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LET – Professional Education Online Reviewer

By Mark Anthony Llego Last updated Feb 25, 2018

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Professional Education
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Answered Review

In Krathwohl’s a ective domain of objectives, which of the following is the lowest level of
a ective behavior?

A. Valuing

B. Characterization

C. Responding

D. Organization

As a teacher, you are a reconstructionist. Which among these will be your guiding principle?

A. I must teach the child every knowledge, skill, and value that he needs for a better future.

B. I must teach the child to develop his mental powers to the full.

C. I must teach the child so he is assured of heaven.

D. I must teach the child that we can never have real knowledge of anything.

What was the most prominent educational issue of the mid 1980s?

A. Bilingual Education

B. Values Education

C. Accountability

D. Mainstreaming

What measure of central tendency does the number 16 represent in the following data: 14,
15, 17, 16, 19, 20, 16, 14, 16?

A. Mode

B. Median
C. Mode and median

D. Mean

A guest speaker in one graduation rites told his audience: “Reminder, you are what you
choose to be.” The guest speaker is more of a/an __________.

A. realistic

B. pragmatist

C. idealist

D. existentialist

Ruben is very attached to his mother and Ruth to her father. In what developmental stage
are they according to Freudian psychological theory?

A. Oedipal stage

B. Latent stage

C. Anal stage

D. Pre-genital stage

Out of 3 distracters in a multiple choice test item, namely B, C, and D, no pupil chose D as
answer. This implies that D is __________.

A. an ine ective distracter

B. a vague distracter

C. an e ective distracter

D. a plausible distracter

Teacher B is a teacher of English as a Second Language. She uses vocabulary cards, ll-in-the-
blank sentences, dictation and writing exercises in teaching a lesson about grocery shopping.
Based on this information, which of the following is a valid conclusion?

A. The teacher is reinforcing learning by giving the same information in, a variety of

B. The teacher is applying Bloom's hierachy of cognitive learning.

C. The teacher wants to do less talk.

D. The teacher is emphasizing listening and speaking skills.

Which holds true to standardized tests?

A. They are used for comparative purposes

B. They are administered di erently

C. They are scored according to di erent standards

D. They are used for assigning grades

What should a teacher do for students in his class who are not on grade level?

A. Give them materials on their level and let them work at a pace that is reasonable for
them, trying to bring them up to a grade level.

B. Give them the same work as the other students, because they will absorb as much as
they are capable of

C. Give them the same work as the other students, not much, so that they won't feel

D. Give them work on the level of the other students and work a little above the classmate’s
level to challenge them.


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