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Core Finance

These careers are most suited for a Finance major as they demand greater hold on
technical abilities and hard-bound analytical skills.

1- Asset Management:
Evaluating portfolios, funds and allocating investments in various products to
enhance growth of assets under management

2- Industry Research:
Studying long term trends and overall movement of parameters like Supply, Demand,
Prices and Costs for a particular segment (say E-Commerce) to come up with a view
of investment of not..

3- Planning & Budgeting:

Being a financial controller in a corporate, helping allocate budgets to various
business units and estimating costs/revenues for each of them..

4- Investment Banking:
Advising businesses on strategic movements like acquiring a company, merging with
one or even help in fund raising, etc.

5- Risk Management:
Coordinating with traders and operations teams who invest surplus firm money in
daily securities. You'll advise on which trades can be passed, how much risk can be
assumed, etc.

6- Treasury Management:
Actual trading activity, tracking various markets and taking positions/investing to
either hedge current risk or to enhance the return on investments on a large scale.
This is the wholesale version of Portfolio Management (done for firms rather than

Banking & Insurance

Here although you would require a specialized degree for actuarial sciences,
Banking options are pretty much open to MBAs.

7- Actuary:
Helping businesses construct insurance products and pricing insurance premium based
on calculations in health, life expectancy, asset life, etc.

8- Commercial Banking:
Typically helping corporates with their working capital, loans and other credit-
related compliance

9- Retail Banking:
Addressing individuals with Savings deposits, loans in education and health, cross-
selling products in insurance, etc.

10- Insurance Underwriting & Claims:

Approval of insurance policies, evaluating return policies in case of claim filed
for the insurance, renewal conditions, etc.

General Management
Here you come in as an expert/adviser and consult the business on your domain.
While most of these require a dedicated course, Strategy & Consulting is something
an MBA in Finance can easily get into..
11- Accounting:
Crunching numbers, reporting and documenting various accounts to form a view of how
well the company is doing

12- Auditing:
Running checks on the numbers and business processes to show that the accounts
actually show a fair view of the company

13- Financial Planning:

Unlike the name suggests, helping individual clients in planning their personal
life goals by ensuring savings and investments to be available when required

14- Law/Taxation:
Providing legal advice on various compliance changes, scanning legislation, similar
cases and staying updated about latest affairs

15- Strategy & Consulting:

Helping firms solve a problem by coming up with solutions for cost reduction,
helping to verify and perform independent diligence on investments and market
opportunities, etc.