINGS. Send stamped enve- sealed, self-addressed, stamped envelope.

lope for information. Jay Diamond, 1608 Will return in six weeks: send with
church contribution envelope addressed
S. El Molino, Alhambra, Calif. 91801 in
to above.
$5.00 FOUR QUESTIONS answered. $1.00,
P.A.M. Box 2044-F. Inglewood. CA 90305 stamped envelope.— Adde, 88 Wlllett.
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HOOD. — Sir Valiant. Box 830, Dept. 10, FOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Insight
Alhambra, Calif. 91802 through prayer. Amazingly accurate. $1.00
MEET YOUR IDEAL MATE — Scientific and stamped
Francis, P.O.
Box 3312,
Federal Way.
Computerized Matching, nationwide, all
Wash. 98002
ages, FREE questionnaire. Write:
"TEAM", 1270 Broadway, New York, NY
10001 TAROT and Psychometry leadings by
expert. Exact data given. Satisfaction
THREE QUESTIONS answered. Gifted guaranteed. Five questions,
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— Samantha
Fisher. Box 446, Rensselaer, Romance. $2.00. Send birthdate. Fran- —
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Valiant, Box 830, Dept. 10, Alhambra, ST. GERMAIN'S Freedom Group invites
Calif. 91802 you. 11:00 A.M. Sundays. Taped Ascended
Master Dictations. 1308 South New Hamp-
NEED MONEY? Secret technique brings shire, Los Angeles. Phone 291-2753. For
all you want. $3.00— Argosy. P.O. Box 422, free information, write: Sir Valiant, Box
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through her sensitive empathy. Send a
service group can help you. For FREE
penny cleaned, then held only by you. information write: Al. G. Manning, ESP
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SMITH, 35F High, Waterville. ME 04901 830-L, Alhambra, Calif. 91802


CULTIES Helps bring you health, wealth P.O. 3082. Orange, CA 92665
Bishops — Rev. Dr.

and happiness. For your valuable Good Amy & Dorothe

Luck Pamphlet and Personal Spiritual Book of Lessons, Developing Spiritually,
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— —

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tions answered through Insight on Higher stones exclusively for you from your
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LESSONS "Clairvoyance"— Spiritual Med- 10 SHARK TEETH and 10 Willow Limbs,
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itation"— "How To Get Spirit Ans-
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PSYCHOMETRY. Send photo or article Plates, for most organization, for free

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exam good
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ARE NEEDED. Be legally ordained by a effectivetwo-hour method we guarantee
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duties, marriages, baptisms, etc. Your — Vonnie.
self-addressed envelope. Dept.
Certificate of Ordination is attractive,
large document with ribbon and embossed
CFM. Box 285. Anchorage. Alaska 99510
seal, suitable for display. FREE, im-
mensley popular Bible course with Ordi- SERVICES
nation Certificate. Send $10,000 (complete
cost) Universal Temple of Divine
Knowledge. P.O. Box 158. Fleetwood DREAM INTERPRETATION. $3.00. Send
Station, Mount Vernon, New York 10552 — M. O. Walters. Edgar
complete dream.
MO 65462
Send $6.00 to: Calvary Grace Church, Box ALYSIS completely personal. Mail
51.Cameron. IL 61423 full
. .

name, sex and full page ink

specimen. Fee $5.00—Kathy. P.O. Box
CHARTER YOUR OWN Church including 705. South Orange. NJ 07079
ministerial appointments. Details and in-
troductory kil, 00. —BROTHERHOOD,
20811 Lancelot
Lane. Huntington Beach, DREAM INTERPRETATIONS — write ev-
CA 92646
ery little detail no matter how small.
Send with $3.00.— Inner-Self, P.O. Box 454,

DRUIDIC RELIGION. Green Valley, AZ 85614

Special book offer.
Send stamped envelope. — Druidism, Box TAROT READINGS $10.00. Send photo,
222, Doniphan. MO 63935
birthdate.— Miss Able, 100 W. 73rd St..
ORDINATIONS BY MAIL. Information New York. NY 10023
for stamp. — Crown of Life Fellowship,
Inc., Box 9048, Spokane. WA 99209 TAROT PRODUCTS
WOTAN or ODIN! Which is it? Both.
Write: The RUNESTONE. Box 2552,
Decks, books, games, cartomancy, etc.
Wichita Falls. TX 76307 ot

