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3 Above the clash of creeds (No other way) Dmic Gicc B GIA Am Bie LA-bove the clash of creeds, the ma- ny voi = ces Verse on so ma - ny names, e Dmic G Cc gE G/A_ Am iF in-to these fi - nal days our God has spo - ken F c oe © Gsust a t by send -ing his. on = ly Son, © Copyright 1995 Make Way Music, P.O. Box 263, Croydon, Surcey, CR9 SAP, UK. International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permisston. Chorus c Gk FIC c Gic F G = ther way by which we must be save Am Bm? Am Dm Gust G c Gt Fe his name is Je sus, theon = ly Sa -viour; no o ~ ther sin- c Gic F G Am FE = less life, ng o ~ ther sac = i= fice, Cc Am Dm WG G Cc Coust c Csust c noo = ther way. 2. Before we called he came to earth from heaven, ‘our maker became a man; ‘when no one else could pay, he bought our freedom, exchanging his life for ours, 3. Beneath the eross of Christ Tet earth fall silent in awe of this mystery; ‘then let this song arise and fill the nations: Ohear him call, ‘Come to me.’ ‘Words and Music: Graham Kendrick