Send 15c U.S. Games. Dept. F, 468 Park
Ave., South. New York. NY 10016
HAVE YOUR OWN Tax Free. Carefree,
Money-Making, Legal Church. Become
an Ordained Minister with Honorary De- STUDY COURSES
gree of Doctor of Divinity. $10.00 or with
impressive deluxe frame. $20.00. Church — ANALYZE HANDWRITING! For profit.
of Universal Brotherhood. Dept. F-7, 6311
Yucca St.. Hollywood. CA 90028 Successful students, free proof.— Cunning-
ham. 81-F Bailey. Lawrence. MA 01843
inational: Please send stamp for applica- Write to MELITA for information on
tion. Chartered 1942. — ACS. Inc.. Dept. Master's Daughter's teachings. THE SE-
F. P.O. Box 115, East New York Station. CRET OF ETERNAL YOUth book,
Brooklyn, NY 11207 lessons and tapes now ready. Villa —
Crlsti. P.O. Box 6043. Evansville. IN 47712
can I still lives! Free information. Old DEVELOP ESP for vour advancement
Catholic Information Service, Box 528,
and protection. $4.00 for introductory
Zuni, NM 87327 lesson.— Baldun Little. Box 674, Pony. MT
MINISTERS ARE NEEDED. Be legally 59747
ordained by Universal Life Church, a well
established growing Church. Perform NUMERALOGY AND VIBRATION
marriages, baptisms, start your own COURSE, questions
$4.95. Two answered
church. Send $10.00 (complete cost) to: and tranquelizing Touch Stone of Tibet
Rev. Sheil, 8609 E. 92nd, Kansas City. MO FREE with course.— SHAMIRA STARR,
64138 Box 192. Huguenut, NY 12746

144 FATE
YOUR OLD Psychic Metaphysical Le~--
PROVE YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS sons are Worth CASH. Write, giving
titles, numbers, sources and prices
desired. Sheldon Ganschaw, c/o Fischer.
PLANCHETTE! 300 N. York, Elmhurst, IL 60126


Mysteries of the Ancient Masters. Send a
quarter for information.— KEMA HOUSE
INDIAN MUSEUM. 168 S. Canal St.. Wal-
nutport, PA 18088


PONDENCE STUDY. Quality instruction
through qualified instructors. Write for
free catalog. LIGHTHOUSE. — P.O. Box
4677. Tamoa, Fla. 33607


you, Let this channelshow you the way.
Correspondence course in mysticism and
spiritual phenomena. Twelve lessons dic-
tated from the Spirit World. Mediumistic
THE PLANCHETTE IS USED AS A MECHANI- Development assured upon completion of
CAL MEANS FOR AUTOMATIC WRITING. IT course and sincere living, spiritual guid-
AIDS MANIFESTATIONS WHICH HAVE NO ance upon request. Medium. Healer. Mys-
OTHER WAY OF BECOMING CONCRETE. tic Teacher.— Rev. Darrell W. Pringle.
Successful experimenters report finding 1317 E. 45th St., Kansas City. MO. 64110
the Planchette a highly effective aid to
automatic writing and say they prefer it HEALING HANDS! Learn how to heal the
to any other method. They particularly
sick by the "laying on of hands."
find it much faster than the Ouija Board,
Wonderful results. Complete course $3.00.
which is used to spell out letters one by —Healing. Box 190-F. Quincy. MA 02169
one. The Planchette is especially favored
by those who prefer to work in medita- METAPHYSICAL HOW TO DO IT
tive solitude. Our authentic Planchette, Correspondence course. Become self-real-
about six inches in length, is beautifully ized.Send $1.00 for Intro. Lesson. SH, —
hand-crafted of smooth wood and given Box 4765-E, San Jose, CA 95126
a high lustre with a wood-resin polish.
Specially -fitted pencil forms one leg of
planchette, the other two rolling free on EXPLANATIONS, Answers on all phases
ball bearings. These ball bearings permit of witchcraft and occult matters. Two
the slightest indication of movement to questions, $2.00.— OCCULT SOCIETY.
take effect, the tiniest wisp of pressure P.O. Box 7115. Berkeley, CA 94707
transmitted through your hand. Only a
superior product, an authentic psychic STEREO RECORD ALBUM of Transcen-
appliance, could have this expensive dental musicexperiences specificaly cre-
ballbearing feature. ated to be utilized in Magical Practices of
Complete instructions for use of the plan- Witchcraft and Psychic Meditation An —
chette. as well as for its care and protection, unusually intense and thrilling psychic
are Included with this advanced psychic in-
experience FREE BROCHURE !—Box
! ! I

1363, Spring Valley, CA 92077

Please add 50c postage and handling. WITCHES NEWSLETTER. ten $5.00;
P.O. Box 249, Highland Park, III. 60035
Please send me planchettes at
80. New York. NY 10024
only $4.95 each, plus 50c postage and
crystal balls, oils, herbs, candles, crosses,
I enclose check or money order talismans. Retail and wholesale. Send 50c
. for $ for catalog. —
Witchcraft. 104 Yorkville,
Toronto. Canada.
Name ..... _ t
WILL YOU TEST the legendary powers of
Address Witchcraft? Four questions, $2.00. Free.
City State Zip
Cleopatra's love incense. Countess As- —
taroth. P.O. Box 1413. Oakwood Station,
Gretna, LA 70053


(Continued from page 132) MINISTER of DIVINE TRUTH
all your bodily sensations in those Insight into your problems through Spir-
itual Channels of Prayer. Clients claim
fingers. amazine results. 3 Questions answered.
$2.00 Postage appreciated.
In this phase you will attempt only
to separate the cards by color. The Spiritual Aid through Prayer for problems
of health, happiness and finances Testi-
black cards give off a stronger vi- monials prove PRAYER works wonders
bration than the red. Allow no less Send stamped envelope.
than 20 seconds for concentration on REV. JEANETTE MOLUS
P.O. Box 188, NORTH RIDGE, CAL. 91324
each card. When you begin, you will
get more wrong than right but
between the second and third month
of practice, something unusual ASTROLOGY
happens. Everyone I have worked
Thousands amazed! If you are not afraid
with says the same thing. About this of what you might read, send $1.00 for a
time it is not unusual to get 40 of PREPARED HOROSCOPE. Send name,
birthdate, addressed stamped envelope.
the 52 cards correct.
Phase 2: Now that you can fairly CLAIRE COMPANY, Dept. F
accurately separate the cards by P.O. CA 94040
Bos 4307, Mtn. View,
color you are ready to determine the
numerical value of the card or what
face card it is. Shuffle the cards and How to
place your fingers on the first one, as
before. This time, however, close
your eyes, use the area between the Your Prayers
eyebrows as a focal point' for your A simple but effective plan that is
backed with a refund guarantee. S3 00.
concentration and again, isolate your
feelings to the right hand. Allow at
Box 5863. Chicago. III. 60680
least 50 to 60 seconds for each card.
In this time span you should get a
flash vision of the card which proba-
bly will last less than two seconds. As
you go through the deck over and
over again the visions increase in
number and duration. This will take TELL US WHERE!
time and patience but don't give up.
Don't take a chance on missinn a single
When you are getting a good number I

issue of PATE! At least six weeks before

of visions of the cards, you are ready

! you move, type or print your new address

for the third phase. I — with ZIP code — on this form. Attach
Phase 3: At this time you can hold | the address label from the wrapper in
any object and by remembering to which you receive FATE. Mail both to:
isolate your feelings to the hand hold- FATE Magazine, Subscription Dept., 500
Hyacinth Place. Highland Park. HI. 60035.
ing the object and using the same area
between the eyebrows as a focal
point for your concentration, you will Name
get impressions of the owner!
' Address
As this "short course'' is given
freely, all I ask is to be kept inform-
| City -
ed as to your progress and I will
answer any questions you may State Zip _
have. — Herbert Brill, P. O. Box 1

2586, Denver, Colo. 80201.

. . . A chance to explore the
unknown . . . truths you find
nowhere else . . . articles and
stories to fire your imagination —
that's what FATE
has in store
for you. Here is Editor Mary
Fuller's report on stories plan-
ned for future issues: v../

» Man's approach to mysterious MARY MARGARET FULLER

tailsfrom the sky seesaws between
outrage and awe. Even scientists say Each month FATE publishes more
than 40,000 words of true articles on the
such things as "Fafrotslcies and
strange, the unusual, the unknown. You

Oopths" can't exist but Ivan Sand- can read such stories only in FATE be-
erson can prove they do. cause FATE is the only magazine of
its kind in the world!
<o the summer of 1972 a major
UFO "flap" occurred over South Af- DON'T MISS A SINGLE ISSUE —
rica. Hundreds of persons witnessed
their maneuvers before the craft re-
tired as mysteriously as they had ap- ! CLARK PUBLISHING CO.
1 500 Hyacinth Place
peared. |
Highland Park, III. 60035

oomassive worldwide deluge may

occur before the end of this century,
speculates researcher Chan Thomas. City •
Read the startling evidence that sup- State Zip Code

ports his theory. I wish to subscribe to FATE Magazine for |

(check square):
r ] 24 issues. $9.00 [j 12 Issues. $4.95
o» Almost forgotten today, Mary (Foreign subscriptions: 12 issues. S5.45> .

Enclosed is cash check moneyQ

Hayes Chynoweth a century ago used |
order for $ -
her remarkable clairvoyant powers to Begin my subscription with issue.
Check if this renews a previous sub-
find a family fortune in the Michigan- scription 28 1
Wisconsin iron ranges.
Climb the Highest Mountain
Mark and Elizabeth Prophet
Book One of
The Teachings
of the Great White Brotherhood
for the incoming Golden Age

Allegory The Quest for Reality The Soul: A Divine Blueprint . . The Christ of Man Resources . . .

Living Potential The Dethroning of the Synthetic

. . of Individuality. .The Four Lower Bodies... The
Image The Enthroning ot the Real Image, Science ol Individuality. .Freedom in the .

CHAPTER 2. YOUR REAL IMAGE The Light : Macrocosm through Self-Mastery in the
Emanation of Eternal Purpose. .The - Microcosm . . . Individual Fulfillment through
: Deathless, Eternal God the . . .
Service to Life.
Macrocosm, Man the Microcosm The Invasion of . . CHAPTER 5. WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS?:
the Micr ocosm. c Circle. Manifest Immor . Mind and Self, Will and Consciousness:
tality: Putting on the New Man .Vestiges ot the Structures ot Identity .God Self -Aware- . .

Synthetic Image Replaced by Real -Eye ness through Christ Sett-Awareness Heart,
Magic. The Discovery of the Real Self in the Head, and Hand ,, Consciousness: The Magnet
Natural Order. The Real Selt-Mastery of the of Individuality. . The Scientific Realization ot
Natural Order. Consciousness. Liberty Born of God's Con- .

CHAPTER 3. A HEAP OF CONFUSION Order: I sciousness Conscious Penetration ol the

. .

The First Law of Being The Ideal Society...

. Macrocosm.
Departure from Innocence. .The Coming CHAPTER Where
t. GOD IN MAN: "I Am
of the Laggards. .The Warping of Man's
I Am". The Chart ot Your Divine Self... The
Vision .The Psychology of Mass Control. The . Flame within the Heart... The Sanctuary of the
Force ot Human Error. . .Strategies of Control. .
.A Most High. A Pillar in the Temple of My God...
. .

Thrust for a Purpose. Our God is a Consuming Fire... It Wash Thee I

Not, Thou Hast No Part with Me.

Bound in beautiful
Creation The Father-Mother God in Spirit and in

blue leatherette with

Matter Becoming One with All Life through the
gold stamping, CLIMB
. .

Holy Spirit Servants of God and Man in


Ecology and Cataclysm: Personal and

MOUNTAIN contains

Planetary .Extraterrestrial Probes. Harm . .

over five hundred .

lessness toward Life.

pages of instruction O 1WJ by Tne Summit Lighthouse, Int

in cosmic law, twenty-

eight mystical illus- r A-5
trations by the inter-
nationally known ( Please send me
) copies of CLIMB THE
artist Auriel Bessemer, HIGHEST MOUNTAIN by Mark and Elizabeth
color plates, charts, Prophet. I enclose (12.50 for each copy ordered.
and tables, and a
comprehensive index.

Limited Collector's Edition
$12.50, postpaid
The Dark Continents
Your Mind

DO YOU struggle for balance? Are you forever trying to

maintain energy, enthusiasm and the will to do? Do your personality
and power of accomplishment ebb and flow — like a stream con-
trolled by some unseen valve? Deep within you are minute organ-
isms.From their function spring your emotions. They govern your

and moods yes, even your enjoyment of life. Once they
creative ideas

were thought to be the mysterious seat of the soul and to be left —

unexplored. Now cast aside superstition and learn to direct intel-
ligently these powers of self.


San Jose, California 951 14 U.S.A.

Scribe: E.N.X.
The Rosicrucians (AMORC)
Let the Rosicrucians, an age-old fra- San Jose, California 951 14, U.S.A.
ternity of thinking men and women (not Please send copy of booklet,
a religion), point out how you may fash- "The Mastery of Life" which I

ion life as you want it by making the shall read as directed.

fullest use of these little-understood nat-

ural faculties which you possess. This is N nine
a challenge to make the most of your Address_
heritage as a human. Write for the Free
Book, "The Mastery of Life," Address: City

Scribe E.N.X. State

Please Intitule Your Zip Code